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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  April 1, 2017 1:37am-2:10am EDT

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cecily tynan. >> double scan showing rain has ended across the region. showers are moving east, heavy snow in new england. for us, the rain is gone, so there is still flooding. we have a flooding for east branch and brandywine. it's dropping but still above flood stage. we have minor flooding there and an advisory along the i-95 corridor areas north and west and mercer county under advisory for flooding, ponding of water on roads, near low-lying areas creeks and ponds, close to half an inch, wilmington two and a half, allentown 1.73. atlantic city, nearly an inch and a half of rain.
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going to the weekend, we are trying to dry out. the clouds are winning out over sunshine. sun returns sunday making a run at 60-degrees. two more storms on the way next week. details on that in the accuweather forecast. jim? >> cecily, thank you. police say the foul weather contributed to a deadly crash. a man in his 60 was driving north in the white car, lost control and hit a car head on. he was killed. the 20 something driver of the other car is in critical condition at the temple university hospital. >> a woman killed tonight was part of a murder-suicide by her husband. dan, what kind of information are you getting there? >> jim, indications are,
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according to police, that this was the end of a domestic dispute. police officers have a good idea what happened. >> it left neighbors and friends in shock. it's very shocking. it's awful. things happen, you know. >> police say a man arrived home just before 4:00 to find his mother and father in a pool of blood upstairs bedroom. robin potter and 67-year-old anthony potter. police say she was stabbed repeatedly and was dead. her husband had a stab wound to the chest and neck hand has been taken to hospital. >> a knife and pair of scissors were found inside the
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blood-soaked bedroom. some report the couple had a big fight last night before their son made the discovery. >> things happen. that's all you can say. >> everybody has ups and downs, but -- i'm still upset about this. >> katrina bennett says she had seen the son that made the discovery a couple of hours earlier. she asked him how everyone was. >> he said everybody's good. this was a couple of hours ago. he said everybody's good. it's heartbreaking. like i'm in shock. >> now at last word mr. potter was undergoing surgery at penn presbyterian. homicide detectives have talked to a number of his relatives and are waiting to talk to him. >> thank you. >> the suspected sniper philadelphia police say tried to kill two people in a strip club
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parking lot have been caught and face murder charges. it was monday night when the gunman opened fire from a building across from the delilah gentleman's club. detectives tracked down 29-year-old lawrence mitchel. his motivate was to kill anyone at random. he may have mental health polic. lawmen say mitchel obtained the scope ar15 illegally. >> the buck's county prosecutor will seek the death penalty against the 44-year-old man accused of raping, killing and dismembererring his girlfriend's 14-year-old daughter. the girl's mother was involved in the plot as ar part of a murr
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fantasy. the couple will be tried together next march. >> there is new concern that isis is developing bombs that can be hidden in laptops and electronics that can be smuggled past airport security screeners and on to planes. let's go live to "action news" reporter jeff chirico at philadelphia international airport. this is why electronics are banned on certain flights into the united states. >> that's right, jim. laptops are something many of us carry when we fly. i spoke with passengers today. they say the that laptops can be used as weapons concerns them. >> passengers are frightened over new reports that terrorists
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caterroristscan use lap to lapt. it's an unsettling development for william pearson who travels two to three times a week. >> as much as i travel. i don't like that. >> officials conducted their own tests and sent teams to airports to see if the bombs could be struggled. the threat was perceived to be real. officials have not issued a similar directive in the u.s. expressing more confidence in the layered security approach in north america and europe. despite that, some passengers still feel uneasy. >> technology can be used to help detectives. >> of the foreign airlines affected by the laptop, one
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travels to philadelphia, cutter airways. that's expected to land in philadelphia international 8:30 tomorrow morning. jeff chirico, channel6, "action news." >> the senate intelligence committee investigating russian meddling in the election over flynn has been no. >> adam schiff went to the white house today to see the controversial evidence revealed to devin nunes last week. there are media reports that three white house staffers
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shared the information with nunes. they were caught up in surveillance. this was meant to bolster claims that the obama administration wiretapped him. >> a final approval to see trump fork over $25 million in the trump university case. the money will go to people who felt they were given failed promises in real estate. >> philadelphia d.a. seth williams says he's voluntarily spending his license to practice law but won't resign while he fights bribery and extortion charges. he was back in court with a new lawyer. phantom as burkthomas burke is r colleague.
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>> police are looking for a hit and run driver that hit a pedestrian near green bank road. they identified the victim at 53-year-old christopher helsz of wilmington. hesse was struck by a second vehicle that did stop at the scene. he has since died of his injuries. >> the taj mahal casino was bought last year but shut down in october in response to a union strike. they want to reopen the casino next spring and will unveil the plans for the casino this coming wednesday. >> two more men are going to prison for the 2014 hold up at caesar's casino. evan aarons and nathaniel
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greenly. evans eight years, greenly seven. a fired security guard new when the cash would change hands and led the crew in the heist. they got away with $180,000 in crash. >> this norman rockwell painting is back with its owners tonight 40 years after being stolen from its home in cherry hills. all of this time it's been at an antique dealer's who thought it was a copy. >> my dad wanted the painting back. >> the piece is known as "lazy bones." it was painted in 1919, in the grant family since 1954. robert grant bought it from a
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friend after he had damaged the painting with a pool cue. he paid 50 bucks. today it's worth a million dollars. >> a harrowing 911 call that may explain the texas bush crash. and an arrest made in thegeorgi. >> plus the one trick researchers say can help you stay away from junk food in the vending machines. cecily? >> the rain has moved on but there are lots of low clouds. i have details on the weekend and track two more storms on the way in the seven-day forecast. >> jeff scaversky with the sixers in a blowout. and the phillies return from spring training.
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>> three people have been arrested in connection with a fire that destroyed a section of interstate in atlanta. investigators believe the three are homeless and the fire beneath i-85 was set intentionally. the fire was so hot it caused a section of the highway to collapse and will be shut down for months while crews work to rebuild it. >> the driver of a crash with a church bus apologized saying he was texting while driving. this comes from a witness behind the pick up. she called 911 minutes before the crash. >> he's all over the road. he's going to hit someone head on or him own damn self.
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>> 12 people and th were killed. >> there is a confirmed sighting of the teacher and teen he kidnapped two weeks ago. 50-year-old tad cummens and 15-year-old elisabeth thomas have changed their appearance. thomas' blonde hair is red and cummen's darkened his hair and beard. surveillance video shows a manhole exploding in schenectady new york. this morning, a series of manholes exploded in new york city blowing out windows and sending smoke up from underground near union square. officialsbelieve it was a cause of left over snow salt
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connecting with underground wires. william coleman died today. he was a lifelong republican and champion of sieve wil civil rig. he served as transportation secretary for president ford. he helped write the legal briefs for brown v. education outlawing segregation in public schools. william coleman dead at the age of 96. >> a new study shows if you are trying to snack healthier, time is on your side. researchers explored ways to get people to pick healthier food from a vending machine. it turns out delayed gratification had the best
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results. people were not willing to get their snacks to the point that there was a 5% uptick in healthy purchases. several bucks county residents who have done extraordinary things shared their story at the bucks county community college to raise money for brain tumor research. a 75-year-old try athlete and accomplished sled dog racer covering 50,000-miles by dog among the speakers. >> impressive. >> can we get rid of the rain? >> rain leaves tonight, clouds leave during the day tomorrow. sunday, a beautiful day. you have to be patient. double scan showing a scattering of light showers around. the steady rain moved out.
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i want to show you the result. ray tweeted this to me. you can see the ho how the crees blowing. we have two inches of rain in areas causing flooding. right now, 44-degrees. we briefly touched 50 this afternoon. eight degrees below normal, reading 40. cape may 53. trenton 53-degrees. as we close out the month of march, 41.2, the first month since last may with temperatures below normal, only the second month in the past two years below average temperatures for philadelphia. satellite and radar showing in the final minutes of march we are saying goodbye to the storm system bringing heavy snow to parts of new england, up to a foot of heavy wet snow, severe
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weather to the south. we have steady rain and a good amount of cloud cover during the day tomorrow for april fools day, no joking, clouds here at 8:00. a scattered shower or two, nothing more. finally, late in the afternoon, early in the evening before the sun sets, partial clearing on the cool side, 52. low pressure to the east and high pressure to the west, wind tunnel effects, winds up to 20 miles per hour from the northwest. sunday, the high pressure settles over us. that means loads of sunshine. it will be mild, 61-degrees. the high pressure doesn't stick around. we have another storm system moving in during the day monday. the seven-day forecast, breezy, cool and cloudy tomorrow. nicer than today, 52-degrees the high. sunday, 61, mostly sunny.
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monday, the clouds roll in quickly, rain arriving late in the day. looks like another soaking rainstorm tuesday with the potential for heavy rain. 58-degrees. we get to towel off wednesday, partly sunny, 64. another round of rain developing thursday, 62-degrees. friday starts wet. i have my fingers crossed we get the rain out of here in time for the philly's home opener. at this point, sunday is looking nice. >> the academy in burlington, new jersey held the hog warts school of wizard dri tonight named for the school in harry potter. they transformed to characters from harry potter's wizard world.
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even harry potter himself was on hand. new jersey's own jon bon jovi played to a packed house at the wells fargo center. they sang from the new "this house is not for sale" album, but fans had a chance to hear the classics as well. ♪ >> april is international jazz month. tonight the philly pop celebrated with music of ella fitzgerald and armstrong. ella, louie and all that jazz runs at the kimmel center
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>> you don't want to be shorthanded when you play the calves. that was the sixer's problem tonight. >> covington, okafor not playing tonight or the rest of the season. okafor is done for the rest of his season with soreness in his right knee. sixers are shutting down robert
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covington because of a m meniscs tear. irving pushes justin anderson. anderson says take this, the one handed slam off the miss. sixers missing way too many guys to keep up with lebron james. irving and lebron down as many as 32. sixers lose 122-105. >> eagle defensive end chris long says he's following his heart and it brings him here. doesn't hurt that the love of his life grew up an eagle's fan. long has a long history. father-in-law howie played villanova, first college game at the link against temple and first nfl game against the
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eagles 2008. >> all i can remember is the fight's on. i remember thinking throughout my clear, i was like, i would love to play in a city like that, that kind of atmosphere. my dad was like you would love philly. >> eagles introducing new quarterback used to play in new orleans. >> philly training is over. real deal monday in cincinnati. here they are in clear water. one guy that can't wait for monday, brock stassi. after tearing up, he knows people are rooting for him. >> it's cool. a lot of people said they were inspired by it. i was humbled by it, telling my story about per perseverance and
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never giving up. i have got a lot of cool feedback. >> starter clay buchholz allowing five runs. philly's finish 7-7 tie. philly shortstop rubin
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>> the flyers could be officially eliminated from the playoffs this time tomorrow. today forward matt reed finds out his season is over because of an upper body injury. flyers need help, here you go, mike beck yoa bekioni. he's believed to be the best in the country and picked the flyers. >> good. welcome to him. a new exhibit at city hall explores the relationship between china and philadelphia. the exhibit is made up of photographs from daily cities.
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"jimmy kimmel live" next followed by "nightline." "action news" continues at 5:30. for the entire "action news" team, have a good night.
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time for an all new show with great viral videos "right this minute." he's been trying to top himself and now youtube gadget genius coll collin firs is -- >> finally finished with his crazy innovation. >> see whether he can become the world's fastest. a comedian reveals a serious side to himself as he goes searching for his father. >> documentary called "fatherless." >> see what spurred baron vaughn's compelling journey. a shark seems to be telling a diver -- >> don't have fingers, help me out here. >> why it took a lot of guts to get this out. and --


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