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tv   Action News at 430 AM  ABC  March 31, 2017 4:30am-4:58am EDT

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good morning, it's 4:30 on friday, march 31st. on action news, two vehicles in delaware strikings a pedestrian and only one of the drivers stopped philadelphia police shoot a dog while chasing a suspect a live look from sky tracker 6. it'sin and legislativieray >> i felt lucky as i leftough t rain drops but i know more stuf two, it was even well.
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anyway, we have showe a overin h jersey, those are pushing through then, we're not going to be done until some time in the overnight hour, heavy at times. especially on the of the water. we have a flood wct end could b into overnight one and a half t inches of rainthe rain will teno the coast but compromise. if you have poconos this kicks until saturday. a winter weather advisory the farther north you go maybe a little bit of additional precipitation like snow mixing in. 41 in philadelphia, 39 that allentown, 38 in trenton, 41 in milligram, 40 in wilmington and there's a coming
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in often the oaks adding to the damp chilly feel. as we roll through the day we're in 40's. 41 by 7:00, by 3:00, 48, that is going to be your high, and we'll probably just sit on that for a couple of hours and you can see how numbers don't change, chilly and rainy, pretty much through the afternoon and evening, i'll track the rain in a couple of minutes and we'll have the weekend call. the roads are wet and we have heavy rain as dave showed you. we're look at the vine street expressway. and overhere on farming ton avenue at north state road street we've got an accident already early this morning and upper township montgomery county, watch that on farming ton, live in new jersey, that is is what it looks like on 42. that northbound traffic comi de turnersville, because of thenn
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and walt whitman bridge. the search is on for a hit-and-run driver in delaware. the victim in this case generous hit by two cars on i kirk hood reyes is live in creek. >> reporter: the search son for anot hit-and-run happened close to evening, west of mill creek. a man was hit by two over the v drove off in a direction on route 2. the sec the victim was taken to
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injuries. thg on an update from police on winvestigation, a th westbound lane were briefly clo police gathered evidence, noea have on this driver but the road is back over this morning, and police are trying to track down this driver. jeaneatte rey police shoot-out shoted su t west philadelphia baltimore at routine patrol spotted a 20-year-old man took off running. nearby house. where the dogman. one of the officers fired his weapon. paw the family members e back door to see what was
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suspect broke free house to the reaor. >> officers arrested the m the multiple times at that lawncrest. police rushed to indicator avenue after 8:00 last found t and rushed him to the hospita w urviv running away. investat witnesses. confronta a deadly enddelaware. philadelphia police first leroy brown at 56th street and whitby avenue on wednesday. he hit and dragged an officer as
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he tried to drive away in a minivan with a woman and four children inside. the officer is ok but managed to fire off several shots hitting brown as he drove off. >> she was trying to get away from the police. he wasn't the best kid on the block but any one of those kids could have been shot. >> new castle police caught up with him several hours later. they say he ran to a nearby park where he got into a struggle with a pol his gun and brown what you shot again. he died at the hospital. investigators say brown was already being sought for parole violations. a delaware county district attorney is looking for more possibly victims of a serial rape repeat. they say lee started spree at 16. jack way land said he had a pattern and stalked would wait n
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to be walking alone. as he approached the women from. man handle them and take gun and put it their head. lee is no strange to theampy of last year on a prior arrest. one of lee's curious recognized him shopping at this shop rite and called 911 where lee was taken into cue admitted having many more victims. happening, seth william isc. today is the deadline for williams to find ar his federal quit. we'll have mu hearing coming up at 5:00 a.m. a man who found a bag containing more than $15,000 in
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cash in delaware county will now be able to keep it. court records show the money was turned over to bob tracy yesterday. after a worker made discovery in upper darby in march of 2016. the money was given to him broadway no one came forward to claim it. tracy said he was driving home when he saw the bag in the middle of state road. he pulled over, picked it up and immediately called police. no word on what he plans to do with the 15,200 in cash a jersey shore house for children in need. the fresh air home closed back in 2006. more than 100 years before, the home at 11th and surf hosted how tos from philadelphia and south jersey to give them a free taste of life at the shore. they're trying to raise $300,000. the deadline for that is the end
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of next month. trump administration figure is willing to talk about the russian hacking a new defense has lawyers everywhere scratching here head. a sexual assault suspect claims he has sex insomnia a controversial bus already on protest is heading to our area the breezy chilly on the bus stop and in some cases rainy and more coming, 40 by 6:00, 42 by 8:00. if you're dressing the kids. umbrellas all the way. on the way home, it could be steady, details latest with future tracker 6:00 and the weekend call coming up.
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. live look at the ben franklin bridge on this friday morning. >> it rain add lot today. looks like some of us could see over a few inches, maybe flooding, storm tracker 6 live double scan radar is pushing towards the east. centered over south jersey. there's a closer look and as we take a look outside. we have cloudy skies and wet conditions as we try and check out the commodore barry. a lot of pockets of heavy rain pushing through millville, looks like philadelphia is under lighter stuff. i had some casually calling a need for wipe of a windshield but the heavy stuff pushing to the east more on the way from the west. as we take a look at
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temperature, we're at 40. it is rather cool and comfortable. a bit of a breeze coming in off the ocean at 12 miles per hour. adding to that chilly. satellite and radar shows you damn for your the next several hour, as we get towards the end of the rush hour, there's a chance we end up with heavier rain, future track 6, we're looking at rain just about everywhere, some cases the steady side, by 4:00 you see more coming in. obviously it's going to be wet as the kids come home from school. by 8:00, it really is still active and starting to shift a little bit over towards the east. by 11:00 we might see a little bit less intensity but still more rain on top of what we've already had. now it looks like we've going to dry out quickly saturday. by 8:00 to 9:00 i think the last of the light showers are do know there might be lingering
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drizzle. in terms of rainfall, looks like somewhere win one and a half and two inches. you can see the latest model has as much as three inches around trenton, whether or not that's where the bulls eye stays, i can't promise you. what to expect today and tonight periods of heavy rain at times, a thunderstorm could pop up. we're talking about creeks and streams, not just roads, if you're here low lying areas you want to avoid flood area, pedestrians same thing. today high 48, we're not going see temperatures move much. 48 by 3:00 and your highs across the region, with the rain falling, 41 in allentown, there's the 48 in philadelphia. could get up into the 50's in some points to the south probably 49 in cape may. you saw the quick drying for the weekend. set of.
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high of 48, quick drying and by the afternoon, we could see sunny breaks and a high of 52. sunday is better, mostly sunny nicer a high of 61 then 60 on monday. with a late rain arriving late in the day we're at night, rain at times maybe a thunderstorm tuesday, dry wednesday and rain again on thursday. springtime has arrived. remember when we're not on air, you can get the latest weather information by going to 6a 6abc/weather. >> it's going to be great come may for the flowers >> will be the best ever >> it will be nice for the flowers. a turn in the russian hacking investigation. president trump's former national security advisor michael flynn said he'll testify before the senate intelligence committee only if he gets immunity. he's making the same demands when he talks to the fbi. he's accused of misleading by
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having a is discussion with the russian ambassador. he's currently under investigation by fbi and by congress. the senate intelligence committee held its first public hearing. the foreign policy institute told marco rubio that his only presidential campaign was targeted by the russians. he said the russians continue to interfere in american politics and recently targeted paul ryan. . an indiana man claims he doesn't remember assaulting a girl because he had a sex insomnia. he if i thinked a 15-year-old during a 15-year-old in blooming ton early. pass waiteder he did said he has no memory because he doesn't remember sexual encounters >> he stated that he been diagnosed but hasn't been able to provide us with information
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about the doctor. >> police say he told him the doctor who made the diagnosis is new did he do. pass waiter is charged with sexual battery. a controversial bus with a transgender message is headed to philadelphia. the i drew dozens of protesters yesterday. it's biology, boys are boys, girls are girls you can't change sex. police say the message is overly simplistic. they plan to drive the bus south passing through philadelphia karen rogers is up next with a live look at the roads >> baseball players lie flat on the ground. the buzz on this story coming up on action news.
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♪ welcome back, looking live on and a you see the rain in the city, heavy rain currently moving throughespecia. looking live on the ben franklin, slow down and give yourself extra ume about and t ben franklin bridge but foggy for sure and we have an accident coming into us on the new jersey
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turnpike approaching heights town, by exit 8. watch for that unwere as traveling in new jersey, we got a live look in new jersey we got heavy rain coming down on route 70 at kings hill, camden county. eastbound traffic i know it's a stbound traffic there. headed towards 295. no majorvy rain traffic going t be a mess. give yourself extra time and on the big picture we can see heavy rain move through the city, and right near getting heavy rain shifting out right now. you're going to be careful. rainy at times, heavi evening commute. i95 lkshe. as we take a first look at business, pennsylvania and delaware, ten a settlement with vehicles wagon y will pay $157 million for damage. the cars were piloting up to 40 times the amount allowed.
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pennsylvania will get amillion . the industry gains on thursday the dow jones industrial going up 69 points. however, this morning, futures seem to be pointing to a lower open. twitter found more creative ways to ease it's 140 chara raising . the company said when youto som longer count toward your 140 limit. photos gifts and videos already don't count an amebroken a space walki peggy lip ton logged more than any other women. she broke the weather yesterday during her eighth space walk. at 57 years old. she already set records as oldest space woman ever >> 4:42, a trip to the water
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park in the poconos led to the hospital. a pennsylvania man says he was taken off flight because of being disabled. up next after the break. he also has cerebral palsy.
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he boarded a flight from los angeles to philadelphia on
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monday. he says he was ordered off the plane and rebooked on a later flight. >> i was absolutely shocked. confused and some disbelief because i fly so often for business. >> he claim american airlines never explained why he was taken off the flight. american airlines issued a statement apologizing to smith and has reach out to him regarding the incident. the governor of maine saved a dog that was supposed to be put down. the dog named dakota had been labeled dangerous due to an attack. about a year ago the husky got loose and killed a small dogging she's since been adopted by a new owner, a judge ruled that dakota had to be euthanized but governor caught wind of the ruling and issued a pardon for demarco. her office is researching whether or not the governor has the power to pardon a dog.
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major leaguers hit the deck. at the rockies padres game yesterday. the players went flat on ground on both team to avoid bees. there's the bees knees. then there's the bees on your knee, it's 4:57. penn state is making changes cracking down on fraternities and sororitieses. a fire creates a traffic nightmare in the middle of rush hour in one of america's most congested cities. following developing news out of atlanta.
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action news news. ♪ good morning, it's 5:00 a.m. on friday, march 31st. >> philadelphia top prosecutor is headed back to the courtroom. this time to work out his legal defense. >> dream come true. >> every kid who's sitting up for little league, those who said there's no crying in baseball you're wrong. the emotional response after he made the phillies roster sky 6 taking a look at the rain on more on the way >> let's get over to david murphy. let's go to karen rogers too. we're off to a wet start, especially in south jersey. round one over the overnight ra


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