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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  April 18, 2017 2:10am-2:40am EDT

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it's an all new show with great viral videos "right this minute." kicking it on the road as one angry driver goes after another. >> we've got a problem. >> the road rage showdown leading to a tunnel of no love. spots a baby bear in a box. >> then another bear comes running out. >> how two cubs made a station their play pen. a guy who lost a ton of weight shares his journey. >> i'll show you what it's really done to my body. >> the bold move he hopes will inspire others. and memories of myspace. >> we took the best pictures the world had ever seen. >> it was a magical time back
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then. >> the social media flashback that has us reliving the old days. >> and if you were mad, bone crushing. you know how sometimes you want to just relax? you take a drive somewhere and just let your mind go to a zen place. >> very rarely happens on the road. >> rarely. in fact, i'm not going to show you that. this driver here happens to catch an interaction of two drivers in front of them. as they're coming up on this turn, that driver decides this is where i'm just going to go around, speed up, and cut you off. and as the driver pulls up behind them, you see that. now we've got a problem. because the smaller car actually tries to drive around the driver of the mercedes who is now stopped, has gotten out of the mercedes. >> he kicked the car, like, what was that going to do? >> the only thing it can do is increase the level of road rage. because this guy gets back in
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the car. now is following the smaller car who now slows down. >> brake check. >> right in the middle of the tunnel. i think you do see the car in front brake checking him. he's so close, he rams into the back of the smaller car. the driver of the benz gets out along with the passenger. he starts punching the windows. the driver of that other car says he just locked his doors. he was not trying to get out. the driver just starts walking back to his own car, picks up what looks lik his front plate because they've fallen off. getting back in the car and drives around. did leave expensive damage behind. the driver of the smaller car was able to talk to this witness that recorded the video and now has the video as evidence. this is one of those videos that'll make you go ahh times two. we start in russia. police got a call saying there
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is an animal in a box in the middle of the road. when the officer got there, he discovered it was a bear. >> oh. >> he only saw one cub in there when he approached the cub, another bear comes running out from across the street. >> how long before mom gets there though? >> mom never arrived. police believe is private owner probably abandoned these two. what do police do when they catch people with no i.d.? they take them back to the police station. so there you can see them in the car going, hey, am i going to do the perp walk are l? then they gave them free reign of the police station. police turned them over to the animal control. this poor little 4-year-old girl, they call her keke. she's crying because the teacher found contraband in her backpack. >> she brought a puppy with her to school? >> is it the dog that ate her homework? >> no.
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>> she brought it as proof. >> the school encourages the kids to take care of animals. when she was on her way to school, she spotted the dog. it was abandoned on the side of the road. she was worried about it, so she put it in her backpack. but at the school, they already have a pet rabbit. translations say she was afraid that the teacher was going to kill it. that's why she was crying. the teacher said i wasn't going to kill the dog. but she and her sister were cool about the puppy who was sent home with the girls. >> she is applying what she learned. saw the pup, brought it in. >> she has learned her lesson. one thing that's caught me off guard about youtube is people's desires to open up situations or things that honestly they'd be too shocked or embarrassed to do if they were in the room with us right now. for example, this fella. this is justin. i suppose i should say this was justin. you can see, justin was a bigger fellow. but suddenly there was a big change in his life.
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as you can see in that picture right there. he dropped over 150 pounds. and in this video, he talks a little bit about how he did it. >> i am justin elliot. i had the sleeve gastric surgery. they removed part of my stomach that restricts how much you can eat at one time. >> he went through one of those surgeries that quickly they're able to drop a lot of weight. a lot of people had a question. >> a lot of people have been asking what that does to your body and skin. >> he has a message for other people that may want to go on this journey. >> i'll show you what it's really done to my body. while i'm self-conscious about it and don't show everybody, remember you're doing this for your health and to stick around longer. >> so often when people are talking about weight loss, they're talking about what they look like. in this case, he's like no, this is about you being here. then comes the moment where he just puts it out there and he shows. the compound that promotes skin
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elasticity gets stressed because of extreme weight loss. i really respected him watching this video. the information he's given, the way he's shown it physically what people are going to go through and talked through what he's gone through is going to help so many other people out there when they watch it. that's a ducati super sport. brand new. this guy riding with his buddy in italy. they're passing some other motorcyclists. i don't even ride and i'm jealous of this. makes this turn. >> no! >> yeah. you'll notice -- >> he went too wide and couldn't correct. >> that's bad every time. >> right into the guardrail and over the bank. >> how's the dude? >> he's fine. >> bike, though, let's have a moment of silence.
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to say it's all bad for the rider in this next video, i think that's kind of an understatement. and they're doing just that. they're like, all right. tlit throttle, easing into it. the rider gives it some gas. >> no, no, no! >> oh! >> come on. of all the places. >> this goes south really quickly. >> shorts his riding career. i'm pretty sure they're done. jeff took his drone to a graveyard. >> architecture and the tombstones are incredible. >> but see the unexpected image he caught on video. >> ooh, wow! they're making more humans. plus a joe has written his poem for his lady. >> this is about a couple that ventures out sailing. >> hear the most romantic of
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even on soft surfaces. one more way you've got what it takes to protect. closed captioning provided by -- break through fast. with a non-drowsy antihistamine and a powerful decongestant. break through allergy congestion with allegra-d®. the playground, the kind of place you would expect childish behavior pr the children. what's happening here is two parents are having a bit of a disagreement. it's got to do with this young lady in the pink. she wants her to apologize to her son. she's been rough and she's not happy. she is kind of wailing in the face of that other little girl. we now see that the crazy one in the purple has made a physical grab for that little girl and is trying to wrench her out of the arms of her mother. that is her husband, i believe,
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who's now trying to maybe calm down, maybe don't grab some other person's child. which does absolutely nothing to calm her down. at this point, she tries to snatch that young child again. guys, i'm just warming you up. she goes full toddler as her husband is carrying their child holding onto one hand and she just fights against him trying to take on all comers. eventually she bangs away his hands, picks another fight with this one lady before one last big punch the video cuts out. now, in your opinion, who was to blame in this situation? >> the woman screaming and shouting going absolutely crazy. >> yeah. and i would be inclined to agree with you as i would assume would most people at home. but according to the chinese internet, the person to blame is the little girl in pink. >> why? >> because this video went crazy
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viral on the chinese version of twitter and that seems to be the opinion of most people online according to this video. >> she does look like she can't be older than 4. are you kidding me? >> i think she's going to grow up to be a normal kid if this doesn't happen again and again. kids do that stuff. another vicious fight at a mall caught on camera where batman finally met his ultimate nemesis. the easter bunny. >> you know what? kids are so afraid of the easter bunny, santa, most of the mascots in the mall. >> it's only a do-second video. but he lands about a dozen punches. according to chinese twitter, it was the rabbit at fault. our friend jeff has put the wing suit down for a second scene trying vloging. this one took a turn no one saw
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coming. >> what are we about to do? >> he took a trip to new orleans with his girl ali. and he took his gopro equipment, his drone out there. and he wants to capture some really rad images in 4k. they start off at this bridge. >> i'm impressed by the camera picking up all the light and dark in the shadow. good camera. >> yeah. >> wow. >> he was trying to see if he could fly the way some of the drone operators we've seen on this show can. >> we've seen several types of operators. good ones and bad ones. >> luckily for him, he's a good one. another one of the things to do in new orleans is check out the cemeteries. they went to this particular one to get some really cool footage. >> could be a travel photographer. just fly around the world and fly around the world. and fly around the world. >> you keep watching this, do you notice anything out of the ordinary? >> no. >> and he didn't think so either. and then he started analyzing this video, he saw something a
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little sketch -- >> whoa! >> what's going on? >> they're making more humans. >> oh, oh, oh. >> that just happened. >> come on, now. have some respect. >> who's going to see? >> everybody! all the souls and somebody's grand mom is turning up in his grave right now. >> they're probably like eating some spectral popcorn. >> no respect. >> wait. but jeb's right there on the left. is that him? >> look at that. >> he is standing just feet away from the people that are -- let's just say being sacrile sacrilegio sacrilegious. head over to or check it out on our mobile app. get ready because -- >> it's time to get our mack on. because it's monday -- >> with mack dreidel. >> he's in trouble.
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>> then there's something unusual flying around. >> it's a trash bag. >> and what in the world is this? >> is that supposed to be a clear shrimp? >> this is the alien video. >> watch and decide. ebaum's world is next. be taken care of. home, car, life insurance obviously, ohhh... but with added touches you can't get everywhere else, like claim free rewards... or safe driving bonus checks. oh yes.... even a claim satisfaction guaranteeeeeeeeeee! in means protection plus unique extras only from an expert allstate agent. it's good to be in, good hands.
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this clean was like pow! everything well?
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my teeth are glowing. they are so white. step 1 cleans. step 2 whitens. crest [hd]. 6x cleaning*, 6x whitening*á i would switch to crest [hd] over what i was using before. pronotimotional considerati provided by -- developing teeth, and helps prevent cavities. new act kids toothpaste. for something that finally relieves your pain, icyhot lidocaine. desensitizes aggravated nerves with the max strength lidocaine available. icyhot lidocaine. it's time to get our mac on because it's monday. and we know what that means. it's time for real or fake with mac dreidel. what's up, dude? >> what's up, guys? mac dreidel in the house for another installment of real or fake where you can keep it real
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or -- >> get the fake out! >> all right. you guys nailed it. let's run the clips. >> first video. >> okay. so this guy's taking a glass table outside. >> and then it shatters? >> play that again. >> he's in trouble. so it must be a tempered glass table, right? and as he was pulling it, it must have put enough pressure at the base where it connects with the glass and shattered it. >> it created enough resonance that made it shatter. >> either way, the pets are like i'm out of here. you're in trouble. >> him and his wife had been renovating the house. they decided to move this glass table outside and then this happened. >> i say real because his reaction at the end, he was like, that's going to cost me. >> i think we're all going real. ma kr r mac? >> i'm with you. all the reactions, you wouldn't
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have thought to go through all those step ifs that wasn't actually happening in front of you. this looks 100% real. i think a security camera caught it. >> all right. video number two. it looks like a balloon, no? >> so a flying piece of trash in the sky, not exactly unusual. >> come on. this looks like a ufo, people. >> are you kidding? >> you're talking trash. >> right. >> bye, mac. >> i don't believe that this is alien activity. >> i think it's a helium balloon and some kid is where crying. >> i'm a fake on this one. >> it's a trash bag. >> yeah. four fakes. >> you guys are always so skeptical about ufo videos. every time we give you guys one. this happened in mexico while a citizen was caught in traffic commuting to work. it could be aliens. you know, it could be martians. it's a ufo for sure.
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it is, we don't know. i don't know fsure. >> you been drinking kool-aid on that one. >> the aliens may look like guys in white coats. >> all right. video numero three. >> is this like a clear shrimp? >> this is alien video. fine, now we believe it, mac. >> deep in the ocean like miles down where that stuff doesn't see light. >> it's called a giant hyperlid anthropod. they're shrimplike creatures. the orange sack are its eggs. it's about to hatch some babies. and this is legit. >> ladies, when you're trying to look for a man, you want him to look like this. that is joe clark and he is
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really in love. >> gather round, land lovers and listen close to me. >> because he's looking for booty. >> maybe he already got some, you don't know. >> joe has written a poem to this lovely lady in front of him. >> this poem is about a couple that ventures out sailing. there's so much involved. they have no fear of failing. >> that's cute. i hope she's not getti inting seasick. >> joe says this is their first time sailing together. their friends took them out on their sailboat because he had a big question to ask her. >> the most important question, will you marry me and be my wife? >> didn't see that one coming. >> well done, dude. >> does she even take time to say yes? >> that was a yes, by the way. >> that was really cool.
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>> that's really romantic. >> and i love that look he gives her. that's how you want a man to look at her. >> yeah. he's definitely in love with her. a video that will take you back to -- >> when we were all connected by one great friend. >> youth. >> time to go down memory lane. >> this right here is an old friend of mine. professional
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vacuum chamber technicians. don't try it at home. >> that's why i don't do any
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vacuuming. i'm going to take us back to a bygone age. a simpler time. 2007. a year when we were all connected by one great friend. >> youth. >> grandpa, who's this? >> this right here is an old friend of mine. >> of course he's talking about myspace. and he starts to reminisce. it was a magical time back then. that first great social media that just permeated the whole world. and suddenly you just felt so connected. >> we took the best pictures that the world has ever seen. >> you know those two megapixel shots down in the mirror. >> you could put different backgrounds and layouts on your profile.


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