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tv   Action News Weekend 6AM  ABC  April 2, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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action news delaware valley's leading news program. a flyers goalie collapses during a game and is hospitalized. you'll hear what the team says, played a role. the first vote on president trump's supreme court nominee is neil gorsuch is hours away >> a message in a bottle mystery has a philadelphia link action news talks to the man who found it thank you so much for waking up with us, 6:00 on
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sunday, sky 6 overlookingcommod. clear skies overhead when we were dealing with clouds, it's chilly but still clear skies, with the sunshine the numbers will respond nicely. sitting at 42 in philadelphia, 40 in trenton, 33 in the poke, allentown 37. 34 for lancaster. 45 in cape may and 42 down there in dover. wind speeds out of the northwest about five to ten miles per hour but this is better than what we saw yesterday when we had gusts around 20, 25 miles per hour, throughout the day still will be a bit breezy but with the sunshine, shining down brightly, it will help warm things six. again clearing everything out.
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forecast, down at the jersey shore, we'll say sunny and nice for the high of 57. city of philadelphia, sunny, a bit breezy and a high of 62, and for the poconos, milder with some sun mostly cloudy up there, a high of 50. in the short term, the weather pattern looks quiet, as we go a little bit farther out here to the west, this is texas oklahoma, kansas and nebraska, lots of rain and clouds, this is our next weather maker that gets in monday into tuesday with more rain, back along in a few minutes i'll have the timing on, how much you can expect. it details with the accu weather seven-day forecast. >> thank you. new this morning, a woman is in critical condition after a crash overnight in roxboro section. she was a passenger in a car that tried to avoid a deer and slam into a pole on. the 27-year-old driver an 23-year-old woman were i ejected. passenger was rushed to einstein medical center. the man is hospitaled in stable
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condition. new this morning, the search is on for the person who shot a man in the back in camden. the shooting happened in the 1200 block of kane avenue around 2:30 this morning, the man ran a short distance before collapsing in the street. medics took him to cooper university hospital in critical condition. police have not said if they have a motive in the case 6:03. if you're waking up. s flyers goalie michael neuvirth spent the night in the hospital collapsing during a game at home last night. fell to the ice and laid there several minutes. players from the flyers rushed set up a the bench to be by his side. general manager. ron heck stall said neuvirth was not feeling well before the game. >> he had a little bit of a chest cold. there's a few things going on. he has, in fact, had a chest cold. >> we sent him over to the
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hospit precautioary reason. everything so far good. he was in the game because the other goalie steve mays was also sick. the flyers say they may have more information today. jeff skversky will have reaction from players coming up in sports. 6:04. neighbors talking this morning about a house collapse in southwest philadelphia. you saw it yesterday morning break, news, firefighters had to pull a man from under mounds of bricks. bob brooks has more on the rescue >> it was loud. i heard it. i was laying there on the sofa. watching tv. and i heard it. it scared the heck out of me. >> what anne adams her was this house crashing down in southwest philadelphia. it happened just around 2:30 a.m. overnight and it wasn't just anne that heard it. everyone did. >> i heard a boom. >> reporter: but the house
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wasn't empty. there was a man inside being crushed by the rubble the home collapsed right on him. fire officials say when crews got here, the house was flat and they begin their initial assessment, that's when they heard man ice creaming for help and started the rescue. >> you could hear him hollering >> for help >> yes. >> reporter: we see the man was pulled out and rushed to the hospital. kathy sanders lives next door to the home that fell. she said the victim is a homeless man. >> he was a squatter. and he went in there. they usually come in sometimes 1:00 at night. >> reporter: this section of row homes were in the process of demolition. many say they're not surprised it's happened and that is a miracle this man inside wasn't killed. they had these houses were unsafe. >> home always a >> reporter: they should have been torn down a long time ago.
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>> reporter: no officials cause of why this house came crashing down, dealing thes fire officials are working to get. reporting in southwest philadelphia, bob brooks, channel 6, action news. just released financial demolish forms of senior staff are sparking new debate over the trump team's ties to business, the president senior staff is worth about 12 billion dollars, jerry kushner and first daughter ivanka trump has about $740 million in real estate holdings and has her stake in the newly hope opened hotel in washington. critics say such ties pose a sewer you don't say conflict of interest >> a lot of people working in this white house have substantial 57s in privately held and we need to know much more about where their
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balling their money or we're not going to know what the conflicts of interest are. >> steve bannon is worth up to $54 million. the judiciary committee is expected to vote on kneel gorsuch. the clears the way for the full senate to weigh in. republicans could change senate rules to allow a simple majority vote for gorsuch's confirmation, that change would allow all amount of money supreme court nominees to be confirmed without with regard to the objections of the minority party. the man who found this bottle crossed the country to find owner. dan cuellar spoke to the man who found the message. >> reporter: sounds crazy but it's kind of a hobby of mine.
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>> reporter: meet quint buffing ton >> believe it or not he traveling the world looking for messages in bottle >> i thought it was something that you see in movies or books whatever. >> reporter: since he started on this crazy fan of his in 2007 he found 82 bottles in messages >> i now met with 11 people whose messages in bottles and every experience has just been wonderful. >> reporter: it was back in 2015 while vacationing in the british west indes he stumbled on to a gatorade bottle washed assure with a faded message >> if i hold it up to the light just right a specific angle i can see where he's written i live in philadelphialy, let me know what day you found this. >> reporter: the message was written by someone named ray from philadelphia on crews line stationery on a carnival crews that may of >> i'm excited to find ray, i hope we're able to make contact
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and i hope he's as interested zoom. >> reporter: unfortunately he can't make out the phone number on the message he's been looking for him for a year new. for buffing ton there's something magical of connecting with people whose message in a bottle he's found through the years >> i feel kind of connected and i made contact with them and they were super excited i found their bottle i kind of hooked me. something -- it appealed to me now. >> reporter: he has a sibs dedicated to finding messages in bottles. you can find a link to it on our website at 6 dan cuellar channel 6 action news. so much more to come on action news sunday morning including this new video of a pickup swerving on the road about to plow into a church bus killing 13 people. philadelphia district attorney seth william legal troubles take another turn in court tomorrow. the phillies are hitting the
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road today for the season opener in cincinnati. the general manager talks about expectations just ahead. it certainly doesn't feel like baseball weather with wind chills back down into the 30's. we do have a couple days coming up this week where the numbers look pretty close to 70. i'll let you know when when we come back 6:12.
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the member r men men's title game set. you may remember last year when the tar heels lost the championship at the buzzer against villanova. last night, unc beat oregon in the final four. ♪ tar heels will take on gonz aga university. after beating south carolina, gonz aga is a powerhouse, the school is in washington state and has fewer than 8,000 students. >> that's impressive. our weather not been impressive but we're going to make up for it today >> about a day or so. at this point, we'll just take anything we get. we'll get you outside and go live on sky six in cape may
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where we have a few clouds a along the coast. but mainly clear condition, temperatures dropped off overnight. it is fairly chilly out there. once again, we're sitting at 42 degrees here in philadelphia at the 6:00 hour, due point 31, pressure reading holding steady at 30.13. winds a bit blustery out of the northwest at 12 miles per hour, that makes the 42 feel more like 36. this will be the issue first thing this morning, windchills in the mid 30's but in the afternoon, temperatures will suddenly climb back into the 60's where they should be for this time of year. feels like 33 in trenton, 35 in dover, only 36 in cape may. nice and quiet across the midatlantic. the next weather maker out here you can see the huge flare-up over last couple hours, thunderstorm activity, we'll eventually see an area of low pressure develop right there
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northwest of dallas and that will come charging towards northeast again, that means heavy rains moving into parts of the area, monday into tuesday. monday looks pretty good. most of the day is
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again. 62 a couple of degrees above the seasonal answer of 59. and 45 for center city, the exclusive accu weather seven-day forecast, it's not the warmest but certainly one of the nicer, lots of sunshine, 62, monday increasing clouds and a mild day with a high of 65. look at tuesday, 70 degrees, more clouds, limited sun, maybe
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concert that injured four people. following a bike rally in virginia. two of the victims were shot. a third person was hurt by flying glass an fourth hit by a car and the chaos, this morning the shooter is oh run. 6:20. if you're just waking up. new video appears to show the truck involved in that fatal church bus crash just moments before the accident. jody was driving behind the truck half an hour and says he saw it cross into oncoming traffic several times. minutes later that pickup truck crashed into a church bus. 13 people inside were killed. a witness told police that the pickup truck driver admitted to texting while driving. it is not illegal to text and drive in the state of texas. police in chicago have arrested a teenager of a sexual
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assault of a 15-year-old girl streamed live on facebook. police say the 14-year-old boy is just one of five or six males involved in the attack last month. it was streamed live on facebook and watched by about 40 people. who did not report the crime. police were unaware of the attack until the victim's mother approached the police is that the and showed him the video. the teen was arrested. faces felony sexual assault charges. fishing boat was engulfed in flames off of florida's gulf coast this weekend. five people on board abandoned the boat jumping into a raft. a coast guard helicopter to help them but just as it arrived a man in a nearby boat was able to pick the people up and safely take them to shore. no one was hurt. take them to shore. no one was hurt. ♪ over 200 products no antibiotics ever.
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sunday morning, lots of sunshine, wall-to-wall blue skies expected. temperatures climbing up into the 50's and 60's, by 1:0057, by 3:00, 60 and 60 degrees shooting for a high of 62. not too many these days in the seven-day forecast. moving into a very unsettled weather pattern over the next week to ten days, here's philadelphia here, as we get to monday and tuesday, we'll see the first snow come out of the loan star state. this is tuesday, this means more rain, doesn't look too terribly heavy, not as impressive as friday, but this will bring a good half inch to an inch of additional rainfall monday no tuesday and another area of low pressure as we get to wednesday pushes right through at the heart of the viewing area, this
6:25 am
arrives thursday no friday and this will bring significant rains to parts of the area, this is about a half inch to an inch and this is probably one to two inches and all of this on top of the two to two and a half we saw friday. enjoy the sunshine today, keep the umbrellas handy this week. greg >> the flyers playoff hopes are still alive but their thoughts are also with the goalie michael neuvirth. who collapsed during last night's win. here's jeff skversky. >> reporter: needing a big win to avoid being eliminated the flyers shorthanded in net goalie michael neuvirth out of nowhere collapses on the ice. here's the scary scene, he goes down, just like that in the first period against the devils, laying there for quite some time before getting carted off and taken to pennsylvania hospital for caution where he spent the night. the flyers say he was not feeling well beforehand.
6:26 am
they say the tests checked out just fine. will not go to new york facing the rangers. steve mays was sick. maysm mcdonald scored and the flyers trying to avoid the getting desperately kicked out of the playoff. hanging in there, and flyers winning 3-0 avoiding being eliminated. the concern afterwards not about playoffs but neuvirth healthy >> there's been a bug, it could have had something to do with the team, sometimes those colds get to you and dehydrate you and maybe it could have been something like that but i'm glad he's ok. it's a scary moment when you see that. >> and the flyers are sure who will play in net against the rangers they try to continue to state of off limitation.
6:27 am
north carolina has won it another shot at that title. north carolina against oregon last night in the national semi final unc joe berry struggles but it's a big three with under six to play in the second half. north carolina up one here. under six seconds to go. they miss four free throws to ice the allegheny catch a break as oregon misses the rebound. north carolina hangs on to win by one, another shot at the national championship after falling short to villanova a year ago and the other national semi fines gonzaga nearly belows a 14 point second half lead to south carolina. leading the way with 23 and the big man holds it down, gonzaga wins 77-73. they will play for a championship for the first time in school history tomorrow against north carolina. the phillies will hit the road for cincinnati later today.
6:28 am
they will open the 2017 against the reds on monday and general manager matt klentak expects the team to approve improve >> we had a credit to our manager and coaching staff. we're getting after it and bufth their but and working hard, and showing they're ready to start the season. >> hellickson will be on the found as the phillies start tomorrow. that's sports i'm jeff skversky have a great day.
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n monday and general tomorrow.
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two parents and children manage to escape the burning home. >> a chester man dies inside his home and apparently plotting more than one struggle. enjoy today, it will be nice then rainy again, chris sowers is tracking wet weather ahead for the week. we're tired of this wet weather. >> yesterday -- i said to greg imagine if this pattern would have set up in january or february. no way. so i guess you have to look at the positive side of things. let's get you outside. and take a look at this, a nice bright shot overlooking the ben franklin bridge. it's been about throw days since we've seen any kind of sunshine and that looks really, really nice at this point. you're going to go see wall-to-wall blue skies from start to finish. today looks like a really nice today.
6:31 am
temperatures starting out chilly, windchills are three to four degrees cooler. at later this afternoon we should manage to climb back up to 60's. 35 in pottstown, 39 in malvern, chester 39, center city 42. sewell, 41, for the skew 45. town send about 40. satellite 6. nice and clear. as the storm continues to pull away. a little bit of cloud cover approaching from the southwest that will not get in here today. that's an advance of tuesday's storm maker. we'll see increasing clouds for monday, enjoy monday. breezy in the afternoon but comfortable with a high of 62. and again as we've been talking about all morning, we have several rain chances to come in the accu weather seven-day forecast. the first one arrives monday into tuesday. the next one thursday into friday. and that one could pack quite a punch.
6:32 am
coming back in ten minutes all the details. losing track of toomey. >> thank you. remember, you can get that seven-day forecast and check storm tracker 6 radar any time at 6 new information to tell you about this morning. a family escaped a burning home in the holmesburg section of philadelphia. firefighters say they found heavy black smoke pouring from the second floor of the home when they got to the scene. the parents and their two children were not injured. the philadelphia fire marshal's office is investigating. new this morning, quick work by philadelphia firefighters prevented a row house fire from racing up and down street and damaging other homes. the accu cam at that scene, the 3100 block of way mouth street in kensington. broke out after midnight. when crews got there is flames and smoke were pouring from the
6:33 am
third floor. >> no word on what caused the fire. a shooting on a chestnut street has send one person to the hospital. it happened a around 10:00 on the 2600 block of west 6th street. the victim was taken to crozer chester medical center with a bullet wound to the neck, no word on the condition. chester, police were called to check on the condition of a man, but they make a sad discovery once they get inside that home. the man who lived there had died. action news dan cuellar as more on why it was difficult for first responders to remove the victim's body. he spoke to neighbors who shared some of the man's struggles. >> reporter: the scene in the 200 block of west 22. police were called to the home of a man identified by neighbors as 63-year-old jim scannedly >> neighbors report they have not seen or heardr him. >> i been trying to call him and his phone was turned off about a week.
6:34 am
i knew something was the matter. >> reporter: police broke the door open and found him dead in. officials say there was so much stuff in the house it took them over an hour to clear a pathway to extract scanly from building. they say he had struggled with obesity and diabetes many year >> he was overweight but get around here drive his car, this is his car right here. he drives his car around. he still gets around and stuff. tried to do the best he can. although he was overweight >> he's medical issues, his family doesn't live too close to here. keeping in touch with them, i know, is -- it was a little bit of a toll, a little taxing >> that was my best friend, i'm going to miss him a lot. me and him used to sit outside all the time. he used to make me laugh every day >> the medical examiner has not determined the cause of death. officials were trying to reach his sister and other relatives who live in the york pennsylvania area. in chester, dan cuellar, channel
6:35 am
6 action news. breaking news on the roosevelt boulevard in philadelphia. you're looking at a picture right here, philadelphia police are on the boulevard near adams avenue investigating a deadly shooting. police have shutdown the outer lanes northbound of the roosevelt boulevard, traffic is getting by on the inner lanes as police investigate. this is expected to be the situation on the boulevard. a man was driving eastbound in the 4800 block of summerdale avenue when man in a white cadillac pulled alongside of the deceased male and opened fire in his car striking him in the head. the injured driver then crossed six lanes of travel before crashing into a fence on the outer lanes of the boulevard. so far, no additional information has been made available but again, police have shut down the outer lanes be northbound on the roosevelt boulevard near adams avenue. we'll continue to keep you posted on this story on 6 abc and on 6 carbon monoxide leak is
6:36 am
being blamed for the death of a 13-year-old had a hotel in southwest michigan. at least 12 others injured. six children were unconscious on the pool deck. according to fire investigators they were overcome by carbon monoxide leaking from a faulty pool harlot. two hotel workers along with three officers responded to the scene were taken to the hospital >> they were trying to get out there was no life in those bodies, nothing. i couldn't even see them breathing >> we went in with our monitors, the monitors went off and the time it was taking up to go back out to get air packs to come back in, we can grab the patients and start pulling them out as we leave. all the responders took a little bit more risk but we had to get the kids out and into fresh air for the best chance of survival >> levels in the hotel were 16 times above the safe limits. 6:36, embattled district attorneys seth william expected back inside of a courtroom.
6:37 am
the city's top prosecutor volunteerly gave up us law license friday but he remains on the job. his new lawyer said williams will face an administrative role pending the outcome of this trial. williams face to say 23 counts of bribery and extortion, a hearing in federal court tomorrow. at 11:30, our inside story panel discusses seth william's legal challenges and the district attorney race. the panel digs into the tussle for sanctuary cities like philadelphia. a race against time and whipped up creations in philadelphia for a chance to cash in on scholarships. action news reporter jeaneatte reyes has the tasty details. >> chicken, hoping it turns outright. i have a thermometer. >> reporter: the heat is cranked up and it's not just on the
6:38 am
chicken. >> we'll bring the plate up here for the judge. >> reporter: how are you feeling >> excited. >> it's the beauty and the timing and everything. >> reporter: 18 talented chefs from several philadelphia high school battled it out of drexel university's campus to compete for a shot at tens of thousands of dollars in scholarship. the careers through culinary arts program or ccap awarded more than $50 million in scholarship nationwide over the last two decade. richard found it >> i wanted to change the pallet of america. >> reporter: the clock is ticking. the pressure is on the students have two hours to come up with the master piece and the judges will be watching closely. >> this is the tasting table. >> fundamentally sound is super important.
6:39 am
also, just knowing your way around a kitchen. >> reporter: back in the 90's, a full ride scholarship with $40,000, now, it's a whopping $120,000 up for grabs. no pressure. >> that would be excellent. i love to win any prize, first place is first place. >> reporter: results will be announced at the c cap awards breakfast april 6. considering last place is $2,000, students say it's worth the way the >> basically going to change an entire life >> jeaneatte reyes, channel 6 action news. >> that's a good prize last price. more to come, ready to ditch expensive cable tv? consumer reports said one of the newest streaming services offer lots of channels for less money. a local woman recognize as one of the best teachers in the country. >> sky 6 take a live look at
6:40 am
camden. chris sowers back next with the exclusive accu weather forecast.
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6:42 am
talented kids took center stage sponsored by omega fraternity, dozens showed off their skills including dance,
6:43 am
vocal, instruments and drama. the winner will run on to a regional competition in new york. >> i love a good talent competition. looked like those kids were something special. >> they're having a good time and i think all of you will be having a good time with all the sunshine. we're expecting later this afternoon, finally a bright sunny day after several days of clouds and miserable weather missed and heavy drenching rains and gusting winds, we don't have anything like that today. here's a beautiful shot looking at the philadelphia international airport. radar is clear, skies clear. here's the radar and again nothing going on today. next chance of rain in until monday probably late monday, after 10:00 or so, it should stay dry and with the sunshine we're expecting it's going to be day above the seasonal average, 62 is the high we're shooting for, 59 is where we should be for this time of year. the normal low is 40 and we're sitting at 42, we're already a
6:44 am
little bit above average and we'll get way up into the 50's and low 60's >> 40 in wilmington, 40 in trenton, 42 in dover, 32 in the poconos and 37 in allentown. satellite 6 along with action radar, high pressure builds in one day, you can kind of see it one day, clouds approaching from the west and thursday and friday storm system is pushing away. that's over my shoulder. this is a small area of high pressure that will keep the sky clear but quickly pull away and allow this to move in monday into tuesday. this is the next storm that we're watching, have a couple of tornado watch boxes down there across southwestern portions of the lone star state. this will get on it's giddy, up and bring the heavy pattern shall rain. >> overnight, mainly clear. tomorrow a little bit of
6:45 am
sunshine clouds begin to overspread the region and they will lower and thicken throughout the day. monday cloudy and here comes the rain, note how late at night this rain arrives after 10:00 in the evening here but some of it will come down at a good clip. you start seeing darker shades of green, yellows and oranges, at least moderate and steady rain falling. by 6:00 a.m. tuesday, you see a will have the clouds out here and still the lighter shades of green, light rain. we could see a couple of hit or miss thunderstorms developing tuesday afternoon and if these develop do expect to see more downpours throughout the day. temperatures on tuesday could actually get all the way up into the 70's. so real nice stuff temperature-wise on tuesday. we just have a few rain drops that will be dodging here. overthe next couple of days, friday we picked up inch and a half of rain, tuesday 8/10ths to another inch thursday into friday, 1.3 inches of rain.
6:46 am
we're way over three inches over the past week. and we were at two and a half deficit before this pattern started so we're easily wiping that out but it's a lot of rain in a short amount of time. there could be small drainage flooding developing with some of these rain storms, 62 in philadelphia. sunny skies, bright breezy, nice day. reading, 61, millville 62, thomas river, about 59, overnight, clear and quiet, 45 degrees in philadelphia, reading, 39. millville 40 and trenton 40 and the exclusive accu weather seven-day forecast looks good. 62 degrees, sunny skies today and breezy monday mostly cloudy. mild, 65 degrees is the forecasted high. tuesday cloudy and warm, monday rain moves in, monday morning left over rain transitioning into thunderstorms. wednesday is a good one, thursday and friday is the next storm, more rain and thunderstorms and then saturday hopefully everything clears out for good and we see the return of more sunshine.
6:47 am
>> thanks, chris. tired of paying a lot for tv but not ready to cut the cord entirely? some cable companies now offer skinny tv packages, but there are also internet streaming services. alicia vitarelli runs down some options. >> reporter: youtube has come a long way from cats, soon youtube tv will launch in major cities offering 40 streaming cable channels, disney, espn, fox news and even regional sports networks for $35 a month >> that's great price but there are channel trade-offs, >> for example, right now, youtube doesn't offer comedy central, cnn, hbo, hgtv and a few others though you can pay extra to get show time, sling tv starts at $20 a month but it's $40 all channel package includes
6:48 am
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coming from philadelphia's hunting park's section police on scene you see the action cam
6:51 am
there, investigating a shooting that happened along the roosevelt boulevard. this happened about 6:00 this morning, medics got a call of a person being shot inside of a car. when they got to the scene, they found the individual inside, man suffering from put a gunshot wound that individual was pronounced dead there at the location. of course, you see police shutdown the area there, so if you have to drive in this area, expect delays but we can also tell you that police say an unidentified male in a white cadillac pulled up alongside the deceased male, opened fire, hitting the victim in the head. again, one person dead and this breaking news story. we'll continue to follow this all morning long, bring you updates on 6 a grieving mother makes an emotional plea for your help. here's rick williams with this morning's crime fighters report. >> reporter: sandra henry davis describes her son ja meal henry
6:52 am
as typical 26-year-old. >> happy, exciting kid. a had a lot of friends, never troubled and he just enjoyed his life to the fullest. >> reporter: henry planned a birthday party for himself along the 1400 block of route 73 in pennsauken camden county >> he really enjoyed his night. he danced all night. >> reporter: davis said that move turned after 2:00 in the morning, she said officers were breaking up a fight in the parking lot when gunshots could be heard from the other side of the building. >> when the people came out they thought it was firecrackers. they didn't know it was a shooting. >> reporter: henry had been shot. taken to the hospital where he died several hours later. >> i miss him so much. anyone out there, please,
6:53 am
please, i would just, ja meal didn't deserve this at all. did he not deserve this. >> reporter: the citizens crime commission is administering a $1,000 reward for anyone with information that leads to the arrest and conviction of the person responsible. 215-546-tips. all calls will remain anonymous. >> i want a find my son's killer. my son was taken away from me too soon. >> reporter: i'm rick williams channel 6 action news. a mt. holly detective is being praised. haywarded the meritorious service metal. he was shopping on march 2nd when he noticed suspicious men leaving wells fargo bank. he contacted dispatchers. they were running a scam
6:54 am
involving fraudulent checks. we'll be right back. bretey
6:55 am
6:56 am
some of the video is getting a lot of love on the internet this week. >> first cat that actually loves the water. take a look at this. this is a siamese turkey mix when a beach goer spotted the kitten playing in the florida surf said i got to document this. he's been getting baths twice a week since he was baby and cannot get enough of the water, in the lake, ocean, or even a cup >> never seen that. if you love frozen, you just can't let it go. we present these philadelphia twins. they're reenactment of scenes
6:57 am
from the disney film is melting hearts. they're madeline and scarlet. colleen jordan shared this video on facebook and spread faster in winter in erin del. mom said matty is usually elsa and scarlet is ana. the video is going wild's spiral. they called it the cutest thing ever. >> 40 million views. babies and pets. can't go wrong. >> you think about any of videos by going to facebook and twitter. >> there's another hour of action news straight ahead >> new this morning a car is sheared in half by a crash in philadelphia's roxboro section, the accident just turned deadly. we now know what played a key factor >> neighbors tell action news about a warning before a house came tumbling down on top of a man in southwest
6:58 am
a legend at temple university and beyond is honored when action news continues.
6:59 am
flyers goalie collapses during a game and is hospitalized. hear what the team says played a role. first vote on donald trump's supreme court nominee neil gorsuch hours away a message in a bottle has a
7:00 am
philadelphia link. action news talks to the man who found it and his personal mission. it is 7:00 on this sunday, sky 6 taking you outside as we take this beautiful look over the city. >> to get the latest on the weather, meteorologist chris sowers outside with accu weather. >> reporter: it's blustery once again this morning, i remember standing out here two, three times during the month of february without wearing a coat. gloves, hat, i didn't have anything on and now, all of a sudden we're in march and april and it's freezing again, take a look at the temperatures over the last few days, to now, remember, as you're looking at these number, the normal for this time of year is close to 60. thursday only 52. friday all afternoon we were stuck in the four times. then yesterday, we managed a high of 53. again, with lots of clouds, we didn't have the sun kind of warming us up. at a is completely different. we pushed that cooler air out to sea. a lot of sunshine expected and we should get into the 60's. but it is a chilly start. we're on


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