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tv   Action News at 430 AM  ABC  March 27, 2017 4:30am-4:57am EDT

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here's what we're f would-be ror the suspect a way. seth williams under indictment for extortion and bribery. trump is expected to name e in the white house. >> let's turn to david murphy we have fog and mist, that's not going to be good karen rogers for your commute. >> reporter: we have dense fog advisory, it includes philadelphia, delaware county and chester county and points south for the most part. in these areas we have dense fog that is give you below a mile, f mile. it is possible that some of the areas to the north sink
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visibility wise, this is the same story as it usually is with fog, slow down when you encounter it. 42 degrees in philadelphia. 40 in allentown. when t it indicates withou fog. a little cool55 at noon, this afternoon s 66 degrees, i'll shw you the showersomg up. >> reporter: we can see a touch of the fog on i-95 cottman, southbound traffic heading toward center cityoi, watch for the fog out there an g accident easton road at avenue abington montgomery county. watch for crews out the look atl expressway montgomery drive you can see the fog here, as well. , but the heading toward king of prussia and moving nicely at this point. h took you down the pole in new jersey, this is an area that dave was talking about fog,
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be careful on the bloars -- gar. >> a store owner shoots be thief also shoots a well. wait until you see what happened to the money, it'scamera. katherine scott is live at east detective's with the full story. good morning, catherine. >> reporter: good morning, tam, police are trying to work this out, police say a store owner opened fire shooting a robbery suspect in critical and a bystander. all the money was scooped up by other bystanders. chaos in north philadelphia. much of it caught on camera. it starredded with a robbery on the 2800 block of 5th street. he had a knife on him, he
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pointed it at the owner. demanded that the owner give him cash. >> the opener handed over roughly $2,000 and chased the suspect. the owner fired all five bullets in his gun which he has a license for. the suspect tossed the cash as he ran. some of the bystanders saw this as an opportunity scooping up the cash. >> people running north, south, west east, you're wait, why are people coming back? they see the money flying here. >> the suspect was hit in the chest, 52-year-old bystander was shot in the hand. she was taken to the hospital in stable condition. the store owner was taken into custody. >> the store o custody, there'f the store owner will taste any
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charge >> thank you for that. developing right now, firefighters continue to douse hot spots at a commercial delaware. it caught fire yesterday afternoon. the flames at 4th and market were so intense, crewsbattle the perimeter. the building houses a sneaker store on the f has apartments above it. taking a live look now fromamert is misty and hazy and foggy, you can see smokiness out continue e building. fortunately given they are apartments no injuries were reported. wewe'll have a live report from the scene at 5:00 a.m. gunfire left a 17-year-old boy injured. police found him at the 5th and haverford avenue intersection. medics rushed him to the hospital with injuries to the torso.
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police are searching for the driver w a person walking in a parking lot in bear,happened near firedancer lane at 1:00 p.m. sunday, the driver hit a pedestrian and parked car and abandoned the vehicle and ran off him the victim was rushed to christiana hospital and pronounced dead. happening today, the local black lives matter movement is organizing a rally outside the office of the district of attorney calling for seth williams to resign who pleaded not guilty to federal ccharges. this is his last term, but he has given no indication he intends to step down early. his attorney filed a motion to withdraw from the case, he claims that the conflict of interest for him is a sitting district attorney. a judge has denied the motion.
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son-in-lawent donald trump is to head the new white house office of american innovation, the office will look at ideas from the business sector can improve how government works. wo the president. the white house is looking aften the gop healthcare bill. abc's elizabeth hur reports. >> reporter: gop healthcare biln embarrassing defeat for president trump. the head the heritage foundation is not backing down insisting the gop plan would not have lowered premiums, writing president trump i agree with you you can now get a better bill. the chair of the freedom caucus responded on abc this week. >> he is blaming you for saving planned parenthood and saving
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obama care. >> at this point nobody was more self critiquing than me. >> reporter: over the weekend, rallies broke out from coast to coast some erupting in violence between trump supporters and protesters, with tensions running high, healthcare is not dead yet. >> i don't think the president is closing the door on anything with regard to the healthcare. >> reporter: the next issue coming up with a bipartisan solution. >> we're not going to oppose things because the name trump is on. we will not compromise our value. >> i think i want the president to hear me say this, we're ready to talk about how to make improvements in the affordable care act. >> reporter: some are calling for speaker ryan to step down, claiming he is to blame for the epic failure, but the white
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house maintains that the relationship between the president and speaker ryan is stronger than ever. in new york, elizabeth hur channel 6 "action news." >> 4:39 a.m. cincinnati police are looking for suspects in the deadly nightclub shooting. >> new video shows a vehicle slamming into the front office of an animal clinic. workers work to help those trapped in the rubble. >> reporter: 43 degrees at 6:00, 44 by 8:00. the temperatures are not too bad maybe you can ease back on the gear. an imrel or some sort of water resistant jacket is a good idea this morning. >> a new video shows a funnel cloud swirling through the midwest, that's next right after the break. >> rolled through
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central oklahoma late yesterday br and powerful wind and maybe a twister. spotted near the town of ada75 miles per hour southeast of oklahoma hi -- 75 miles southeast of oklahoma city. >> fog is thick.orter: fog is e southern half of the region. and we have showers around, double scan showing you that. most of this centered in the northern half of the area while the fog is mainly from philadelphia delaware county and sussex county and points south. as we look outlisi hd and we'ree penns landing, it is tough, balls the low-lying cloud cover and fog is definitely obscuring things a little bit. as we look at storm tracker 6 live double scan, i want to give you a closer look at the showers
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pushing popping through. parallel to the i-95 corridor. philadelphia getting a little bit of this. the city right now and points north jenkintown, willow grove and doylestown is light precipitation just popping through, enough to make the roads wet, not an inundating rainfall. in the northern suburbs we have steadier stuff, berk county around reading yellow is popping through. that might make it up to quakertown andifou're heading te western area, harrisburg, for pa turnpike, you'll be gettingaew e tracker 6 will show they will not be forever. 46 degrees, the winds out of the east, the fog will be
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dissipating after 10:00 a.m. between now and noon you can see how the rain begins to diminish. it will be cloudy and damp on the roads. the rest of the afternoon, sun comes back and few additional sprinkles later today and tonight. today will be mild, though. 44 degrees by 8:00 a.m. 49 by 10:00 a.m. 55 my noon, a little bit of a shower around midday. later we go up to 68 degrees, we'll hit that about 4:00 p.m., 5:00 p.m. this afternoon. high temperatures across the region, everybody looking mild. 68 degrees in wilmington and philadelphia. low to mid 60s from allentown down the pike to reading, 66 degrees in millville. down the shore on or about 60. tomorrow with a front coming in from the west, we'll zoom. we'll get up to a high of 72. it will be unsettled with a possible pop-up shower or thunderstorm around during the day. now, there can be a little bit of activity in the morning or a
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shower. as we head toward midday, showers and thunderstorms might pop up across the region. the afternoon and evening looks bumpy with some showers and some thunderstorms. the seven day, today, mostly cloudy and damp, most of the rain informant morning. 68 degrees is the mild high. sun on tuesday, afternoon shower or thunderstorm around, 72 the high there. wednesday we're dry again sun giving way to clouds, 65. down to 59 under the sun on thursday, 56 on friday. for the weekend a damp start onh and 63 on sunday. remember when we're not on the air you can get the latest weather information at two problems this morning, the shower activity, and the fog. cincinnati police are looking for suspects in a nightclub shooting that left a man dead and 15 others injuries.
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a facebook live video captured the chaotic scene inside the club yesterday morning authorities say a dispute among several people escalated into a gun fight that sent club patrons diving to the ground to dodge the bullets. >> people were running and stepping over us and everything. >> 27-year-old owe by any spikes was brian spikes was arl masks in the bellag in las vegas. one suspect was wearing ask. they have a suspect in custody. staffer at an animal hospital after a car crashed
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through the front office. two dogs were buried in debris, but escaped unharmed. the clinic's owner said the driver was a client who hit the gas pedal instead of the brake. the driver and staffer and the pets are expected to be okay. >> police in south jersey released the video of a crash with a mysterious message for all drivers. that's coming up after the break
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new from salem county new jersey, pennsville police released this video of a crash on north brook road. you see it cross over and hit the utility pole several times. the driver walked away with minor injuries because he was wearing a seat belt. karen. >> reporter: wow, frightening scene there. in new jersey that's where we are noticing denser fog. you can see that on the garden state parkway at the cape may toll plaza. a few people heading toward the ac expressway. staying in atlantic county. an accident black horse pike at do up --ty road.
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we had an accident that cleared at easton road at keswick. no problems 26th street penrose avenue at the base of the platt bridge. be careful of the fog and rain in areas of philadelphia and north, right now. >> a new report shows a tech threats to american jobs 38% of roles could be taken over by bots in the next 15 years. the is study was performed by the accounting firm price waterhouse cooper. prices at the pump is holding steady. the price dropped a penny a gallon during the past two weeks, this comes as oil prices are slipping.
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the dow lost 60 points on friday, the nasdaq gained 11. this morning all the futures seem to be pointing to a lower open. beauty and the beast continue to enchant audiences. the live action film brought in $88 million. they have made $317 million in the u.s. disney is the parent company of 6abc. we'll see if we get something out of this, matt. probably not. [laughter]. >> i'll answer your question later. abc's dancing with the stars returned for its second week of competition with new dancing and routines. the celebrities get another chance to impress the judges. each couple performs a new style of dance from the cha cha whiche jive. "dancing with the stars" airs on 6abc at 8:00 p.m. >> we'll see how long they can
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stay in it. >> it is 452. new this morning, homicide detectives are trying to figure out who shot a teenager found on the front steps of a house overnight. details at 5:00 a.m. >> a new jersey based coast guard crew responds to an emergency involving a fishing boat. that's coming up next. new on "action news" a coast
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guard crew from atlantic city rescued a captain of a boat off virginia.
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the coast guard foisted him into from the ship into a chopper, he was flown to atlanticare in atlantic city. a pennsylvaniaman died in jackson back in may. the family donated his organs and tissue including missy may, she made the 6 hour drive from williams port to north jersey to meet the family face-to-face. >> i said thank you a million times. it doesn't seem like it's ever enough. >> luke's mother said it is what her son would have wanted. for her the gift is helping in the grieving process. an officer in texas was trying to corral a runaway cow,
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he chased the cow into a fenced area, the officer goes to close the gate, that doesn't go well, the cow responds by charging the officer through the fence. here he comes, there he goes. good thing the officer got out of the way. he was able to escape and the cow is out there on the loose. >> i guess he didn't want to be penned up. >> rick williams would say to . see the heartwarming president a g her 16th birthday. we're live in wilmington where firefighters are still on the sceneiness fire that broke out
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>> good morning it is 5:00 a.m., on this monday, march 27. here's what's happening. >> a sneaker shop goes up in flames in downtown wilmington, firefighters are still on the scene, 15 hours later. >> new this morning a 17-year-old was shot and killed overnight in west philadelphia. an airline is defending its decision to keep two girls from flying because they were wearing leggens, it does not apply to all passengers. we'll explain in the morning buzz. >> all right let's try to explain when the fog and mist will move out of here, david murphy has that and karen rogers has the commute. >> reporter: we'll start you with the rain on storm tracker 6 live double scan. we have showers centered in the
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