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tv   Action News at 1230 PM  ABC  March 30, 2017 12:30pm-12:59pm EDT

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"action news" continues with rick williams, sara bloomquist and meteorologist, david murphy. hello again, sara is off. here are the stories we are following for you now on "action news" at 12:30. a man suspected of attacking several women in the chester area is under arrest. we are live with the details of his alleged crimes. >> and a man is shot and killed by police in delaware and now connected to an attack on a police officer in philadelphia. and an elderly man that recently retired as a judge in pennsylvania is missing and u.s. marshals are helping with the
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search to find him. now the details a suspected serial rapist in delaware county is in custody. nine different women were attacked over a period of time. and some were raped and some were robbed. and they fear there could be more victims out there. vernon odom is live in media with the details. >> reporter: good afternoon rick, the suspect, dijon lee, has been taken to the district court in the city of chester for formal arraignment, he is accused of being a brutal mass predator. this is dijon lee age 19 of chester. the delaware da says he is a serial rapist and assaulter of women. all of his alleged victims dating back three years to when lee was 16 years old and under arrest since early january after one accuser saw him at a store where she worked and called
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police and lee has confessed for all the crimes with which he is charge sod far. including six rapes and attempted murder and gun point robberies. >> what this individual would do, this individual would stalk women and terrorize women and hide and wait for women, young women to be walking alone. most of these victims were fighting him, they were then terrorized and some of them conceded to his wishes where he would rob them and rape them and do so with forceable compulsion. rick, delaware county's da believes there may be many more victims in the chester area and wants them to come forward if they recognize dijon lee. vernon odom, at the courthouse
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in media. all right vernon thank you. a source tells "action news" that the man that hit and drag aid police officer in media was shot and killed by police if delaware. it started last night at 56th andwityby in philadelphia when police responded to a man dragging a woman out a vehicle and later in newcastle county police were called to an apartment on carriage way to check on the welfare of an individual and they confronted the suspect and struggled with him and shot him. the family identified the man as 20-year-old leroy brown jr. and provided this photo of him and his parents spoke to "action news" a small time ago. >> he was trying to get away from police and was not the best kid on the block, in spite of the bad choices he made he was a good harted young man. >> the 40-year-old officer
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dragged in the philadelphia incidents is an eight year veteran of the department and he is expected to make a full recovery. >> the search continues this noon for a driver that took off following a police chase, it ended with a fiery collision on i-95 near philadelphia international airport at 1:00 this morning. it began when tinicum township police pulled the driver over for traffic violations and the driver took off with police in pursuit and the driver lost control and crashed near the enterprise rental car lot and he was last seen near the airport near the e and f parking garage area. now they are searching for a judge that went missing s near his house. keysic just stopped hearing federal cases because of health issues. he is driving a gray 2000 accura
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with drivers side damage. the senate is holding its first public hearing into russian election meddling as the house intelligence committee stalled after the chairman came under fire. also today the debate into health care continues, with republicans turning against other republicans on capitol hill. we are live in washington with more. >> reporter: good afternoon rick, those senate hearings are continuing. and the ranking member, the democrat wants everyone to know that russian interference is a fact not fake news. >> in rare public hearings, the senate intelligence committee is starting to call witnesses today. the public deserves to hear the truth of possible russian involvement in the elections and that russia did try to interfere. >> this russian propaganda on steroids was designed to poison the national conversation in
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america as the house investigation unravelled. the chairman under that devon nunez is under fire for meeting with a mystery person in the white house and briefing the president before speaking with adam schiff. meanwhile the president is looking for a way forward on health care and will it include democrats. >> if this republican congress allows the -- i worry we'll push the president into working with democrats. >> a twitter warren sued. ryan comments criticized by fellow republicans bob corker. we come a long way when the speaker urges the president not to speak to the other partner to solve a problem and the freedom caucus will hurt the entire party if they don't get on board fast. >> the twitter war is only getting hotter now.
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the republican freedom caucus member tweeting back it didn't take long for the swamp to drain donald trump no shame mr. president, he tweeted. back to you rick. >> thank you. back here lets turn to the forecast now. accuweather says enjoy today because we have a lot of rain heading our way tomorrow to end the work week, sky 6 hd showing you center city from the temple university cam. a few clouds and most of all it's dry and tomorrow heavy rain is expected to hit our region hard. meteorologist, david murphy is outside on the terrace with the details. you got the umbrella close there david. >> i'll need it out here tomorrow. clouds are filtering in and patches of blue here and there and the sun was trying to break through on the terrace, on the satellite blue skies and there they go. the clouds are getting thicker and some bright patches of sky for the next several hours but
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the clouds will thicken up and rain will be arrives, 47 is the current temperature in philadelphia. 47 in new york city in central park and not much different in washington, 50 miles per hour and you see the winds beginning to turn off the ocean a bit. and the wind speeds not all that bad. and calm winds in washington currently. a 6 miles per hour breeze in philadelphia and just 3 in new york city and we are not expecting the winds to do all that much today. the model here has us getting up 54 or 55 for a high. either way we drop quickly into the mid-40s as soon as 10:00 and then down to 42 by 2:00 a.m. and the overnight low gets to around 40 and we'll be on the lookout for rain then. and the wide view shows the system that looms out to the west. we are looking at sprinkles and showers digging in later tonight and overnight some of that could start to pop through for the morning rush hour as well. and later tomorrow and into tomorrow night the heavier stuff
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out by st. louis and chicago starts to dry east along with the low pressure center and cold front and we'll get wet. i'll go over how much rain we are expecting and the a look at stormtracker 6 live double scan detailing this. not a bad day to get out and get stuff done to avoid the rain tomorrow. >> thank you. they are called the million mile drivers think nine letter car yours from our area that have driven more than a million miles without a single accident. they were honored for the achievement. "action news" was at havertown, where five of the carriers were honored in a special ceremony, four were recognized at the upper darby post office and own 9500 postal employees have reach that distinction. there is more ahead on "action news" at0, this grandmother 85 made it through
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in her car in the mountains. and the star of "grey's anatomy" is opening up about her daughter's struggle with the hope of helping others with the same rare illness. and sky 6 hd showing you the beach in cape may. a pretty picture although skies could be a bit blewer. david murphy has the update from accuweather.
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an 85-year-old great grandmother survived for five-days in colorado's snowy mountains and she is telling her story of survival. this is ruby stein, she says that she and her cat got lost while returning from a visit of stein's granddaughter. it was a 200 mile trip but traveled deep into the mountains and got stuck at a muddy dirt road and her cell phone had no signal and her car battery soon died but this great grandmother
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did not panic. >> i kept myself calm, that surprises me. you raised five kids you know -- >> stein made a makeshift blanket from stuff she had in the car. and thought she would going to have to eat the cat foot when hikers showed up and saved the day. 9-year-old trevor leaves for augusta, georgia today. the third grader is one of only 80 children in the nation to qualify for the drive, chip and putt championship in augusta international on sunday. >> i think without question i am probably more excited than he is. >> trevor's love for golf began four years ago when his father bought him a set of clubs and the masters tournament begins at augusta one week from today.
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a star in "grey's anatomy" is talking about a real life medical mystery that struck her adult daughter. she suffers from a rare illness that doctors had a difficult time diagnosing. >> complicated -- smart. >> reporter: for 13 seasons on abc's hit show, "grey's anatomy," shondra wilson's character saved lives and solved the toughest of mysteries. the five time emmy nominated actress is opening up by a real life illness affecting her 23-year-old daughter, serena, one she couldn't treat with tv magic. >> it presented itself like a bad case of food poisoning and didn't go away for four or five days. because of that we went to the er. >> we caught up with shondra on the set.
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>> did the tv doctor start to think, these symptoms don't add up, this is not food poisoning i have to look deeper into this. >> i started to look for patterns, you are the parent of someone that is a chronic pain suffers you create binders from all the hospital stays and keep track of every visit and any new thing that comes out. this one is a year old -- >> after 10 months of tests serena was diagnosed with sickic vomiting syndrome. it's hard to pin down how many suffer from it because it's so hard to diagnose. >> serena was lucky because of the care and persistence of her mother. >> did it feel better when you had a diagnosis. >> the name gave us a direction to go in. >> and turning her life into art
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shondra directed an episode focused on the scramble to diagnose this mysterious disease. >> being on "grey's anatomy." with all of these people watching, oh that is what its that is my husband or kid or aunt. that mane so much. >> the mother daughter duo posing for the upcoming issue of "people" magazine hoping it will help others. something i can do on the chair of the set. my daughter said go ahead and do that. i don't have to take her. she says go ahead and do it. he's a nascar champion who's faced thousands of drivers. she's a world-class swimmer who's stared down the best in her sport.
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scholarship. the eighth graders each received $2,000 to help them attend an archdiocese high school in the fall. they all showed exemplary excellence and a catholic identity. >> good for them. it's getting soggy? >> friday at times will be a washout. stormtracker 6 live double scan shows us we are mainly dry and a shower up by pottsville now and green showed up to the northwest of dover right along the maryland delaware board. i don't think that is mounting to too much. maybe a sprinkle on your windshield. stepping outside chopper 6 hd our photographer is up in the sky for you really scoring today. we have beautiful pictures and that is an eagle circling around on chopper 6 hd i believe near the delaware river. eagles no longer in danger in
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this nation. they once were. it's great to see them hanging out. forecast highlights, it's cool and the cloud cover is getting thicker and friday chilly and rainy and saturday we see gradual drying, the temperature now in the city is 47 degrees and the winds are not all that strong at 6 miles per hour. and most neighborhoods are currently if the 40s. and you look and see the sunshine is nice and bright early this morning, maybe it's not going to move for me -- the sunshine was there, and the clouds are getting thicker and additional rain to the west winding up being an issue later on and a shot at 55 in philadelphia and it's not much different elsewhere across the region. allentown 54 and same in trenton and same in wilmington and dover and and low 50s in places like millville and cape may. 52 degrees by 2:00 and probably have to wait until 4:00, 5:00 to
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get the high of 55. mid-40s tonight at 10:00 and settling at a low of 40 overnight and tomorrow 48 for a high and an easterly breeze that keeps us kind of dank and chilly. and so even at times when the rain is not coming down, it will feel damp and uncomfortable and the rain a chance of it any time tomorrow during the day and tomorrow evening. it looks like as soon as the rush hour gets cranking we could see a little bit of shower activity. by 1:00 it's more and dry down the shore. we'll be on the lookout in the afternoon for heavier bans of rain coming in and occasionally a rumble of thunder and steady rain falling in most of the region and getting up to 11:00 and most of the heavy stuff is push ago way from us and a little more residual precipitation into early saturday morning, the latest model has us drying out by 8:30 and maybe a bit of drizzle and
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things are going to improve. how much rain? most of us an inch to inch and a half or 2 and some could go of 2 inches of rain. so a lot on the way and most of the heavy stuff tomorrow afternoon and into the evening. periods of rain and high of just 48 tomorrow and quick drying on saturday morn but stays fairly cloudy and late sun and 52 is the high and sunday is the better of the two weekend days with a high of 61 and partly sunny skies and more clouds on monday and a chance of late night rain that spills into tuesday with occasion ale rain and drizzle and breaks of sun coming back for wednesday rick. >> thank you. well, this week on fyi karen rogers joins han's kung fu cooking club. a fun evening where can you learn from long chang from his old city restaurant.
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>> welcome, welcome. >> it's a packed house with 40 guests ready to learn from the master. >> the cooking club gives them a chance to entertain and teaches kucht mers how to make authentic chinese cuisine. >> there is plenty of the restaura restaurant's dry sense fb of humor. >> i like making people happy and i thought this would bring people together and focus on that instead of the negative stuff. >> he teaches a dumpling respiratory from his grab mom. >> this is what your grandmom used to do? >> yes she made all the dishes from scratch. >> the money made goes to a good cause. >> we pick a local charity for kids. >> cooking class and money for
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kids you can't beat that.
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closing in on the 1:00 hour and one last check of thest wit >> off to the northern and western suburbs we going continue to be a day that includes high clouds and temperatures in the mmore of th numbers the center the region. and temperatures low to mid-50s, not much different north to south and not as windys yesterday and high clouds are moving in and later tonight the rain arrives. here is a look at storiesac 4:00. one of the eagles star player heads to capitol hill. whykins is talking to lawmakers about an important
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safety concern. and a carjacking thief caught on camera. the thief took off while they were still inside. how they managed to escape coming up today at 4:00. that will do it for "action news" at noon. don't forget to join us for "action news" at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00.on we'll see you later. a ♪
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