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tv   Action News Sports Sunday  ABC  March 26, 2017 11:45pm-12:01am EDT

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coming up, tonight on sports sunday the playoffs have all by slipped away out of the flyers, it's getting painful and time to start a new process for the sixers and look at the final four and busted bracket and mike missanelli joins me for sports sunday now. >> announcer: this is action news sports sunday sponsored by audi. ♪ hello there welcome to sports sunday i'm jeff skversky joined by mike melly from 97.5 the fanatic 0.1% mike that is it and the slim odds of the players
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going to the playoffs and beating up on the penguins does it give you any hope we know the city needs it? >> absolutely no hope. >> i'm trying. >> i know, tell it all, okay, this is mediocre all season and there is no way they will win nine straight to get in the playoffs which means you have to talk about them in a different context of maybe blowing the whole thing up. >> we will get into that but trying to build some excitement for the flyers when there has been a few months without any excitement, flyers are still fighting and where has this fight been the last few mothers and beat up the penguins in their house against second period tied up and terry fighting for the net. there you go flyers take 2-1 lead and they blow it up in the third. jake puts the flyers up three final minute who says the playoffs are vanishing the gostisbehere keeps it alive and
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flyers tie a season high with six goals and win 6-2 and get within six of the final wild card spot and barring a miracle as we talked about and flyers will miss the playoffs for the third time in five years and really have no one to blame but themselves they have struggled on the power play and let's not forget how this core roster was constructed a lot of bad trades from sergei bobrovsky and you could make the argument jeff harder was a bad trade. >> beating the penguins. >> that means nothing? >> that means nothing and this core they built is unsuccessful and sergei bobrovsky is the biggest name out there when they let him go and when ed snyder demanded he get a free agent goalie there us sergei bobrovsky career in philadelphia and only the best goalie in the league which they need and they have to break it up and there is no question in my mind the three
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star players they have and simmons and gostisbehere and one has to go in a trade or to of them in the seasons. >> he has 14 goals one of his worst seasons ever but the hip surgery has been an issue and do you give him another shot knowing how great of a player he can be? >> i don't think he can be a great player, we have seen the best and we get to the best donahue got through the same thing and reached the wall and apex and will go down from now and has been declining for the last several years and just can't blame it on the hip and simmons has the most value and you have to pedal him in the off season and make a deal or trade here where you get several players. >> well they have made some really, really bad trades like we talked about and almost nervous to see if they did do that. let's move on to the sixers and this is becoming a pain or what and okafor out again in indiana
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because of pain in his right knee and brett brown the coach doesn't know when he will be back, listen to this. >> i'm a complete prisoner to his body and medical news and will react as the medical people tell me to. >> a prisoner to his body. it sounds. >> crazy. >> sounds like a line from a romantic comedy. >> anything new about this? he has been a prisoner to these big men all year long. the okafor thing i'm not as much concerned about. >> you would not shut him down nine games to go? >> i think okafor is not a future of the team and eventually will have to move him. the guy who they will build around is another question mark in joel embiid what do you do with that situation. >> he is due for a contract a year going in the final year of his contract, he had meniscus surgery. >> and you trust him, can you trust him? >> what would you do knowing he is going to be in line for a possible is 100-140 million deal
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do you resign him over the summer or let it play out and let's see if joel embiid will become a restricted free agent and see what other teams of per and match it. >> you have to do it and back him. i know that you're crossing your fingers you got your heart in your throat, i do believe you have to ride with joel embiid and take into consideration that he could be healthy and could be the franchise fire. you can't give up on a franchise fire. >> you are going all in almost like a bad hand in poker. >> it may blowup in my face but i have to go all in with a talent like this because the plan was to build around him any way and got to do it. >> could linger and restricted free agent and see what the team offers and match it and will be in the same boat. >> that is safe and he will resign with you because you can pay a little more money but in general you have to back him and a lot of people say you have to bail out on him now and don't sign because you are so worried about the injury fact her is no longer the center piece of your
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team, i don't think he thinks that way. >> can't wait to see embiid and simmons together and look at ben simmons in indiana a little pregame show that foot is looking good, right, sixers not looking so good and dario saric missed 12 of 15 shots and finished 9 points worst game in nearly 7 weeks and sixers down 25 and throwing up going in sixers lose 107-94 and dropped 7 in a row in the state of indiana. no time for crying and of course there is no crying in baseball. phillies season starts in 8 days and manager pete mackanin saying this is the dog days of spring. >> it's way too long and the world basic classic and have been down there forever. >> too much baseball and baseball is upon us phillies bats have been cold down in
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florida and today they warm up against the pirates and hit for the cycle in the first and franco barely hitting 200 and hits a two run shot and hopefully not a concern come the start or the season and phillies win 6-3 and hopefully those bats come up north of them when they start the season in cincinnati next monday. still to come on action news sports sunday tough week for the phillies and former manager dallas green we will get to the next block in a second but i do want to talk about dallas green passes away this week at the age of 82 larry says they do not win in 1980 without him. >> and they don't and i remember those dates fondly because he came in and kicked butt and he benched guys like greg and gary maddox or stall to the line up because they were struggling and put lonnie smith in a rookie and not afraid to get their faces and needed it at time and a team that was under achieving and saw it and he was always honest but
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he was always fair so he did the best things for the team so they could win and we will remember dallas fondly. i got to know him in the days when he was with the phillies as advisor and he is a great man, a guy you would love to talk baseball with. >> don't win 1980 without them or 2008 without him either he had a very stern talk with ryan howard at the point he was going through the struggles trying to make the major leagues anvil nova out and they are watching like everyone else and scratching and clawing their way in the final four we are right back after this. ♪ ♪
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>> announcer: action news sports sunday sponsored by audi challenge all givens. >> still on the bracket came out
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thought villa nova in new york today so much for that neither duke or villanova made it out of the opening weekend your bracket is a mess. >> it's a mess but i'll dispute it later. north carolina in the final seconds up five and run away with it and dwayne notice puts carolina on top, and 7th seed and north carolina wins by 7 and to the final four for the first time ever and face gonzaga another first timer and is this a violation look out north carolina and chris jenkins beat him last year and on hand for the wild finish and kentucky molique ties with 7 seconds left and we could use them and .3 seconds left and luke may first game winning shot in the final seconds to clinch a final four and scotty reynolds for villanova in 09 north carolina wins by two and going back to the final four.
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>> chris jenkins step brother plays for north carolina. >> that is correct, that was a big deal last year. >> off the hook of chris jenkins. >> north carolina against oregon, gonzaga against south carolina who had all four of the teams in the final four not us? , in fact, .003% make this is your final. >> .003% that is my bracket. >> and what actually happened? >> i dispute that because i never would have had two pack 12 teams this the final four. >> you filled that out for us. >> i can't believe that ucla and arizona. >> i would never take your advice ever again. here is mine i got two of the four and picked all of the one seed. >> good for you. >> this is what actually happens, yeah, i'm not doing so well. >> number one seat and you really went out on a limb. >> for mike and i'm jeff good night and throw away those
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brackets. ♪
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