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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  April 10, 2017 11:00pm-12:05am EDT

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classroom and a driver needs res chid after he crashes into a bucks county home. next. ♪ ♪ it's now open in the poconos! america's largest indoor waterpark is making waves. kalahari resorts & conventions in the poconos. book your african adventure now! book your african adventure now! ♪ ♪ "action news," delaware valley's leading news program with jim gardner. >> active shooter at north park elementary. >> at a california elementary school a gunman opens fire striking a teacher and two students. you know the name of the city,
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san bernardino still scared from a terrorist attack. now there is a new period of mourning as young children are reunited with their parents but not all of them. i'm monica malpass. the big story is the tragic gunfire, a child eight years old has died. dann cuellar has been following the story. you have learned the shooter and motivate? >> this was a murde murder-suice between a teacher and her estranged husband. the city still recover frg a terrorist attack 15 minutes ago. >> children at the north park elementary school were let out of the school hours after the shooting in a classroom. horrified relatives rushed to the school looking for their kids.
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>> we are all crying. worried about my daughter. i can't see her. there is nobody that will let you know anything. >> police say just before 10:30 this morning, cedrik anderson arrived at the school telling people at the office he needed to drop something off with his wife karen elaine smith. he displayed the fired. >> the children were rushed to area hospitals where the eight-year-old later died. the nine-year-old is listed in stable condition. police say it appears anderson later shot and killed himself. >> this does appear to have been a murder-suicide. >> the incident rekindled fear
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of a terrorist attack in 2015 that killed 14 people and left 22 injured. people were relieved to hear it was not terrorism but left people like deborah grateful to be reunited with her fifth grade son. >> i was mad at him when i left, so i want to hold him. the teacher and her estranged husband were separated a month and a half. he had a history of drugs but no indication he would do something like this. dann cuellar, channel6 "action news." monica? >> thank you, dan. first responders came to the 7600 of over look drive where a bus crashed into a building. >> montgomery county father abused his own children for
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years shocking them with an electric dog calendar. joseph miry choked, beat and tourtured the children. prosecutors charged him with assaulting his wife as well. she suffered a fractured skull last month. that's when police opened investigation. he's being held on a million dollars bail. radner police are asking for your help to track down this bank robber who held up the bank friday leaving in a vehicle jf jfj0657 license plate number. there is a $3,000 reward for information leading to a conviction. if you enjoyed the day today with temperature in the 80s, for
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the first day since october, tomorrow will be warmer. we may tie a record. adam joseph is in for cecily tynan. >> comfortable out there. still feeling pleasant at 11:00. we hit a high of 80. one degree better than that in the lehigh value y, trenton 79. wilmington 79. a bit cooler along the immediate shore, ocean temperature 50. air temperature of 62-degrees. there is more warm air to the west and southwest. many numbers flirting with the 80-degree mark. chicago, cincinnati, st. louis and memphis. the warmth will be on one more day. as we look at our day planner, the normal high by 9:00 in the morning, high clouds in the afternoon as we bust to the lower and middle 80s. we'll be flirt withing the record of 84 in philadelphia tomorrow set in 1887.
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allentown short of the record set in 2011. close to the numbers for wilmington and atlantic city airport in the mid 80s. there is rain to collapse the numbers the rest of the week wednesday. the timing coming up in the full forecast. >> thank you, adam. >> construction work started tonight on martin luther king drive. that stretch of road will reopen 5:00 a.m. closing again tomorrow at 9:00 until 5:00 a.m. wednesday. repairs will be made to the roadway, sidewalks and clear drains. drivers faced the first lane closures in preparation for the nfl draft. that included blocking off the lane closest to the iconic steps. several phases will follow leading up to the draft
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april 27th when the closures include major stretches of the brng ben franklin parkway. the made in america musicfest will return labor day weekend, september 2nd and 3rd. officials making a startling allegation that russia knew ahead of time about syria's chemical weapon's attack. the source stopped short of saying russia took part in the gassing. hours later the hospital was also bombed by a russian made jet in a suspected cover up ifort. effort. the u.s. cruise missile strike took out 20 planes. russia showing the airfield is reportedly back in operation with jets taking off again seemingly not crippled by the u.s. military action. >> a post pull out "tonight
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show" a slim majority of americans support the attack on syria. people have little confidence that it will stop asaad from using chemical weapons in the future and there is little support for further military action. >> egypt has imposed a state of emergency after two bombings of churches. isis claimed responsible for the palm sunday attacks and warns more to come. pope francis denounced the actions. >> in the u.s., neil gorsuch was sworn in today. the colorado native is the 113th person to serve on the nation's
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highest court. >> i promise you, i will do all my powers permit to be a faithful servant of the constitution and laws of this great nation. >> president trump predicted greatness for the justice he nominated. the 49-year-old fills the seat of antonin scalia who passed last year. >> pete rose will be inducted this summer on the phillies wall of fame. is this the first step toward coopers town for the disgraced slugger? annie has details. hi, annie. >> hi, monica. a lot of fans hope so. the phillies had to ask permission from major league baseball to get a shot of getting on the wall of fames. they left the voting up to fans and the fans voted him in. >> i'm so happy he's on the wall. i'm so happy.
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>> the hip king, aka charlie husbanhustle is coming to the wf greats, pete rose won a world series in 1980. he later played for the cincinnati reds. in 1989 he received a lifetime ban for betting on baseball. he didn't admit it until 2004. in 2015 major league baseball upheld the ban barring him from the hall of fame. >> i think hindsight being 20, 20, if pete would have said, i made a mistake, he would probably be in the hall of fame. >> the reds inducted him on their wall last year. phillies fans forgave him a long time ago. >> you can't fault the guy for wanting to bet on something he loves. >> people make mistakes.
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michael vick was a great football player. people forgave him. we found a sitter on the fence. >> he did break the rules. now that they have this accolade, maybe coopers town will be next. >> he deserves it. he made a mistake. that's how i feel. give him a break. maybe with the new commissioner that we have, he will let him get in. >> august 12th is the day of his induction. there are tickets on sale for the day and the game the night before pete rose released a statement saying in part the success in the city was because the fans embraced him. annie mccormick, channel6. back to you. >> philadelphia police an
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> >> the only sacred obligation we have as a country is to care for those that we send to war and care for their families when they come back. >> tonight raised money for the marine corps foundation providing scholarships to children who lost their parents in the line of duty. >> still to come, the governor calls it quits as he's charged with crime. >> and you have probably seen video of a passenger dragged off the flight. we have new reaction from the company ceo and what has come of the officer involved. why it's getting harder to go to sleep without the bedbugs biting. adam? >> better as we look at sky 6 live. the weather is tranquil and we talk about the quiet week to
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continue through the upcoming easter weekend in the accuweather forecast. >> duci ducis rogerses signing another qb. you may know the name. that and more when "action news" continues tonight. ♪ ♪ >> tomorrow on "action news" morning, perspective home buyers could be in for a tough time as the supply of houses hits a 20 year low. >> record warmth is possible tomorrow. wake up to everything going on, on "action news" mornings. ♪
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from santander bank. >> the ceo of united air is apologizing to customers who were onboard a flight where a passenger was literally dragged down the aisle of the plane. the cellphone video showing the passenger yanked out of the seat, his head slammed on the armrest and lip bleeding as he was dragged off the jet for refusing to give up his paid seat. >> he was hoisted out of the seat. >> the officer involved has been placed on lever. other passengers we are told the flight was over booked and four people needed to get off. when no one got up, the computer randomly picked four passengers including the 69-year-old man. while it was upsetting, there was no direct apology to the
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man. it is legal that the airline demand a paying customer give up their seat. >> tonight the new head of the fcc wants to keep the ban on cellphone calls in flight. four years ago the agency started to look at possibly allowing calls onboard. there was a public out cry including backlash from pilots and flight attendants. now they'll kill the plan he called ill conceived. >> governor bentley has resigned over a scandal. he must pay back thousands. this evening, lieutenant governor kay ivy was sworn in as alabama's newest governor.
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wells fargo ceo and another bank exec have to give back $75 million part of the fallout from the employee scandal. they opened accounts without consent generating fees. this dated back 15 years. the report said managers pressured under lings to sell unwanted or unneeded products to customers and the old ceo knew but did nothing. >> environmentalists challenge the pipeline. the sierra club filed an appeal against the approval of the commission. they plan to build a 22 pipe from millville to cape may county to convert coal to natural gas. it's legal argument is that the
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project doesn't primarily benefit people living in the pinelands as is required. ford wants to help police departments serve and protect gas mileage. there is a new patrol cruiser that is a hybrid based off the sedan getting 38 miles per gallon nearly double the ford taurus intercepter. it can combine gas and electric motors for maximum performance in a chase. the new car is being tested in los angeles. >> sleep tight, don't let the bedbugs bite is getting harder since it's harder to kill the pests. they are becoming resistant to two commonly used pesticides.
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exterminators need to utilize methods like bug traps and trying steam heat. >> just makes you itch, doesn't it? let's talk about something stunning like the weather. >> it won't bug you. you won't have to flea anytime soon. looking at storm tracker 6 double scan dealing with clouds moving in and creating a scene as you look at the action cam streaming by the almost full moon over center city. skyline technically full in two and a half hours around 2:08 a.m. they call it the full pink moon as everything is starting to blossom for spring. looking at the temperatures, it's warm out there, 68 pottstown.
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quakertown 68. 65 center city. numbers similar over the river, mount laurel, 69. 666 claymont, delaware. strong winds off the ocean. it's pulling the numbers into the 50s along the immediate shore. that's where they sat this afternoon. there are high clouds coming by here. you see a break or two here and there. over all, a thin veil of sirius clouds, 20,000 feet into the atmosphere so it doesn't block moonlight or sunshine during the day. if you want to get the kids outdoors, perfect day for it. 70-degrees at 10:00 in the morning. our bodies are not acclimated to this quick rise in temperature. 83 at 3:00 in the afternoon. we should flirt with the record of 84 set in philadelphia in
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1887. 80 millville and along the shore, cooler with the winds off the water in the upper 60s. as we look at wednesday, this is the only real opportunity this week of any sort of wet weather. it's a quick band of showers during the morning hours of wednesday, passing with the front returning behind it, temperatures down 12-degrees from wednesday to 72. that's running 10-degrees above normal. the exclusive accuweather forecast, record territory tomorrow in the 80s. wednesday, 72. sun and a few clouds on thursday, 67. partly sunny good friday and a tad bit above average 65. 70s for the easter weekend. sun and clouds saturday, easter sunday itself mild and closing close to 80-degrees with maybe an isolated shower around, otherwise dry for sunday and
11:23 pm
monday, not as warm at 70-degrees. if you have little ones, easter dresses picked out, you don't need to cover those. >> thank you, sir. at sundown, jews around the world and here mark the beginning of passover. shabbat hosted a satyr meal as the families retell the story how the jews were released from slavery. here's jimmy with a preview of tonight's show. >> i want to say, john stamos and bob sag got, between the cookies and hotdogs killed don rickles. (vo) love.
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get the best. go to >> time for sports, ducis is here for a nail biter with the phillies. >> a tight wo tight one tonight. you mess with the fanatic, you mess with the delaware valley. eighth inning, ramos tosses one over cabrera's head. there is history between the two. cabrera hotdogged one off ramos head last year. pete mccannon comes out to argue. he's ejected. jay bruce unloads on ro rodrigu,
11:28 pm
4-2 new york. stasy with the solo homer. phillies lose 4-3. here's a clip honore mows and cabrera. >> we don't play that way. it's inappropriate, a tie game in the eighth inning. >> pete rose will be the 2017 wall of fame inductee, a ceremony in the game against the metts. >> the sixers fall behind by a lot, make a run, only to lose. >> have you ever seen an nba player up close? look out. sixers fall behind by 21.
11:29 pm
no defense. paul george leads all with 27. fourth quarter, chipping between henderson and george. both players are ejected. sixers lose 120-111. we talk singles after the break. careful joe, they've got you outnumbered.
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>> the eagles have announced their preseason schedule playing at home against the bills and dolphins, playing the packers and jets. >> matt has agreed to a 1 year contract with the birds.
11:33 pm
he will be the number three behind carson wentz. >> it will be a life changing moment for select first rounders. malcolm jenkins first rounder in 2009 has advise for the prospects. >> i would say enjoy it. there is so much hype around the draft. especially when you are a first rounder. you worry about where you are going to go, what team is going to pick you. a lot of guys don't take time to see where you are. you are getting ready to accomplish your dream. we worked hard to get here. i try to tell people all the time, don't miss this moment. you don't get drafted again. >> a reminder, april 26th, the "action news" sports team brings you a special draft preview party. we broadcast live from the
11:34 pm
parkway. in just a couple of weeks. >> it will be exciting. thank you. there was music and dancing this evening. the crowd gathered at the nightclub at the benefit for distracted driving awareness month raising money for the scholarship program named for tony boli and her unborn son killed when a distracted driver hit them in 2011. "jimmy kimmel live" is next followed by "nightline." jimmy's guests john stamos. "action news" continues at 4:30 a.m. now for ducis, adam joseph, cecily tynan and the entire "action news" team, i'm monica malpass. make it a good night tonight.
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight john stamos & bob saget from "detroiters", tim robinson, and music from snakehips & mø. ♪ ♪ >> jimmy: thank you for coming. i'm the host. thanks for watching. thanks to all of you here for coming. it's spring break. how many of you here in the audience tonight are visiting from out of town, you flew here
11:36 pm
to be -- >> okay, quite a few. >> jimmy: i'm glad none of you were yanked off your plane. have you seen the video of the guy getting dragged off the united flight yesterday in chicago? they overbooked a flight to louisville. i've been to 100 games and stadiums with 50,000 seats. they never sell the same seat two times to one person, but for some reason, airlines can't figure this out. so when they have more passengers than seats, they offer incentives to get people to volunteer to not fly, and you get a voucher. in this case they offered the people $400 and a hotel. they upped it to $800 and no takers. so they randomly selected four passengers to be removed from the plane. three of them got up begrudgingly and got off. one of the passengers said he was a doctor and had to be at the hospital in the morning, so he refused to deplane, and this
11:37 pm
is how that refusal went. [ screaming ] >> oh, my god. >> oh, my god. no. >> oh, my god. what are you doing? no. this is wrong. oh, my god. look at what you did to him. >> oh, my god. >> jimmy: that's interesting to see who laughs at this. that's how my mother used to get me out of bed to go to school every morning. this poor guy, they roughed him up. the reason they were overbooked is because they were trying to get four united airlines employees on board. they said they had to get to louisville so they kicked the customers off to make room for them, and about 10 minutes later, the guy they kicked off, he somehow wound up back on the
11:38 pm
plane. >> i have to go home. i have to go home. >> he had to go home. he didn't go home. they left him in louisville. the employees of united got on and the passengers booed them when they got on the plane, which is all terrible, but this might be the worst part. the ceo of united released a statement via twitter. this is what the ceo tweeted. this is an upsetting event to all of us at united. i apologize for having to reaccommodate these customers. he said reaccommodate. it's like we reaccommodated el chapo out of mexico. [ applause ] >> jimmy: that is such sanitized say nothing take no responsibility corporate b.s. speak. i don't know how he didn't vomit when he sent that out. when you break this down, a man was forcibly dragged off a
11:39 pm
flight because they oversold it. you that happens, i don't know. and by the way, they almost certainly could have gotten volunteers by offering more money. go up to 1000,000. who cares. it's not the passenger's fault that you sold too many tickets on your plane. imagine if this happened at applebee's. imagine if you sit down, order your three cheese chicken meal, fine, 20 minutes later the waiter comes over and says sorry, we have another party coming and we need this chair. either you leave or we'll make you leave. you say i don't want to leave. i ordered my food, and they drag you out. you wouldn't eat there again. the next time this happens, if one flight is a dollar less than the other ones, that's the one we'll pick. they know this.
11:40 pm
that's why we're stuck with them. the only other choice is the bus, so united didn't even admit they did anything wrong. if anything, they seemed to be doubling down on this. >> we're united airlines. you do what we say when we say, and there won't be a problem. if we say you fly, you fly. if not, tough [ bleep ]. >> look at what you did to him. >> give us a problem, and we'll drag your ass off the plane. and if you do this, we'll beat you so badly you'll be using your own face as a flotation device. you nig united airlines, [ bleep ] you. >> jimmy: wow. those are the friendly skies. in washington d.c. today after this long and contentious battle, neil gorsuch was sworn
11:41 pm
in as the hotter new member of the supreme court. meanwhile, america garland got a job as an assistant manager. he was alone in the basement lip syncing the oath along with gorsuch. this man is now on the supreme court. it means his name is an important part of american history, and here is how everyone has been pronouncing that name. >> gorsuch. >> judge gorsuch. >> judge gorsuch. >> judge gorsuch. >> neil gorsuch. >> neil gorsuch. >> judge neil gorsuch. >> judge gorsuch. >> neil gorsuch. >> judge gorsuch. >> i, neil m. gorsuch. >> everyone says gorsuch. everyone except, that is, for him. >> i, neil. gorsuch. >> they asked this man $10,010, questions. no no one bothered to ask him his name. so congratulations to neil gorsuch who as a result of being sworn in now gets to live
11:42 pm
probably every american's fantasy, being able to wear a robe to work. >> jimmy: steph curry is getting hammered on social media for his new shoe. he has a new shoe. this is it. it's called the curry luxe ox blood leather shoe. people hate it. they say it looks like a couch, a dad show, the interior of an old car. i guess that's bad. are these any worse than any of the other shoes? this is the adidas kobe 2. it's like little school buses on your feet. >> these are shaq shoes. they look like some kind of wedding cake in space. this is another one, the color of thousand island dressing. another one, big versions of shoes you wore when you were three. these are from louis vuitton.
11:43 pm
it looks like someone got blood on a nurse's shoe. all these shoes are crazy looking. what makes those good and this is the bad one? i don't know. do we really need new shoe designs? i feel like we could make one of the 7,000 we already have work. right, guillermo? thank you. at long last what they call the teaser trailer for the new "thor" movie is here. it's great. he got a haircut. i like the old thor with the hair. this particular chapter of the marvel universe, not only does it target a young fan base. it also appeals to an older generation by giving a state of the art look while paying tribute to the past. it's a great combination. look at this. >> is dead sfwlchlt. >> don't do that. >> it will bring death and
11:44 pm
pestilen pestilence. >> just from doing this? >> i give you your incredible -- >> yeah. >> see what i'm saying? >> jimmy: all right. we are going to take a break. but let's go out to hollywood boulevard. we're going to play a game called which one doesn't belong. now, that family is a family for the most part, except one of those people, cousin sal. >> yes, one of them. >> jimmy: is not a part of the family. wen we come back, i will try to guess which, and then that person will be orphaned, i guess. we'll be right back to play which one wasn't belong. stick around. (vo) love.
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>> jimmy: welcome back. >> jimmy: tonight on the show, music from snakehips and mø, tim robinson is here. >> in florida a company called fresh express. have you seen the prepackaged salads at the grocery store. the dressing and everything is in the bag. fresh express just had to recall, like, i don't know, hundreds of containers of spring mix, because there was a dead bat in a package. yeah. that's what the people who opened it said. the company recalled 600 cases. the victim bought the product at walmart in florida.
11:50 pm
while they have no idea how the bat got in the bag. they know the odds of this happening in florida were exactly 100%. they didn't even have to trace it. they just knew. maybe it wasn't a bat. maybe it was a vampire in bat form. maybe they killed dracula and should be celebrating. while we're on the subject of flying creatures and death. this is the scene of a funeral where the releasing of white doves was a bad idea. >> i too have been set free. lift up your hearts and share with me. and god set you free. here we go. the first.
11:51 pm
>> jimmy: now it's a holy duo, i guess. the lord works in mysterious ways. all right. let's go out on the street. we're going to play this game. okay. so one of the people in this lineup is pretending to be a member of that family. what my job is is to determine which person is the imposter, okay? and so sal, where is this family from? do we know anything about them? >> they're from new york. i don't think that gives it away, but you can go from there. >> jimmy: most of these people are from there. i suppose it could be coincidence they are all from there. let's start with the dad. how are you? >> fine. >> jimmy: you have the whole gang? >> all. >> jimmy: you love these kids? >> to death. >> jimmy: you love them all? >> of course. mo >> jimmy: equally? >> well, kind of. >> jimmy: okay. all right. go through the ages of your kids. run it down, real quick. >> all right.
11:52 pm
>> jimmy: that was well done. >> thank you. >> jimmy: nolan, what does your dad do for a living? >> she'she's a dentist. >> jimmy: jack, how long as your dad been a dentist? >> i don't know. >> jimmy: you know what? i still don't know what my dad does, so i'm not ruling him out for that. jack, does your dad ever look at your teeth? >> yes. >> jimmy: and how do they look? >> beautiful braces. >> jimmy: did your dad put the braces on you? then i know jack is a member of that family because an orthodontist would have done that. >> jimmy: hannah, what about you, do you have braces? >> yes. >> jimmy: are you and jack twins? >> no. >> jimmy: are you related? >> yes. >> jimmy: give him a kiss.
11:53 pm
watch him. watch his face. see if he gets a red face. he's staying white. it's a pretty white family we have there. valerie has different colored hair. that makes me think that it's probably her, but that could have been done to throw me off. valerie, what grade are you in? >> a senior. >> jimmy: do you like being in upstate new york? >> i love it. >> jimmy: what do you love about it? >> nothing. i hate it. >> jimmy: huh. i'm stumped. well, maybe it's -- could it be mark -- no. maybe it is mark that's the father. mark, i'm going to guess mark. you are not -- are you the imposter? >> no. >> jimmy: oh. all right. well, if you are the imposter, raise your hand. okay. i thought it might work, but it didn't.
11:54 pm
no. all right. we have jack. we have hannah. nolan, i'm going to guess that you are the imposter. >> yes. >> jimmy: you are the imposter? wow. very well-done, nolan. nolan, are you -- do you have a family? are you a run away? >> no, i'm not. >> jimmy: where are you from? >> cottage grove, minnesota. >> jimmy: so you don't even know these people? >> well, i don't know. >> jimmy: okay. >> trying to get in on the free braces. >> jimmy: all right. nolan, we have prizes for all of you. >> for the real family, we have a gift certificate to the sizzler. and for nolan, a unicycle. >> jimmy: all right. there you go. i don't know. i guess that's it. all right. i think i won. did i win? i guess i didn't win.
11:55 pm
guillermo, did i win? >>. >> guillermo: no. >> jimmy: we have a special show tonight. music from snakehips and mø, tim robinson is here. and we'll be right back to remember don rickles with john stamos and bob saget. stick around. ♪ ♪ corolla with toyota safety sense standard toyota let's go places
11:56 pm
>> how do you guys know each other? >> summer camp. >> you still have your tan from summer camp, it looks like. vanessa: i got hurt and was given painkillers.
11:57 pm
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>> jimmy: welcome back. tonight he's a very funny guy, he's the co-creator and star of the show "detroiters" on comedy central, tim robinson is here. then their song is called "don't leave" and hopefully they won't. snakehips and mo from the mercedes-benz stage. tomorrow night richard gere will be here, kelly oxford will join us, and we will have music from the shins. and later this week armie hammer, judd apatow, tony goldwyn, charlize theron, plus music from john mayer and romeo santos. please join us for all that. my first guests tonight met in a make believe living room with a make believe family but their love is real and strong
12:01 am
here to share some memories of our friend don rickles, please welcome john stamos and bob saget. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: thank you for coming. it's good to have you guys here. i've been thinking about you guys. >> your tribute was beautiful last week. >> jimmy: well, i was thinking about you guys and how close you were, i mean, really, like family with don. which one of you did he like better? let's just start with that. john? do you think john was the favorite? >> well, he called his s the tamos. he never got his name right. and john got close with him first. i think he took him back to an older time of show business when
12:02 am
people were like john, handsome and smart, and didn't talk about show business. talked about family. that's why "full house" will never go off the air. >> jimmy: how did you meet don? >> i was at a greek restaurant. i sat next to him. it was about 15 or 17 years ago. it was before his renaissance, his resurgence. it was interesting to sort of be by his side to watch him get the accolades he deserved. i think after the documentary, people saw he's still alive and still the funniest man on the planet. >> jimmy: that's a great opportunity to watch, "mr. warmth". it really covered his career, the beginning part of his career, which, you know, even, like, for me, i loved him on the tonight show. but i didn't know about all the stuff that preceded that. >> i became in love with him at 17 years old. i snuck into the latin casino in
12:03 am
new jersey. i was underage. i got arrested. but i just loved him from the tonight show, and i loved him from anything he ever did, the roasts. his way of roasting was like nobody else's. it was not done mean spirited. he did it out of love, but when he was mean to you, it was like a privilege. it was like a gift. >> it really was. >> jimmy: a great not too many people you're thrilled when they say something mean to you. i can't really think of anyone else. >> but for every mean thing he said in his career, he said two nice things, and he loved you, jimmy. it maid de me jealous. mo >> jimmy: i know you talked on the phone with him. it was like a fatherly relationship. >> i didn't stay up late to watch him on carson, i was aware of him. but we started out talking act -- i never said he was like a father figure. that was for him to say. i tread lightly on those words,
12:04 am
but we talked about that. he really wanted me to find a girl, and -- >> jimmy: a woman. >> a woman. he said stop dating teenagers. >> jimmy: and john -- >> he did. he told me the same thing. >> the problem is when he did that joke, he said nine-year-olds. i was like nine? >> he dated a nine-year-old. that's sick. that's not appropriate. right? that's wrong, people. >> jimmy: but you made him so happy, because you didn't just find a woman. you found thousands of women. >> no. he was so happy. >> jimmy: women everywhere. >> don would say he had a little clicker. no, he wouldn't, because it would have got an laugh. >> jimmy: i won't let you off the hook either. he was obsessed with you guys settling down. >> yes. he was worried about bob. >> rightfully so. >> what are we going to do with saget. >> jimmy: why do you say he was worried about bob?
12:05 am
>> look at him. >> this is what he said about my come comedy. this is going to be foul. well, he would say that i would come out and i'd look like a jewish clark kent. he would tell this to his contemporaries. he would say you know what bob saget does in his act? he comes out like a jewish clark kent. and he would sing a song and the monkey [ bleep ] the dog and the dog [ bleep ] the monkey. and i said i didn't do that. >> no, and he did and it [ bleep ] bob. >> jimmy: how many times between the two of you did you have dinner with don? >> a lot. >> when i first started hanging out with him, it was just me, him and barbara, his beautiful wife. >> who we send so much love to right you.


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