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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  March 28, 2017 12:00pm-12:25pm EDT

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"action news" delaware valley's with bloomquist, and meteorologist, david murphy. good afternoon sara bloomquist is off.
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in the news taking a stand. protesters converge on ryder university saying no to the school's plan to move their music program. donald trump unveils his climate plan this afternoon. we'll tell you what is inside of it. and the showers and thunderstorms, some are jarring moving through the area. accuweather says we are in for rounds of rain throughout the day and made for a nerve-racking morning, thunder, lightning and limited visibility kept us on edge. david murphy is at the "action news" big board tracking the showers and storms. >> the thunderstorms during "good morning america" were rumbling over the roof of 6 abc and now stormtracker 6 live double scan showing you only 20 lightning strikes in the last 15 minutes in the wide view, that is let than this morning. as we take a closer look you are looking at a cluster of this thunderstorm activity from
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trenton to burlington county, new jersey, straight along parallel with the new jersey turnpike and i-95. it's a heavy hitter but moving away. they are not severe but producing lightning and thunder. and you have heard that and some heavy downpours. landsdale and h and west if green lane, steady rain no thunder or lightning indicated on stormtracker 6 live double scan here. this is a ening thunderstorm heading in toward allentown. even if you don't get heavy rai. and pondi thunderstorms for a few minutes will give you a dn followed by lighter stuff and hammonton. and some light at the rest of t
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afternoon is choppy with afternoon thundersrmobviously t the south and west of us. and later on in the evening hours and laterect less rain overall and a few more showers and t start to die down. 51 in philadelphia.e have a hard time raising the temperatures from philadelphia north bflow of wind that we hav. down to the south a southerly ow in the southern areas. rick, i give you and give you another look at future tracker 6 and see how the rain spills out of here and another forecast >> thank you. fighting for his life after his location, his father heard about it and went to confront the
12:04 pm has more on the two crimes that hit one family. >> reporter: the search son this afternoon for the man that shot police say this was a two part crime. it started when the father whoy robbed his son. >> around 2:00 this morning, 19th district police got a call about gunshots on the 6100 block of market street in west philadelphia. >> they found a 37-year-old male suffering from two gunshot wounds to his face. >> upon arrival it was learned it was a violent end to an incident that began monday night. >> the motive was that a family member of this 37-year-old victn the evening. >> the shooter had robbeye-old d he trackedo confront him and th
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is when the man and shot the father in the >> w gun. and this surveillance came pt w taken to the davenport als parent would do it. babies. >> rick, police say t condition and they are expected to at sur janet reyes channel 6 "es this noon forhe a woman that was an
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bullets struck her vehicle but . along the 500 block of front str including i-95 for the sniper,an may have been the walter perez will h12:30. vanda ind hearted people are determined to make it happen. katherine scott was at mt. carmel this as folks got down to work to right the wrong. >> reporter: rick, this is a combination of volunteer and paid workers, and they are at the mercy of the weather.
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there were thunderstorms this morning and things get too slippery or the grown gets unstable they have to stop because these head stones weigh several thousand pounds some of them. over the next several weeks they will restore the head stones and fix the lighting around the cemetery. >> a careful effort underway at mt. carmel sem cemetery many of over in an act of vandalism in with the planning and how to bring thiso what it should be. >> this is hundreds of for something that two or three brought ik to conduct training lessons
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are, it's rea stone, want to cre more. >> there say challenge with materials, most of what the crews are working on the late 19th and early cemetery. marble was used morenmental damage. >> if ate stone falls on top >> back here live, you seeely fix the head minimizehat reaches 3crane they will add, t holiday and break and regroup
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then continue on with the next phase restoration. >> katherine thank you. later today school officials at ryder university is expected to announce the fate of westminster choir college that could be moved off campus. they staged a unique protest > westminster ssurvivoral on s they 12u8. they are expecte230 this in washington president trump is expected to sign an executive order that climate re
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power plan plants and lif lands. he says iuced warming a hoax invented by the chinese and the believe that carbon dioxide is a contributor to globa president t seen here shaking the vice president praisedme around the nation and thapresid andrico frominternational a.
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fares are available for as low suspended and passengers should keep in mind that frontier's base fares are lower but charges extra for carrier on bag and assigned seating. and coming up police clashed with protesters overseas, we'll tell you cha set the whole thing off. and something new is coxing to facebook, we'll tell you what it is. and david murphy is back with more on the showers and storms in the accuweather forecast. when "action news" at noon continues.
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snoop today lawyers are expectee case a deadly carjacking atnew . david free land was gunned down hills mall parking lot. prosecutors say henry was men i the get aw convicted he could f in prison. week's deadly terror attack in londo at winds. there is no intelligenc attacks last night extra security
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barriers were placed aroundastl favoresidences. four people wer last week and dozens injured when a o the crowd. calls for justice turned into violence in paris as demonstrators and police clashed. demonstrators from the asian pae to a chinese man shot and killed in front of his childofficer. police say that that officer fired infense and today's demonstration turned po officers injured. were debbie madel the category 4 cyclone hit the queens land coast and is blamed
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facebook is rolling out new. the new features begin to appear on theook mobile app and
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users see an icon on the left hand corner of the app making i in one tap instead of two and a feature for content that hours. a long island new york couple's friend surprised them with a gift that will change theirlive. nicole wanted to start a family ssease that carrying a baby to term friend leanna learned of their struggles and leanna be a surrogate. >> i love my kids andant to hav and can't have upset me. >> they were born february fami pregnancy and delivery could not have gone better. the "action new working on news stories for tonight at 4:00.
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newsroom with a preview. >> reporter: coming up in what' money on your cable bill without cutting the as answers for us today they look at new hat or channelprice. and a 4-year-old girl is targeted b wal-mart but it's not the crime that has people talking it's recipe that is making peoplesays just ruined we'll explain why hand salad is infuriating the internet. >> hand salad? >> you'll have to watch. >> got my interest. and you. accuweather when we come right back.
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sky 6 hd taking a soggy look at the commodore barry bridge this hour than tells the story. a lot of rain out there and might want to keep the umbrella handy at least for the rest of the day. maybe tomorrow as well. >> tomorrow sunshine comes back and this evening it's wet and then things get better. stormtracker 6 live double scan shows you we have a big cluster of rain through the middle of the region and a lot of heavier stuff highlighted in yellow up to the north. and looking tight on the i-95 corridor, you see the intensity of the rain highlighted in yellow and orange has lifted out of philadelphia and if you head out on to the roads you'll see ponding and puddling on the roadways. if we go up to the north all that is just rain lightning counter went to zero and there is heavy stuffoylesto
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and as we take a look outside we have sky 6 hd we are at looking there. nd even xpect it to maintain after this rain pushes to the north there is a possibility of more in the afternoon and early eveningast at 5 miles per hour. than unfortunately is keeping us cooler across two-thirds of the region season down to dover, delaware anderse southerly flow is warming you up more. allentown 49 and 5 and will ton one of those spots that may get already there 65 degrees and
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ne may, as we look at future tracker 6 by 3:00 we start to see less rain overall and there could be stead there. and then the evening rush hour we probably break it down to spotty shower activity at that point, it doesn't look like ym as 9:00 most of that rain should be out of the way. it departs quickly and on and related ponding and puddling you would expect. spotty showers in the lehigh valley. it's shower pretty soon as you saw the big mass of yellow u coopersburg. and the shore 58 degrees clouds and ocean temperature 43 degrees, 63 is your high in philadelphia and the only way we get that is if we get the bulk of that rain past us and get a rain where we dry out and the sun on the other side of the cloud its can warm us up a bit.
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63 or cooler than that. a shower or thunderstorm and most of them appear to be winding down and mostly cloudy with an evening shower and 48 degrees, on future tracker 6 that gets out of here quickly and tomorrow back to 64 and sun and a breeze blowing through the region tomorrow. today's high a hopeful 63 if we can't shut off the rain quickly either way not a great day with clouds and occasional showers and maybe a lingering thunderstorm in parts of the region. partly sunny and breezy and 64 and sun on thursday with a high of 57 cooling down a bit there. the next chance of rain is friday, cloudy and periods of rain and a cool high of 48 degrees and breezy and raw that day even when it isn't raining it's not great. saturday morning a little damp and 61 on sunday the not a bad weekend overall. >> thank you. president trump made a
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family faux pas, seems he spilled the bean s genders of hs grandchi grandchild. trump's son eric and his wife lara is expected a boy. he declared to a group of people in nashville. this is his ninth grandchild by the way. >> more ahead in our next half our of "action news" at 12:30. we are going to the citizens bank park to get a look at food items being served up to phillies begans this coming baseball season and what comedian chris kattan is saying about his short time on dancing with the stars.
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"action news" at 12:30 continues, with rick williams, sara bloomquist, and meteorologist, david murphy. hello again, sara bloomquist is off and here are the stories we are following for you on "action news" at 12:30. gray skies and rain and even thunder and lightning we get a series of spring storms today and tonight. the latest from accuweather coming up. also the search for a gunman continues after just missing a woman getting foo her car after work, and more repairs are underway to clean up the philadelphia cemetery that was vandalized several weeks ago. now the details, we continue to track storms in our region and they likely keep coming into the
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region, and we see rain and pretty strong thunderstorms and vehicles have their windshield wipers on as they drove through the rain and at times the rain was so heavy, it was hard to see the roadways, and looking live from sky 6 hd showing you a soggy philadelphia international airport and clouds and rain showers not sure if we'll see the sun at all today. hopefully tomorrow. stormtracker 6 live double scan radar scanning the skies, meteorologist, david murphy, joins us now with more. stormtracker 6 live double scan is busy this morning as we have a lot of thunder boomers coming through the region and some of them cracking good thunder and lightning. not a lot of wind but most of the thunderstorms pushing off the coast and what we have left is steady rain highlighted in yellow than gives you a problem on roadways. we'll start in the northern suburbs, allentown is about to get the heavier push of rain coming in. you had one cell a while ago but here com


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