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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  March 22, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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gates around parliament. a man armed with a knife breached security stabbing a man guarding parliament. witnesses described the scene as it unfolded. >> all this have commotion and looked over and saw a car crashed into a great and a man down next to that. >> the suspect was seen waiving a knife before being shot dead by police. for now police are treat this as an act of terrorism. >> a full terrorist investigation is underway. >> well today's attack in london comes on the anniversary of the suicide bombing at the brussels airport. to honor the 32 people kill there had a statue damaged last year in an attack at a brussels
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airport is moved but if a new location. "action news" has continuing coveran the situation in london as it unfolds tonight. we'll bring you updates oir and o david muir will have a full wrap up of the investigation that comes up tonight after "action news" at 6:00. not guilty that was the plea entered this afternoon by philadelphia's top prosecutor district attorney seth williams, had his first court hearing for 23 charges for bribery corruption and wire fraud. the judge let williams walk free but under certain conditions. williams will have to pay $50,000 bail if he fails to appear at trial and his travel is restricted. >> "action news" reporter vernon odom is live now from center city. >> reporter: good afternoon sharrie. it was a brief but dramatic in
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my ways hearing this afternoon the top official in court as a defendant. moments ago d.a. seth williams and his lawyer left the courthouse, he entered a not guilty plea against him for the 23 charges. and they maintain he received money and trips and bribes. >> seth williams categorically denies he is not guilty of any crime. we ask that the rush to judgment stop and this will be decided in a court of law. >> he surrendered his passport and signed a 50,000$50,000 bond to receive bail. >> his travel is restricted and
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he surrendered his passport and will reside in the eastern district of pennsylvania unless he gives notice of some other domestic travel. >> this indictment is 24 hours old and yet too many politicians and commentators have tried seth williams in the media, simply because the government makes explosive alligations in a complaint doesn't mean they will prove it in a court of law. >> essential williams did not make public statements this is his first appearance in a long time. immediate resignations are now and widespread. vernon odom channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. be sure to visit to get the latest on the case against district attorney seth williams, also view all 50 pages
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of the indictment against philadelphia's top prosecutor. please in camden county new jersey, are investigating the death of two infants. gray hall is live now outside of the apartments. you have the details. >> this is a painful story and moments ago the prosecutors office confirmed that two 7-month-old twin girls died. they were confirmed dead this morning what is not clear at this hour is how they died. >> oh my god my twins! my twins are purpose! they are not breathing! >> a panic mother pleads for help after she finds her two 7-month-old twins in their crib and not breathing, this is a heart breaking scenef two young bodies being hauled away by the coroner. >> are they on their back?
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>> i put them on their back. >> we foe a 911 call for help came in at 8:00 in the morning, two infants were found dead in the pine wood apartments in lyndonwald. >> these are infants. that is sad. >> they are babies. they were just born i got to hold one of them. >> the horrified mother told 911 operators that she desperately tried to revive her babies using cpr for 15 minutes without success and the camden county prosecutors office is not releasing information but that the victims were under the age of 1 and in need of medical attention. there are a lot of questions about this case. >> what went on? i don't know what is happening.
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i keep myself quiet until i get the full gist of the store write. >> hope they get through this. >> that was gray hall reporting. >> from our new jersey newsroom. police in burlington county are on the case of a deadly shooting, authorities say that 24-year-old shaquille williams was found dead next to a car along the 100 block of kensly road in pemberton. williams had been shot several times. there are no suspects or a motive in the shooting. with the kidnapping suspect on the loose in newcastle county, police are urging residents to stay vigilant and change-up their routines. athe least three women were targeted in newark over the last two months. two women were abducted and robbed and the third scared the man away and as long as he
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remains at large they want community members to pay attention to their surroundings and report anything out of place. >> the biggest message now is be that nosey neighbor. people feel like they are being nosey or getting in other's business but we need people right now to be nosey. >> police are offering information tipped tonight at the hockessin fire hall. time for a check of the accuweather forecast. a lot of sunshine out there. winter made a come back and the wind is biting and bitter. meteorologist adam joseph standing by live outside. what is going on? >> you took the words out of my mouth, it's biting and bitter and harsh out here. especially with the wind not in the direct sun. 44 miles per hour peak wind gust in philadelphia and reading and 45 in trenton and 40 in wilmington and atlantic city 45 miles per hour.
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windchills are bee blow freezing, 33 in philadelphia and 6 in syracuse and 2 below in burlington, vermont, and this shot of arcticd in from central and eastern canada. yes the temperatures drop tonight but so do the winds, the wind speeds slo early tomorrow morning between 7 and 6 miles per hour as we get towards dawn. ago head in the for it's cold tonight but we are tracking a late week warm-up and also turning damp and dreary over part of the weekend, and we'll have the numbers and when the rain arrives in the full accuweather forecast. e bit. >> adam come on inside. it's time for a first check of the "action news" traffic report today. lets go live tt pellman with the traffic report. >> welcome back nice to see you. good afternoonot soo see the heavy southbound delay as youome back thesy ross bridge into girard afternoon
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with accident and we are still trying to recover from bridg street to girard and normal stuff past penn's landing. an event in center city walnut street is blocked off at broad and 17th. astion on city avenue because of a crash near 51st street by the mattress firm. as you travel near st. joes watch for that. and one at argyle and windward: royersford we are watching a crash blocking the intersection of main street and 7th avenue. westbound head home on 422 in the pottstown area and gloucester county a crash along 55 past 553. lets grab the ipad and do the commuter report on this hump day afternoon. traveling through delco just 25 miles per hour on the southbound side of 476, the blue route a
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crash reported south of route 3, westchester pike. a little extra busy this afternoon. i think it will be a busy afternoon we'll check it again in the next half hour. still ahead on "action news" at 4:00 the white house responds to new reports about a trump associate's ties to russia and i prominent business leader. >> and hundreds of people that used to work for hundreds of people that went bankrupt. could get an unexpected payment thanks to the u.s. supreme court today. ♪ leave it to the pros?
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today we heard from the white house following allegations that paul the former campaign chairman for donald trump had a multimillion-dollar contract with a russian business leader. today sean spicert president trump definitely not know. he denied that he secretly
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worked for a russian billionaire. and he said he provided investment and consultin services to the billionaire but did not involve russia's political interests and that the did inappropriately cast. >> i don't understand the circumstances and for me to start that what he did or did not do is impropers not appropriate. i know what he was hired to do and he did his job. >> u.s. officials say that manafort communicated with russians while serving as trump's campaign manager and trump says that is not true and spits spicer downplayed his role in the campaign saying he played a limited role for a limited amount of time. and the vote on the gop health care bill is set for tomorrow. and president trump made person ala peels to lawmakers to cross
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the deal tonight appears that trump remains short of the needed votes and the house is set to vote on the plan that would repeal and replace the affordable carable. known as obama care. lawmakers that are reluctant to pas. donald trump said we'll see what happened. neil gorsuch is back on the hot seat as he cruises confirmation, there are topics he refuses to address, among them his personal belief about abortion and gun laws. he did say when it comes to abortion, he accepts the law of the land and asked about his views on the rights of gays and less lesbians he believes in the rights for all. and a man, his wife and two children were in a bedroom during a storm when a tree crash nood their house. the man did not survive.
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the storm damaged brought down power lines, in the dark. the storm brought hail to south carolina some as large as baseballs. >> now, to wall street on this wednesday afternoon a day of small gains and losses the nasdaq up 28 points and s&p 500 up 4.5 points on the day. and meanwhile sears is facing a uncertain future indicating it could be closing, they say there is doubt they couleep their doors open. and sears ceo is trying to keep the company up and running but with poor sales they are qui blowing through cash. they employee 140,000 people and selling off well known brands and the company stock recently hit an all-time low. truckers that lost their jobs a long time ago could be illible for back pay. today's ruling says they
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unfairly denyied their claims for unpaid work. >> if you are looking for a job mark your calendar a lot of companies are hoping to hire this week in king of prussia, you can bring your resumes to the crown boulevard on mall boulorrow from 11:00 a.m. until 2:00 in the afternoon. local employers will be looking to f a variety of posit across many fields including custer service, health care and also sales. >you ready for a warm-up? >> yes. i am r for that. coming. a warm-up is if the offing adam joseph is here to tell us when it will make a com >> it make a come back but really for one d or so. a little tease coming in the beginning of the weekend. sky 6 hd at the ben franklin bridge, when you l from the inside out, looks beautifu not a cloud in the sky and a shake to the camera with the
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wind but the minute you step out you are not only wind whipped but feeling the windchills. 36 miles per hour at the atlantic city airport clocking in at 33 in trenton and 35 in wilmington and gusts to 40 in am allentown and t dover in e mid upper 30 ra 20s in allentown and reading and beach feels like 28 degrees this afternoon and millville right at the freezing point. in fact as we go through this month of march if you are thinking it feels a lot colder than the last month or say january. and you are right. february was warmer in philadelphia so far to this point. february average temperature when you take the highs and lows for the month was 44.2 degrees. so far march's temperature is averaging 39.8 degrees around a 4 degree difference in the month. we are kind of flipped what should be typically normal here having february colder than
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march. high pressure to the north, this is kind of whenning in from canada bringing the big blast of winter air and the high comes closer overnight tonight and that is okay because it will pull the winds down a bit as they diminish and it will be cold. 15 allentown and 16 in reading and 21 in philadelphia and 18 in millville. as we look at the day here on thursday, a beautiful day and lots of sunshine we are not going to have the strong winds and even though the temperatures run 9 or so degrees below average the 45 tomorrow is going to feel a lot warmer than the windchills in the 20s and 30s today. future tracker 6 at 11:00 in the morning for friday. that is when the warm front comes in a lot of clouds and could be a stray mixed shower up near the poconos and maybe a shower in the lehigh valley but by friday afternoon we break the sun back in and temperatures go back to normal in the mid-50s. the four day at 4:00 forecast. 55 on friday and a morning
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shower and clouds late day sun returning and as the warm front lifts to the north on saturday weekend warmth 74 with high clouds and not a bright blue sunny day saturday but even just a little clouds and 74. and it turns coolwer drizzle and light rain on sunday dropping close to 20 degrees the second half of the weekend with a high of 53 degrees. so the weekend looking good on saturday. and sunday. >> i havalf marathon i'm running sunday morning. >> that is right you are outdoors on sunday. >> the day before is always better. >> you'll remember it though. >> oh, yes you will. >> thank you adam. we'll be right back.
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for just $99 a month. learn more at your john deere dealer. a tree caused all of this damage to a car in claymont delaware, but it could have been mthe tree fell hitting the car on darryly road at peach tree road. he was at the wheel waiting at a
4:24 pm
red light and his dog was in the car inches from where it fell. >> he was in the back but always up there with me standing there. luckily thank god nobody was hurt. neither me nor the dog, no injuries. >> well a partnership will help young adults at risk of being homeless. the philadelphia foundation is investigating $100,000 at a new lgbt friendly residence. the program announced in center city will emphasize education and employment and life skills project home says that homeless for young lgbt adults is up. and students for the performing arts got to rehearse songs with a cast member of the hit show on broadway hamilton.
4:25 pm
sydney james hartcourt, who plays the understudy of raymond bur. of the american revolutions opening gala on april 8th. from our new jersey newsroom, kids spread wishes to the very special member of the member of the aquarium in camden. they looked on as she munched on a watermelon she is one of five hippos. a heads up tomorrow at at 3:00 p.m. before we come on the air with the newscast i will be on facebook live reading a few childrens books from the channel 6 "action news" ne from disney's magic of reading campaign that donated books.
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to help underserved neighborhoods so tomorrow gathering kiddies and join me for the magic of story telling time. disney is a parent company of 6 abc. >> good stuff alicia. it's ary almost 75 years in the making and a philadelphia woman finds out she is pregnant with her boyfriend's baby. the mother and daughter have since reunited and they want to connect with the sailors relative to let them know about the long lost family. we have an update on the incredible social media search coming up.
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t ith the latest on the ffrom london. e know at leaeople are dea wounded following a ter attack in london. it began about a call about a car on a cam page on the famed westminster bridge. a man in an suv killed at least two pedestrians and he made his way out of the vehicle and went to parliament and stabbed to deat guarding the parliament building. authorities believe that he acted alone at this point. they have not identified the ified a motive. we'll bring you the latest from london aes in on air and online at tur bucks county where a 23-year-old man is facing 30 child sex abuse
4:29 pm
charges they say that the man prey upon two children over the course of two years. walter perez is live now with more. >> reporter: well sharrie, the details of this case areruly disturbing and they are wrapped up in what yout said. he faces 32 counts of molesting n. started to sexually assault the first of at least two children back in 2006 that means the suspect himself was only 12 years old when the of abuse began. his office decided not to release further details about this investigation. >> i need to be very careful about what i say because i want to make sure that i absolutely protect the identity of the victims in this case and to comment briefly on the facts would be to give away too much
4:30 pm
many facts occurred in a rural bucks county and spoke to tony rinaldi. i have known him since the middle 70s. >> meanwhile matt weintraub admits it's hard to set aside your emotions from the task at hand. >> we have to get justice for these victims like in every case, and i'm sure we will. >> he remains behind bars on $1.5 million bail and his preliminary hearing is scheduled for april 3rd. reporting live walter perez, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. firefighter his to deal with the potentially explosive situation in delaware county this morning. "action news" was there as crews battled what we mained of a fire on the 900 block of anderson avenue when firefighter as rived flames were shooting from
4:31 pm
an upper floor and officials discovered there was ammunition in the house. hundreds of evacuated from vineland high school south because of an odor coming from the classroom. this was 1130 this morning, they determined the smell was coming from an electric potpourri machine. everyone else was allowed back inside of the school this afternoon. a business in north philadelphia was burglarized in broad daylight and now police are trying to track down the suspect. police released this surveillance video from march 1 and they say a man entered the store through an open side window and put unknown items in
4:32 pm
eye trash bag and took a $65 saw and $200 drill. a bit of spring but a winter whiplash into the third day of spring. but it's temporary as we climb back up by the end of the week. it's windy and a cloudless sky. it's the dew point at 7 degrees, it's that bone dry arctic air with the north wind of 21 miles per hour sustained creating a windchill of 30 and a similar picture here in princeton up near the trenton area 35 degrees and dew point at 5 with a north wind of 22 and windchill air matching philadelphia at 30 degrees and haven't shown you this recently. for today and tomorrow dew points remain in the single digits that means that the arctic air is still in play and
4:33 pm
if you are sensitive to dry air with the throat or chapped lips or itchy skin that remains the case today and tomorrow. we will kind of moisten up the atmosphere toward the weekend and there is rain across part of your weekend we'll talk about it in the accuweather forecast. >> i didn't think i had any of that until you mentioned it. >> adam thank you. >> adoptable dogs and kittens visited the pennsylvania hospital presidents house today. the dogs for pensee event gave nurses and doctors and other staffers a chance to interact with the adorable animals. the event relieves anxiety the medical staff may be feeling and helps to find the pets a forever home. >> doctors in los angeles have found a fix for what seemed to be the case of too much laughing, rick williams is live now in the newsroom with the more serious diagnosis for a
4:34 pm
boy. >> it turns out the boy was suffering from a kind of epilepsy and previously it would be an evasive pretty your and long recovery but that was not the case this time. ali gorman talks about the so-called miracle surgery that returns the boy to normal. and starbucks says they are going on a worldwide hiring spree. the thousands of people they plan to bring on board over the next five years. >> some of the stories we are following for you in a little bit on "action news" at 5:00. we'll see you later. >> see you in a bit thank you. >> 75 years ago a andell in love in philadelphia. soon after the young man was shipped off to and was killed. >> little did he know he was not is girlfriend behind he was leavingehind their unborn daughter but with the help of social media and a dedicated niece, a woman in her 70s got the chance to see the john rawlins was there.
4:35 pm
>> that is a wonderful picture. >> via a blurry video link tears marie robins in blooms burg for the first time in her life sees a picture of her biological father. >> this is incredible. >> this is my dad. >> the handsome sailor edmond who died in 1942 when the uss juneau went down in the pacific. >> i can't believe this is happening. >> on this side of the link marie's extended family in abington that received the photos just minutes before. >> you have his eyes and nose and same exact shape of his face. >> and i thought this was mom's face. >> wartime philadelphia dorothy on the right and edwin were sweethearts and went off to sea never knowing dorothy was going to have a baby. >> they were each other's first loves and they loved each other
4:36 pm
very much. unmarried marie gave up the baby for adoption and marie reunited with dorothy and became close to her kin. and edward's family was a mystery. she sent out this picture of her sister a photo and the sister 95 years old and is alive and lives in arizona. and he sent the photos this family was searching for. >> it's hard to process after all these years. >> there is much happiness in this house u dorothy was not here she was not feeling well the hope is to share the photos with her tomorrow. >> my grandmother is 92 and i know this is one thing she wanted before she left this earth. >> john rawlins, channel 6 "action news." >> how amazing is that. >> all the negativity of social media it's about making connections and so quick too. >> a great story. still ahead a contest nobody
4:37 pm
wants to win. which american city was just named the country's baddest city. >> and the stunning sight overseas a little girl clad only in pink pajamas clings to a drain pipe for dear life. >> and crying versus cuddling. when it comes to soothing a screaming infant one technique is tops. >> wish i heard about that a couple of years ago. meteorologist adam joseph back with the full accuweather forecast.
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4:40 pm
got her down safely. a new ranking of american cities are out and wallet hub released the baddest cities america list. jackson mississippi is the lowed by memphis, tennessee little rock arkansas and mcallen texas. the allentown bethlehem area came up 45 and and philadelphia and camden and wilmington ranked 65th of the same as last year. it is the sign that is causing big out rain in one town in tennessee. along with social media, it all started with an angry customer at a nail salon in memphis. deshawn posted this sign outside of rose's salon. sorry if you are overweight services are $45 due to fees for
4:41 pm
pedicurists. >> what is the markup? a regular pedicure for anyone else goes for $30. when approached by social media the owner denied the sign was in his business despite the same floors and chairs and walls inside of the picture taken but admits he does charge overweight customers more because it's difficult for his technicians to perform the pedicure services and they are breaking his chair which causes up to $2500 to replace. that sign is going >> a big question that parents face, let the baby cry or soothe t research is breaking oldster yoi type. that babies get picked up every cry. notre dame technology says do sense of calm and allows them to grow better those t are cuddled as children go into more well adjusted adults with less
4:42 pm
anxiety and better mental health. if they are crying pick them up. >> did you catch this moment last night on "wheel of fortune"? a contestant was one letter away from solving this puzzle. a street car -- desire. >> $600. >> k. >> no. k he guesses k i'll let you read that one out loud to yourself. if you are familiar with tennessee williams famous and classic play a street car named desire, the correct is m. pat sajak laughing while the next contestant lisa got the answer he would rather see kevin play and maybe a tinge of embarrassment and a play to read. >> learned a new book.
4:43 pm
>> money on the line and mom and dad watching. >> and k make a word. aliciu. lets get a check of the roads right now. matt standing by with the e. >> our street named 95 is full of cars and a couple of them smashed into each other, try southbound from the airport to this point for the ore barry bridge in delco, the crash is right there in the left lane and it's windy outside you can tell that by l this camera extra slo delco on 95 southbound past the airport down to the commodore barry bridge speeds like 10 miles per hour because of that accident up event in center city walnut street is blocked off through 8:00, from broad to 17th. stay on lot board to get around that. and a crash close to the dunkin' donuts at 51st vote that cleared
4:44 pm
out. and one on lancaster avenue at church road by the toyota dealership. that too is gone. some of them clearing and a new one in king of prussia by the giant store. some typical slowing on the eastbound side of the turnpike and the westbound side of 422, a crash in shanksville blocking ntersection ist swamp ridge as an alternate. and spring forward family dental look for a wreck along 7th avenue. 295 southbound near 73 there is a multivehicle accident on the shoulder just causing a little slowing and all the lanes are open. and gloucester county 55 northbound that is out o there. we'll check it again in the 5:00 hour. stepping outside and seeing a live look at sky 6 h place thrilled about this cold spring mountain out there. meteorologist adam joseph coming uwith the accuweather forecast next.
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all right lets look past today. to the weekend. >> really? the first day back and are you already complaining? >> looking at saturday -- >> he got on me yesterday also. >> he got on me with text messages. >> stop complaining. take a look -- i get it but the blip of winter won't last long the action cam in center city at one of the local parks in rittenhouse and a little pile of snow here and there in the and still a little head to the west of philadelphia. but it soon will be gone. as we look at stormtracker 6 live double scan a lot of blue sky today and a lot of cloud cover and looking great. when you look from the inside out the minute you step out you go okay yeah, winter is back briefly and 43 is the temperature and the dew point super dry air and you can't get a cloud to form. at 7 degrees winds from the
4:48 pm
northwest sustained 21 and windchill below freezing and the ocean temperature 42 degrees, the 24 hour change we dropped 20 degrees across the area compared to this time yesterday. in fact closing in on 30 degrees colder up in the poconos. so the windchills 23 right now allentown and only a degree better in trenton. 5 up in the poconos and even south of philadelphia and south jersey 32 degrees right now and feels like in millville. and 37 in cape may. there is that brilliant sky and high pressure from the west you see little going on from new england and the mid-atlantic back towards the ohio valley tonight is stays clear and cold and the biggest difference will be the winds, they diminish and back off out of the northwest at 6 to 12 miles per hour. and 15 in the suburbs and 22 for center city. and double barrel high pressure is in control you see two highs near each other it's typically a good thing and light winds being
4:49 pm
near a high. despite the high cooler than average at 46 going to feel better than the below freezing windchills today. and then as the coast we start to get into a southerly flow here as a warm front passes by to the north and west. there could be an early shower in the far northwestern suburb fz philadelphia and the warmth in the ohio and tenneee valley that arrives here during the day on saturday. the exclusive accuweather forecast sunny and light winds, 55 on friday the early morning shower north and west. late sun returning andoaring he mid-70s on saturday. a lot of high clouds but still a very nice day. and then that system kind of collapses on us here. an easterly wind takes over and is much cooler in the 50s a lot of clouds and drizzle in the morning turning into a lighter rain in the afternoon and overnight hours. with the damp start on monday
4:50 pm
turning milder of 60 degrees and stay in the low 60s on tuesday and wednesday but both days tuesday could be lingering showers around and a lot of clouds on wednesday, not the htest of seven-day forecasts tomorrow is the winner with the sun and saturday with the warmth. >> i'll take it. >> i'll handle it thanks adam. >> welcome back. this is your welcome back. the expensive gourmet pasta taste better than the supermarket stuff? -- he has been here all week. >> what is the weather like? he never listens.
4:51 pm
4:52 pm
today we are tackling one of my favorite topics. pasta. the big question when it comes to and foodie alike does it have to be expensive to be good?
4:53 pm
d sem lena flour to create perfect pasta. how does thech up to a store bought box. this they settled it with the experts. italian grandmas. eatly set up $1 $2.50 and $10 a pound. they were all dressed the same and the three grandmothers tried each one and they were asked to choose their favorite and which one was the most expensive. mama chose the pasta labeled c as >> c was the at about dollar. >> what did you choose the least expensetive? >> this was good. >> if it's enough for nana romano it's good enough for husband.
4:54 pm
>> they makes her own pasta and they are featured in her cookbook cooking nonna. >> each chose a different favorite andnt guess for which one is most expensive. proving that good pasta have to cost a lot of dough. and they put love if their recipes too. you can get the cheap one and it tastes good guys. >> good advice. >> finally an american family went to rome hoping for a once in a lifetime memory and almost got a souvenir to remember it. this is the moment that 3-year-old estelle got to meet pope francis, as the pope leaned in to give her a kiss she swiped his cap. the guards got it back and put it back on his head. holiness got a laugh out of it. >> cute. a kid.
4:55 pm
very adorable. that will do it for "action news" at 4:00. for brian taff alicia vitarelli and adam joseph i'm sharrie williams, join me along with brian ducis rogers tonight and every night for a our of "action news" at 10:00 on phl 17. >> here are rick williams and monica malpass with a look at what is next at 5:00. >> thank you. coming up next on "action news" at 5:00 tonight. we are continuing to monitor developments from overseas after the deadly terror attack london. the chaos thatjust feet from popular tourist spots. and seth williams has his first day in court facing federal charges of corruption bribery and extortion. and how one pennsylvania company is bringing the magic of harry potter to life. those stories and more coming up next on "action news" at 5:00.
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for relief beyond the nose. flonase. "action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist, cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. less than 24 hours after being slapped with corruption charges district attorney seth williams pleads not guilty and he is out on 50$50 50$50 50,00$50,000 bond. is livee
4:58 pm
details. >> reporter: district attorney seth williams appears before a magistrate in court this afternoon and did plead not guilty to 23 counts of bribery, extortion charges he faces. he appeared at 1:00 this afternoon seeming relaxed and ready to face the judge for his arraignment. the city's top prosecutor pled not guilty before u.s. magistrate released him on his own recognizance. his attorney says that he will fight the charges. >> seth williams categorically denies he is guilty of any crime and we ask only that this rush to judgment stop and the public recognize that this case is going to be tried in a court of law. >> williams is charged with 23 counts of fraud extortion
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