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tv   Action News at 600 AM  ABC  March 30, 2017 6:00am-6:52am EDT

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thursday, march 30. here's what's happening. >> developing overnight police are on the deadly officer-involved shooting in new castle county. wh t to shots fired. >> tense moments at two area schools when police discover air guns inside both buildings. fulfillgh school is not his to david and fi the last hour or so. of some spots repti scenehere repairing r, they boulevard,hat you're good o
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go, tam. >> thank you k overnight, we're getting new information about a deadly officer-involved shooting in new castle county. police say an officer fired at . katherine scott is live near the apartment complex in new castle, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, tam, police say a 28-year-old man investigation, there's still a manor the flat bed tru right inside messeds so a welfarewith an officer shots e died. th person they we pener this hap >> i have kids in the stay here an go back to w has go to work. i go to sleep. >> reporter: right now what you're looking at is this car they are towing from rogers manor park whic street from coachman's manor. when you first came to me they were loading it up on the flat bed truck. they are approaching the end of
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the driveway, they have stopped for a moment. we're waiting for more information from police as to what exactly happened. this all investigation. katherine scott channel 6 "action news." >> thank you for that. the search continuesho hite officer with his car in southwest philadelphia. the officer is okay, he managed shot at the suspect after the incident at 56th and woodby last night. they came upon a man trying to drag a woman out of a green minivan. the suspect ended uphe officer d dragging him with the minivan and then took off. police later minivan. there's no sign of the man or woman. students were caught bringing air guns to two different area schools in two separate incidents. police found one at the high school on henry roxborough yesterday afternoon. the student was taken
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questioning and the lockdown was lifted. the school cooperating with the incident. the other incident happened at daniel boon high school in birdsboro, berksou spot washingt happened to be a semi automatic pistol and folding knife. police 15-year-old boy. u.s. marshals are assisting in the search for an elderly judge who went missing near his scranton home. edwin cossic just recently al cases because of health issues. he is driving a gray acura with drivers side damage. the marshal service is planning a news conference later today. a 13-year-old is facing charges in connection with the vandalism at a tacony synagogue
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he hurled sized rock at the synagogue. it was captured on surveillance video. police have not linked the to other cases in december and january. a man has moved second place as the richest man in the world. >> jeff b richest person. he is worth more$75 billion acc. he received a nice boost yesterday thanks to a jump in amazon stock. number one is bill gates amassed 86 billion-dollar for turn. stocks were mixed yesterday. futures are pointing to a lower open and we have reports on gdp
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and jobless claims today. back over to you. >> david, let's make the best out of thursday, because friday will be tricky. >> reporter: friday will be a wetter day. as we start out the morning commute we'll have early sun and a few high clouds over the ben franklin bridge. the clouds will get thicker as the day goes on. 38 degrees in philadelphia, though. as expected the testers have dipped we're -- temperatures have allentown. 35 in trenton and wilmington, below freezing in f m that. sunshine early you can see how the clouds are streaking in from the west. the shot saw over the ben franklin bridge a moment ago is that little guy right there. thicker as the day goes on. we'll have sprinkles and showers most of us that will hold off
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until later tonight the way cooler, high of right now. 54 not as windy as yesterday. down the shore a bit cooler today high of 54. sun and increasing clouds again not as breezy over by the coast. in philadelphia, wind light 6 to 12 miles per hour. mixing with increasing high clouds during the day and cooler high of 55 not bad for this time of theyea. overnight 40 degrees with mostly cloudy skies, we're looking at some at least spotty rain developing in the overnight hours, notice how the winds begin to pick up as thehe southt gets closer to us and starts to turn the winds. tomorrow, that low pressure us, 48 degrees cloudy all day, some rain early, some steadier rain later in the day and at night, raw east wind making it uncomfortable. you'll be hunching your shoulders tomorrow. 6:00 a.m. there's the possibility of sprinkles and showers around more pronounced
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rain moving in the afternoon. later in the afternoon and evening we'll be on the look out for cells that wilheavy to stea. some of that will continue until 11:00 p.m. the good news for the weekend this rotates out quickly and early saturday morning as early as 6:00 a.m., the bulk of the rain could be gone maybe lingin way that plays out. it's looking like that for the last 24 hours or so. 55 today, high clouds replacing the sunshine as the day goes on. not a bad day. chillier periods of rain steadier in the day cool high of 5 degrees. 55 degrees. suay there. monday more clouds and rain arriving later at night. tuesday looks unsettled with
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occasional rain and drizzle dry on wednesday. >> temperatures look 6:11 a.m., changes are coming to the oscars, the academies want to make sure this best picture blunder doesn't happen again. some people leave behind strange things when they take over. we have the list of the company's ranking of the most forgettable cities, did they put philadelphia on this list? we'll have to find out. >> reporter: looking live at the have the e-z pass express lanes shut dow in new jersey when we come right back. >> welcome back taking a live a
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international, nice clear start to your thursday morning, 6:14, 38 degrees, crystal clear, in fact karen rogers notes how clear it is. >> reporter: i am noting that, traffic is moving nicely, we'red traffic at trooper an easy five minute ride so far from oaks to 202. you can see the volume at trooper starting to build right now. a couple of accidents one in burlington county, springfield township, 206 at monmouth road. a watch for that accident. upper darby a vehicle hit a pole erere's downed wires this could e a little bit, beverly boulevard, garrett road.
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live on the vine street expressway, westbound traffic getting busy heading toward the schuylkill expressway. not a total heading toward the schuylkill expressway. ism-78 eastbound near phillipsburg we have a pothole in the road, jersey girl inyste. always a jersey girl. we're below freezing in millville and new york times and 17 degrees you need a heavier coat than yesterday. the afternoon will not yesterdae high, sunshine with -- 55 for the high, sunshine and late clouds. >> cell phone video captured the heroic efforts ofters who ps on the line to save an elderly man from a burning building. the victim is in his 80s trapped on the top floor balcony.
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some firefighters secured the ladder while others scrambled toward the smoke andla grabbed the man and carried him to safety. one of the firefighters burneds burneds -- burned his hand. the woman who sent tourists running was ordered toshe made e fired shots, nobody wasinvestigl issues and not linked tohangeset the oscars one month after the best picture presenters announced la la land as the winner of the moonlight was the actual winner. to avoid mistakes a third accountant will be seated in the control room during shows and ae
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electronic devices back stage. >> one of theountants the guy on the right was tweeting on his phone before the incident. >> a teen to senior prom when he asks his grandmother to be his date. why he is tough time making it a reality. >> reporter: we have a heavier coat on the kids this morning, it is in the 30s now, not a lot of wind. ts i'll have the 12-hour forecast coming up. >> reporter: in tech bytes, samsung is o its first major phone, galaxy s8 has new features, and new safety checks to the battery fires that plagued the note 7. take a look ate, t latest aerodynamic technology. >> it goes
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on sale later this year with a pr of $40,000. uber has a list of items left behind the car. laser, chet proof vest. forgetful cities, ld new york. >> those a bytes. feel a col? only abreva can heal it in as few as two and a half days when usedwork immediatelyto to block the virus and protect healthy cells.. don't tough it out,knock . abreva. no matter who was in there last... protection. ne goes to work flush after flush for a just-cleaned feeling
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shoshanna with "action news'" if i hadness tip. nice and tip.
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tight, pull the belly to the spine, lift that knee up 15 times, pulse it for 15, switching it to the left you'll get stronger don't give up, you can drop to the left knee as you pu it, the stronger you'll get. >> if it doesn't hurt you must do more work. >> reporter: hurts a lot. she agrees. let's look outside and check the 30 bypass, past route 30. westbc heading toward downingtown. starting to slow down on the 30 bypass heading eastbound. while you're headi you'll see sun glare later, let's check i-95 southbound traffic approaching cottman. no delays from langhorne organ bensalem. mass -- or bensalem.
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mass transit on time. >> reporter: we're fairly sunny this morning, but as we go through the day, clouds will thicken up. temperatures will be cooler, 55 degrees late in the day say0. one good thing the winds will not be as strong. milder later in the afternoon. heading to the good this morninr delays at our big travel destinations, although, out in chicago we have rain. >> in "healthcheck," having good oral health could improve . gum disease and tooth loss is connected to higher risk in early death for women after the age of men was. a serious gum infection presents 1% higher risk premature death. the study was in the american heart association.
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joe biden amy gutman at irvine auditorium. the new center will focus on diplomacy and foreign policy and national security.
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>> who knew a hug could say and do so much. this video shows a 3-year-old boy hug ago police officer in
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fort worth who was eating by himself. the two talked about motor gavee little boy a sticker of a police badge. pj wanted to hug the officer. abama is trying to take his grandmother always his prom date, but he ist happen. bryce wants to takehe because sr got a chance to go to her own prom. she even went out and pick out a dress. she looks great. the school said they have an age limit meant to protect >> my grandma has been an important part to my life, the only woman figure in my life. >> he means the world to me, i saw him when he was born and>> , they have set up a meeting with
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the family next week and in the meantime, bryce has started a social media movement #let nanr. >> i understand you can't bring a 32 or 26-year-old, but your80d be able to come. >> david murphy is be tracking rain rolling? >> a shooting turned an apartment complex into a crime scene home. police chase ends in a
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clears there's no sign of the driver. an officer is dragged man in a minivan, but opens fire on the suspect as
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to flee. breaking -- as the suspect tries to flee. >> breaking ground on a philadelphia landmark. >> david murphyas the the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. good morning. >> reporter: take a look at satellite, there are thicker clouds out to the clouds build in the morning and afternoon. eventually we'll get rain, for the most part. 38 degrees in philadelphia. mid 30s, allentown and reading, as well. millville, below freezing not much w y with windchills, so bundle up a bit. grab in gloves. 38 deges 7:00 a.m. 48 by noon. high of 55 late in the day, not as mild as yesterday. on the other hand, it's not as windy, too, all things considered not a bad day today
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with the clouds getting thicker. karen we're most of it later tonight and in through tomorrow looks like it's damp and cool, somewhat uncomfortable day, more on that comingthe coml within the past few minutes we have a few accidents that just came in. multi-vehi at bridge street when david was talking we saw penndot pull up to the scene we're blocking the left lane. the accident involving three vehicles looks like the person stopped to help them. looks like a vehicle smashed into the guardrail facing left e in a spot that would be busy on a good day, i-95 southbound at bridge street. as we look at the speeds you can see it doesn't take much for happen. you're crawling along at 11 miles per hour this early that's a big delay on i-95 so street. a couple of accidents came in the past few minutes, one them,
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the blue route northbound approaching the schuylkill expressway, all this congestion there's an accident that just happened mostly off to the shoulder. people kind of slowing down to look at it. a new accident on the blue route northbound approaching the schuylkill expressway. an accident off to the shoulder. another new one in at washington lane, watch for this one. the one in newark closingy smase of parked cars and took down a utility pole, route 2 shut down near 72. you want to watch a deadly-polid shooting in new castle county delaware. in the past hour we've gotten a better loo scene in two different locations. katherine scott is live at one of those 100 block of c castle. >> reporter: matt, not released a lot of details
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happened. we know that a 28-year-old man from philadelphia was pronounced dead after a police-involved shooting in new c mentioned theo scenes, this is one of them, rogers manner we last spoke, one was cleared away. let's go to video from a half-hour ago when police towed a vehicle from the park. you could see the v damaged. there was front end damage, a front door swung open. there's a new castle county police vehicle with a lot of the damage that's over at coachman's manor apartment complex. that vehicle is banged up, there's shattered glass. police have not said how the vehicles are know that new casty police responded to the 100 block of c way around 7:45 p.m. they were called there for a welfare check. philadelphia began 28-year-old
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struggling with an officer, shots were fired, the 28-year-old was hit. he was taken tohr where he later died. they have not said what prompte. it is unclear if that was the person they were called to police have not said if he was armed. meanwhile, residents who showed up after this get back to the apartment complex. as their driveways to the home were blocked, people slept in wl 5:30 a.m. when they allowed to file back inside. if you take a live lookhe at ron new castle. you can see new castle county police remain on the scene. we'rer details from investigators what happened larnt, -- last night, later on today. developing a driver who was fleeing police crashed his car,
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but managed to disappear, this started in tinicum township 1:0. the driver sped away from a police stop for traffic violations, he merged on i-95 cn around at philadelphia international. the driver managed to get out and w spotted near the airport parking garage. no officers wer chase. the search goes on for a man who hit and draggedthwest philadelphia. the officer managed to fire a shot after night. officers responded to a domestic dispute and saw the man trying n minivan. the suspect backed up and hiterd kept going. police found the van abandoned man or woman. a man convicted of the murder and rape of a drexel student will spend life in
6:33 am
james harris was the handyman where jasmine rice the victim lived. the police found 27-year-old's body beaten and strangled in 2015. harris was recently fired from m his job at the apartment complex. police found am me at a drexel middle -- found ammo at d packed a gun and bullets in his backpack. obviously, this stupidity 101 to carry a loaded gun with 45, 46 rounds of ammunition inside a school. >> jordon has a concealed weapons permit law forbids him to bringing one on to school intelligence committee will hold a public hearing on russian meddling in
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the presidential election, the senate is leading the charge because a similar investigation in the house has broken down and stalled over partisan infighting. 20 people e questioned is jared kushner who acknowledged meeting with russians in a official capacity during the transition. ahe philadelphia museum of art will officially break ground. admission at the museum will be pay what you wish today. "action news" had a sneak peek at the 196 million core project. the plan includes the construction of galleries and terrace in the front of the expected to be completed in 2020. >> let's go over to david murphy and talk about what to expect. yesterday was gorgeous, will we get more of that? >> reporter: a little cooler and then rain.
6:35 am
we have a sprinkle on the other side of harrisburg, they have the tendency to fall a part as they move throu the susquehanna valley. we have sunshine coming up early as the thicker clouds overtake the region and eventually later tonight we'll see more pronounced rain. 38 degrees is the temperature. we've dipped into the 30s across the the northeast 5 miles per hour. not a big deal windchill, don't coat important as you head outside. there are clouds to the west, we'll start out with the sun, eventually the high clouds filter through, the rain falling as snow in new york state and western pennsylvania is going to push toward the east. most of it holds off until later tonight. if you see a sprinkle, okay, fine, but i think the rain will be much later tonight. 38 degrees by 8:00 a.m. the clouds will get thickerlitte
6:36 am
pronounced. high are 4:00 p.m. clouds increasing high of 55 in philadelphia, but the winds not as bad. similar numbers across the region. up in t a degree cooler than philadelphia. down the shore in make cape 52 degrees. the high clouds you see today are in advance of the system. overnight they get thicker. overnight tonight, clouds stay thick, 48 degrees is the high. with the breeze off the ocean it will feel dank uncomfortable. as we look at the rain itself, future tracker 6 shows you it's not that bad early tomorrow morning. in the afternoon, it's filtering in. the later you go through the day, the better chance you have of seeing the heavy cells pop through. that continues on and until
6:37 am
11:00 p.m. a soaking rain on the way, hopefully is saturday morning. active showers may be done before you wake up saturday. 55 today. tomorrow, 48. rain building as the day goes on, steadier at times and later at night. 1 to 2 inches on the the way. saturday, a damp start, quick drying afternoon sun, high of 55. second half of the improves, sunday, 61. it is spring as we push into tun night, dry on wednesday, rain on thursday. >> chaos on california roads. a is them takes police on different vehicles. >> this is one refind reptile, only a water bottle will help this quench its
6:38 am
th-95 northbound in delaware county, only one lane gets by, fire crews on thee. we have another accident involving three vehicles, i'll take you live there next.
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>> good morning everyone, 6:44 a.m., sky6 live hd taking a live look at center city skyline. i heard someone new pod cast recently mention you can tell the business activity of a city by counting the cranes and there
6:41 am
are a lot of them. a lot of development going on in philadelphia. you see that right there on sky6 live hd. >> good for us, hopefully the commute will be good for you, let's go to karen rogers. >> reporter: it's probably not going to be, the commute a half-hour ago went downhill. we have two accidents on ones. this is i-95 a multi-vehicle accident southbound at bridge street. there are three vehicles involved right here. another car cam up, looks like to help penndot on the scene. a multi-vehicle accident hit into the barrier almost facing sideways. unclear if there are any injuries. i'm seeing emergency workers converge near the cars, hopefully everybody is okay. i-95 southbound at bridge street. you're starting to jam, 35 minute ride window haven to vine.
6:42 am
i-95 northbound here in delaware county, look at this, you see this line of jammed vehicles nobody is moving at this point. really jammed traffic an accident here that sounds serious, as well as you're heading northbound past highland avenue. we have fire crews on the scene. at times one lane is squeezing by. you see the travel time. normally it's easy to get from delaware to the blue route. northbound a 26 minute ride. it will grow with all the emergency workers we have. i-95 northbound coming out of the delaware heading toward the blue route heading past highland avenue dealing with the accident only lane getting by. it's not our own accident on a major highway, northbound on the blue route, it's on the shoulder, but slowing northbound on the blue route. beverly road at grand garrett r.
6:43 am
i want to show you the temperatures are it's colder than yesterday, 31 in martins creek, 33 in pottstown, 38 in center city. a chilly morning this morning. it's below freezing in hammonton and vineland. 36 in smyrna, delaware, tam. >> the death toll from a deadly church van crashed jumped to 13 overnight. the senior citizens were coming back from a retreat when the van collided in t the lone bus survivor is in critical condition. the driver of the pickup is stable. new o"a" was a wild night of police chases in southern california. police say they wrapped up one chase when they started another one with a stolen sedan. the driver stopped under an overpass in burbank and ran away. it is believed he carjacked a
6:44 am
pickup truck. that ended when a the driver crashed into a pole. the officer tackled the driver. lawmakers will vote in north carolina to repeal the state's contests bathroom bill. transgendered are to use the bathrooms that correspond to their birth certificate. the ncaa gave the state by noon today to make changes to the law. north carolina will not be a place to host college championship games.
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>> almost time to turn our forces over to oh, "good morning america." >> we have robin robots for the longest time ivanka trump made it sound like she would advice advice -- advise her if an unofficial way. >> reporter: that's right, meanwhile, there's shocking details on the russian investigation. ahead that incredible motorcycle crash that was caught ona man ff
6:48 am
side guardrail. he survives, a tree broke his fall. the rider sharing their story with us. he is okay. a real life medical mystery for shandra wilson opening up about the rare condition her daughter suffers from hoping to shed light on the undiagnosed illness. matthew perry is talking about his new role in the kennedys after camelot. all coming up on "g.m.a." >> i have to say robin it is pretty exiting. see you in about 8. >> reporter: we've got problems on the roads, problem after problem they keep coming in. this is an accident it's a big one on i-95 southbound at bridge street we're seeing emergency workers coming here, unclear if there are injuries doesn't look great, we have the left lane blocked and slowing on i-95 southbound from torresdale to
6:49 am
past bridge street. >> reporter: we have heavy coats on the kids and temperatures in the 30s. this afternoon, 50s it will be a little bit better. 38 will degrees in philadelphia. 36 in allentown. we improve, high of 55 degrees, clouds increasing and tomorrow is a rain day. >> here's something you do not see every day. video captures a massive king co-before a -- cobra drinking out of a water bottle. you can see the wildlife rescue workers pouring the water while holding his tail and hook near me.head. we'll be right back. hi
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castle county police officer shot and killed a 28-year-old man from philadelphia. it happened during a struggle at coachman's manor. the investigation is stopping residents from getting on the grounds of the apartment complex and getting back home. the search is on for a man who hit and dragged a police officer. the officer shot off shot at the suspect but he managed to get
6:53 am
away. >> reporter: it's 44 minute scram from delaware to the blue route on i-95, only one lane gets by near highland avenue. you see the difference it's grown northbound. we have an accident on i-95 southbound at bridge street. more emergency workers and ambulance on the scene, dave. >> reporter: sun and bright buts filter in as the morning and afternoon goes on. 55 degrees, it should stay dry today and overnight tonight look for rain and soaker tomorrow. >> thanks for watching,aren rogers, david murphy, tamala edwards, i'm matt o'donnell. have a good day.
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good morning, america. ivanka trump is set to take on an official role in the white house joining her father's administration. also this morning, the startling new allegations. did the russians use an army of more than a thousand agents and so-called trolls to spread fake clinton? the new hearing about to get under way.
6:57 am
also this morning, deadly storms tear through the south. tornadoes touching down overnight. >> this thing is huge. >> two in texas. this man struck by lightning. powerful winds peeling off the side of this car and ripping up this roof. now neamillion americans in the danger zone and this morning, the new threat. snow moving into the east in the motorcycle miracle. the biker caught on camera flying over the edge of
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