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tv   Action News 1130PM  ABC  March 26, 2017 11:30pm-11:45pm EDT

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and we are hoping. >> a prisoner to his body that is what when asked when jahill okafor ith right kneend okafor out pain and ben simmonsonight in indiana how about the pregame into to the sixersook like a globetrotter team and shawn long fl shots and finishes with nine points his wd he says no time for crying. they have to as many as 25 and shots like that sixers lose their 7th straight loss in the state of indiana. who is in, who is out? that is what the phillies fro c trying to figure out tonight and met this evening to figure bull
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and on the bench, the season star phillies bats have been ice cold in florida today they warm up against the the cycle in the first and franco barely hitting 200 and 2 run and fifth of the spring and later in the first two run shot and catcher andrew knapp trying to make the team and makes quite the impression and phillies win 6-3 and nats come up with the big league fella and fanatic coming and and knapp and some to the other guys on the bubble and since chris jenkins hit the buzzer beater over north carolina last year the tar heels have been talking redemption trying to get back to the final four, speaking of crazy shots pure madness for north carolina and kentucky in the elite 8 wild finish kentucky down 3, 7 seconds left and monk nails a three sixers could use them and
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chris jenkins is there and knows a thing about a buzzer beater other way carolina with .3 seconds left and luke may the first game winning shot in the final second to clinch a final four birth and since scotty reynolds in 09 north carolina wins 75-73 and are back in the final four and will face oregon. so much for villanova or duke coming out of the e east and florida and south carolina tied up with four to go and chris florida up two, back comes south carolina final seconds and run away with it and dwayne notices and south carolina the 7th seat wins by 7 and going to the final four for the first time ever and face gonzaga another first timer. and how about this finally look out, penn state trying to knock off top seed denver in ncaa hockey tournament down two nothing and litnay lions to try
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to tie it and off the defensemen in and erupts six goals to eliminate penn state and the lions are done losing 6-3 and we are back with action news sports sunday coming up, in just about 12 minutes, mike missanelli will join me in studio at 11:45 and talk flyers and sixers and what to do with joe hill okafor and contract he is due next year. >> a final sports note we have another high school basketball championship to announce and lonnee walker and the red knights were 64-60 for the title at hershey and a tough road for many women battling cancer but event at university city today gave them a chance to relax and enjoy a little pampering that and more when action news comes
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young musicians took center stage at the kimmel center for the annual philadelphia youth
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orchestra showcase and performed six different ensamble and the blue daniel waltz and the mc for the night was our own rick welcomes and women treated for cancer were treated for pampering in university city a welcome brake for the women who have been through a lot physically and emotionally and action news reporter trish hartman has more. >> reporter: lucreatia alston a 26-year-old mother of two has been looking forward to this makeup lesson for a while. >> how to do makeup because i don't know how. >> reporter: the model for makeup and mimosa and battling breast cancer and under going chemotherapy. >> it helps you because it helps you feel beautiful like i don't have no hair right now so i don't have no eyelashes. >> reporter: events raises money for the cancer center and makeup artist and organizer behind it lost her mother exactly one year ago to long cancer six days
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after being diagnosed. >> deterioration. >> reporter: not long after tammi toliver lost her mother she was contacted by a client who was battling cancer who wanted her makeup done and says she was shocked at what a big difference just a little bit of makeup made. >> feel like they are beauty and we can give that back to them and let them know the chemo and radiation does not steal their beauty and joy. >> reporter: and they enjoyed makeup and mimosa and touching on dry skins and spots common during radiation and chemo. >> you lose your hair and that is a big thing and you want something to look different or the same and makeup does that for you. >> reporter: tammi toliver says she will partner with abramson and the american cancer society for beauty respite days for cancer patients in memory of her
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mom. >> we can help somebody else and continue the fight until there is a cure. >> reporter: reporting in university city trish hartman channel six action news.
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charter school of wilmington gave up a night's sleep for a great cause and had an action for to be positive organization and funds research for pediatric cancer and helps families with other expenses and they raised 53,000 well beyond the goal of 35,000. and in new jersey they celebrated the newest member william hanson had 100th birthday and delivered milk by horse and grocery store manager a ship builder and for 33 years a manager for hutchinson heating and cooling and hanson retired two years ago at the age of 98 happy birthday. ♪ happy birthday to you ♪ happy birthday to you
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we are not done yet we also want to wish a very happy birthday to 103 birthday and surrounded by family and friends at her beloved church at the new covenant church and mount airy and she was a nurse and assist and teacher in the public school system in philadelphia and at age of 96 she volunteered as a foster grandparents to numerous lucky youngsters for all of us at action news happy birthday mildred and action sports sunday is next and action news continues 4 clock z 30 with matt and tammy and karen and dave and from sarah bloomquist, melissa magee, jeff skversky, i'm walter perez have a great night and a great week ahead. ♪
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coming up, tonight on sports sunday the playoffs have all by slipped away out of the flyers, it's getting painful and time to start a new process for the sixers and look at the final four and busted bracket and mike missanelli joins me for sports sunday now. >> announcer: this is action news sports sunday sponsored by audi. ♪ hello there welcome to sports sunday i'm jeff skversky joined by mike melly from 97.5 the fanatic 0.1% mike that is it and the slim odds


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