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tv   Action News at 1230 PM  ABC  March 23, 2017 12:30pm-1:00pm EDT

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police are making arrests for recent fights involving young people at a septa station. a crash that left one woman involved badly hurt. and find out why this statue created to inspire change for women could soon be gone. >> and in other details, fights near or at septa stations in philadelphia happened at least twice in the past week and now police are making arrests. three girls were arrested for allegedly setting another girl's hair on fire. jeanette reyes is live now where the latest incident took place. >> reporter: well rick, the arrest for the first instant den those are happening as we speak, the latest one probably just as or more disturbing involving young teen girls. that is being investigated at this hour. >> this morning police descended
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upon ben franklin high school in spring garden with warrants for 10 students. because of a fight that broke out. the students are pounding and kicking on their victim one of them crouched over trying to take cover. while that investigation police are dealing with another vicious school fight also at a septa station, this time involving young teen girls. >> it's juvenile. too juvenile to start like this. >> 7:30 wednesday night, they responded to an assault at market street at the septa l station, a fight broke out between a young group of girls, all ages 13 to 16 and one knocks the girl to the ground and that took a disturbing turn. >> a young lady pulls a can of hair spray out of her bag and lights the air spray with her
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lighter which catches fire and burns the young lady's hair and the back of her neck. >> another young lady had knife slashes to the back of her coat. they have all been identified and charges are pending. at least two of those involved attended a transition school. >> it's a great school, it's not the school, it's the individuals that go to the school. >> septa officials acknowledge that these school fight are a problem and will become a bigger one as it gets warmer outside. we expect to hear additional details on the arrest coming up later on this afternoon. we'll keep you posted on that information. >> thank you. a driver took off from police in allentown causing a crash that left an innocent driver hospitalized. it ended here at fillmore and
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priscilla streets when the suspect crash nood a woman's suv. the police woke the man up w in and the man took off and the police gave chase, after he crashed t away and police caught up with him. the woman in the suv is hurt and ow hospitalized. >> now information to the kensington section of the city, chopper 6 hd is over the investigation here. a man was shot here at the 2300 block of east oakdale street. the 25-year-old victim was shot once in the chest and rushed to temple university hospital where he died a short time later. police did make an arrest at the scene and a weapon was also recovered and they are trying to determine the motive for the shooting and again a fatal shooting at the kensington section of philadelphia and police are on the scene investigating and we'll bring you more detailed as they become available to us.
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>> in washington. we are hours away from the house voting on the republican health care bill to repeal the affordable care act but negotiations are coming down to the wire. it appears that the contives have enough votes to kill the bill. janay is live from washington. >> reporter: it's do or die for the gop health care bill. seven years after obama care became law republicans are hours away from voting to repeal it. confusion as house republicans scramble to get their health care bill across the finish line. several of them caught off guard when a last minute meeting was suddenly canceled and time winding down to the crucial vote. >> we did not have all the pieces of the puzzle together. we recognize that by the evening hour. >> it's a frantic fight to the finish to secure enough votes to move the bill forward.
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by abc news's count at least 28 republicans are still a no, more than enough to kill the bill. >> it won't passes to it. including they want the bill to go further in lowering premiums and republican leaders and the white house are open to negotiations but steadfast that is the best shot to overhaul obama care. >> there is plan a and plan a we'll get this done. on the seventh anniversary the namesake is speaking out. in a statement, so the reality is clear america is stronger because of the affordable care eaality is becoming they may need one -- >> mr. president -- >> all right what was janay norman reporting from washington.
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meanwhile here is the latest information on how hour republican members plan to vote. representatives brian fitzpatrick and chris smith of new jersey are all no votes. and charlie dent who was undecided he will vote no as well. and congressman ryan costello on the left of your screen and pat meehan also remain undecided at this hour. two days ago new jersey congressman tom mcarthur says he plans to vote yes. and officials outside of london just identified the attacker. a british citizen. two people were killed and 40 others injured when he plowed a car through a crowd of people through the west minister bridge and then stabbed a police
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officer to death. isis called the attacker, a soldier of isis. they believe he international terrorism and not linked to an organized group and a utah man was killed in the attack and his wife was seriously injured. >> back here valuables taken from a car in newcastle, delaware and police are searching for the suspects. the police responded to adele place in collins park and the car was left unsecure overnight and the owner says her credit and wallet were taken from the vehicle and there is surveillance video of two suspects using the credit card at newcastle avenue at a convenience store. turning now to the accuweather forecast. lots of sunshine but it feels really cold outside. the good news is, if you can get through today warmer air is coming. lets look live outside sky 6 hd showing you independence mall you'll need the winter coat
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today to get ready for possible temperatures in the 70s this weekend. david murphy is outdoors on the terrace with the latest from accuweather. >> nice and bright across the region right now and i am happy i have a heavy coat on. here is satellite, a rare close up picture where it doesn't seem like you are looking at anything. cloud cover by washington and off the coast and the rest of it is cloud free and that is pretty much what we got for the second straight day across the region, it's cold. 36 degrees in philadelphia and the freezing mark in new york city and 39 in washington, as we take a look at the winds this is a big, nice change we are looking at and gusts up to 40 miles per hour and now calm winds at 3 miles per hour and we are looking at winds remain on the light side the rest of today. temperatures are cool but better than yesterday. today we'll get up to 45 even 46 is possible around 5:00. rather late in the afternoon. and then you see how the
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temperatures tumble back to the freezing park as soon as 2:00 a.m. at the same time we are looking at numbers kind of stabilizing and not being as cold tomorrow morning as this morning when we were in the low 20s. here is your temperature profile for 7:00 in the morning, down around the freezing mark and then after noon we improve and wind up in the 50s and as you mentioned even warmer than that for the beginning part of the weekend. we'll go over the seven day again and the advice to you heading out today not much wind but on the cold side so dress appropriately. is a comprehensive resource for everything weather related from hourly forecast to stormtracker 6 live double scan we have you covered. we invite you to check outposts and interact with our meteorologists. there is more ahead on "action news" at 12:30, the popular fearless girl statue in new york was created to help
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promote female leadership but could soon be removed. >> and from aroma therapy to an anti-aging collagen facial. those stories and more.
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pennsylvania state police are looking for the man that led them on a high speed chase in bucks county. the driver identified as rodney mcdonald crashed a jeep yesterday afternoon. police say that mcdonald ran away and hid from search teams on the grown and in the air. no troopers were injured in the crash. a 10-year-old north jersey boy was hailed a hero for saving his grandfather's life. he was choking on a piece of popcorn back in january and jc saw his grandfather turning blue he knew how to react. he began to give his grandfather the heim like maneuver.
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>> i lay down at night and i watch cop shows with my nanny and that is how i learned how to do the heimlich maneuver and the cops said that seconds matter and he was breathing on his ownby the time the arrived. he gets to take a trip to dorne >> and time is running out for the fearless girl statue in new york city. the statue stares down the wall street bull but the permit is only good until april 2nd. an online petition is calling for it to be a permanent installation. there is already 24,000 signatures, they hope it provides change and female leadership. it was a happy ending for a massachusetts woman that lost her wallet eight years ago. courtney connelly says that a thief stole her wallet in cape
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cop, in 2009 and someone handed it over to a police officer in boston. amazingly with everything inside of it. cash drivers license and social security card and all her credit cards were there. officers tracked her down from an old paystub. >> what a story. still ahead on "action news," another check of the accuweather forecast for you. sky 6 hd showing you the commodore barry bridge it's chilly out there.
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david here with a check of the accuweather forecast. we are waiting on the warm-up. >> it's coming but not there yet. stormtracker 6 live double scan showing us we are dry but as we look outside the action cam toiling around somers point and a pretty picture of the bay. the back bay. that one is probably going over towards the beach. a lot of sunshine out there and
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it will stay fairly bright as we go through the afternoon your forecast highlights, today is possibly chilly and you'll want a decent coat when you head out in the afternoon. friday looks better certainly on the temperature scale. saturday ababsolutely super. right now 36 degrees and the winds are light at 3 miles per hour. a lot less wind today than yesterday. it's more comfortable and you'll need the shades on the highways. we do not expect much cloud cover. 46 is your high in wilmington same thing in philadelphia. and one of those days when you survey the region there is not much difference from north to south everyone the same high in allentown as cape may this afternoon. 43 degrees by 2:00 and 4:00, 45 degrees a high of 46 and it's one of those days it won't happen until late in the game probably 5:00 in the afternoon. we'll chill down overnight.
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10:00 down to 34 and i expect the overnight lows to level off. and tomorrow morning a good morning for a decent coat and extra gear, not as cold as it was this morning in the low 20s in the region, the warm front gets past us in the morning and some of that i suppose to linger into the afternoon. that is mainly north and west of philadelphia and we expect late day sun and with the warm front lifting to the north and we get up to 55 for a high. and for saturday we are looking at the 70s. now for tomorrow morning. it now looks like there won't be precipitation super early that is good because we have temperatures below the freezing mark in the north and west. by the time the precipitation moves in to places like allentown be reading, the temperatures are warm enough to not have a freeze up but the poconos an hourer hour and a half of wet snow before it changes to rain.
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i would be careful if you see a drizzle drop in the morning when the temperatures are closer to the freezing mark. but probably not a problem in our immediate region and then the rain is over by early in the afternoon and the temperatures bounce back. here is your seven day, today lots of sun and chilly high of 46 but not as windy as yesterday. tomorrow 55 and late sun, saturday still looks great and a high of 74 degrees clouds mixing with sun and we are removing a chance of shower. that changes on sunday as a front comes in and cools us down and clouds us up and we have occasional rain and drizzle possible on sunday. certainly not a washout. after that monday, tuesday and wednesday sitting on 60 for a high. and a stalled frontal boundary we see once or twice in spring and wind up with a damp pattern on monday, tuesday and wednesday. spot showers. >> not bad thank you. spring has arrived and if you look to brighten up your
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skin for the warm weather months we have just the thing. there are a lot of great spas offering all kinds of treatments and enhancements for your skin and body. alicia vitarelli is here with more on treatments. >> i did investigation on this one, some are tailored to the post workout crowd. we start with aroma spa in old city where you feel like you stepped back in time and into the spas of ancient italy. >> it uses aroma therapy in all of their treatments. >> a lot of clients can smell us from the street and they walk in and say can i take this smell with me. >> i tried the anti-aging facial to rejuvenate my skin after winter. the mask helps to smooth the skin and reduce fine lines and
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wrinkles and hydrating the skin. >> you can see all of your lines of expression. >> wild. >> next we head to the peddlersville able. >> it's good for post winter to go to a cozy environment many they recommend the shaman glow. >> it reduces swelling. it's done with steam and oil and a blend that is used to exfoliate dead skin cells. >> you get all the healing affects of a deep tissue massage. >> and the spa at the morristown mall is 14,000 square feet of pure pampering it's ideal for groups. start with a luxury stay with a spa and facial. afterwards treat yourselfo a
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man manicure-pedicure. stop by the blow dry bar for a blowout before you roll out. the final stop on our road to relaxation is the logan spa at the logan hotel. >> as soon as you enter you feel calm. it's wash inspired and offers a dozen different facial. a moisture drip facial great for hydrating and sends you through a nice journey with a cleanse and steam. and it's customized to suit each customers needs, we like to have a discussion with each guest. within 25 minutes, can you be reset and ready for your day. and you can spring into shape right on site. >> a state of the art fitness center tricked out with excellent equipment. >> and as always for all the hot happenings catch us at fyi philly at 7:30 on 6 abc.
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>> i lost 20 years just watching that. thank as leash a. coming up tonight on 6 abc an all new episode of the catch, tonight margo struggles to stay under the radar as the team continues to protect her from an assassin. it took on a lighter tone than the first, which the show developed naturally over time. >> the tone started to shift even through season one. we discovered that when the show was lighter it was working very well. and we have embraced that and we are making more of a comedy this year. but not less sexy. very sexy. >> the catch is part of tonight's tgit lineup and all new "grey's anatomy" at 8:00 and an all new "scandal" at 9:00 and the catch at 10:00.
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david murphy is back with a chavez of the forecast -- >> for this afternoon mid-40s in spots and less wind and 6 to 12 miles per hour wind across the region stlfrlgts and not much of a difference with temperatures over to the east. we keep talking about how saturday is going to be in the 70s guys, one then i wants to point out if you head down to the shore on saturday, probably only 50 there. you'll have a cool wind off the ocean but everyone else gets nice and warm. >> thank you. finally this noon, check out the iguana at the miami open. he perched himself on the scoreboard and play was halted. and tommy haas got in trouble for having his cell phone out
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after taking a selfie with the iguana. >> here is a look now at stories this afternoon at 4:00, changing the game. the nfl is hoping to make the grid iron adjustments after complaints from fans, we'll look at the proposal that could have an impact this upcoming season. >> a couple has to get a dna test for their dog to prove he is not an exotic animal. >> now, for david murphy, rick williams and the entire "action news" team i'm sara bloomquist have a great afternoon.
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