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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  April 7, 2017 2:30pm-3:00pm EDT

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. it's april 7th, time for grearararat viral videos "right minute." dude break on snapchat for a video -- >> that's got the internet in a tizzy. >> get the whole c run for free. granny's on board for a little drifty. the moment that whips her back to wahoo. officially met our sophomore year of college. >> it's a video quiz to determine if these two -- >> are still in love. >> see if you can spot the future to this couple's future. >> we've got christian, oli, charity, gayle, and nick breaking down the best on the web including an epic surprise
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at a high school. how one dlired the invite that made others pale in comparison. >> this is what i'm supposed to be doing for prom? oh, no. it's the snapchat story that's got the internet in a tizzy. reason is this begins in a prison cell. >> locked up,ed up, [ bleep ] this. >> we've seen all kinds of contraband snuck in. >> i'm breaking out. i don't give a [ bleep ]. >> he decided to snapchat. you can see a bunch of people milling around. no, no. he's serious. it's on. >> looking for a back to the cell. [ bleep ]. inside and back here. >> starts making his way down this little gap between some buildings. while he has a grand plan, he hasn't really thought through
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the details. you can see wall behind him. it being a prison, there are cameras everywhere. later on he's now communicating with someone inside the prison. listen. he's talking about t guards. the absence has been noted. time is passing and this is where he finds a solution. >> i'm going to climb it. >> and climb it he does. he's near the top. he's over the wall. he's away. and the next thing we see of him, it's 1:30 in the morning and he's trying to get someone to pick him up. that's where the story ends. people were blown away he was a i believe to break out and put it on his snapchat. the thing is at "right this minute" we don't accept things on face value. my researchers started slowly
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picking away. location tags. her majesty's prison. well, this prison was closed in 2013. we found their facebook page. when we started investigating on the facebook page, i found this. right here. can you escape from the prison? they tried to get some social media influences. they brought them into the prison and challenged them to escape. this guy decided to put together a snapchat story of the whole thing, but so realistic was it that many people on the internet bit and took it as genuine. >> it's a genius marketing plan, that's for sure. >> he was really believable as well. >> their plan has paid off. it's a brilliant, brilliant piece of viral marketing. i'm not sure what's so much fun about controlled chaos. it just is. like drifting. even for grandma.
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grandma having a ball in this 350 z modified drift car. it about.son there just whipping she seems to have a face of concern, but then as soon as it whips back the other way she's like wahoo. this kid says any t gets above 50 miles an hour grandma is like take it easy, now, don't go too fast. but he was surprise d she accepted his offer to ride in his drift car. >> because he's only going 25, 30 miles an hour. >> not too fast just sideways. >> some grandmas would say it's not for me. she's like i'll try it out. most of us had tricycles growing up. i always dreeamed mine was more like this. >> okay. can i still have the tassels
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though? >> sure. absolutely. little 125 motorcycle that's been modified into this version. and the guy who's in the saddle here really seems to have control over it. doing wheelies and just drifting that thing putting it wherever he wants to go. looks like fun. >> that would be an incredible amount of fun right until i got injured. we're about to dust off your cupid abilities and see if you can figure out whether this couple is still in love. >> i'll answer now. body languagewise, she's leaning away from him. there's a gap in between them. so if you were going to initially just off right there judging it, i'd say no. >> my name is harry. my parents are role models of stability. >> my name is scout.
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we've loved out loud very loudly but also fought out loud very loudly. >> they talk about where they met, where they're from. establishing the story. >> we officially met our sophomore year of college. >> i still had feelings for my ex-girlfriend. >> so they decided to just stay friends which is just cool. >> we stayed friends for the rest of college around graduation and we realized that we weren't going to get to spend all day every day hanging out together. >> so they decided you know what? i love you. i love you too. let's move to new york and live together. >> not a great idea. >> well, maybe they were just more afraid of losing the friendship. >> now they're starting a relationship after being friends in a brand new city living together, lots of things to juggle. it wasn't easy at all. >> when we got together, she would -- >> i would start yelling. >> and i didn't know what to do. i assumed, my god, the world is
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crumbling. >> and he would put up a wall. >> oh, yeah. i couldn't even -- it was weird. >> how are you guys feeling so far? >> daseeing a friend is differe than being in a romantic relationship. things turn dramatically. >> are you in love with me? >> look at her face. >> maybe it's a dramatic talk. >> yeah, i'm in love with you. >> cool. >> cool. >> i love you too. >> so one thing i could say, right, about their body language that might be throwing us off. people get very uncomfortable when they're put in front of cameras. >> because they're pregnant? >> they are also pregnant. that bird is looking a little worse for the wear because it was burned. this poor little cockatoo was sitting on a power line in australia and the bird next to him was electrocuted and he got residual burning because of that. >> that is awful.
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this bird looks horrible. >> the good thing is that the zoo is going to give him a feather transplant. >> what? i didn't know that was a thing. >> it is a thing. and you won't believe at how basic it is. they call it imping. they get feathers from a bird that's passed on and reuse them in case another bird needs them. >> it's a pretty basic procedure using basic tools. >> get the heck out of here. are we getting punked right now? >> no. if. >> he said match sticks and super glue. he said the big thing is to get the feathers on in the right way. the right size in the right place. looks like the bird has recovered somewhat. that is a black cockatoo. in u.s. we think somebody's pet. this poor thing was on a power line. he's trying to nail an extra tricky back flip. >> oh! >> that's like the most certain
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discover act® dry mouth. specially formulated to soothe and moisturize your mouth. act® dry mouth. i find a great motivator to some people is proving people wrong. it makes naysayers out there who are limited by their own lack of vision, say it can't be done. you do it. like this guy. you see him here as he's balancing on one of those things you usually roll to get the soreness out of your muscles. some people said it would be impossible to back flip on it. >> most certain way to break an ankle. >> yeah. and that's what many, many people said. as you will see in this juken video, shawn is not quitting. >> it's not impossible. >> geez. and that's when you stop trying. come back another time.
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>> no. that's when you have some ice cream. apparently he had some ice cream and then with the power of ice cream! this is how you dunk on your naysayers. we see what six or seven attempts before he gets it. he said it took over a hundred. naysayers or not, you need to know your limits. as demonstrated in this viral uk clip -- >> ow. >> prove the naysayers wrong but also be careful. if you're a mom, you've got kids in the house, or you're just a woman who needs help getting organized there's a rap for that. ♪ this is definitely not a maybe ♪ ♪ don't be a lazily ♪ get yourself to the container store ♪
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♪ i walked in baby in my arm a bis nervous ♪ ♪ welcome to container store organization is our purpose ♪ ♪ is it less is more or more is less ♪ ♪ because my pants are in the pantry and my books are on the bed ♪ >> these women have discovered the wonder and beauty of the container store. >> wow. they can barely contain themselves. >> i can't contain myself when i get there. they got this, that, everything you need to organize. >> wow. you could fit babies in so many of those. >> you sure can. i was just thinking that. ♪ you live a life that's organized and have time to yourself ♪ ♪ when you check out with the clerk, ask about our pop perks ♪ >> this video was made by chance harris. as you can see, the container store gets a rap from these ladies because, well, the
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the allergy medicine xyzal is now available over the counter promotional considerations provided by -- so for 24 hour symptom relief be wise all take new xyzal. brushing teeth - easy! new act kids toothpaste strengthens and protects developing teeth, and helps prevent cavities. new act kids toothpaste. gayle, don't you sometimes feel so frustrated you have to sit next to that one that just sometimes won't shut up. people all around the world working with bosses that appear to be right out of office space, frustrations rising. >> not here though. no, no. not here. >> well, if you need to release these frustrations and you've not yet found the way, i present
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to you the rage cage. it is outfitted with crowbars and all kinds of equipment that allows you to start smashing things up. >> somebody somewhere still uses one of those. >> for me the room needs to be absolutely filled with, li, china. plates, cups. beautifully smashable can destr. >> it's got surveillance cameras which records the video you can then take and show it off to your friends. show them what you can do. >> i think it's a great concept. i'm going to start franchising it. but i think the room needs to be full of breakable stuff. and the more you break, the more you pay. it's a great idea. people do want to, you know, get some of that pent up frustration out. i used to chop wood when i lived on the farm. >> it seems they have some of
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everything to smash up. you got gloves and a helmet so you'll be safe. >> i hope there's loud angry music playing too. >> there was until the boom box was destroyed. to properly execute a good prank, it requires a lot of patience. the thing is it's clear from the title card of this youtube channel that patience is a virtue that this young lady is abundantly blessed with. >> yes. this girl is insanely talented. >> for april fool's day, just the other day she decided to have some fun. >> i'm going to play a prank on. to get set up with fishing line with a trip wire to connect to the domino setup. he'll run into the trip wire, set off the dominos. >> she's going to make her dad think he has destroyed one of her domino creations. >> have the fishing wire atta attached to this doorknob and this runs all the way through here, through here.
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>> she's got this thin wire looped around the edge right there. it's going to yank out of it and -- >> locked and loaded. >> she gets to building the rest of it. this one huge tower at the end. >> all the cameras are on, ready to go. he's going to be here in a couple of minutes. >> here we go. >> opens the door. freezes. >> no! >> he did the sniffy. >> uh-oh. cameras from many angles. >> she's good. look at the way she slid in the room. >> looks like he just destroyed the mona lisa. >> i didn't even come in. >> is it just the vibrations?
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>> april fool's. >> what the hell! >> he takes it very well. honestly, what does dad think of the whole thing? >> she got me and she got me good. it's one crazy awesome pr promposal that's got everything. >> she's got confetti, a crown, a crowd. r insurance company may not have a name your price tool
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[ shouting ] but we got disses for days! myoheis she never put any notes in your lunch bag. ye yeah, well if you use prressive's name yourt any notes in your lunch bag.
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price tool, maybe you coul a decent suit. i got this jaime. ♪ you could throw shade all day ♪ ♪ but it'll never l ♪ 'cause we got the name your price tool ♪ ♪ in the palm of our h-a-a-and ♪ mic drop. mime: ouch. what? it was a sweet burn. progressive's name your price tool. >> it does look really cute. it is super adorable. prom season is a upon us so we know what that means. it's promposal time. >> and bigger and grander
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here's where it gets good. there are signs. you see what that says? mirror mirror of them all. who's the baddest chick of them all? she turns around to a mirror. and she has a sign that has prom with a question mark. all are carrying a sign with her face on them. >> this is someone who is completely secure. no insecurities about who's going to ask her. i'm quite comfortable being just the way i am. >> and she's got confetti and the crowd and a crown. >> and obviously a lot of cool friends that love her. so she's going to have a great time at the prom. >> oh, yeah. and she looks fly. check that out. "right this minute" is all new every day. so until next time, check out we'll see ya.
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[ sighs ] [ knock on door ] what?! what do you want? ♪ tracy: [ thinking ] "this is my inheritance to you, tracy. something that is yours alone. hopefully, it will prove to you [voice breaking] that i love you and that i forgive you. now you must forgive yourself. i'm sure you'll know exactly where this painting should go." this letter means so much to me, daddy.


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