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tv   Action News at 500 AM  ABC  April 14, 2017 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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5:00 a.m., friday, april 14, matt and tam are off today. i'm jeanette reyes along with brian taff. >> here's what's happening this morning, breaking news overnight, gunfire erupted following a fight inside a bar that spilled out into the streets and now one man is dead. plus, chaos erupts at a local carnival. a pair of teens say they are ambushed for no reason. a rollercoaster gets stuck high in the air trapping riders. this morning they are talking about the ordeal. >> let's go over to david murphy and karen rogers. happy friday guys.
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>> reporter: it's always nice when we make it to friday. we have cloud cover mixing with clear skies and we should get early sunshine. any clouds you see, it should filter past us and we're looking at sunshine by the afternoon. temperatures 43 in allentown. 45 in reading, i think there's a chance of some areas up north getting into the upper 30s briefly before we turn it around. poconos 36 degrees. 47 in trenton. 49 in wilmington, 49 in cape may. winds not all that strong, single digits in most spots, but it's cool you'll want to get the jacket going this morning. 47 by 7:00 a.m. 61 by noon. this afternoon will be similar to yesterday in terms of the temperature, 67 degrees probably hit that late in the day by 4:00 p.m. i expect there to be a lot of sun in the afternoon and blue skies coming back. today the pollen count is running high, tomorrow we get a break although it's medium high right back up for sunday, keep
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that in mind in case you meade the medication. sunday is looking great, the weekend call coming up, karen. >> reporter: let's hit the roads i-95 southbound traffic heading toward center city. good shot of the road conditions, clear and dry, a couple of construction crews on the turnpike westbound near fort washington, blocking the right lane and blocking the northeast extension southbound near quakertown. outside live on the boulevard live near ridge avenue, that's the southbound traffic heading toward the schuylkill expressway, light volume on the area bridges, this is a live look at the ben with people honoring good friday and passover we expect we'll see lighter volume out there, that's what we're seeing at this early hour, brian. >> karen, thank you. now to breaking news this morning, police are investigating a deadly shooting in the city's strawberry mansion neighborhood. a 22-year-old man was shot and killed at 2:00 a.m. on the 2700
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block of west sergeant street. gunshots erupted outside the bar. there was a fight inside that spilled out on the street. the victim was shot in the back. it is not known if the victim was directly in that fight. a random attack crates a chaotic scene at a carnival, two teens are recovering from their injuries days later. philadelphia police are taking action out of fear there could be another attack. katherine scott live at east detectives in hunting park, good morning, katherine. >> reporter: good morning, brian, this was terrifying for these two teens. they both spent the night in the hospital. now police are concerned for the potential of another attack over the weekend. this is the attack tuesday night in hunting park caught on cell phone video that has since gone viral. now police have bolstered patrol to prevent another one. the carnival at whitiker and erie had closed.
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the two were waiting for a ride from her stepmother. >> someone randomly punched her. >> they were hitting me pulling my hair, punching, stomping on me, it was boys and girls hitting me. i didn't know it was guys until i saw the video. for a minute the group of seven attacked, miguel said he has seen them before but identified on social media as a girl gang. >> i tried to defend her inasmuch as i could i tried to push the girl back. >> jayla suffered a concussion. according to a post on facebook, the group is planning another attack this weekend. >> the 21st district is aware of the incident, we have patrols at the carnival tonight and throughout the holiday weekend. >> reporter: anyone with information about who the attackers are, call east
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detectives, live at east detectives, katherine scott channel 6 "action news." >> police are searching the two men who robbed a fast food restaurant in the cedar brook section. two men held up the popeyes in the 3100 block of west cheltenham avenue. one man had a gun, nobody was injured, but they did get 'with a cash. galloway township police say they arrested a 16-year-old boy who had all the parts to create a semi automatic rifle. the teen is on juvenile probation for bringing a handgun to school. pennsylvania approved the temporary suspension of seth william williams law license. he said he will participate in only administrative policy and
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personnel matters. williams could go to trial by the end of next month. the republican candidate for new jersey assembly is in damage control mode in the wake of a making a vulgar comment to a woman. he was caught on a bar in wildwood telling the woman he should have sex with him. the clip was sent to the cape may county gop. he said he is not dropping out of the gop primary and hope voters will look past the crude language. >> it is not something i am proud of, the fact is i said it, i probably should not have said it. >> well, the election is june 6th. we'll find out. >> we're in for a rollercoaster weekend in terms of the temperature. >> reporter: cooler saturday, warmer on sunday, that's the short end of that. storm tracker 6 live double scan showing we have mainly dry
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conditions, we have showers up north in the poconos, looks like we're dry locally. looking outside, we have the battleship new jersey. we have clouds around this morning, but we'll transition to sunny skies in the afternoon. 51 is the temperature. 49 in wilmington. 47 in trenton. 43 in allentown, maybe cooler in spots this morning than yesterday. 46 in millville. and 49 in cape may as you step out the door. winds are relatively light the highest reading we've had is 9 miles per hour. it's not cloudy everywhere, we'll have some early sun. most of the instability should push off the coast by lunchtime. the afternoon will feature plenty of sunshine and more clear blue skies. clouds and sun in the lehigh valley, 67 degrees. at the shore we're going a little bit cooler, clouds giving way to sun later on.
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58 degrees is the high, jacket weather there. in philadelphia, sunny afternoon getting pleasant with an afternoon high of 67 degrees around 4:00 p.m. winds out of the southeast at 4 to 8 miles per hour overall. with high pressure buildings in, we get increased sunshine in the afternoon and very light winds. overnight tonight, mainly clear and chilly. we'll have clouds popping through, 47 degrees is the high, winds out of the south and not all that strong. as we head into saturday, 66 degrees, the front coming through, will cloud us up pretty good, sunny breaks at times. there will be an isolated shower most of the activity north and west tomorrow. as we get into sunday we're in the warm sector of this large system. we shoot up to 85 on easter, 21 degrees above average, breezy and warm, mix of sun and clouds, maybe a day or nighttime thundershower. the daytime forecast for easter sunday, at down around 60 or so. nice to start out, 77 by noon,
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85 by 4:00 p.m. it will be a rare easter sunday where it's fairly comfortable for sunrise services. 67 degrees for good friday, pleasant with sun in the afternoon. 66 sun and clouds mix tomorrow maybe a stray shower. 85 is the high on sunday. we get a thundershower or shower it's late in the day or perhaps not until the evening and most of that north and west. mostly sunny monday, 74. 65 degrees on tuesday, bright and pleasant. more clouds damp at times with spotty showers and maybe a thunderstorm popping up on wednesday. 68 degrees the high there. another shower with mostly cloudy skies on thursday, we bump that high up to 74. pretty nice numbers, a little instability pretty much what you expect for april. >> 5:09 a.m. thrill seekers get more fright than planned. two dozen people spend three hours stuck on a rollercoaster. this morning they are talking
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about the ordeal. forget about snakes on a plane, a passenger said he was a stung by a scorpion, this was on the united airlines flight. >> reporter: they cannot catch a break. live on the schuylkill expressway by montgomery drive, that's eastbound traffic heading toward center city. a few people you mean and about right now. we'll -- up and about right. we'll check i-95 coming up.
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keep on going, america. keep on giggling... and goofing. keep on grooving... and togethering. with scott 1000's long-lasting roll, we'll keep on going, too. scott 1000. america's longest lasting roll. live at center city from our temple camera. happy friday, we made it to friday, that's a big deal if you ask me. the time now 5:12 a.m., we're
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looking at 51 degrees. >> the weekend is here, easter weekend. >> reporter: big weekend, that's right, with a lot of the people honoring the holiday, this weekend you might see lighter volume. route 100, commerce drive, exton, chester county. traffic moving fine coming in from phoenixville or lionville. i-95 southbound at cottman heading toward center city. northbound and southbound looking good coming in from langhorne or bensalem cruel not find a delay or weather issue affecting you. 130 climb boulevard and jackson, we have construction blocking a lane, it will be wrapping up around 6:00 a.m. 43 in allentown. 51 in philadelphia. 46 degrees in millville. today we expect a high of 67, a
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mostly sunny afternoon, rather pleasant no weather issues affecting you today, you can ease into your friday, brian. >> rollercoasters are supposed to give you a thrill, 25 riders in maryland got way more than they bargained for. they got stuck 100 feet in the air yesterday. >> it was going normal speed and you heard the noise and it just like stopped. >> yup, the firefighters used a rescue bucket to get everybody down to safety. passengers were stuck as long as five hours on the same ride in 2014. a upstairs delivery driver was in the right spot at the right time. he was able to help put on a fire with a nearby garden hose, he was making delveries in
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massachusetts he pounded on the door and grabbed a hose, the residents gave him a big hug as a thank you. it's been a rough week for united airlines. a passenger said he was stung by a scorpion while on the flight. the creature fell from an overhead bin and landed on his head richard bell threw the scorpion down and another passenger stepped on it. medical personnel medicine the aircraft when it landed in canada. he did not get sick from the sting. it is not clear how the scorpion got on the plane. the phillies are in washington, d.c. when they open a series against the nationals. millville, new jersey native mike trout made a young fan's day. he took time to play catch in anaheim yesterday.
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13-year-old anne marie said she was thinking the whole time, don't over throw. 76ers were honored. yesterday the sixers and the city unveiled the mural at broad dr. jay. golf courses have hazard for players, but see this hazard golfers had to play through in australia. >> does your child have problems sleeping, maybe it's time to take way the tablets and smalt -- smart phones. they are not going to like this,
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but it will help up out. we'll be right back. horns on their helmets.
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>> golfers know this there are hazards out on the course, in strahle extra, a little bit different kangaroos descend in huge numbers on the country club early this month. for her, no, 25. golfer did not let the obstacles get in his way. how do you do that, that's dedication. i would be afraid they kick me,. >> they do get violent that's quite a site. >> reporter: that's cute in person? >> they have a violent streak to them. >> reporter: i like to think about the little baby joeys in the pouch. there's the platt bridge,
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westbound moving all right, no kangaroos on the platt bridge. we have detours in effect because of the nfl draft construction. warminster line we have 12 minute delay on one of the trains. >> reporter: on the big board we're off to a cool start. 6:00 a.m., 48. 8:00 a.m., not a large big deal wind, blowing this morning, but a little breezy at times. as we roll through the day, noon, 61 degrees. we expect morning cloud cover to give way to afternoon sunshine. 66 degrees by 3:00 p.m. high of 67 well hit that around 4:00 p.m. which is around where we've been getting our highs later. 7:00. 63. if you have plans to head out this evening, grab a jacket we'll have cooling temperatures. no signs of precipitation in any of our big travel destinations. in this morning's "healthcheck" if you want to live long you may want to consider running.
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researchers found that running may be the most single exercise in life expect attendance. runners live three additional years that's even if they run slowly and smoke and drink or are overweight. other types of exercise are found to be beneficial walking and cycling. walking is my my thing. a new study out of britain found that toddlers that spent time playing on touch screen devices are getting less sleep than those who don't. the study suggests every hour spent using a touch screen each day was linked to 15 minutes less street. parents should not lose sleep over it, but may want to limit screen time near bedtime. a new museum of the
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american of revolution opens on wednesday. it tells the story how the united states became an independent nation. it will offer an inter active and hands on museum. >> that's cool. >> it is cool. >> reporter: up next in the morning buzz, the unique way a teacher is getting her students to pay attention. >> philadelphia's own roots are known for their music, they are expanding their rep repertiore, here's "g.m.a.'s" first look. >> reporter: it's being called one of the worst things to ever happen own reality television. >> there's deception here that these guys don't understand. >> reporter: survivor contestant ought another contestant as transgender with cameras
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rolling. the revelation came as varner fought to stay on the island. smith first reacting in stunned silence and explaining why he chose not to share his gender identity with the group. >> i don't want to be the trans survivor player. coming up at 7:00 a.m. we'll have more on the story with the "g.m.a." first look, mara schievacompo abc news new york. allergy symptoms distracting you?
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>> welcome back thanks for staying with us, we're taking a live look here at the commodore barry bridge, beautiful sight as the sun comes up. it is friday, we made it! time 5:26. >> we done did it. the morning buzz, we're taking you to the classroom where a teacher is using an unusual method to -- no audio. i'll tell you about it, how about that. i'll say it, here it is. >> all of a sudden one night i started hearing circulatory system. >> that is how christian came
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up with the idea to create raps and rhymes to help her 9th grade students to learn boyology. she saw the students were not comprehending what they were being taught about the circulatory system. you can find her lessons on itunes and spotify. you can search organism mix tape. films creator george lucas surprised fans during a panel honoring 40 years. he was there with harrison ford and other stars from the morning franchise, "good morning america" will have more on the celebration and exclusive interview with mark campbell coming up later today. >> 5:27 changes are coming this
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weekend to penn state campus. new overnight, a fire emergency at one of log -- las vegas' most famous hotel. and find out charges against two airmen at the dover air force base. those stories and more when "action news" continues.
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>> right now on "action news," teens on the attack at a neighborhood carnival injury -- injuring a outcome couple. >> a bomb is dropped in afghanistan. >> accuweather is tracking a summer-like warmup just in time for easter sunrise services. >> good morning, it is friday, april 14, i'm jeanette reyes joined by brian taff. >> reporter: it's going to be a cool start to the weekend, as you guys mentioned. we have some clouds sweeping through. in the morning hours there's a little more cloud cover than what you'll see later in the day. eventually we'll get on the other side of this and it will


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