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tv   Action News at 600 AM  ABC  March 31, 2017 6:00am-6:59am EDT

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action news delaware valley's leading news prom worker i matt identical karen rogers and meteorologist david murphy. good morning, it's 6:00 a.m. on friday march 31th. >> top prosecutor is headed back to the courtroom. to work out his main defense. >> it's a dream, a dream come true. >> who said there's no crying in baseball. little leaguers hold on to your
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dreams. taking a live look on sky 6, the ben franklin parkway had our first round of rain and when the second one ends, you will be sick of it. >> david murphy, my little allergier has a baseball parade in the morning, we need this to move on out. you're going to work on that >> that may be a problem. not because of the rain but the fields will be muddy. storm tracker 6 live double scan shows you there's mist and drizzle in philadelphia blowing around. that's going to be part of the package, windy, chilly and wet. the active rain is down south and delaware and south jersey pushing towards the east of the there's a low to the west but it's not going to last and more rain coming in later this morning and heavy at times, there's a flood watch kicking in at noon by then the heaviest batches of rain will be reemerging. tonight is when it ends and we're looking at a total of one and a half to two inches of rain and the possibility of flooding not only on roadways but creeks
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and streams and i want you to avoid that both on foot and behind the wheel. when winter weather advisory is also in effect until 6:00 a.m. saturday later this morning and overnight there's the possibility of freezing rain in the upper elevations of the poconos. 39 in philadelphia. feeling pretty raw out here on the terrace, there's the breeze coming in out of the east. adding to the chill dank feel. we'll be at 41 at 7:00 and a high of 48 at 3:00 and heavy rain and continuing straight through till midnight, the last rain drop not over until early morning, will show you when and where the heaviest will arrive >> for the most part moving into new jersey now, so it's very wet here on route 42 northbound traffic at creek road. one of those days you drive by and the rain splashes back from the puddles on the roadway. so be careful for that as you travel northbound on 42, you're
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going to hit this accident on 676 northbound near the split for the the walt whitman bridge. watch for that. off to the shoulder causing people to slow down, mid county toll plaza, all the ez pass express lanes weren't supposed to be done until april 10th. northbound opened yesterday and this morning southbound both directions you've got the ez pass express lanes reopening. a serious accident involving an overturned media route one media at baltimore causing a problem this morning, also a down tree chester road and conestoga. roa wet roads, you know,t commutes,. >> thank you. breaking this mo alarm fire damaged a house in havertown delaware county. broke out on the 200 block of hill road. at 4:45 a.m. crews arrived to find the smoke
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pouring from the second floor. no reports of injuries right now. the philadelphia district attorney face as deadline to hire a new lawyer to defend him in a federal bribery and extortion case. outside the federal courthouse where a hearing takes place. >> reporter: the judge was clear they were not going to delay this case while seth williams looked for a new attorney that he could afford. today is the deadline. michael diamondstein represented the district attorney last week but the defense attorney wants to withdrawal from the case citing ethical conflicts and saying he can't take this case without being paid. the city stopped paying for his defense when he got indicted and williams says he can't afford diamond stein's fee. the judge told him to stay with him until today by this time he can have a new lawyer, the embattled district attorney faces 23 federal charges in bribery and extortion.
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they allege he sought and received thousands of dollars. he would trade his influence as the city's top prosecutor. his salary is 175,000 a year said he got into financial problems after the divorce. he pleaded not guilty and does remain the district attorney. at today's hearing takes place at 2:00. live at federal court. catherine scott channel 6 action news. a pedestrian is in critical condition following a hit-and-run in mill creek delaware. two cars struck man along kirkwood highway last night. the first car took off after striking the man. the driver of the second car remained on the scene. we'll have a live report on the search for that first driver in the next half hour. we are working to get more information on a deadly trooper involved shooting at a new jersey rest stop. they shot and kill a man yesterday afternoon at the monthly pitcher service area in
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the turnpike on cran berry. the man was inside a pickup truck and not yet been identified. the state attorney general's office is investigating the trooper's actions, but is not yet releasing details of what led up to the deadly confrontation. it is 6:06 and penn state is permanently banning the fraternity where a student died after a fall last month. the university is promising to strictly enforce an existing ban on under age drinking throughout the campus. penn state officials say they found a pattern of excessive drinking, hazing and drug use, at beta pie, 19-year-old timothy piaza was a pledge at the fraternity died after falling down a flight of stairs and no one called for help until the next day. one of the original air men and a recipient will be laid to rest. major john harrison junior lived in philadelphia 30 years and opposed away a week ago, he was
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a fighter pilot during world war ii and part fierce and famed red tails, george w bush presented harrison with the metal of honor in 2007. he was 96 years old. vehicles waiting again is paying the price. she's got more on that. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, volkswagen announced it's agreed to a $157 million settlement. it settle as consumer claim of devices used to cheat federal emissions standard. it also received approval from the dpa, after the use of defeat devices came to light. stocks closed higher thursday, investigators were encouraged by positive economic data. futures pointing to a lower open. got reports on consumer sentiment and consumer spending all due out later today.
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that's the latest in business, have a great weekend. it's been awhile. >> it has been and i think this combined with the snow melt is helping to approve the drought conditions. there's a lot of rain in south jersey and delaware. more of a light misty drizzle around philadelphia and i'll take a closer look. get you outside. we got sky 6, the ben franklin bridge and gray and damp. the closer view in south jersey and toward philadelphia shows you most of the action is in south jersey and delaware, not all of it super heavy, every now and then you do get a heavier cell highlighted in darker shades of green,nd philadelphia, at misty drizzle and you got more of that into the northern and western suburbs, in a lull after that maybe a few hour, more rain is on the way from the west. 39 currently in philadelphia. it is raw out there.
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a little bit windy and cold if you don't gloves, your knuckles allentown, ttle bit chilly on 41 in cape may. a breeze coming in off the ocean. just making it feel rather chilly and dank. current rain is popping through, south of philadelphia with light stuff up north, you can see how we'll be in and out of the shower activity. as we get into the afternoon and really through a good portion of the nighttime period, you're looking at this larger area of precipitation coming in and at times, that will include heavy downpours. here's what future tracker has for you between now and noon we start to see the rain intensify and fill in by lunch time we could have decent cells falling, by 3:00, 3:30, steadier rain highlighted in darker shades of green, maybe a thunderstorm by 7:00, we're looking at the second half of the rush hour up till 7:00 very wet and heavy downpours and late as 11:00.
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once we get past midnight you can see how things start to die down a little bit in intensity and by 8:00 or 9:00 saturday morning, we should be down to clouds maybe drizzle, most of the rain will be over at that point. how much rain are we looking at? most of the printing out about two inches across the central portion of the region. maybe more. these areas highlighted in red could be pockets he of three inches of rain and all of this ads up to the potential for flooding on streets and creeks and streams and don't walk or drive through any flooded areas if you encounter them. lehigh valley 41, cloudy, chilly, windy at times and also rainy obviously, periods of rain at the shore, cloudy and breezy otherwise, 48 chilly and in philadelphia, 48, heavy rain possible flooding at times, and this rain will continue as you just saw until about midnight before it starts to get a little less intense. seven-day from accu weather, today 48, rain heavy at times, maybe a thunderstorm, quick drying on saturday, as you just saw with sunny breaks possible in the afternoon and a high of 52. and then mostly sunny and nicer
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on sunday, 61, that is the pick of the weekend. monday more clouds, late rain arriving. late in afternoon or at night. 60 the high there. tuesday looks unsettled with occasional rain and maybe a thunderstorm. dry wednesday and back to rain and drizzle on thursday. april arrives tomorrow and it's acting like it the first six, seven day of the month drivers in georgia barrel through black smoke scrapping the massive fire ball moments before the highway collapse an alligator takes a shortcut back to its natural habitat. it happened to be through a rainy day you want to get where you're going, this septa bus is creating problems on the schuylkill westbound past university avenue. we'll havethis, talk about a new accident on the northeast extension and an updated accident in new jersey. a lot going on when we come back.
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♪ taking a live look, you see the wet streets of the ben franklin parkway view from city hall and that's pretty much going to be the story all day. it's 6:14, 39 degrees. the schuylkill is slow. surprise >> we got the septa bus that's just stuck here, so you can kind of see the yellow flashing lights here and how slowly everybody is going. this is the schuylkill westbound near university avenue. the right lane is blocked with this disabled septa bus and we got crews on the scene helping with that, creating a jam right now on the schuylkill westbound.
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give yourself extra time. we have a new accident. northeast extension southbound past lehigh valley, slowing here as well. also a let's look live in deptford, gloucester county, this is route 42. we do have pockets of heavier rain right now in south jersey. so that's one of the areas the roads are particularly wet. not far from here in camden on 676 walt whitman bridge, we had an accident but that cleared. traffic is moving a little better. your travel time still at the green traffic flow, i95 schuylki mor delays even w disabled vehicle, we're not causing too many issues but it . we had heavy rain that already moved through the area, so the roads are just so wet looking live on storm tracker 6 notibly reading, just west of the city, especially in south jersey. we can go in closer and near glassboro and elmer traveling along you have pockets of heavy rain and hammonton.
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but if you look at the morning commute, it will be light slowe normal but evening commute is when the h down so the evening is kind of the worse of the two. traffic is expected absolutely nightmare for drivers in atlanta a massive fire caused rush hour f interstate 85 to yesterday. at one point, state troopers were telling drivers turn around because they were worried about the integrity of the bridge and indeed minutes later collapsed. authorities don't know what sparked the inferno. georgia's governor is saying no one has been hurt. and no timeline for when it will be fixed. ten children were overcome by chlorine fumes at the cally harry resort inocos manner
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yesterday afternoon, officials treated the children and some a. the resort released a statement saying iw isolated incident. an alligator visit add furniture store in floridabwill. store employees called the sheriff's office when they saw th alligator roaming the parking lot. once deputies arrived, lasoed the alligator. the manager said the store to get to the lake gatoro mating season. >> gator spiking in the parking lot. >> it is 6:17.ll hopeful finds has made the team. david >> it's chilly. i'm dressing the kids in a good sweatshirt and maybe a jacket. rain gear essential. this afternoon, we'll definitely
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want the rain gear. 12-hour forecast coming up next. . in today's tech byte a giant add previouslytravel used rocket to take a commercial satellite into space, the first time a rocket has been reused. >> recycling them will cut cost. this came back to earthago. eventually space x hopes to cut the turn around time to one day. people around the world are encouraged to back up their computers >> 30% of users are believed to have never backed up their electronics >> this could be a glimpse at the movie theater screen of the future >> it's sam sun's new 34-foot screen unveiled in los angeles. they say it's ten-times brighter. no word on price or when it will be put to use. back here, 24 feet is our screen back here. >> have a good one. back here. >> have a good one.
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through as parts of australia causing flooding tearing roofs off and moving behind trees, three-foot long shark was found on a road. it was dead. how it got there is a mystery. some speculate the shark became stranded when the flood waters came in. came with them but somehow didn't go back out when they started to recede. >> could have been a shark native too. >> that was probably it. they're everywhere >> let's take a look at the schuylkill. backed up. this is the schuylkill at vare avenue. that westbound traffic jambs from passyunk to south street due to a disabled septa bus. look at this traffic. not really moving and suddenly you see the travel times growing
6:22 am
a 12-minutes ride from the walt whitman to the vine. we had an overturned vehicle in media delaware county and route one, i would watch for things popping up >> on the big board, roads are wet for sure. we got active rain falling in parts of maryland, most of the northern half of delaware and a loot of south jersey. it's just lighter rain across most of southeastern pennsylvania, little steadier occasionally in bucks county. there may be a bit of a lull the next few hour, we're expecting rain to fill in and gets steadier as we go through today. today's high 48. and it's going to feel windy and chilly and dank, heavy at time until around midnight and we see it intensifies in the overnight hours. flooding possible today, so do look out for flooded road conditions and don't drive or walk through any areas that have that. >> thank you, david. in health check, if you have soy nut butter in your pantry.
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the cdc says throw it out, a and e coli linked to i am healthy brand soy nut butter was found in new jersey and spread to a total of 11 states. 29 people have gotten sick. 12 of them bad they had to go to the hospital. the cdc says. don't fool around regardless of when or where you bought the product, trash it time is 6:23. he could be a real life story, but better, a minor allergy gets emotional when he finds he made the big league an investigation in into a crash in new castle county delaware next the search son this morning for the driver who hit a hasn't left him behind only to be hit by another car. you have that story and man's condition coming up.
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. crayola will announce the newest color. it announced it is plucking dandy lie lion which is a yellow color. i guess you never used it. this is the first time crayola retired a crayon from its famous box. it's national crayon day the phillies home opener is a week away and nobody is more excited than ricky, he couldn't hold back emotions when he found out he had made the big league roster, he earned a spot hitting six home runs, the phillies
6:27 am
drafted him in the 33rd around and the 27-year-old spent six seasons in the minor leagues, never gave up. he also worked as a substitute teacher to earn extra cash. >> i'm dreaming. a dream come true. i just so thankful. thankful. >> staffy's younger brother is a catcher for the astros and tweeter my brother is a prime example to everyone chase your dream, prove the doubters wrong and grind. >> we got a lucky power bat i like that lineup. >> they will help you prepare you for a wet evening rush >> a septa worker who finds a big chunk of change ends up getting to keep it forever. we'll explain next.
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is man is fighting for his and another. only one driver stopped at the og ne during a wild foot chase that ends in a random family's backyard. storm tracker picking up the start of what will be a super soakish. the rain won't be clearing out until tonight. 6:30 on friday. last day in the month of march. we're making it rain today with david and karen >> storm tracker 6 live double scan. occasionally get the windshield wipers to sweep. south jersey and delaware heavier mighted in yellow. a bit of a lull. heavy rain is farther to the west and that will be later on, a flood watch is in expect dpi
6:31 am
going to late and a half. one and a half to two and a half inches of rain some could get three inches. the shore may rain a little less and you got sandy soil that tend to take rain better. if you're headed to the poconos, there's a winter weather advisory this morning until 6:00 on saturday. areas farther north freezing rain sleet and snow, careful driving north. 39 in philadelphia. of a breeze broing. feels a little bit dankuncomfor. there's that 13 miles per hour wind as we go through the day, it stays on the raw side. 41 by 7:48 is your high at 3:00 not much different at 7:00. periods of rain if you do in contact flooded areas either behind the wheel or on foot. avoid them. karen, this gets better, i'll track the rain on future track 6 and have the weekend call for you coming up.
6:32 am
if you're headed out right now, expect a slow go with extra heavy westbound, jam from passyunk to south. we had a disabled vehicle, a septa bus disabled and that just cleared. all lane back open. 16-minute jam from thet whitman to the vine and you can see you're moving about ten miles an hour, a minute ago mov hour, it's an improvement. but an early morning jam. slowing on i95 southbound about 21 miles an hour. the roads are really wet. you can expect the speeds to be slower. we have this accident on the northeast extension southbound past lehigh valley. it's blocking the left lane. so that's producing speeds as well it's wet on the ben franklin bridge. westbound traffic starting to slow down as you head between the tolls and eighth and vine, a slow go on the ben franklin bridge. in radnor we have a downed tree,
6:33 am
avoid if you can at radnor and conestoga road, stick to sprawl road as an alternate. delaware state police responded to a serious hit-and-run crash. they discovered the victim was hit by two different cars, jeaneatte reyes is live on kirkwood highway in mill creek. good morning, jeaneatte. >> reporter: good morning, this man is that pretty bad shape. hit by not one, but two cars. one of the drivers did stay behind the other sped off. now the search is on to find him. take a live look behind this stretch on the highway, kirkwood highway. delaware state police say it happened around 9:00 yesterday evening, you can see in this video that the victim's clothes are administered across the street and the pizza box is also left behind. there's a pizza shop not too far away. the first car ran over the victim and drove off in a westbound direction on route two. the second driver as i mentioned stayed on the scene, waited for police.
6:34 am
the victim was christiana hospital with serious injuries. though that was his status last night. we're waiting on police on the . the road i was briefly closed off during the investigation, it is back open. the search for that driver continues this morning. police trying to track him down. if you have information, police want to speak with you. reporting in mill creek, jeaneatte reyes channel 6 action news thank you no that. district attorney seth william is due back in court this afternoon. today is the deadline for williams to find a new lawyer for his federal corruption case. attorney michael diamondstein e he's worried williams cannot pay him. police shot a dog while chasing an arm suspect in west philadelphia. it happened along the 5300 block of baltimore avenue at 9:30 last night. police say two officers on routine patrol spotted a 20-year-old man carrying a gun then he took off running.
6:35 am
police chased the man two a nearby and random house where the dog attacked a man of the one of the officers fired his weapon, the dog was wounded but survived >> the family members opened the back door to see what was happening and that's when the suspect broke free from the dog and ran inside the house through the rear door. >> officers arrested the man inside the house. police say no one inside the home was hurt and they have no relation to the suspect. a suspected serial rapist is behind bars because one of his accusers spotted him at a delaware county supermarket and called police. john lee is accused of attacking at least nine women in or around the city of chester over the past three years. police say a dna sample links lee to the crimes. the white house is so much steering clear of a "new york times" report it's refusing to
6:36 am
confirm or deny whether it secretly fed intelligence reports to devon nunez, a claim adding more concern about nunez's impartiality and independence. blockbuster claim is fueling new concern about political interference in the investigation into russian's involvement in the 2016 presidential election. here's another major turn, nash security advisor michael flynn offered his testimony to the senate intelligence committee and the fbi but only in exchange for immunity. flynn was fired after admitting he misled mike pence about a discussion he's had with a russian ambassador. an honest septa worker is $15,000 richer for doing the right thing. bob tracy found cash last year in upper darby and immediately called the police. it had been a bag that tracy spotted in the middle of state road last march. since no one claimed it in past year, police have given it back to tracy. he has not said what he plans to
6:37 am
do with it. >> i think i know why it wasn't ever claimed. could be used for nefarious purposes. storm tracker 6 live double scan and right now, you have windshield wipers serving a purpose across much of the region especially in south jersey and delaware where rain is steadier, i'll have another look at this in a second. let's get you outside. we have cloudy skies and of course damp conditions on the camera. in chester looking at the commodore barry bridge. heavier rain down south, live double scan radar scan has it there are spotty bits and pieces of rain highlighted in yellow and darker shades of green coursing through south jersey and this is where the steadier rain has been overnight and the last couple hours. north in bucks county, montgomery county and down through parts of philadelphia, t is a light misty drizzle little bit of light rain on your windshield there. are additiona showerseaier rain coming in later and through the
6:38 am
39 is the current temperature. with winds rolling in off the ocean out of the east at 13 miles per hour. fe and a little dank, not a real comfortable morning. you want to dress a little warmly and maybe get rain gear trailing area of precipitation that wcoming thro then it's this big area cells and maybe thunderstorms that will bug afternoon and nighttime period. future tracker 6 shows you the spotty precipitation filling i or 10:00. by noon, just about everybody got the rain and in some cases it's fairly steady as we push later into the afternoon, 4:00 steadier rain beginning to build in perhaps a rumble of thunder and then you go up to 8:00 and we're still dealing with pockets of heavy rain, the model has one down in south jersey around 8:00, this could pop up about anywhere. later in the evening, 11:00. still very wet and we're still trying to get rid of these
6:39 am
pockets of the heavier rain. it builds in later this morning and then off and on periods of heavy rain straight through around 11:00. overnight hours, last of the showers pin wheel and by 8:00 or 9:00 in the morning, it's over, and by saturday afternoon, breaks of sunshine, as we take a look at the rainfall amounts, no surprise that there's a flood watch. over two inches of rain in many spots and wherever you see this red can actually go up to three inches of rain, that is enough to create not only street flooding but also flooding on roads or creeks and streams. what to expect today? periods of heavy rain spotty thunderstorm flooding definitely possible, creek streams and roads all involve. a high of 48. not pleasant but it gets less pleasant if you get stuck in the cold flood water. hypothermia would be an issue if you get stuck. 48 continues overnight, quick on saturday morning sunny breaks and a high of 52.
6:40 am
sunday, mostly sunny and nicer. monday more clouds, 60 with rain late in the day or night. tuesday looks unsettled with rain at times and maybe a thunderstorm, dry on wednesday, and back to rain and drizzle on thursday. tomorrow is april. >> yes. >> showers a lot of them coming up >> april fools day, maybe you're just joking about some of the showers >> i wish >> be glad we're not working tomorrow. >> it is 6:40. a plan with cerebral palsy wants answers after ordering off the plane after boarding. a line of trailers fall like dominos when a tornado touches down on the west >> starting to get busy as we look live on i95 southbound on girard on torresdale avenue and girard. the roads are wet but not raining too hard. we'll talk about a new accident where a car ran into a pole when we come back horns on their helmets.
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taking a live look at philadelphia city hall. which is the tallest amazing structure with the largest statue of any building in the world right here in philadelphia. >> you learn something new. one thing you do is when it rains, the commute not so good >> when it rains it pores, all of your traffic troubles seem to relate. we're looking live on the schuylkill expressway. you see the eastbound slowing, currently a 21 minute ride from the blue route to the vine. we were just getting reports of an accident on the schuylkill eastbound near gladwyn.
6:44 am
we're seeing slowing watch for that with the roads being wet. a new problem in port richmond, malfunctioning traffic lights. too lip at clearfield, and also in hainesport, a new accident involving a vehicle that ran into a pole in burlington county. handful of accidents, seem to clear kind of quickly. this is 295. looking at a slow go, not a major delay. on the black horse pike. near 42. it's particularly wet in south jersey i can show you that on storm tracker 6. we can see a little bit of drizzle out of your north of the city, not so much in center city but a couple of pockets of heavy rain. south and north of the city, in wilmington, we have heavy rain and millville and hammonton and mays landing, to the east-northeast. trenton and mercer county, periods of heavy rain especially around i95 be careful as you're
6:45 am
traveling out but the rain right now isn't too bad for your morning commute we're going to have light to moderate rain at times, slowing you down, evening commute that's the worst of the two, so you want to watch for that. we're going to have sort of a parade of storms into early april looks like tuesday and thursday, might be rainy as well. we're going to get used to these slow commutes high winds out west left behind a path of destruction a r. a small tornado toppled two trailers at an rv center in washington state. one of the trailers rolled on top of an employee's car, fortunately no one was hurt. a dust storm in vegas kicked up gusts knocking out windows on the palms hotel. at one point more than 44,000 people were without power through the nevada. a northeastern pennsylvania man claims he was removed from an american airlines flight because of his disability. he works for pride mobility.
6:46 am
he has cerebral palsy. he boarded a flight from los angeles to philadelphia monday but he says he was ordered off the plane and rebooked on a later flight. >> i was absolutely shocked. confused and disbelief because i fly so often for business. >> smith claims american airline never explained why he was taken off the flight. american issued a statement apologizing. it has reached out to him regarding the incident.
6:47 am
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action cam live at a three-car crash in east oak lane. one of the vehicles has been towed away. you see the other two there. the driver that caused crash was suffering chest pains and had to be taken to the hospital to be checked out. there's another person that was also possibly injured. police are trying to sort this one out. as we are. time to check in with good morning america and see what they've got coming up. amy is back with the rundown
6:50 am
next on gma president trump form security advisory michael flynn is offering to test before senate. with vladimir putin spokesman this morning in an exclusive interview. we'll tell you what he's saying about the ongoing controversy and and the super mom who disappeared last november. police records reveal a troubling past and accusations from the family. >> millions around the world tuning in to see april the pregnant giraffe ready to give birth. then kate hudson is live in time square. a busy friday, back to you. >> looking forward. see you soon. >> i wish that giraffe will have that baby >> i'm sure the giraffe wishes too. it's wet out there.
6:51 am
let's look at schuylkill eastbound at gladwyn, police are on the scene with a disabled tractor-trailer and a car looks like an accident off to the side involving a tractor-trailer. schuylkill eastbound at gladwyn on the shoulder we're finding people slowing down to check it out a 22-minute ride between the blue route and vine on this schuylkill. and on the northeast extension southbound has been moved to the shoulder and mass transit we're seeing minor delays like the paoli thorndale train, there's a 15-minute train there storm tracker 6 double scan showing us round one of rain. it's light and misty across most of the northern suburbs, bucks county a little bit more pronounced. additional showers coming up and heavier rain coming in this afternoon. if you're dressing the kids, you might want an umbrella. as the rain will get heavy. temperatures right now are raw, upper 30's across much of the i95 corridor. a bit of the breeze on it out of
6:52 am
the east. 41 by 7:46, by noon if you have plans to head out to the market, why don't you cancel and do it tomorrow instead. 48 by 3:00. and really, any time after about 11:00 or so, pockets of heavier rain until about midnight and we gradually see the rain die down by early tomorrow morning. an indiana man claims he does not remember sexual assaulting a girl because he says he has something he calls sex omnia. 18-year-old pass waiter found way 15-year-old during a sleep-over in blooming ton early this month, pass waiter told police he had no memory because he said he suffered from this condition where he does not remember sexual encounters. >> he stated that he had been diagnosed but wasn't able to provide us with information of a doctor we could follow up with. >> police say pass waiter told them that the doctor who made the diagnosis is dead. pass waiter is charged with
6:53 am
sexual battery. ♪ >> watch an unforgettable journey.
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6:55 a pedestrian is in critical condition following a hit-and-run in mill creek delaware. two cars struck a man port gap pike. the first car took off after striking the man of the driver
6:56 am
of the second car remained on the scene. today is the deadline for philadelphia district attorney seth william to find a new lawyer for his federal corruption case. his attorney wants to quit because he is worried williams cannot pay him. one of the original air men and a recipient of the metal of honor will be laid to rest in philadelphia. major john harrison junior was 96 years old. it's not raining terribly hard on i95. the roads are wet. a 23 minute ride from woodhaven to the vine, jammed from torresdale to girard. heavier rains in new jersey. this is 42, that northbound traffic still no major delay but starting to slow down. is storm tracker 6 live double scan, most of the rain to east of philadelphia. there's white stuff around philadelphia and the immediate suburbs and heavier stuff coming in later this morning and late tonight so we have a flood watch, i was from one and a half to two and a half inch, there
6:57 am
could be flooded creek streams and roads. if you're headed up to the poconos, a freezing rain possibility in upper elevations to the poke today and tonight >> it's going to be the kind of day the whole community will be affected. we hope you have a great weekend.
6:58 am
6:59 am
david murphy with an update from accu weather, rain pushing through, this is not the heavy stuff. that's later on and farther out to the west but damp this morning, certainly and we also are chilly with 39 degrees in philadelphia. as we take a look at your exclusive accu weather seven-day. i realized this is not something i can do all that with. ♪ david murphy with an update from accu weather, rain heavy at times through the day 10
7:00 am
tonight. a high of 48. look out for flooding, not only on roadways but also along creeks and streams and don't walk or drive through any flooded areas, quick driving tomorrow with sunny breaks later in the day. 52 on sunday looking great, 61. more rain late monday in through tuesday, dry wednesday and more rain and drizzle on thursday. this is actually what happened to us. >> president trump's former national security adviser michael flynn now offers to testify about his contacts with russia in exchange for immunity. massive inferno. a giant wall of flames taking over this atlanta interstate collapsing a bridge during rush hour. smoke seen for miles all five lanes shut down in both directions. the travel headache that could now last for months and the investigation this morning, what


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