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tv   ABC World News  ABC  April 1, 2017 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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welcome to "world news tonight." new revelations about the net worth of senior staff in president trump's administration. the possible conflicts of interest surrounding what may be the wealthiest west wing in american history. deadly force. the body cam footage. a dramatic confrontation between police and a suspect. the chase, then the takedown. hotel poisoning. an entire building evacuated. children passing out at the pool. rushed to the hospital. did a carbon monoxide leak spark this deadly danger? flooding disaster. a water avalanche crashing into a city in the middle of the night. rivers of mud and debris killing more than 150 people. hundreds more missing. and tonight, the death toll rising. plus, buzzer beater.
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one of the biggest upsets in college hoops history, snapping one of the most incredible winning streaks ever. is it the end of an era? and good evening. thanks for joining us on this saturday. i'm tom llamas. and we begin tonight with a fuller financial snapshot of white house senior staff. a trove of financial disclose sure forms spelling out the astounding wealth of president trump's team, adding up to at least $12 billion. sparking new debate tonight, the roughly $740 million real estate and business empire of son-in-law jared kushner and first daughter ivanka trump, as they work along the president. chief strategist stephen bannon reporting nearly $200,000 in con sut consulting fees last year from breitbart news. the vast disclosures answering some questiony more. nieporter: tonight, a rare us
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glimpse inside the rarefied world of donald trump's west wing. the collective net worth of the president's senior staff and cabinet officials, at least $12 billion. trump's son-in-law jared kushner alone details a real estate and business empire worth up to $740 million. benefiting him and his wife, ivanka. both are unpaid white house staff member but ivanka trump retains her stake in t n open trump internationalotel here in d.c. property her father frequently visits. her stake valued at $5 to $25 million. >> that hotel is full of conflicts of interest. it's going to be an ethics quagmire. >> reporter: the president's controversial chief sttegist steve bannon lists assets worth up to $54 million. populist rage channeled through conservative media enterprises and consulting has clearly been lucrative for him. adviser kelly ann and her his, worth up to $40 million
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when trump took office.est membf the senior spokesman spicer li holdings valued up to $5 million. chief of staff reince preibus lists assets worth a mere million or so, and earned half a million a year as head of the rnc. >> it's an ethics nightmare. >> reporter: richard painter is a former bush administration ethics czar, now part of a watchdog group that is suing trump over his refusal to dive est from his business interests. >> a lot of people that are working in the white house have substantial investments in privately held companies, and we need to know much more about where they're borrowing their money or we're not going to know what the conflicts of interest are. >> reporter: today, president trump vented his outrage at the ongoing probe into russian meddling in the november election. an investigation he's previously called a witch hunt. trump tweeted, "it is the same fake news media that said there is no path to victory for trump that is now pushing the phony russia story.
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a total scam." but this weekend, angry constituents taking a different view, faced down the republican congressman leading the house probe, calling the watchdog a lapdog. republican devin nunes used to work for the trump transition team. he's been accused of diverting the focus toward trump's claims that president obama spied on him. >> there's not a better person in the house of representatives to do this investigation than me, because i've been warning about russia for a long time. >> and david wright joins us live from the white house. there's late breaking news tonight about former national security adviser michael flynn and his financial disclosure? >> reporter: that's right, tom. in his initial disclosure, flynn did not list payments for speeches from three different russian companies. just yesterday, he filed a form correcting that omission. no comment from the white house, but in the midst of all this chatter about russia, it's bound to raise some eyebrows. >> the former general still causing trouble for that white house. all right, david, thank you so much.
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of course, all the latest on "this week" tomorrow, plus marsha raddatz with u.s. ambassador to the united nations, nikki haley. turning now to the tense confrontation with police, escalating to a deadly shooting, all of it captured on body cam. here's abc's ron claiborne with that video. >> reporter: it begins routinely enough. roy, utah, officers confronting nicholas sanchez, suspected of loitering outside a gas station convenience store. >> come over here and talk to me. let's go. >> really? >> or do you just want to be arrested right now? it's your choice. >> what did i do, though? >> reporter: sanchez ignores the officer's command to approach him. >> keep your hands out of your pockets for me. >> sorry, look, i ain't got nothing. >> reporter: but when he raises his sweatshirt, a gun can be seen in his waistband. >> you got a gun on you, do not reach for your pockets. >> what? >> reporter: suddenly, the man bolts, chased by one cop, the other police officer trailing. >> let me see your hands! let me see your hands! >> reporter: the officer's body cam video does not show exac what happened, but moments later, sanchez was shot dead by
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16 bullets, including one from his own gun, fired by the officer who chased him. that shooting was back in february. police say that sanchez had an extensive criminal history, including weapons charges. those two police officers, they are on paid administrative leave, pending an investigation by the sheriff's department. tom? >> that body came video no doubt part of that investigation. ron, thank you so much. next, to the deadly accident at a hotel in the midwest. children passing out at the pool. rushed to the hospital, unconscious. officials say dangerously high carbon monoxide levels were seeping onto every floor throughout the building. abc's adrienne bankert picks up the story. >> reporter: tonight, a frantic call for help. toxic fumes inside this michigan hotel, killing a 13-year-old boy and poisoning nearly a dozen others. >> i have a report of approximately six to seven children in the pool area, all unconscious. >> reporter: witnesses say kids were playing at this pool when they started to get sick and called an adult for help.
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>> my mom hurried up and went down there, and she said when she survived, all the kids were surrounding the pool, passed out, throwing up. >> reporter: one child, dead. the victims, middle schoolers, rushed to the hospital. >> i walked past the pool and there were literally just five bodies. >> reporter: hotel staff and police also being treated after racing in to help. >> they opened up doors and called 911 right away. >> reporter: officials say the culprit, a lethal dose of carbon monoxide. more than 16 times what is safe, coming from a faulty pool heater. every year in the u.s., there are more than 400 deaths and 20,000 are admitted to emergency rooms for carbon monoxide poisoning. investigators still trying to determine whether the hotel had carbon monoxide detectors. the hotel telling abc news, it is "working closely with local officials and that their highest priority is the safety of their guests." we're told this was a group of middle schoolers out on spring break, set to come home today, but they wanted one more dip in that pool.
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tom? >> an incredibly sad accident. all right, adrienne, thank you so much. and we're learning much more tonight about the trablgic church bus crash in texas that killed 13 people. new video appears to show the moments beforehand. witnesses say, if you look closely, this is the pickup truck that caused that accident, and that the driver admitted he was texting right before impact. abc's marci gonzalez with the latest on this tonight. >> reporter: tonight, disturbing new cell phone video showing that pickup truck swerving on a rural texas highway. >> somebody needs to stop him. >> reporter: just minutes before authorities say it crashed head-on into this church bus, killing 13 people onboard. >> you're talking about grandmothers, grandfathers. there was a husband and wife on that same bus together. >> reporter: jody kuchler was trailing the truck for a half hour wednesday, watching as it crossed into oncoming traffic, coming dangerously close to this truck. >> he's all over the road, both sides. somebody needs to stop ts guy. >> reporter: kuchler's givideo
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from the passenger seat, while he called and made a plea to sheriff's departments in two counties. >> he's going to hit somebody head-on or he's going to kill his own damn self. somebody needs to get this guy off the road. >> reporter: just after that devastating crash he predicted, kuchler says he pulled over and the 20-year-old driver, jack young, admitted to him that he a claimntsb says it's d the investigating. >> you can't be texting and driving all over the road for that long. >> reporter: texting and driving is illegal in 46 states. texas is not one of them. young and just one person on the bus survived. no charges have been filed. tom? >> another violent reminder of the dangers of texting and driving. marci, thank you. moving oversales to the devastating images coming out of colombia. intense rains triggering an avalanche of water and mud. families with young children and elderly grandparents swept away as they slept in their beds when three rivers overflowed. abc's stephanie ramos with the
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latest on rescue efforts. >> reporter: tonight, more than 100 people killed and hundreds more missing as mudslides devastate a southern town in colombia. mud and debris crashing into homes, killing people in their slee heavy rainfall caused three rivers to overflow, triggering an avalanche of water, wiping out entire neighborhoods. survivors say the avalanche of water was so strong, it shook buildings. bridges like this one, toppled. at least 154 people confirmed dead.0 more missing. and at least 400 hurt. villagers desperately digging for survivors. soldiers making their way through the destruction, carrying bodies on makeshift through muddy waters, this baby, safely rescued. colombia's president flying in soon after the disaster to oversee rescue efforts. colombian authorities are right now trying to move people out of the town, because dangerous flooding.
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tom? >> that entire town wiped away. all right, stephanie, thank you so much. next, to the political crisis in venezuela. en nicolas maduro and the supreme court backing down from their joint power grab, after massive violent protests, claiming maduro is turning into a full-fledged dictator. ma dura asked the supreme court to strip the ledge slay sure of some of their power. the court today released new rulings that apparently reinstated congress's authority. and the dramatic pictures out of paraguay tonight. take a look at this. protesters storming congress, setting the building on fire. police fighting back wit cannons and rubber bullets. clashes erupting after lawmakers tried to change the rules there, allowing the president an extra term in office. and this late headlinee interior minister and topoffice opposition leader was killed in connection with those protests. back here at home now to new clues in the manhunt for that teacher accused of taking off
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with a former student. the baffling case has law enforcement scrambling for several weeks now. abc's eva pilgrim with the new developments. >> reporter: tonight, the search intensifying for that tennessee teacher and the student he allegedly kidnapped almost three weeks ago. investigators releasing video of the first confirmed sighting of the pair. >> i feel at least hopeful that i've seen her. >> reporter: 50-year-old tad cummins and 15-year-old elizabeth thomas captured on this walmart surveillance camera in oklahoma city on march 15th, two days after they disappeared from columbia, tennessee, almost 700 miles away. the new pictures showing only small changes to their appearance. thomas' hair dark and red. cummins' gray facial hair now brown. >> she looks subservient to him, walking behind him, looking to him. it's a very scary image. >> reporter: the two disappeared after cummins was accused of having an inappropriate relationship with his teenage student. >> he was putting a lot of planning into disappearing. he searched "what size mattress will fit in the back of a nissan rogue?"
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>> reporter: authorities telling abc news, cummins packed warm weather clothes, shos and t-shirts, but now think he could be anywhere. >> for elizabeth thomas. >> reporter: today, in tennessee, green rib a festival in town, the search, and tonight, a symbol of hope. >> elizabeth, if you can hear me, please come back to us. >> reporter: and there is a $10,000 reward for information that leads authorities to the teen. investigators say it is important that the tips keep coming. it just takes one to make all the difference, tom. >> and again, that video, two weeks ago, yet they still can't find where these two are. all right, eva, thank you. we want to turn now to weather. winter just not letting go on this first day of april. boston and elsewhere in new england still chilled by snow, mixing with rain. and take a look at this drone video. severe storm damage in virginia. it's now confirmed it was an ef-2 tornado with winds of up to 120 miles per hour that slammed ch virginia beach. senior meteorologist rob marciano standing by in new
6:44 pm
england with the forecast. hey, rob. >> reporter: tom, that severe weather coming in the warm sector of the same storm that brought this cold snow to new england over a foot of snow falling just . about an hour north of boston. the storm now beginning to head out to sea and the snow is winding down. should be melting here quickly tomorrow with a strong april sun. meanwhile, the next storm coming into texas, going to bring severe weather, i think, to dallas tomorrow. i-35, down to austin. through the lunch hour, then pushing east into houston and lake charles, louisiana, all under the gun. a moderate risk of thunderstorms. could be strong ones. could be long track, damaging tornadoes along the i-10 corridor. a serious situation. we'll be watching it carefully tomorrow. tom? >> all right, rob, thanks so much. there's still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this saturday. a devastating fire takes down part of a majorhighway.s the sa. are your highways at risk? plus, a car crashes through an apartment wall, coming to a stop w were sleeping. their condition ahead. and osets in sports history.
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back now with new developments tonight in that inferno that triggered a collapse of a major highway in atlanta. the key suspect under arrest, now charged with arson. abc's kenneth moton reporting tonight on the conditions that led to that fire and could threaten highways possibly nationwide. >> reporter: tonight, new details about the man accused of intentionally setting the massive fire that took down this major atlanta highway. >> oh, my gosh! >> reporter: basil eleby in court today, a judge saying his bond should reflect the extensive amount of damage caused. >> but in this case, that would amount to probably a couple hundred million dollars. >> reporter: eleby has a criminal past involving drugs. this police affidavit allegedly went to smoke crack cocaine with two others under the i-85 bridge thursday.
6:48 pm
one witness telling is police he saw eleby place a chair on top of a shopping cart and ignited it. >> it takes something to cause something like that to burn. >> reporter: the fire fueled by construction materials under the bridge. a large slab of the northbound lane collapsing. traffic in and around this already con guested city, snarled. >> it took me two hours to get out here this morning. >> reporter: workers today tearing down the sections of bridge that will need replacing. this incident creating concern that bridges are vulnerable in other cities. last year in pittsburgh, bridge workers cutting steel accidentally started this blaze. and in new york, leaking propane setting materials on fire. a train passing right through, no time to stop. tom, georgia's governor has now declared a state of emergency. it could take in the labor day to replace six sections of road on both sides of i-85. that's an area larger than two football fields. tom? >> incredible, that fire took out such a large chunk of
6:49 pm
highway. kenneth, thank you. still ahead, if you have problems with allergies, there's an urgent medical recall to tell you about. why your life-saving device might not work when you need it. the crucial details ahead. plus, a midair collision. the pilots dead. why they were flying to close to each other.
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the most common side effect is diarrhea, sometimes severe. if it's severe stop taking linzess and call your doctor right away. other side effects include gas, stomach-area pain and swelling. talk to your doctor about managing your symptoms proactively with linzess. time now for our index. two children miraculously escape injury when a car comes crashing into their bedroom. look at this video. the car ending up on the bed where the children were sleeping in des moines, iowa. the driver saying she accidentally put her car in drive instead of reverse. police say she's unlikely to face any charges. in central florida, two planes colliding in the skies
6:53 pm
over edgewater. the two small planes slamming into each other near i-95 this morning. the ntsb saying the two planes were part of a group of about in reca some epi-pens now spreading to this country. 13 lots of the life-saving because e part.being recalled th distributed tween 2015 and july 2016. you can go to the fda website to see if your epi-pen is among those recalled. and the story rocking the sports world tonight, a stunning buzzer beater ending uconn's record 111-game winning streak. historic jumper, as the buzzer sounded in overtime, sending mississippi state to the na women's final. uconn had not lost since, get this, 2014. it also breaks a streak of four straight championships for the huskies. up next, a little boy and an incredible act of generosity. when a police officer died in
6:54 pm
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why hold it in? have your movantik moment.topioid-inducedo if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. finally tonight, a wonderful story. a little boy with a selfless act, trying to cheer up officers after a difficult week. here's abc's gloria riviera. >> reporter: when the community in wisconsin learned police officer jason whelan has been shot and killed in the line of duty, everyone was shocked and saddened, including 7-year-old brady duke, who decided to write the police a letter. >> i am so sorry that one of your police brothers died. how can i help? >> reporter: he was serious. >> i just knew i had to do something because their police
6:58 pm
officer brother died. >> reporter: but what? the oldest of five siblings, brady remembered sharing can bring smiles. >> he just has a heart that's probably two sizes bigger than most people's. >> reporter: so, this little boy with a big heart packed up his most favorite thing in the world -- his nintendo wii -- to give to the department. >> when i first heard that he wants to give away his wii, i was like, what? okay. >> reporter: brady even played a few games to show them how it's done. just how important was that wii to brady? >> really important. i loved it. >> reporter: at the police? >> they were crying. >> reporter: good tears, after a dark week. >> brady made a special impact here, and we were really grateful for him. >> reporter: gloria riviera, abc news, washington. >> we thank gloria for that story, and we thank you for watching. "gma" and "this week" in the morning. and i'll see you right back here tomorrow night. i'm tom llamas. have a great evening. good night.
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