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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  March 29, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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today the alleged shooter was in court facing the chance of a murder trial. it's wednesday night and monica is off and sharrie williams is joining us and the big story is today's hearing in the death of corner store owner maria buck. vernon odom was in court today and is live in center city with the details. >> reporter: sharrie, rick, good evening. just moments ago maurice green was held for murder trial for the christmas eve killing of the grocery store owner in philadelphia. >> i don't know, i don't know if he was looking for my nephew. >> outside of court today maria buck wants answered she is the daughter of marie buck the murder victim in this case. on christmas eve morning marie buck was shot and killed inside of her corner grocery store on south sixth street. it was not a robbery the city was aghast, charges with murder
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this man, reputted drug dealer, maurice green. he shot her 11 times, seeking revenge against her son. who schemed with his drug addict girlfriend to steal and hock green's gold chain. >> i want justice for her. there is no reason for someone to come into my mom's store and kill her for no reason. no words were said nothing. >> and they are helping prosecutors establish their case against green, there is no evidence that he told anyone about the crime only interview of this chevy with tinted windows believed to be greens driving through the neighborhood and video of at ledged gunman in black with his face covered. but for buck's family the verdict is in. >> i didn't realize how cruelly my mother was shot. she suffered because the first
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couple of shots would never have killed her. >> rick, for the record these are allegations against maurice green, he has entered a not guilty plea and no trial date has been set yet. >> live at the criminal justice center i'm vernon odom, channel 6 "action news." >> all right thank you. philadelphia's chief financial watch dog says that former mayor, michael nutter owes the city tens of thousands of dollars and that the former mayor use the money that was to better philadelphia for questionable expenses. "action news" reporter, chad pradelli is live at philadelphia city hall with the story. >> reporter: yes rick the city cos nowning $240,000 in charges in 2015, and calling on mayor michael nutter, the former mayor and others to reimburse the fund. >> city controllern butkovitz is concerned about the
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money spent onering at mayor michael nutter farewell party at the university of arts. >> he raised money privately for his two inaugurations but his party on leaving he did not do the same. >> butkovitz found now approval for the additional $219,000 in 2015. a spending included. $50,000 in center city marriott accommodations and 45,000 in airfare and 8,000 in uber rides and called on nutter and former chairwoman desiree bell and others to provide the documentation or reimburse the fund. >> because it's not city money that doesn't mean it's a grab bag of cash with no oversight or accountability. >> it's largely funded by funds from it's philadelphia marathon and they tell "action news" that the mayors fund i used when
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eatedly defended ld not. the charges in the past and nutter said that every expent tour is proper and for an approved purpose. he stopped short of calling the actions criminal but the findings were referred to the offices of local and federal authorities. >> in addition to taking reimburse many the board needs to take actions to assure the activity does not continue. >> and the extechive director reliefs this statement that says, recommendations from colements and any recommendations from today will be reviewed and possibly implemented. as for nutter and bell, attempts to reach them for comment is unsuccessful. chad pradelli, channel 6 "action news." >> okay, chad, thank you. two former aides to new jersey governor, chris christie
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is heading to prison for hire role in the bridge gate scandal. bridget kelly and bill baroni are sentenced for the pay back. kelly received 18 months and baroni two years. >> today as been a difficult day for me and for my children. but i want to assure my kids and everyone else that this fight is far from over. i will not allow myself to be the scapegoat in this case and i look very much forward to the appeal. >> the acting u.s. attorney called today's judgment, quote fair and reasonable. in washington, president trump has tapped governor christie to lead the fight against america's opioid epidemic. president trump and other big names in law enforcement gathered at the white house today. christie will lead trump's new
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addition commission. he is honored to take on theest. >> the most important thing to me is that the president and i both agree that addiction is a disease. and it's a disease that can be treated. >> the governor has already made the fight an cornerstone of his final year in office. that includes signing a law for state regulated insurance plans to cover addiction treatment. also in washington today. a chaotic situation forces several office buildings to be on lock down for shots fire. they saw a woman driving wildly and tried to stop her and she tried to speed off nearly hitting several officers in the process. police opened fire eventually arresting the woman inside of the vehicle and no one was hurt. >> we are following breaking fuse "action news" has just learned that police have made an dalism of a
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local synagogue. the suspect is a 13-year-old boy. is he accused of throwing a baseball size rock through a stained glass window at temple man your a and if it's linked to other vandalism at the same synagogue. lets look at penn's landing from sky 6 hd, and it's bright and breezy and a chance to get outside however another change is on the way and keep the umbrellas handy. meteorologist, cecily tynan is live on the terrace with the details tonight. >> how great it is to finally see the sunshine, it's been a while and in fact today was the first sunny day since last thursday, our high so far 61 degrees and slightly above normal. 3 degrees above the normal high of 57 and feeling cool especially when are you in the shade though. with the gusty wins up to 25
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miles per hour. and satellite and radar showing high pressure is carving out the slice of nice right over us. loads of sunshine and that high pressure will be over us tonight as well. but there is a storm system waiting in the wings, double scan live radar showing this is actually a pretty powerful storm and bringing some tornado warnings out across the midwest than system will be heading toward the ohio valley and kind of reforming as a coastal storm and that will bring us a soaking rain to end the month of march and end our work week. look ago head we have one more dry day ahead tomorrow. increasing clouded as we head through the day and friday though grab the umbrella and the winter coat it's soggy and chilly and the weekend kind of a half and half weekend we'll talk more about that and rainfall totals expected on friday coming up in the full accuweather forecast. >> all right cecily thank you. >> time for the "action news" traffic report. >> gina gannon is in for matt pellman in the traffic center with the latest.
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>> hi rick and sharrie, we are seeing very busy roadways out there this evening. looking live at the big picture we have some slow speeds out there. 9 miles per hour on the vine street expressway and seeing 40 -- i don't know about that one we see red out there on 95. andraveling on the schuylkill pr. on the eastbou 18 westbos per h on the blue route. lets head outside to the roosevelt boulevard if you try to make your way into northeast philadelphia and take the northeast side of the boulevard it's a major slow go from 76 out to ninth street and hit the brakes the whole way allow for more name and hit the breaks on it's southbound side approaching 76 and 76 itself delays in both direction. >> thank you gina. there is more ahead on "action news" at 5:00. a rare sight on capitol hill. amid the investigation into possible ties between the trump campaign and
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coming up at 5:30 why the ranking members of the intelligence committee joined forces in front of the med a me from the first lady how melania trump honored women difference around the world.
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homes the dallas texas area were destroyed after straight line winds destroyed three and damage others. one man was injured in all of this and cars were damaged when a brick call collapsed on tom of them. and three storm chasers were killed while racing toward a possible tornado. and melania trump attended the national women of courage awards honoring women for equal rights and gender equality and mrs. trump says that time for empowering women around the world is now. >> must continue to fight injustice in all of its forms in whatever scale or shape it takes in our lives.
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together we must declare that the era of allowing the brutality against women and children is over. >> the honorees came from all over including bangladesh and the congo and sri lanka. it may be spring but the flu virus is going around and they saw three more flu related deaths in the past weeks and it's the overall highest it has been in the last decade. ali gorman joins us at the big board with more on that. >> reporter: hi guys, the latest deaths in delaware were in three different counties, all in senior citizens with other health problems, the flu season is winding down and it seems to be lingering so you have to keep your guard up. even in april last year there was several flu related deaths, right now pennsylvania is reporting lower numbers but still with widespread flu
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activity. delaware continues to see cases and new jersey reports lower flu activity this week, to protect yourself make sure you wash your hands frequently or high risk for publications or young children or elderly parents if they have flu like symptoms call their health care provider. and drugs for severe eczema will be ale vabl later this week. it was fast tracked by the fda the first to treat the itchy rash from the inside. it blocks two proteins in the inflammation. the patients had clear skin or nearly clear skin in four months and helps the emotional side effects that takes its toll on people. >> absenteeism at work and low self esteem by having the eruption that people tend to stare at. >> determine alcohol gifts
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expect the new drug to get covered by insurance because there are few treatments for serious cases. as of now the price is $37,000. and finally who says all medical people have to be stuffy. i don't obviously. but just in case saturday night some will be showing the lighter side for a good cause. they are tuning up this week for cure concert.ocs diabetes four local rock bands that all include doctors and nurses and other health care professionals will perform at world cafe live and the mus ranges from chico nd stevie wonder and other rock favorites. the conce benefits the juvenile diabetes foundation and they have raise the previously $40 million for the cause. ting ets are $40 and can you purchase them online.
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and we have all the information at and you can check out all the other videos of bands playing. >> we believe are you there playing the tambourine. >> nobody asked me. speaking of music, singer/songwriter, bob dylann gets his prize after all. in literature. they will hanover the award before or after one of his performances in stockholm this weekend but if he wants the $900,000 prize that comes with the medal he has to deliver a lecture in sweden and is considering giving a taped version before the deadline in june. and the show of support for sustainable living in delaware county. and a lesson in the arts for middle schoolers.
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certainly a nice day for gardening especially if it's part a college project. here at widener university in chester a number of students conducted a tree planting ceremony as part of an event for the environment. the second year for the sustainable showcase, they take
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part in discussions and get their hands dirty with tree plantings like this one. kids from philadelphia schools are working to improve their own neighborhoods. students across the city spent the last eight weeks for issues in their own communities, today they presented the xlugsz to a panel of judges and those children go on to present the work in a national convention in aspen, colorado. hundreds of middle schoolers got a taste of careers in the arts today. the local non-profit group fresh artists is holding the full jobs expo this week connecting students with professionals that made their mark in creative industries. >> there are jobs that people love for life was time that somebody defined them and found role models that did them. and could basically talk one to one with the kids about how they wake up every mornings and can't wait to get
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to work. >> even "action news" photographer got in on the fun e cameras, the very cameras we use every day to bring you the news here at "action news." >> that is pretty cool. still to come on "tion news" at 5:00, a check of the forecast for you. sky 6 hd giving us a live look at philadelphia international airport and the blue sky that comes with it. accuweather is next. ♪
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. lets go live to kenneth currently wilmington 63 and allentown slightly cooler at 57
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and atlantic city 57 and trenton 59 degrees. look at the wind speeds, winds to 15 miles per hour out of the northwest and definitely on the breezy side and high pressure is building in. that high pressure is over us tonight and moving off the coast tomorrow. satellite and radar showing the big picture, pretty powerful storm system right now moving out of the plains and causing severe weather, tornado watches are posted and what that low pressure will do is ride up along the ohio valley and transfer its energy to a coastal low than brings us the soaking rain on friday. also pull in a lot of cold air. tonight though the high pressure moves over us the winds will relax with clear skies and we'll have pretty good radiational cooling because it will be chilly tonight. 35 in philadelphia the low and allentown 30 and wilmington 36 and cape may 38, and trenton 34 degrees, as we head through the day it won't be quite as mild as
5:27 pm
today. increasing clouds when start with the high thin clouds at 7:00. late in the afternoon the clouds thicken and temperatures making it up into the mid-50s and it will be dry tomorrow. but then on friday, that is when the rain arrives. that same storm system also will bring severe weather, there is a moderate risk of severe weather for the tennessee valley and parts of mississippi and kentucky a good possibility of wind damage and hail and even some tornadoes, fortunately for us we won't get severe weather on friday. but all of the computer models showing anywhere from more than an inch of rain to two inches of rain than helps to get us to to average for precipitation, the five-day at 5:00 tomorrow we start with sun and increasing clouds and 55 degrees and friday it's pretty nasty, cold and windy and wet. 4 8 degrees and saturday transition day and sunday sun with high thin clouds and 61 and monday it clouds up with
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republican showers arriveling late with highs of 60 degrees and some linger into tuesday. adam will talk about that in the seven-day forecast. thank you. we'll take a break more news when we come right back. hey, neighbor. well, if it isn't the second most famous groundhog in pennsylvania. wow, you were some athlete. back in the day, g. well, you can still go for gold... ahh, million dollar gold rush, the new instant game from the pennsylvania lottery. with top prizes of a million dollars. see, you still got game, dwayne. i got instant game, gus. instant game. (giggles) keep on scratchin'.
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"action news" continues with adam joseph, jaime apody, rick williams and monica malpass. >> hello again, monica is off and sharrie williams is joining us tonight. here is what is happen on "action news" wednesday evening. mayor dana redd makes a major announcements about her political future and the city of camden. we are live with the late breaking details. an out of control car slams into a lehigh valley gas station while a patron is inside shopping. and the house investigation into russia's role in our election stalls as the senate gets ready to start its own probe. we have the latest from washington tonight. >> but first breaking news. the mayor of camden dana redd, announced she will not seek re-election. >> redd has served since 2010 and gray hall is live outside of camden city hall. gray hall is live with more on her decision.
5:31 pm
>> reporter: that press conference is still happening right now as we speak. i can tell you that the mayor says that camden is a city of hope and promise and she said that some eight years ago when she took this job the goal was to make the city safer and better, and for many she tackles the impossible and feels she was successful. take a listen. >> from the first moment i raised my hand to take the only of office i started tackling what many thought was again, impossible and impractical. my journey began with assemblying a dynamic team of dedicated public serve antss would like me had no hidden agenda or self serving agenda. we wanted nothing more than to see camden succeed. >> she was in charge since 2010, but dana redd says after two terms it's time for a change. she will not seek re-election. a camden native mayor redd knew the challenges she faced when
5:32 pm
she ran for office. for years camden ranked as one of the most dangerous and poor city but under her leadership a reduction in crime and improvement in test scores and economic boom. those close to the mayor like frank moran say that the city has seen tremendous progress. >> prior to the seven and a half years since she has been in office we when from the first of the worst to role model city. we are looking at all over is the country as a role model city of what you can do. >> mayor redd was at et helm when the city fired its police force and that made to more police patrolling that resulted in safer streets. and it's connected to the passion for a city that she governors and one she grew up in. >> she is able to work with people. and compel people to want to do more not only for the city but for the reads of the city. she is born and raised in the
5:33 pm
city. she is a camden girl and loves the city with all her heart. >> back out live this news conference is still happening, the mayor is still at the podium. not clear what their next role will be. but she says she will spend more time with her family. we also learned that mayor redd will be endorsing city council president, frank moran as the city's next mayor. gray hall, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. in other news tonight, an assault led to the temporary lock down of an elementary school in philadelphia this morning. chopper 6 hd was over the william dix school over the 2400 block of north 24th street. just after 8:00 officers responded to a shooting in the area and the school was put on lock down as a precaution and it turns out there was no shooting and authorities are still looking for a suspect. the victim was rushed to the hospital for treatment. chopper 6 hd was over north philadelphia as firefighters
5:34 pm
checked out a small fire outside of the save a lot market along dolphin street. they say it started in an aisle and sprinklers knocked out most of it, but the smoke was pouring from the storm nobody inside was hurt. a west oak lane man convicted of trying to kill his wife and toddler will spent the next decade or more in prisz prison. burton stabbed his wife and their 21-month-old daughter at her their home on west oak lane and both were critically injured but survived the attack. from the knowledge newsroom these five people from trenton area facing now criminal charges that stem from a month long investigation by the new jersey state police. they are accused of possessing drugs including heroin and marijuana as well as weapons ammo and more than $25,000 in
5:35 pm
cash. two people are recovering from minor injuries tonight after a car drove into a convenience store in allentown. it happened this morning. take a look at the damage inside of the a-plus sunoco gas station at 12th and hamilton streets, the car went through the front door and into the store and they suffers injuries and went to the hospital to be treated. paramedics took them to the hospital as well. speed and wet roads were factors in this early morning crash on the roosevelt boulevard it happened on the southbound lanes of oxford circle and one was rear ended by another. and veered into the median, two people were hurt but both are expected to be okay. the white house still cannot say how the chairman of the house intelligence committee made it on to the white house grounds to meet with a source about the investigation foo surveillance claims. the senate intelligence committee now says they will
5:36 pm
move forward with their investigation into russia's meddling into the 2016 presidential election. stephanie ramos reports from washington. >> we are here to assure you and more important the american people watching and listening that we'll get to the bottom of this. >> the ranking members of the intelligence committee in a rare joint news conference say that staffers are looking into possible ties between trump aides and russia. they also say that they have asked to interview 20 people including ivanka trump's husband and the president's adviser, jared kushner. >> on the house side, meetings are are old and meetings postponed and the chairman of the house committee devon nunez is not budging refusing to recuse himself after the secret meeting on white house grounds. today sean spicer says that the administration has no authority how the house committee done
5:37 pm
ku conducts itself. >> we ask the house and intelligence committees. but who let nunez on the white house grounds. >> i don't have anything for you on that at it time. >> spicer says that there seems to be a fascination of how nunez got his information. how did he get here and what door did he enter. as opposed to what is the substance of what we are finding. >> they will hold a possible hearing on trump russia ties tomorrow. stephy ramos, channel 6 "action news." british prime minister theresa may said today that she believes the country's best days lie ahead as she lays out her plans to leave the european union. article 50 was handed to the eu's top official starting the process and now the uk has two
5:38 pm
years to unwind four and a half decades and many calls it bold and risky. few have walk add way from a large and prosperous alliance in favor of a solo path. and they have voted to block online privacy regulations the first step to allow internet providers to sell the browsing habits of their customers. among the protections approved by the commission and it goes to president's desk and the white house says today that the white house strongly supports the repeal. david muir will have more on the top stories including the house and senate investigations and russia's involvement in our elections watch it at 6:30 following "action news" at 6:00. all right time to get a check of the roadways midweek, back we go to gina in for matt in the traffic center. >> reporter: hi rick and shar write we start with an accident unfortunately but it's pushed to
5:39 pm
the shoulder 95 northbound past the vine street expressway it's pushed off really in the off ramp area and police are on the scene but we have delays in this area reaching back to the walt whitman bridge, you want to give yourself more time and southbound delays as well. 22 minutes from wood haven and the vine. and last check the delays reached from the betsy ross bridge to the girard and the vine street expressway we always have delays in and out of center city philadelphia. the westbound side tapping approaching 76 and eastbound really 76 to 95 and you saw 95 that could only make this delay even worse, plan ahead and give yourself more time. lets take a look at the schuylkill expressway 76 this is a live look at montgomery drive, this is your eastbound delay and we see our biggest travel time right now, between the blue route and vine 37 minutes. definitely a slow go out there. westbound a half hour, all know not delayed here but expect delays approaching city avenue. >> thank you. still to come on "action
5:40 pm
news" tonight a solemn ceremony in london to remember the lives lost one week ago in a terror attack near parliament. and rescuers have one second to act to save a little boy that ended up perched on the side of a cliff with just inches to stand on. >> the sunshine is back in full force and we are tracking the next system in the nation's heartland with severe weather and heavy rain and brings new england snow and heavy rain for us. >> all right and jaime apody has sports including eagles, flyers and phillies news.
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5:43 pm
britain's prince william lay aid wreath for the police officer killed last week while protecting the house of parliament. keith palmer was stabbed in the courtyard on the grounds of parliament last wednesday. massud who was report thely inspired by isis killed four on the west minister bridge.
5:44 pm
thousands came to the bridge to remember the victims of that attack. and a daring rescue in china after a boy is trapped on the face of a cliff. he got stuck in a crevice and because it was vertical they pro polled down from the edge of the cliff and careply lured him to the ground and the boy was frightened by not hurt. big rescue there. time for sports and the eagles tonight. we are not hearing from the players but the owners. >> it's a long time. jeffrey used to give the state of the team avenue year but he is keeping a low profile. the owners meeting arion way in arizona and the eagles brass doing some talking and we hear from doug peterson and the birds made a lot of changes with
5:45 pm
weapons to help carson wentz to succeed and expect a big improvement in 2017. >> are we satisfied with 7-9? not at all. we want to be better than that. and we will be better than that. and i look at myself and i'm included in that. you are never satisfied the first year way new coach and quarterback 7-9 and you am more than expected with the direction of the franchise, it's great to walk around here and having the feeling that i do. >> coming off a win in brooklyn sixers are back home after a five game road trip to host the hawks and no jahlil okafor. the sixers will not quit. jordan wheels scores late in regulation and had the only goal in the shootout. they didn't gain ground but could not afford to lose it
5:46 pm
because boston also won. >> we control what we can control. we go out and do it every game. we'll try to win every single game. >> the same thing watching players doing more stressful and teams are going to win and teams are going to lose but we obviously have to win that is all that matters. >> hard to believe we are less than a week away from real baseball, philadelphia opens in in cincinnati five-days from now. and in the other match-up the phillies facing ace justin verlander in lakeland and the shot down the right field line drops down for a triple in the first and herrera scores to give the phillies a 1-0 lead and they crush this one in the third and the phils beat the tigers, so two games and two wins. they have to say good-bye to
5:47 pm
their clearwater roommates, last year rupp's living situation was not ideal and thissier rupp tried to fix things and now it's an inside look. >> it's a new year and i'm feeling great and i finally got rid of my roommate, he was messy, dirty and smelled bad and always had friends over and i dumped had him off on the new guy lets see how it is. >> are you kidding me? what is this? >> hi cameron what's up? >> he changed. thanks best roommate ever. >> ha, ha, ha. >> the phanatic knows better than to mess with howie kendrick. new guy. i'm treating him the right way. >> that is great. all right from our delaware newsroom tonight a new exhibit
5:48 pm
brings out your investigate of side. a new sherlock holmes exhibit in wilmington of the most notorious fakes and form forgeries. a knockoff painting so real it was sold to a gallery and fake and real chanel suits and baseball memorabilia said to be autographed by babe ruth and mickey mantle. or were they? . fios is not cable. we're wired differently. maybe that's why we've been ranked highest in customer satisfaction by jd power 4 years in a row. and now you can love fios too. get 150 meg internet, tv and phone. all for $79.99 per month, for the first year with a two-year agreement. it's the only internet with equal upload and download speeds. cable only offers upload speeds that are a fraction of the download speeds. plus get hbo for a year and free multi-room dvr service for two years.
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headache and weakness. ready to let go of hep c? ask your hep c specialist about harvoni. drone 6 is live over sharrie williams williams house? no this is longwood gardens. an engineering feat to keep it as beautiful as it is. >> it is my backyard. >> i thought it was. >> they have nine miles of fountain pipes and 10,000 gallons of water circulated per minute and hundreds of pumps and nozzles and thousands of lights working together to create the magical displays you see here from drone 6. longwood gardens beautiful any way but seeing it from this vantage point from this time of day. >> all the gardens from the conversetory you see down on the fountains as well. and this time of year everything
5:52 pm
is starting to perk up and wake up, so to speak. and sometime before -- >> they have nice indoor stuff as well. as you take a look at the sky 6 hd live right now, showing all blue. this is like a wash of blue here from the sky to the delaware river over the commodore barry bridge a barge just went under the bridge you see there on the left part of your screen and what a day it was, and this is the first real day of full sunshine since last thursday. so now that the sun is finally back, i went to my twitter account. i'm on there all the time. i was curious how you take advantage of this day. 21% said exercising outdoors and 57% were stuck in the office and 22% were relaxing in the rays. and those rays warmed us quite a bit. philadelphia 61 and 63 wilmington and 62 millville and
5:53 pm
dover and upper 50s to the north and west and a bit of a win coming in off the atlantic water especially long beach island the temperature there just 48 degrees but the ocean has gone up to 46 where just a few weeks ago it was 41 degrees. high pressure is in control with the light northerly win and that continues to pull in speeds of 20 to 25 miles per hour earlier but that continues to dwindle and it will be down to 5 to 10 miles per hour overnight but we are tracking another pretty impressive system in the midwest right now, near wichita, that is the senter of the low and east of there is tornado watches popping up south of st. louis and west of memphis and that goes into the ohio valley tomorrow and tonight chilly and winds relaxing 30 to 35 degrees and a bit after i chill with the clear sky and tomorrow high
5:54 pm
pressure is anchored nearby and it loses its punch and sun in the morning gives way to increasing cloud as head of the system and that works across the area, new low starts to develop along this to our south, that means we are on the cooler side 48 degrees with the raw easterly win and 48 degrees and rain all day not the best of combinations in fact. it is a true soaking rain friday into saturday morning. and you can see a general 1 to 2 inches of rain across the board here as we end the week and begin the upcoming weekend. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast take advantage of tomorrow it is dry and 55 and not as bright as beautiful as today. and then again it goes downhill on friday and that is the worst really of the next four days or so. 48 degrees and lingering clouds and a few morning showers and 55. and we brighten the sky back up the second half the weekend and clouds race in on monday and 60 degrees with another round of soaking rain on tuesday before
5:55 pm
it drys out wednesday of 64 degrees. we get the dry days between but this is quite a bit of rain coming in over the next week or so. >> thank you adam. be sure to take a look at this. 6 abc meteorologist, chris sowers when back to the classroom. he was not the student but the teacher at the whitman elementary school in elementary school in gloucester county. the students listened closely as he explained to the class weather phenomenons including tornadoes.
5:56 pm
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right now the "action news" team is by with these stories next at 6:00. two former chris christie aides receive prison time for their role in the bridge gate scandal. plus, the name change for temple university's media and
5:58 pm
communications school. that and more coming up next. for the entire "action news" team i'm rick williams, join me next for "action news" at 6:00.
5:59 pm
jim will be along later this evening. i'm rick williams in the news president trump taps chris christie to lead an opioid abuse task force.
6:00 pm
but the big story tonight on "action news" is prison time for two former aides to chris christie in the bridge gate scandal. bridget kelly and bill baroni were sentenced for their roles in shutting down lanes on the george washington bridge in 2013 as part a political vendetta and questions remain on how much their former boss, chris christie, knew of the plan. nora muchanic covered the sentencing is live from newark with the full story. >> reporter: rick, the federal judge who sentenced the two called their actions an outrageous display of abuse of power and the bridge gate trial exposed a political culture other you are with us or against us and if you are against us you pay a price and two players now have been sentenced to jail. the lawyers for bridget kelly, once the governor's chief of
6:01 pm
staff asked that the mot


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