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tv   Action News at 430 AM  ABC  April 4, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning everyone, it's 4:30 a.m. on this tuesday april 4th. tam is off. jeanette reyes joins us. >> here's what we're working on for today. a vehicle hits a man on a bicycle overnight critically injuring him. >> deadly gunfire breaks out fire near a school at dismissal time. >> rain has soaked the roadways but sunshine is on the way. let's head right to meteorologist, david murphy and karen rogers. good morning. >> wie, good morning and welcome jeanette. >> welcome. >> jeanette reyes. >> you woke up early. >> it's jeanette reyes day.
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>> i'll take that. >> bringing a little bit of rain on your day unfortunately jeanette t a line of showers coming through the i-95 corridor. there was heavier rain in the overnight hours. some of you may see a little ponding and puddling on roads and maybe even a couple high streams in a couple of spots. i'll talk about where you might encounter that in a he could is. there goes the rain as we punch through in the overnight hours. there are some breaks in the clouds out to the west and while there is the chance of an additional shower or even a thunderstorm this afternoon, we also think we're going to see some sun a little bit later on. here are the flood advisories still up for urban centers roads around urban areas where the draining isn't quite as good and maybe some small streams. areas around bensalem bucks county, mercer county and up and down the shore north of brigantine. i wouldn't be surprised to see that advisory fall off the board over the next couple hours. 60 degrees is your current temperature in philadelphia its very mild compared to where we've been many recent mornings. 52 degrees in allentown, 56 in millville and 51 in cape may.
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still the upper 50's in wilmington as well and as we go into the afternoon man is it going to get mild. 63 degrees by 7:00, 67 as soon as noon and by 3 o'clock, 75 degrees. that's going to be your high today and we'll still be in the low 70's by 7 o'clock. there is the chance of a and afternoon shower or perhaps a spotty thunderstorm but it will not be raining all the time today and again karen you'll see some sun. we'll have a beautiful day for you tomorrow and then more action coming on thursday. details from accuweather coming up. >> all right, day. let's hit these roads right now. yes, they are wet so you want to slow it down a little bit. we're looking live on the schuylkill expressway past montgomery drive. that's your westbound traffic headed towards king of prussia. light volume, no accidents, but roads are wet. so you just want to give yourself little extra time heading out this morning. no construction once again overnight on the vine. the vine is looking good, nice and clear. yes its wet, westbound traffic moving towards the schuylkill, eastbound moving iraq at this point. very light volume and no issues on the vine the walt whitman bridge we continue to have construction but it
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really hasn't been a problem overnight with the rain over there. route one at business route one here in lawrenceville mercer county the roads are wet. looking live in lawrenceville, everywhere you're looking but this is one of the areas where david mentioned you want to anticipate heavier rain so watching for more flooding here in mercer county,. >> thanks karen. a vehicle struck a man on a bicycle in port richmond. police say the driver stopped on impact. medics rushed the cyclist believed to be in his late 40's to early 50's to temple university hospital and he is in critical condition. we have just learned new information about that deadly gunfire erupting near a school in north philadelphia. at least two dozen shots were fired just as students were being dismissed. "action news" reporter katherine scott is live at police headquarters with the latest details. katherine. >> reporter: matt, that's right, four people were shot and this morning we learned that a third person has died
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in this shooting. so far there have been no arrests in this case. let's go tow video from yesterday in north philadelphia. you can see all those evidence markers on the scene there as police tried to determine exactly what happened. gunfire broke out harrison plaza public housing on the 1100 block of west styles around 3:30 p.m. detectives believe two shooters approached from the east of the scene, opened fire and fled possibly in a small gray suv. four men were hit, ranging from 25 to 30 years old. two were pronounced dead at the hospital within a half an hour and this morning we learned that a third victim died. a fourth man was listed in critical condition. immediately after the shooting saint maliki catholic school about a block away was placed on lockdown. >> all you hear is gunshots, like multiple gunshots and it just got silent for a second. >> it was scary because i never been on lockdown before in school but, yeah, it was really sad to hear that four
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people got shot. >> reporter: police say drug paraphernalia was found at the scene but at this point it's unclear how or if it was connected to the violence. we're live at homicide, katherine scott, channel6 "action news." jeanette. >> thanks, katherine. happening today, opening statements are set to begin in the trial of a man charged in a deadly ambush at a pennsylvania state police barracks. yesterday a judge ruled that the videotaped confession by eric frein can be used in trial. the 2014 attack took the life of corporal bryan dickson injured trooper alex douglass and led to a 48 day manhunt. if convicted 33-year-old frein could face the death penalty. "action news" reporter john recall lines will be in pike county today for the start of the trial. former philadelphia district attorney lynne abraham wants her successor, seth williams, removed from office. "action news" has learned that abraham and another attorney filed a lawsuit yesterday.
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they argued that state law bars williams from remaining in office with a suspended law license. williams faces federal bribery charges for allegedly taking $100,000 worth of gifts in exchange for fairmount last week williams said he would stay in his post in an administrative role. williams has 20 days to respond to the lawsuit. >> russia's intelligence agency says a russian born citizen is responsible for yesterday's deadly explosion. 14 people died in the bombing in saint petersburg. the bomb went off between stops. the engineer continued moving the train to the technological station filling the platform with smoke. 51 people were injured in the blast. officials say they later disabled an even bigger explosive device at another subway stop. a white house official says president trump called vladimir putin to express his sympathies. >> delaware senator chris coons says is he will vote
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againsts pick for the supreme court. that sets the stage for what could be some dramatic days ahead in the senate including attempts to filibuster by democrats. republicans could even change the rules. abc's lana zak is following the developments from washington. >> reporter: the senate is in a tail spin and it doesn't look like either side is willing to blink. >> i cannot support this nomination. >> i will not, i cannot support advancing this nomination. >> i will not support judge gorsuch's nomination. >> neil gorsuch will be confirmed this week. >> reporter: republicans and democrats are heading for a collision course which will likely end with mitch mcconnell employing on the so-called nuclear option changing the senate rules forever. >> whatever headed to a world where you don't need one person from the other side to pick a judge. and what does that mean? that means the judges are going to be more ideological, not less. >> reporter: a handful of democrats have said they will support president trump's
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pick. judge neil gorsuch but the vast majority are supporting a filibuster. >> as senator corinne previously remarked there has never been a partisan filibuster of a supreme court nominee in history and while technically correct, i question what a seven month refusal to hold a hearing or vote is if not the longest partisan filibuster on this committee. >> reporter: senate democrats are still smarting over the previous actions over mcconnell blocking president obama's nominee judge merrick garland for consideration for nearly a year but the message from many republicans now simply get over it. >> if they will filibuster neil gorsuch they will filibuster any nominee from a republican president. >> reporter: and the white house is also trying to advance judge gorsuch's nomination. they said the american people will be watching to see which senators try to get in the way of president trump's making progress that can clearly be seen as a warning to those democratic senators in states
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won by president trump. reporting from washington, lana zak, channel6 "action news". >> the north carolina tarheels accomplished what they could not against villanova last year, they are ncaa champs. >> this year the confetti is going to fall for north carolina. >> the tarheels beat gonzaga 71-65 winning the championship in glendale, arizona last night. it was a crushing defeat for the bulldogs who were appearing in their very first ncaa title game. north carolina lost to the wildcats you remember in a u. werer beating 3-pointer last year. much different this year. >> ♪ >> well, we have more new stories you didn't see last night. a college pancake eating contest turns deadly for a student whose family is no stranger to tragedy. >> a man makes a daring rescue on subway tracks moments before a train arrives. david. >> lots of clouds and some of us still dealing with a spotty shower at the bus stop this morning. 62 degrees by 6 o'clock, 63 by
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8:00. very mild. some of you might still need the umbrella this morning. this afternoon probably a little better chance. i'll track rain today on future tracker6 and give you the rest of the seven-day coming up. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> welcome back p it's a rainy start to your tuesday. the the action cam is taking a live look here in northeast philadelphia at bustleton and the boulevard. you can see it's pretty soggy out there but it's going to be a little warm today. that's not bad, right, david. >> it's not going to be raining all day, too, you know -- well, let's get to it. storm tracker6 live double scan you see a little bit of rain in the center portion of the region, the western suburbs beginning to die out. if we go in closer on the i-95 corridor though you can see the rain still in a lot of southern montgomery bucks county, a little of delaware county and philadelphia and some more down by wilmington and creeping up through
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coastal cumberland county and gloucester county. not really coastal but you know right along the river. and you can see how this is pushing right up the i-95 corridor so we'll be in and out of this for a little bit of the morning rush hour. taking a look outside we have sky6 and looking kind of gray an little bit damp on sky6 as we poké around the city. right now temperatures are mild, though and jeanette mentioned this, it's going to stay mild all day. 60 degrees is your current temperature. winds out of the south at 15 miles per hour. little bit breezy out there but you certainly don't need a heavy coat this morning. future tracker6 shows a need for the umbrellas at times. as we get up to 9 o'clock we're down to just real spotty scattered sprinkles. does look like by noon basically dry across most of the region but during the afternoon there is the chance of another shower or perhaps a thunderstorm popping through and of course you always take cover from storms. i don't think they're going to be strong today but they'll all produce lightning and that's soming to avoid. past 3 o'clock and up to rush hour looks like we're beginning to dry out on the evening does see some improvement. temperatures today are going
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to shoot up there. by 10 o'clock, 64. by noon 67 and then by 3 o'clock, a high of 75 degrees and still holding the low 70's by 6:00. not raining all the time but occasionally you get a spotty shower and maybe a thunderstorm in a couple spots this afternoon. high temperatures across the region all around 3 o'clock or so, 70 degrees up in allentown, 71 in reading and trenton, 75 in wilmington as well as philadelphia and then 76 in dover, 70 in millville and as we get down toward the shore as usual it's a little bit cooler this time of year but 64 still isn't bad. as we take a look at tomorrow, wednesday looks absolutely beautiful. still a pick of the week with a high up close to 70. might even touch 70 in a couple of spots. it's going to be on the warm side and next system will still be far enough to the south where that high pressure center you see to our north will deliver a fair amount of sunshine. but then things change on thursday. the low gets upon us. we get cooler with a high of 63. the winds are going to pick up and we're going to get a lot of rain, perhaps one to 2 inches of rain and there might even be some strong storms mixed in at times.
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future tracker6 shows us that as early as 5 o'clock in the morning during this broadcast on thursday we could have showers to look at. when i'm on the air at 12 o'clock we'll probably see showers maybe a thunderstorm and in the afternoon an even better chance of a line of thunderstorms popping through and again some of these could be strong and gusty. they will taper off later on thursday night. your exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, today's high a warm 75. sun mixing with clouds at times. the current rain that we see is going to get out of here very quickly and we get a lull in the middle portion of the day and a couple spotty showers and thunderstorms this afternoon. tomorrow great mostly sunny and nice, a high of 68. down to 63 on thursday with periods of rain some of it heavy and perhaps a gusty thunderstorm. and then friday windy and cooler a shower isly month, the high of 51. the phillies will try to get their home opener in. clouds to sun on saturday cool 55 degrees. bundle up for the union game at night and the phillies game and sunday mostly sunny and
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beautiful 64 degrees. i got to stop rubbing this in but that's the day i got phillies tickets. a nice night to play the mets. when we're not on the air, we are always accessible online at you can get the latest weather information there and you'll have some rain to track off and on this week. >> you picked the winners of the phillies and you always seem to go to the sixers games when they win. >> last season it was weird but this year not so great. >> thank you david t new on "action news" video of a dramatic subway rescue in new york city. you can see a man jump onto the tracks to grab another man who had just fallen from the platform. he then pulls him to safety within moments of the next train's arrival. >> i knew you a safe before i jumped down there but the thought of should i do this, should i not do this that didn't even cross my mind. >> ems arrived and transferred the man to the hospital. it is still unclear what caused him to fall from the platform.
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>> also new this morning, a connecticut college student has died from after choking during a pancake eating contest. 20-year-old caitlin nelson was participating in the event at sacred heart university in fairfield. witnesses say nursing students jumped in to help. however, first responders were not able to clear the impacted pancake from her throat. the eighty two uneighty four was rushed to the hospital and died a few days later. this isn't the first time tragedy struck this family though. nelson's father was a victim of the september 11th attacks on the world trade centers. >> the transit agency released an audit of the program yesterday. sense it began six months ago septa says the program led to significant improvement with police interactions with the public. septa police chief thomas nestel adds the cameras have helped to improve officer behavior and discourage people from making false complaints about officer misconduct. chief nestel says the audit
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revealed areas that needed improvement reminding officers to turn the cameras on and warn people that they are being recorded. >> your time is now 4:47 much up next karen rogers will give us another look at traffic on this rainy tuesday morning. >> target plans to open yet another store in philadelphia. where when "action news" comes back. >> ♪ at perdue, we take some unexpected extra steps to raise healthy chickens with no antibiotics ever. like putting oregano in their water. it has natural antioxidants and we don't have to use antibiotics in their diet. perdue. over 200 products no antibiotics ever.
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>> ♪ good morning, everybody. the action cam is looking live in northeast philadelphia. stopped at the light, getting ready to go. it's not a lot of rain out there right now but the roads are wet from some heavy rain that moved through overnight. see that? moved through pretty smoothly at this point. no one zipping too far along but we have a splash back as you're driving through the puddles. early morning accident just popped up here. this is i-95 southbound approaching cottman involving a jackknifed tractor-trailer and you can see how traffic is so quickly blocked up. it's blocking the two left lanes p police have arrived on the scene. a jackknifed tractor-trailer causing issues i-95 southbound approaching cottman a bad spot. this is one of the first areas you would start to see delays a little bit later and already starting with a problem with two lanes blocked here and you get a sense of howett it is on the roads with this as well so just be careful. with mass transit want to warn you about the northeast corridor.
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they're on a holiday schedule after the earlier slow derailment they had in penn station. cross honoring in effect with new jersey transit. expect overcrowding and delays. they're on a holiday schedule now the northeast corridor new jersey transit not their regular schedule. back to you, jeanette. >> thanks, karen. apple set to he its new campus and it will be hard to miss. the soon took headquarters in coupe per tino california is a perfect circle. the building is an entire mile around and covers 175 acres. the site has become known as the spaceship and will be powered by 100 percent renewable energy. 12,000 apple employees are expected to move into the space at the end of the month. pretty exciting. >> looks like it could lift off at some point. time for your first look at business. target has targeted another philadelphia location. the to store plans to open its sixth at spring garden street in northern liberties. the 47,000 square foot facility is scheduled to open
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july next year. target has opened two locations in center city and is slated to open a third location in spring garden this october. the major stock indices were down on monday. the dow dropping only a few, 13. this morning futures are pointing to a lower open. ups calls this the -- one of its largest changes in its 109 year history h the carrier will begin making deliveries on saturday. ups has already been testing the added day in the philadelphia area. changes go nationwide in a few weeks and are expected to create 6,000 new jobs by the end of the year. >> okay good stuff. new on "action news," two men survive a small plane crash into the mountains. coming up at 5:00 how the pilots it's shirts led to their rescue. >> someone returns a library book decades after it was due and now they're trying to figure out what to do with it. that's next. >> ♪
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>> new on "action news" authorities in cumberland county are looking for this man on your screen. vineland police say 30-year-old noel gonzalez is wanted for a kidnapping as well as other outstanding warrants from ran the ick county. police did not reveal the details of the crime but say he could be in vineland pleasantville or atlantic city. >> this is new. a book that was 50 years overdue is finally returned to a new jersey library. staff members found the book jewels vern's job from the clouds in an outdoor book drop
4:57 am
at the phillipsburg library on friday. the date stamped on the card showed it was due back january 5th, 1967. the library doesn't know who checked the book out because their records don't go back that far. the book is too old to go back on the shelf so librarians plan to keep it as a memento. >> better late late than never. your time is 4:57. a race so tough only one person was able to finish it but it was heartbreak for another competitor. see how close he came to completing the marathon. >> plus it took firefighters to get control of this massive fire. what helped fuel the inferno next. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> goodgood morning everyone its 5 o'clock on tuesday april 4th. tam is off. jeanette reyes joins us. >> three people have died from gunshots fired near a north philadelphia school. >> redemption. the north carolina tarheels win the ncaa championship one year after falling to villanova in the last second. >> if you haven't noticed yet it's a soggy start to your day today. the rain has been falling for hours but how long will it last? that's the question of the day. first let's take a look at your weather and traffic and head over to dave murphy and karen rogers. good morning, guys. >> and welcome aboard jeanette. nice to he sao you here. all right. we have showers moving right up the i-95 corridor. you can see they're ending on the other side of wilmington so the heavier rain tha


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