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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  April 6, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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north and this picture here close to 500 and now to between 2 and 300 lightning strikes in the last 15 minutes, as we close in street level at stormtracker 6 live double scan we have a stream of storms all day and this is the caboose. the last batch of rain lifting north into montgomery county and camden county along the new jersey turnpike, behind it there is light rain but that will soon shut off as it ends in the state of delaware and east in new jersey, aespecially long the shore. the garden state parkway very heavy rain right now and we have a cylinder on the tip of long beach island with rotation possibly with the storm there's. but they are off the coast so even if there is rotation or winds with that storm it would be open the open waters at this point. we are also dealing with street flooding, philadelphia and south
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into southern new jersey. and also into ocean county. we had one for the lehigh valley that has expired but into the evening please watch some of that extra water on the roadway and severe thunderstorm watch until 5:00 and not much in the way of severe weather and watch the ponding on the roadways and streaks and streams are running very high so avoid them. tell the kids if they head out everything is exiting here within the next hour or two. we'll talk about a dreary friday and a nicer weekend ahead. >> can you get the latest severe weather updates with the 6 abc app. with the hourly and seven-day forecasts just a tap away and use stormtracker 6 live double scan radar to keep an eye on all storms. the 6 abc app a free download. the parent as accused of gifting their young children to a bucks county man entered pleas today. lee kaplan saw the girls as his
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wives and is accused of sexually assaulting them. john rawlins has more on this case. >> reporter: this was during a pretrial hearing. a hearing on a number of pretrial motions from suppressing dna evidence and trying to get a change of venue when two of the co-defendants the parents changed their pleas, the mom pleaded guilty to endangering the welfare of her children. >> the facts that were illicited was that she allowed her children to remain in a household run by lee kaplan where it was obvious he was having sexual relationships with them. >> in a surprise move her husband pleaded no contest. they are the ex-amish couple that lived in this home and were accused of gifting their 14-year-old daughter to a bucks
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county man named, lee kaplan and then lee fathered a child with the underage girl. and they lived with kaplan in his feasterville home. he's attorney says that kaplan was able to convince the couple he spoke with divine authority. >> he convinced the parents it was not just right, but godly to give him their children in any manner that he wished. >> to use any way he wished. >> yes, i have never heard of manipulation on that scale before. >> he says that civila will testify to the truth of what happened if she is called in the kaplan trial. the trial is due to begin on may 30th. john rawlins, channel 6 "action news." >> okay, thank you. well, a north philadelphia community is pleading for answers, following monday's
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deadly gun battle on west styles street. three men died in a hail of gun fire in broad daylight and the shooters are still on the loose. today concerned residents and leaders and police gathered to call on anyone that knows anything to come forward. gray hall will have more from the community meeting coming up at 4:30. we have developing news this afternoon and the strong signal from the white house that a military strike against syria could be coming. secretary of state, rex tillerson made a brief statement, that there is no doubt that syrian president assad was behind the chemical attack that killed scores of innocent people women and children among them. and they are considering all options. >> it's a serious matter and requires a serious response. >> president trump addressed the situation aboard air force one
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only that something should happen. a stark contrast to the trump mainsations days ago saying that the syrian people should decide assad's fate in the the united states. and president trump is kicking off a two day summit in south florida where he meets with the chinese president. the two leaders are holding talks at trump's mar-a-lago resort. they arrived separately this afternoon. a talk of south korea and trade on the menu and trump bashed china accusing the chinese of unfair trade practices and president trump tweet that the meeting would be a difficult one. >> meanwhile, the top republican on the house intelligence committee is anounced he would step aside in the probe against russia meddling in the election. he called the allegations false
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and politically cly motivated. well, a major homecoming celebration for philadelphia's own dawn staly, she is head coach of the south carolina basketball team. they gathered to sell bait her team's first ever ncaa championship. >> reporter: hi sharrie thank is where it all started. 30 years after winning public league championship, dawn staley returns to dobbins where it all started. she gets a hero's homecoming after winning her latest championship. the national championship as head coach of south carolina. >> with the final four net wrapped around her neck, what
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she calls a netless, dobbins and the city of philadelphia honored 1988 grad dawn staley, days after winning her first national championship for south carolina. >> the people of north philly and the people that support you, they paint the picture. and this is a beautiful picture to come back and share in the special moment. >> staley is showered with love and gifts, eagles receiver alshon jeffrey gives her custom jerseys. and also on hand former temple coach johnny -- and mayor jim kenney. >> the number of great players that this school has turned out, and with dawn, coach staley, winning a national championship is awesome. she did more for womens basketball that anyone i can
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think of. >> for someone to be successful it take a lot of hands and you reflect and your past is right there before you. >> so what's next for dawn staley who has done it all. as you can see from the mural here at dobbins, she says she is greedy and wants to win another national championship. th the three time olympic gold medalist will coach the womens olympic team in 2020 and add a few more things to her mural here at dobbins. jeff skversky, channel 6 "action news." >> they better keep the paint handy, she has a lot more honors to come. >> all right jeff thank you. lets get a check of the "action news" traffic report, lets go live to matt pellman. >> if you are greedy for traffic troubles, we are giving abundantly. a whole potpourri of problems,
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one is a jackknifed truck, it's blocking the ramp from the blew route to go east on the schuylkill expressway and the trucks are ahead and cleanup crews are on the scene. and it doesn't look like the ramp will be open soon. if this is normally your ramp go to the blue ridge pike or villanova. and no shortage of slow speed as long the schuylkill. and a crash past the girard point bridge. and this morning we had five separate accidents here on the vine street expressway westbound approaching the schuylkill. this afternoon no accidents here on the vine but plenty of volume and plenty of wet conditions. and plenty of issues in new jersey, a crash on 295 southbound past the black horse pike and the crash on the southbound turnpike in mount laurel exit 4, and flooding past exit 3 on the black horse pike
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taking out a lane. and gloucester county more water and flooding, an overturned tractor trailer approaching exit 12, single digit speeds there. lets go the commuter report, in lehigh valley, a wreck at 209 southbound side heading to 708 just 6 miles per hour toward that scene. we'll check it again if the next half hour. >> thank you. still ahead on "action news" at 4:00, the latest from capitol hill where republican senators invoked the nuclear option as they tried to get neil gorsuch on the supreme court. >> and mayor kenney and other leaders are laying out a list of demands or threatening legal action. and a look at closing numbers from wall street --
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a king of comedy passed away today. don rickles was best known for bringing insult comedy into the mainstream and making everyone laugh. his publicist says he suffered kidney failure and died at his home. he was a frequent guest on "jimmy kimmel live." and he headlined casinos in las vegas and atlantic city. a legend of his business was 90 years old. in washington today, president trump's supreme court nominee will in fact face a confirmation vote tomorrow. senate republicans invoked the nuclear option rewriting the chamber rules to allow neil gorsuch to ascend to the supreme court. they voted 55-45 to block judge gorsuch to move forward and he
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would have needed 60 votes and they republicans voted to eliminate the 60 vote threshold allowing them to proceed with a simple majority. they fear the long-term implications of this, and call their opposition a double standard. >> i'm sure we will continue to debate what got us here. i know that in 20 or 30 or 40 years we'll sadly point to today as a turning point in the history of the senate and the supreme court. >> there cannot be two sets of standards. one for the nominees of democratic presidents and another for the nominee of republican presidents. >> what senator mcconnell is referring to is a similar situation in 2013 where the nuclear option was used for president obama nominees and low herb judish nominees.
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the threshold was lowering but unlike today the minimum number for supreme court nominees went unchanged. the vote for gorsuch comes tomorrow. >> new jersey governor chris christie is naming changes because of two new jersey transit accidents in to weeks. both happened at penn station on amtrak's northeast corridor and now the governor has directed nj transit to stop the payment its normally makes to amtrak to use the rail line, he wants the funds withheld until the investigators can verify that the northeast corridor is in good repair. they want people to use the key card tickets to get to the stadium faster and to load a minimum of $10 on their accounts. those that do so today will get a phillies rally towel or a
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large decal. a large fan decal. the septa card is reloadable and takes the place of tokens. and bucks county community college hosted their career fair. to interview employees and a variety of businesses were on hand and they were looking to fill immediate openings. >> a school chapel underwent years of restoration and officially dedicated this morning. crucifix and restored portrait was on hand at girl's high school in center city. a number of alums and community members donated money and a gift from mary macke cane helped to complete this beautiful revitalization. it's a wet messy day. >> that did not make it better. adam joseph says more to go and then good stuff after that adam.
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>> the sun is starting to break back out in southern areas, and you see that edge where you have the rain, to where you have clouds and sunshine is now working through philadelphia and lancaster and north of vineland and the heaviest stuff is moving north and east and the worst of the storms are passing by most of our area. we have heavy hitters here north of surf city across the garden state parkway as you head north into ocean county and monmouth county and belmar, a lot of lightning there and medford lakes and the new jersey turnpike a lot of rainfall there. and then down into camden gloucester county. but philadelphia are about to see the last of the rain drops fall and the same in the northwestern suburbs and you see the leading edge of drier air and puncturing into wilmington. and we'll flip the double scan
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live radar and show you how much rain has fallen so far today. there was a strike from elmer and woodbury and center city and north of jenkintown an inch and a half to two plus inches of rain during the day today. some true gully washers and if you were driving around in it, you know at times you had to really slow down or even pull over. 55 degrees in millville. and 56 in philadelphia and 55 in wilmington. these are the warmest temperatures so far today as low pressure is down to the south trying to pull in the warmer air but a chilly rain to the north and west only in the 40s for the lehigh valley. and first batch of rain was early in the morning and then the heavy batch came in late morning into the afternoon and you see the drying to the south and a little bit of lingering showers to washington. could be a scattered shower in the overnights tonight and mainly mostly cloudy and beginning the drying out process and winds kickle up 10 to 20
4:20 pm
miles per hour. and temperatures in the 40s overnight tonight. and drying across the area and breaks in the clouds and could be a lingering shower in southern areas and off to the north and but as we get into friday morning the clouds quickly come back in after sunset a few spitting showers to the north and west and even snowflakes north of the lehigh valley tunnel during the day tomorrow for the first pitch of the home opener, a dreary afternoon cloudy and cold and windy with scattered clouds around and look at the wins here tomorrow. they are out of the west-southwestly direction sustained in the 20s throughout the afternoon and if you are sitting at the ballpark expect gusts to 40 miles per hour. and again bring some rain gear as well. as we look at the four day at 4:00, temperatures in the 40s tomorrow and windchills only in the 30s. and then on saturday. this is the silver lining here the weekend looks great sunny and 58 degrees and still a bit
4:21 pm
breezy on saturday for the philadelphia union and then we lose the wind on sunday nice and mild and soaring 10 degrees on sunday and what the heck, lets add another 10 degrees on monday much warmer with sun and a few clouds, 78 degrees, patientsover begins at sun down and you want it warmer than that. >> 88 -- >> are you pressing your luck. we are gaining 10 degrees every hour in the four day. and i can do better for you in the next half hour. >> really? >> really. >> next on "action news" a new effort to clean up a section of philadelphia's known to be frequented by heroin addicts. the details about the orders and threats of legal action. and convenience store outrage caught on camera, like a flip of a switch a customer loses his cool over a bag of m&ms. the rational on this. and what sent a police officer running and we'll tell
4:22 pm
you it was not someone running way knife or gun. have you to see the video coming up.
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philadelphia leaders are taking new action to clean up a section of kensington. known as the camp for heroin addicted. this stretch of gurney street below the csx train tracks is covered with a half million hypodermic needles and all kinds of trash and they notified the owner, conrail, and told to fix broken fences to keep addicted out and remove garbage. >> i cannot justify using city dollars to clean private property. we'll hold them to it. >> conrail has 30 days to respond to the citations and if the company refuses to do so, the city will take legal action and conrail says it remains committed to addressing philadelphia's opioid crisis.
4:26 pm
students and faculty at temple university practices for emergency situations, everybody sheltered in place for the hazmat drill today when the siren sounded. the director of emergency management, sara powell says that most people are used to evacuation drills but people don't know what to do when staying inside is the safest option. two row homes were damage fire department an overfight fire that broke out the winfield section of philadelphia. crews were called to diamond street as flames engulfed the first and second floors of a house and the fire spread to a neighboring unit. everyone inside is able to get out safely. no word on what caused the fire. >> a local pastor that served the community for decades, reverend dr. william shaw was at philadelphia chamber as long with his wife and congregation, he led the white rock baptist church for 60 years and to
4:27 pm
celebrate that 53rd street between chestnut and walnut street is named after him. there is more ahead in the next half hour off "action news" at 4:00, including an update on the strong storms moving through the region right now. >> and are car insurance companies discriminating again certain drivers. >> i'm nadia han your race cannot legally be used in factoring the prigs pricing of your car insurance. detail coming up.
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"action news" continues with meteorologist, adam joseph, sharrie williams, and brian taff. and "action news" continues with the reason that two delaware senators stormed out of the session after someone started reading from a brook of prayer. >> and philadelphia police thought this was video of an attempted video in progress that is until they talked to the baby's parents. >> and raising a glass of red to your lips may not do much for your biceps but it's doing a lot for your mental muscles why wine may be a workout for your brain. >> we begin with what looks like the end of our thunderstorm thunderstorms. >> we'll toast to that. most of our area is dealing with heavy rain and lightning and heavy wind and you can see from sky 6 hd the skies are quieting and cooler, calmer air is moving
4:30 pm
in. adam joseph is tracking what is left of this system and what is next live at the big board. >> shortly after the rain drops stop falling the sun comes out in full force, we have brilliant blue sky in center city and all points to the south as the heavy rain lifts out and it's a vast improvement. but heavy hitters from burlington to mercer county up to the lehigh valley. and no severe storms and moving the intense lightning as well. as you see from doylestown and quakertown and allentown still awash in rain and heavier rain trenton to wrightstown and burlington county and oranges on the radar, but starting to break it apart as we break it closer to the city. there is the schuylkill expressway and the blue route and the last drops ended and the airport a few sprinkles just a short time ago. 10 minutes ago you see on the lens a couple of drops but behind me here hard to see from
4:31 pm
the vantage point but that is clear sky, blue sky as we blast the runways with sunshine to dry them out. rainfall totals about an inch or more from the lehigh valley, philadelphia, and millville a little less there about a half inch of rain and even some heavier rain from lancaster to reading where you see the blue. we have some flood that continues to occur especially on the streets. where we have runoff happening from just south of trenton to philadelphia and millville and lehigh valley and reading and a stripe here in the green. and in parts of eastern ocean county. stormtracker 6 live double scan showing we have starting to see the clearing line working up from the south and improvement temporarily and we'll talk about more showers and chilly temperatures for your friday. changes in the seven day in just a bit. >> thank you. >> a reminder now severe weather updates are just a tap away with the 6 abc app. in addition to the hourly and seven-day forecast, you can use the stormtracker 6 live double
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scan radar to keep an eye on today's storms. the 6 abc app is a free download for your mobile device. >> turning now to north philadelphia where the community is coming together now in a collective cry for peace. today' anti-violence meeting comes in the wake of another senseless shooting this time a triple murder. gray hall is live now with the story. >> reporter: yes brian, organizers say this is more than just having another community meeting, this was about empowering it's community. that is why everyone that showed up left with a list of crime resources and also recommendations on how to keep their neighborhood safer. >> this memorial is a sad reminder of the horrific crime that happened on west styles street in south philadelphia. community members held a meeting to talk about a solution. >> we cannot heal until the people that did it are off the
4:33 pm
street. men were standing in the plaza housing facility when they were approached by men that started shooting, three died and one is recovering in the hospital. the community meeting is a push to get anyone that knows anything to break their silence. >> someone knows what happened. >> someone needs to step up. step up and realize it's our community. >> the victims were all friends and have criminal histories and found a gun on one of them. they suspect the shooting may have been the result of a rivalry. 25 bullet casings were found near the victims. >> it happened because nobody thinks that one anybody was going to say anything and there are no questions consequences.
4:34 pm
back out live re are going to tell you that there is no information but a reminder that a $70,000 reward is still on the table. of course if have you information you should contract police. gray hall, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. philadelphia police say that what appeared to be an attempted abduction in center city philadelphia was nothing more than a misunderstanding an investigation was launched when a man in his 60s approached the baby at the dunkin' donuts at 15 and and locust. the parents immediately chased
4:35 pm
him off. the parents and baby were gone when the police came. investigators located the couple and they did not believe their couple was in danger of being kidnapped. the man was questioned but never charged. >> police are looking to charge a man who roughed up a woman that robbed her center city workplace. the hooded robber is shown trying to get into the cash register at the philly pretzel fracktory. the robber ran away with $300 in cash and the woman was not hurt. if you have information on this robbery, you are asked to call philadelphia police. a carbon monoxide scare led to the evacuation of a gloucester county school today. students and staff from glassboro intermediate after several people were feeling nauseous were sent to a nearby school. they found higher than normal levels of carbon monoxide inside of the school. those levels were traced to a
4:36 pm
nearby gas leak. a few students were taken to nearby hospitals to be checked out and they are expected to be okay. >> new jersey is cracking down on distracted drivers, if you see another motorist using a cell phone or not paying attention you can now contact the state's pound 77 phone alert system to report them. callers are urged to give the make and model and license plate of the vehicle. and they will start to send warning letters to the drivers. well, awards were given out to people that make philadelphia a safer place to live, work and raise a family. four employees in the district attorney's office were honor bid the philadelphia coalition for victim advocacy during a ceremony at the da's office and the annual awards are given out during crimes week. and fighting against
4:37 pm
distracted driving in the garden state. monica malpass is live with the details on this story. >> hi brian, that is right. this brand new program is making new jersey one of the leading states in the country in the crack down. new at 5:00 nora muchanic explains the program that law enforcement is expanding and what could show up at your house if you are caught doing anything but driving behind the wheel. and a potential break through for children affected by autism. a small study getting a lot of attention and the cells that could lessen the systemsss and behavior of autism. prom season is right around the corner and a group of talented teenagers is trying to promote good decision making. they submitted posters encouraging their classmates not to driven and drive during the
4:38 pm
upcoming prom season and these are the upcoming winners of the positive prom contest. they were honored at this special event and family affected by due were in attendance today. >> and kids traded a classroom for the symphony today. ♪ ♪ 1250 students took a field trip to stockton university. to see the performance of the four seasons by the bay atlantic symphony parts of an art outreach program. that will put you in a good mood there. >> good sounds there. still ahead why a video from inside of a florida police station will make most of us say same. >> and a new investigation reveals that driver in some minority areas are paying significantly more than they should. what to look out for, details
4:39 pm
coming up. and do you feel guilty reaching for the glass of wine? we have good news, researchers say perhaps think about it as brain food. and meteorologist, adam joseph, is back with the full forecast from accuweather. details on the rain moving out. i no longer live with
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taking amiodarone with harvoni can cause a serious slowing of your heart rate. common side effects of harvoni include tiredness, headache and weakness. ready to let go of hep c? ask your hep c specialist about harvoni. police in california are looking for a man in need of much more than a new credit card line. this is how the customer reacts when the card was declined trying to buy a bag of m&ms at the store he threw things on the counter and threw punches at the clerk. and $700 worth of damage was done at this temper tran trump over candy that cost 75 cents. a yale scientists and self professed wine lover says that it does not just affect the sensory portion of your brain it may give you a workout as well.
4:42 pm
the flavor of wine is not in the driven itself but the complex reaction it creates in your head. he liken its to color, what we see say combination of light bounces off an object and how the brain interprets it not everyone sees the same color or tastes wine the same way. big talkers now a controversy in a played out on the floor of the delaware state senate yesterday. two senatorers walked out as i newark mosque walked out after prayer. he blasted the reading saying that the muslim holy book called for the death of americans. the senators stand by their decision to leave while folks on social media have strong opinions about that move. law son spoke afterwards i fought for this country not for someone that comes in here and prays to their god to pray for my demise. >> well they were invited there
4:43 pm
to give the invocation and give the prayer and other lawmakers were offended that the muslim guests were not made to feel welcome. a lot of people talking about that today. we see people crowd fund for just about anything, including potato salad. but an engagement ring, one guy trying to get the girl of his dreams the rock of hers. took to the internet for financial help and many are not in love with this idea. oliver start aid go fund me page seeking $15,000 to buy a diamond ring for his girlfriend alexandra. he got $609 from family and friends and strangers. that does not come close to the price tag but posted an update showing he some how still sprung for the ring and pop the the question and alexandra said yes. and while he will go with the
4:44 pm
choice moniker groom. some on social media have other names for him like gross and tacky to ones we cannot share on the air. let us know what you think. finally, police see a lot of gruesome things on the job and that have be prepared for anything. but one thing shook an officer to his core not a gun wielding bandit but a mouse. a mickey. much cuter. there it is running across the floor there goes the terrified police officer running in fear in the other direction. it went down in st. petersburg, florida, he looks around. looking for the mouse, he is in the clear from that little guy. i stand in solid date with you that would be my exact reaction. i think he was ride owing for help. >> get me backup. >> an officer who no doubt would have run into harm's way and a
4:45 pm
mouse comes out -- >> alicia thank you. lets get a check of the roads now. matt has the update for us. >> it was a big mouse if his defense. we have a lot of issues brian and sharrie. due in part to the wet conditions but oh what is this we spy? some sunshine now on the schuylkill expressway a drop on the camera lens and we are drying out and nonetheless we are slow in both directions here in montgomery drive and there was a broken down vehicle in the westbound lanes and lucky they go that the pushed out of the way. you can get to the schuylkill in west conshohocken, the west side struck blocking it to 76 eastbound is gone. other issues at joshua road at the glen apartments in white marsh a downed tree. and lower merion downed wires blocking montgomery avenue 320, old gulf or county line is an alternate there. high water in upper moreland.
4:46 pm
and crossing into northeast philadelphia a bad crash to avoid on grant after few atwell, road. downed wires in chester county, making a mess along 41 blocked off by the hill top crab house and newark road a possible alternate and getting into pennsylvania from knowledge, a crash on the commodore barry bridge walt whitman a better bet. and problems on the turnpike in gloucester as well. we'll talk about them in the 5:00 hour. >> meteorologist, adam joseph, standing by with the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast next.
4:47 pm
4:48 pm
raining cats and dogs out there. but the good news it's moving
4:49 pm
out. >> the tale of two seasons, happening fow. the last drop falls and then that sun burst out. >> great. >> good. >> quick clearing here this evening, we go from one extreme to the other. lets look at stormtracker 6 live double scan it's now north of philadelphia you see the leading edge, the last bit of rain working towards trenton and the lehigh valley and it is dry in reading and lancaster and wilmington and philadelphia. the little batch of showers popping up there south and east of baltimore and washington but where we still see the rain, pouring torrential right now along the new jersey turnpike, lift ago way from burlington county and heading to the north, trenton you are about to see that rain end quickly here and along route 1 in mercer county and wrightstown the last bit of rain about to push through. and no thunderstorms left here from the lehigh valley to the poconos. some hits of heavy rainfall and
4:50 pm
the last burst of yellows and oranges and allentown again light drizzle at this point along 78 and 22 and there the sun returns quickly. in fact, i am getting many pictures on facebook and twitter getting sent in, if i was to tell you this is today, you may say huh? north of philadelphia. this is smyrna, delaware a sort time ago brilliant blue sky taking over than blue sky is again starting to move to the north and drying most of us out. in fact, as we look at the temperatures, it's 56 philadelphia and 55 in millville and the same for wilmington and dover a degree higher than that. and still cool where the rain is off to the north in allentown and trenton only in the upper 40s. satellite and radar our severe thunderstorm watch has canceled early as the storms again are lifting to the north here. but you still see a spin to the north and west. this upper level low is going to have to pinwheel through here during the day tomorrow so the
4:51 pm
clouds will come back in along with some showers, for our friday morning into friday afternoon. for tonight partly cloudy temporarily and a chilly wind continues, 41 to 45 degrees and the wind sustained 10 to 20 miles per hour. as the phillies are back home tomorrow. the first time for the season for the home opener here, it's cloudy and a few showers are around and very chilly winds and the first pitch temperature to the ninth inning own in the upper 40s and expect windchills in the 30s and could be damp at times as well. we stay in the 40s to the north of philadelphia busting close to 50 for the state of delaware and extreme south jersey 12 degrees below average and kind of a dreary end to the week. and then things really improve for the weekend saturday the sun returns and still a bit chilly and breezy out of the northwest here, we bump it up to a few degrees above average and really warm it up for the second half
4:52 pm
of the weekend. other than tomorrow this is a pretty perfect seven day. left over showers and chilly wind and 49 and saturday breezy and 58 and sun is in control on sunday and we jump up 10 degrees and 78 on monday and a summer preview on tuesday, sun and clouds 81 degrees and a front comes through with showers tuesday night and we back it off to the 70s but overall that seven-day forecast makes up for the last week and a half where we have the heavy rounds of rain. >> thank you adam. are some car insurance companies discriminating against some minorities. this weekend at bass pro shops
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credit insurance premiums should be color blind but drives in some minority areas are paying significantly more. here is nydia han to explain. >> the first of its kind investigation, found some of the biggest insurance companies charging premiums on average 30% higher in zip codes where reads are minority. compared to white neighborhoods with similar accident costs. otis paid $195 a month and christopher day is also a good driver and lives 30 miles away. he has more coverage for liable and pays $115 for auto insurance with the same company. despite the fact that nash believes there is no real difference in terms of traffic when it comes to his neighborhood and others. >> it's pretty much like anywhere else. you get traffic in the morning but that is anywhere you have people going to school and work.
4:56 pm
>> there is one difference, nash's is mostly black and days is mostly white. >> we have 34 different insurers in illinois and 33 of them had on average a difference between minority neighborhoods of higher than 10%. >> and this new investigation found the price disparity based on zip codes is not just happening in illinois. the illinois department of insurance called the methodology incomplete and does not tolerate discrimination. >> learn that our community may be targeted for a higher insurance rates, than the risk, is a reason for people to be angry. >> but the insurance institute a trade group representing insurers disputes the findings. say they go do not discriminate on the basis of race. if you have not competitively shopped your auto policy in a
4:57 pm
few years do it now it could save you a bundle in your zip code. nydia han, channel 6 "action news." >> now for the "action news" crew we hope you'll join me and sharrie tonight and every night for a full hour of "action news" at 10:00 on phl 17. "action news" at 5:00 is next.
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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist, cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. looking live at double scan live radar after a wet and wild thursday. the strongest storms are beginning to move out of our area. this was the scene today over philadelphia international airport the storms force several ground stops into philadelphia, tonight departures are running three hours behind. it is thursday night. the big story on "action news" is the accuweather forecast. cecily tynan is watching stormtracker 6 live double scan all afternoon for us. she is at the big board with the latest. we are clearing out quickly, double scan live radar showing the heaviest weather has pushed out of our region and we have a triple point low to the west and
5:00 pm
south and what this is doing is moving to the northeast and all the convention, all the thunderstorms well in advance of that. we have some lingering showers, and they are really moving out generally north of trenton across the lehigh valley and the storms moving north at 60 miles per hour. and they rolled in quickly and they also push the out quickly and this is a live sky 6 hd showing the ben franklin bridge it makes sense with thunderstorms you get the rising air. and once they move out you get the descending air and we have sunshine and blue skies returning to the region. as far as the winds though, they were pretty fierce with thunderstorm wind gusts of 58 miles per hour in ocean city. and 46 in atlantic city and delaware city 54 and tuckerton 58 and ship bottom, new jersey, a peak wind gust of 64 miles per hour. rainfall 1 to 2 inches and caused localized floodin


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