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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  April 4, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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fighting back tears today she said that the fatally injured corporal injured two feet out the door had cried to her please to help him drag him inside. she said she couldn't she could not distraught about that, and the sniper was still firing >> they displayed firearms in and around the picturesque courthouse in milford. this screen is erected to obscure the defendant as he is moved in and out of the courthouse during the trial. he gave a highly produced video opening presentation to the jury. he showed stills of surveillance video of the actual attack showing the two troopers being struck by rifle shocks and corporal douglas and killed corporal byron dickson and the
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rifle gunshot sound. and the journal allegedly written by frein who was hunted by police in the days after the attack. he was discovered living in an unuse the aircraft hangar at a small air field. >> and frein's attorney did open as well today. he said that frein would not take the stand during the trial but told the jury to take an open mind that they would hear from frein on video tape after hours of statement he gave to investigators shortly after he was arrested on october 30th. john rawlins, channel 6 "action news." >> back to you. >> thank you. well, the man suspected of firing bullets into the parking lot of the delilah's gentlemen's club. went before a judge today.
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lawrence mitchell was in court today. he appeared there because evidence found in his home matches the weapon used in the shoot that took place in northern liberty. during his hearing mitchell waived extradition to philadelphia where he faces an attempted murder charge. and now police announce a now $70,000 award in yesterday's shooting at 11th and styles in north philadelphia. police have identified the three men killed in the shootout and a fourth man remains in the hospital in critical condition. officers say that two male suspects fired 20 to 25 shots in broad daylight not far from a school during dismissal time. they then fled on foot and got into a small suv and drove off. police believe this stemmed from an argument. all four of the victims new each other and they have what they call lengthy criminal histories. the shootout happened at 3:30 in
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the afternoon as children were being dismissed from saint malaki's catholic school. >> to do that in broad daylight. they had no concern for human life and it's our job to quickly get these individuals off the street than is what we plan on doing. >> one man killed had a gun on him but it was not fired during the confrontation. no witnesses have come forward but there were many people in the area including parents picking up their kids for dismissal time. police are looking at surveillance video and social media for any clues to a motive and stepping up patrols in the area tonight worried about possible retaliations, there is a now $70,000 reward for tips and added a $10,000 to that this afternoon to get more information. >> thank you. now to accuweather on a tuesday that started off cloudy but gave way to a nice afternoon. meteorologist, melissa magee, is in for adam with a first check
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of where we go from here. >> reporter: things look up as we get into the middle half of the work week, stormtracker 6 live double scan radar 3-d you can see the heavy rain and showers we had earlier this morning lifting off to the north and east and spotty showers popping up this afternoon. brief but heavy downpours right now in between cherry hill and just to the north and woodbury and into mount holly and pressing into browns mills, we expect a couple of pop-up scattered showers across the region before we clear out later today. despite the clouds and moisture, in philadelphia we come in at 72. it's 78 in washington, d.c. 80 in roanoke, virginia. with the west-southwestly wind and we'll tap into the milder air into wednesday. it's gorgeous was az as we getted into the week. and the possibility of severe showers and storms and take a
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closer look at that and let you know how much precipitation is on the way. the details with the full accuweather forecast. >> a lot to track thank you. police in ben salem bucks county are looking for help identifying a woman found disoriented and wandering. a septa bus driver called police after she asked them to take them home but couldn't tell them where home was. she got on the 13 bus and took it to the neshaminy mall and is being treated at area torresdale hospital. if you know who this woman is can't bensalem police. >> emergency repairs have forced officials to close the bridge connecting sea isle city and avalon. expecters found a crack along the toll bridge along ocean drive. the damage is 30 feet under water and the hope is that it
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can be repaired by memorial day. drivers have to use route 9 or the garden state parkway. preparations are beginning along the ben franklin parkway and making congestion worse. "action news's" sara bloomquist, is live in fairmount this afternoon with a look at what is going on and how it will affect all of you. >> reporter: hi brian, the first of the parking restrictions affecting the nfl draft start at midnight tonight and go until the middle of may. the first own pennsylvania avenue, but this is just the beginning, many more start next week. >> you can't park here? are you kidding me. >> not kidding. see the signs? here are the orange cones. parking will be restricting on the 2400 block of pennsylvania
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avenue, this map gives you a better idea of the stretch. >> i am here four days a week a park here. >> nancy is in the apartments in the fairmount section and is not sure where she will park her car. >> i canceled customers the week of the draft. the week of the 22nd. >> many more parking restrictions take affect on april 10th and many stay in effect until the first week of of may. it runs from the 27 to the 29th on the parkway eakins oval and the parkway steps. commuters and reads have concerns and questions why they start so soon and last so long. >> when the president came in, the president of the united states of america. it took us one day. the pope came in. the pope. it was a week.
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so the fact that the nfl draft take a month just blows my mind. >> others tell us traffic and parking are a headache but excited to welcome the nfl to town. >> i am a fan of the nfl and it's cool that they are coming to the city and to the art museum. >> the city estimates the nfl and fans will bring millions into philadelphia. the list of closures and restrictions are a lengthy one. we have all the information at i'm sara bloomquist, channel 6 "action news." >> all right another big event coming to the city. sara, thank you. our coverage continues at draft. we have the list of closures and transit changes for the event and the parkway's transformation and look at the history of the draft in philadelphia. >> well, speaking of traffic it's time for a first check of the afternoon commute in the
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traffic report. >> lets go live to matt pellman in the traffic center. >> interesting times ahead and interesting enough already this afternoon. along 95 in northeast philadelphia. we have a crash and subsequent hazmat situation at bridge street and cotman avenue, one vehicle is still on the shoulder but the crash just cleared a couple of minutes ago. the bad news is the delay is nowhere close to clear. the travel time is an hour and four minutes. should be a quarter of that. lanes are open here approaching cotman avenue but the speeds are not so hot. just 8 miles per hour past penn's landing and 5 miles per hour northbound past the betsy ross bridge. a long slow crawl you may want to avoid this afternoon. stay local on frank ford or the northbound boulevard instead. speaking of which, it's heavy on the northbound side of the schuylkill and up toward broad street but that is normal afternoon volume.
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we had police activity on the southbound off ramp to ridge avenue but that just cleared out. just like the crash on 433, both lanes are reopen there and slow speeds out of king of prussia, and a broken down truck northbound at 38, the right lane is out of commission. lets grab the ipad and do the commuter report. elsewhere a crash reported on high street in burlington close to 11 and. watch out for that one as well. we'll check it again in the next half hour. >> thank you. still ahead reports of a chemical weapons attack in syria killing people and children. the latest from the white house in the desperate effort to save lives. and the fight to confirm supreme court nominee, neil gorsuch heats up. and smiles to the classroom in an unusual place.
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the benefits are two fold. we'll explain coming up.
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this attack is being called one of the worst in syria's six year civil war. a suspected chemical strike in the northern provence left dozens of people dead including children, the images are hard to look at. the administration is putting the fault of this attack on the obama administration. calling them heinous and cannot be ignored by the civilized world but calls it a consequence of the past administration's weakness and president obama did nothing after establishing a red line in 2012 after syria's use
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of chemical weapons. >> the facts are confirmed that assad is testing president trump and he is testing our new secretary of state tillerson. and we can't do nothing. we'll have to have an appropriate response. >> the trump administration has said in the past it's up to the people of syria to pick what he calls a leader, this afternoon it's unclear who carried out the air strikes, this afternoon rex tillerson said that russia and iran bear great moral responsibility for the deaths and russia denied their planes had any involvement. >> tushing to the terror attack that happened in russia, we now know that a 22-year-old suicide bomber was behind the deadly blast. no group has claimed responsibility for the subway attack that killed 13 people and another 49 victims are in the hospital. some of them in grave condition.
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forensic experts found the suspect's dna on a deactivated bomb in a second location. there is a growing memorial at the site. and an intense fight at the u.s. supreme court is in washington today. democrats and republicans in a better debate over president trump's nominee for the supreme court, neil gorsuch. republican leader, mitch mcconnell is poised to change long standing senate rules to get around that. each side is casting blame on the other for the high stakes partisan stalemate. and the trump administration down plays revelations that russia interfered with the last year's election and the real story is that former -- susan rice may have revealed known associates picked up by surveillance.
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and she denied wrong doing and disputed claims that he was personally spied on. and moderate gains here the dow ticking up 39 points and the nasdaq up 49 points and the s&p up 1.3 on the day. and we are learning some of the final words that a police deputy said after being shot outside of a courthouse. clint greenwood said i'm bleeding out. the shooter got away and has no the been caught. police have no plate number at this time. today's houston concalifornia reports that last week greenwood told colleagues said he felt threatened by someone in a corruption case he investigated. a chunk of i-85 in atlanta that was destroyed by fire last week is expected to be repaired by mid-june.
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it carries $400,000 vehicles a day and three men are under arrest and one man is accused of setting a fire using materials stored below the interstate. and the trenton rescue mission keeping their doors open. "action news" told you about their funding troubles in november. the ceo says the response is overwhelming since then and the homeless shelter was unsure if they would be able to be open past june 30 and and the 160,000 that came in is enough to fund it for another year. and the leaders are looking to secure other funding for long-term stability. good news there and looking for good news in our accuweather forecast. melissa magee is in for adam joseph. >> are you going to enjoy wednesday because we have plenty of sunshine and mild conditions but now a couple of left over showers, here is stormtracker 6 live double scan radar you see the showers scattered about in philadelphia and areas to the
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east. and go in tighter on street level with storm tracker 6, if you are to the east of summer dale and gibbsboro and road 73 along hope well road we have showers and brief heavy downpoured as well. another cluster we are tracking across mercer county, in trenton downpours move on through. leave extra time on the road especially traveling along route 1 and south of yardley we are dealing with the strong showers. and from seaside height as long the garden state parkway into surf city we have the showers this evening and clearing latest on tonight. temperatures now despite the moisture it's comfortable. philadelphia 72 southwesterly win and wilmington up to 64. same thing in dover and allentown 75 and a touch cooler at the shore way temperature of 65.
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here is satellite 6 along with action radar here is the moisture and rain we had earlier today with a couple of left over showers right now. you look off to the west and we have got another storm over the plain states then works its way eastward and forms the secondary low in the carolinas and virginias and works its way into the virginias for lat the er half of our work week. we'll drop down to 46 in allentown and 47 in lancaster and 52 in philadelphia and 52 in cape may for the overnight low. get out the sunglasses tomorrow. we have sunshine on the way, 8:00 a.m. 56 and bright and sunny, 60 degrees at 11:00 a.m. and 2:00 tomorrow afternoon 67 and we are maxing out at 70 in philadelphia. well above average. the change comes however as we get into thursday. future tracker 6 showing you 7:00 in the morning, we have got some strong showers and storms. if not severe weather in fact there is a slight risk of
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finding severe weather south of philadelphia and south jersey and dover and enhanced risk even farther to our south. here is the four day at 4:00, we have a lot to track in the short-term. spring beauty and high temperature of 70. thursday heavy rain and flooding concern and severe showers and storms and high of 63. cooler by the ent of the work week on friday and bright and breezy on saturday guys, the high temperature of 57. we'll have more on the storms coming up this week if the next half however. >> good stuff in there too. >> still ahead on "action news" at 4:00, kindergartners ditch the classroom as the teacher takes them to an unusual place with no shortage of lessons to learn. and inside of the king of prussia mall teens started to attack the victim. we are more on the police investigation in a live report. and happening now, our website is hosting a chat this afternoon on the topic
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april is national volunteer month and first responders in philadelphia took time-out to recognize one of their open. chief gregory massry of the second alarmers received a big thank you for his public service he volunteered for two decades leading it since 1997 and he is soon to be a retired sergeant with the philadelphia police department. and adam teal was on hand thanking him for his work. and mayor jim kenney recognized people making a difference in the city through their service. they were all awarded framed certificates at city hall, all
4:26 pm
part of an effort to recognize community service. the neighborhood house received 12 computers today thanks to the coalition and the assistance foundation, it helps families get back on their feet and provides leadership training and after school programs for area students. it's tuesday and that means that a kindergarten class grabbed their backpacks and hit the road. they went to the retirement community and they pair up with an older adult for math and reading lessons and have fun with games and crafts. >> the young children enjoy even at such a young age enjoy helping others and really connect with the seniors and i see the seniors smile more and they giggle and they laugh. >> a lot of shared joy in that room. organizers say that the
4:27 pm
interaction helped a none verbal senior start to talk again. profound stuff. great idea to pair the groups together. >> police in montgomery county are investigating a fight that broke out in the middle of the king of prussia mall. the frightening video ahead. i'm nydia han, carbon monoxide detecters are suppose to protect you but three failed the test.
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"action news" continues with meteorologist, adam joseph, alicia vitarelli, sharrie williams and brian taff. >> hello again, 4:30 and "action news" continues with the reason a montgomery county elementary school will not tell parents if another child gets lice. plus, an australiaan biker said he saw big objects fall off a truck and saw his life flash before his eyes, but the projectile that could have killed him protected him. and saying good-bye to an icon, he pass away at ainge 85 what we know about the city's long time ben franklin. >> and we begin with the investigation into a vicious attack at one of the most famous shopping centers in the country. the 14-year-old victim says he was assaulted as many as seven strangers at the king of prussia mall and the beating was caught
4:30 pm
on camera. bob brooks is live now near the mall and you spoke with the teen's mother today? >> reporter: sharrie, i did. and i have to be honest with you they are hurting bad and shaken up. this 13-year-old is beat badly in the video. they are going through a police investigation and should be focusing on school right now and that is not what is happening and they shared the video with the hopes everyone could see what happening and bring about a change. >> i didn't expect it. like i said he was to the mall several times. christina pennington. nor wore any mother expect to see this. her son on the grown being beaten by a group of teenagers at the king of prussia mall. it lasts seconds and dozens of punches hit her son while he tries to protect her head.
4:31 pm
pennington says this happened friday night her boy and his girlfriend were at the mall celebrating his birthday. they walked a few steps and chaos erupts. >> for kids to gang up and stalk a child in the mall, and for we don't even know what reason is just ridiculous and not fair and scary. >> her son is another teen go to the ground and he is surrounded her son didn't want to be identified seven to eight others jump in and the video speaks for itself and he is hit repeatedly and the pennington police are conducting an investigation. she never thought it would happen to her son and want its to be seen with the hopes that changes are made. >> it's sad the world we live in today. i have taken him to the mall several times and always saw security and thought my son was safe at the mall and apparently he is not.
4:32 pm
my message to kids is that it's not cool to hurt someone, we should all be peaceful and love and and kind to make this world a better place. >> reporter: now, again the 14-year-old young man is he hurting now and his family wanted to share the video again so many changes could come about because of this. bob brooks, channel 6 "action news." >> disturbing yes. thank you bob. philadelphia police are searching for three boys accused of abducting and sexually assaulting a 13-year-old girl in huntington park it happened in this now boarded up abandoned home on west butler on sunday. the victim told investigators she was simply walking down the street when the trio forced her into the house and attacked her. she was treated at saint christophers hospital for children and released. police in newcastle county, delaware are trying to get to the bottom of a gruesome mystery after a man's body was found
4:33 pm
floating in a retention pond in middletown. dive team members recovered the body and searched the upon for a car and found nothing. police are working to identify the man and figure out what happened. the man who portray aid philadelphia icon for nearly a half century as now died. raffle archibald spent 44 years as the city's ben franklin. he was part of countless celebrations and events and his wife linda famously portrayed betsy ross and he died from complications of heart failure, and he was 75 years old and a beloved figure in philadelphia. turning to the forecast as we are on this tuesday afternoon. >> lots of sun out there today. right now. this morning i didn't expect that. i'm surprised. >> and you'll find more sun into wednesday. you'll like it. we'll show you what is going on
4:34 pm
right now, plenty of sunshine as we look at sky 6 hd shot from the temple university camera looking at the center city skyline, it's nice, 72 in philadelphia and the dew point 56, and winds from the west at 12 miles per hour. the pressure 29.54, to the north and west though in the lehigh valley and more in the way of cloud cover there in easton at the nurture nature center the temperature of 70 and westerly win at 13 miles per hour. here is stormtracker 6 live double scan radar 3-d you see we still have a couple of showers left over in trenton pressing into south jersey. and this is the last batch of moisture we are tracking for tonight and turning clear and drying out and we have a nice day on the way. as we get into wednesday with plenty of sunshine. i talked about breaking out the sunglasses and this could be sun glare on the roads and it's a nice day enjoy it. we have changes later on this week guys. >> thank you melissa.
4:35 pm
49 years ago today the voice of civil rights leader, martin luther king jr. was silenced by an assassin but his impact lives on. barker wood ard carries on the message. mayor jim kenney honored wood ard for his commitment for honoring all races during his decades of diversity. >> it's reversing conventional wisdom about a common scam attempt. rick williams has who on this story. >> a common kay to take advantage of people over the phone, scammers that call this time of year saying they are from the irs looking for payment. the irs used to say they will never call you to collect. but that is all about to change. why those behind on their payments may soon be getting
4:36 pm
legit calls and what you need to know to make sure you are not falling victim to fraud. >> coming up tonight, an academic feat for a teenager what she has to make after a successful round of college applications. we'll see you on "action news" at 5:00. >> rick thank you. some fifth graders in bensalem got to showcase their ideas to help out our environment. four classes at school lane charter school presented presentations about water, and harmful plastics. a panel included the ben salem mayor considered all of those ideas. seniors in north philadelphia held a prepassover seder, "action news" was there at klein life. it commemorates the story of the
4:37 pm
exodus where the ancient israelites were freed from egypt. it celebrates traditions and passover begins sunset on monday. still ahead on "action news" at 4:00, if you thought pineapple was the most divisive topping that pizza has ever seen. another addon that is called appalling. >> and an australian biker thought he would die when the huge object flew into his path. and researchers say that working out has almost to benefit for some of us.
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a new york city engineer had to cross two electrified rails to save a man that fell on to the subway tracks. jonathan said he was heading home from work and heard a commotion on the opposite
4:40 pm
platform realizing it was a person lying almost motionless on the tracks, he jumped on the tracks carrying the man to safety and 90 seconds later a train barrelled down the tracks and they blamed the fall on a medical issue. a biker in australia says he saw a large object fly off the truck in front of him he was convinced he was going to die but it turns out that saved his life. a mattress came flying foo motorcyclist's aaron wood's lane the cushion got stuck in front of hi tire bringing him to a gentle stop he is amazed he walked away with minor scratches he was going more than 50 miles per hour and the truck driver did not stop by the way. in health check at 4:00, ever wonder why your friend can get toned and trimmed when request sidesing and you can't. the answer could be in your
4:41 pm
liver. japanese scientists say that protein p made by the liver could make you resistant to exercise. in experiments with women some shows little boost in their oxygen consumption despite vigorous exercise and all had high levels of the protein, people with type two diabetes and fatty liver have more of this specific protein. big talkers now. a new petition circulating centered ton the upper merion school's head lice policy. it says that parents like them are being preventing from keeping lice out of their homes. the petition alleged that the district no longer sends outs a notification if there is a confirmed case in the school calling that ludicrous and unfair. i spoke to the superintendant, he says that yes that is the case notifications no longer go
4:42 pm
out. but every school follows the same protocol. when a school nurse discovers a case the parent is called in and they discussion treatment options and then when the child returns to school they are performing the test in the presence of the parents. >> sending out an alert in their opinion has a stigma attached to it and following national guidelines and no plans to change the protocol in the district. and if these expressions are part of your every day lingo or searching for the meanings to avoid file feeling up hip. we start with man bun. self planetary. these are so 2017. this hair style made such a mark it's official. and dad body. this is how they describe it.
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a man's physique slightly overweight and flabby but still attractive. >> hangry, you feel irritable as a result of being hungry and angry. this can be cured by eating something or dab or dabbing. the dan move where you pose like this -- you know that one. finally slay, to impress strongly or overwhelm like me. slaying that dab. finally, with easter on the horizon, peeps the soft sugary pride of bethlehem are hitting their peak. they have a spot in easter baskets everyw but do they belong on pizza? pizza purists are enraged after a picture was posted by a guy
4:44 pm
famed autoontinue brawn he claims they are better than pineapple on pizza and another twitter person gives it a go. and others say this disrespects pizza and peeps there. and demanding the person that did it go to prison. and the peeps are melted on there and austin has gotten death threats on there. i love my peeps and love my pizza. >> i feel strongly about my peeps no place on a pizza though. >> and a dab to finish. two dabs out of alicia today. >> matt pellman in the traffic center with the update. >> some things shouldn't mix like afternoon commutes on 95 and accidents shouldn't mix but they did earlier this afternoon we sliced the travel time in half and things are improving
4:45 pm
now that the northbound accident on 95 near cotman is gone and the lanes are open and there is still a backlog and a vehicle broke down here north of gerard after few off to the side in the work zone and the lanes are open again and you are looking at slow speeds when you come to it down 95 some in the single digits from tasker in south philadelphia up to the earlier accident scene from bridge street to cotman avenue. overall out of the city not a pleasant ride on 95 northbound this afternoon. on the schuylkill just normal volume. but still that means speeds like 7 miles per hour on the westbound side by city avenue. delco has a crash at westchester pike emergency crews on the scene near rite aid. and an issue in berks county 78 eastbound near 737 speeds in the 20s there. and here in pennsauken an issue with police activity at 38,
4:46 pm
luckily that has been cleared out of the way. we'll check it again coming up in the 5:00 hour. >> all right thank you. meteorologist, melissa magee, the accuweather seven-day forecast coming up next.
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4:49 pm
here is stormtracker 6 live double scan we are tracking a little bit of precipitation east of philadelphia, we'll go in tighter on street level with stormtracker 6 live double scan and if you are south of princeton south of route 206 we are dealing with the showers and same thing as you move eastward into clarksburg and these will start to depart as we go into the evening hours. you see them down in south jersey seaside heights and speedwell and a couple of showers left over this evening and clearing skies and a drying westerly wind. it's 72 degrees in philadelphia. 73 in reading and 75 in lancaster at the coast in cape may 63 and atlantic city airport 77 and beach haven with the showers overhead. temperature at 56. here is satellite 6 along with action radar you can see that we have the moisture across our region earlier today and the bulk of that moving on off across areas in new england and we widen out the picture and the next weather threat currently
4:50 pm
across the plain states we have rain in kansas and oklahoma and dallas and also some snow on the backside. this works its way eastward as we get foot latter half of our work week. over the next 12 hours the westerly breeze dropping down to 46 and 52 in philadelphia for the overnight low, enjoy wednesday, the middle half of the work week it's gorgeous tomorrow high temperature of 70 we are a good 10 degrees above average. 68 in allentown and 67 in lancaster and cape may 61 and 67 degrees in dover. we have the changes though, here is future tracker 6 by 7:30 in the morning on thursday, we are tracking showers and storms some of which could be on the strong to severe side and the concern on thursday looks to be more so in the morning but as we get into noon on thursday, some showers that will be overhead from the poconos into lancaster.
4:51 pm
the concern on thursday looks to be flooding and also some severe weather, what to watch by then, heavy rain from an inch to two inches on the way. and the ground is saturated from the rain we have seen of late. the creeks and streams are running high. severe weather the squall line, likely in the morning of damaging winds and strong sheer and twisting and a tornado threat cannot be ruled out either. we'll keep you posted. here is the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast spring beauty tomorrow. high temperature up to 70 and heavy rain and severe storms on thursday in at 63 and breezy and cooler behind that on friday, a high of 53. saturday it's bright at 57, and 66 warmer on sunday, back up into the middle to upper 70s as we get into next week guys, enjoy tomorrow before the change comes through today. >> thanks melissa. what's the deal is coming up next.
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the recent death of a 13-year-old boy in michigan serves as a tragic reminder of the danger of carbon monoxide alarms. brian douglas watts died from the carbon monoxide from a broken pool heater but there are warnings about alarm models. here is nydia han with the details. >> carbon monoxide detecters are a critical item for any home but a few could put your family at risk. if these are in your home replace them immediately. >> in consumer reports most recent test of carbon monoxide alafrms, three similar looking off brand alarms. the go change 882 lcd and net bode h 311661 sold on amazon and ebay failed critical tests and
4:55 pm
labored don't buy safety risk. it's designed to alarm before the carbon monoxide in a person reaches a dangerous level. >> we tested 100 parts per million and the alarm should sound after 40 minutes and then test at 400 parts per million when the alarm should sound at 4 and 15 minutes. >> all three alarms failed some aspect of consumer reports testing either for going off too quickly or not at all. and the three failed alarmed do not have a ul certification, the mark given to those that meet the safety standard. if you own one of the foe hoe or or go change alarms, replace them with one of the recommended alarms that meet the ul certifications, including first alert co 615, a stand alone alarm or the one link sco 501
4:56 pm
cm. after being contacted by consumer reports amazon says that the two products that failed the tests with no longer available for sale and removed similar looks models that did not list a ul certification. ebay tells cr it removed the specific alarm listings from the seller and requested the seller contact buyers that may have purchased the alarms. and consumer reports are unaware of injuries related to these alarms. >> important information. that does it for "action news" at 4:00, for brian taff, alicia vitarelli, brian and melissa magee, i'm sharrie williams, join me tonight and every night for a full hour of "action news" at 10:00 on phl 17. >> here are rick and monica with a look at 5:00. >> hi there, coming up next at 5:00, the search for a kill ser on after a shooting left three
4:57 pm
people dead in north philadelphia. the major reward on the table for information. >> coming up the nfl draft is more than three weeks away and reads in fairmount will begin feeling the pinch in the matter of hours. the layoffs and program cuts that could come to five of pennsylvania state owned universities.
4:58 pm
4:59 pm
"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist, cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. it has been more than 24 hours since a group of men were gunned down on the streets of philadelphia. three were killed. a fourth man remains in the hospital tonight. a $70,000 reward is now up for grabs as police continue to search for a killer. >> tuesday night and the big story on "action news" is that deadly shooting investigation. >> it happened at 3:30 yesterday afternoon on the 300 block of west styles street. vernon odom is live with the details. >> reporter: good evening rick and monica, a heavy police investigation still going on tonight full tilt. the $75,000 reward breaking down
5:00 pm
60,000 from city hall and 20,000 for each murder and 10,000 from the housing authority where the triple murder took place this afternoon. >> i heard the shots, i came up. and went around the corner and the body was laying there. >> tracy hall a public housing resident from around the corner heard the eruption of of gun fire, roughly two dozen of them at 3:30 at 11 and and styles. >> i saw them took two bodies and put them in the jeeps that is all i know. >> two unidentified males walked up to the victim and fired multiple times 20 to 25 shots were fired striking four of them and killing three of them. >> two men were seen run ago way and they remain at large


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