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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  March 29, 2017 12:00pm-12:29pm EDT

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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with rick williams, sara bloomquist, and meteorologist, david murphy. good afternoon sara is off.
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we begin with breaking news from philadelphia high school, where a small scare in the classroom prompted a scare for firefighters this morning. a students phone malfunctioned and started to smoke and the school was evacuated briefly as the school assess the situation, the classes resumed as normal. we'll have a live report at 12:30. in other news two former aides to governor chris christie are set to be sentenced tonight. they are in knew yard where a judge will decide their sentence. nora muchanic is following today's sentencing hearings and will have more from newark right now. >> reporter: bridgity kelly a single mother of four was chris christie's chief of staff in
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2014, both were convicted of wire fraud and conspiracy and other charges in their role in the scheme to shut down the george washington bridge as pay back to the democratic mayor of ft. lee who refused to enforce christie in his re-election bid. david wildstein was another appointee who hatched the scheme to shut down two of three toll booths to ft. lee on the first day of school leading to gridlock for four days. he shut down the bridge after receiving the email from kelly time for traffic problems in ft. lee. governor christie was never charged and maintained he knew nothing about the charges. and it is believed to hurt his chances when president trump was picking a running mate. christie was asked if kelly and
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baroni should get jail time. >> the judge will do what the judge thinks appropriate. it's not my role or anybody's role to pass sentence on those that committed crimes. >> paul fishman, says that just because christie wasn't charged doesn't mean he wasn't involved. but that there wasn't enough evidence to get a conviction. a deadly collision is under investigation in mercer county. it happened before 6:00 this morning and police say one person died in the crash on i-195 west near route 130 in hamilton township. traffic is diverted off the exit ramp at that location for several hours. a violent assault led to a brief lock down, and a man was attacked here on the 2500 block of north 24th street at 8:30 this morning. police ordered a lockdown at the
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nearby school and it was lifted at 9:30, it's unclear if the police were able to locate the suspect in the assault. students have the day off in havertown because of storm damage. the lightning destroyed the cross on the john foley school on eagle road yesterday. because of ongoing electrical issues school was canceled for today. turning to accuweather the skies have finally cleared up and the sun is making a return as we look live outside. sky 6 hd showing you the ben franklin bridge on a breezy wednesday afternoon, looking nice. meteorologist, david murphy, tracking the latest conditions from the "action news" big board. >> i think so. we were holding on to cloud cover at dawn this morning but as expected most of the area has cleared out and the exception is down the shore and you see the movement of cloud cover off the coast and skies brighten along the delaware and jersey coastlines wasle.
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temperatures are improving and up to 54 in the city. and after in wilmington and allentown 54 and 53 in reading and trenton. even numbers the exception in cape may where you get a flow off the cool water of the delaware bay. that is helping to cool you down a bit. the winds are a factor. teens across the region in allentown a wind of 20 and occasionally the gusts go 25 our higher and even though the temperatures up are on their way to the 60s you need a coat on hand. and 55 by 2:00 lots of sun and maybe down the shore as well. 4:00, 62 that is going to be the high this afternoon. late in the day, and 59 by 6:00 and back into the mid-50s by 8:00 and the upper 40s as soon as 10:00 and we'll see the numbers plunge tonight getting down foot 30s in most of the region. the next big weather story is this system out to the west.
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a warm front lifting up and area of low pressure and cold front the whole package on the way to the east we'll see rain building in in the morning and at times heavy downpours and soaking rain if the afternoon and evening. i'll have the latest on future tracker 6 detailing friday's rain. >> thank you. this reminder, you can visit, for the very latest forecast throughout the day. there you can see stormtracker 6 live double scan radar and the seven-day forecast, and be sure to interact with our team of meteorologists on facebook and twitter. in other news, residents are picking up the destructive tornadoes in texas number of large homes destroyed near dallas and three storm c crashe their vehicle while racing toward a twister in west texas and died when his truck overturned because of there was chaos in the
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nation's sound of gun fire sent people run woman crashed her ca into a capital police cruiser. lana z now with the latest. as you can see police are on the scene but starting to clear out on lockdown. the authorities are concernedua been so much worse. the stressful situacapital toda. tourists cleared from the area and capital building put down. they were runningp the sidewalk and a second shot and third shot. ots, pretty scary. >> the call of shots fired came. >> the united states capital police officers observed an aggressive and erratic driver and they spotted a cruiser and
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ran over other officers on foot. capitol hill police opened fire and you see the car there with the windows shattered. >> during the attempt to arrest the suspect shots were fired. no individuals were injured during the arrest. >> they are on the alert for vehicular attacks. the concern is that would be terrorists here could try to mirror attacks in nice and london and in this case the initial evidence points elsewhere. although preliminary it appears to be criminal in night your. >> and so far authorities are not say first degree they have a motive. the fbi is deployed to the scene and the story is continuing to unfold. and again just to underscore, they do not believe there was any link to terrorism in this case, but security experts tell police need to respond as though that is a responsibility as well as something much worse like being part ofrdate the
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attack. lana zach, channel 6 "action news." ol hill last night a controversial vote by the republican controlled house could allow cus comcast, at&t and verizon to you d online and sell it to advertisers. f signed by president trump to track the sites you visit and the apps you use and physical location and secretly sell that information without your consent. a big celebration is happenuniversity. the school of media and communications is officially klein, the broadcast pioneer at temple led the careers of many tvprofessio employee at channel 6 and produced american bandstand and
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captain noah's magical arc. and a plane skids off the runway and bursts in flames, what may have caused this mishap. and thousands gather for the victims of last week's terror attack in london. and meteorologist, david murphy, has your seven-day forecast when "action news" at noon continues.
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a plane full of passengers skidded off the runway in peru and burst into flames, amazingly all 131 people on board of the plane survived. it happened yesterday when the plane tried to land north of lima, officials say it caught fire because of the forced landing and the pilot is praised for avoiding a major disaster and it's believed that strong winds may have pushed the plane off the runway. two united nations investigators are found dead in central congo, the bodies of western pennsylvania native sharp and catlan were buried in a shallow grave. they went missing on 12th while investigating human rightsons. and a vigil was held on the westminstertribute to the pedes were rundown and killed a
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ofd another vigil was held at cer killed outside of parliament. by police. the united kingdom officially filed for divorce on letter was handed to the european council to fbrexit. and the two sides hrch 2019 to s of the theresa may called it a histori turning back. and the team owners heveral meant to speed up the game and improve p the refs will now watch replays on the field using surfaces eli go under the hood and watch on fewer restrictions on how players can c plays. still ahead on "action news" at look at the latest
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samsung is facing the biggest challenge yet the release of the galaxy 8. they hope is redeems their reputation after the fire prone
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galaxy note 7. it goes on sale in two sizes on april 21st. >> some delta airlines customers were furious that they were never told that a measles patient was on the plane. only a handful of passengers were notified before the flight from minneapolis to omaha and the rest found out afterwards on social media. >> they say it's only necessary to inform the person sitting within two rows near the person and everyone else is considered to be at low risk. the fda approved a new eczema drug a whole new approach to treatment. the injectable is only meant for moderate to severe eczema. and it plays a role in the inflammation and immune system. it comes with a high cost. $37,000 a year and side effects can include cold soars and eye
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problems. the "action news" team is out working on stories for tonight at 4:00. >> coming up today at 4:00, gone but not forgotten there is clearly an ongoing effort to put names to faces killed in the vietnam war. they have thousands of photos and hope for even more. they belong to veterans for our area the ones missing. the project is bound for washington. and you may have noticed wacky changes to your facebook app. the new feature making the social media giant looking a whole lot more like one of its competito competitors. >> thank you. two students at yale university are getting the most out of their ivy league education, they claim they found a hang over cure.
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we have breaking news from newark, new jersey, a former aide to governor chris christie is going to prison for his role in the bridge gate scandal. he is sentenced to two years in prison. another aide bridget kel yes is expected to learn her fate today. it's nice out there. >> breezy and i would recommend a jacket on the way out. stormtracker 6 live double scan shows you the rain is long gone and as we take a ride along chopper 6 hd along garnett valley, pennsylvania, some of those horses are sleeping in. that is me on a saturday morning right there. 54 is your current temperature in philadelphia and your winds are out of the northwest at 14 miles per hour and they are on the breezy side and we are looking at potential gusts as high as 25 to 35 miles per hour this afternoon.
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54 in philadelphia and 56 in wilmington. 54 in allentown and 51 in a.c. and 51 in a.c. and the shore even there you see the clouds thin a bit. and some of that stuff up to the north is trying to pop down later in the day. but with down sloping from the mountains we think fairly bright conditions for the rest of the way. the lehigh valley 58 degrees and sunny and breezy in the afternoon. at the shore mostly sunny skies and breezy conditions and 56 degrees on the chilly side but not bad and getting brighter as we speak. in philadelphia we have broken through to lots of sun and we'll maintain bright conditions and breezy as well. a high of 62 degrees and the form wind 10 to 20 miles per hour and occasionally a higher gust. for the evening commute, it looks bright. 62 is your high at 4:00 and down to 60 at 5:00 and the numbers start to fall as we get down
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toward sun down and 47 at 7:00 and the overnight low in philadelphia expected to be 35 degrees, winds will fall back a bit but under mostly clear skies with the winds dropping some suburbs may get down to 30. that means tomorrow morning when you wake up it will be colder than the last several mornings. tomorrow afternoon high pressure is right close by in the morning, that will knock the winds down and provide us with a sunny start. cooler but not bad and high clouds filter in through the afternoon and the approach of the warm front and the storm system bringing us rain on friday. in fact, future tracker 6 shows us that as soon as the morning rush hour we could get wet in the western suburbs and 12:00 until 3:00 steadier rain coming through and by 2:00 damp in the region and straight through the rest of the evening and soaking rain is possible at times and friday morning starts out damp
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and later on in the afternoon and evening we are looking at a soaker out of the way probably by early saturday morning. 62 is today's high and bright and breezy conditions out there. 55 tomorrow and less wind and high clouds streaking in and on friday, chilly with periods of rain and 48 is the high and some of that rain later in the period will be steady. and we get to saturday and perhaps a damp start for some and i think we'll start to see some sun come back and drying not morning on saturday and partly sunny and 61 and nice way to close out the weekend. and monday 63 and partly sunny and both days featuring showers and clouds on tuesday and wednesday. >> a nice day to visit longwood gardens. "action news" got a sneak peek into the five year $90 million restoration at longwood gardens, including 4,000 pieces of
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limestone, cutting edge water technology that will bring the fountains to 170 feet in the air and a brand new garden experience called the grotto, it opens officially on may 27th. >> there is much more ahead in our next half our of "action news" at 12:30. a man is seen with a gas can in his hands and a short time later cars catch fire, details on the search for the arson suspect in philadelphia coming up. and tom wolf weighs in on the future for d.a. seth williams following his federal indictment. those stories and more when we come right back.
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"action news" at 12:30 continues with rick williams, sara bloomquist and meteorologist, david murphy. hello again sara is off and here are the story wrez following for you now on "action news" at 12:30. firefighters respond to a call at a philadelphia high school. after a student's cell phone starts smoking and we are live with the latest. a woman arrested at capitol hill after running her car into a police cruiser causing it to open fire and a daring rescue in california saving a boy from a cliff. and breaking news in california where a student's phone started to smoke in school. causing scary moments in class and nobody was hurt and fire officials were called to the scene to investigate. walter perez is live outside of
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west philadelphia high with more. hey rick as you mentioned nobody was injured and the evacuation order was lifted and all clear here at west philadelphia high school. the whole thing started at 10:45 this morning when a student on the third floor reported that his or her cell phone fell from the storage area underneath the desk and when it hit the ground it made a sizzling noise and the student kicked it away out of concern, and it started smoking and following protocol the school evacuated and called 911 and the firefighters did a sweep of the third floor and the evacuation was lifted and the all clear was given. all is well that ends well. >> the safety of our students is paramount and so we take all necessary precautions for that. >> reporter: so no word at this time of the make of the


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