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tv   Action News at 500 AM  ABC  March 27, 2017 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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>> good morning it is 5:00 a.m., on this monday, march 27. here's what's happening. >> a sneaker shop goes up in flames in downtown wilmington, firefighters are still on the scene, 15 hours later. >> new this morning a 17-year-old was shot and killed overnight in west philadelphia. an airline is defending its decision to keep two girls from flying because they were wearing leggens, it does not apply to all passengers. we'll explain in the morning buzz. >> all right let's try to explain when the fog and mist will move out of here, david murphy has that and karen rogers has the commute. >> reporter: we'll start you with the rain on storm tracker 6 live double scan. we have showers centered in the northern suburbs moving through
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berks county and pushing toward allentown and northern bucks and montgomery county. a little bit of chester starting to get this, a shower popping in northern portions of chester county. the other issue we have is fog that's centered to the south. fog is very thick, in some cases we're looking at visibilities below a half mile, philadelphia, chester county, the southern half of montco and points south that are deal with this. lower visibilities in atlantic city, millville and wilmington and dover, even philadelphia under a mile, slow it down if you see the fog. temperatures, 42 degrees in philadelphia. 41 in allentown. 43 in wilmington. 45 in millville. as we go through the day we'll get mild. we'll see the showers popping through during the morning hours, by noon they are starting to lighten up in a lot of areas and 3:00 p.m., sun returning, 66 degrees reading there and a
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high of 68 we'll hit that late in the afternoon, 4:00 p.m., 5:00 p.m., somewhere around there, and 66 by 7:00. it gets milder tomorrow with a chance of thunderstorms, karen coming up in the seven day. >> reporter: you mentioned the fog, we're noticing it in delaware county, i-95 not far from the airport, southbound traffic move toward delaware. moving just fine, but there is fog you want to watch for that and roads are damp. on the blue route, schuylkill expressway, i-95 no major accidents at least. we're start off okay there. we have a house fire at kensington and allegheny avenue. crews on the scene there. live in new jersey, maple shade at fox meadow drive in camden county you have fog causing an issue, route 73 a busy area. watch for reduced visibility. in one spot we have dense fog we have an accident downed pole
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black horse pike, crews on the scene. >> live sky 6 camera in wilmington, delaware, shows firefighters on the scene dousing hot spots 15 hours after a huge fire torched a sneaker store. jeanette reyes is live at the scene 4th and market with what's going on now, jeanette. >> reporter: well, matt, firefighters have been fighting the blaze dealing with hot spots more than half a day after the flame initially broke out. take a live look behind me. ryan we're dealing with a commercial building apartments at the top and shoe store at the bottom, you can see dozens of shoes strewn across the street. we're along north market street in downtown wilmington. firefighters responded to a commercial building fire, upon arrival they found heavy smoke pouring out of the three-story building.
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initially they entered the build to battle the flames from the inside, but it proved to be too aggressive they had to take on a defensive outside. more than 60 fire and ems personnel responded from two dozen units and handful remain on scene right now. >> i saw nothing but black smoke and you couldn't see up the block, you couldn't see down market street it was really bad. it was really bad. >> reporter: no injuries reported, but five adults have lost their homes, the red cross is cause of the fire that is still under investigation. reporting live in downtown, wilmington, jeanette reyes channel 6 "action news." matt? >> thanks, jeanette. a north philadelphia store owner could be facing charges for shooting the man who robbed him. it happened yesterday outside his laundromat, the robber held up the business threatening the owner with a knife.
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the other than chased the robber down and shot him. a woman who was nearby was shot in the hand. we'll tell you why the owner is not getting any of his money back that you see lying on the sidewalk coming up in a report in the next half-hour. police are investigating a deadly shooting that killed a 17-year-old. shots were fired before midnight on the 5900 block of last larchd avenue in west philadelphia. the victim was shot twice and stumbled on the front steps of a house where police found him. he died at the hospital. police have not released details of a suspect or motive. a heartbroken mother and father are trying to make sense of the gun violence that took their son's life in the somerdale section saturday afternoon. 27-year-old boswell adams was heading to a corner store when he was shot in the back. adam's father said his son knew his shooter.
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>> mind boggling. even the shooter who knew my kid he will wake up in reality it will hit him in the face, he will raze he took the life of someone he knew. >> adams was majoring in criminal justice at cheyney university, family and friends plan to hold a vigil police have not made any arrests. 5:06. traffic is moving again after the westbound lanes of the schuylkill expressway was were r the car lost control that flipped the car in south two people suffered minor injuries. a wage dispute involving the u.s. women's hockey team continues today. an emergency board meeting is scheduled to takes place this afternoon. reps from the national team are trying to reesm -- reach an agreement. players have threatened to boycott the upcoming world
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championships which begin on thursday. an animal shelter in delaware county has welcomed five dogs from the other side of the globe hoping they will find a world of love right here. they arrived from thailand being cared for near media. their nine thousand mile journey come courtesy of a woman visiting thailand and wanted to save them. by the end of the week all the dogs will be spadeed neuter and mike chipped. turning to dave, we have fog and rain. >> reporter: the rain is in the northern suburbs and in the west, the fog is around i-95 and down through delaware and south jersey. i'll show you the rain a little bit more close up and personal in a second. for now let's look outside, sky6 live hd, sky6 live hd showing you the is center city looking toward penns landing. it's hard to see it from our sky
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looking. at occasionally thick fog corrid south jersey and delaware. in terms of the rain moving through southeast philadelphia currently and it is pushing toward the northeast. germantown, willow grove the streets are wet there. there is steadier rain pushing toward allentown and quakertown before too much longer and pushing through the heart of breakfasts county including reading. as we go out wider you can see there's not a whole lot down to the south, just a couple of sprinkles and showers maybe a little batch coming through philadelphia later on this morning. the wet stuff out there, and, of cose you encounter fog. 40 in allentown, 43 in millville. 46 in cape may. in terms of rain today looks like most of the shower activity is probably during the morning. this model run shows you by the
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time we get into midday hour we'll get a couple of sprinkles and showers. the current model wants put those north and west. later in the afternoon and early evening we get breaks in the clouds there could be a spotty shower around, but we are expecting the return of afternoon sunshine and things stay tonight and drying out. in the lehigh valley we're going for mostly cloudy conditions, i'll call it damp because during the morning there could be a sprinkle or shower around. 61 the high. down the shore not as much rain, a bit damp, mostly cloudy an 63 , aren't there. they? in philadelphia, 68 degrees, cloudy and damp, winds out of the southwest not all that strong. most of the rain in the morning. overnight tonight we dry out we'll break partly cloudy skies out later in the overnight hours and a high of 54. saturday, we had the 74-degree high. tomorrow we'll have a s high ofy
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storms around. 68 degrees is the high, clow and damp. -- damp. sun tomorrow, spotty storms can't be ruled out in the 65, sunny andearly evening. cooler on thursday, 59. friday, clouding up again, 56 degrees another round of rain possible. it is springtime and that's when you get. saturday, damp start, sun in th. >> 5:10. up, up and 'away. a gust of wind takes a bounce house with kids inside. we'll tell you where it happened. an escalator malfunctioned sending dozens of people crashing into each other. >> reporter: look at the flames, there's a vehicle fire blocking the ramp from i-95 to the philadelphia international airport. more details on this and we'll look at the fog in the area coming up. breaking news a driver lost
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control and crashed into the yard of a home. this happened at 3:45 a.m. on john tipton boulevard in haynes township. the car went over a fence and landed on the roof. there were no reports of injuries. police are investigating what led to all that. drivers who were out earlier are experiencing fog. here's karen rogers, hi, karen.
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>> reporter: yeah, we're experiencing fog and other problems, as well. look at this, we have a vehicle fire you can see the flames shooting up, i-95 off-ramp to philadelphia international airport. a fully engulfed fire, flames shooting up live blocking the ramp from i-95 southbound to philadelphia international airport. so watch for that. here's a live will care at the fog on the noon turnpike at the delaware memorial bridge, you see the reduced visibility especially in philadelphia and areas south of that area and within that area where we have the dense fog and dense fog advisory we have an accident that brought down wires and pole. it's out here on the black blace pike at doughty road. we have crews trying to fix it right now. fog reduced visibility to less than a mile in philadelphia. half mile in millville.
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.8 in atlantic city. .8 in toms river and one mile in trenton. fog is a bigger deal when you're traveling in philadelphia and areas south. so we've got fog in philadelphia and areas south, that's particularly dense and rain to the northwest. everybody is dealing with some weather issue. looking at storm tracker 6 live double scan you can see the rain that's heavy in allentown and reading, but not so much in the i-95 corridor right now. matt. >> thank you karen. more than a dozen shoppers were injured when this escalatoa mall in hong kong over the weekend. the escalator reversed direction and started going faster than normal. officials say the escalator passed an inspection last week. an investigation is underway into what caused the escalator to back up. >> a blast of wind listed a bounce house off the ground in florida with several children
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inside in orlando. four children were hurt. church members assumed the bounce house was secured brorply. properly even in the face of those winds. the final four ncaa tournament semifinal will feature north and south carolina. they face off in glendale arizona saturday. >> red knights knocked off pine richland, 64-60 for the title in hershey saturday night. >> are you trying to lose weight find out if what we're going to do is cardio or lift weights to get the best results. >> a woman to says her wedding ring in the trash, see how far she goes to find next. >> there's a hole in up with
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and then there's this, a golfer in florida hit a ball that bounced off an alligator's head. the reptile didn't seem all that impressive. instead of turning away he went toward the ball and swallowed it. what do you do if you're golfer, according to routes you can replace a ball with a new one without penalty. >> reporter: i don't recommend you wrestle it from the alligator. let's look at i-95 another issue popping up on i-95 northbound at girard, you see the flashing lights, we've got a stabled vehicle blocking the left lane, police on the scene, i-95 northbound left lane blocked, you got to be careful on a day when you have a lane blocked. we have fog creating a problem, a little hard to see in some spots.
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mass transit is showing everything on time. >> reporter: on the big board we have storm tracker 6 live double scan with showers mainly in the northern suburbs, allentown, northern bucks and montgomery county and northern chester county and definitely berks county getting the bulk of this. a little damp in philadelphia, all this is pushing through in the morning hours. we have dense fog in the southern half of the region including the i-95 corridor. be careful of that. lots of clouds and fog on the bus stop. spotty showers north and temperatures in the mid 40s. as we go into the afternoon, 66 degrees by 3:00 p.m. most of the rain in the morning,s after that spotty sprinkle. sun returning later, a nice high of 68 degrees that's probably going to hit around 4:30 p.m. or late in the afternoon, 7:00 p.m., 66 degrees. >> going on to "healthcheck" it's a debate what's going on for years, what's the best exercise for losing weight. duke university researchers did
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the largest study of its kind, after attracting overweight and sedentary volunteers the clear winner was aerobic exercise by a lot. weight they gained was lean mass, but the cardio people lost weight. a woman in new york went to extreme lengths to get her wedding rings back. shannon accidently threw her wedding band into the trash on saturday. once we realized the mistake she shifted through the building crash and came up empty. she ended up going to the dump in new jersey where the trash was taken. with the help of three sanitation workers they found the missing ring in less than an hour. >> they could have spent that time at the jewelry store. >> that would have been more expensive. >> get the cheapest ring they have. i'm glad they found the ring.
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up next in the morning buzz,eptt because of a common piece of clothing. the airline is saying it's not about there tickets see that in the morning buzz. a car crashes in an animal hospital. "g.m.a.'s" first look.eporter: ' family newly released video of the 15-year-old with her brother will help the public recognize her voice. >> you will recognize her voice if you hear it. >> reporter: authorities revealing new details on how elizabeth and her former teacher were communicating days before he allegedly kidnapped her. elizabeth's sister telling abc, comings didn't just send message, her sister complained he showed up to the workplace as recent as the saturday before the t disappeared. >> she will go and hide until
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he left. she thought was really weird. she felt uncomfortable. >> reporter: we'll have the latest on the manhunt at 7:00 a.m. with the "g.m.a." first look, eva pilgrim nashville, tennessee.
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supposed to be a picture of the commodore barry bridge, usually it's lovely and lit up against the night sky right now we're showing you a blank tape. it is foggy in parts of the region, david murphy and karen rogers will be along to tell you more. >> in the morning buzz, to wear leggings or to the not wear leggings on a commercial flight. united airlines refused to allow two girls wearing leggings during a flight from minneapolis according to the united, the girls were not in compliance with the dress code policy for company benefits to travel. united clarified that ticketed passengers are allowed to wear leggings on flights. a gift that's capturing
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hearts all across the internet. a grandfather in texas gave his 16-year-old granddaughter three spiral notebooks each was filled with memories he had written about her. >> i broke down and i was astounded by what they had done. kids don't know what they did when they were 2, 3, 4, 5, it would be fun to write down what we did that day. >> the books total 185 pagers and span from 2 to 5 years old. what's when her grandfather watched her nearly every single day. quite a gift and took a long time to do it. >> that's the best gift ever. >> police in south jersey have a mess annual for drivers see why they released a video of a car crash. a business owner fights back when they tried to rob a his north philadelphia store, he doesn't get his money back, see who took off with the cash. those stories and more when
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"action news" comes right back.
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>> a crook who was robbing a store meets his match.
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>> crews are fighting a large fire scene still smoldering 15 hours after it broke out. >> i-95 we have fog and showers, you can barely make out the streetlights there, you will be treated to a warmup once we start the workweek. >> good morning it is monday, march 27. here's david and karen. >> reporter: all right, guys we'll start you with storm tracker 6 live double scan where there are showers, some of them on the steady side moving through allentown and northern bucks and montgomery counties and reading and berks county. that will be a half-hour of steadier rain popping through. it will probably slow you down a little bit more so than in the i-95 corridor. this is light shower activity pushing into chester county and popping into central montgomery county


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