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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  April 20, 2017 1:35am-2:10am EDT

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>> "action news," delaware valley's leading news program, with jim gardner. >> it began with a chase, crash,
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and finally gunfire. it all took place in belafonte delaware, an evolving confrontation with police and a suspect. it ended with the suspect shot dead. it is now the subject of a major investigation. wednesday night. the big story is the latest on a police shooting in the church parking lot pike and belafonte at christie ileto, what is the latest on this? >> jim, police haven't said why they were initially following this man, only that it was part of a separate investigation. when they attempted to pull him over, that's when it took a deadly turn. >> i seep the boy get out of the car. i seen him run in the parking lot where the church is. the cop was right behind him. >> der ca washington and her family were stopped at a stoplight when a flurry of
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police lights hit. >> they wasn't yelling stop. they was just running behind him. it was three seconds we pulled over and the shot and the man was dead. >> it started at 24th and market in wilmington. while providing backup, an officer jumped a curb and barreled into a building at 25th and carter. after failing to stop, the suspect kept running. >> a confrontation ensued ending with the suspect shot by police. >> police wouldn't say if the suspect was armed. >> it happened fast. this is a church. this is a good neighborhood.
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>> they didn't have to shoot that man. >> we know several officers involved in the chase were taken to hospital for medical evaluation. the suspect has not been identified. it's unclear why he was on radar. christie ileto, channel6 "action news." >> thank yowrk, you christie. >> a man was found at 6:00 in an suv in the fair hills section of north philadelphia. another man was shot in a car in hunting park. he tried driving the wrong way down the 3600 block of north eighth street to get away from gunfire. he tried getting away, crashed into parked cars and is recovering in hospital. it took a jury less than three hours to find eric frein murder
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of a corporal and attempted murder of a trooper. dann cuellar has the story. >> jim, eric frein faced 12 counts including murder and terrorism. he was found guilty on all of them. the district attorney is seeking the death penalty. >> eric frein, a survivalist was hunting humans when he squeezed the trigger four times in the ambush of a state trooper, seriously wounding another. he called frein a terrorist who hoped to change government through bullets and bombs. >> i hope all of the residents take solace that justice has been done. >> the sniper led authorities on a 48 day manhunt through the pocono mountains before they caught up with him 20-miles from
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the police barracks in pennsylvania. the jury quicked him of all charges including explosive devices he left in the woods. the d.a. will ask for the death penalty. >> they have been waiting for this a long time. we appreciate the work the jury has done and believe they have reached the right verdict, and again, now we'll move on to the penalty phase and obviously, would like to see a death penalty verdict. from frein's defense attorney, there is this -- >> we hope to change his life. nothing else i can say. >> the defense offered no testimony in the trial. the depth penalty would send him to death. live here in the sat center,
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dann cuellar, channel6 "action news," dan. >> thank you. >> aaro >> james harris hung himself in his jail cell. he was tried if are the murder of jasmine wright age 27 in jul. friends and family gathered to mourn a murdered mother. 33-year-old aaron arquette. she was found bleeding from the head at 6:30 in the morning on the steps of south philadelphia high school. she died in the hospital this past saturday. her death ruled a homicide. she had been living on the street. >> just because you know someone might be homeless or might be using drugs or may have used drugs in the past doesn't make
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them a bad person. >> she was loved by many people and she has support and people here that want justice for her. >> police have not released a description of the suspect. one person was taken to hospital following a house fire in the tacony section of philadelphia tonight. another unexpected occupant was removed from the home, an eight foot alligator. the fire took 15 minutes to bring under control. >> three pit bulls officials say killed another dog inial any were taken into custody tonight. they say the animals were terrorizing the neighborhood for a long time. as reported last night, this group of dogs was running loose when they killed a small dog inside a fenced in backyard.
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that dog's owner tried to fight the pill bulls and was attacked. it's now a matter of public safety. >> they were quarantined for rabies as is state law and nobody else gets hurt in the process. >> there is a long history of problems with the dogs. they'll be evaluated to determine what happens next. the fbi are on the hunt for the man that tried to rob two banks today. investigators say he threatened to blow up the bank but thread empty handed. an hour later, he got cash holding up the beneficial bank and fled in a taxi cab. there is a reward for his capture. > >> surveillance video of
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saturday's attack was released today. it shows a trio of suspects approached the victim on the 3500 block of b trea street as e walked out of getting a job application. no words were explaininged before the 25-year-old was knock today the ground and stomped on and robbed. >> bill o'reilly has been fired in the face of multiple allegations of sexual harassment. monica malpass, not only was he a money machine for fox news, he was perhaps the most important voice of the political movement. >> it's a shocker, stunning end to a success story. bill o'reilly anchored the most popular show but advertiser response to sexual allegations
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caused a situation he could not recover from. >> the show which made $178 million in 2015 had a new substitute anchor. >> protesters picketed fox's headquarters. a new allegation from a former fox employee, who called the tip line alleging o'reilly leered and grunted at her and called her hot chocolate when she was alone. >> another said he hurt her career when he rebuffed his advances. he paid five other women to keep quiet about sexual harassment by o'reilly. more than 70 companies pulled their ads from the show. that's when rupert murdock and
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sons released this statement, the company and bill o'reilly have agreed he will not return. he was in rome today where the pope shook hands with him. he continued to deny the claims and issued his own statement saying it is tremendously disheartening that we part ways over unfounded claims. that's the reality many of us in the public eye must live with today. >> fox's ales redesigned under similar situations. fox risks a reputation of being unfriendly to women. >> a strike force is headed to korean peninsula. when president trump indicated that the arrest mad da was
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heading in that direction, it wasn't at all. in fact it was 3,000-miles away heading in the other direction to aaustralia for military exercises. the white house is acknowledging that but sean spicer said they didn't try to mislead anyone. >> it's a fact. it's happening. >> the trump administration made it clear the rare craft carrier was moving toward the peninsula to demonstrate strength to kim jong un. newspapers are accusing trump of lying and asks if the u.s. is bluffing its policy. >> a story 241 years og years oa bit more, that of the revolutionary war. the museum of the american
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revolution opened in old city with historical flair. joe biden spoke about the revolutionary ideas behind the struggle for american independence. >> the country could be governed by its people. all of its people. its wealthy people. it's poor people. it's people who could read, couldn't read. today's opening coincided with a 242nd anniversary of the first battle of the revolutionary war, the shot heard around the world. >> mayor jim kenney accepted the golden door award from the hebrew society tonight. the mayor committed to philadelphia's status as a sanctuary city and said the city
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will be a safe place for the immigrants of the world. >> til still to come, the messae aaron hernandez wrote on his head before his suicide. >> and th >> the lung association reports how many of us are breathing bad area and where our area falls on the list. >> there is a system pushing showers our way. we'll have a big warm up over the next two days, but it doesn't last for the weekend. >> ducis rogers has the phillies looking for two in a row against the metts and how a patriot's player crashed the news at the white house t
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>> former nfl star and convicted killer aaron hernandez was found dead today of apparent suicide in his jail cell. officials say he had a bible verse written on his forehead. hernandez hanged himself with a bed sheet tied to the window of his cell. he was sentenced for slaying the mandating his fiance's sister. he had the passage of john 3:16 on his head, referring to eternal life. >> the big banks ignored complaints about wells fargo tactics years before the scandal came to light. they are suggesting the fraud affecting the hundreds of thousands of customers could
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have been stopped sooner but the government agency failed to act. >> rider university has a 75% majority. the professor union points to decisions by president gregory d alamo to cut programs and lay off tenured teachers weeks after taking office. philadelphia metropolitan area has made the list of top 25 polluted city thiies in america. many have made progress cleaning up, however four in ten americans still live with smog, high ozone and other air
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pollution. i know we are getting close to the point you will be giving daily reports of pollen and ozone. >> pollen is high right now. as we get to the summer, typically we get inversion. >> you can call pollen nature's air pollution. >> we need a good rain to wash it out. we'll get that sunday. storm tracker 6 double scan showing a few scattered showers in the poconos. tonight for the most part dealing with clouds. sky six is live over the commodore bridge. temperatures have been slow to cool off. it's not really that cold right now. 54 in philadelphia, down from a high of 63, two degrees below normal, on the cool and damp side. wilmington 54. cape may 53. satellite and radar showing
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after sunshine earlier today, clouds rolled in quickly and you can see the round of showers and thunderstorms across northwest pennsylvania moving southeast losing a lot of its punch as it does. the morning hours, we have clouds and showers around for the bus stop forecast. 6:00, 56. 8:00, 59. it's a damp start to the morning. after showers in the morning, by the afternoon we see peaks of sunshine, temperatures in the mid 50s, and another round moving in thursday night. this is a coming with a few rumbles of thunder. heading into the afternoon we see breaks of sunshine and friday is going to be very warm. the next two days, scattered showers mainly in the morning. the best chance north of the turnpike. afternoon sunshine, temperature
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in the mid 70s. 75-degrees. we should touch 75 friday before a cold front moves through bringing us cool ir aier air foe weekend. friday afternoon, looking nice. i know there are a lot of proms friday night. >> somewhat unsettled. showers possible. sunshine, 75-degrees. friday early in the morning, again, showers and thunderstorms, partly sunny, 80. the cooler air behind the front lags behind one day. saturday, you feel it. 66-degrees. increasing clouds, rain arriving saturday night and sunday, pretty close to a wash out. it will be raw, cool and rainy with periods of rain on and off through the day half inch of rain, a pretty good soaker. it's out of here monday, 66-degrees with sunshine returning thursday, 66.
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wednesday, mostly sunny, 71. next week a big week for philadelphia with the nfl draft, penn relays, at this point the weather is looking nice. >> thank you, cecily. it was a night to remember as the human services held its spring gala. adults with developmental disabilities enjoyed a nice of dancing at president allocatorrers, 600 people were expected to attend tonight. hundreds of folks turned out on this wednesday night to celebrate the success of the school in north philadelphia. it benefits the partnership school. attendees included '76er gerald henderson, a supporter of the schools. >> a selection frorom the hit broadway musical "wicked" among the songs performed by the high
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school symphony orchestra tonight. proceeds go to hoping, struggling faims in the familiee community. ♪ ♪
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>> tennis superstar serena williams and her feion say are expecting their first child. the 23 time grand slam winner confirmed the pregnancy this afternoon. her rep confirmed she will return to tennis in the 2018 season. >> for one night and one night only, it's seen that the phillies exercised their metts demons. that was last night.
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tonight one dominates them. 2-0. sixth inning, jay bruce, go away. he crushed the phils last week, continues the onslaught here. we go to the eighth. phillies get one back. we are tied at three. in the bottom half of the inning, bruce again. his second of the game. get this, in his last 11 games against the phillies, six home runs and 15rbi's. phillies lose 5-4. >> ailing days from the nfl draft. ago wills hold the 14th over all pick. if you are obsessed as to what the birds might do, the players are in the same boat. >> i want them to help us win. i want to be part of something great. that's bringing the championship
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to philly and whoever they feel is fit at that position. i'm happy to bring them in and welcome them. >> a lot of receivers, a lot of talented receivers that can help. i don't know where it will go. i have no input either. >> the draft will be here before you know it helping you get ready. we are putting together a draft preview party. we'll broadcast live from the parkway next wednesday, 7:30 here on "6abc." >> the president welcomed to the superbowl champion patriots to the white house today. rob was left to roam the white house halls unattended. >> can i just -- >> you need some help? >> i think i got this, but thank you. um, maybe. thanks, man. i'll see you in a minute.
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>> they don't have security anymore? still hayed, we kick it with the union. they have had an awful season thus
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>> oh for the season, the union the only team in mls without a victory this year. 0-4-2. saturday, they host montreal, fingers crossed. >> everyone says they have a great locker room in the easy
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times. this has been a hard time. you find out about the group and what it means to stay positive and stick together. i have seen that. >> the union montreal match is saturday afternoon at 1:00 here on "6abc." playoffs in game four. this is a high scoring affair. up ahead, t.j. scores his second of the game, washington wins, tieing phillies. >> that's sports. >> "jimmy kimmel live" live next. julia driv dreyfus guests. >> "action news" continues at 4:30 with pamela edwards, matt o'donnell, karen rodgers with traffic. for "action news," i'm jim gardner.
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