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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  April 8, 2017 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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new overnight back in the air. syrian jets now taking off from that u.s. missile strike as we get a first look at the damage from the site where the pentagon says a chemical weapons attack was launched. and this morning, the troubling new question, what did russia know about that attack on civilians? war of words. >> we are prepared to do more. >> the rising tensions at the u.n. security council as we learn more about president trump's decision to launch the missile strike. meeting with his national security team, what unfolded inside mar-a-lago's makeshift situation room. the frightening attack on a busy street in stockholm, sweden. cameras catching shoppers running for their lives as a
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stolen truck barrels by right before crashing. four people dead. more than a dozen injured. this morning the arrest and why authorities are calling this a case of terrorism. and manhunt. >> revolution. it's time for change. >> the nationwide search for this man called armed and dangerous mailing what investigators say is a disturbing manifesto straight to donald trump. then allegedly stealing a cache of weapons. the price tag now on his head. good morning, let's get straight to the headlines this morning. the global fallout from president trump's decision to strike syria. >> and we're getting in these new satellite images this morning of the syrian air base hit by dozens of u.s. tomahawk missiles. you can see buildings flattened, jets destroyed. although the runway appears to be pretty much unscathed. >> yeah, and that may explain
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the news this morning that two jets have taken off from that air base just hours after the strike. again, this is the same air base from which the u.s. says a chemical attack was launched against civilian, many of them children. >> here's what else we know this morning. the attack is increasing tensions between the united states and russia, a major ally of syria. the russian prime minister even warning the u.s. that if you attack our ally, you're basically one step away from attacking us. >> meanwhile, though, tough talk from the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. nikki haley calling out both russia and iran for supporting the syrian regime and its crimes against humanity while warning the u.s. is prepared to do more here. >> we have team coverage this saturday morning, but we're going to start with abc's alex marquardt who is in beirut. good morning, alex. >> reporter: good morning, dan and paula. that's right. less than 24 hours after the strike, it does appear that the al sharyat air base is back up and running. u.s. officials confirming that planes have been seen taking off despite a massive amount of u.s. firepower, 59 tomahawk cruise
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missiles. u.s. officials now saying that not all of the base's planes or its runway were destroyed. new satellite images now revealing the full extent of the heavy american bombardment on the al sharyat air base in central syria. on friday syrian military officials gathered shortly after the strike to survey the damage walking through the rubble and charred vehicles. drone footage released by the russian defense ministry shows the aftermath of the overnight attack that destroyed aircraft, hangars, ammunition bunkers and air defense systems. syrian state media said at least six syrian soldiers and nine civilians were also killed. in total 59 tomahawk cruise missiles were launched from two u.s. navy warships in the eastern mediterranean sea. it was from this base the pentagon says that the syrian army stored and launched an air strike with chemical weapons, a nerve agent that was then dropped on civilians in northern
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idlib province, which is held by rebel forces. >> assad choked out the lives of helpless men, women and children. no child of god should ever suffer such horror. >> reporter: more than 80 people were killed, over half of them women and children. russia said that syria had bombed a rebel chemical facility, the pentagon now asking whether the russian government had prior knowledge or was somehow complicit in the horrific chemical attack. shortly after the attack a drone flew over the site, then the local hospital where victims were being treated was the subject of an air strike, unclear whether by syrian or russian forces. now, one of the main american priorities in this strike was not to hit russian positions or troops, which could lead to a significant escalation, but there is no doubt that this has severely damaged the already terrible u.s./russia relations with president putin calling it a significant blow. paula. >> all right, alex, and
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speaking of that relationship with russia, the focus, it was the focus at the united nations. the united states increasing pressure on both syria and russia, warning that this could be just the start. the president remains in palm beach this morning, and that's where we find our david wright. david, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, paula. now that the u.s. has sent quite a forceful message with these targeted missile strikes, the next big question is what's next in syria? and u.n. ambassador nikki haley signaled this may just be the opening salvo. >> the united states took a very measured step last night. we are prepared to do more. >> reporter: the u.s. has now formally put the world on notice that it is ready to take further military action in syria. ambassador haley also suggested the u.s. is now sharply at odds with russia. >> russia is supposed to have removed all the chemical weapons from syria, but obviously that
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has not happened. it could be that russia has been incompetent in its efforts to remove the chemical weapons, or it could be that the assad regime is playing the russians for fools. >> reporter: secretary of state rex tillerson is now headed to moscow. he told reporters what happens next depends on the response to the air strikes. the russians have condemned the attacks in no uncertain terms. the white house laid out a time line of the president's decision-making process. he okayed the strike thursday at 4:00 p.m. launch time, 7:40. by 8:30 the missiles started hitting their targets. only then did the administration inform congressional leaders and foreign heads of state. trump informed his chinese counterpart at dinner. >> tonight i ordered a targeted military strike on the airfield in syria from where the chemical attack was launched.
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>> reporter: this white house photo shows the president huddled with his national security team at a makeshift situation room set up at mar-a-lago. trump's son-in-law there at the table, chief strategist steve bannon, recently demoted from the security council relegated to the sidelines. these strikes have won bipartisan approval from congress, but members of both parties have wondered how this fits into the broader strategy in syria, and some have said the u.s. should consult congress before escalating this any further, dan and paula. >> all right, but, david, this has proven to be quite a moment for u.n. ambassador nikki haley. we just heard from her. apparently that heated meeting at the u.n. this week was supposed to be closed, but she intervened? >> reporter: that's right. the bolivians had originally requested an emergency session of the security council to be held behind closed doors, but the u.s., which is the president
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of the council for this month, demanded that it be held in public so that anyone defending the atrocities in syria would have to do so for all the world to hear, and that was nikki haley, paula, dan. >> as you said, nikki haley really stepping onto the world stage. david wright, thank you for your reporting from mar-a-lago. for more on all of this let's bring in abc news chief political analyst matthew dowd. matthew, good morning. and from washington, abc news contributor, retired colonel steve ganyard. steve, let's just start with you. the fact that airplanes are taking off from the very same air base we attacked, what does that say about the effectiveness of the strike? >> well, go back to what the intent is, dan. the intent, the president clearly made the intent to warn assad to stop gassing your people. the strike was limited and the tomahawk missile doesn't have the firepower to take out runways. he didn't want to risk personnel so he used the tomahawk and made his point. but there is no irony here that it does appear it's okay for mr. assad to blow up his people, it's just not okay to gas them. >> so, steve, what's next?
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you heard the u.s. ambassador to the u.n., nikki haley, saying that the u.s. is open to doing more, prepared to do more. what exactly would that mean? >> paula, it's interesting that ambassador haley as energetic as she's been, i think we need to probably temper our expectations about what the u.n. will be able to do, but her rhetoric and secretary tillerson's rhetoric points much more towards regime change, but the military action we saw this week was really just a warning to assad to stop gassing his people so there's a bit of a disconnect in the message coming out of the white house versus state and the u.n. >> so much -- there's so much interesting -- the dynamics here are so fascinating, given that this is a president who has long argued we should stay out of foreign entanglements of this variety. steve, thank you. let's bring in matthew dowd. so, world leaders have praised president trump and praised by some former obama officials however members of his own base who don't want us getting
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involved in more overseas war is up in arms about this. is this a problem for president trump? >> what we're seeing on all levels is this fight between globalists versus nationalists and seen as an administration we're seeing it worldwide. i think what this is, he'll get a slight bump like a sugar high. this is what happens to presidents when they engage militarily. but ultimately presidents become presidents and leaders become leaders over the long haul and the real question here for most people is what's the long-term strategy? he'll get a good bit of news over the next three days but over the next weeks and months is what is the exit strategy and how does this end? >> yeah, what's next? okay, everybody notice he's got a book there. >> a book. >> on the set. okay, so you have a new book titled "a new way" in which you talk about the balance between idealism and realism. so when you look at current event, political events, how do you view what's happening now through this particular purview? >> well, leaders in the 21st century have to figure out the paradox between a lot of competing values but i think this is so pointed and donald trump had these ideals. he was a nationalist.
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i'm -- america first. this is what we're going to do and then he was faced with an incredibly realistic scenario of what happened to the syrian people and what assad had done there, and so he had to make a decision trying to balance his ideals which he didn't want to be involved in foreign entanglements to how do i respond to a situation that is horrific, and in that place, he had to confront the world realistically. >> and we saw it play out in realtime. i took a look at the book last night. fascinating stuff, matt. >> thank you. >> thank you very much. big thanks to matt dowd and steve ganyard for joining us. we do move on to another developing story right now. the investigation into that deadly attack over in sweden. a stolen truck -- look at this -- plowing through a crowded street filled with shoppers slamming into a store ultimately killing four people. investigators are treating this as a terror attack and abc's chief foreign correspondent terry moran is right there in stockholm. terry, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, dan. this morning police sources are telling local media here in stockholm that there was a homemade unexploded bomb in that
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truck that barreled through this crowded shopping district killing four people, leaving more than a dozen others injured and shocking this tolerant, placid city to its core. this morning, swedish police say they've got their man. one person in custody in connection with the violent truck attack that left four dead and more than a dozen others injured here. police arresting a man matching the suspect seen in these security images saying they believe he was involved in what authorities have declared a terrorist attack. >> i saw eight people get drived over. >> reporter: according to police friday afternoon the suspect stole a delivery truck from a nearby restaurant. minutes later just before 3:00 p.m., that truck is seen on this security video barreling past shops as bystanders scatter. just eight stores down that truck slammed into the side of ahlens department store before bursting into flames. >> there were bodies on the ground everywhere and a sense of panic. people standing by their loved
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ones but also people runing away. >> reporter: rescuers rushed to help those hurt in the attack as authorities put the city on lockdown to search for the driver. >> in this difficult moment, swedish authorities including police and hospitals are doing everything they can to save lives and maintain our safety. >> reporter: overnight the swedish prime minister spoke to his people and sent a powerful message to the country. >> terrorists can never defeat sweden, never. >> reporter: right now there's no evidence that the driver of that truck was linked to any wider plot or terrorist organization. but for years isis has been encouraging its followers here in europe and in the united states to act alone, and they specifically mention this kind of ramming attack which is so cheap, so simple and so deadly. paula. >> all right, terry, thank you for your reporting. now to the major headline from the supreme court. the senate using the nuclear option to confirm president trump's nominee neil gorsuch on
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friday. abc's gloria riviera joins us r be a bitter partisan battle. good morning, gloria. >> reporter: good morning, paula. that's right. justice gorsuch will get right to work. he is poised to have an immediate impact as the supreme court begins to hear oral arguments on major issues such as the separation of church and state and rights for same-sex couples. >> the nomination of neil m. gorsuch of colorado to be an associate justice of the supreme court of the united states is confirmed. >> reporter: that gavel slam marks a huge political first. confirming a supreme court nominee with just a simple majority vote. 54 yeas to 45 nays. >> ms. warren. no.>> reporter: judge neil gorsuch's confirmation, the first major win for the trump administration with congress but the democrats did not go down without a fight filibustering the nomination. >> i cannot support this nomination.
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>> reporter: prompting republicans to invoke the nuclear option. >> i believe it will make this body a more partisan place. >> it doesn't have to be this way. but today is a new day. >> reporter: the new rule change now means all presidential nominees for executive branch positions and the federal courts now need only a simple majority vote. judge gorsuch now nils the conservative seat left vacant by the death of justice antonin scalia restoring the court's previous balance, four conservatives, four liberals and justice anthony kennedy as the swing vote. in a statement, president trump congratulated justice gorsuch and praised the confirmation process for being transparent and accessible. gorsuch will be sworn in monday. paula, dan. >> big victory for the trump administration. gloria riviera, thank you very much. on any other morning this would of course be the big lead story. >> the lead story. there's so much going on. >> absolutely. tells you a lot about the times in which we're living. let's check the weather, and rob marciano is also joining us from
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washington. there he is in fine form this morning. how are you? >> good morning, guys. for an entirely different reason, 105 years ago japan gave hundreds of cherry trees to washington, d.c. as a gift of goodwill and for 90 years they've been celebrating the cherry blossom festival. that is why we're here. what a spectacular morning, the monument behind me on the mall and the sun is shining but it is chilly.
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finally have the sun shining down brightly, it's a alien clear morning, temperatures are chilly, we'll see a full day of sunshine, thanks to high pressure rolling in. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast we'll go 58 today, ten better tomorrow and 12 higher than that monday. monday's high, 80. tuesday's near record high, 82 degrees, wednesday, clouds and sun, 70. a.m. herron time an
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a gorgeous one. we got marching bands. look. holy cherry blossoms. ♪ look at those cherry blossoms. i mean, if the peak was passed, no, they are blooming real good now and warming up the band. we need it. kind of chilly. >> i love how the band starts playing right on cue. i have been looking for a horn flourish every time i walk into a room but never been able to get anybody to do that. >> always happens for rob. >> it does. it does. rob, thank you very much, my friend. we'll get back to you later in the show. and now it's time to turn things over to ron claiborne. hand the -- >> baton. >> i almost said the candle. i don't know what i was thinking. here's the baton, hand it over to you for a look at the other headlines. >> good morning, paula, dan, diane. good morning, everyone. we begin in jacksonville, florida where a protest against the u.s. military action in syria turned violent. six people were arrested when demonstrators clashed with a
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pro-trump group and then police officers got physical with some of the protesters as you can see in this video posted by witnesses. the jacksonville police department defended the officers saying they were reacting to being attacked. and turning overseas, a 31-year-old romanian woman was visiting london has become the fifth to die in last month's terror attack in that city. andrea chrystia, an architect, ended up in the thames when the attacker's car plowed into pedestrians on a bridge. she was in london with her boyfriend who had planned on proposing to her later that same day. and in florida, the brush fire that has been burning in broward county north of miami is now spreading to more than 5,000 acres overnight. a fire broke out in port st. lucie near first data field which is home to the minor league st. lucie mets where the new york mets play during spring training also. a fireworks display at the stadium is believe to have ignited that blaze. and a major car recall this morning. hyundai and kia pulling nearly 1.5 million vehicles off the road because of possible engine failure.
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that could lead to a crash. the recall involves some popular models of the hyundai santa fe sports suv and sonata midsize cars. also on the list, several models of the kia, the optima, sportage suv and sorrento. nba history, 55 years in the making, russell westbrook of the oklahoma thunder now averaging a triple-double for the season. that's double digits in scoring, rebounds and assists, amazing, making him the first player to do that since oscar robertson of the cincinnati royals in 1962. here he makes a spectacular pass here in friday's game against the phoenix suns. the thunder, however, lost that game anyway. finally, eating is a big part of going to the ballpark experience, right? well, the stadium where the seattle mariners play in seattle is going gourmet with a new protein-packed, low fat option on the menu. check it out. for $4 you can get a bowl of toasted grasshoppers. >> what? >> they come tossed in chili
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lime salt. >> do you have to pay extra for the lime salt? >> no, or you can top off your taco with the crunchy treat and offer the more conventional fare like hot dogs and hamburgers. and a quick note here, i'm wearing my purple tie as i did a year ago because i'm taking part in the purple stride walk and run. i'm mostly going to be walking for the pancreatic cancer action network in brooklyn later today. >> nice. >> i'll tell you how that goes if i finish. tomorrow. >> of course, you're going to finish. >> absolutely. >> we've been admiring your short haircut. very boyish. >> by the way, if you need energy today, just order some grasshoppers. >> there you go. >> protein pack. >> i'll eat a hot dog instead. >> thank you, ronnie. >> the views of paula faris do not necessarily reflect the views of dietitians worldwide. coming up on "gma" -- >> or me. >> or ron claiborne. >> we'll have the latest on those u.s. air strikes in syria and the reaction of other countries. our reporter in the middle east right now. plus, an urgent nationwide manhunt is under way for a man that authorities are calling
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and welcome back to "gma" on a saturday morning. new this morning, the satellite images from syria revealing the extent of the damage to the al sharyat air base after two u.s. navy warships hit it with a total of 59 tomahawk missiles. >> but less than 24 hours after the u.s. strike, it appears that the base is back in use. the runway seemingly untouched with u.s. officials confirming that syrian planes have taken off. so, we want to go back to abc's alex marquardt who is in beirut, lebanon. >> he's got middle east reaction on the air strikes. alex, what can you tell us this morning? >> reporter: good morning, dan and paula. there was swift and fierce reaction from the syrian regime with syrian president bashar al assad calling this an excessive
8:31 am
and unjust act of aggression. as could have have been expected this was widely supported by assad's enemies, widely condemned by his friends including iran, which has been propping up the assad regime for the last several years. the iranian president saying all terrorists in syria are celebrating the u.s. attack. one of the fears is whether there would be some sort of retaliation, a military relax. that is not expected from syria or its allies. there's been widespread support in the region for this military strike. none more so than from israel with prime minister benjamin netanyahu saying president trump sent a strong and clear message today that the use and spread of chemical weapons will not be tolerated, which, of course, is the message that trump is trying to send here, but the reaction we really have to watch is the russian reaction. they have put out angry statements calling this a clear act of aggression. president putin saying that this is a significant blow to the already abysmal u.s./russia relations, dan, paula. >> tensions high and getting higher, alex marquardt, thank
8:32 am
you. we want to turn now though to a big news story here at home. a massive manhunt under way this morning for a suspect police say is armed to the teeth. >> joseph jakubowski who authorities say sent an anti-government manifesto to the white house, and abc's adrienne bankert has more on the concerns over what he could do. >> reporter: investigators say inside this envelope, a declaration of insurrection. >> you got it? >> reporter: plans of a brutal attack sent to the white house. >> game time. >> reporter: more than 150 federal, state and local officers conducting multiple raids in a nationwide manhunt for joseph jakubowski missing since tuesday after this video of him mailing what officials say is a 165-page manifesto expressing murderous outrage towards the government and police. >> there it is. you see it's getting shipped. revolution. it's time for change. >> reporter: according to authorities the 32-year-old is armed and dangerous with a cache
8:33 am
of weapons detectives say are part of his alleged planned revolt. police say jakubowski was caught in these surveillance images stealing dozens of high-powered handguns, at least two assault rifles and possibly silencers from armageddon supplies, a wisconsin gun store. >> very high-end fivearms were taken. after that we responded to an arson. >> reporter: police say they found a car burned up nearby that was registered to the suspect. >> the possibility of a school shooting was also brought up. as a result we have notified all of our local schools. >> reporter: the potential threat prompting at least a dozen schools and colleges to cancel class on friday. and we know that jakubowski is known to law enforcement with a history of mostly traffic violations. he allegedly also tried to steal an officer's weapon at one time. the fbi now offering a $10,000 reward for any information leading to jakubowski's arrest, but they are hoping he just turns himself in. >> that would be the best case scenario. right now he's out there armed and dangerous.
8:34 am
>> yes, still missing. >> adrienne, thank you very much. let's check the weather yet again and get it back down to rob marciano who is in d.c. hey, rob. >> hey, guys, what a group we have gathered here as the parade kicks off in about two hours. check it out. we've got the powertaps from woodstock, georgia. their cloggers are going to be clogging let's take the weather forecast. it's chilly here, it does not feel like spring. that's it way it's been for several weeks. we have good news if you're a fan of good weather. 15 degrees below average south and west. the overall trend will be a warming one starting with the central part of the country. today, 20, 25 degrees above average. that will be sliding off to the east. bear with it, summer is on its way in july. that's a look at the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast here's the local forecast. all right, i'm meteorologist
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chris sowers with this accuweather update. the sky conditions are clear, the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast will stay clear for the next several days. sunny today 58. sunny tomorrow, 68. and the 80s return monday and tuesday. don't forget nba primetime tonight, 8:30 on abc, spurs and clippers. you don't want to miss that. check it out. what would a parade be without a marching band from gainesville, florida. the gainesville high school hurricanes marching band. >> having a great time. ♪ >> the washington monument behind us. doesn't get any more americana than this. >> we should just call him -- >> that's coming up later in the broadcast. >> can we just call you conductor from here on out, rob? he can't hear us because it's so loud. rob, you're doing a great job. >> can't hear you. >> fine, rob. we'll come back to you a little later. thank you very much. coming up on "gma" this morning, the scandal swirling around the governor of alabama. this is an incredible story. it involves an alleged mistress,
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there is a major impeachment battle under way right now in alabama. the governor winning a court battle to delay impeachment hearings but he lost the fight to keep a report from a special counsel from going public. >> abc's eva pilgrim is here with the allegations in that investigation report. eva, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the governor of alabama did everything he could to keep this scathing 131-page report from going public. it reads part legal document, part novel and it makes a lot of accusations. the governor says while these details are humiliating, he didn't do anything illegal. >> baby, let me tell you what we're gonna have to do. we're gonna have to start locking the door. >> reporter: this morning the governor of alabama feeling the heat, his job on the line. impeachment hearings looming and now this report made public explaining what it calls his obsession and paranoia with trying to keep an alleged affair with a staffer from going public. >> i do not plan to resign. i have done nothing illegal. >> reporter: the report includes interviews with 20 witnesses and
8:41 am
intimate letters and text messages between the governor and his now ex-wife diane and his former chief adviser rebekah mason. included in the texts the governor mistakenly sent his then wife diane a message reading, i love you, rebekah. according to a special report, to the statehouse judiciary committee, he called her baby in meetings and an alleged phone conversation conversation between bentley and mason surfaced allegedly recorded by his wife of 50 years. >> hey, i love you. i love touching you. i do. >> reporter: the governor now facing impeachment in large part because of what he is accused of doing after that recording was discovered, the report accusing governor bentley of encouraging an atmosphere of intimidation in an effort to cover up the relationship and alleging he used police for his own benefit saying he subjected career law enforcement officers to tasks intended to protect his reputation. >> it has nothing to do with his political duty as governor and that is where he's crossed the line.
8:42 am
>> reporter: now, the governor and mason both continue to deny there was any inappropriate relationship. as for the impeachment proce proceedings tprocee proceedings they plan to meet monday to determine what to do next. a lot of details in these 131 pages. >> part novel. aptly said. appreciate it. >> thanks, eva. coming up, back to the nation's capital where rob is ready for a parade. he's got the band behind him. right, rob? >> dancers too. we got the blazing divas. >> the blazing divas. >> we got the powertaps from woodstock, georgia. who is going to be the best? who can judge them? only one person, carrie ann inaba. no, it's a friendly competition. we're going to talk to her about that, plus the parade in just a few minutes. "gma" is coming right back. how's it going? oh, it's going good. yeah? yeah, it's going great. this is my jam. what is that? what? the moment you realize
8:43 am
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...splashless. shine on, klutzes. shine on. the blazing divas, the blazing divas, the powertaps, the cloggers here and carrie ann inaba from "dancing with the stars." all right. i'm not going to ask you to pick a winner but they're impressive at this hour. >> thank you. well, they were kind of amazing. high energy. great costumes. i loved it all. >> she never stops judging. >> i give you both 10s. >> you guys all look fantastic you do great on "dancing with the stars" and, of course, you're here again this year. we had a great time -- such an d in your pastels as you should be. even though it's chilly right now. >> i've pin on somewhere, i don't know. >> let's talk "dancing with the stars." seems like a really intense season this year. >> oh, my gosh, season 24 has been incredible. we have really great dancers.
8:47 am
sometimes that's not always the case. we have people thagood. this year we started out with like about six or seven out of the gate that are fantastic.n now? >> season 552. no, we're on season 4. >> 24, okay. >> haven't missed an episode. >> not 24 -- we have multiple seasons. >> we do two a >> exactly. drew lachey won it a few years ago and performing in the parade. one of the celebrities that's performing in this parade. what was his secret sauce? what was his magic? >> his secret sauce he did the best freestyle. one of my favorites to "save a horse ride a cowboy." it was incredible. do you guys remember that song? ♪ save a horse >> he nailed it and won it and . this was fantastic. >> what are you looking forward to today? >> well, you know, last year when i did it i was co-hosting and begged them to let me come back. i had so much fun. nice to see people out here, so
8:48 am
friendly and the broadcast is just a nice celebration of the cherry blossom festival which is dear to my heart. >> you have some japanese in you too. >> i do have japanese in me. >> you are representing. a wonderful gift we got over years ago and makes this nation's capital so beautiful. >> it is. >> and a great day for it. >> it's going to be fun. great to see you. carrie ann inaba, hey, guys. >> come on down. out. we'll see you on the parade route. more "gma" coming up after the break. "pop news" is next. ♪ ♪ the issues we care about can weigh on us. so lift the weight of caring, by doing. visit state farm's to volunteer in your community. the easter bunny's one-stop shop for building the perfect basket? yeah, i talked to the bunny. you talk about his ears? no! about what toys better be in my basket! everybody can buy one get one
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♪ "good morning america" is brought to you by neutrogena hydro boost. instantly quench your skin. >> oops, sorry. >> all right. time for "pop news." we're a week out from easter so we're covered with easter. >> we are, indpeed but we're going to start things off with journey. journey fans hoping for a steve perry reunion got a two for one deal sort of. let's start with the good news. not only did the former frontman reunite with his old bandmates but it was all in honor of the band's induction into the rock & roll hall of fame. >> he got a haircut, by the way. remember he used to have really long hair.
8:53 am
>> yes. fans went nuts when he took the stage at the barclays in brooklyn with the whole band. the current members, but here's the bad news. he didn't actually perform. >> no. >> with them as some people had hoped. journey was one of six acts, inducted. tupac, electric light orchestra, yes, joan baez and pearl jam were among the others, but nice to see the hall of fame welcomed them with open arms. >> oh, no. >> don't stop believin', everybody. >> i love journey. >> me too. >> were awe big fan? >> i have been a fan faithfully -- >> more of a tupac fan than a journey fan. >> i am yours faithfully. >> you can be both, dan. >> you can be both? hold those two -- >> any way you want it, dan. >> okay. harry styles has finally made his solo debut releasing his new single called "sign of the times." let's listen for a second. ♪ we got to get away from here >> the former one direction member told bbc radio that it's the song he's most proud of writing. he also snuck in a few humble brags about his famous friends
8:54 am
revealing he got some input from ed sheeran before releasing the album and that adele gave him a copy of her album "21" for his 21st birthday saying i did some pretty cool stuff when i was 21. good luck. no pressure. thanks for that one, adele. >> i can't imagine being a teenager. he is so dreamy for all those little teen girls out there. no wonder they're obsessed with him. >> and then trying to follow in the footsteps of your friend adele. how are you supposed to do that? speaking of adele, that album is now the longest charting album by a woman on the billboard 200. it surpassed carole king's "tapestry." "21" has now clocked its 319th week on the charts topping 318 weeks and "tapestry" was on the charts from '71 to '77 and came back in 2010, whereas, "21" has never missed a week on the chars. so, that's been 319 straight. you know who else is in the top five? >> no, who.
8:55 am
>> journey, 454 weeks, billboard 200. >> where is tupac in that mix? >> all right, finally a "pop news" exclusive, so marshmallow peeps have brand-new mystery flavors. so we're putting you to the test. you're going to have to take one bite of the peep in front of you and see if you can guess your flavor. >> this is our peep show. >> each is a secret. you can't see it on the package. can you guess your flavor? >> sugar. >> you are close. >> grape maybe. >> want me to reveal the answer. ron's answer. >> grape. >> maple syrup. >> i get it now. >> mine is fruit punch. >> paula? >> fruit punch. >> paula says fruit punch. can we reveal paula's answer? fruit punch? >> rum and coca-cola. >> no, not quite. blueberry. but it is a fruit. >> fruity. >> dan, can you guess yours? >> lime. >> you're not even close. >> really? what is it? >> dan's answer, grape slushee. not at all lime. >> that is green. >> totally threw you off. you know, marciano would have totally nailed this. he has a big day coming up in washington.
8:56 am
the cherry blossom festival parade. rob. if you're there, i don't know if you can hear us, but he's somewhere amonst the -- there he is conducting. he's in his element. >> just running through the crowd. that is a dramatic entrance. >> i think rob wants to join the band. >> rob, thank you very much. great job. see you back here tomorrow. have a great saturday, everybody. >> i'm gray hall, coming up next on "action news," saturday at 9:00 a.m. a section of the admiral wilson boulevard is closed. details on the fire that may have damaged the overpass. syrian community in pennsylvania reacts to trump's launch of missiles on a syrian air base.
8:57 am
those stories and more coming up next on "action news" saturday morning. are allergies holding you back? break through your allergies. try new flonase sensimist instead of allergy pills. it's more complete allergy relief in a gentle mist you may not even notice. using unique mistpro technology,
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8:59 am
win instantly. >> a pleasant good morning to you, it is saturday, april 8. i'm gray hall. here's some of the stories we're following on "action news." a fire shut down a section of admiral wilson boulevard in camden. we have details on where crews are testing for structural
9:00 am
damage. 60 missiles launch at a syrian air based ored -- ordered by president trump. a 4-year-old girl is abducted and sexually assaulted. those stories and more along with the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast while we help you plan your weekend with meteorologist chris sowers. >> reporter: who brought the sun. it's been a couple of days since we've seen something like that. it's very nice overlooking the ben franklin bridge. wall-to-wall blue skiestoday. the numbers will respond. we were stuck in the upper 40s yesterday's high 49 comes to an end in the numbers are rebounding. mid 40s this morning, the upper 50s later on. the problem the winds


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