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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  March 23, 2017 12:00pm-12:29pm EDT

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"action news" delaware with rick williams, sara david murphy. good afternoon in the news
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we are learning more about yesterday's terror attack in london. including the name of an american who was killed. >> plus, a job application website is hacked. the sensitive personal information stolen from local residents. >> but the big story on "action news" is a woman rushed to the hospital in critical condition after a collision in lehigh county. a driver was trying to evade police and caused this crash in allentown. gray hall joins us live from the scene with the very latest. >> we can tell that you that scene is all clear right now but this started a little before 8:00 this morning as a result of a welfare check. lets take you back to the chop video as we explain what happened here. they got to the scene at woodward they found the person they were looking for in a bmw and he was passed out and the officer knocked on the window
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and he took off. he located the suspect where i am now along priscilla. the officer gave chase and lost him again. the officer set up a perimeter and were able to flush him out an rest this individual. we can tell that you the car he hit, there was a woman inside, she was trapped inside of that vehicle not sure how long. it took firefighters sometime to rescue this woman, she was taken to the hospital. she was listed in critical condition. and her condition supgraded to serious and we are told by police she will survive and she was trapped in the car for sometime. not sure why the individual sped away from police, that individual now in police custody we don't have information about him or if he was injured. we can tell you however, no officers were injured. and again, one woman trapped inside of the vehicle is now in serious condition.
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we are told she will survive. that is the latest in here now in allentown. gray hall, channel 6 "action news news". >> all right thank you. we have breaking news from ben franklin high school, police are serving warrants in the septa brawl that happened last thursday on the vine street station after school got out. they were trying to stop a group of boys from throwing ice at people. we don't know the number of people the police are taking into custody. police believe they caught the man behind a rash of bomb threats at jewish centers in our area and across the united states. the 19-year-old man is jewish himself and arrested in israel. his motives are unclear and used effective technology to hide his calls nationwide.
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there were more than 100 threats since january. >> authorities just identified the man behind yesterday's terror attack in london. a british resident killed three people and injures dozens of others before he was shot to death by police. a utah couple was caught up in the violence during an anniversary vacation. curt cochran was killed and his wife was injured. >> reporter: today the threat level in the uk is set at severe mean ago tack is highly likely for sometime. >> the attacker was known to intelligence services, theresa may says he was british born invest gated years ago by the m i-5, a place where people from all nationalities and cultures come to celebrate what it means to be free. and took out his rage
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indiscriminately against men, women and children. >> and adding he was not in the current intelligence picture. shortly after isis claimed responsibility saying he was a soldier of the islamic state and raids were held as the investigation continues, the top terrorism official announce that eight people were arrested in the six raids overnight. police believe he acted alone but little else is known about his identity. >> if you believe this attacker acted alone. >> the attack happening on the anniversary of the deadly attacks in brussels. stopping a lone wolf using such basic terror tactics could be virtually impossible. >> they claimed he was a soldier of the islamic state language that indicates the attack was
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inspired by isis but not directed by isis. molly hunter, abc news london. in washington now. the house is expected to vote today on the gop health care bill to replace the affordable care act. and right now president trump is trying to close the deal by winning over conservatives that oppose the bill. it remains unclear if the republicans have enough votes to move the bill forward. we have more on how our republican house members plan to vote coming up at 12:30 and follow the story by downloading the 6 abc news app. we'll send you alerts as the votes come in. and a cold morning is giving way to a chilly afternoon. sky 6 hd looking live at the jersey shore in atlantic city. more comfortable than yesterday with lighter winds and lots of sun. david murphy is tracking the conditions at the "action news" big board. >> a pretty day no doubt about that. the satellite showing you the
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lack of clouds and this has a hard time of making it in with any degree of advance, later tonight we start to cloud up and temperatures have improved from this morning as we started out in the 20s. 36 right now and it's still certainly a mid-day hour. where we need a heavy coat and you may want gloves in you are outside for a child. 35 in trenton. and winds today are much lighter, down to just 3 miles per hour in philadelphia. unlike yesterday when you had the strong really cold wind gusts we are not dealing with that. and in fact, it's windchills are not that different from the temperatures across the region. that is a change from this morning. as we roll through the rest of the day 43 by 2:00 and 4:00, 45 and a high of 46 degrees and that will probably be late in the afternoon at 5:00. dipping back to 43 by 6:00 and 30s later tonight but not as
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cold overnight tonight as it was this past overnight. a little more of a break on the bus stop tomorrow morning. and an even bigger break over the next couple of days. here we are in the cool. but from the southwest we have milder air and current temperatures in jackson and not so much nashville but out toward oklahoma city in the 60s and 70s and we tap into the colder air and we have a nice one for you on saturday. i'll have the details and the latest numbers from accuweather coming up. for now bundle up as you head outside. >> very true, thank you. >> more than 200,000 delaware residents may be at risk of identity theft their personal information was stolen from the america's job link alliance website. used by the labor department to connect job seekers with employers, they took names, birth daze and social security numbers from february 23th march 14 and. if you think are you affected
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head to our website at website for more information. philadelphia's beverage tax generates more money. $4.6 million in february. according to data from the department of revenue bringing the total to 123. $12.3 million. critics say it puts an unfair burden on consumers and stoppe and 12 packs. the ben franklin parkway is turning 100 years old. today the parkway 100 logo was unveiled and the parkway council unveiled that on september 8th of this year and continuing through 2018 there will be centennial events and exhibitions and community
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promotions. 6 abc is a proud sponsor of the parkway centennial. and our vice president, bernie prazenica spoke at at event. >> the parkway for channel 6 is the site for some of our biggest events over the years. every year we are here for the thank gives day parade. the oldest in the country and an incredible event. and welcome america for decades. >> the parkway council announced a major grant for the william penn foundation to support a parkway wide public art exhibit. a college student is rescued after spending five days trapped in the desert and how she got lost. and the one thing that finally saveded her. >> and a way to give your skin a post winter boost. coming up at 12:30. and meteorologist, david murphy has the seven-day forecast which includes the big weekend warm up when "action news" comes right
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the u.s. military is getting more involved in the war against isis. for the first time attack helicopters gave soldiers a ride into syria s no american troops were involved in the fighting but the first time they carried
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out a mission like that in the country. they are trying to push the fighters out of roqqa their declared capital. four people are dead including a police officer. the suspect went to a bank season shot two people and then to a nearby law firm and killed one person and then han hour later another person was killed in an apartment complex. officers shot the suspect and he was taken to the hospital. police say the initial shooting at the bank was a domestic issue. investigators say that a brush fire that damaged homes in florida was sparked by a backyard fire. a man was burning ole books outside when gust quiwinds spread the fire to more than 400 acres of land. around 15 homes were damaged and police had to evacuate the rest of the neighborhood near the florida georgia state line. this morning the fire was 50%
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contained. now to an incredible story of survival. a college student survived after being stranded in the arizona desert for five days. it sent her down the road that did not exist. her car ran out of gas and her cell phone was out of charge. and she walked 11 miles to find a cell signal and called 911 and walked the 11 miles back to her car and the next day a rescue crew found her help sign. a unit of philadelphia's fbi office has received a prestigious honor, randy duekay accepted the 2016 community leadership award. he accepted the award on behalf of the commission for contributions and the prevent of crime in the city. director james comey will pront duekay with a plaque next month
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in washington. a once neglected mini horse is re accused by a local family and nursed back to help and now giving smiles at a nursing home in montgomery county.
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payless may seek protection in bankruptcy court as they plan
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to close hundreds of store. between 400 and 500 locations as part of the latest effort to reorganized. it's the same issue facing other retailers as consumers choose to online shop. and companion ship is important at any age. that is why they want to give the residents some much needed affection. ali gorman has the story. >> the elderly reads don't get out as much as they like at luther woods. but frequently the outside world coxs to them. >> you are a sweetie pie. yes, you is a rescue miniature can't as much as they enjoy nuzzling with her. >> a real, real treat. don't se. i am thrilled to pieceful, beau.
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>> it makes you feel good to see the horse comee does my heart good and you have your own little cat or aowners, the alam falyed her from neglect and regularly bring her es and more so people can react with e enjoy making a difference with the power of the animals, y made your day or week. >> they go and tell their families a horse was here and really in but it is >> the bond they have with the residents here you feel it when you look at them. when they butt there for a good seconds to a minute. of the ala family and the create iffy at luther woods and the residents gypy's visits spectacular for
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allinvolved. nice. very. >> the "action news" team is out working on news stories for h a vitarelli with a look ahead. >> reporter: hey guys, here is a question we are tackling today at 4:00, why would someone call a video of someone cutting a ca unsatisfying distressing clip on the intern.t 4:00 to find out. and if you have not reviewed your lately you run the risk of leaving money on the table. and donation disaster, a north carolina woman is pleading for help after her husband accidentally gave her wedding dress to a goodwill. we'll tell you how that went down. coming up in big talkers, take us with you on the go, if you have not downloaded the free 6 abc news app. >> we'll see you at 4:00. >> that guy is sleeping on the couch. >> you got that right. thousands.
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meteorologist, david murphy is here now we are looking forward to the weekend. that is when temperatures go up. >> it's a good looking day today. >> like that tie. >> yes, it looks good. but the guy that is wearing it -- stormtracker 6 live double scan shows you we are high and dry and the action cam was down in somers point new jersey a time ago. not so long until the sand is so hot you need your sandals walking across it but not today. 36 in philadelphia but how about those winds, yesterday we were worried about wind gusts up over 40 miles per hour and today no gusts and the wind currently 3 miles per hour. you step outside in the mid-30s
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it feels better than yesterday. the temperatures across the region 34 in allentown and reading and 36 in millville and 37 in wilmington and the numbers will rise and we'll wait for our highs. a long way to go before we top out. there you see all the sunshine in store with a lack of significant cloud cover. this is similar to the satellite image we showed you yesterday and we have this cool tweet from the international space station and astronaut shane kim bro. and the stadium is down there, thanks to our friends in space for an image showing you the clear skies bathing the region yesterday and today. lehigh valley lots of sun and less wind. even though we top out at 44 degrees late this afternoon at least it will feel more comfortable and the high is better too. and 44 at the shore and lots of sun and not windy out there as well.
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and philadelphia 46 degrees and plenty of sunshine and less wind only running 6 to 12 miles per hour and that is not much of a breeze. if you have to get out there and do things, i have to get back to exercise because it is comfortable. by 5:00, 46 we'll hold the low 40s by 7:00 but heaters on in the cars on the way home. and overnight tonight, not as cold although you will want that winter coat as you head out early tomorrow. a morning low of 32 degree, winds are light and i to talk about in terms of windchill tomorrow morning and tomorrow afternoon lighter gear a warm front is getting past us as that goes through a shower north and west of philadelphia in the mo hours and late day sun is possible and we improve to a high of 55 degrees and we are on the lookout for the 70s on saturday. your exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast today we'll go for the high of 46, sunny and
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chilly none the as windy as yesterday that is good. the morning shower and late sun and high of 55, a mix of clouds and sun and shooting all the way up to a high of 74 degrees. a cooler high of 57. and not a washout but occasionally light rain and drizzle around. and you see 60s there abouts monday, tuesday and wednesday. >> looking more spring like. >> thank you. if you are thinking about getting a dog, today is the perfect opportunity. it's national puppy day celebrated on march 23rd every year, puppies of all breeds and sizes are recognized for their loyalty and cuteness and a more serious purpose to raise awareness for all the orphan dogs that need homes. you need another two or three dogs. >> don't try me. they'll all show up. olivia is no longer a puppy.
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up next on our next half our of "action news." a young boy from new jersey is hailed as a hero after saving his grandfather's life. and a wallet stolen years ago makes its way back to the opener. what was surprisingly still inside.
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"action news" continues with rick williams and sara bloomquist and meteorologist, david murphy. hello again. here are stories we are
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following for you at 12:30. police are making arrests for recent fights involving young people at a septa station. a crash that left one woman involved badly hurt. and find out why this statue created to inspire change for women could soon be gone. >> and in other details, fights near or at septa stations in philadelphia happened at least twice in the past week and now police are making arrests. three girls were arrested for allegedly setting another girl's hair on fire. jeanette reyes is live now where the latest incident took place. >> reporter: well rick, the arrest for the first instant den those are happening as we speak, the latest one probably just as or more disturbing involving young teen girls. that is being investigated at this hour. >> this morning police


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