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tv   Action News at 500 AM  ABC  April 20, 2017 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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is 5:00 a.m., thursday, april 20. >> we're following breaking news. if it is are battling a blaze
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that broke out at a lehigh valley funeral home. >> a man walking down the street in a philadelphia neighborhood was shot in the leg and he has no idea where the bullet came from. >> there's the view out across center city. it gets warmer today, but we could get a few showers. >> karen rogers is here for dave and matt pellman has traffic. >> reporter: let's start with the local view on storm tracker 6 live, we have light showers not a big deal, near allentown, reading, up to the north and west, a couple of near trenton, as well. i want to show you what's heading in this direction storm tracker 6 live 3d. out to the west, more substantial showers, they need falling a part as they try to press east ward. we'll be watching this, but we'll see showers later during the morning commute. i don't think they will be as heavy looking on the radar out to the west right now. lots of clouds arc spotty
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morning shower, the big deal with the weather is temperature, we're mild at 55 degrees in philadelphia. we're going up from there, shooting above yesterday's high of 73. here's how the day will unfold, 7:00 a.m. you'll see the showers around in the morning, 5 degrees. but by lunch time we're dry, lots of clouds today 3:00 p.m. you're up to 73. 5:00 p.m., sunshine and clouds, 75. late today into tonight but more likely later tonight we get to see a couple of thunderstorms, we'll talk about in a, i'll show you how it looks on future tracker matt. >> reporter: i know a lot of people thought it was gloomy, i like it, sun glare delay. good news here, they reopened the southbound lanes of route 1, the super highway oxford valley road. you can travel southbound once
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again they will return tonight at 9:00 p.m. richard's run is blocked we're expecting it to be blocked for much of the morning rush. use 130 to get around it, neck road would be an alternate. we're watching a crash in delaware, maryland state line, southbound lanes of 301 are blocked in middletown. elsewhere in new castle county, 495 northbound another shower of construction near terminal avenue, two left lanes blocked there. coming out of delaware, in delco, this is the scene i-95 northbound construction by curlin street has cleared out. no problems along i-95 the schuylkill expressway or blue route looking good as we kick things off on this thursday morning. breaking right now, a two-alarm blaze is burning at a funeral home in the lehigh
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valley. jeanette reyes is live at east main street and route 100 in macungie. jennette. >> reporter: well, matt this is an on going situation be take a live look here behind me, it is on the third floor of the funeral home along the east main street in macungie. firefighters responded to this around 2:30 a.m. they are battling the blaze, you can see the smoke coming out from the top. the interior they are working on right now. i'm told the fire may have started on the third floor of the building. they didn't thing it was safe enough to send the firefighters in with the flames above them. it's taking a little longer to put out the flames because they had to battle it from the front, but from the back. they managed to extinguish some of the flames shooting out into the sky from the outside. the major concern initially is that the flames would spread to a neighboring business. this is a business-lined street.
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i'm told at this point that is no longer a concern, but again this is an on going situation. seals like they have gotten ahead of it, a handle on it so far, but working to put out the flames. i'll keep you posted as soon as we get more information. jeanette reyes channel 6 "action news." >> thanks jennette. new this morning, a man was shot in the leg while walking in crescentville neighborhood. the 29-year-old victim said he didn't see who shot him. he is in stable condition. happening today prosecutors and defense attorneys will set the stage in camden today offering up opening statements on a father accused of killing his own young son to make it easier to be with a teen girlfriend. a jury for the case was selected yesterday. creato's son brandon was found dead in a wooded area in 2015.
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prosecutors say he killed his son because the boy was getting in the way of the father's relationship with his young girlfriend. he pleaded not guilty. burlington county prosecutors have charged a pennsauken man with murder in connection with a deadly shooting. investigators say two approached eric thomas back on january 21 near east broad and library streets in burlington city. two men ran away. they were arrested several hours later, myers is charged with aggravated assault. it took the jury less than three hours to find eric frein guilty of the murder of a state trooper and attempted murder of another state trooper. he was captured in the poconos after a 48 day manhunt. prosecutors plan to ask for the death penalty. >> we've been waiting for this for a long time we appreciate the work that the jury has done,
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we believe they reached the right verdict. for the -- his defense wiln sparing his life. governor wolf declared a moratorium on the death penalty four years ago. chopper 6 hd was over the scene in the fairhill section, a victim was found in an suv along the 3000 block of north lawrence. family and friends in south philadelphia gathered to mourn a murdered mother 33-year-old she was found bleeding at broad and snyder. she died in the hospital this past saturday. her death ruled a homicide due to blunt-force trauma. she had been living on the street. >> just because someone might be home left side or used drugs does not make them a bad person.
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>> she was loved by many people she had all the support in her family here, we just want justice for her. >> police have not released a description of the suspect. ryder university passed a new confidence vote by the administration point to decisions by the president and his financial team to cut programs and layoff tenured teachers. the vote does not authorized a faculty strike. time to talk about accuweather maybe a few rain drops, but you might be focused on how warm it is. >> reporter: if you like warm temperatures, i've got something for you, if not be i'm sorry. storm tracker 6 live double scan showing you we have a few showers out there.
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it's not a lot of precipitation, but i want to go to the street level view. in pottstown, quakertown and allentown, a couple of sprinkles coming down, out to the north and west, lake harmony and poconos you see them there, as well. trenton you see showers along the turnpike east of trenton right now. let's go on outside and show you currently looks like sky6 live hd looking at philadelphia international. we have lots of clouds up above as you step out at this early hour. it's already mild and the mild conditions will continue through the day. the temperature sitting at 55 degrees already, the dewpoint 50 right now. the pressure is holding steady. the wind are out of the southeast pretty light at the moment, the southerly component to the wind allowing the temperature to jump up today. the ocean temperature, 52. satellite and radar showing the clouds in place, and here we can see the showers, watch these more predominant showers you
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notice by the yellows and anger heavier rain that fell near pittsburgh, a lot of that will fall a part as it heads in our direction. we'll see more showers heading our way with that. mostly in the morning it's a day where you can get outside and not get very wet. 8:00 a.m., 57. lots of clouds and you'll see the showers at 8:00 a.m. 10:00 a.m., dry, 60 degrees, lots of clouds, maybe starting peeks sun. lunchtime, 65, clouds and breaks of sun. 3:00 p.m., 73. 6:00 p.m., 75 degrees, very warm above average. ten degrees above average today. it's after that point we get showers and thunderstorms. i want to show you this on future tracker 6 this model has it at 7:30 a.m., i think might be later than that we see showers this morning. 10:00 p.m., that's the next time future tracker 6 shows you showers here. it's not impossible for one to sneak in later in the day.
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much of the day is dry, it's showers book ending, in the morning commute and later tonight. 3:30 a.m. tomorrow we'll see thundershowers that could come through during the early morning commute. tomorrow, 80 degrees for the high, ahead of the cold front it will shoot up with the temperatures well above average. the morning shower and chance for a bit more sun friday afternoon. here's a look at the seven day, staying unsettled at times, the next couple of days not terribly wet. we'll get showers this morning and warmer high of 75. a couple of showers late tonight and tomorrow morning. very warm, 80 for the high. saturday, cooler, sunshine fading behind clouds, 66. saturday into sunday, raw and rainy at times. 55 degrees. monday, milder, 66. we have a lot going on next week and the weather clears out. we're not talking unsettled we're not talking lots of clouds.
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tuesday, nice and sunny, 66. tuesday, we get warmer for the nfl draft and the penn relay. a passenger attacks a pilot after the flight. surveillance video showing it all coming up. >> bill o'riley responds to his firing at fox news amid claims. sexual harassment. >> reporter: all lanes reopened along front street. we're back in business here, how are thinks looking on 202 we'll talk about a crash in montgomery when "action news" continues on this thursday morning.
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>> welcome back taking a live look here, philadelphia international airport, karen has been telling us, you might get spotty showers here or there, but very warm, 75 is the high temperature today. >> let's cast our real into the suburbs and -- reel into the suburbs and see what we find. >> reporter: so far not a lot, it will be an empty dinner plate matt and tam, we're okay with that from the traffic prospect tive. construction has cleared out 202 at the 30 bypass, crews will work overnight again tonight. they are working on the amtrak tracks south the 30 bypass. right now if you're heading northbound through the work zone
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along 202 toward paoli and king of prussia you're moving okay at this point. elsewhere in chester there's one work zone left on the pennsylvania turnpike westbound between route 29 and downingtown they have the right lane blocked. on the northeast extension there's the right lane blocked southbound between quakertown and lansdale. again that's overnight construction. as we look at this map be you can see the areas of green, karen has been talking about the showers around the quakertown area into gilbert'sville into berks county. most of the roads are dry. white marsh township saw the crash at stenton avenue. richard run is blocked off. stick to 130 to get around or neck road is another option. thatwe have 50 blocked for have construction south of 49. south of river bridge they have
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working on for so long, woodbine road an alternate to the west. middletown delaware, blocking southbound lanes of 301 an accident blocking the road,. a passenger attacks at a pilot at kansas international airport. they had just gotten off the flight back on wednesday last week. 49-year-old edward foster shoved the pilot twice caused him to fall over backwards. the incident started on the plane where the pilot was taking up too much room in the aisle and being disrespectful. >> tv host billow reilly has been fired from fox news amid multiple allegations of sexual harassment. new york times article reported that o'reilly and fox news has
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paid out $13 million in settlement. in a statement o'reilly said it's disheartening that we part ways due to unfounded claims. he was photographed in rome shaking the hand of pope francis. the phillies face the mets for the final game of the three game set. jay bruce continued his onslaught gains the phillies last night. we're not seeing it here. we'll tell you about the mets 3-run homer in the 6th and 2-run homer in the bottom of the 8th helped give the mets the lead. phillies lost 5-4. >> still to come, questions surrounded the prison death of normer -- former new englandpat.
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>> new video shows the latest problem on atlanta roadways, a sinkhole opened near georgia tech yesterday. earlier this week a portion of i-20 was shut down because the roadway buckled in march a fire under i-85 forced a portion of the roadway to collapse. atlanta can't get a break. >> they are having a rough time. >> reporter: i'm glad it's not here. >> reporter: let's head outside and look at the dry road surface, city avenue conshohocken avenue. more construction coming during the midday around st. joe's. northbound side 9 to 3:00 i would watch out for restrictions. heads up if you ride the septa regional rails, new schedules
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take effect sunday, if you use a paper timetable pick up a new one. detours on septa bus routes 27, 38, arena 43 as -- and 43 as wet ready for the nfl draft. >> reporter: storm tracker 6 live double scan showing sprinkles out there near allentown and reading, dry near i-95, we'll have morning showers, not a big deal. much of the daytime is dry. 75 is the high. temperatures ten degrees above average. hopefully you join the warm weather. next 1 hours you can see we're starting already mild in the mid 50s, lots of clouds and we'll see showers around 7:00. 8:00, you're dry, but cloudy and 62. some leaks of sunshine as temperatures -- some breaks of sunshine as temperatures climb into the low to mid 70s this
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afternoon. >> bragging about your work out or sharing your exercise routine on social media may have influence on other people. exercise is contagious, they tracked a million runners over five years found sharing running distance and pace helps people to try it. men were influenced by friends of both sexes, but men don't thursday women to try to running, look the at other women -- looking at the other women make us wanted to it. catherine meyer developed, lap art, the free app takes kids through art exercises and encourages them to slow down. the seattle children research institute tested the app on several dozen children and they found when kids combined art with breathing exercises they have lower heart rate and higher
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concentration. >> reporter: questions surrounding the death of former nfl superstar aaron hernandez. found in his cell after 3:00 a.m. hanging from a bed sheet tied to a woman, the bible verse written across his forehead. the door barricaded from the inside. prison officials calling the death a suicide. but those close to him are not convinced. it was last week he was acquitted for the 2012 murder of two men. the star tightened who had a 40 million-dollar contract was serving the life sentence for the death of his friends oden lloyd. a verdict he was in the process of a appealing. with your "g.m.a." first look, i'm eva pilgrim, abc news, shirley, massachusetts.
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tell tom macarthur - stop trying to repeal our health care. official, tennis icon serena williams and her fiance are expecting their first child. the 23 time grand slam winner teased it on snap chat. the pregnancy was confirmed
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yesterday afternoon. she won the australian open and she was probably ten weeks pregnant when she did so. her republic confirms she'll be back to tennis for the 2018 season. breaking overnight, fire tears through are a lehigh valley funeral home we'll have a live update from the scene. local firefighters find a mini alligator while battling a house fire, "action news" will be right back.
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>> breaking news in the lehigh valley, firefighters spent hours battling a fire at a funeral home. >> the father charged with murdering his 3-year-old son in camden county will go on trial today. >> taking a look at the commodore barry bridge, we're back in the 70s while a few rain showers are moving through the region right now. >> good morning, thursday, april 20th, let's finds out about the rain showers, karen rogers is in for david murphy. and matt pellman has traffic. >> reporter: i have a pair of storm tracker 6 live


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