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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  March 25, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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>> an emaciated and neglected dog is rescued in philadelphia. that's next on "action news." yom we've ever climbed. yom and now, they've come together to create something you've never felt before. introducing the glc coupe. part suv. part sports car. all mercedes-benz. ♪ ♪ "action news," delaware valley's leading news program with meteorologist melissa magee, jeff scaversky and walter perez. ♪ ♪ >> it was a day of rallies across the nation and here in our area in support of president
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trump. those opposed to the policies came out to make their voices heard. in some places the clashes turned violent. the big story is rallies across the country combining supporters with his detractors. it was billed as make america great valley. many say it's a reflection of how divided our nation has become. bob brooks has a closer look at the striking images. >> the day started out as a pro trump rally on independence mall. >> i wanted to set forth our support for our country, veterans and president. >> the crowd heard from numerous speakers and participated in patriotic songs. then tension turned up.
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protest groups ignited fires and smoke burning things on the road. kevin who organized the trump rally said the plan was to march to the museum steps. he was asked by the chief of police to stop for fear of violence. >> we were asked to leave because of the violence. they are worried about men, women and children. i can understand that. >> as a result, the protest group marched down market street instead. many times they tried to block our cameras. once they reached logan square, chaos erupted. >> some members of the trump rally decided to march. the protestors caught wind. the two groups were set t to clh but were never able to. the police department were the
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heros today. the police were always one step ahead to ensure safety. both groups were able to march. keeping things even was not easy. thingsnever got violent because of our men and women in pl blue. >> after everything you saw, the only thing that happened were two citations. what a great job by the police department keeping things in order. >> meanwhile president trump weighed in on the rallies without addressing the conflicts. he tweeted thank you for the trump rally today. amazing support. we'll all make america great again. this comes after the failure of the republican attempt to pass the healthcare reform bill despite the 44 majority in the
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house. the president fired off this tweet before playing golf, that obama care will explode and a new healthcare plan will emerge. yesterday, house republicans couldn't martial enough support for their plan. vice president mike pence reassured business owners. >> congress wasn't ready. you saw it. with 100% of house democrats, every one and a handful of republicans actually standing in the way of president trump's plan to repeal and replace obama care. >> the house will come to order. >> for now lawmakers are moving on and will soon work on tax reform. former vice president joe biden spent the day at a game. it was more than basketball. the organization started by joe
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biden's late son is dedicated to fighting child abuse and neglect by focusing on education and strengthening child protection laws. >> people say, it's not my issue. it's a family issue. achild abused, these are all our children. they are the kite strings that lift us along. >> in addition to the donation, a portion of tonight's ticket sales went to the joe biden foundation. moving on to the forecast. it felt like spring today. though it was cloudy, the warmth was appreciated by most of us, especially me. >> melissa has the forecast. >> it was a nice start to the weekend. temperatures were quite warm, in fact we had a taste of summer today. thursday, it was chilly. a high of 45.
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yesterday 58. today, we were up to the sweet 70s, philadelphia 77 for the high. normally, closer to 56. we were well above the mark today. right now, cooler. 45 in philadelphia with northeasterly winds. 51 lancaster. at the coast and cape may 46. beach haven 44 and 45 in trenton. satellite 6 with action radar, we have a cold front. we call it a back door cold front coming from the north and slipping south. this is cold canadian high with after clear sky to the north and the air is funneling through. temperatures to the north and east, 32 in ban genera bang gen. reign and drizzle in spots tonight and then cooler. you will notice the difference sunday.
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next week, we have a look coming up next. >> thank, melissa. >> investigators think a propene barbeque grill may have started the fire that damaged three townhomes. the fire broke out at 4:30 on went worth court. it went to two alarms before firefighters brought it under control. with warm weather around the corner, officials precaution, use caution before firing up the grills. >> we don't know for sure that ice what i'swhat it was. >> we are happy to report no one was injured, but three families had to find somewhere else to stay the night. >> an arrest was made after a shooting in allentown. joshua cologne is charged with criminal homicide. officers were working security at club dubai when they
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responded to an incident in the parking lot about 2:30 this morning. the officers heard the gunshot and saw the suspect shooting at people. one officer returned fire. the suspect got into a vehicle and fled. he was captured a short time later. three people were rushed to the hospital one man did not survive. >> three police officers and a first responder banded together to lift a car off of a 38-year-old woman who was stuck. the woman was jogging when she was hit by an 86-year-old man on the way to church. she became trapped and officers worked to free her. she was rushed to hospital and remains in critical condition tonight. the driver stopped, it was an accident. >> a dog was abandoned inside a vacant home two weeks trapped inside a crate with no food or
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water. a man that made it his mission to save the most vulnerable around us came to the rescue. jeff chirico has the story. >> the spca took the dog away about an hour ago. the man that discovered him recorded it and posted it to facebook. >> it's just not fair, that's all. i don't wish it on no one. >> ramon rodrigues gets emotional talking about what he found inside a home abandoned by addicts in his north philadelphia neighborhood. >> where you at, boy? oh my god. >> he recorded, as he saw a pit bullocked in a cage, no food, in water, living in his own waste, he says for two weeks.
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>> i'm here to help. what's the matter, boy. >> i opened the cage. he didn't do nothing. he just licked me. >> i brought you some food. >> rodrigues bu was tipped off about the dog friday night. around here he's known for saving animals. many live in his home. >> i rescued that right there. it's called bingo. >> bingo the pig? >> addiction is wiping everything away. humanity is gone. >> as for the dog he named diesel, he seems to be friendly. >> friendly with kids. >> i have an idea on what it is to be in a cage. that's why it's my mission to get them out of the cage. it's not a good feeling to be locked up. he had no choice. >> one lucky dog. the spca will evaluate diesel
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and if all goes well, put him up for adomtion. ger chirico, channel6. >> quite a story. thank you, jeff. >> a high school student from philadelphia who risked injury to protect his teacher was honored tonight. the freedom foundation of valley forge chose williams from motivation high school after he threw himself over a teacher during the fight. he suffered several broken bones but the teacher was not injured. >> devin still was in the spring garden center to help raise money for families whose children are battling cancer. it's part of the fundraising gala. leah was treated at children's hocht philadelphia and it's one of the local hospitals that will
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benefit. much more to come on "action news" tonight. it was a chaotic day at the las vegas strip today. a brazen robbery and a shooting inside a bus. >> 82 seconds, that's all it took at the london parliament building that left five people dead. plus the flyers are skating on thin ice after losing a must-win game in columbus. jeff scaversky has sports when we come back. ♪ ♪
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from santander bank. >> a deadly shooting and standoff shut down the strip in las vegas. a gunman killed one person and injured another then barricaded himself inside a public bus. it happened outside the casino 11:00 this morning. just before 3:30 the gunman surrendered. >> hours earlier thieves broke into the bellagio and robbed a jewelry store. the robbery and shooting are not connected. we have more in the next half hour. >> more on the terrorist attack in london. we learn about the attacker and ties to saudi arabia. video released shows the man surrounded by police after being
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shot down outside the parliament building. keith palmer, the officer finally stab was attended to. masud was in saudi arabia three times since 2005 but he was not on a terrorist watch list. they are trying to determine who he was communicating with before his rampage. >> thousands remembered the emergency medic run over by her own ambulance. she was responding to an emergency when she was flagged down. the man got into the ambulance and ran her over. that man has been charged with first-degree murder. >> much more to come on "action news." it was a day of appreciation for the hardest working volunteers. how the mayor honored local block ca captains when "action
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news" comes back. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> it was a celebration at the pennsylvania convention center. the mayor attended the event and honored the block captains for their participation throughout the year. now time for the forecast with melissa magee. it's getting cold again.
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>> we have numbers in the 30s and 40s. earlier today the 70s and 80s. the numbers are starting to crash. no more issues with precipitation. we had light rain showers earlier today as a cold front came through sliding southward and the numbers are cooling off quickly. sky 6 live and hd looking at the bridge. we have a fair amount of cloud cover over head. it's calm and quiet. highs across testify region were in the 7 0s and 80s fast forward from spring to summer. millville 80. dover 79. philadelphia 77 today. our typical high in the city is around 56 so well above the mark today. westchester in at 75. right now, northeasterly winds as pressure to the north works
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its way north. reading 51. 46 at the coast and cape may. straight 6 with satellite and radar, there was showers across the region earlier today along the metro area, south jersey and delaware. the front continues to dip south, clear skies to the north and that's where the cool canadian high is sitting. lots of clouds, a touch of rain with northes estherly northeast. we have easterly winds we tap into tomorrow. limited sunshine is a mostly cloudy day with drizzle around as well. the high close to 49. a good 20 to 30-degrees colder tomorrow than today. we track low pressure to the west sliding eastward late
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sunday night into monday. future tracker 6, 45 in philadelphia, 33 poconos, 46 wild wood. 8:00 tomorrow morning, numbers in the upper 30s and lower 40s along the i-45 corridor. tomorrow afternoon number in the 40s. a far cry tomorrow from where we were today. cloudy tomorrow, cooler, you will notice the difference. high temperature at 49. monday, early rain around with the area of low pressure warmer by the afternoon, a high of 65. tuesday, unsettled, cloudy with a rumble of thunder. wednesday, mild and limited sunshine with a high of 65-degrees and thursday, more sunshine returns and a few more clouds, high of 59. friday, periods of rain at 56 for the high. saturday, next saturday, mostly
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cloudy with sun and high temperature of 60-degrees. we are close to seasonal tomorrow, a bit below it but definitely a big change from what we had today. >> thank you melissa. up next, jeff skversky has sports. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪
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and verizon wireless customers can stream tv on the fios mobile app, data-free. get the best. go to >> jeff skversky has a check on sports. the flyers close to the end of the line. maybe for the first time all season flyers players gave the look, we know it's not happening. it's not our year. >> the flyer shot of making the playoff is less than 1% after they stopped shot after shot. the flyer's traded away, becomes the best goalie in hockey. they haven't won in 12 years.
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scoreless until later in the second. talk about nothing bowpsing their way. what happened there? take another look. alexander wennberg deflected. flyers down 1-0. desperate for a goal. bobobrovsky shuts it down. flyers lose 1-0, eight games to go. thanks a lot, bob. >> he got lucky. a couple of times he didn't know where the puck was. found a way to get the rebound. he's the best goalie in the league. takesextra effort. nobody cares. we lost the game. bottom line. >> nobody cares. they lost the game. >> college hockey, penn state's
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first ever tournament game they tie the record for most goals by a team in their debut. penn state puts up ten, win by seven and advance to face number one over all seed denver tomorrow night. talk about a process, in three years joel embid has had three surgeries and played 31 games. we have heard this before. coach brown says embid is more mature after the latest knee operation and they believe big things are ahead. >> he has gone through a lot. here are where my first thoughts go, to the organization and to joel embid, the way he's dealt with a lot of adversity. we all look forward to having a successful summer. you know, it's still a way away. i'll give timelines later, but
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it's wonderful news for the city of philadelphia and joel embid. >> we'll believe it when we see it, right? sicksers back at it tomorrow in indiana. still to come in sports, an eagle player playing wedding crasher and villanova not the only one out of the tournament. we'll be right back. in our suvs, you feel every mountain we've ever conquered. in our sports cars, you feel every podium we've ever climbed. and now, they've come together to create something you've never felt before. introducing the glc coupe. part suv. part sports car.
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