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tv   Action News at 430 AM  ABC  March 29, 2017 4:30am-4:58am EDT

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>> >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. tt oonnell p-tamala edwards, karens and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪♪ >> good morning. it's 4:30 now on this wednesday march 29th. >> here's what we're following for you on "action news." today is sentencing day for two former aides to governor chris christie. they learn their fate in the bridgegate scandal. >> despite growing calls to step down the chairman of the house intelligence committee says he intend to stay at the helm of that group. >> and a school bus stop mixup leaves a little girl all alone on a delaware county street corner and leaving her mother in a panic. >> we'll get to all of that in a moment. first up let's talk to meteorologist, david murphy and to karen rogers they've got your accuweather and your commute. good morning.
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>> good morning. there might be a few clouds in your neighborhood this morning. you can see that on satellite but there are some breaks in the clouds and we expect most of this to melt away and most of the day should be fairly bright. we're starting out on the milder side this morning. 50 degrees in philadelphia. we have dipped into the upper 40's in trenton allentown reading and lancaster. 51 in wilmington, just 45 in millville and 47 down the shore o you can see how the wind is still coming down out of the north this morning. just 7 miles per hour though bicking up a little bit in allentown. as the sun gets up i do think those breezes will pick up a bit and it will be a bit on the breezy side today. looks like it will be bright though prompt by 7 o'clock 47 degrees. by noon i expect a lot of sunshine, 52 and we should get up into the low 60's today with a high of 62 probably around 4 o'clock right in there and still holding 60 by 5 o'clock and down to 57 by 7 o'clock. you'll want to jacket because of that breeze that will be kicking in. it looks like we're in for another round of rain on friday and we could see a real soaking rain at times karen. i'll have details on that with
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future tracker6 coming up. >> soaking rain after soakingrain that sounds good. let's head over to the walt whitman bridge westbound. we do continue to have overnight construction out there. it starts at the mid span the left lane is blocked but this is really a problem because they also have the left lon 42 leading to the walt whitman bridge and then as you come after the walt whitman bridge as well heading towards the schuylkill. so lots of construction crews however they should be leaving in a half hour. all cameras seem to have gone out so we'll go through that -- oh, yeah, nothing at all. here's one. we're looking live in that west deptford township gloucester county 295 at route 130. yes we had that rain no we don't have it today. you're going to get that sun glare on the roads instead, tam. >> thank you karen. happening today two former aides to new jersey governor chris christie will hear their fate. they will be sentenced for their roles in the bridgegate scandal. katherine scott is live now in the satellite center with more details. good morning katherine. >> reporter: good morning tam. will it be prison or will it
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be probation? both of the former aides of governor chris christie are calling for a combination of home confinement probation and community service. but prosecutors are urging the judge not to show leniency. two former aides to governor christie will be sentenced today in a newark courtroom. the bridget kelly and bill baroni were convicted in november on counts including wire fraud and conspiracy for their roles in the lane closing scandal on the george washington bridge. considered the busiest bridge in the country. the government star witness david wildstein who previously pleaded guilty in the blot testified that he kelly and baroni created the gridlock for four days in 2013 to teach a lesson to the democratic mayor of fort lee who wouldn't give his endorsement for christie's reelection. at the time kelly was christie's deputy chief of staff and baroni was his appointee to the portcutive director. christie was not charged but the scandal break plagued his
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presidential aspirations are a. questions linger over what. exactly he k governor had this to say. >> i thought there were three people responsible. david wildstein, bill baroni and bridget kelly and here we are three investigations later federal grand jury investigation, investigation by a.m. democratic led legislature and what's the conclusion? the conclusion is that there responsible. >> reporter: under federal sentencing guidelines they both face between 37 and 46 months in prison. satellite center katherine scott, channel6 "action news. >> katherine, thank you. bill cosby's lawyers do not want jurors at his sexual gave women quaaludes money or educational attorneys filed a motion yesterday saying cosby's decades old deposition about those topics woul the judge has ruled that the women that cosby was speaking about in that deposition his deposition testimony itself a the 79-year-old comedian is accused of dassaulting a many four temple university emp the good. the trial is set to get going in june in force down.nvestigation
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into russian investigation meddling is facing turmoil. leaders on bothaisle are voicing concerns over devin nunes. abc's janai norman is following the developments in washington. >> reporter: even republicans aressman devin nunes did lead an impartial investigation after admitting he mesource on white house grounds and then reached the president with new information before telling his >> i think he owes it to his committee members to tell themhem look at it. >> reporter: why not recuse yourself from this investigation. >> i still don't know why. to recuse myself i might consider. >> reporter: now nunes and the white house are both denying reports the administration tried to block former. yates from testifying before the house intelligence committee. >> suggesting any way shape or form that we stood is 100 percent false. >> reporter: yates who was aholdover from the obama administration was the first house that trump's then national security adviserchael flynn lied about his conversations with the russian ambassador. flynn resigned and yates was fired for travel ban. she was supposed to testify tuesday as part investigation but in a letter the justice department warned her conversations with the white house wereikely
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covered by that presidential communications privilege." adding she needs to e could testify. yates' attorney then wrote to the white house counsel insisting she should be allowed to als have already been speaking publically about the matter but she no response and that same day congressman nunes postponed the russiar. did anyone at the white house direct you to postpone the yates testimony. ver and over again but did they, did in itone at the white house. >> no, that's a total false story. >> reporter: when paul ryan should step down on the speaker simply said no. in washington, janai news"." >> a.m. mixup left a five-year-old girl alone on aer and her mother in a panic. amber was waiting to are her daughter alexis to afternoon. when the bus arrived alexis she was mistakenly placed on the wrong bus and dropped off at her former stop in chesterlexis standing on the corner in chester and the helped reuniteher family. >> even -- somebody could have took her.
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she could have got hit by a car. i don't want it to happen to any other. they need to get it together.need to figure something out. >> the school released a statement overnight saying in through great lengths to ensure that this doesn't happen ag at an adult community in mercer county n of burholme drive at the a team of first responders and three children from e 5500 block of night. civilians rescued an older woman and her dog from an upstairs unit at inhalation. then they saw a man and three balcony t the only way to get them help was to have thescuers below. >> the flames were coming out so bad it was pushing them to the edge of the balance just came straight down and bear hugged her and took her out. >> the capthe fire to be accidental but has not releasede exact cause. >> ♪♪ going to the am reached an agreement last n t pays players plymouth michigan friday.orm chasers in david. at the bus stop this morning not too bad, partly cloudy 48 degrees by probably dipping by 8 o'clock to 47.
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to be back in the 60's. maybe they want some sunscreen it's going to be pretty the rest of the seven day coming up. >> lightning blows off the top delaware school forcing officials to cancel class today >> ♪♪
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>> cath rick school in delaware county closed today due the to a damaging th did. it destroyed the cross on top of cardinal john foley school
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on eagle road in havertown. morning also caused electrical problems forcing an evacuation. students were sent home early and classes are canceled today. other than the cross, no one was hurt. >> wow. o. >> right to pieces. >> it did t we had some really bad weather here. there were booms going through the station. >> yeah in the morning time boy, what you really thunderstorming. in the afternoon we kind of settled back to just some drizzle and light rain and today we're getting rid of all of that. storm tracker6 live double scan shows us we're dry t taking a look outside there are a few clouds overhead as we take a look at talon energy stadium the home of the philadelphia union. they're on the road this weekend but i think they're back in a couple weeks. anyway, we are looking at some clouds. you kind of see that over the stadium right now but those clouds will dissipate. we'll wind up fairly bright through most of the day. isn't too bad. starting out at 50 degrees in philadelphia. a lot of suburbs in the upper 40's. so far so good on the wind. it will get breezier once the sun comes up the.
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for now only a 7 miles per hour wind on the bus stop early. there's the cloud cover i'm talking aboutly but it is breaking up and we and expectand transition us to fairly sunny skies through most of the day and it's going to be milder than it was yesterday when we were stuck beneath the clouds with that rain and stayed kind of chilly. 47 degrees by 8 o'clock today. 49 degrees still on the cool side by 10 o'clock. but by noon we'll be up to plenty of sunshine by noon and we are expecting a few hours of temperatures in the low 60's this afternoon. by 3 o'clock we'll be at 61 and your high of 62 slotting in late in th probably around 4 o'clock today. hypes late in the afternoon everywhere we're holding in the upper 50's in allentown and reading but low 60's from trenton down through wilmington and millville and down the shore still a little bit cooler next to that cool ocean water probably only about 54 this afternoon in cape may. tomorrow is a little bit cooler. we will see morning sun and then in the afternoon some high clouds will start to spread into the region ahead of this next frontal boundary. but with high pressure in control early we'll have lighter winds and a high of
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55 degrees still not too bad for this time of year. on friday though, we are looking at that rain maker coming from the west and it is going to have a lot of moisture to deal with. it looks like we may squeak out a dry morning commute but at some point toward the end of the commute it does is it a of the to get wet. by 3 o'clock future tracker showing you soaking rain at times and that continues off and on into the evening. this may not shut off until late friday night. your exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast we're going for a high this afternoon of 62 degrees, bright and breezy overall once we get rid of a little bit of morning cloud cover. and then tomorrow sun giving way to some high clouds 55 degrees is the high there. and friday looks chilly with a high of just 48 degrees and periods of rain maybe a little bit breezy as well. it's just not going to be a very nice day on friday. if you have plans to head out friday night, well, hopeful its not some sort of kids' baseball game because it's not going to happen outdoors but you will want definite rain gear when you head out friday night. saturday a damp start is still
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possible. we're expecting to return some sunshine into play in the afternoon, a high of 59. dry on sunday and monday and tuesday more showers. remember when we're not on the air you can always get the latest weather information by going to and on friday we'll be tracking some pretty decent rain. today good stuff. >> okay. thank you david. well investigators have identified the three storm chasers killed in a two vehicle crash in west texas. police say 57-year-old kelly williams son who was there for one weather channel ran a stop sign and slammed into a jeep near the town of spur yesterday. and when he did that he ran into 55-year-old randall yarnelll and 25-year-old corbin yeager inside the jeep live streaming the storm to. tornadoes and heavy rain had been reported in the area at the time of the crash. >> happening today, jurors will deliberating in the first trial stemming from a deadly carjacking at an upscale mall in north jersey.
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henry is one of four men accused of killing dustin freeman. prosecutors say henry was the get away driver. defense lawyers argue henry is not responsible for the shooter's actions. if convicted henry could face life in prison. >> an enormous alligator gave golfers quite a scare at a tournament in south carolina. the gator walked across the course. at first the golfers didn't notice. once they turned around and said wait a second, that's a massive gator they quickly jumped in their carts and sped off. a motorcyclist captured the video of his friend another rider crashing off a cliff. the story of the heart stopping video up next right after the break. >> ♪♪
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>> dramatic video captures a motorcyclist crashing off a cliff and into the angeles national forest in the southern california. a friend was riding with him and took the video along angeles crest highway on sunday, then began searching for his injured friend. >> hey buddy. just don't move okay. don't move your head, don't move your head. you okay? look at me? you okay. >> the vices bike was stuck on a tree.
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the injured rider was airlifted to the hospital but only suffered a fractured shoulder. the tree braced his fall basically. the friend says it is a miracle that he survived. karen. >> scary scene there. looking outside live in new jersey right now this is cherry hill camden county route 38 at haddonfield road where we are clear, we are dry. none of that rain from yesterday. we'll have sunshine today. we're looking pretty good. we've got light volume elsewhere around the region. here is a live who in deptford county route 42 at ooh route 41 traffic headed northbound towards the walt whitman bridge. we've got construction blocking the left lanes as you head towards that bridge on 676 heading towards the walt whitman. you can see speeds of 35 miles an hour right now with construction continuing to block the left lane even as you head towards the schuylkill so really causing problems out there this morning but it should be wrapped up within the next two minutes. no big issue. we have a ramp closed i-95 northbound to broad street. scheduled from 9:00 a.m. to
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3:00 p.m. july to use the ramp for packer avenue instead tam. >> okay, thank you, karen. now taking your first look at business. it's been a rough go for wells fargo. they will be paying $110 million to settle a class action lawsuit. now the bank has been consumed by scandal after it was discovered that employees had opened millions of unauthorized accounts all in order to meet sales quotas and generate fees and in some cases customers had no idea these accounts were being opened in their names. wells fargo's new ceo says the settlement is a step in the bank's journey to make things right with customers. okay food incorporated issued a recall for nearly 1 million pounds of breaded chicken because a handful of consumers have and found metal objects in their food. the oklahoma based manufacturer sells chicken under several brand names. take a look in the freezer and see if you have anything from farmington and wal-mart's great value. the recall affects bred chicken sold between
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december 2016 through march of this year and they have the marking p-7092. major stock indices saw gains on tuesday. the dow going outpatient 150 points and this morning futures are also pointing to a higher hope. frontier airlines adding puerto rico to its route now. the budget airlines announced that they will be flying between philadelphia and san juan in june. it will be the airline's 20th nonstop destination out of philadelphia international airport. >> new on "action news," two students at yale university developed what they claim is the perfect cure for a hangover. seniors margaret morris and liam mcchin tock call their concoction sun up. the citrus powdered mixer contains vitamins and nutrients promoting liver health. >> this is a powder that you take before you start drinking and it helps your liver deal with the stress you're putting it under when you drink. >> you feel less fatigued than normally you are not
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nauseous, no headache. >> their product is now in the hands of a pharmaceutical company. it retails for five dollars for a single packet. >> good for them. >> doctors will tell you though own orange line proven cures. >> don't drink. >> well, after it's happened water and father time. >> yeah. it is now 4:53r police find more than just drugs on a pot bust in chester county. new details this morning coming up at 5:00 a.m. >> ♪♪ ♪ the moments that connect us happen one morning at a time and one cup at a time. folgers, the best part of wakin' up.
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>> a big celebration at temple
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university to honor one of the school's legends. the college of media and communication will officially be named in honor of lew klein. the broadcast pioneer long time educator at temple has led the careers of many tv professionals. kline was one of the earliest employees at channel6 working on shows like american band stand and captain noah's magical arc. temple alum's bob sagget will host. >> nearly 50 shootings in wilmington in four months. what the city mayor plans on doing just one day after man was shot and critically injured. >> more than 100 elderly people are forced from their homes in bucks county. hear why they were forced to evacuate. >> ♪♪
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>> ♪♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪♪ >> good morning. it's 5:00 a.m. now on this wednesday march 29th. here's what's happening. >> a school bus driver drops off a delaware county girl at the wrong house and in the wrong city. >> a drug bust in chester county reveals a sophisticated operation with 100 marijuana plants but something pretty unusual was also discovered. >> an upscale restaurant will no longer need as many children's menus. its new rule is gaining national attention and sparking a parenting debate. >> getting to all that soon. first up let's find out if we finally get some sunshine dave murphy and karen has your commute. good morning. >> well, let's take a look at satellite. we have what looks like a lot of clouds around. they're mostly low lying clouds but they are sort of breaking up a little bit over
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philadelphia and we actually do expect dry air to march in and we should wind up with mostly sunny skies through much of the day. we've slipped to 49 degrees in philadelphia, so cool enough for a jacket this morning. 50 degrees in wilmington 46-degree readings in t
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