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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  March 27, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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they were currently in there, there's a structural collapse, special operations unit in there right now trying to remedy this situation. let's take a look. it's been a tragic situation going on all afternoon. cheltenham police confirm a man is dead inside the cheltenham mall. police only described it as an industrial accident. we've watched as firefighters have rushed in with four by fours. then we overheard at crews shouted they needed to make a run to home depot. they came back with two by four's. whatever has happened inside the mall it's required the skill set of special operations. just about an hour ago, a montgomery county special operations structural collapse unit arrived on scene. as did the county coroner. another live look out , who again, a very intense situation, a very unfortunate situation, again one man is -- one man has been killed again
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in some type of industrial accident. we know that something has fallen on this man. just at this point we don't below what that is the. you can bet we'll be out here trying to work for the details throughout the remainder of the evening. for now reporting live at the old cheltenham mall bob bruins channel6 "action news." >> now to developing news. renewed threat from the white house today that could mean if the loss of hundreds had of millions of dollars for the city of philadelphia. the attorney general jeff sessions took aim at so-called sanctuary cities today. those that like philadelphia refuse to enforce federal immigration laws. now, adding urgency to and a already pointed threat, sessions now says that cities that fail to comply will not only lose out on future federal funds but will also be forced to pay back money they've already gotten. that sets off a potential standoff between the justice department and philadelphia mayor jim kenney who has said the city has no plans to change course. vernon odom is getting reaction to this as we speak today. he'll have a live report coming up this evening on "actio"action news" at 5:00.
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>> police say it appears a corner store owner in north philadelphia was justified in shooting a would be robber and an innocent bystander. police say the man pulled his own gun when a armed suspect tried to rob his laundromat on the 2800 block of north fifth street. the suspect who was armed with a knife ran off with $2,000 in cash but dropped the money as the owner chased after him. investigators say the suspect then turned around to face the owner while apparently still holding the knife. the owner shot the man twice in the chest. police say it was self-defense so he will not be charged. a 52-year-old woman was also shot in the hand. investigators are calling that an accident. >> a tacony sin nothing has been vandalized again. this marks the third time in four months that someone has damaged that building on the 4300 block of tyson avenue. "action news"'s walter perez just got the very latest from an update -- from investigators and walter joins us now with more.
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>> reporter: hey, brian, as you mentioned this is the third time tell me mel menorah kenesethchi hand vandalized. officials found vandals had thrown a rock through one of the synagogue's windows. the second this past january 6, that time eight windows were shatter is there. both incidents occurred on a friday the start of a jewish sabbath and synagogue president malcolm adler says he does not believe that is a coincidence. >> it's my opinion that we're being targeted because no other church in the neighborhood has broken stained glass windows. we're the only ones. >> reporter: this third case occurred jester afternoon when someone or a group threw a baseball sized rock 321 of the synagogue's stained glass windows. we spoke with people who live here in tacony who say crimes like these are nothing short
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of disgraceful. >> upsetting, very upsetting. i don't like that. >> you shall 82ly we don't have this type of activity happen in the area and it's just upsetting that it's a church and people are just losing respect nowadays. >> reporter: meanwhile investigators from northeast detectives say they're looking through video right now that reportedly captured very clear pictures of the people responsible for yesterday's attack. while there's nothing to indicate that all three cases are linked, synagogue officials are optimistic that this investigation is moving in the right direction. and they have a message for the vandals behind this. >> we're going to find you. this is $10,000 -- there's a $10,000 reward with crime commissions of philadelphia. when we find you we're going to go the full extent of the law and prosecute. >> reporter: now, there was no surveillance footage from the first two attacks but we're told the footage from yesterday which is not yet been released at this time reveals the suspects are caucasian and at least appear to be minors. once again, there is a many $10,000 reward linked to this
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case. case. anyone with information is asked to call northeast detectives. alicia. >> the smoke has finally cleared in wilmington but the damage from yesterday's big fire is still being tallied. flames gutted a sneaker store that has apartments above it at fourth and market. a neighboring gaming business was left flooded. the owner is a father who relies on that business to help support his two kids. >> everything is gone. so -- and this is our life so every day i come to work, no more work, so i'll have to stay home i guess. i work very hard. >> well, he says he hopes to rebuild. meantime some businesses at fourth and market and on nearby tatnall street have been shut down all day because they had no power. "action news" viewer sent this video of a house engulfed in flames in kensington. this fire broke out at 4:45 this morning on the 3100 block
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of weymouth street. first responders say the fire started in a second floor bedroom. they were able to quickly get it under control. >> well, hovering around 60 degrees t we can't seem to kick these clouds as we get another check of the accuweather forecast. >> meteorologist adam joseph with a look at what's ahead and this month of march -- >> yeah. >> -- better shape up. >> yeah, it is payback from that mild winter but i tell you, these clouds starting to thin out just a little bit with some sunshine trying to breabreakthroughs in spots. we had morning showers an few downpours. those are off the coast and moving east of cape cod and boston, little bit of a break right now and more showers near charleston west virginia so we're in between right now with a warm front that is flirting through our region. in philadelphia we're at 57 degrees. north of here only in the low 50's but in southern new jersey and delaware, washington, richmond, it has spiked into the lower and the middle 70's so we go from the 70's to the 50's across our
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area depending on location. then attached to that warm front there's another low developing with a lot of severe weather from the tennessee valley, parts of the ohio valley but the bulk of that severe weather will stay to our south here tomorrow but will get clipped by that low so it will be unsettled here for your tuesday, again a lot of clouds and scattered downpours and storms in the afternoon. then a sunny and mild midweek on tap and then more heavy rain to come at the end of the week. brian, we're kind of in the beginning of a very and active pattern. we'll show you that seven-day forecast coming up in just a little bit. >> all right, adam see you shortly. thank you. >> yup. >> prosecutors on the bill cosby case are arguing with defense lawyers over jury selection for that comedian's criminal trial. cosby's lawyers want to question 2,000 potential jurors in what the panel chosen weeks before the trial to give the jury time to get ready to be sequestered. cosby's sex assault case is slated to start on june 5th. the it will be heard in norristown but the jury will be bussed in from western
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pennsylvania. >> police trying to figure out who brought a bb gun to school this morning in philadelphia's tioga-nicetown neighborhood. investigators were called out to simon gratz mastery charter shortly before 9:30 when someone reported seeing a gun. officers found and confiscated the bb gun. no one was injured. >> all right, monday afternoon we'll get a check of the ride home today. >> yeah, there's been some rain in the forecast today, gina gannon filling in in the traffic center. >> not off fox5 a good start right now brian and alicia but if you're heading out you can see we have single digits on the map right unfortunately. single digits on the roosevelt boulevard, we're seeing that on the schuylkill expressway. some heavy backups as well on 95 northbound. that's right at the vine street expressway and the vine itself heavy so unfortunately we are definitely in the heat of rush hour. and here's a live look for you at the schuylkill expressway. we had an earlier accident and you can see it's still here blocking the shoulder and police activity out there. now, that earlier accident really set you back and you
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can see we have 32 minute travel time right now. this is on the schuylkill westbound at belmont so not the thing we need as this area tends to get heavily crowded. 32 minutes between the vine and the blue route, 20 minutes on the eastbound side. then as you're heading out on the roosevelt boulevard we're seeing southbound delays all because the schuylkill expressway is so heavy so all of these folks trying to make their way onto 76 and they're stopping because of that and then if you're heading out on the northbound side we're heavy as well from 76 out through to broad street and the vine street expressway no exception there, very heavy the length on that eastbound side pretty much between 76 to 95. you're tapping the brakes out there just a bit though on that westbound side. brian and leash, i'll send it right back over. >> gina thank you. still ahead on "action news" today, chaos in a nightclub. we have an update on that deadly weekend shooting in cincinnati ohio. >> fighting through heartache. here from the family of the american who was killed in last week's terror attack in london. their message to and first responders who risked their
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lives to save others. >> creating jobs while fixing local roads. details about the new legislation signed by new jersey governor chris christie. dear fellow citizen,
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>> ♪ >> we are learning new details today about the moments that led up to that shooting at an ohio nightclub this weekend. one person was killed. 16 others wounded and police don't have what would have been a key piece of evidence. at a news conference today police said the cameo club in cincinnatis does not have surveillance cameras. police were stationed outside the club and private security was working inside when shots rang out. >> we believe the incident began from a dispute amongst several individuals inside the nightclub. it -- the incident escalated to shots being fired. >> now, the club did have metal detectors but as of right now, there are still no arrests or any indication of a
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motive here. >> it has been almost a week since a deadly terror attack shook the heart of london. today, a grieving american family is breaking their silence after a husband was killed while his heartbroken wife continues to recover. it was the final day of their anniversary trip, 25 years of marriage ended last week and today their family is speaking out. >> we did know that there was a terrorist attack. we did not know our loved ones were involved and then we got online and looked and realized that that was -- was our loved ones and so that's how we found it. >> kurt cochran a 52-year-old from utah was killed when khalid masood plowed down pedestrians on the westminster bridge before going on to stab a police officer. masood was shot dead only after killing four people. kurt's wife 46-year-old melissa is now recovering in the hospital with a broken leg and a broken rib. >> she's recovering very well and we're just so pleased with
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the progress that she has been made in this last few days. >> today 12 relatives traveled to london speaking here at new scotland yard thanking the paramedics, medical personnel and those who have helped. >> so many people have been so kind and we are deeply touched by their goodness and generosity. >> the couple was visiting melissa's parents who are serving as missionaries in london's church of jesus christ of latter day saints. they say they'll travel back to the u.s. with their daughter when she's recovered. >> this has been a humbling and difficult experience but we felt the love of so many people during these past several days. >> this is kurt's first trip overseas and the family says the couple was looking forward to uploading thousands of pictures something that melissa will now do alone as she mourns the loss of her husband. brian. >> all right, alicia, thank you. seven high school students and an instructor are confirmed to have died during an avalanche in japan.
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another 40 people were hurt in this including two who are in serious condition. a witness says there was strong wind and then he saw a white wall coming toward him. an instructor told him to get down before the snow engulfed them all. japanese media reports the group was on the last day of a training program for members of mountain nearing clubs. a severe storm threat posted across eight states from mississippi to ohio. the same system set off a tornado yesterday in oklahoma. hail also pelted some towns there and in texas. no serious injuries or widespread damage has been reported. >> governor chris christie is he relying on a new transportation bill to put people in new jersey back to work. the action cam was in trenton as the governor signed the bill into law in front of a local labor union. new jersey will now spend $400 million for transportation projects. christie had asked for the funding during his budget speech last month. more than half of that money will be used on roads reason bridges, the rest is allocated for new jersey transit.
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>> ♪ >> after last week's healthcare setback and even more unpopular president donald trump is moving on to other campaign priorities. one of them he says is empowering women in business. he made the comment during a discussion with female small business owners. the president also says he's trying to make childcare more affordable and accessible. today's conversation was meant for women to share their firsthand experiences including the challenges that they have faced. the white house is confirming now that president trump's son-in-law is volunteering to answer lawmakers questions about contacts he had with the russian officials. jared kushner will potentially go before the senate intelligence committee. senators will ask him about arranging meetings with the russian ambassador. also today the president tapped kushner to lead a new office at the white house. the office of american innovation will work to overhaul government functions from a business perspective. >> speaking of business, here's how stocks faired today. the dow falling 46 points to close at 20,551.
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the nasdaq on the rise just about 11 and a half points the s & p 500 falling just about two points and change on the day. >> now to the latest on the story out of union county, new jersey that garnered national attentionly remember that house in westfield where the homeowners said they had been stalked by an anonymous creepy letter writer known as the watcher. that family is looking to have their six bedroom house in that tony town demolished. derek and mariam broaddus are suing the town after the planning board rejected their plan to tear down the house and subdivide the this afternoon build two homes there. the couple claims a person who goes by the watcher is that righted sending them disturbing letters saying they had rights to the home. well, they tried selling the house and even dropped the price but no dice. their attorney says they're caught in a situation they did not ask for. >> pretty awful situation. >> yeah. >> that will be a lifetime movie some day. >> it will. >> mark my words. time for another check of the accuweather forecast.
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>> let's head to meteorologist adam joseph. keep the umbrellas handy i take it. >> yes, going through the day tomorrow. you're not going to need it the entire day but just have it very close by with some hit or miss scattered downpours and storms for tuesday but right now looking live on sky6 from our city hall camera you can see down the ben franklin parkway the flags really not blowing all that much. we don't have a strong wind out there today. yesterday was pretty breezy at times but depending on your location, you can say it's chilly or you can say it is very warm. in fact, dover, millville, atlantic city right around 70 degrees right now. we dropped by a good 12 degrees in philadelphia to 58 and then you drop another 5 degrees to as much as another 66 degrees reading in allentown only in the lower 50's where the warm front has not pushed back from the south to the north yet. as we look at march as a whole, we had a couple of nice days friday, saturday with above normal temperatures. yesterday back below normal with that front that came in from the northwest and brought that cooler northeasterly wind in but overall, rounding up
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the month so far we still have, again, four more days of the month we're running about close to 2 degrees below average after a really long stretch of above normal months. satellite and radar, there's that morning rain that moved to the north and east, a bit of a break, maybe a couple of sprinkles in parts of bucks county. overnight it stays dry t-maybe a little mist or drizzle with that patchy fog but otherwise stays warm. 52 philadelphia, 51 millville, 53 degrees in dover and the clouds are going to win out here during the day tomorrow. 11 o'clock, tonight we're going to see, again a few spitting showers to the north of philadelphia. we get into tuesday morning, you can see an hit or miss downpours already developing 10 o'clock in the morning. it's one of those days we're not going to see severe weather because with all the cloud cover we really can and destabilize the atmosphere. it stays fairly stable bullet ibut in theafternoon watch for e of those hit or miss downpours or thunderstorms even north of the city as well 8:30 tomorrow
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evening so again it's kind of like a broken record here tomorrow with us saying hit or miss or some scattered downpours and storms. in fact that's the deal with what to expect tomorrow. it's not a washout but any thunderstorm that does fire up tomorrow could contain some heavy rain. temperatures in the low 60's north of philadelphia and a good 10 degrees warmer in southern areas in new jersey and delaware where we could hit the low 70's. as we look at that four day at 4:00 forecast for philadelphia kind of right in the middle of the low 60's to low 70's at 69. mild cloudy with some scattered downpours and storms. then sunny, beautiful here on wednesday, 64 degrees. that is the pick of the four days. sun to clouds on thursday, cooler at 55. and then a raw soaking rain here on friday, 48 with one to 2 inches of rain on friday. that will spill into part of saturday. we'll talk about the weekend in a more active pattern as we go into next week as well. >> she was just saying to me this is awful. >> i'm over it is really what
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i said. >> we were spoiled all winter. >> payback this month. >> i know, i know. >> adam, thank you. >> and still ahead here on "action news" today, more permanent home for a new statue that's become a symbol of gender equality. details next. >> and you know how stressful it can be for teens to find a prom date. well, one school has unveiled a unique and maybe controversial solution. we'll break down the random prom draw in big talkers. >> all right. and remember, "action news" is all about interaction with you so follow us on social media for the latest headlines accuweather and breaking news to communicate with us on facebook we are 6abc "action news," on twitter we're at 6abc. join us and be a part of the action. >> ♪ i no longer live with
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>> ♪ >> the statue of a brave young girl facing down wall street will stay in new york city for roughly another year. new york city mayor billdeblasio announced the
4:26 pm
peerless girl statue is getting a long term permit. it has sparked powerful conversations about women in leadership. it was supposed to be taken down this weekend. philadelphia mayor jim kenney kicking offer the city's immigrant business week. the city notes that immigrants play an important role in our society contributing to neighborhood revitalization and economic development. this is the first time philadelphia has held an immigrant business week. >> next time you get called for jury duty you'll have something noise to look at. new artwork will soon cover the walls of the civil jury room in philadelphia's city hall. project leaders unveiled the design of the inspirational mural this morning. the art created by nathaniel lee combine the concepts of justice community and differs s it will include text of the seventh amendment which outlines the right to the a trial by a jury of your peers. >> much more ahead in the next half hour of "actio "action newt 4:00 and that includes the latest on a botched robbery that sent an alleged criminal to the hospital, the store owner to an interrogation room and cash flying down a north
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cable only offers upload speeds that are a fraction of the download speeds. plus get hbo for a year and free multi-room dvr service for two years. and verizon wireless customers can stream tv on the fios mobile app, data-free. get the best. go to >> ♪ >> "action news" continues with meteorologist adam joseph, alicia vitarelli, sharrie williams and brian taff. >> ♪ >> it is 4:30 and "action
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news" continues with the seven letters banned from the back of a car in canada. why one man was told his last name was too rude for the road. >> and move over heart of palm, beating heart of spinach is now a thing. how scientists thought a leaf -- brought a leaf to life and why. >> plus, he was starving dehydrated and living in his own filth but thanks to a man known as north philadelphia's dr. doolittle that dog locked up and left to die is now alive and well. when he might be ready for a new family. >> but we're going to begin here at 4:30 with the latest on a wild scene involving flying bullets, flying cash and a foot chase. surveillance video shows a store owner in hot pursuit of an alleged robber in north philadelphia yesterday. as the thief drops the cash and rounds the corner, the businessman pulls the trigger shooting that fleeing criminal twice. but today we found out the video does not tell this whole story. "action news" reporter john rawlins now live outside east
4:30 pm
detectives with more on what led police to clear the owner here, john. >> reporter: well, police will tell you that this point they still have an ongoing investigation but at this stage they think the 33-year-old owner who had a permit for a firearm used it in thajustified way when a 41-year-old armed with a knife name his laundry and center demanded and got cash. >> he had a knife on him. he pointed the the owner demanded the owner give him cash. >> reporter: the owner handed over cash estimated at $2,000 but then ran after the thief with his resolver on fifth street the fleeing thief dumps at least some of the dollars as the store owner closes in. the sound of gunfire prompts people in the pizza shot to duck. on cambria the store owner fires again wounding the thief twice in the chest. this afternoon an investigator explained. >> if the store owner was engaging this male, the male
4:31 pm
actually turned around the store owner believed that the individual had something in his hand either a knife or a gun and that's what made the store owner fire his weapon. we're going under the assumption this is self did he first. >> reporter: a woman waiting for a bus was shot i shot in the hand. police consider that an accident. as for those dumped dollars on the pavement. they didn't stay there long. as the wounded man was dragged o to a vehicle bystanders month evidence in and accident happened up the money virtually clearing the sidewalk in about 40 seconds. well, the laundromat owner was back at work today. at least for part of the day. he declined to talk on camera. he had been up much of the night apparently talking to detectives about what happened. he told us he had been at that facility for eight years, this was the second time he had been robbed. live outside east detectives john rawlins channel6 "action news." alicia. >> john thank you. philadelphia police have released disturbing surveillance video of a brazen daylight shooting last week. detectives are now trying to find the gunman seen here near
4:32 pm
fifth and ruscomb streets friday night. he's the man seen chasing a 30-year-old man down the street and shooting him fights time as he ran for his life. throw the victim was shot in the chest arm groin and backside he still survived is. he's now being treated at einstein hospital. if you have any information on the whereabouts of the shooter you're asked to call police. detectives are also working to identify a badly decomposed body that was pulled this morning from the schuylkill river. police made the gruesome discovery near 25th and locust in center city just after 10:00 a.m. investigators say the body appears to be male but they couldn't determine anything else its n not clear ho you that person ended up in the river. >> four overdoses in the span of five hours all linked to heroin. right now police are trying to figure out if it's connected. new castle county police responded to four incidents yesterday all of them between 8:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. in wilmington, newark and claymont. in each case the victims ranging from 23 to 63 were
4:33 pm
dead when police arrived. so far no official cause of death has been determined but police fear a bad batch of heroin could be behind this. investigators say the drug was found at each scene. a dog rescued from certain death by a good samaritan over the weekend is now on the road to recovery. ramon rodriguez the man known for saving all sorts of animals got a tip last friday night that a pitbull may have been abandoned by drug addicts inside a north philadelphia home. after tracking down a key rodriguez found the dog locked in a cage living in its own filth with outfood or water. rodriguez who is nicknamed dr. doolittle by his friends and family nursed the dog that he named diesel back to health. while "action news" contacted the spca. diesel is in their care as they try to figure out who the owner was. if nobody comes forward diesel will be put up for adoption t as you can see that dog was extremely happy to get out of that cage. >> very special man there too.
4:34 pm
missing signs for the sun which we haven't seen in, oh, i don't know -- >> coming back, though. >> trying its hardest now in some locations to try to poké through that cloud cover. >> like peekaboo. >> it is, right now. [laughter] >> you can kind of see the haze in the atmosphere. if you look at liberty one and two you can kind of see a little bit of a glisten on the upper right part of the building as the sun again is trying to poké through. 58 right now in the city. winds out of the west-southwest at 10 miles per hour, your dewpoint at 51. a lot of clouds here in mercer county, in princeton 54 degrees t-light winds, they are calm and the fro pressure 29 and a brighter spot up towards the lehigh valley and easton and northampton county, higher clouds there and you can kind of see under that nurture nature banner there, you see a little bit of blue trying to pop. 53 degrees, dewpoint at 46 with your winds out of the south-southwest at 3 miles an hour. but that sun will gain control here in the middle of the week but we do have to get through
4:35 pm
a little more rain. fortprior to that. >> we have to work for it. >> then you get in the driver's seat mr. sun. take the wheel. philadelphia mayor jim kenney kicks off a city wide celebration of jazz appreciation month this morning. the the event began with a tribute to jon batiste the band leader for the late show with stephen colbert. he was honored with the benny golson award which is named for the legendary jazz musician and philadelphia native. today batiste was chosen to receive the award for his work in arts and education in schools and universities all across the country. >> doctors believe a simple and inexpensive treatment could save thousands of lives every year. rick williams live to explain the details on this one. >> that's right, a newcomb bin nation of drugs appears to be curing sepsis, a potentially deadly super infection. dozens of patients have been successfully treated using the new combo and we have new details another 5:00. also coming up tonight an
4:36 pm
18-year-old girl was allegedly plotting to kill her classmates at a high school in maryland. find out what police found in her home and how she was planning to carry out the attack. just some of the stories we're following for you when we see you in just a little bit on "action news" at 5:00. until then, back to the studio k alicia, we'll see you later. >> all right, rick see you at 5:00. not many people can say they worked 33 years after retiring at age 65. well, william hanson can and his birthday wish is only fitting. >> ♪ happy birthday i love how he takes his hat off. what a gentleman. hutchchinson plumbing heating and cooling in cherry hill welcomed hanson back to work for a day to celebrate his 100th birthday after retiring from exxon he and worked at hutchinson for another 33 years until he was 98 years old. so much for retirement. his wish was one more day of pay at hutchinson and that's exactly what he got.
4:37 pm
>> i was blessed with a good life and healthy life. i didn't mind going to work every day. i enjoyed it. >> and hey, they liked him so much they let him back. at a hundred years old he received a giant card signed by all of his long time coworkers. hey, happy birthday william. >> yeah. >> obviously a very well liked guy and i can't believe what great shape he's in. >> yeah, a hundred years old. >> still ahead, teens at one illinois high school don't have to risk rejection this prom season because their dates are being assigned. >> and officials in canada said this man's vanity license plate was too rude for the road. the problem? those seven letters aren't just on the back of his car, they're on his birth certificate. >> uh-oh. >> plus, scientists have figured out how to turn a spinach leaf into a beating heart. and you'll never look at your salad the same way again. >> already happened. meteorologist adam joseph returns with the full forecast from accuweather when "action news" at 4:00 comes right back. >> ♪
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>> ♪ thieves in germany stole a giant gold coin by weight alone it's worth four points $5 million. the burglars busted into the museum inner bin early this morning. the coin is canadian and has a portrait of queen elizabeth, ii on one side and maple leaves on the other. the coin weighs 221 pounds, so police think more than one person broke in smashed the case it was in and evaded the alarm system. probably took two people to carry it out. there are train tracks near beverages alfresco dining is always a good idea unless you are dining in the middle of the road. just ask 21-year-old caron thomas. the florida man was arrested after he set up a breakfast table in a lake lands intersection. thomas was seen dining on pancakes, eggs, bacon, the whole shebang bringing traffic to a standstill. thomas who lives just up the street told officers it was meant to be a prank.
4:41 pm
hopefully that meal was worth a court date and maybe he forgot the fork. >> that's right. you never know when hunger is going to strike. there may be a new meaning to genetically modified plant. in a series of experiments they've grown human heart cells on spinach leaves. they stripped the leaves of plants cells and used them as a scaffold of sorts to culture beating heart cells. they also seeded the veins of the leaves with the same human cells that line blood vessels. how to create the network of blood vessels that human tissue has, just incredible stuff. more evidence treating kids who have appendicitis with antibiotics not surgery is safe. a university in china says that in cases where the appendix has not ruptured antibiotics had a 90 percent success rate. now it failed in cases where the entrance to the appendix was blocked. those kids later went on to surgery. >> ♪
4:42 pm
>> big talkers now and we start with a heartbreaking and very unusual case out of virginia. a man claims he shot his dog to end her suffering and now he is facing animal cruelty charges. let's rewind. michael whelan says his dog 15-year-old ali had been suffering for a terminal disease for about a year. last month the dog started having seizures so whelan says he shot her toly put her out of her misery. he then buried her on the beach. authorities say this is not a legal form of euthanasia. whelan defends his decision. >> euthanize her myself. i have a small hand -- a small caliber handgun and i thought this will be painless it will be instantaneous and i broke down. it was the most painful emotional thing i had ever done. >> he's expected to face animal abuse and dumping charges in june. prom. big night can cause big stress from the cost to the date. well, there's one school in illinois that alleviates the
4:43 pm
anxiety of the latter by choosing students' dates at random. they call it the prom draw. so here's how akron catholic high school in freeport does it. the male students pick a card at random. the name on the card is the name of their prom date. then they have to come up with a creative skit to ask their date to the big dance and perform it in the school. well, the school says the idea was to ensure that nobody is left without a date. apparently they vote on it every year and the students love it its been a tradition at that school for more than 90 years. let me know what you think about that one. finally to the personalized license plate that got pulled from a car in canada. read it out loud. you see it right there. while you might think it says grab her its actually pronounced grabher and its it someone's last name. that someone lauren grabherm purchased it 35 years ago for his father's 65th birthday. in december he found it it
4:44 pm
offended someone who complained about it so the canadian dot stood by that person who complained saying that some people are interpreting it as misogynistic and promoting violence against women so they canceled the plate. he tried to get it overturned but no dice. guess what, he can still keep it in front. in nova scotia they're allowed to put anything on the front. you can take the license plate off of his car but you cannot take his name off of his dries license. he owns it. >> controversy there. alicia thanks. let's get another check of the roads right now. gina gannon standing in for matt pelman with an update on this monday. >> hi, brian. we're actually starting off with a lot of slow speeds p here's a look at the big picture. we're seeing 16, that's on the eastbound side after vine street expressway. so, a slow go there. then if you're traveling out on the schuylkill its that that westbound side where we're seeing 8 miles per hour. that's all because of an earlier accident. the accident has since cleared
4:45 pm
so we're just waiting for the delay to run its course but definitely going to be a slow go. 95 really not too bad. you can see we're 17 miles an hour around cottman. nothing too significant there. here's a life look at the vine street expressway. we do have delays in both directions but you're just only tapping the brakes a bit on the westbound side. eastbound i would say generally heavily from 76 all the way through 295. let's talk about what's happening on the vine street expressway -- excuse me on the schuylkill expressway. some good news. your travel times are getting better but this is your westbound delay at montgomery drive. typically we don't see delays reaching this far back so definitely a slow go from that earlier accident which was at belmont blocking the shoulder. the accident has since cleared but again we're just waiting to are this to run its coarsely traveling westbound just about 28 minutes between the vine out through the blue route. we actually have a bridge outage. if you're traveling into phoenixville, this is on hollow road between pew town road and french creek road. matthews going to be your best bet to get around in. in cherry hill new jersey we
4:46 pm
have an accident closing covered bridge road between forge road and shelley. 295 you could see that up here that's in the green so that's going to be a good alternate to get around that. brian and alicia, back to you. >> gina, thank you. let's take a live look outside. sky6 giving us a rather dismal view from our temple university camera over center city philadelphia. gray skies but as adam aptly pointed out some sunshine bouncing off liberty one and two right there. adam joseph standing by with the exclusive accuweather 7-day coming up in ex. >> ♪ next.
4:47 pm
4:48 pm
>> meteorologist adam joseph tracking the return research some sunshine at some points this week. >> little peeks out there right now. getting a little more still here. >> really, really looking hard to find it. i was squinting on that one. >> wednesday you'll get it. got to wait another day or two. as we take a look at the action cam, it was in
4:49 pm
fairmount park at the japanese tea house here and you can see the -- some of the japanese weeping cherries there, they're trying to bloom. again, they got a little walked by that cold air a week or so ago but give it a few more warm days and parts of fairmount park will be in full bloom. as we take a look at storm tracker6 live double scan, no precipitation right now. we did have some showers early on. they are now east of new england. we're catching a bit of a break and then more will fire up here in the scattered form for your tuesday. but temperatures really depends on where you are. folks in the lehigh valley, poconos, reading lower 50's to mid-50's towards lancaster 57 degrees, a little chill in the air with the lack of sunshine. with a few breaks trying to develop but then you hit philadelphia, wilmington, kind of on the verge of 60 degrees and then you bust into the 70's in southern parts of new jersey and delaware, millville, atlantic city and dover, 71. there's a warm front kind of draped through the region trying to work from the south
4:50 pm
to the north. it's the same front that brought that will big cooldown from saturday into sunday that pushed from north to south. there you can see some of those breaks, the thinning out in the cloud cover developing here very late on in the day. then they start to increase and it's attached to low pressure near saint louis and it's spinning up some severe weather right now in the tennessee valley but the trajectory of this severe weather is going to stay to our south during the day tomorrow and we'll be on the northern extent of low pressure riding by. for tonight cloudy but mild, some patchy fog developing and late tonight there could be some little bit of mist or drizzle trying to develop, temperatures right around 50 degrees. as we look at future tracker at 8 o'clock tomorrow morning, although we're seeing a bit of a break in the cloud cover or it's trying to fall apart, it kind of fires back up with those low clouds and fog tonight, early tomorrow morning so really no chance for much in the way of sun here tomorrow. in fact, you see these kind of scattered downpours and a few thunderstorms lunchtime tomorrow, that continues into
4:51 pm
tomorrow afternoon. it's not a washout but again, hit or miss variety, downpours and storms and even at 9 o'clock you can see a few kind of drifting around to our south and west. low pressure stays to our south but it does kick that warm front to the north. so, right around 70 tomorrow for a high, mild but dreary and again, any of those thunderstorms are in southern areas and then that low pressure moves away and high pressure sinks in from the north here and, hey, brings us a beautiful days, lots of sunshine, mild, 64 with a north wind its a bit breezy, 10 to 15 miles an hour. the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, near 70 tomorrow but again, another dreary day at times. beautiful here midweek on wednesday, cooler with sun in the morning, thursday, clouds increasing in the afternoon setting up for a soaking one to 2 inches of rain on friday and it's a chilly rain of 48 degrees. damp start on saturday, clouds linger in the afternoon, not much brightening here on saturday at 58. but looks good sunday, low
4:52 pm
60's. and a lot of clouds, some sun on monday of 63 degrees. so, your full sunny day of that seven days is wednesday and not bad the second half of the storm the weekend friday into saturday. >> while we wait for a full taste of spring i'm going to help you do some spring cleaning, make space and make cash. >> sounds good to me. >> we'll be right back. hey, don't get all mushy on us.
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bottom of facebook when you log on? based on where you live the social network shows you who is selling what and you can join in on the action. you post what you're selling. once you get a sale you work out the exchange with your buyer. it's also a great way to shop for deals as i found out when i was doing a little research for this segment. [laughter] >> that's what we're calling it now research. >> yeah, research. >> thank you alicia. a woman in new york went to extreme lengths to get her wedding ring back. sharon lombardo accidentally threw her wedding and engagement ring in the trash. once she realized the mistake she sifted through the building's trash. shannon and her husband ended up going to the dump in new jersey where the trash was taken. with the help of three sanitation workers they found the missing rings in less than one hour's time. so how is that for luck. >> would you. >> on the other end. certainly not on the front end. >> for better or for worse, that's for sure. >> yeah.
4:57 pm
>> that will do it for "action news" at 4:00. for sharrie williams alicia vitarelli and adam joseph i'm brian taff. hope you'll join me along with sharrie adam and ducis rodgers tonight and every night for a full hour of "action news" at 10:00 on phl 17. >> now here's rick williams with a look at what's ahead at 5:00. see you in a few. >> see you in a little bit, thank you. coming up next on "action news" at 5:00 a local synagogue has been vandalized for the third time if four months. the trump administration issues another warning to so-called sanctuary cities. find out how the white house policy could impact philadelphia's federal funding. those stories an update on the accuweather forecast and much next comel coming up on "action news" at 5:00. i have asthma...
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like an inhaled corticosteroid. do not take breo more than prescribed. see your doctor if your asthma does not improve or gets worse. ask your doctor if 24-hour breo could be a missing piece for you. learn more about better breathing at >> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. >> ♪ >> cities and states refuse to help enforce immigration laws, our nation is less safe. >> a renewed warning tonight from the white house and it takes direct aim at philadelphia. the trump administration is telling so-called sanctuary cities they must comply with federal immigration laws or lose out on hundreds of millions of dollars in funding. monday night, monica is off, alicia vitarelli is in
5:00 pm
and the big story on "action news" is the potential standoff between the justice department and the city of philadelphia with both sides at odds over immigration. "action news" reporter vernon odom spoke to mayor jim kenney and joins us live from city hall with more. vernon. >> reporter: good evening, rick and to you alicia. from the trump white house tonight, this ultimatum. drop the sanctuary city policy or see many millions of law enforcement dollars from washington dry up. attorney general jeff sessions made the announcement at the white house briefing this afternoon that the justice department under president trump will now require cities and states seeking law enforcement grants to certify they are not undocumented immigrant sanctuaries. >> cities and states less safe. public safety as well as national security are at stake and put them at risk at losing federal dollars. >> reporter: mayor kenney is taking a


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