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tv   America This Morning  ABC  March 28, 2017 4:00am-4:22am EDT

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>> m all. er round of severe storms . president trump in tirade overnight criticizing the clintons and calling the russia probe a hoax. this comes as pressure mount force the republicans looking into the election meddling to step aside. we're live in washington. breaking overnight a pickup truck carrying two wounded police officers speeding to a trauma center. the scene right there. new details on the ambush style attack. a powerful cyclone makes landfall this morning. the new video coming in as it smashes australia's coast.
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and we do say good morning. another round of severe weather racing across the south. >> powerful storms are moving through georgia, alabama and the carolinas. >> and here's what these storms are producing. damaging winds and hail. this video from northeast alabama, relentless pounding of hail on that deck. >> tennessee the storms are responsible for this damage as well. the strong winds flipped over a truck and even split trees in half. the system will also trigger more severe weather today. accuweather's paul williams is tracking it all for us. good morning, paul. >> good morning, kendis, diane. looking out for another round of severe storms to rumble its way throughout portions of texas and into oklahoma. we're expecting damaging winds up to 50 to 60-mile-per-hour winds, hail, between an inch in diameter or even bigger, flash flooding likely along i-20 as well as i-10 and even along i-35 and watching out for the potential of tornadoes tuesday during the day towards oklahoma
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city and tuesday dallas towards san antonio. kendis, diane. >> now to the major developments overnight including new presidential tweets and a top congressman under fire. >> the head of the house intelligence committee is looking into russian election meddling but is now facing growing calls to recuse himself an devin nunes confirmed he met with a secret source on white house grounds. democrat i say he's too close to president trump to run an objective investigation. >> and the president took to twitter looking to shift the attention to the clintons. but abc's janai norman has the latest right now from washington. good morning, janai. >> reporter: kendis and diane, good morning. this all started as look when representative nunes briefed the press and president trump on new information he hadn't yet briefed his house intelligence committee on. he is the chairman of that committee and now there are calls for him to step down. there's a chorus of concerns about impartiality and what's supposed to be an independent investigation.
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>> chairman nunes is falling down on the job. and seems to be more interested in protecting the president than in seeking the truth. >> reporter: democrats are calling on house intelligence committee chairman devin nunes to recuse himself from leading the investigation into russia's election meddling. that involves investigating communication with president trump's transition team. >> given that the chairas i don't think it's appropriate house intelry isn't dying ngwnssman nunes said his collection of allegedly sho inadvertently picked up the i'vd i think i the president himself and >> reporter: nunes now admits a secret s grounds which is where theday b
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findings while the dark on cnn the meaning was at the white hous on the grounds because tho are alllar: late last week a spokesman for the representative saying congressman nunes isn't exactly sure if president trump's soishs were directl hast provided any pro claim, diane and kendis. >> all right, that's janai norman for us live in janai, thanks. and the president's before the senate intelligence committee w investigating russia's interference and possible ties . jared kushner will answer questions about his meeting wit u.s. and a later meeting with the head o the white house says kushner was doing his to foreign officials. president trump heads to th order aimed at unraveling
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president obama's sweeping greenhouse emissions at coal powered planted. they've been burdensome to the economy and american workers. the pentagon is taking a close look at its operations in iraq after a rise in civilian deaths. military officials say multiple reviews are under way. on march 17th in dents say more than 100 civilians strike on saturday.s conc proven more battlefieldhe field. >> precautions to preventille stri. britain's parliament statement his powerful cusloting to storm knocked over flint could the stateeplace the lines but t tainted water deal allows the stets later on
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that is two miami-dade county undercover police officers arriving at a hospital in the back of a pickup truck. look at this video carefully. you can see their colleagues racing to get them inside of the emergency department there and they were wounded in an ambush-style attack while conducting surveillance at an apartment complex last night. their colleagues brought them to the emergency room under an escort. that operation that wounded the officers that they were involved in was designed to crack down on gang activity. now, police say the shooting was
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unprovoked. they are beth listed in table condition this morning. it's believed that two gunmen opened fire. both remain on the loose. one of them is believed tenager. the tsa says itsg the pat-down of a teenager at jennifer wiaclliaebook and says her son boy not be pat. the followed. police along a small plane there is an vanish levels will er heir longest losing streak e be in almost sixpparently rattled by the failure of the late yesterday experts say hope concentrate on other economic some optimism. u.s. stocks started moving and
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come what may, the fearless girl, she'll still be staring bull. the statue was scheduled to it tourists.for the rest of the . so many photos have been >> the mayor said we'll keep it. >> for at least another year. when we come back a student under arrest. accused of plotting to attack her high school. turned in by her own fantther received a standing ovation when he walked i
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they're all about me saving for a house, actually, i want to know what you're thinking. traffic came to a rush hour the bay area as police a donkey broken thr started off okay and other travelers but then they headed so they got cops. didn't get any tickets. >> the first and it was see, donkey do.
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should watch out for slipperyys. roads may be flooded in the andt northeast. if you're flying exp denver york, boston and iln maryland w face sig plotting a deadly attack on her high suppo happen a week from abc's pierre thomas reports.lea die during this event. ib inspired by tpotential school involving these weosive, pipes bomb. the materialst damage to hersel to the student body. to the facility upol. >> reporter: all allegedly planned by roll studencavario who detailed
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her parents discovered the diary and authorities. you're a parent. can you put having to make a decision like that about their lives. >> reporter: pierre thomas, abc news, washington. the long-term impact of breast-feeding says babies who are breastfed show no cognitive benefits over those who were not. by the time they're all 5 years old, researchers caution it does have other ben if is including a lower risk of asthma and obesity. there will be more about that new study later on on "good morning america." and the move of the oakland raiders to las vegas has been approved. the nfl team's owners voting in favor of the raiders relocation but they'll play the next two or three seasons in california while a new stadium is being built in las vegas. this is the second time the raiders will have left oakland. they played in los angeles from
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1982 to 1994. and being a big man on campus who hit a big shot can have some advantages. missing class apparently is not one of them. >> around 7:30 sunday night north carolina tar heels forward luke maye made that shot, the jumper that sent unc to the final four and then just over 12 hours later there he was getting a standing ovation from students in his 8:00 a.m. business class. >> his professor says maye hasn't missed that class all semester. the streak will probably end if unc reaches monday's final. >> i would hope that -- at least excused, yeah. let's see what's happening on the courts last night. >> nba hoops highlights now from our guys at espn. >> good morning, america. he's kenny, i'm neil. >> lebron james, lebron james, champions from last season. kawhi leonard, uh-oh, does pretty good. throw it down, big man. spurs lead by a whole bunch of
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points like 18. now leonard, two defenders on him. still, 25 point, 6 assists, spurs led by a ton. lebron james took an elbow between the shoulder blades. department look like much there. he didn't return. cavaliers score a season low and get blown out. russell westbrook drafted by the seattle supersonics. >> that's right. >> 12 seconds to play, thunder is down one on a 12-0 run. westbrook who scored 12 of the thunder's 14 unanswered come out with the win. what a win it was. westbrook. leads the thunder over the mavericks. >> we might have leffe of 31-1 owners to the city of las ve that on the show. >> we didn't have video t did.
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>> he's actually smashing the cinder blocks with his head. a 16 fwrrld from bosnia setting a guinness world record for smashing concrete blocks as you can see with his head and just for some extra effect throws in a few front flips in the process too. >> that's called a showoff. but very, very impressive. 111 concrete blocks all smashed, get this, in 35 seconds. is this the part where we say don't try it at home. >> yeah, i think so. >> but you should definitely try it in the studio, right? >> let's go. oh, out of time.
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and contains the best oral decongestant. live claritin clear, with claritin-d. >> ♪ >> good morning. it's tuesday march 28th. i'm tamala edwards. next up here on "action news," a woman getting into her car narrowly misses getting hit by gunshots. police searching for a suspect. they think this person may have fired from a building across the street. >> restoration at the jewish ceremony that was hit by vandals last month. and if you mean got a thunderstorm that moved through last night, you can see again we've got morning fog and haze. dave murphy will also track the pocket for mor possibility . we've got all of that and more next up on "action news." final.
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kabc's george pennacchio shows us who was tossed from the ballroom. >> reporter: "dancing with the stars" had that dreaded first elimination tonight. but no one was laughing when the comedian said good-bye. >> chris and witney. >> reporter: chris kattan is the first celebrity of the season to hang up his shoes moved by the experience of doing the show. >> i didn't think i'd have this impactful of an opening and on television. >> chris is such an inspiration to so many people. >> reporter: the journey is looking a lot longer for singer normani kordei and football star rashad jennings who shared top of the leaderboard. do you think you can win this competition? >> i mean i pray, yeah. i'm having fun, though. that's the most important and i just want to grow. >> this is something new and so each week i'm just going into it super humble and trying to take
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on each dance. >> reporter: one person who didn't dance heather morris' partner maxim chmerkovskiy. >> it's prix severe. whether it goes away with good attention to it and good care, we'll see. >> reporter: whether bull rider bonner bolton and his partner are an item off camera. sharna. >> who knows what you'll see along the way but let's just talk about dance for now. >> reporter: for now sharna. over to you, nick. >> i don't think anyone's thinking that we're a front-runner at this point and i think we have potential as a team. >> reporter: 11 cups return to dance another week and next week's theme, las vegas. in los angeles, george pennacchio, for abc news. >> so is that a nondenial denial? they didn't say no that they're not a couple. >> okay, speaking of couples rashad jennings. >> oh. i know. he had you at open shirt.
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>> it was a really good episode. >> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning its 4:30 a.m. on this tuesday march 28. >> we're following breaking news. a man is shot overnight trying to confrontal alleged robbers in west philadelphia. >> the search continues for the gunman witnesses saw shooting at a parking lot from the top floor of a nearby building. >> today repairs respect scheduled to begin at a jewish cemetery damaged by vandals. >> tracking rain, maybe more later. let's turn now to meteorologist, david murphy and karen rogers. >> we're looking at
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thunderstorms off the east coast. these are starting to push away. some of this activity is
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