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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  April 12, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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chapel cross street in the bustleton section of philadelphia. two people are questioned but have not been charged. vernon odom is live at northeast detective headquarters. you have the full story. good evening some 15 hours after the crime police are holding two persons of interest and police are searching for accomplice number three. >> handcuff me and tied me up and pulled the wires out of the phone. and tied me with them. >> 88-year-old pete labutta tells me about the home invasion robbery. he is a widower home alone and a woman in her 30s someone he knows knocked on the door and two armed men stormed in behind her. >> they knocked me down and tied
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me up and stole my car. and safe. $30,000 cash. >> your wife's jewelry too? >> my wife's jewelry, she is dead. >> and he contacted police and they conducted an intense manhunt and they found the stolen cadillac. police seized this bmw in late morning where they spotted the stolen cadillac and that belongs to one of the persons of interest. >> two were wandering around the car and one got in the car with a set of keys and attempted to leave and they converged on him and took him into custody and one male tried to flee through the back of the house and ran into officers behind the house. >> police wait for search warrants and emerald street is
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where the woman that set the victim up lives. and long time neighbors are saddened. >> whenever there is something bad happening he lets everyone know. he is basically like the neighborhood watch. >> reporter: jim, tonight police believe they have nabbed two-thirds of the conspiracy and need more of the stolen property to generate arrest warrants. live in northeast philadelphia, i'm vernon odom. channel 6 "action news." a chester county woman has needed guilty to third degree murder in the beating death of her son. in return 33-year-old jillian tate will testify against her former boyfriend. jerry lee, in this case. and they allege that 3-year-old scott mcmillan was held upside down and beaten with whips and a
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frying pan and he was founded in hire home in 2014. and tate faces 64 to 128 years in prison and his wife amber also pleaded guilty today to reckless endangerment for not reporting dangerous conditions. newcastle county police are trying to track down the individual who kidnapped and sexually assaulted a 4-year-old girl on april 6th in wilmington. tonight members of the community are invited to address their concerns. live at john dickinson high school is christie aleto. there should be a combination of information and emotion there tonight. >> reporter: that is right. that meeting just started but police won't be able to give too much information to residents because they don't want to jeopardize the case, they have obtained the surveillance video and combing through it to identify the suspect. >> we want our residents to remain vigilant and report
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suspicious activity. >> a plea to the public almost a week after a 4-year-old girl was spotted walking alone and barely clothe the in banning park. eight miles from home. she had been playing with other children in her neighborhood when she was lured into a dark colored sedan, the suspect is described as a white male with dark hair and no one has seen him since. >> whether it's a suspicious person or vehicle, if they see something out of the ordinary we want them to contact us. >> that is just wrong, a 4-year-old little girl. >> the executive and police chief and local officials will lay out for the public what happened and try to quell residents concerns. >> do you feel this had put your concerns at ease. >> i am hoping to have some concerns addressed but i'm hoping they can address what to
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do to prevent it from happening again. >> a lot of residents hoping to get answers at tonight's meeting again that suspect remains on the loose. >> thank you. a busy stretch of 17th street through center city philadelphia is back open and crew his to repair a broken water line at walnut and locust after a hole opened. many proposed gun control measures most of them unsuccessful includes mechanisms to restrict straw purchases. today they arrest aid woman for the purchase of nine guns. >> reporter: vicky towns perez a one time nursing assistant arraigned today on charges she
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made straw purchases and bought nine handguns for a now dead nephew. because he could not legally buy the guns and they ended up illegally sold on the streets. nine of the guns have been recovered in criminal investigations. >> we are talking about putting guns into the hands of criminals. >> they say what the suspect did is not unheard of. >> they are doing this for money and for drugs. and they have to be aware we are coming after them. >> to reenforce them. posters like this one is going up citing zero tolerance for vau purchases the mayor of chester were some far there are nine homicides. hopes the message of illegal gun sales is being received. >> don't do this, it will land you in jail for five to ten
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years. if convicted 5 to ten years is the mandatory minimum sentence. delaware county has five straw purchase convictions since 2014. channel 6 "action news." >> the city of wilmington welcomed its new police chief today. rob effort tracy will begin his assignment on friday. tracy spent 23 years with the new york police department and five years as chicago's chief crime strategist. the mayor says that wilmington may be small but has big city crime problems. tracy will make $160,000 a year, that is $43 more than cummings. the potentially life saving drug, narcan will be stocked at pennsylvania state parks. mayor tom wolf made the announcement in lewisbury, york
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county. more than 100 employees will be trained and equipped with narcan and this reverses the effect of opioid overdoses. new jersey governor, chris christie was in trenton hoping to cut the ribbon for a new edition to trenton community college. the annex features state of the art projects for education and he says it's an important investment keeping students in the state for their education and in the state for jobs. 48 people from 31 countries are now citizens of the united states. they took the only of allegiance today at princeton university. the new citizens include two professors and one student from princeton university. last year more than 40,000 new citizens were naturalized in the state of new jersey. coming up on "action news" tonight. following in her father's
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footsteps, the emotional swearing in ceremony today at the trenton fire department. >> and jeff skversky is in south philadelphia. covering the phillies who are having a tough time. with those new york mets. >> jim, the phillies trying to bounce back after what pete mackanin called an embarrassing loss and a phillies starter has a tear in his arm. we'll have the details in sports. adam a beautiful day for a baseball game. >> better news in the weather department the sun has returned after morning clouded and temperatures in the 70s and 80s make a return over the holiday weekend. we'll have the details in the seven-day forecast those stories and more when "action news" continues tonight. savings at giant.
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fill your basket with easter only at my giant. new at 6:00 tonight the torch has baseball passed to natasha who is wearing her father's badge. >> for newly minted firefighters natasha rivera she is the daughter of the late manny rivera a firefighter that died in the line of duty in 2009. >> i know he is with me and honored and ecstatic. a loss for words you'll make me cry. natasha was 17 when her father died. manny collapsed on washington street soon after helping to rescue a man from a burning house. >> his death was devastating to
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natasha who grew up wants to be a firefighters like her dad. but that did not stop her. >> hard work and stress. and levels were high but i never gave up. >> emotional. >> that girl has a lot of courage and i give her a lot of credit. i said natasha your dad is looking down and he is proud of you today. >> she came to me and i was afraid for her. but she took it and showed her spunk and stuff like she always does and i have faith in her. >> manny ramirez's badge number 21 was retired after his death but they made an exception and her daughter will wear that badge too. >> it's a great day, at least one of them made it and she is doing his dream. he wanted his kid tods be a firefighter. >> and now natasha carriy ies be
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and his legacy. >> quite a story. the charter school in olney spent the day turning their school into a nature trail. faculty and volunteers were hard at work at the school today. the trail will even include an outdoor classroom complete with a chalk board. cooper hospital marked national child awareness month. they planted pinwheels on the hospital's lawn, the 59 blue pinwheels represent the 59 thousand camden households with children under 18, called pinwheels for prevention, works to increase the awareness about child abuse and neglect in the community. vanessa: i got hurt and was given painkillers.
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fast play is the new way to play fast and win instantly from the pennsylvania lottery. pick a game, get your ticket and see if you've won. i won! fast play, please! fast play. play fast. win instantly. jeff skversky live at citizens bank park where the fillies will looking to restore
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dignity against the mets. >> it's brutal around here and this game has not even started and we have bad news, fill yids starter, clay buchholz has a tear in his right arm. with the red sox he had a similar injury and missed three months and the same injury cliff lee had a few years ago and he missed the rest of his career. let talk baseball, phillies and mets trying to salvage the final game and they have lost 15 of their last 17 serieses to the new york mets. last night's loss was so bad they gave up 14 runs on 20 hits, seven homers. yes seven homers. manager pete mackanin called it embarrassing. >> as embarrassing its to get beat that badly. have you to forget about it and have a quick memory and move on. >> so what? we beat the brains out of
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washington 17-3 the other night and they turn around and come out and play again. the mets beat us last night it is what it is. shake it off and come back and play today. >> cameron rough told me 14 runs so what. and hopefully vince valesquez can keep the ball in the park. and the sixers nba action, the season is over tonight 8:00 in the new york against the knicks, we are trying to avoid ending the season on an eight game losing streak. >> and good news, ben simmons, he is good to go to resume basketball activities. hopefully next season he will be on the court when they open the season and he had a scan on the broken right foot and it kim back clean. and he can go back to five on five action. and he is looking forward to the next season and playing as a rookie after getting the
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positive news last night. >> also, i had my scan today. green check -- we live. so i'm looking forward to getting back on the court and looking forward to a big season and appreciative of everyone around me supporting me fans and family and friends of course. sixers. sixers staff especially they did a great job. >> and some sad news to pass along. the winningest coach at temple lost wayne harden. and fine the sixers raised it after every win and down in miami they are trying to catch the cats, check this out at marlins game he wants to play baseball but gets stuck. oh, no. the kitty cat gets out of there.
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he has seen enough baseball and if that cat was here he would be long gone by the fifth inning, later in the game in miami he does not want to see bad baseball here tonight. phillies mets trying to salvage a game in the series. live at the ballpark hopefully a win tonight. >> thank you jeff skversky. dozens of kids are smiling brighter today. thanks to the university of pennsylvania. students and faculty from the school of dental medicine provided free checkups to 100 kids part of a program called give kids a smile. it gives kids a lesson on how to prussia teeth properly. and give parents information on how to maintain their childrens oral health and access dental care.
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it's amazing how you do this. it's cloudy in the morning and the sun would creep out later in the day. that is what happened. >> i'll take it when it happens. you know what i mean? it doesn't always work that way but we'll take credit where credit is due. i'm an imaginition with a side job too. the sunshine returns from west to east in the afternoon after a morning cold front. passed through with a brief sprinkle north of philadelphia. we look at drone 6 up earlier in fairmount park the scullers on the river and the zoo balloon on the social side of the river there. and the sun glistening off the water and a spectacular
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afternoon and evening setting up as we look at the temperatures they are stepping down just a little bit. monday and tuesday in the 80s for philadelphia. there were many records set forth and west of the city yesterday. today 77 degrees way above the normal of 63 and tomorrow we lose 10 degrees, 67 for the high and that is still above average. the one fly in the ointment is the pollen levels, you can blame the trees, because of all the rain and above normal temperatures day after day alicia vitarelli -- after philadelphia 73 in and allentown and 76 in dover. at the shore today it was warmer than the last two days with the land breeze temperatures stayed around 70 degrees for most of the day still there right now in cape may. beach haven a tad bit cooler,
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just eastern parts of ocean county catching the sea breeze in the lower 60s. and a lot of clouds for most of us and here is the clearing line working well south of philadelphia and we'll have a crystal clear sky tonight and bright moonlight. we have the full moon on monday night still dice d placing quite a show tonight and turning cooler and a chill in the air by morning. 42 in reading and 47 if billing ton and 45 as we wake up in millville. and for the next few dayser high fresh is to the north and pleasantly warm both days with highs in the 60s. and then clouds start to build as the high sinks to the south and east and a warm front arrives on saturday. not bringing rain and a good amounts of rain with the front in western parts of pennsylvania a late day shower north of the lehigh valley and 68 degrees with sunshine trying to peek through on saturday. the last half hour the bunny was
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not there, i don't know where he popped up and easter sunday 80s as the front lifts to the north here and a very warm easter forecast on the way as we look at the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast 67 nice and not as warm here tomorrow but again no complains into good friday as well. 65. and a lot of clouds saturday and 68 and as we break sunday down for you for sunrise services, 60 degrees and bursting in the morning and mid-70s for mid-day and in the afternoon breezy and warm. and get outdoors if you can as long as you can. because 85 degrees is pretty egg ceptional sorry i had to do it. 72 is still warm on monday and back to near normal next week wednesday the next chance for rain around here. >> thank you adam. finally we want to share remarkable birthday celebration in center city philadelphia.
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sydney ni burg celebrated 100 years and he did so surrounded by family and friended and students from the neighboring friends select school. and mr. ni burg is a world war ii veteran and has two daughters and five grandchildren and nine great grandchildren. when asked about his secret he said love and candy and ice-cre ice-cream. please joining us for "action news" at 11:00. for adam joseph, jeff skversky and the entire "action news" team. i'm jim gardner we hope you'll join us at 11:00.
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tonight, breaking news, president trump on russia. the president late today saying relations may now be at their low gs point. . president asked, did russia know that syria was about to launch that chemical attack? how he answers. tonight, vladimir putin face to face with secretary of state rex tillerson. also inside the white house, sean spicer the press secretary, saying today i've let the president down. and the president's new words about his chief strategist, steve bannon. will there be any changes in the west wing sf. jaywalking takedown, captured on camera. the police officer now accused of beating the man. tonight a criminal investigation has now been launched. one-on-one we have the ceo of united. what he now says about that passenger pulled off the plane as two more


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