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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  April 17, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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then posting video of the killing on facebook. philadelphia police got tips that stevens was seen in fairmount park. and that's are "action news" reporter sarah bloomquist is live. sarah, what happened there today? >> reporter: jim, let me just start by saying philadelphia police say there is no indication that steve stevens is here in fairmount park or in the city of philadelphia at all. we're going use drone6 to help tell the story. it's just over to my left. let's send it up over the air over belmont plateau. this afternoon officers did that respond to multiple 911 calls reporting sightings of the wanted man right here on the belmont plateau. they converged on the area. they took those reports very seriously and shut down 30 schools while the search was that under way. in the air and on the ground, philadelphia police searched fairmount park this afternoon. shortly after 12:30, they received multiple 911 calls that the cleveland man who shot an innocent senior citizen then posted it on
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facebook, was here at the belmont plateau. 30 philadelphia schools were put on lockdown. >> inside the classroom had to get into like a little corner lock the doors put papers over the windows and the doors and stuff. yeah, keep us safe. >> reporter: police and the fbi are searching nationwide for 37-year-old steve stevens who may be driving a white ford fusion. on sunday afternoon, he approached 74-year-old robert godwin sr. at random while the former foundary worker was out collecting cans. >> found me somebody i'm you go to kill. i'm going to kill this guy right here. old dude. can you do me a favor. can you say joy lane. >> say what. >> can you say joy lane. >> joy lane. >> yeah. she's the reason why this is about to happen to you. >> reporter: then stevens allegedly pulled the trigger, the homicide too disturbing to show. afterward investigators say stevens uploaded video of the murder onto his facebook page. most in fairmount park didn't
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know what the large police presence was about but they did know about stevens and the horrifying crime in cleveland. >> i think it's crazy. yeah, i don't -- i mean, the world is crazy right now so, you know, a lot of things happen and people just -- people just crazy. >> that was crazy. i'm just getting -- it's really out of control. >> reporter: this afternoon cleveland police announced a $50,000 reward in the case and urged stevens to surrender. >> we're still employing steve to turn himself in definitely tom contact a relative or a friend because there are a lot of folks out there that want to talk to him, want to get this resolved peacefully. >> reporter: now, the lockdowns at those 30 philadelphia schools were lifted in time for dismissal today. again, there is no indication that stevens is here in the city of philadelphia. it's unclear who or what those 911 callers saw. what we do know about today's
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manhunt, this is a clear indication of the high level of alert in many states across the country as the search continues for steve stevens. live in fairmount park, i'm sarah sara bloomquist channel6 "action news." jim. >> thank you sarah. we're following a developing story in northeast philadelphia. the burned body of a man has been found inside a building in the 400 block of franklin mills circle. construction workers renovating the former sushi kingdom discovered the body today. live at the scene is "action news" reporter dann cuellar. dann, what have you been able to find out? >> reporter: well, jim, police do have their suspicions but nothing has been ruled out. crime scene investigators remain on scene here documenting evidence as detectives try to figure out what happened here. the scene is the former sushi kingdom restaurant adjacent to the philadelphia mills mall at 427 franklin mills boulevard. it had been shut down since late 2015 and abcontractor was called to repair some broken
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windows. >> when he went into the building to see what kind of work they needed to do, they discovered a body in a side room that appeared to be heavily charred and burneddism it's unclear how long the body had been there but the last time a contractor had been sent to the building to board up broken windows was in mid january. police have not ruled out if the victim said to be a man may have been a squatter who accidentally set himself on fire while trying to stay warm. >> there was some other buildings restaurants that at time had been vacant and caught fire from squatters things like that, so we're not sure if that's what we have here. we're still just trying to get the copper and electrical wires out of it so that's why peco is here now trying to see f.m. the -- determine if that's a factor. >> reporter: so for now nothing has been ruled out. the fire marshal is also on location. the medical examiner will have the final determination on the cause and manner of death. we're live here in northeast philadelphia, i'm dann cuellar channel6 "action news." jim. >> dann, thank you. a rash of gun violence
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plagued the city of philadelphia over the long easter weekend. boy did it. police are investigating 21 shootings including four homicides that happened between good friday and if this morning. the most recent left a man dead on the 600 block of east clementine street in kensington. a man in his 30's was shot 15 times. police have not made any arrests so far. the memorial presbyterian church in boothwyn was heavily damaged by if i remember this morning. the flames raced through the house of worship on chichester avenue at 8:30. fortunately nobody was hurt in the blaze. church members are now working to salvage what they can. they are vowing to rebuild. a firefighter was able to recover a cross belonging to the reverend robert kauffman who received the cross when he was ordained. students in bucks county practiced how they might respond if there was a shooting at a school in the pennsbury school district. a number of students were
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given special effects makeup to make it look like they'd been wound ad. the drill took place at the william penn and charles bane middle school. today exercises allowed police and firefighters to fine tune their emergency protocols. plans are now in place to demolish the old burnett school building in wilmington. the brandywine district has hired various consultants to help raze the building on the 700 block of west 37th street. the first phase will begin with work inside the building. that's next week. and preparations continue in the area of eakins oval in philadelphia for the nfl draft on april 27th. roads are shutting down and structures are going up. in case you haven't guessed this is going to be a huge production. and right there for an update "action news" reporter walter perez. good evening, walter. >> reporter: jim, you've got it. this is a massive operation and they're really just getting started. for football fans this is
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going to be hog heaven but for commuters it's a long way from heaven. phase one is already in effect ooh. that means westbound spring garden street at pennsylvania avenue along with a couple of lanes around eakins oval are already shut down. when phase two kicks in before the wednesday morning rush closures will expand to include the inner lanes of the ben franklin parkway, inbound and outbound from eakins oval to 20th street. eric finkelstein the nfl's director of event operations says they fully understand this is an inconvenience. >> we did this in a very systemic way to try -- yes, there are some street closures but we're trying to do it as systemically as we can working very closely with the city. >> reporter: we also spoke with people who live and work in this part of the city. some say they understand the value of events like this one. >> it's whatever you make of it. i don't think it's that much of a inconvenience. the city needs the help, the city needs the business. >> reporter: but others say they don't get it. >> feels so excessive to build
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this whole stage for two days worth of stuff and have all this kind of impact on the city for -- i'm sure there are other places that they already have stages built. couldn't they use one of those. >> reporter: phase three begins next monday morning when all lanes of the parkway will close between the art museum and 20th street. phase four kicks in the very next day shutting side streets near the museum. nfl officials say please be patient p it will be worth it. >> and the payoff for it all is it's a free and open event for everybody in town and everyone coming near and far to really celebrate and -- the nfl, their teams and everything that we have going on here for the draft. >> reporter: and so the 2017 nfl draft right here in philadelphia begins a week from this thursday on april 27th. we'll see you there. reporting live from eakins oval, walter perez channel6 "action news." jim. >> thank you walter. coming up on "action news" tonight a family is startled ton find vandalism at a catholic cemetery in cherry hill.
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and a south jersey native is hoping to hear his name called during the nfl draft come next week. cecily. >> well, after morning showers, skies have cleared out very nicely. blue skies and sunshine. i'll let you know how long the dry weather sticks around and track some big swings in temperatures in the accuweather 7-day forecast. >> those stories and much more when "action news" continues tonight. >> ♪ vanessa: i got hurt and was given painkillers.
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but i got help and you can too. you're not alone. help is within reach. call 844 reach nj or visit the road to recovery starts now. >> another delaware valley cemetery has fallen victim to vandals. this time it's the calvary catholic cemetery on marlton pike in cherry hill. the damage horrific. new jersey correspondent nora
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muchanic was there today. >> reporter: after visiting the graves of her father and her in laws at calvary catholic cemetery in cherry hill easter sunday carmen and her family made a disturbing discovery. >> we see one headless and then we really look and there was like a sea of defaced grave z statues, religious statues, saints, engineers -- jesus mayor angels with no heads e20 statues were defaced in january. police responded but no arrests have been made p the vandalism spree was not publicized but with easter and the warmer weather more people are coming to the cemetery and horrified by what they see. >> i mean, this is sacred. why would you want to come and knock them over? what did they do to you? it's not fair to the people in the ground, not fair to the families. >> it's horrible. you know, it's a sacred land. your relatives are here. and you don't like to see anybody mess with.
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>> reporter: the cemeteries notified the families affected by the vandalism and recently held a meeting to update them on the plan to repair all the damaged grave markers. the cemetery which is owned by the catholic diocese of camden is getting estimates from monument companies. families would be responsible for paying for repairs. carmen wonders if the vandals were targeting christians. >> it made me feel like that's awful. that's such a desecration. >> reporter: the cemetery plans to lock up some of the gates at night and upgrade its security cameras and while plans are made to repair the statues that have been beheaded, relatives of those buried here remain disgusted by the senseless vandalism. >> i think it's disrespectful basically, you know. you have to are the dead. they're gone but still. >> reporter: in cherry hill, i'm nora muchanic channel6 "action news". >> pam residents have until midnight to register to vote in the upcoming primary election. in philadelphia, the ballot for the may 16th primary includes candidates for district attorney, city controller and several court
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seats. if you can find or you can find your voter registration application online or you can go top voter registration in office in philadelphia it is 520 north columbus boulevard. septa riders in montgomery county have a new place to park. the lansdale parking garage opened today. that adds 305 spaces. it took crews $42 million and nearly two years to complete this project. on friday the merck park, lot near pen brook station and the supplemental parking lot at ninth street station will close.
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>> guess who started to do some work today. >> the eagles. >> your philadelphia eagles. >> year round sport these days now. off season work has begun. it's mostly weights and conditioning but fleas are the building blocks that will hopefully set the foundation for greatness. last year the eagles were far from great. quarterback carson wentz expects to see vast improvement this year. >> i will always hold myself
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to high expectations. last year at the end of the day we finished seven and nine much that's not good enough. never going to be good enough for me or anybody in this building. and so i fully expect us to all, you know, make strides in hopefully be playing into january. we truly believe we have the pieces in place went got a lot of work, a lot of work ahead of us here. you know, it's early, it's april still but we truly believe that and we're going to put the work in and get it done. >> next week's nfl draft is a national event but there are several local stories to be told. jaime apody went to south jersey today to profile one young man who is the brink of realizing his dream. >> reporter: glassboro high school star corey clement has thought about the moment many times. >> i've always dreamed about that call and over the years i watched all the pass nfl drafts and i just want to know what it's going to feel like. >> reporter: he should know less than two weeks from now. wormer wisconsin running back who rushed for almost 1400 yards and 15 touchdowns
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this past season is projected as high as a third round pick in the draught. he must convince teams that his injury history and character concerns are a thing of the past. a 2015 incident where he punched someone in the elevator still haunts him. >> everybody makes a mistake once in their life. it's about being accountable for every situation you've been in and move on it. that's not who i am. i matured from it. >> reporter: on wednesday corey makes what's likely his last stop before the draft, a private meeting with the philadelphia eagles. of course his hometown team they need a running back. imagine if he lands right here. >> it's hard to control my own destiny at this point. if the eagles pick me it's definitely cool to play in my backyard and have the close friends and family be able to travel to the game. >> reporter: but if you think he's an eagles fan. >> it was a terrell owens thing. he was my favorite player at one point and when he was on the eagles i cheered for the eagles and then his last stop was on the cowboys for me and just left with the cowboys.
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right now you're a cowboys fan living outside eagles country. >> i don't want to say that but yeah. >> reporter: in cherry hill new jersey jaime apody channel6 "action news". >> sports special draft preview party comes your way a week from wednesday. we will preview that 2017 nfl draft in philadelphia. we'll be live on the parkway. that's april 26th at 7:30 p.m. the needs are enjoying a much needed day off. they have dropped four of their last five games. they'll visit the mets tomorrow night. the 23-year-old right-hander called up to take clay buchholz's spot in the rotation. his season was cut short following double knee surgery. >> the big three professional basketball league will make a stop at the wells fargo center on july 16th. this is an 18 league of three on three half court games. allen iverson is a player coach. dr. jay is a coach as well. check out this play from a miami hockey game.
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derek parker passes to his teammate for a goal. it's lock key meets soccer. pretty good pass right there. you won't find a much better pass than that. that's sports. >> thank you ducis. meteorologist cecily tynan with the accuweather forecast when we continue in just a minute. >> ♪
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>> the week ahead from accuweather and cecily tynan. >> definitely improving. we started the day with showers. they have moved out. storm tracker6 live double scan showing that we are definitely dry. not only have the showers moved out we're also seeing a good amount of sunshine especially philadelphia and areas north and west.
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this is a live shot from the nurture nature center in easton pennsylvania. blue skies and sunshine as high pressure builds in and this will stick around through the day tomorrow. so o-the accuweather highlight shows you tomorrow probably the nicest day of the week. lots of sunshine. inland temperatures a little bit on the warm side, pretty mild, 67 degrees in philadelphia. that's 2 degrees above normal. but bear in mind with a wind off the ocean, right along the coast it is going to be cooler with temperatures only in the upper 50's. problem with this kind of weather, if you have allergies like i do, you are suffering and right through the work week. the pollen will be at least high to medium high. by the weekend, though, on sunday there is some rain on the way and that will kind of wash the pollen out of the air. right now temperatures pretty mild. 72 degrees in philadelphia, normal high is 65. yesterday though it was 87. so, a lot cooler than yesterday. allentown and trenton 72, atlantic city airport 68. and with a wind off the bay, cape may quite a bit cooler
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currently 61. satellite and radar showing we started the day with the showers from that cold front pressing through. generally less than a tenth of an inch so didn't cause a lot of rain but what this has done is push down the 80-degree weather well to the south. high pressure is building down from canada and that means skies will that continue to clear out through tonight. it's going to be a lot cooler than last night. last night temperatures in the 70's. 49 in philadelphia. 43 in allentown. cape may, atlantic city 50 and wilmington 48 degrees. the day planner tomorrow shows loads of sunshine. really a gorgeous day. at 7 o'clock, still a little bit on the cool side, 51 degrees. by 1 o'clock, 61. shop manage -- should manage to make it up into the mid 60's. by 5 o'clock about 66 degrees. we'll see a few clouds drifting in late in the day but generally mostly sunny, 67 degrees in philadelphia, best day of the week as far as sky conditions on wednesday it's still on the mild side but not quite as warm with the winds shifting off the shore,
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easterly flow 64 degrees. more clouds and then a warm front lifts through late on wednesday. what this does, thursday and friday, temperatures close to 80 degrees again. doesn't last for the weekend, though. that cold front will be moving through and that brings temperatures in the 60's for the weekend. and sunday looks like it could be a pretty wet day. so, the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, you will need the sunglasses tomorrow. loads of sunshine. it will be mild with a high of 67 degrees. wednesday not bad but more clouds than sun, 64 degrees. both tomorrow and wednesday temperatures along the coast only in the 50's. thursday, though, we warm things up pretty dramatically. 79 degrees. i think some areas could climb into the 80's. late thursday afternoon and thursday night, could have some showers or thunderstorms. that activity lasts into friday morning, then clouds break for some sunshine. friday afternoon should be beautiful. 75 degrees but look at what happens over the weekend. on saturday, mostly cloudy, much cooler, 62 degrees.
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and definitely take a sweatshirt or a jacket if you're heading to the phillies game or the union game. sunday the high only 60 so most of the day temperatures only in the 50's. rain arriving and monday it stays unsettled with a high of 62 degrees with some more showers on the way. yesterday temperatures in the mid to upper 80's. next sunday will be completely different. >> all right. well, thousands of runners as you know took part in the 121st annual boston marathon today. including the producer of this very newscast, one jamie shore and she was all smiles as she ran through the streets of boston today. yeah, this is her 15th marathon. she completed it in just three hours 49 minutes and five seconds. >> nice. >> here you can see her proudly wearing and displaying her medal. we want to congratulate jamie shore and everyone else who ran in the boston marathon
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today. abc's "world news tonight" with david muir is next on channel6. "action news" continues at 10:00 on phl17 with sharrie williams adam joseph and ducis rodgers. please join us for "action news" at 11:00 on channel6. yeah. >> yeah. >> what about adam joseph. >> i said adam joseph. >> yeah. >> all right. for the entire "action news" team -- just one of those things, i'm jim gardner. we hope you'll join us at 11 o'clock. >> ♪
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tonight breaking news as we come on. late today, authorities revealing the hunt for the alleged facebook killer has now gone nationwide. authorities said he shot his victim and then posted it online, with a grim warning, claiming there are north korea. new threat. vice president warning north korea the world has seen the strike in syria, the bomb dropped in afghanistan. our reporter today asking president trump what's your next move. new reporting coming in tonight after the deadly military crash on an american golf course. crashing on the course during training. witnesses running to the scene. prince and his secret


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