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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  April 11, 2017 2:45am-3:15am EDT

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they're speaking with the person on the other side of the camera, he is cooperating and not a suspect. >> we spoke with a wro woman who says she is jack sister. she says no one has heard hum from. >> we'll be right back after this.
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we have bunnies, chicks, cupcakes anything you need for the bigger easter basket. joining us this morning with her favorite easter toys, senior
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editor of the toif y insider. marissa, good morning. i think everything is adorable. show us more. >> not just about the candy. start with plush. prestige bunnies from kaloo. super soft. heirloom quality. perfect for baby's first easter. younger kids. toy will last a lifetime. >> like this. don't want to stop touching it. >> i know, so soft. we have really great puppets. puppets great for story telling. we have some bunnies, chicks. >> this one makes noise. >> my favorite. little chick. >> kids can use these to tell great stories. engage in play time. so cute. all different sizes. all from folkmanas. beautiful puppets for kids. tons of movement. >> hello, welcome to "world news now." >> and supposed to be for
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children. >> no age limit on these. for sure. awe whault a . >> what is this guy? >> a popular though on disney. parents love to theme it toward favorites. you have cat boy, all the toys from just play. so many options for kids. >> if you want a themed basket go with all these. >> minivehicles. talking figures. >> bubbles, kickoff into springtime. make sure you have stuff that gets kids outside. gazillion giant power wand. pick it up. fan built into in it. kids can blow huge bubbles. how cool is that? >> can i ask for one for easter. >> you can. comes with special solution makes kids. able to blow bigger bubbles than ever before. >> i can have a lot of fun with this. >> really awesome. >> very good. >> still going. >> still going. >> cool, i like that. >> cupcake surprise. one of my favorite toitz.
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looks like a delicious cupcake. when you take off the frosting top. flip this over. you have a doll. this even double as her little bonnet. wear this hat. what i love, they smael really good. >> do they. this one is lemon lime skrepted. great sweet smell. 12 to collect. >> can i take the cup takes i can eat. and give the dolls to the kids. up for you, w unfor me. >> i like that plan. >> puzzles a great option. something to keep kids busy for a long time. right. these are 3 d crystal buddies. with this you get all the little translucent pieces. then kids can put them together to create a great 3 d structure. >> some how. >> all of that. >> this is the before? awe hauft becomes tinker bell. >> how about that. >> its the after. >> these are cute. don't have too many pieces. big challenge. no instructions. kids have to figure it out on their own. >> can't cheat. >> corners first.
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>> no cheating here hauchlt awe okay. collectibles. kids are crazy for collectibles. they come packaged in blind bags. every one is a surprise. grocery gang. gift themes. there are tons for kids to collect. one of my favorite new ones this year, called delectables. these come in little eggs. perfect for easter time. give you one to open. these are inspired by disney characters. so what i have little donald duck ice cream here. >> kind of goofy. >> goofy one. >> kids can actually take these apart. mix-and-match them. >> how cool is that. >> so i scan put a ditch rent hat on goofy. >> yeah, a tin ticker bell hat. >> mr. potato head. >> in all the disney themes. >> super, super cute. >> very cool. >> nothing wrong with candy in the basket as well. >> couple jellybean. never hurt any body, right. >> for these and other kieds. visit marissa's website. thank you for joining us.
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loved having you. when you bring sweet treats and toys for us to play with. stick with us, you are watching "world news now." my daughter is...
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2:55 am the next level. go pro with crest pro-health ♪ ♪ i'd like to go there >> stevie. golden lady. serenading. >> you tricked me. thought we were doing the story on health care. i was so confused over the song. >> we'll get to continuing coverage of health care soon. it has been one year since we have been blessed with one diane macedo here. >> oh, thank you. i didn't know today was my year. >> wow, that really -- that meaningful. >> f >> flew by. >> having so much fun. >> thank you for the slow playback. >> it says right now. surprise, sucka. >> should we take a look back at
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the year that was. sthal shall we. >> good morning, everyone i'm kendis gibson. >> i'm diane macedo. >> welcome. thank you. good to be here. >> diane, first day. anchoring, "world news now." how does it feel? >> it fields good. >> do this for a little while. ♪ ♪ >> not letting you go. >> oh! >> you don't need an appointment. i'm right here. >> on your mark. >> my heels. >> no. >> oh, not even close. >> what do you think is the ultimate worst thing we could do to pizza? >> trying to put an end to the pizza war today. graham crackers, marshmallow and chocolate. all in one. ready. >> mm. did that win?
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♪ at last ♪ ♪ >> that's actually not a spoof at all. this is really what happens to us. walks into the makeup room. just like, is there anything going on? >> that they your diane impression? ♪ can't explain why your loving makes me weak ♪ ♪ something has changed within me something is not the same ♪ ♪ i'm through with playing by the rules of some one else's game ♪ >> a little pitchy. otherwise. >> thank you, kendis. appreciate it. >> something has changed within me is right. >> what's fun me. your first day. we knew we hit it off. first day. going about all of your life. and you're like. >> thank you, guys. >> that's just the tip. >> my first half-hour on the show.
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this morning on "world news now" -- flying the unfriendly skies. >> united airlines passenger forcibly removed from his seat after apparently refusing to give it up for a crew member. the incident is now sparking major backlash and raising question as but passenger rights. so what really happened? >> alabama's governor robert bentley resigning in disgrace. bentley stepping down as we hear new details regarding the sex scandal with a former aide that is now taking him out of office. >> and, this frightening moment caught on kwcamera on a carniva a girl out of her harness on a ride. manages to stay on as the ride swings back and forth. as bystanders are watching, helplessly. hear what police say may have saved her life. >> prepare to live on the edge.
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where are you going? no, don't do that? how do you do that? walking on water in the sky? we're going to figure out how it is possible in "the mix" on this tuesday, april 11th. nice legs by the way. good mani. good pedi. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." ♪ ♪ >> makes me nervous just watching it. >> it does. i tried to walk on the edge of this glass table some times. but that's just like a verbal edge. it has nothing to do with that. >> right. >> preep cacarious. >> explain the mystery how that person is doing the nice trick coming up. we'll start off with what has become a total pr disaster. for united airlines. all over a man being forcibly dragged off a plane. at chicago's o'hare airport. >> the airline needed at the time to get some of its own employees on the flight, so those employees can get to work at another city.
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well united ceo apologizing, defending the actions of its workers there. and now the department of transportation is looking into the incident. abc's dan harris has more. [ screaming ] >> reporter: they are the shocking images of a passenger caught in a travel nightmare. a man visibly shaken as he is yanked. >> come on. come on. >> then dragged off of a united jet by law enforcement. >> oh, my god look what you did to him! >> all after refusing to give up his seat. chicago aviation security officer put on leave. but for many of the passengers, and for many of the millions who have seen this clip, the question is -- how did it get to this point? >> it was surreal. no one expected it to happen like that. >> reporter: scheduled to leave chicago sunday evening at 5:40. destination louisville, kentucky. when the passengers got on board that the crew started to offer vouchers for a handful of seats. united clarifying the flight was
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not overbooked it now says it was a crew transport issue claiming passengers were all on board when crew members approached the gate agent. they needed to be in louisville to work on their own flight. four seats would be needed. >> everybody was seated by then. and the fact that they told us we would not leave until four people volunteered. there was just a real sense on the plane that that wasn't right. >> with no takers, a united computer picked four passengers offering them $1,000, the airline says. all complied except for this 69-year-old man who said he is a doctor and needed to get home to treat patients. >> two police come in, in full gear, they tell him that he has to leave the airplane. >> john claussen, the man in the orange shirt sitting in front of the passenger. he saw and heard it all he says. >> how do you react when the police aren't asking questions they're just trying to forcibly remove the man. i could not believe what i was seeing or hearing. i was in shock. >> so were other passengers.
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many of them recording as officers dragged the man down the aisle. >> i have to go home. >> minutes later the man slipped back on to the jet before he was removed yet again. united ceo, oscar munoz calling it an upsetting event and saying the airline is reaching out to the man to address and resolve this situation. in a in internal memo, elaborating the man was approached a few more times to gain his compliance. each time he retoed and became more and more disruptive and belligerent. the passenger has yet to comment. >> united may have been right, legally, but morally it's hard to make a case for the way this man was treated. and, people are expressing their outrage. >> look what you did to him? >> demanding a paying customer give up a seat is perfectly legal. >> it's part of a document that nobody looks at called the contract of carriage, which gives the airlines, pilot. flight attendant rights to pretty much do what they want. >> oh, my god.
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>> dan harris, abc news, new york. >> as you can imagine, there are people, both really angry abumt this, there are people defending the airline, and then there are people just trying to have fun, with the whole situation. >> as you mention, pr disaster for united. so the in the net has, has done what the internet does with situations like this. >> memes. >> like this one. >> fight club. >> showing the normal diagram that one would expect to see with the seat map. >> economy class there. >> there is this other one. welcome to united flight 3411. we still need three more volunteers. >> that's pun on the hunger games there. >> exactly. >> this is my favorite. thak thank you for flying united airlines. actually a gif from airplane. >> i'm guessing it doesn't end well for the passenger in the gif. >> not at all. >> moving on to the white house. walking back stunning comments
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from press secretary sean spicer as it struggles to explain its strategy on syria. >> spicer told reporters that president trump will take action again if syria drops more barrel bombs on its own people. suggesting that it is not just the use of chemical weapons that would trigger an american response. >> the answer is that if you gas a baby, if you put a barrel bomb in to innocent people, i think you can, you will, you will see a rinse from this president. that is unacceptable. >> the comment appeared to mark a major shift in u.s. policy. the white house later said nothing has changed in its posture. senator john mccain and several government sources accused russia of knowing about the syrian chemical attack in advance. other u.s. officials are pushing back against the claims. >> a fire destroyed a migrant camp in northern france home to 1500 people. at least ten people were injured in the fire. and the fire broke out after several people were injured in fights at the camp earlier in
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the day. and most of the people there, fled violence in the middle east and north africa. >> back in this country, new details into the school shooting that leaves anal 8-year-old student dead, another classmate this morning in krid ccritical condition. the result of a domestic violence incident. and the young children accidentally caught in the cross hairs. here is abc's danya bachus. >> reporter: the emergency calls coming in before 10:30. >> my partner is carrying one out to the front. okay. we believe we have the shooter down inside. >> reporter: authorities say 53-year-old cedric anderson checked in at the front desk to visit karen smith a teacher at the school. >> he said he was there to drop something off with his wife. >> reporter: they say he went into the classroom with a large caliber handgun shooting and killing his wife and 8-year-old
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student standing behind her before turning the gun on himself. another stuf dent, a 9-year-old, standing behind the teacher was shot and is now in stable condition. >> i am told that both the students were behind the teacher. when shot his wife. we have no reason to believe that students were>> i fell to saying our fathers and hailearng of the news returning to fiend their children. >> oh, my gosh. sunny doesn't see me. i can see her. looks like they're crying, holding hands. and, they look scared. here still in disbelief. >> i'm a mom. i feel bad for the kids that have to go through this. the kids are the innocent ones. >> authorities say there were 15, first through fourth graders inside the special needs classroom during the shooting. husband and wife were estranged and were married only for a few months. in san bernardino, california.
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convicted charleston church shooter dylann roof pleaded guilty to nine counts of murder. that plea settled state charges in connection with the 2015 shooting spree. roof was given sentences in tha. but, he had already been convicted and sentenced to death earlier this year in a federal case. he is now awaiting execution in federal prison. >> in chicago, a desperate manhunt underway for a suspect fatally shot a judge outside his home. a woman was shot in the leg as she was leaving that home of judge raymond miles. police say the judge heard a commotion. went outside to investigate. the judge exchange the word with the suspect and was shot multiple times. police say the shooting was likely a botched robbery and not a targeted attack that woman is expected to be okay. >>tesla, company worth soared to $51 billion, edging past general motors. the company well open trading this morning above, $2312 per
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share. 75% jump since november. all this comes despite the fewer than 80,000 vehicles last year. incredible. on pace to sell about 100,000 this year. >> not too bad. >> fans of waited 1208 years for world series title. and last night, they waited almost as long for the game to be over. >> yeah, nearly two hours. through a rain delay before they watched their cubs raise their world series championship flag. first baseman, anthony rizzo carried the trophy on to the field. as the the sellout crowd welcomed their heroes with fireworks and such. >> very nice. during the rain delay. fans were shown former cub david ross' performance. on last night's "dancing with the stars." ross and his partner got 31 out of 40. >> in the dugout as they were naming off his scores, you can seep his, his, former team mates are like, come on. higher. higher. higher.
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>> got to get everybody in the stadium to volte. >> breaking news, the cubs won that game, 3-2, bottle tom of the ninth. >> 3-2. >> everybody went home happy. >> a walkoff. >> after a two hour rain delay. they wait nine innings to be tied, 2-2. >> iffage in the fan waiting for them to win the world series so long. >> the fans who were left. dozens. >> they both know who they are. >> all right. well, the cubs, teaching their fans a little lesson on patience. >> yes, they're use to it. coming up. getting the ride of her life by coming close to death. ltd hea the heart-stopping video of a girl caught dangling from a carnival ride. zipping by at break neck speeds. how she survived the ordeal. >> making the world happy one smile at a time. a man using personal tragedy as
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motivation trying to inspire all of us to choose happiness. >> well choose us on instagram. sure it will make you happy. >> it will make you laugh. >> exactly. abcwnn. you are watching "world news now." ♪ ♪ i will never wash my hair again. i will never never wash my hair again now, i fuel it new pantene doesn't just wash your hair, it fuels it. with the first pro-v nutrient blend, making every... ...strand stronger don't just wash your hair fuel it fuel your hair. because strong is beautiful.
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>> a woman got quite the scare on a carnival ride in france. watch as she slips out of the harness on this giant swing hanging on by her feet. after several minutes of this, she was finally safely removed from the ride. one person nearby says the woman was able to hang on because she was wearing big boots. >> she has to be grateful for the wardrobe choice this morning. >> i would say so. back here in the states. the state of alabama has a new governor this morning. kay ivy, first female governor of the state since the late 1960s. she was lieutenant-governor under robert bentley. >> bnt


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