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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  April 7, 2017 2:10am-2:40am EDT

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>> sixers host
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bulls. >> they are trying to win games. some people want them to lose games for a better draft position. >> entering the night sixers had four games l tonight's game against the bulls. brett brown. third quarter, justin anderson, with a dunk everynight. scores 17 points. rashaun holmes tips in with ten. the deficit 14. the sixers are never really in the game. sixers lose 102-90. >> after a nice start to the season monday, phillies limp out of cincinnati. pitching was poor, offense had holes. that's daniel nava, reserve outfielder, gives the phillies the 3-1 lead in the third
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inning. in the fourth inning, clay buc buchholz. >> pitcher michael tags adam morgan for the homer. morgan gives up two runs. the bats had problems, small strikeout by the phillies. 32 for the series. they lose 7-4. >> ryan howard will still wear red but this time has a braves logo on it. the 37-year-old will report to spring training next week before joining the braves. >> still ahead, done stayly gets a
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>> when you are an ncaa champion like dawn stayly, everyone wants a piece of you. tonight she was at the union league to present the dawn stayly to a guard at washington. she was honored at her alma mater in north philadelphia. >> i walked through the halls and saw the students. you are my inspiration. the way that you -- [applause ] >> the way you greeted me, i'm
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inspired to continue to give more. >> round one of the master's is in the books, a stiff win leading to 11 players under par. arnold palmer's green jacket brought out for the ceremonial "t" shot. dustin johnson warming up but withdraws due to the back injury he suffered yesterday. wind gusts up to 40 miles per hour have little effect. he's seven under par. that's a look at sports. >> thank you, ducis. finally tonight, talented athletes hit the east falls. it was the police athletic league philly stars of the future tournament. some of the best players in the city square off for the
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championship. "jimmy kimmel live" next followed by "nightline." guests tonight, adam sandler and music from sterling. "action news" continues at 4:30 with pamela edwards and karen rodgers with traffic. cecily tynan, ducis rogers, adam joseph and the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner. have a good night.
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it's an all new show with great viral videos "right this minute." a motorcycle rider can move easily through traffic. you're left unprotected. >> stupid things like this. >> find out what sparked one world-class flip out. >> it's a romantic adventure for two divers. >> celebrating their proposal being super stoked. >> why that turns to super scared real quick. >> i swim a lot faster. >> this little girl -- >> a street dog found with terrible skin trouble. >> her condition is not good. >> see the magical transformation from red and itchy to snow white. and how to turn fairyography to harriography.
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>> grown men. >> findson behind the calendar shoot. >> that's quite appropriate. motorcycles are great in urban situations because you can pluck your way through easier t. however, if you're left things like this. >> i'm blogging. >> what the heck? >> why would you take the guys keys? he's doing nothing. >> it appears maybe there was some conflict between the guys on the bicycles and motorcyclist before the video starts rolling. you can hear the rider saying i'm blogging. hey, i've got a camera going so don't do anything stupid.
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that didn't stop one of them from doing something stupid. >> it sure does. not only does the dude on the motorcycle start laying the beat down, other people do it, too. >> puzzle, doesn't know what the heck he's doing. does it to himself by being a bit of a -- >> obviously spent time in england. is the motorcyclist riding in a bike lane? is that what ticked off these guys? >> i didn't see any markings to demonstrate that would be a bike line. seems like a single line, shots on the side, smaller town. honestly, i don't really get what's going on. >> who knows what the beef was to begin with but the motorcyclist seems to have gotten the last one he does gets back, leaves the bald guy
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puzzled looking leaving others sure this doesn't go any further. let's head under the sea. >> under the sea. >> with eleanor and david. they are off the coast of belize. while they are down there, her boyfriend hands her a note. reaches and grabs her hand. >> that's the real ring. >> now they are there celebrating. watch what happens when they turn around? >> that would make me totally relax. >> i would swim a lot faster, i think. >> now let's head on over to florida where these lovebirds are enjoying a lovely day. he has somehow convinced her he has some kind of creature that needs to be rescued and released onto the sand, then watch what pops out. a little treasure box. she immediately picks it up, opens it up, and there's a ring
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in there. >> oh, my god, it's so pretty. >> i recognize that box and that style of ring. i bought one of those for my wife. my secret >> it's a lovely ring made of wood. the top have a nice landscape or super cool colorful design. >> each one is different. >> she's just thinking that's just the ring until he gets down on one knee right in front of her. >> where did you get it? >> will you marry me? >> are you serious? >> she starts crying. >> crying about crying. >> very good crying because she loves the ring, she loves rim. >> yes, i'll marry you. >> i love you. this the dog version of extreme makeover. let's go to the ranch, dr. carrie. that dog was a street dog. they are calling her reba. her condition is not good.
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she's got mange all over her body and that's just one of the many things she's got going on. >> covered in -- her little tongue is swollen up. obviously hair loss. a really bad in fedex on her mouth. >> what do you do? >> they have to analyze and see what kind of mange that is. the doctor says she has the kind of mange that is contagious. she can spread it around. they have to check and see if she's got worms. as you can see, she is a sweet girl. look at her. they do a little test and they realize she has not the contagious kind. so she's got to get a source of baths and oral meds. this is going to take a few weeks for all of that to clear up. >> i sense a makeover. >> it is a makeover, vet ranch style. this is her ten days later. just ten days and look at how different she already looks. >> oh, yes. >> she's ready to go to a foster home now.
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she's got to have more treatment, come back. she is looking better. after one week of being with her foster family, she comes back for a little weigh in. >> looking even better still. >> i always love this. i love seeing just how destitute they are sometimes, and then they come back and they are resilient. they have grown into their new selves. it's awesome. all because somebody gave them a chance. >> by the way, her foster family is what they call failure because they are going to keep her. >> you know any sport where the best case scenario is a 40 foot drop and potential injury, red bull is going to be involved. this is hilarious, from the netherlands. basically the goal toys run at the pole, a flat bottom inside the water. then you have to climb 25 to 45 feet in an attempt to make it across the water. if you feel like you're not going to make it, your option is to bail out into the water. if you are going to make it, your option is to bail out onto the land. >> like a broken leg waiting to
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happen. >> no. this looks like a day of fun. let's go do this. >> it does look like a day of fun. there are crowds all around the outside. everybody is watching this happen. it does look like a unique thing to enjoy. i wouldn't. my knees would explode, my ankles would fall off. i would break something if i were to succeed. if i were to fail, the same thing would happen. >> i want to try the same thing. i just wouldn't land at the edge of the platform. they do know that bridges are now. >> in the background. no one spotted it, though. >> grandma is reading her dms for the first time. >> mama, let me whisper in your ear. i don't hear nothing in my ear. not ringing. >> they are older. >> it is the internet after all. >> you can imagine the questions go from right to left, up, down
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>> closed captioning provided by -- rengthens and protects developing teeth, and helps prevent cavities. new act kids toothpaste. there's some fun things about being in the public eye, but there are some not so great things about it, like all the dms. guess what, grandma from kevin and lil youtube channel is becoming kind of a star, kind of an online celebrity. she, too, is getting dms. she's going to be reading them in this video for the first t e
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time. >> i'm going to read my dms. >> how can anyone be less than loving and kind. >> intimate. >> are you a band-aid because i just scraped my knee falling for you. >> that's cute. >> you're easing us in. >> hey, daddy -- you don't say daddy, you say, hey, mommy. have my children. i don't know. i've got enough right now. let me put my glasses on. wait a minute. there's a word there, a bad word, i don't say it. who would say that. f-ing. >> that isn't nice. >> i'm not through with you yet. that's not nice at all. shame on you. you're going to get punished. >> that's somebody looking for a reaction. >> they aren't getting one from her, at least not the one they desired. >> are you actually a celebrity?
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i don't want to brag about it. if i am i am. kevin is my daddy. i believe that. send nudes. >> hey, you never know. >> now you're the worst grandma ever. you're a sinner. you're a big sinner. you better go and pray in the corner. i am the best grandmother in the world and everybody loves me. >> yes, you are. we agree. >> [ bleep ] good-bye. >> if anybody is having a bad day, take it from me, it could be worse. okay. i'm not laughing but seems like such a bad situation. >> why is no one helping. someone grab the doors and open them back up. >> i'm not too sure as to exactly what's going on. this is supposed to be an instagram of subway creatures,
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new york city subway, if you've ridden one, you know this isn't the weirdest thing you'll see. >> that's a transit worker that walked right by. >> that did look suspiciously as a transit worker that strolled by as if she wasn't there. during this time the train doesn't go anywhere, no announcement. i'm thinking maybe they just try to figure out how to get her out of this door. >> let's not forget the person recording this not helping. >> maybe they are stuck in their own door. for our next video, very unfortunate, scary, nothing funny about it whatsoever. you can see as the older lady starts walking away from the shop. looks like this guy here in the numbered shirt may be watching her making sure she was safe. just as he turns back inside, though, keeping an eye on her she slips, loses her footing and falls down that open hole, the manhole. you can see there's construction going on. two piles of dirt. she just vanishes and it gets
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closed up by her own brother. >> what are the odds that she fell right there. >> they are worried. there are people further up the road saw exactly what happened. you can see they very quickly come running up, move the umbrella out of the way. and they manage to actually help the lift her out of that hole. what are the chances. >> the umbrella is like a cat. it perfectly tops that manhole. >> we all remember the time when we were teenagers or even younger going to the mall, hanging out. those days have changed, because a lot of people do a lot of their shopping online. they don't go to the mall anymore. they can create something like this, the concrete graveyard. christian kirk took his phantom 4 pro and started filming the remains of a mall. crestwood mall in missouri. this mall was open for 56 years but it finally shuttered its doors in 2015.
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but just last year they started demolishing it. now you see the graveyard of what used to be probably the happening place in town. >> we've seen a lot of videos from this particular mall. people going in and exploring the abandoned stores, stairwells and things like that. it's weird to finally see it being torn to pieces. >> i'm excited to see what they are doing with the space. they haven't going to clear it. probably something magnificent, retail spaces very all-inclusive. >> an amazon warehouse. >> or that. >> the mall was 1.1 million square feet. it will be interesting to see what they repurpose this land for. he's walking up to people and letting them know -- >> hey, i'm so lonely. >> you're lonely. >> yeah, extremely. >> see how this pity party works
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out for him. plus we're taking you back to cave man style. >> circular. >> a look at the alternative way of charging your phone. i did everything i could to make her party perfect.
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