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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  April 5, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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stewart will be tried as an adult. >> they say they have the murder suspect. a 17-year-old from the park side section. markeen stewart is charged with the murder of at 60 and 62th streets. it began on the 17 and when stewart held up a man with a handgun and police traced the shootings to the gun. >> he puts the laser sight on them and we knew we had the same gun at this point. >> and the march 28th shooting of a man after he robbed his son an hour earlier. example. along this block of north 56th street off market. >> hour by hour, victim by
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victim. callous and careless and shooting at people randomly. >> reads at this west philadelphia neighborhood were not aware of the crime wave that ended when stewart was arrested. >> we didn't hear anything about t they didn't warn us to let us know anything was going around here. this is the first time hearing of it. >> pretty alarming? >> yes, i don't want to get attacked by an armed robber. >> brian, 17-year-old markeen stewart's hug shot is not released and they are waiting for one more crime victim to i.d. him before they release the mugshot. i'm vernon odom, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. five pennsylvania state troopers testified today about what happened when they heard the initial gunshot when a sniper targeted their barracks. eric frein opened fire killing corporal dickson and injuring
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corporal alex douglas. frein eluded capture for seven weeks before the troopers caught up with him. they talked on the stand as they jumped into action. they say they grabbed shotguns and rifles from a weapons locker and came up with a rescue plan for dickson who was lying in front of the barracks. a man was rushed to the hospital with stab wounds, found injured at 15th and 77 and avenue at west oak lane. police are investigating but no information about who stabd this 50-year-old or why. gun fire erupted over the logan section of the city. police responded to warknock street at midnight and rushed the victim to einstein medical center in critical condition. he was shot wunts in the neck. firefighters risked their
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lives to rescue a beloved family pet in else mere. you can see the flames shooting from the second story of the house there and a firefighter emerges with a dog in his arms, because of their efforts nobody was hurt in this fire. >> adam joseph is here now with a check of the forecast. >> everything changes tomorrow morning. as we look at stormtracker 6 live double scan we see severe weather in the deep south, many tornado watches there are three states under watches, this batch of severe weather has pushed ahead of the low near st. louis and this is heading out to sea. it's this area east of nashville and cincinnati. we'll watch here after midnight and first thing tomorrow morning. a flood watch goes into effect tomorrow and lingers into tomorrow afternoon.
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a good 1 to 2 inches of rain on an is the rated ground coming in here. and watching the smaller creeks and streams and even major rivers as we go into thursday night and friday. to see how quickly they do rise. on top of the possibility of flooding we have the risk of severe weather especially in the state of delaware and far southern new jersey and enhanced risk for virginia and parts of maryland. and wind and hail and tornadoes are a possibility as we go into the day on thursday. this kind of unfolds after midnight tonight. the heaviest tomorrow morning into the early afternoon. and any storms could contain damaging wind gusts and the possibility of that isolated tornado. we'll take a closer look here at future tracker and show you what comes after the storm as well in the full accuweather forecast. >> thank you. with stormy weather expected, remember you can get the seven-day forecast and check storm tracker radar any time at and be sure to follow our accuweather team on
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social media for the latest updates. how will the u.s. respond? that is the big question following the cruel and horrifying images coming out of northern syria. suspected chemical weapons attack killed 70 people including women and children and today the united security counts ill is holding a meeting to talk about the crisis. nikki haley is leading the talk. and now all eyes are on the u.s. to see what our country will do if response. in a press conference with jordan's king abdullah. president trump says these heinous actions cannot be tolerated. >> it cross aid lot of lines for me, when you kill innocent children and babies. little babies. with a chemical gas that is so lethal, that crosses many, many
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lines beyond a red line. many, many, lines. >> he says as president he has responsibility and carries it proudly but did not talk specifics with regards to a response. he continued to place blame on his predecessor saying that president obama vowed to establish the red line, he was referring to against the use of chemical weapons and then quote, did nothing. >> many are pointing the finger app syrian president assad saying he used chemical weapons against his own people and now russia says it was released by a rebel bomb factory. a lot of questions and eyes on this administration. >> and the image is heart breaking and so important to see. thank you. >> meanwhile the president has removed the chief strategist from the controversial post on the security council. steve bannon was given that role despite an outcry from critics.
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a white house official tells abc news that bannon was put on the council to make sure that the president's vision was being carried out and that the move is not a reflection in change of bannon's standing with the president. >> a family is demanding answers after a fight at chester high school. they tell "action news" that the victim was beaten up and knocked unconscious. as he lay on the floor it took a few minutes for anyone to call 911. walter perez joins us live with the details. >> reporter: hi monica, you know the video of the brawl is upsetting to say the least and the victim's family has no shortage of questions and concerns, but the interim superintendant will do all he can to answer the questions. >> jones a sophomore -- video
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yesterday -- >> he -- [ bleep ] it happened between classes after he and another student exchanged words after getting punched camirproceeded up the stairwell and another student swung him around and slammed him into a glass door. his family is horrified by what they have seen in the video. but his brother brett says what is more alarming is what happened after he was knocked out. >> someone just pulls him up and walks him to the nurse. if i was there i would not have moved him i would stabilized his neck. they could have paralyzed him. >> he was hospitalized for facial and head swelling but his family is not sending him back to school yet. >> can still feel the glass shards in my forehead and a little dizzy.
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>> my jaw right here is swollen. >> in the meantime two students are suspended and interim superintendant says that the jones family concerns about how the case was handled is a main part of the district's investigation. >> once we conclude our investigation, we'll decide the additional consequences if any should take effect. >> so once again he is still going through dizzy spells at this time. and should recover. no word this afternoon by any possible criminal charges in this case. reporting live from chester, walter perez, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. it is time now for a check of the "action news" traffic report. lets go live to matt pellman. >> issues this morning in new jersey jams to start off the commute. one in cherry hill township. the eastbound laned at pen after few.
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an overturned vehicle accident taking out the two right lanes here. i know the camera is not the best. but you can probably see the police on the scene and traffic is bearcly squeezing by. if this is your normal route use 38 eastbound as your route. and issue as long 295 near the merge with the 492 freeway. the issues are cleared out of way but the delays are not gone quite yet. speeds in the teens out of gloucester county and camden county into 295. and spilling back to 42 as well. that is the spill overdelay from the 295 issues that have both cleared. an issue in berlin, a crash blocking the northbound lanes of 73. and word in burlington, knowledge, 130 blocked in both directions, otherwise in the big picture normal delays on 95 and the schuylkill.
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and a truck on the southbound side of the roosevelt boulevard and wissahickon but that was cleared out of the way. lets do the commuter report. another crash eastbound expressway in winslow word of this just coming in. jersey is not behaving this afternoon. we'll keep watching it. >> all right. whip that into shape. still ahead at 4:00, a fighter jet crash nood a maryland neighborhood and the pilot's parachute to safety. it's caught on camera. and banning together to clean up camden. with a little tlc. prodders, shuckersers, and sniffers, [ inhales ]
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that's over 6 times faster than slow internet from the phone company. say hello to internet speeds up to 250 mbps. and add phone and tv for only $34.90 more a month. call today. comcast business. built for business. a military jet came extremely close to crashing into houses, near washington, d.c. fire officials say it's
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fortunate nobody was killed. the pilot on a training mission out of joint base andrews safely ejected and the parachute landed near the plane missing a neighborhood by 200 yards. pieces of debris were on fire. when firefighters first arrived on the scene and the investigation into what happened there is still ongoing. >> the world cup champion womens soccer team has won another battle this time a new more lucrative contract for its players, the u.s. soccer federation and womens national team association announced the new deal today after a high-profile fight in which players including carly lloyd filed a wage discrimination suit. they said the male players were paid far more despite the same work. it includes a wage increasing bonuses. the dow falling 41 points
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and change and the nasdaq off 34 points and the nasdaq down 7.2 points on the day. four of the pay less shoe stores are in our area. marlton and cape may courthouse will all shut down. the shoe chain filed chapter 11 bankruptcy protection yesterday. they are part of the reorganization plan. the penn state abington campus opened a pantry for students in need. and they come from homes equal to or below the poverty level. a percentage of the student goes hungry especially when funding is running short. the new lions share pantry emother-in-laws created by faculty and staff. someone in south jersey is $75,000 richer, a winning cash five lottery ticket was sold at the news shop in pennsauken.
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a ticket worth 74,9999. the store gets $3,000 for selling the winner. today in camden it was all hands on deck for sprucing up the city. they joined forces for the eighth annual clean campaign. mayor redd and members of city council were on hand to shine up the city and bring pride to the streets. they targeted ber began square. the important that the people ta live there do their part to keep camden as its best. other neighborhoods will get special attention through 11 similar cleanup and greenup events scheduled for the spring
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and summer. if you want to get involved we have a full list of events now at it's a good day to get out there and do some spring cleaning. >> on that note it's time for accuweather. a gorgeous day out there. how about a live look. >> 1,000 cherry trees in full bloom this is in fairmount park. >> the sun is shining and the sky is blue but that is not the story tomorrow so enjoy it today. >> major changes from today to tomorrow. like two totally separate entities crashing here. looking live at sky 6 hd in chester the home of our philadelphia union and the commodore barry bridge in the background and the traffic moving good and we are dealing with sun glare here this afternoon.
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the temperatures responding to the sunshine in the 60s in fact mid to upper 60s from the lehigh valley and philadelphia down to millville and just east of millville. we have got that very prone easterly wind that takes over this time of year off the cold ocean rushing in where it's only in the 40s and 50s with the sunshine along the shore. as we look at satellite 6 along with action radar some high clouds are coming in from the south and west. and the brilliant blue sky earlier replaced by high clouds and the severe weather popping up from the south in the carolinas and panhandle of of florida, all of this is working off the coast. our weather is going to be coming from this area in the midwest. from the tennessee valley and ohio valley. tornado watches and severe thunderstorm watches all of that aiming in our direction late tonight and through the day tomorrow. for tonight the clouds are on the increase and rain arrives after midnight. 45 in allentown and millville and right around 50 degrees in dover. as we look at future tracker 6
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there you can see at 11:00 tomorrow morning a rumble of thunder and heavy downpours and hit or miss tomorrow morning and that continues into the late morning and early afternoon hours. you see how bright these colors are. and there could be really potent storms passing through, not only heavy rain and strong winds, it could spin up an isolated tornado especially in southern areas tomorrow but by late in the afternoon the heaviest actions are moving out and only dealing with a renegade downpour late in the day. we have the flood watch up and the rainfall totals are really impressive tomorrow from an inch and a half to over 2 inches of rain and the heaviest looks to fall at the head waters of our rivers like the delaware, like the schuylkill where there could be flooding in the small creeks and streams and also the major rivers late in the day on friday. as we look at the severe weather
4:21 pm
risk, moderate for lightning and torrential downpours at times and moderate risk for an isolated tornado. the only low risk is large hail. the four day at 4:00 forecast, the typical spring day tomorrow. rain with severe storms of 63 and behind is on friday, it's windy and chilly and kind of a dreary day and on and off showers for the phillies home opener, and bright and breezy saturday and 57 and sunday is a winner. sunny and warmer and 66 degrees and we'll make a run at our first 80 degrees here in the seven-day forecast. >> a lot to talk about. >> thank you. meantime, nasa astronauts took time to have fun at cape canaveral today. they tested out a new zip line system. the zip line is part of an escape system in case an astronaut has to escape a capsule or rocket quickly.
4:22 pm
it only takes them 13 seconds to get away to safety. and a first test flight is scheduled for next summer. >> i know it's for emergencies but that looks like a lot of fun. up next the eagles are looking to honor top teachers in the area we have details ahead. and yard-work take a dangerous turn when a hive of bees falls on a woman coming up. none of them stung her at all. she talk it next. >> coming up an age old debate when should kids start kindergarten. there really is the perfect able they say. teakhouse lunch combo. you can't fake steak. teakhouse lunch combo.
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a man known as a spoken word super star met the students today in morrisville bucks county. shane choice enshared his story about being bullied at the day
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school and read a poem called unique and says that poets are an inspiration to him about the anti-bullies video and it has been viewed 20 million times. and that sparks his inspirational tour. chopper 6 hd flew of the painted logo in south philadelphia for the phillies opener. they play friday afternoon the game against the nationals set for 3:05, and the team is partnered with uber fortice counted rides. uber pool trips costs riders 2.15 there's a play-off the 215 area code. i like that. students were getting honors and the philadelphia eagles and the coding systems kicked off their all pro teachers program. it recognizes great science and
4:27 pm
technology or stem teachers. finalists get school supplies and the winner gets a $10,000 donation and a viction for two. good luck everybody. there is more ahead in the next half hour of "action news" at 4:00, including the system threatening to bring strong storms to the delaware valley tomorrow. and more in the connection of the child abduction in center city. what they do not have is the alleged victim coming up.
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"action news" continues with meteorologist, adam joseph, alicia vitarelli, sharrie williams and brian taff. hello again 4:30 and "action news" continues with the seven battery sins guaranteed to drain your iphone. >> i must commit all of them i'm sure. >> and an age old debate for educators and parents, when is your child ready to start kindergarten well according to researchers there is a right age. and what do millennial protesters and police officers and super model kendall jackson have in common, they are starring in a new commercial called cringe worthy and the most tone deaf ad of all time. >> and we begin with an unusual investigation into a possible abduction. the police have video of the incident and they talked to the
4:30 pm
suspect what they don't have the child. reportedly targeted or the care takers. sara bloomquist is live now with the latest for us. >> reporter: monica police tell us late this afternoon that they have not made progress finding the adult that had the infant, this baby in a stroller inside of this dunkin' donuts at 15th and locust 10:15 sunday morning. they need their version of this story to determine if a crime was committed. investigators looking at the video believe it may have been an attempted abduction. >> the surveillance video inside of the dunkin' donuts at 15th and locust shows the man in his 60s approach the child in his stroller with two care givers nar by, he placed his hands on the baby as does the man that chased him out of the donut shop. we see what appears to be an attempt to abduct a baby a
4:31 pm
stroller. police were called by a third party and the man and the care takers were gone but the man was nearby and taken into custody. they believe that this man displayed a level of aggression. >> we want to act appropriately if a crime occurred there and we don't want to leave us and the public in the open for someone doing this repeatedly. >> the man is known to frequent the area and known to police. they found his behavior disturbing. >> it was pretty weird. i couldn't tell if he was trying to look at the baby or pick up the baby. but it's a horrifying thing right? >> i probably would have belted the guy, i have grandchildren and i'll tell you don't even look at them funny. >> now police want to find the child's parents to get to the whole story. >> they have to get to those parents.
4:32 pm
>> reporter: and police will likely take the case to the district attorney but without the child's parents it would be difficult to move forward with any sort of a criminal investigation, a criminal case and charges. if you know the parents or witnessed this incident you are asked to call the special victims unit. i'm sara bloomquist, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. the man accused of a sniper style shooting outside of a gentlemen's club is formerly charged with atemmed murder. 29-year-old lawrence mitchell was extradited from camden. the bullets narrowly missed a woman in the parking lot and police in camden county connected the laurel springs man to the shooting after finding a rifle scope and magazine on him the day after the shoot snoog and police cited the driver after he accidentally drove into a store. the video from the one shop stop
4:33 pm
in lumberton township. the car accelerates into the building and another the driver nor anyone in the store was hurt. the building was seriously damaged and that crash is under investigation. >> humane pennsylvania is calling for justice if the case of pitful mazy, they doused her with gasoline and stuffed her in a trash bag and the little cat would have within crushed if it were not due to two kind workers from adamson removal company. they heard her crying and unpacked the entire trash truck to rescue her. after round the clock care the cat is recovering. the humane society is offering a $1,000 reward for information.
4:34 pm
anyone with information should contact police. and an accident led to backups in the hunting park section. chopper 6 hd in the northbound lanes near fox street. all traffic was forced off the boulevard while officials worked to clear the scene and we are waiting for information about the injuries and the cause. >> lawyers began presenting arguments in a lawsuit aiming to overturn philadelphia's controversial beverage tax. watch dogs and industry groups want the judge to strike down the 1.5% tax on certain sweetened beverages. that it prohibited the city from taxing anything already taxed by the state. >> they argue it's not a tax on certain beverages but distribution. it's used to fund the pre-k initiative. lets see how the weather is stacking up you won't get one complaint today. >> we are not thirsty but
4:35 pm
tomorrow will be a deluge. from start to finish. lets safer the moment. looking at cape may with the fine down at the shore. however, with the sun we have a chilly wind off the water. out of the east water temperature 48 degrees and the air temperature 54 degrees and if you are along the immediate shore and some parts of delaware a wind advisory goes into affect at 8:00 and the strong wind coming in off the shore winds gusting to 45 miles per hour. and low pressure near st. louis now. all the wet weather as well as the severe weather from the carolinas down to florida. that is not what we are tracking it's the batch near nashville and cincinnati. now developing that will pinwheel through here first thing tomorrow morning into the early afternoon. we'll time it on future tracker 6 and talk about the risks and severe weather and an isolate the torn and what follows into the upcoming weekend in the full
4:36 pm
accuweather forecast. >> messy day, thanks adam. meantime a big change so coming to atlantic city. a sign that the cash strapped town is moving forward rather than sinking further into debt. rick williams is here with more on that. >> the former trump taj mahal is getting a new name and new look after it closed its door a few months ago. the space is being taken of by hard rock in upgrade the franchise's current footprint and expected to bring thousands of the dollars to the area and more expected from the new edition of the hard rock casino resort coming up tonight at 5:00. also coming up cracking down on cyber bullying, the high tech way facebook is keeping people from reposting intimate and personal photos on social media. and some of the stories we are following for you, we'll have all the latest days news and the
4:37 pm
accuweather forecast wedge when see you at 5:00. >> thank you. a new exhibit featuring piranhas is about to open at is the adventure aquarium in camden. we got a look inside of piranha falls, it's life on the amazon river. piranhas are the stars but others like fresh water stingrays are there too. get to feel and understand the changes in the weather as an intense rain storm moves in the exhibit opens to the public this friday. one more sign that the spring is upon us, the 20th annual subaru cherry blossom festival kicked off in fairmount park. guests were welcomed to the japanese gardens and tea house. the festival was host bid the japan america society of greater philadelphia. >> so regal. it's beautiful. still ahead the cord to the
4:38 pm
case if your phone is always dying, chances are good that are you making one of the seven deadly phone mistakes. and when is my child ready to start kindergarten why they say there really is a perfect age. >> and pepsi has a protest themed ad, admitting it misses the mark, what someone calld this the most tone deaf commercial of all times. >> and the full accuweather forecast. more on a spectacular weekend with stuff in between now and then.
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♪ ♪ award winning interface. award winning design.
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award winning engine. the volvo xc90. the most awarded luxury suv of the century. a homeowner in oklahoma had quite a scary encounter with a swarm of bees and guess what? she doesn't get stung once. she walled ron the bee keeper to remove the swarm. but in the process a huge number of bees fell down on her head. i don't know if she will call
4:41 pm
ron again. she was more concerned about the bees than herself. >> we have to save the bees they are vital. >> a third or more of our food depends on the polization of bees, they are swarming and looking for a new home. they are not necessary aggressive like if you go into their hive. >> they were eventually put into a box and ron assured april the bees would have a safe place to bus and not in her hair. police in san diego were forced to take a they've done from a fence. his pants got caught in the fence, and one officer ripped the suspect down ripping said pants and the man was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon and police say that the attack appeared to be random. big talkers now tone deaf,
4:42 pm
cringe worthy, insensitive and ridiculous. probably not the reaction that pepsi was going for when they launched their recent ad starring model and kardashian sister kendall jenner. so fierce was the reaction they removed the spot. ♪ ♪ you see jenner on a modeling shoot when she joins the movement a young diverse crowd holding signs and they march and they encounter police she hands one a pepsi and he drinks it and apparent lip the world is now okay and the internet is enraged saying has she solved world peace and oppression with a soft drink.
4:43 pm
even martin luther king daughter bernese said if only daddy had known about the power of pepsi. using one of those famous images from dr. king's work. pepsi was trying to project a global message of peace and understand and clearly we missed the mark and we apologize. they pulled the spot less than a day after it debuted. >> a heated debate when should kids start kindergarten. and most recently kids are red shirting or waiting to enroll kids in kindergarten when they are emotional and physically stronger. and researches say that kids enroyaled in the age of 6 had better control than those that started at 5 and 33% had better outcomes when tested for
4:44 pm
retention. now, of course the decisions are very personal and many educators agree on a case by case and child by child basis. finally, did you catch "wheel of fortune" last night. we love the string of great "wheel of fortune" responses, you know the guest that started the giggles circulating social media here is the puzzle and the category is living thing. here is melinda's attempt to solve it. >> popsicle bites. >> no. >> popsicle bike that is the guess. and popsicle bike is not a living thin. you saw the correct answer was honey suckle bush, melinda did win $17,000 maybe enough to buy
4:45 pm
a popsicle bike built for two. >> a lot of pressure being on the show. >> i can only imagine i cannot judge. a look at the roads out there right now. matt pellman has an update this afternoon. >> melinda i think the bike is a great idea. especially in knowledge. in fact we flip aid car over in cherry hill. the eastbound lanes on 70 in cherry hill. a lot of emergency crews still on the scene and one of the vehicles involved is on the flat bed tow truck, hopefully this is not here a well lot longer. but for now not a pleasant ride east on 70. stay up with the crowd on 38 and stay down down on 30 the westbound pike. and 130 in burlington is not where you want to be. we have a downed poll and wires by the crystal diner and arby's
4:46 pm
south of beverly road. and traffic is at a stand still in the whole area and i would head through and it will take you extra time. live look at winslow township camden county, new jersey, a crash blocking the northbound lanes of 73 near the winslow golf center and this one has cleared out. at least we can cross one of them off the list. it's a busy afternoon along 95 and the schuylkill. prospect park a bad crash blocking 20, and south after few a way to get around that. and a crash in upper providence at egypt road west of 22 and 422 your normal westbound delays. and one more nasty crash in landsdale and avoid broad street and 9th. we'll check it again in the 5:00 hour. >> thank you matt. meteorologist, adam joseph, standing by with the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. this weekend at bass pro shops
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on a bass pro aluminum fish fryer. merrell men's trailwik waterproof hikers for under $90 well, a picture perfect day out there. hardly any clouds and the temperatures are great. >> if we can only capture it. >> bottle it up. open the can up and let it continuously flow. and unfortunately something else will flow tomorrow. levy rain down the roadways and rivers and creeks frmg looking at stormtracker 6 live double scan a lot of sunshine through most of the day today. you are probably noticing the high clouds from the south and west and still a pretty mild day especially inland locations, from millville and all points north and west. and talking mid to upper 60s and lehigh valley 60 degrees, and this time of year if you don't have much in the way of wind and the wind takes over at the shore and rushes in from the ocean when you heat the inland
4:50 pm
locations the warm air rises and you have to replace the air from the ocean and what is why it's in the upper 40s and low 50s from beach haven to cape may. the clouds are lowering and thickening and rain is still way down to the south and west. and it's sometime before you hear the rain drops and the initial batch that pushed ahead of the system in raleigh and atlanta, all this have is heading out to sea. we won't worry about that. and parts of the ohio valley and the tornado watch box taking up six or more states from the tennessee valley all the way down to the panhandle of florida. as low pressure is winding up. future tracker 6 shows after midnight through 7:00 in the morning, the first round of steady rainfall along with heavier downpours and a rumble of thunder coming through at this time and gusty winds and it stays active late morning into the afternoon at 1:00 and we
4:51 pm
could also see storms that try to rotate as winds in the atmosphere do turn with height. as you get to the surface to above they change in direction and that can kind of spin thunderstorms that do develop and 5:00 most of the heavy action is gone but still there could be a renegade downpour or thunderstorms late in the day. we have a flood watch in effect, 1 to 2 inches of rain and isolated 3 inches? some of those thunderstorms. and this is the third significant event in a week and the ground is extremely saturated with the wet ground and waters running on the high side we have to watch the roadways and creeks and rivers especially this go around. on top of the flood risk we have a risk for wind, hail and even an isolated tornado. southern areas in the yellow. >> a better risk for storms during the day on thursday. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast storms tomorrow of 63 degrees and
4:52 pm
behind it it is windy and cloudy and chilly. most areas staying in the 40s on friday with scattered showers so if you head to the phillies home opener, dress in layers and bring rain gear as well. and on saturday, bright but breezy and 57, we relax it's win on sunday and monday, tuesday and wednesday going into the 70s and probably touching 80 here on tuesday. it's a winner. >> thank you. much more coming your way. we'll take a break.
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4:54 pm
if you are like me and feeling like you are always charging your i'm phone but somehow it's always out of
4:55 pm
juice. because are you making major charging mistakes that are confusing your battery. let start with one that did confuse me. are you charging it to 100%. apparently experts say this is not the way to go. the tip, stop charging it overnight. my mind is blown instead go for shorter and frequent bursts throughout the day. next, are you letting your phone die competely? bad idea. every time this happen it wears down your battery, try to avoid that full discharge. that is what they call it. now, are you using your wireless charger too much. another bad idea. that is just for moneys and overuse can damage your device. now, over heating your battery is a bad idea. and at the beach and outside. they really hate extreme temperatures and makes them work
4:56 pm
extra hard and they burn out. here are a few more. leaving the case on while charging. i guess that keep a lot of heat in. and doesn't do a good job be using the wrong charger, sometimes when you get the ones at the store that are less expensive and not made for an iphone is not good as well. >> thinking of going back to the old rotary phone it's less complicated. finally at 4:00 the gift giving back at pure internet gold. check it out. a tiny kittens reaction when it got its first scratching tree. the siamese in wisconsin goes through a range of emotions and it's fair to say that this cat will not be a good poker player. >> or they gave him a little cat nip before shooting that video.
4:57 pm
it doesn't take much. >> that will do it for "action news" at 4:00, for alicia vitarelli and monica malpass, i'm brian taff. join me and the rest of the gang for "action news" at 10:00 on phl 17. >> right now rick standing by. >> hi monica, we'll see you guys in just a little bit. coming up at 5:00 tonight a security shakeup inside of the white house. the top official taken off the national security council and the reasons behind it. and new testimony in the trial of eric frein. the emotional firsthand accounts of the night of the attack heard by jurors today and a big welcome home for john staly the celebration planned in honor of the philadelphia native after leading the philadelphia gamecocks to their first every championship. welcome home.
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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist, cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. confident that hard rock will do this the right way and take a property in the city and
5:00 pm
make a new tradition for atlantic city and the people that come here. >> atlantic city is getting a major makeover and expected to give the cash strapped town a much needed financial boost. wednesday night and the big story the unveiling of the brand new hard rock hotel and casino. the national franchise is taking over what used to be the trump taj mahal. one of the casinos to close its doors in the last few years in a.c. gray hall is here with more on what it means for the town and its economy. >> reporter: well rick and monica, this is really good news, not only exciting for the city and state leaders and people looking for work. because this means jobs. the skyline in atlantic city is about to change. the taj mahal sign will come down and the building will undergo a major face list and in its place they will welcome the hard rock hotel and


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