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tv   Action News at 600 AM  ABC  March 22, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news d meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning. it's 6:00 a.m. on this wednesday march 22nd. here's what's happening. >> the man elected to serve as enforcer is now accused of violating the law and he is due to step into a courtroom today. >> new video overnight shows detectives on the scene of a deadly shooting in burlington county. >> even more drama involving philadelphia's sweetened beverage tax. a soft drink giant is now pulling some of its product off shore itself. >> let's go out to dave murphy talking about how much cold it
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will get today and karen rogers has your commute. good morning. >> i got to tell you the winds are already starting to pick up. even though officially we're still in the 40's i just put a glove on because it is starting to feel chillier out here. i'll start with at sat. we are looking at plenty of sunshine this morning. a few clouds around. that stuff out to the west may or may not break up before it gets here. and the temperature has dipped a little bit. down to 46 in philadelphia. notice how allentown and reading have dropped into the 40's in the last half hour or so or the 30's i should say and those winds are building out of the north and west. they're up to 15 miles per hour in philadelphia but we're getting up closer to 20 miles per hour in reading and of course there are gusts higher than this. as we go through the morning it does look like temperatures are going to continue to plunge. as soon as an hour from now it's possible we're down to about 35 degrees. that's how quickly the cold air will rush in. even if it doesn't, the winds are going to pick up and it will still get down into the 20's wind chill-wise pretty quickly this morning. then by noon 36 degrees, a high this afternoon of
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39 degrees. that's all we'll see as temperatures struggle to return later this afternoon. karen, we are looking at windy conditions today with severe wind chills as well. tomorrow a little better. details coming up in the seven day. >> show your other hand david. you really just have one glove on. >> i only had time for one. [laughter] >> but this is in the pocket. so it works. >> i'm just cracking i was because when he says he puts on a glove he's not kidding. >> that's right. >> let's hit the roads right now. looking live on the schuylkill expressway here at the boulevard that's westbound traffic headed towards belmont. a little bit of building volume. no big deal right now on the schuylkill. roads are clear and dry and we've got rather light volume. just starting to build a touch here. i-95 that's your southbound traffic heading towards cottman. you see that easy 13 minute ride southbound from woodhaven to the vine so no delay yet. a couple issues though in the suburbs. whitemarsh township militia hill road shut down. peco on scene. that's between stenton avenue and joshua road.
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we have a downed tree, it took down wires and there's a power outage in the area. stick to joshua road or sheaff lane as your alternate to get around the closure of militia hill road. accident in new hanover township on route 73 big road right near hoffmansville. if you're in this area watch for crews on the scene. outside live in new jersey that's the traffic on 42 northbound. no big delay just yet, matt and tam. >> thank you, karen. today philadelphia district attorney seth williams will have a very different courtroom experience. he'll be there as a defendant facing 23 charges for alleged bribery and extortion. he's accused of accepting more than $100,000 in gifts. "action news" reporter katherine scott is live now outside of the federal court with all the details. good morning, katherine. >> reporter: good morning, tam. these charges come after a two year investigation. district attorney seth williams expected at federal court this afternoon to be arraigned on fraud extortion and bribery charges. district attorney seth
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williams,s top prosecutor faces 23 federal charges. the indictment alleges he sought thousands of dollars in bribes in exchange federal authorities say he would make himself available to take official action. >> it's distressing to imagine a public servant tasked with enforcing the law who could put quid pro quo ahead of justice for all. >> reporter: last month, williams announced he would not run for a third term. according to the indictment, williams solicited a long list of goods and services from two unnamed philadelphia business owners. the total value was roughly $110,000. >> in the form of money, expensive vacations, airline tickets, a jaguar xk-eight convertible, expensive furniture and other things of value. >> reporter: the indictment alleges business owner number one wanted help getting preferential treatment through customs from overseas trips, and aid in the sentencing of a friend prosecuted by williams'
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office. >> mr. williams responded with a text message saying if he pleaded guilty and from the sentence it seems that there's a mandatory sentence, there's very little i can do the day before without it looking extremely suspicious. >> reporter: williams himself did not comment on this yesterday. his office said that he was spending time with his family. his defense attorney said they will vigorously defend these charges. we're live in federal court, katherine scott, channel6 "action news. >> thank you, katherine. speaking of seth williams, he himself has not commented since the indictment. the democrat publically apologized last month for his failure to initially disclose the $160,000 in gifts as required by the city ethics board. >> my decision to accept gifts and failed to report them brought much embarrassment shame and adverse publicity to me and unfortunately for the office for which i love. >> in response the ethics board slapped williams with the largest fine in its
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history, $62,000. williams also bowed out of his reelection campaign. philadelphia mayor jim kenney issued this statement saying "it is deeply shameful that the city's chief law enforcement officer has been implicated in such a flagrant violation of the law at a time when our citizens trust in government is at an all time low, it is dishear disheartenino see yet another elected official give the public a reason not to trust us." >> detectives in pemberton. they've released very few details. what we know is that the victim was that found along the 100 block of kinsley road in the sunbury section of the township last night. his body was next to a car. no word yet on a suspect. and a house fire had crews in a battle in west philadelphia. it caught fire around 1:15 this morning. it took firefighters about 30 minutes to get this under control. no one was injured. and investigators are still trying to figure out exactly how this all started. and the soda shelves will
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look a bit different in philadelphia. pepsi is pulling two leader bottles and 12 packs in response to the city's sweetened beverage tax. the announcement affects not only the company's signature soft drink but other sodas like mountain due and gatorade. pepsico blames the tax for a loss of sales particularly when it comes to larger sizes because the at a, is calculated per ounce much the company says it is switching to smaller size cans and bottles for stocking in philadelphia and coca-cola says it is also seeing more sales with smaller portions as well. >> the trump bump took a pause on wall street. now the question is, is it just a pause or the emergence of skepticism among investors about the country's direction. maribel aber is live at the nasdaq in times square with a market preview. good morning, maribel. >> reporter: good morning, matt. if dow and nasdaq logged their worse session since september. dow lost 237 points. even worse for nasdaq down
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1.8 percent. sell off came as investors question how long the post election rally can go and how quickly president trump can get tax cuts and other parts of his agenda passed. futures are pointing to a lower open reported existing home sales due out later today. you may be able to have costco goods delivered to your door. the retailer is delivering up with s hip t. they will make runs to costco and pick up orders and bring them to you. it will be offered first in tampa with plans to expand 50 markets by the end of the year. matt and tam just to get the costco chicken wings and the cold ones let the march madness begin. >> you got to have us over. >> i never had their chicken wings. ooh have you to work on that. >> maribel knows how to party. >> she does. >> right. [laughter] >> it's cold outside. >> you know what, it's funny. it is starting to get chillier and windier. when you look at the numbers i'm going to show you in a second in philadelphia it doesn't look that bad but it's starting to feel worse. storm tracker6 live double scan shows you we're dry. stepping outside the winds
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starting to kick up, in the teens. looks like our temple university sky6 camera looking south along broad is locked down pretty steady, not bouncing too much in the wind and here are the numbers and again in some ways a little misleading. 46 degrees in philadelphia. we were up closer to 50 a little while ago so the numbers are in the process of dropping and we've just fallen into the 30's in allentown and reading. a lot of mornings i show you these numbers and they're kind of bottoming out. not so today. winds are building out of the northwest and these numbers are all going do continue to tumble over the next couple hours. satellite also shows i was lack of real significant cloud cover. there's some down to the south and a bit more north and west it looks like it might want to fall apart before it gets here. we are expecting generally sunny conditions. but in the lehigh valley, falling into the 30's right now, going down probably below the freezing mark over the next couple hours and only bouncing back to 36. lots of sun today but windy and chilly with wind chills in the 20's and even the teens at times up north. at the shore, 41 degrees, lots of sun, windy and in philadelphia, we've spent most of the morning in the 40's but
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we're going to dip down close to the freezing mark over the next couple hours and only climb back to 39 for a high today. again, wind chills in the 20's all the way. winds gusting as high as 40 miles per hour. and here are the wind chills and you can see how they do drop. by 9 o'clock making it feel like it's about 21 locally and in the teens in a lot of northern suburbs and pretty much staying in sort of profile straight through to 5 o'clock. it may not feel that bad temperature-wise right now but you're starting to hunch your shoulders a bit because of that building wind its going to feel colder as we go through the day. overnight the winds drop off a bit overnight but we dip down to 22 degrees in philadelphia, some suburbs in the teens. that means tomorrow morning it is going to be very, very cold to start out. but with high pressure moving in, the winds won't be quite as bad so we're not going to be talking as severe wind chill, 46 degrees is the high in the afternoon. we do see some improvement. your exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, today's high 39 under the sun but it will feel like the 20's with those
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strong blustery winds. then tomorrow starting out very cold in the morning, even a little bit of a breeze probably knocks those wind chills into the teens but in the afternoon sunny not as windy and improving to 46. then 53 on friday. a bit of an issue early as temperatures in the overnight hours will that dip below freezing. in the northern and western suburbs in particular any early morning shower could freeze up on roads so maybe a little freezing rain early on friday. otherwise just mainly cloudy and 53, passing shower. saturday clouds, some sun, a passing shower but this is still easily the pick of the week with a high of 72 and then a cold front knocks us back to 53 on sunday, mostly cloudy and periods of rain. >> like a hot sandwich. >> take a bite. >> 6:11. mistaken identity. a grammy winner is demanding a investigation into racial profiling for being stopped by police. >> later so close yet so very, very far away. we will show you the wheel of fortune flub that had everybody in the audience
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screaming out, man, come on. the you had just one letter left to go. >> but the letter he chose is an interesting one, is it not? when you see it you'll think i know what he was thinking. let's take a look outside. this is chadds ford delaware county, baltimore pike at creek road. we had a little melting its just wet, temperatures above freezing so not slick out there. we'll take you to plymouth meeting and check your highways coming up. ♪
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from santander bank. >> welcome back. breaking news. a rough night overnight for one block here in pemberton, new jersey, that chopper
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overhead right now where a fire at a house is being reported in the 100 block of kinsley road there in pemberton new jersey. it's said to be a small attic power that's been put out by police. however, this is just two houses down from an intersection where there's been a homicide overnight. a man found in the road next to a car. our jeanette reyes covering that story for you this morning. so, we're keeping an eye on what seems to be going on in this particular block here in pemberton, new jersey. we'll bring you more as it comes in. >> let's turn now to traffic and karen rogers. good morning. >> good morning, everybody. don't forget we have that big construction project going on for weeks now and this is in plymouth township right now. plymouth meeting the mid-county toll plaza the e-z pass express lanes will be shut down. it started a couple days ago and it lasts for three weeks so probably until about april 10th you'll be dealing with this. you got to use the other e-z pass lanes that creates big backups in plymouth meeting. watch for that at the toll plaza. let's go to the map and show
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you what it looks like throughout the region. this is the big picture showing the blue route moving mostly in the 50's. schuylkill in problem just yet, 40's and 50's and i-95 just starting to see the first signs of slowing, 32 miles an hour right now as you're looking at i-95 near girard. also walnut street will shut down from 1:00 to 7:00 today so watch for that closure. stick to spruce street. it will shut down between broad and 17th street. we do have a problem withd induh township. causing a power outage. militia hill road shut down. that's near stenton avenue. stick to joshua road as your in a the to get around that. this accident in new hanover township still out here in on route 73, big road near hoffmansville road. no real accidents on your majors. it's been kind of quiet there. in new jersey on the waze app come congress in from upper pittsgrove township hopping on new jersey turnpike in gloucester county heading up near route 42, no one is reporting any problems right there so south jersey is looking pretty good. temperature-wise it's 36 degrees in martins creek
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and pottstown. it was really mild yesterday. had a high of 59. you're starting to see those numbers come down in the northwest but it's still 46 degrees in center city so you wake up thinking what cold air? that's going to hit you shortly as they drop pretty sharply but it's 46 still in hammonton, still 48 right now in woodbine and 49 in dover. we're going to have sunshine today but it's going to feel blustery and colder as the temperatures drop this afternoon into just the 30's. the winds pick up, tam. >> okay, thank you, karen. los angeles county sheriff's are apologizing to grammy award winning singer wyclef jean. they detained him when they mistook him for an armed robbery suspect. the former fujis star tried to explain he was not the man they were looking for but he was arrested and cuffed. jean will share his side of the story on "good morning america" right after our broadcast. >> we have learned new details about the threat that prompted
6:18 am
the u.s. banning all electronic devices bigger than a cell phone on certain flights. sources tell abc news there does not appear to be a specific plot but recent intelligence suggests isis associates are working on smuggling explosives onto a u.s. bound flight. the security mandate affects nonstop flights from 10 airports in eight middle eastern and north african countries on foreign carriers. >> 6:18. next up in that health check the fda is issuing a new warning for women who undergo a type of plastic surgery. >> ♪ >> in today's tech bytes new products from apple. >> they include al red iphone7 and seven plus. part of the red campaign which contributes to the global found fight aids. the new phones are available on friday. apple also unveiling a lower cost ipad. >> google maps now let's you know the likelihood of finding parking. >> the new feature gives a grade of easy limit minimum or limited. it will allow drivers to track
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their parking location. >> no more losing of your car. we could use were you have these around new york city during rush hour. >> the suv body lifts up high enough to go over traffic but unfortunately cannot buy one. verizon had the vehicle made to promote its new car system that connects via bluetooth. when they do come out got some customers interested. >> right here. those are your tech bytes. >> ♪ humpty dumpty: i've recently had some unforeseen medical expenses. can i get a tax deduction for the hospital bills? turbotax agent: in your case, yes! humpty dumpty: ooh aren't you helpful. it's so difficult to find good help these days. no time for a bath? johnson's head-to-toe cleansing cloths. they're twice as big as regular wipes, so you're done in half the time. and you're off.
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>> everyone scratching their heads this morning. seems like a no-brainer. here's what ha ppened. >> 600. >> k. >> no .
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>> [laughter] >> you can hear the audience gasp. kevin was one letter away from getting it right. he was obviously not familiar with tennessee williams play a streetcar named desire, not naked desire staged in every high school in america or the movie with marlon brando which won four academy awards and it is the reason why people yell out stella. >> i think he saw desire and that was the naked. >> sounds good to me. >> thinks like a man. let's take you outside right now and check out bucks county. we're looking pretty good right here oni-95 at the scudder falls bridge. northbound traffic on your right headed towards mercer county and on the southbound side, though, between 579 and the scudder falls bridge we do have construction blocking the right lane. all straight through to the afternoon so that might slow you down. good morning, ben, the ben franklin bridge looking good, dry and clear, mr. murphy. >> karen, we have temperatures still in the -95 corridor. the winds are picking up.
6:23 am
the numbers have been dropping over the lacst ouple hours. i can't stress enough the importance of giving the kids the winter gear even if you're still looking at 40's on your thermometer. by 7 o'clock chance for all the way down to 35 and looks like we struggle once we do hit that low to only get back to about 39 degrees for a high today. so, spend, the t 30's plus there's lustery wind and 20'schills will actually make pretty much all day long. so, definitely a day for winter gear. at the airport all green aircraft, no major delays. any sign of pennsylvania precip no. >> in health check the food and drug administration says several deaths from a rare form of cancer have be linked to breast implants. the implants associated with from lymphoma. since last month the agency has received more than 3 reports of the cancer associated with the implants. the fda says it is likely to occur with textured implants and whether they are silicone
6:24 am
or saline doesn't seem to matter. the agency added that removing the implant and the tissue around it eliminated the disease in many cases. the following ad is being condensed for your viewing convenience. so i just switched to geico. what took you so long? i know, i saved a ton of money on car insurance. that's what i'm talking about!
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geico also gives you 24/7 access to licensed agents! good game, you really bocrushed it. no son, geico crushed it. ♪ ♪
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>> ♪ >> new this morning, a bucks county man facing charges he threatened to kill two women with a knife. falls township police say stanley petroski was holding the women at knife inside a mobile home on monday. one of the women was petroski's ex-girlfriend. both women said petroski
6:27 am
threatened them with the knife several times. police were abo arrest after one of thewomen sent a h. >> a man from atlantic city is getting national praise its for what he did when he saw two boys squaring off for ooh fightarlier this week e gave a compassionate speech to the two young boys involved. he called out the other children for trying to egg the pair on. millenot leave the scene until the boys had shaken hands. this video has been seen 25 million times. even lebron james shared the video and saluted miller for getting involved. so many people see things but walk away. and he put himself at a bit of risk to do the right thing and say let's not do this. >> especially with youth of today. temperatures are dipping but not for long. dave murphy has the call from accuweather next. >> a flight attendant wrangled a very creepy carry-on. ú
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>> now on "action news," district attorney seth williams will be standing in his own defense today facing 23 continues in a federal corruption case. >> a student is a county school district to court over its transgender policy. >> a weather whiplash today. it's just as sunny as yesterday but a whole lot colder. >> good morning its 6:30 on this wednesday march 22nd. its cold enough that david has one glove on and karen has your commute. >> the other hand safely pocketed with my clicker. right now we do have winds building across the region. we're going to get plenty of sunshine up over the horizon. take a look at satellite. you can see that. clouds farther to the south and also thinning out a little bit. that cloud cover to the north and west may melt away before it gets here as well. but the story really is how it feels out here. the temperature is still holding at 46 degrees. at least it was at the top of
6:31 am
the half hour but we can see those temperatures falling into the 30's in allentown and reading. and honestly all these temperatures are in the process of doing a major tumble over the next couple of hours and it's all because of a building northwest wind. you can see it driving down out of north central pennsylvania, new york state, drawing in colder air. we'll spend most of the day in the 30's. in fact by 7 o'clock its possible that we're all the way down to 35. even if we don't make it that low with the building wind it's going to feel like it's in the 20's by 7 o'clock. same story at noon. 36 degrees, wind chills in the 20's and by 3 o'clock, 39 degrees but with strong blustery winds, wind chills will still be in the 20's even at the height of the afternoon heating. karen rogers, things get incrementally better tomorrow and again on friday and a lot better on saturday. details ahead from accuweather. >> david we're starting to see more volume on the roads at this hour. we have an accident pretty hard to see. you can kind of make out the flashing lights way up ahead. this is delaware county, i-95 northbound just north of
6:32 am
ridley park exit number eight. watch for that accident. police are there. it's off to the shoulder but causing just a little bit of slowing northbound as you head towards the airport in i-95 right now. let's switch over to the roosevelt boulevard extension. we're looking at that southbound traffic heading towards the schuylkill. a little slow from ridge avenue to the schuylkill because of the delays forming on the schuylkill westbound just starting about now. also in whitemarsh township still this problem here with downed trees that brought down power lines in the area. peco on the scene trying to fix it. militia hill road shut down at stenton. stick to joshua proceed or sheaff lane as your alternate. this accident in new hanover has been out here a little while on route 73, big road near hoffmansville road. watch for crews on the scene there. matt and tam. >> da seth williams will face the judge as a department the city top prosecutor is accused of accepting more than $100,000 in gifts often in exchange for his help in a court case. "action news" reporter katherine scott is live
6:33 am
outside philadelphia federalcout list of bribes he's accused of taking. >> reporter: officials say his misconduct was brazen and wide ranging. district attorney seth williams is expected here at federal court this afternoon to be arraigned. his defense attorney says they will vigorously defend these charges. the 23 count indictment alleges district attorney seth williams sought thousands of dollars in bribes. and in exchange federal authorities say he would trade his influence as the city's top prosecutor. vail takeawosolicit bribes and e official action in exchange for those gifts and indictme alleges. >> reporter: last month williams anldn't run for district attorney again. according to the indictment williams solicited a long list of goods and services from two unnamed philadelphia business owners. including tips to punta qana,
6:34 am
san diego las vegas and florida, a custom sofa, checks and cash and even a used jaguar convertible. the total value is roughly $110,000. >> it's distressing to imagine a public servant task with who could put quid pr justice for eight. investigators cited an exchange of text messages in which business owner number one wanted a lighter sentence for a friend who didn't want to serve jail time. in return williams requested a vacation by saying the following. >> i am merely a tlwant to overstep my bounds in askin but will gladly go. clearly in this context, mr. williams is referring to >> reporter: this indictment was unsealed after a two year investigation. as for williams himself he did not comment yesterday. his office said he was spending time with his family. we're belief at federal court, katherine scott, channel6 "action news. >> thank you.
6:35 am
many in the legal community are calling for williams' immediate resignation. his predecessor lynne abraham was a mentor that he publically called momma lynn. she served as his boss for 10 years. abraham says she was never aware of any illegal activity. >> i mean, for the district attorney, chief law enforcement officer of the city who presented himself as a crime fighter and a crime preventer to go out and commit crimes almost from the time he took office, very, very shocking. himself out of the running for reelection and now seven democrats one republican vying for the nomination. the primary is may 16th. >> 6:35 is the time. a berks county high school student and his parents are taking the boyertown area school district to court. court documents say the boy was changing for gym class in a locker room when he saw a student wearing only shorts and a bra. that student had recently begun transitioning from female to male. the lawsuit claims the
6:36 am
school's transgender friendly policy constitutes harassment and a violation personal forty five vessels the boyertown school district declined comment strange circumstances surrounding a dead technological shooting in south jersey. the have ic victim was fo n car. la >> reporter: good morning, still a lot of unanswered questions in the shooting death of a man in burlington county. take a look at this video here. this is new video from overnight. you can see investigators there working the scene. pemberton police say around 9:30 last night they responded to the scene of a shooting in thck road. man was lying dead next to his car suffering from at least one gunshot wound. so far no one has been arrested. we were working to find out what police know about thctim a. veight lippedall to police but
6:37 am
about any addition in ally information. of course we'll update you as soon as we get new details. take a look at this. just two houses down from that scene, a house fire. this is a live look from chopper6 hd. the blaze broke out less than an hour ago in the attic of a home iock of kinsley road in pemberton. it is unclear at t what, if any, connection there is to this shos investigators also do'sedire. no in reported. reporting live in the sat center, jeanette reyes channel6 "action news." >> thank you, jeanette. new this morning, a suspected drunk driver caused a violent chain reaction crash in west philadelphia. police say the driver ran a stop sign and struck an suv moving into theersection. it happened at 54th and towson streets at 2:00 a.m. the impact of the collision sent one vehicle into a small bus parked on the street. the suspected drunk driver and the driver of the suv are both in the hospital. >> ♪ >> president trump is taking his final push for the gop
6:38 am
healthcare bill before the house is set to vote on it tomorrow. the republican congressional committee fundraiser last night trump warned the people e lawmakers with an expectation that they would deliver. the president is trying to persuade about 20 to 25 house republicans who are right now either opposed or undecided on the new law to come his way. he needs aleast four or five of change are blowing in today, david. >> they are right now. >> they are starting to pick up, yes. storm tracker6 live double scan shows you we are dry but as we head outside we have winds picking up. there's sky6 in center city this morning of the lightsure still on and the ben franklin bridting nice and bright but we are in the process of seeing those numbers dip and as matt mentioned the winds also on the rise. 46 degreesa which doesn't sound too bad. i will caution you that's the top of the that was taken over a half hour ago. we only get those once an hour. and that is almost certainlyat . and that's because of that
6:39 am
northwest wind driving in at 15 miles per hour gusting a little higher than that. it started to get rather chilly 09 bus stop right now and we'll continue to see that wind pick up over the next couple hours and temperatures continuing to fall. clouds to the north and west of us really starting to fall apart. i think a lot of that isn't going to make it here. this cloud cover down south also thinning out. we expect a lot of sunshine overall today but it is going to be cold. there's the possibility that as soon as 8 o'clock we're down close to the freezing mark even if we don't get that low it will still be windy and very cold and the wind chills will make it feel like it's in the 20's almost certainly by 8 o'clock. and then by 10 o'clock you're struggling to 34. by noon, 36. and we're only getting a high today of 39 degrees at 3 o'clock and at that time we'll have winds gusting 30 to 40 miles per hour and wind chills still making a it feel like it's in the 20's. a cold one ahead even if it feels just a little chilly out there right now. the high temperatures this afternoon and again these are afternoon highs, your official daily highs will be set right
6:40 am
around now or maybe an hour ago. 36 tree36 degrees in allentown s afternoon, 37 reading and trenton, 39 in philadelphia, a couple spots in the low 40's but generally speaking feeling like it's in the 20's all the way. and again the winds a big part of today's story. they'll be up to about 17 miles per hour by 7 o'clock according to this model run. rest of the day in the 20's with gusts up to 35 to 40 miles per hour and that's why we say with temperatures in the 30's, these winds will ensure wind chills in the 20's all the way. now overnight tonight it gets very cold. we'll probably be down to about 22 degrees by dawn tomorrow morning in philadelphia, some suburbs in the teens. but overnight the winds will begin to die down and tomorrow while it's still chilly with a high of 46 it will not be as windy nor as uncomfortable. your exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast 39 degrees blustery and cold today with wind chills in the 20's. tomorrow sunny and chilly 46. up to 53 on friday. in the morning surface temperatures may be below freezing and if there is a little shower activity we're anticipating wouldn't be
6:41 am
surprised if in the northern and western suburbs we wind up with a bit of freezing rain. something to keep in mind on friday morning. 53 in the afternoon. nothing but a shower there. then saturday 72 is your beautiful high. clouds, some sun, a passing shower can't be ruled out on saturday but make your plans its a pretty decent day and then a cold front arrives on sunday bringing mostly cloudy skies and periods of rain. it's also cooler, too. >> all right. thank you david. it is 6:41 and when we come back we'll show you a medical miracle. doctors perform a life changing surgery on a baby girl born with an extra set of legs fused to her back. >> brand new, yet another case of a snake on a plane. karen. >> we're looking live right now at some backed up traffic in chester county. this is the 30 bypass at 340 its pretty heavy from 340 to 113. we'll take you to bellmawr camden county and delaware, too, all when we come back. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> breaking news. the associated press has now reporting the man who ran donald trump's campaign last year secretly worked to advance the interests of russian president vladimir putin a decade ago. this seems to contradict statements by the trump administration and paul manafort himself that he never worked for russian interests. the ap says man for the proposed a confidential plan in 2005 to influence news coverage in the u.s. europe and former soviet republic to benefit putin's government. this news comes days after the fbi confirmed it has been investigating any trump-russian ties. man for the confirmed he worked for a rian busimogil butg
6:45 am
unfairly cast at inappropriate. >> let's head to kaot ap jersey. this is disabled vehicle blki seeing heavy traffic here. this is a live look at 295 at 168, the black horse pike. looking ive in bellmawr camden county. d u traffic on your right heading towards route we're heavy here from past route 30 to pass 42. it's a disabled vehicle stuck in the left lane. so kind of extra heavy as you see those taillights right there in new jersey on 295. some poceped up as well. so watch for this in n on 495 northbound just near edgemoor road, they're out there blocking the right lane so causing a little bit of a restriction. here we can kind of see, i know the camera is a little shaky an accident on 95 north of ridley park. the accident off to the slide. police now on the scene with this. i'v 95 towards the airport.
6:46 am
schuylkill expressway moving in the 20's. i-95 about 23 miles an hour southbound past the betsy ross bridge. over here we have a new accident that's coming in to us on chester county quarry road near the 30 bypass. look for police on the scene with that one. let's show you the temperatures headed out. that colder air trying to move in. you're in the upper 30's in the lehigh valley but it's still mildly in philadelphia. still at 46 degrees. 48 degrees in millville. 49 in dover. but none of that is staying. temperatures are dropping sharply this afternoon. it's going to be windy and much colder with highs in the upper 30's in the afternoon, tam. >> thank you, karen. a baby girl from africa is recovering from an incredible and risky surgery at a chicago area hospital. 10 month old dominique was born on the ivory coast with a not fully developed conjoined twin. so she was born with two extra legs and a extra spine which that protruded from her back. doctors performed surgery on march a tithe remove all of that. >> this made it extremely dangerous for dominique,
6:47 am
dangerous for a couple reasons. one is dominique's heart and -- small heart and lung had to do the job of providing for two people almost. >> her foster mother says she learned about dominique on social media and knew instandly she wanted to help. nancy says dominique can sit up raise her hands and reach for things. dominique will eventually return to her family in west africa. doctors say she should be able to lead a normal life. >> this is brand new. a flight crew did their best samuel l. jackson to help subdue a snake on a plane. a little boy first spotted the reptile climbing on his seat during a commuter flight in alaska on sunday. a brave flight attendant grabbed the snake by the belly and dropped night a plastic trash bag. they left the snake in an overhead storage bin for the rest of the flight. the pale snake was about four to 5 feet long and it was not venomous.
6:48 am
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>> let's get you a preview of "good morning america." >> we have robin roberts. we know you'll focus a little bit on politics, the president going to capitol hill to push for his healthcare plans and it looks like there could be trouble in the senate. good morning. >> reporter: tam, 82 your right abouyou'reright about tha. many wondering if the bill will make it through. we are live from the white house. we'll have the latest for you this morning. also ahead a new cancer warning by the fda that both saline and silicone breast implants may cause a rare form of cancer.
6:51 am
dr. jennifer ashton is joining us this morning with what you need to know. and then caught on camera that incident in los angeles wyclef jean handcuffed detained after what he says was racial profiling. he's now calling for a formal investigation into the los angeles sheriff's department and he will be here live with us in the morning -- in the studio this morning. that's all coming up here on "gma," matt and tam. >> we'll look forward to that. thank you robin. >> trying to get off to work, we're starting to back up on the roads like 422. you can see that heavy traffic from approaching oaks to 23. problems in new jersey, disabled vehicle on the left lane on 295 and southbound past 42. northbound near the black horse pike there's a new accident on the shoulder, dave. >> temperatures still dropping this morning, karen, winds are rising and we're dressing the kids in winter gear even though numbers are in the 40's. they're on their way down. 30's in allentown. these numbers also crashing as we speak and we'll probably be down closer to the freezing mark by about 7 o'clock or 8 o'clock this morning and only inching back to 39 trees
6:52 am
for a high this afternoon. lots of sun, very windy. wind chills today making it feel like it's in the 20's, matt. >> okay, thanks, david. new this morning, famous game show creator and philadelphia native chuck barris has died. he was best known for hosting the gong show in the 1970's. he also created the dating game and the newlywed game a graduate of lower merion high school he worked backstage on american band stand. he later claimed to have worked for the cia which the agency denied. he died of natural causes in his new york home. he was 87 years old. >> a big george clooney fagot quite a surprise for her birthday. the actor paid a visit to pat adams. he brought flowers an handwritten card. clooney and his wife amal own a home near the facility. >> ♪
6:53 am
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>> philadelphia district attorney seth williams will appear in federal court today to answer to charges on bribery and extortion. the democrat is accused of taking more than $100,000 worth of luxury gifts, trips and cash often in exchange for favors. authorities found a man lying next to a car in pemberton burlington county dead from a gunshot wound. no word on who might have shot him or why. pepsi is pulling two liter
6:56 am
bottles and 12 packs in response to philadelphia's sweetened beverage tax. the announcement affects mountain due and sports like gatorade. >> jams coming and going in ne jersey on 295. looking live in bellmawr camden county its southbound traffic on your right that's still jammedwards 42 and that's because of a disabla vehicle ng the left lane. and northbound approaching 168 we have an accident on the shoulder so a problem in both directions of 295 u n on a goodd today is not a good day there. here in whitemarsh township downed tree downed w on the scene a power outage closing militia hillroad, dave. >> satellite shows you a lack of cloud cover across most of the region much the sun is coming ups are also rising and at the same time the temperatures are dipping. we're in the 40's now. we're going to go down to close to the freezing mark in a little while and only make it back to 39 for an afternoon high. well below average. of course wind chills will be in the 20's because we got blustery winds.
6:57 am
so o-back to wind for at least a day. >> all right. >> spring thing is just not working out for me right now. >> give it a minute. >> give it a minute. >> you have to go a few more days for the relationship. >> you took a half day so you could play golf, right. [laughter] >> lots of luck. >> yeah. [laughter] >> have a great day. "gma" is next. >> ♪
6:58 am
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good morning, america. final push. president trump twisting arms ahead of that critical vote on the new republican health care plan. >> it really is a crucial vote for the republican party and for the people of our country. >> will van gundy seal the deal and the new headline breaking right now about his former campaign chairman's ties to vladimir putin's russia. breaking overnight, deadly storms slam the south with flooding, hail, and damaging winds. sending trees crashing into homes. blowing over this tractor trailer. and lightning sparking fires. now a new severe weather threat in the heartland. an abc news exclusive. grammy winner wyclef jean
7:01 am
speaking out live after he was handcuffed and detained in l.a. >> that's what's going on right now with wyclef in l.a. right now in saying he was the victim of racial pr
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