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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  March 31, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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over the ohio valley and we have a new low what is called a triple point low between washington and richmond. you see thunderstorms firing up there. a lot of heavy rain now working off the coast but we are still dealing with a soaking rain. but they're also dealing with snow in central and northern new england out of the same system. as we take a look, it is painted in green from left to right, up and down here and you can see some pops of yellow so every area roadway it is damp thursday ponding on the roads and you can see little hit of these yellows which is steadier heavier rain kind of a band between honey brook chadds ford and wilmington many of they'll continue to fire up over the next several hours before he were taper this rain off late tonight. picking up over an inch in philadelphia since last night. wilmington 1.37 inches allentown over an inch the same for trenton and a little less in atlantic city about three-quarters of a and inch of rain thus far. flood watch is up. a flood watch means the
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potential is there that flooding still could occur through the 2 o'clock in the morning hour of saturday. mainly this is for streets as well as smaller creeks and streams across the area taking on this excess water and the rain will linger into the overnight hours tonight. we'll have the ponding on the roadways really over the next few hours before that rain lessens in intensity. poor drainage flooding as well and a chilly breeze as those winds continue out of the east-northeast at 12 to 25 miles an hour. we'll talk about a better weekend ahead. one day will outshine the other. we'll talk about that in the full accuweather forecast sharrie in a little bit. >> that's what we want to hear about. track the weather throughout the weekend on keep an eye on the road with storm tracker6 and check the hourly forecasts and be sure to follow our accuweather team on social media for the latest updates. >> a man is under arrest this afternoon accused of a sniper style shooting in northern liberties. and werer -- we are learning
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about about it. bob brooks at delilah's georgia's club. >> reporter: so many people have been walking by cheering this afternoon word traveling so fast about his arrest. now, again this is a man 29 years old from mount airy. police say he fired into the delilah's parking lot from that unfinished apartment complex acting again as a sniper. the man who was acting as a sniper trying to shoot and kill people in the delilah's gentleman's club parking lot earlier this week has been caught that's according to detectives who put the blame on a mount airy name 29-year-old lawrence mitchell. there's a lot of people happy today he's off the street. >> very relieved. it's pretty awesome. >> yes, i'm excited to hear that. hopefully it had help the area to improve as far as crime rate but who knows. >> reporter: detectives provided us with chilling
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details. no tea tail more disturbing to neighbors than investigators saying the shooting was random. >> i'm out here almost every day and it really could be me at a time. >> reporter: we're told by police mitchell drove hits vehicle and climbed inside the apartment complex going up on spring garden street across the parking lot. investigators say he fired the shots from inside at a woman walking to her truck just before 6:00 p.m. monday. the bullets missed the woman but hit her truck twice. police say mitchell was acting as a sniper when he fired from building. they say he used an ar-15 rifle with a scope. and then fired those shots into the delilah's parking lot. detectives say he tried to shoot at man. as a result he has been charged with two counts of attempted murder of he did not have the rifle legally. detectives also say it's possible mitchell has mental health issues. >> the minds of people today, you know, something needs to be do, it -- done, it really does. >> reporter: association how did they track down mitchell.
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>> police that was through surveillance video of they got a picture of his license plate and they were able to track him down to gloucester township over in camden county and that is where he is being held right now. reporting live in northern liberties bob brooks channel6 "action news." brian. >> all right bob thank you. philadelphia's indicted district attorney said today he is temporarily suspended his own law license. still he refuses to heed calls he resign. burke agreed to defend williams after his previous attorney asked to step aside citing williams' inability to pay. williams is accused of taking brakes for favors. the d.a. says for now he'll only handle the administrative duties of his office. the two suspects accused of killing 14-year-old grace packer will be tried together about a year from now. both jacob sullivan and sara packer will face the death penalty. she's pleaded not guilty to charges she watched sullivan
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act out a rape-murder fantasy much the couple allegedly shared. bucks county prosecutors say the couple then stored grace's body for months dismembering it and dumping it into a wooded area. >> a 53-year-old man died after he was hit by two different cars in mill creek delaware. police are looking for the first car which kept going after it struck the man last night on kirkwood highway. he was hit by a second vehicle. that driver did stop and waited for police but the victim died at the hospital. "action news" reporter john rawlins will update the search for the first driver who fled. his story coming up in the next half hour. the camden county medical examiner says the seven month old twins who died last week passed away from natural causes. the mom found them unresponsive in their cribs at their lindenwold apartment. the sisters funerals will take place at worcester funeral
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home in clementon saturday. >> we have learned a man who was shot and killed at a new jersey turnpike service area yesterday tried to run down a trooper. you saw it here as breaking news at 4 o'clock yesterday. officials say five troopers were in the middle of an undercover narcotics investigation when one of them saw the ma and using heroin. they've identified that man. investigators say he hit two troopers as he tried to drive away from the service area. another trooper opened fire when he turned toward him. >> a funeral was held this morning for a tuskegee airman also a medal of hasn't nor recipient. family and friends said their final goodbyes to john harrison jr. harrison was one of the original tuskegee airmen flying escort for heavy bombers during world two combat missions. he received the congressional medal of honor from president bush. harrison was 96 years old. he'll be laid to rest at
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arlington national cemetery. >> the buds word today in washington is immunity. it's what former national security adviser michael flynn wants in exchange for his testimony about the trump campaign's ties to russia. well, today the president in weighing in along with the white house and congressional democrats and let's start there. the democrat on the house intelligence committee the lead democrat said it's too early to consider an immunity deal for president trump's former national security adviser. in a statement michael flynn's lawyer said he certainly has a story to tell and he very much wants to tell it. president trump weighed in on twitter saying mike flynn should ask for immunity in that this is a witch hunt. excuse for a big election loss by media and dems of historic proportion. today white house press secretary sean spicer responded to abc's jonathan karl who says in the past both president trump and flynn publically linked requests for
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immunity to guilt. >> so does the president think that mike flynn is guilty of a crime. >> he believes that mike flynn should go testify. he thinks that he should go up there and do what he had as to do to get the story out. >> with or without immine in the. >> that's up to him and his lawyer to decide. i'm not going to give mike flynn or anyone else legal advice from the podium but i will tell you the president's view is he should go up there, he should testify. >> so far investigators are reportedly unwilling to cut a deal. flynn would also need the approval of 23rd of the congressional committee seeking his testimony in order to get immunity. sharrie. >> okay, more news from washington, d.c. the president just signed a pair of executive orders aimed at cracking down on unfair trade practices. now he just talked about the orders at the white house. he says they will lay the groundwork for stricter enforcement of trade law. earlier today the president also met with the national association of manufacturers and talked up his efforts to
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boost american manufacturing. well, unhappy customers of the now defunct trump university will get 90 percent of their money back. while president trump admits no wrongdoing, the settlement allows him to pay $25 million to thousands of customers who said the university misled them. today's deal ends two class action lawsuits and a civil suit filed by new york's attorney general. >> well, just like the ride to work today, the ride home is a rather wet one as we get a first check of the "action news" traffic report. >> let's go live to gina gannon in for matt pelman with the wet commute. hey, gina. >> you got that right. hi, brian and sharrie. we're starting off with an accident so with the rain, with it being friday give yourself plenty additional time. we're looking live on route 38. this is in moorestown new jersey. right at nixon drive. and you can see we have an accident out here on the westbound side blocking that left and the center lane. we see a vehicle facing sideways as well and it looks
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nj dot is on seen. if you can allow for more time. here's a look at the big picture. we're seeing teens and single digits pretty much on all of your major roadways. you can see single digits on the -- excuse me 16 miles per hour on 95. 15 miles per hour as well as you head northbound. 8 miles per hour on the vine. 10 on the schuylkill. and here's why. it is a park wering lot if you're traveling out on the schuylkill expressway here at montgomery drive if you're traveling eastbound we're seeing our heaviest delay about 46 minutes right now between the blue route and the vine so definitely give yourself more time. your eastbound delays reaching back to gulf mills so you need more time out there. on that westbound side about 37 minutes between the vine and the blue route and if you'll be traveling out expect delays out through that conshohocken curve area and looks like really a dreary day outside. if you're traveling over those twin bridges expect delays in both directions on the roosevelt boulevard. brian and sharrie, back to you. >> okay, gina, thank you. next on "action news" at 4:00 an update to the fiery highway collapse in atlanta as
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the fire chief applauds the heroics of first responders. >> priceless painting recovered after 40 years is finally returned to its rightful owners. hear from the family who kept holding out hope that one day they'd get it back. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> georgia fishes today are inspecting the fiery collapse of a major highway bridge. it's a major thorofare in atlanta and the time frame to fix it could take months. well, this is what the destroyed stretch of interstate 85 looks like today as they work on it. but this was the scene yesterday evening during rush hour when a massive fire broke out beneath the interstate in an area that's used to store construction materials.
4:15 pm
furthers are being applauded for realizing how dangerous the situation was. >> the years of experience they made sure our members were out of the way prior to the bridge collapsing. the roadway collapsing which saved a lot of firefighter lives. >> federal transportation fishes have awarded $10 million in emergency funds to help repair the damaged interstate. >> the convicted south carolina church shooter is set to plead guilty to state charges. a federal jury already sentenced dylann roof to death. the plea at the state level will be in exchange for a sentence of life in prison. roof's loire isy -- lawyer is expected to enter that plea. >> the alleged get away driver in that deadly oklahoma home invasion is now speaking out from behind bars. three teenagers were killed monday when they broke into a tulsa home. police say they were armed
4:16 pm
with brass knuckles and a knife. the homeowner's 23-year-old son shot and killed the intruders. the accused get away driver 21-year-old elizabeth rodriguez is allegedly the mastermind behind this break in. she turned herself in and could be charged next week with murder even though she did not pull the trig are prosecutors say she played a role in the crime. >> i feel guilty. but i don't feel responsible. >> rodriguez says she does not blame the homeowner's son for what he did. meanwhile his actions are being investigated under oklahoma's stand-your-ground law. >> well, this is a reunion more than four decades in the making. a famous piece of art was stolen from a family in cherry hill and today their norman rockwell painting is back in their possession. the thief is still on the loose but the fbi recovered the multi-million dollar piece of art and today officials returned it to the rightful
4:17 pm
family. "action news" reporter gray hall was there for the moment. >> my father always said that they would find it. >> reporter: for susan it's a reunion 40 years in the making. her father robert grant's norman rockwell painting was stolen in 1976 from the family's home in cherry hill. her father has since passed away but friday morning the fbi was able to return the piece. >> he was crushed when it was stolen 'cause he loved it and he, you know, would be thrilled right now. >> reporter: the grant family purchased the painting back in the 1950's for less than a hundred bucks. after it was damaged during a pool game at the original owner's home. after all these years years its a mystery solved for a family who has been wondering where this piece has been all this time. the fbi got the tip they needed after a recent media blitz to get the word out about the missing painting. the person who had it came forward unaware that it was stolen. >> to be able to get this piece back after so many years it's not often we're able to
4:18 pm
do this. 40 years is an extraordinary long time. >> reporter: agents wouldn't say where but confirmed the painting was recovered in the philadelphia area. authorities say the person who returned it was not involved in the theft and does not want to be identified. >> private collection for 40 years. no one knew. didn't even know that it was an original thought it was a copy. >> after they passed, that was one of the things they always talked at our family dinners at thanksgiving and it was like do you think we're ever going to see that painting again and the wish came true. >> reporter: so now a you are wondering what will happen to this painting we can tell you that back in 1976 it was insured, the family received $15,000 for their loss. it's estimated to be worth about a million dollars right now. the family tells us they will store that painting and then figure out what they should be do with it. reporting in center city, gray hall, channel6 "action news." >> wow, quite the story. >> an incredible piece of history and quite the story behind it. >> right here in our area too. >> let's talk about the accuweather forecast. >> it's a drenching forecast. >> yeah.
4:19 pm
>> adam standing by now with i guess all the green on the radar now. >> not the most popular guy. as we look at storm tracker6 live double scan you can see it is bright behind me with a lot of green. that is the light rain. when you start to see the yellows and oranges that's the moderate to heavy rainfall and it is a nasty drive right now all along 202 as you head into chester county points southward, all the way down into wilmington. then it stretches north and west of malvern philadelphia light rain now but as you can see this is where the heaviest rain is right now in new castle county near wilmington along 95 as you head towards philadelphia international airport the commodore barry bridge, just about to be hit by this very heavy rainfall and that will continue to lift towards chester as well. and as we head into new jersey, steady rainfall there with some pockets of moderate rain just to the north and east of the split of 70 and 72. even south of there speed well you can see some more yellow starting to pop up heading from the south to the north so
4:20 pm
it's a steady rain and then every now and then it does intensify. on top of it, we have a very chilly wind coming in out of the east-northeast. it's only in the 40's throughout southeastern pennsylvania including trenton but as you head to the south its a little bit better, 57 dover, 57 in millville, so not as much of a raw rain in southern areas compared to philadelphia to the north and west. but in philadelphia as we close out the month of march today, our average temperature for the month was 42 degrees. when you compare that to normal, it's running about a degree and a half below normal for the month and this will be the first below normal month since last may and when you take a look at the last two years, it's only the second time philadelphia has had a month below normal. we've had quite a warm run in 2015 and 2016 and now going into 2017. as we look at satellite and radar, boston prepping for a half a foot of snow out of this tomorrow. for us, though, you can still see some rain that's going to
4:21 pm
pivot through from the south and west so future tracker at 8 o'clock tonight still dealing with pockets of moderate to light rainfall. it breaks apart around midnight to some showers and some drizzle and as we get into saturday morning most of the rain again is gone. could be a little drizzle toward trenton up towards new york city but tomorrow clouds win out. maybe there could be a peek of sun by the end of the day tomorrow with temperatures going into the lower 50's. as we take a look at the four day at 4:00 forecast, 52 tomorrow but it's breezy cool and cloudy but it's sunday, that is, almost perfect sunny milder, 61 degrees. but then the clouds race back in on monday, rain arrives late in the day of 60 degrees and another soaking rainstorm even a thunderstorm as well on tuesday of 58 degrees. we could pick up another inch or more of rain on tuesday and then there's another round of heavy rain at the end of next week in the seven day coming up in the next half hour and the phillies home opener is next friday so we can chat
4:22 pm
about if the timing is me for that. >> real april showers. >> for sure. >> thank you adam. >> remember this, indoor activity the next time you're stuck at home with the kids on a day like this. lego landis cover recenter is opening next month at the plymouth meeting mall. the action cam got a sneak preview of the fun today. build as the ultimate lego playground it has an interactive ride 4d theater and 10 different play areas all lego themed of course and it opens to the public next friday. check that out. >> i hear parents just rejoicing over this option here. >> yup. >> all right. next on "action news" at 4:00 new information about tolls and your drive to the shore this summer. >> and if you need a bright spot on this gloomy dreary friday, coming up in big talkers we will introduce you to the philadelphia twins melting hearts all across social media even snow queens. >> ♪ i no longer live with
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that's 10 times faster than slow internet from the phone company. say hello to internet speeds up to 150 mbps. and add phone and tv for only $34.90 more a month. call today. comcast business. built for business. . >> ♪ >> a plan that could have helped speed up traffic headed
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at the shore has been delayed. cape may county had planned to install e-z pass systems on its five toll bridges with a completion date of june 1st but there's no new completion date but officials say the systems will be installed over the next four to five months in phases. they also announced that tolls will not increase for this summer season. well, there was a large police presence as the clippers were buzzing this afternoon inside the casino city barbershop. but it's not what it may seem. the owners invited atlantic city police to stop by and engage in some open conversation. they hoped both customers and officers would use this as a way to restore trust and build better relationships. >> well, the words fun and standardized testing don't typically go together but they did today in upland. >> ♪ there you go. students at chester community charter school getting pumped to take the pennsylvania
4:27 pm
school assessment test. their pep rally included pssa themed songs the kids created and a pie eating contest featuring their teachers. the school is hoping to encourage the students to relax and do their best on the upcoming test. what a great approach there. >> good way to stay loose. >> yup. >> still much more to come on "action news" at 4:00 including the final freebie friday for this month featuring everything from free cinnamon buns to free fitness classes. >> and it's a question that divided our news room and our social media accounts. would you buy a floor model mattress if you got a deep discount? we'll share the results of our poll and see if you agree with them coming up. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> "action news" continues with meteorologist adam joseph, alicia vitarelli, sharrie williams and brian taff. >> ♪ >> hello again. 4:30 and "action news" continues with an unimaginable tragedy for a chester family. what we learned about the death of a little girl accidentally killed by her mother. >> and a chaotic commute for septa riders after their train car filled with smoke. why officials say when it comes to the investigation, there's only one thing they can be certain of. >> plus, just when you thought youeached your "frozen" limit for the year we've got a video cute enough to melt any snow queen's heart. stay tuned to hear more about the philadelphia twins going wildly viral for their spot-on ana and elsa impersonation.
4:30 pm
>> we begin with the latest on the wet end to our work week. >> the picture the same tra sky6 today, damp dreary and cold but today's rain in just dismal. it could be a problem when it comes to flooding. let's get right over to meteorologist adam joseph for more on when the skies might eventually clear adam. >> they'll completely clear saturday night into sunday so it's going to be some time before we can rid the clouds but the rain will end overnight tonight. we're taking a look at the region and this storm is bringing heavy snow to parts of new england. i mean, we're talking the possibility of nearly a foot and a half to 2 feet but parts of new england. we're dealing with the heavy rain and we're dealing with severe weather now between richmond and raleigh where there's a tornado watch down to the south. for us locally here it's just a wall of steady and at times moderate to heavy rainfall for southern new jersey there and you can see some yellows just to the north of wilmington stretching towards reading approaching philadelphia but here you can see between mays landing the atlantic city expressway the garden state
4:31 pm
parkway here, again, a lot of water on the roadways. same thing for 55 in and around millville and you can see this pop of yellow chester county, delaware county, new castle county, media right now we're getting a good pop of some heavy rain. there you can see even some oranges beginning to develop and this also includes 322 in that commodore barry bridge. in fact, we take a live look right now from sky6 here, terrible visibility here. we do have some barges that are still going up the delaware here, or trying to, with that very heavy rain now passing through this part of our viewing area. so, we have the rain and we also have those chilly winds with the rain in the lehigh valley it feels like 34 degrees, 33 in trenton, just 42 it feels like in philadelphia and a little better as we kind of kick some of that wind off of the atlantic its a little bit better down to the south where it feels like it's in the 50's there. when i come back we'll chat about that brighter part of the second half of the weekend with that seven-day forecast and we're tracking two more rounds of heavy rain next week, that seven day coming
4:32 pm
your way in just a little bit, brian. >> all right, adam thank you. we've got some breaking news right now out ofs roxborough neighborhood. there's been a head-on collision along henry avenue near barn street involving an suv and a car. when "action news" arrived on the scene firefighters were trying to free the driver stuck in the wreckage of the car. a 60-year-old man was taken to einstein medical center with serious injuries but obviously lingering traffic issue this on henry avenue in roxborough right now. turn, to the latest on a deadly hit-and-run crash in delaware. two cars hit the victim in mill creek last night but only one of them stopped. "action news" reporter john rawlins has been following the search for the man today. he joins us live from the crash scene. he's got an update. >> reporter: i do. police will tell you they don't have much to go on. they've identify the victim he's a wilmington man. they have not released his identity yet as they're still working to contact all of his family. the incident occurred on the
4:33 pm
road behind me here where greentree road meets the kirkwood highway. first responders worked in vain to save the man. the pedestrian was in the left bound road attempting to you pick something up from the road when what's described as a dark colored new model suv struck him and drove on. the vic the imwas also hit by a second vehicle a pickup, its driver stopped. apartment parentally there was no broken glass or trim at the scene that would help identify the first vehicle. with six lanes of traffic, plus turning lanes, kirkwood highway is not pedestrian friendly. the police say the victim last night was wearing dark clothing and not in a crosswalk. still, news of the fatal hit-and-run today prompted a visceral reaction from those who use this road. >> no, that is not okay at all. they should have at least stopped and checked how he is and call 911. >> just leave him and then have somebody else hit him?
4:34 pm
where is the -- where is the empathy any more? there's none. >> reporter: well, again, police say they don't have a lot to go on at this point in time. they say they are searching for possible video from area stores that line the kirkwood highway that might give them a bitter fix on tha anyone who might have witnessed the occurred just before 9 o'clock last night or has seen dark suv with fresh damage to it, are urged to call the delaware state police. live in mill creek, john rawlins channel6 "action news." sharrie. >> john, thank you. we are learning more about a heartbreaking accident that claimed the life of a little girl in chester delaware county this morning. police say a 29-year-old mother placed her four-year-old daughter in her car seat then pulled out to a side parking area along the 200 block of ivy street to let her other children into the suv. but as she did that, the four-year-old got out of her car seat and tried to open the door. police say the mother thought
4:35 pm
that the suv yaw in -- was in park but it was in reverse. when she went to turn around and grab her four-year-old her foot accidentally hit the gas running over her six-year-old and knocking her 10-year-old down. the six-year-old now identified as layla rodriguez died at the hospital. the 10-year-old was not hurt. the mother is not facing any charges. an out of control vehicle landed on top of two other parked cars this morning in east oak lane. police are trying to figure out what caused this destructive crash on chelten avenue near broad street much the driver was having chest pains d was taken to the hospital to be checked out. >> two septa rail cars had to be evacuated after they filled with smoke. a viewer sent us this video from inside the train. though officials quickly determined there was no fire, they did force everyone off the train. all the passengers were put on other trains to continue their morning commute. septa officials are still
4:36 pm
trying to figure out the source of that smoke. >> philadelphia is kicking off a new event honoring the city's women. the community college of philadelphia is hosting the state of women and girls in philadelphia summit. female leaders gathered to celebrate the success of women in business, politics and healthcare. well, city council woman blondell reynolds brown delivered today's opening remarks. senior citizens have a new resource in delaware county. district attorney jack whelan announced the grand opening of the office for senior victim services. it offers to help the elderly who have become victims of crimes. a number of other services are also available including scam prevention tips. the new center is located a block away from the county courthouse. >> the needs are giving a teenager who is fighting a life-threatening disease the chance of a lifetime. "action news" anchor monica malpass live in the news room now with a preview of this "action news" exclusive. hi, monica. >> hi, brian.
4:37 pm
he was once a football star and now the 15-year-old is battling to stay alive. so a very big challenge for him. his life changed during a routine physical in december quickly taking a turn for the worse. well, now nemours hospital and the phillies have teamed up to create bright spot during his brave advertisement our ali gorman spoke to fred about his battle and this is a once in a lifetime opportunity for him an exclusive report by her. we'll have his story coming up in health check, also new tonight how law enforcement in new jersey is going high tech to catch criminals on the run even faster. we'll have those stories and more coming your way in a little bit on "action news" at 5:00. guys i'll see you then. >> sounds good monica. see you in a bit. a new exhibit will grace the walls of arst hall in delaware and it debuts this weekend. set up is under way for the wilmington exhibition of photography. images were submitted by photographers worldwide and 300 of the best prints will be on display at university of delaware's wilmington campus.
4:38 pm
and additional 200 digital photographs will be showed in a 45 minute audio visual presentation. the exhibit will be opened the next two sundays. >> a veteran of both world two and the korean is celebrating his 92'd birthday. his colleagues threw a party at the giant store where he works. the former marine always a marine received a cake and a color presentation from the lehigh valley marine corps league. he tells us he is thrilled he's still able to do his job every day. >> i thank the lord morning, noon and night for my blessings and i'm able to get up and go and do what i do at my age. >> he has been working as a bagger at the giant greeting customers there since 2002. >> still moving right along. still ahead a egg were -- a big question in big talkers. if you could save up to 70 percent on a mattress would you buy the floor model?
4:39 pm
where our viewers stand on this issue coming up. >> plus move over ana and elsa "frozen" fans obsessed with a new set of sisters the jordan twins. once you see their spot on impression of the disney duo you'll understand why. >> meteorologist adam joseph will be back with the full forecast from accuweather. details on when the rain moves out. it's coming up on "action news" at 4:00. >> ♪ is this the year
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>> ♪ >> a series of manhole explosions in new york city this morning caused a lot of damage and a lot of concern. first blast was reported just after 6 o'clock this morning. the force so powerful that it shattered windows in three buildings in the east village. several smaller explosions happened about one hour later breaking still more windows. elevated carbon dioxide levels prompted fire crews to evacuate nearby residents. investigators suspect a malfunction in underground gas pipes. >> what should have been a fun day at the water park in the poconos was anything but for a group of kids much roman moss
4:42 pm
was one of 10 children who experienced breathing problems during a trip to the cal harry resort thursday they went on the same ride. it was a water coaster with flumes and enclosed tunnels. >> we got on the ride and after the first drop my friend started hacking and through the whole thing i was coughing. once i got off i didn't feel so good. >> well, the youngsters were taken to a first aid center and then ambulances were called in. one parent says the chlorine levels on the ride were too high. the resort officials say the problem was an isolated incident and only that one water attraction was affected. >> ♪ >> all right it is damp and dreary friday. if you need a little sun and you love "frozen," you just can't let it go, we present the philadelphia twin sisters whose reenactment of scenes from the disney film are melting hearts even those of
4:43 pm
snow queens. this is madeline and scarlet. they turn two next week and mom caught them perfectly performing scenes from the film. these girls don't even need an acting coach. mom colleen jordan shared this video on her facebook page and, boom, it spread faster than winter in arondale. 12 million views and counting. mom says maddie is you shall 82ly always elsa and scat a -- scarlet is ana. they were born two months early and they have big talent. this video is wildly violent. the voice of young ana in frozen shared it calling it the cutest thing ever and people all over social media are in agreement. by the way they also have a really cute mickey and mini routine down pat. a perfect pair, please, get these girls an agent. love these jordan twins today. >> its a debate that has been dividing our news room and one that some people have been
4:44 pm
tossing and turning over o-the burning question when buying a new mattress would you buy a floor model for a deep discount. a producer started the conversation saying she went to get a mattress that retail for $21,200 and she go to the it for 1110, more than a thousand dollars off the retail price that she took the floor model. what to do? we got you in the action and started a poll on my twitter page and on facebook asking would you get the floor model for the discount, 58 percent of you said no, absolutely not. so gross. followed by 30 percent with maybe for the right price and then just 12 percent of you saying sure, it's worth it. you should know with the discount you may also lose out on the option for a warranty because it's been sort of used and maybe tried a lot and it is what it is. so, on facebook know
4:45 pm
winning -- no winning out big time over yes. what do you guys say? i've been thinking about it. like when you go to the store and you try clothes on and shoes you don't know who has been there before you, either. >> i wish i would have had the option. like where was this discount when i bought my mattress. >> half off. >> nobody's slept on it or done anything else on it. that's not what i was thinking. [laughter] >> alicia, thank you so much. >> i kept quiet. >> let's get another check on the roads right now. >> gina is standing by with the update for us. hi, eighty -- gina. if you're heading on 95, we have a major accident out here blocking the two left lanes. this is right at academy road in northeast philadelphia. so, if you are -- excuse me. this is on the southbound side so if you're trying the make your way southbound that's going to be major delay for you. delays reaching back to street road. so, very heavy right now on 95. and you can see that those two left lanes are blocked. looks like we have penndot on the scene. take a look at your travel times. southbound 38 minutes between
4:46 pm
woodhaven and the vine, northbound 28 so delays in full force in both directions. the rain and rush hour not helping your situation. here's the vine street expressway. you're really heavy the length both sides of the vine street expressway so 95 to 76 is going to be a delay in both directions but i wanted to show you your travel times because we're seeing greater than normal travel times because of the rain and because it is friday. like on the schuylkill, 50 minutes that's five times more than what we are used to seeing right now on the schuylkill eastbound between the blue route and the vine on that westbound side, about 39 minutes. then if you're traveling from south philadelphia from the walt to the vine it's about 18 minutes but look at your blue route delay on the southbound side 47 minutes between the schuylkill and 95. definitely give yourself time and pack your patience. if you're traveling in the area of plymouth meeting look out for some flooding on conshohocken road between diamond avenue and station avenue so a lot going on this afternoon. brian and sharrie. >> yeah, pretty busy out there to be expected on a wet day like this. gina thank you. >> meteorologist adam joseph
4:47 pm
standing by with the exclusive accuweather 7-day, to and what the weekend has in store next. >> ♪ in you shall flush
4:48 pm
4:49 pm
>> all right meteorologist adam joseph joining us now. he assures us that there is some relief from the rain this weekend. >> yeah, but it's going to be a few more hours before that comes and before we see the sun, it's going to be the second half of the weekend but slow improvement let's put it that way. >> okay. >> its the weekend so. >> we're fine. wooer okay. >> as we take now -- not okay right now though when you take a look if you have to drive in this storm tracker6 live double scan, a steady heavy rain across much of the area right now. you can kind of see it lighting up in southern new jersey as well as southeastern pennsylvania. as we take a first stop here closing in to street level on storm tracker6 live double scan all your area roadways lancaster avenue, route three,
4:50 pm
route one as you head into delaware county away from philadelphia into southern chester county, northern new castle county, route 202 is a mess here this afternoon as some heavy rain from wilmington right through west chester exton as well as malvern, in philadelphia specifically itself it is just a light rain at this point and pops of yellow developing here in extreme southern new jersey from cape may county throughout atlantic county and southern gloucester camden county cumberland county. you can see millville here, some reds even popping up with a quick little burst of rain and that also continues up towards hammonton. as we lift to the north there in burlington county, ocean county, same thing here. not as heavy as it is west of philadelphia or south of the city but as you can see these yellows kind of just kind of develop right there within five or 10 minutes of each other and this is going to continue the next several hours. we got a low level jet which just means about 5,000 feet in the atmosphere winds starting to increase creating lift and what's helping some of these
4:51 pm
downpours to kind of develop quickly here this evening. and the rain it depends on where you live its a warm rain or if it's a cold raw rain. philadelphia to the north only in the 40's with that northeasterly wind. southern areas like dover millville, 56, 57, not as bad there with the wind coming in off of the atlantic, 54 right now at the atlantic city airport itself. also, not only is it raining we've got wet roads, we've got that chilly wind but the visibility has dropped. we've got about 3-mile visibility in philadelphia, 1.7 in millville, 1.5 in reading, the same for the atlantic city airport, so not only are the roadways kind of jammed up right now, also the airways having problems at philadelphia international airport with the low clouds as well as that rain. as we look at satellite and radar, as it bumps into cold air talking about a lot of snow in parts of new england. you see a spin near charleston west virginia with the actual primary low so we still have quite a bit of rain to still go through here this evening. at 8 o'clock you can still see
4:52 pm
the radar, lighting up with some of those pockets of moderate rainfall but by midnight all that lifts to the north we start to break apart the rain just some lingering showers early saturday morning. as we get into late saturday morning and the afternoon a lot of low lying clouds so cloudy day cool day breezy day with temperatures around 50 degrees or so for the lehigh valley, 52 philadelphia, 54 millville. a north wind 10 to 20 miles an hour and then on sunday, high pressure comes in, it is bright, beautiful and a milder afternoon with a high of 61 degrees. the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, slow improvement here tomorrow but it won't be raining maybe a break of sun late in the day and then sunday again is the winner of 61. clouds quickly race back in monday, late day rain, 60. more heavy rain even a thunderstorm tuesday of 58. we kind of squeeze out a nice day on wednesday of 64 before another round of heavy rain coming in late thursday into early on friday with
4:53 pm
temperatures near 60 degrees and friday it's the phillies home opener so hopefully that early rain heads out before the game begins. but that's a week away and the timing is everything with that. >> sure. >> yeah. >> okay, adam thank you. freebie friday coming up next. >> ♪ careful joe, they've got you outnumbered. the dinosaurs' extinction... don't listen to them. not appropriate. now i'm mashing these potatoes with my stick of butter...
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the most common side effect is a temporary burning sensation. your eyes. your tears. ask your eye doctor about restasis multidose™. >> it is freebie friday the final one of the month and if your trying to spring into shape or keep your fitness momentum going the center city parks district reveals a lineup for spring training at dillworth park which kicks off on tuesday from yoga to zumba boot camp classes for senior. weekly dillworth classes run through may 25th. it's a lot of fun. to celebrate the live action "beauty and the beast" films barnes and noble hosting a free story time with free posters and book marks sing
4:56 pm
along and other activity. and this is a pretty incredible freebie. picture people the chain of portrait studios they never charge a sitting fee for portraits. through the end of april they're offering free eight by 10 print when you get your picture taken or free. if you still haven't paid your taxes the city of philadelphia has a service called you earned it philly which offers free tax prep services for eligible city residents. you need to see if you qualify on easter bunny about to hop into town. tomorrow home depot stores have a fun freebie where kids can build and decorate their own bunny basket from nine a. to noon and right now head over to for more on all those freebies and we'll tell you how to get a free mini bun at cinnabon. >> perfect ending alicia, thank you. >> have good good day. >> for alicia vitarelli adam joseph, i'm brian taff. hope you'll join me along with
4:57 pm
sharrie adam and ducis rodgers tonight and every night on phl17. >> now here's monica malpass with a look at what's ahead at 5:00. >> coming up next at 5:00 a new twist in the legal drama for philadelphia district attorney seth williams. the restrictions the democrat imposed on himself as he faces federal corruption charges. >> plus, in hopewell township this automated license plate reader is getting results. i'm
4:58 pm
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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. >> ♪ >> looking live at double scan radar right now rain continues to move through the delaware and lehigh valleys making for a very slick evening commute. it has been a rainy day for most of our area. this is what the center city skyline looked like just before noon. and also now a wet start to the weekend with rain expected to last into the night. friday night rick is off brian taff joins us. the big story on "action news" is that wet accuweather forecast.
5:00 pm
>> meteorologist cecily tynan keeping a close eye on storm tracker6 she's live at the big board with the details. >> hi, brian and monica. this is a powerful moisture laden storm system. double scan live showing what's going on. there's one primary low over the ohio valley. it's transferring its energy to another low south of our region what's known as a triple point low. well north of that low pressure they're getting heavy snow in parts of new england could end up with more than a foot of snow, south severe weather with tornado watches. in between we've got that steady sometimes heavy rain over our region and it's not over yet. zooming in, you can see there's one band of these heavy downpours, that's what you see in yellow moving through malvern crossing route one and it's really kind of moving right along the i-95 corridor heading towards philadelphia and there's a lot more moisture where this is heading and that means tonight if you're heading out you definitely need the umbrella, the rain gear. rainfall so far philadelphia more than a inch, wilmington more than an inch and a half, allentown 1.21,


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