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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  April 20, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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a passerby began recording the tense moments after shots were fired. french officials began warning residents to steer clear of the area late wednesday night. right now there is no immediate motive for why the gunman got out of his car and intensely opened fire at a police car. officials say when he tried to run away he was still shooting at officers. one officer is confirmed dead and the gunman is also dead. security forces are combing through the famed boulevard often packed with tourists to see if the shooter acted alone. president trump addressed the violence this afternoon. >> our condolences from our country to the people of france. it's happening and i saw it as i was walking. a terrible thing. and a terrible thing going on in the world today. it looks like another terrorist attack. and what can you say? it just never ends and we have to be strong and vigilant.
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>> it's not confirmed this is an act of terrorism but the country was hit by a wave of terrorist violence over the last two years. >> the incident comes just three days before france holds the first round of a crucial election. channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. the trial a south jersey man accused of killing his 3 3-year-old son began today. that dj creato killed his son because it was getting in the ways of his girlfriend. she secretly recorded creato talking about a spirit, walking down to the woods where the little boy was found dead. president trump hosted italy's prime minister at the white house today. earler today they spoke about trade and military partnerships.
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and nato which they are both members of. but only if each country is contributing financially. >> as we reaffirm our support of historic institutions we must reaffirm the requirement that everyone must pay their full and fair share for the cost of defense. >> today the president also addressed the iran nuclear deal and that iran is failing to live up to the spirit of the plan. that mr. trump lived up to the plan they call a terrible agreement. and he is on the first official trip overseas in a week. >> this is the big day in atlantic city where a grown breaking was held for the gateway project. it will host the stockton university campus. and student residences will overlook the beach and boardwalk and governor chris christie was at the event and described the project as pivotal.
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>> this project demonstrates we turned the corner in the commitment to revitalize atlantic city. >> the university plans to open the atlantic city campus in 2018 and the project includes the new headquarters for south jersey gas. >> a life or death decision for jurors in the trial a convicted cop killer. they argued if eric frein should get the death penalty or life in prison bout parole. >> gray hall is live now in pike county. you have the details. >> reporter: brian and monica, an emotional day in the courtroom. when tiffany dickson took the stand the wife of brian dickson and talked about pictures and what was life was like with her husband and now what it's like. it's extremely sad and lonely. >> it's it's sentencing phase for eric frein wednesday the jury convicted him of capital
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murder in the ambush shooting of corporal dickson. police say that frein hid in the forest under the cover of night and opened fire with the sniper's rifle at the baracks in northern pennsylvania and a second trooper was shot in the hip but left --. now the jury is deciding if frein should get life in prison or the death penalty. >> they claimed he had a challenging upbringing and nevada could live up to his father's expectations and they expect to bring in family members and friends that support their case. >> trooper dickson's wife tiffany tooked stand talking about how her life changes without her husband. two state troopers showed up to tell her her husband was killed. and they argue that he deserves the death penalty. after a two week trial, the jury
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convicted him on all 12 charges including murder of a law enforcement terrorism and two weapons of mass destruction counts. >> back out live again it's only day one of the sentencing phase and it's up to the jury life or death for eric frein. the court is on a brief recess and the highlight was the testimony by tiffany dickson and we expect this to last at least until tomorrow. jay hall, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. it's time for a check of the "action news" traffic report tonight. lets take you live to matt pellman. >> a beautiful afternoon. not surprised the traffic doesn't match. schuylkill expressway westbound by city avenue sticking out into the left lane and it's extra heavy as you come westbound from the boulevard. eastbound is jammed 16 miles per
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hour from girard avenue and the disabled vehicle is long gone. the crash is gone in evesham but sluggish there. and emergency construction by kings highway and famous daves. and a lane is blocked for much of the night. in newcastle county, lost our crash on highway northbound to route 7 and now one on new capital trail at newport road and the mass transit front a couple of changes on the regional rails and 20 minutes on the doylestown train and we get new schedules on the regional rails that take affect on sunday. we'll check it again coming up in the next half hour. a local rehab center used golf to help patients with recovery. that it will build confidence and give them a new lease on
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life. >> a lot can happen with the swing of a golf club. the thing that keeps making me come back. every time i get a new patient to work with and they hit the golf ball. their eyes light up. >> thursday morning a dozen opinions with amputations and brain injuries fill up their baskets and team up for the golf clinic. >> once they learn how to hit a golf ball the idea is if they can do this, they they can do other things. >> just like experience can vary so can their stories and journeys. >> veteran lost both legs in vietnam in 1969. >> most have went most of their lives without a limb. >> i lost my arm at 8 years old because of cancer. >> and marvin lost his leg in 2015.
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>> i was hurt on the job crushed by a forklift. i had trauma. >> this makes my life better and i can be around people that are going through the things i'm going through. >> and fun for people with disabilities to have muscle control and flexibility. >> they have an awful risk of being sedentary and we don't want that we want them to get out. >> a lot can happen with a swing of a golf club and it opens up the door for a new world of possibilities. >> a lost people with disabilities are patch tating in regular sports like track and field and basketball and hockey and rugby. these are sports that you never would have thought someone with a disability is going to play but they are out there doing it. >> and moss rehab holds events like this throughout the year if you would like more information on how to participate or donate visit our weekend for more information at
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reporting in northeast philadelphia, janet ray ez, channel 6 "action news." >> creditable. more ahead on "action news" at 5:00. a sudden break in a case. weeks after a tennessee teenager disappeared where she was found safe and sound and how investigators believe she got there. >> and news from the secretary treasurers office that sent stocks soaring. >> temperatures are soaring into the 70s and i'm tracking showers and thunderstorms tonight and this weekend the trends are promising i'll explain in the accuweather forecast. hey allergy muddlers
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stocks rallies this afternoon on the heels of a big announcement by steve mnunchin, he insisted that the trump administration is close to major tax reform that sent the dow jones soaring and it gained 274. new jersey's unemployment rate drops to the lowest point in ten years and that rate dropped to 2.2% in march and that is the seventh dip in eight months. be the lowest rate since 2007
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and according to the bureau of u.s. statistics they complainted they were working more than think time in state history. today governor tom wolf voiced his support for planned parenthood and joined the group's president for a round table in bucks county and they spoke about how cuts would effect health services and he would veto any legislation that blocked women's access to providers. and common pain killers to strengthen their warning labels to better protect mothers and children that are breast feeding. >> we are talking about codeine and tramdal. and ta kids under the age of 12 should not take the drugs and some are prescription only and some over the countser cough
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medicine still have codeine and both medications could cause slow breathing and even death. the author says that women that are breast feeding. it could hurt the baby. the labels for the products are required to spell this out. focus less on weight and body mass index and more on physical activity. that is the advice from a group of doctors writing for the cdc and having at any times step on the scale is imdating and counter productive. and weight is a preventative measurement. and it will help decrease stigma and shame and foster a better relationship to help support patients and a better way to treat cluster headaches and's eye why to use hand held device called gamma core and patients hold it to their necks for 90
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seconds and sends a signal through the nerve through the skin and that helps to block the pain. it's a severe headache on one side. the new device is effective from people that suffer from episode cluster headaches and not helpful for people that have chronic cluster headaches. >> thank you. and still ahead on a thursday evening. two nobel laureates are getting an honor at princeton university. and two new exhibits at the philadelphia zoo in time for spring. that and more when "action news" returns tonight.
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we have got breaking news unfolding now in seattle washington, a local news helicopter giving us the vantage point as a massive presence could verged on the pike's peek market. police officers were apparently shot responding to a robbery in this area and the injuries they sustained not thought to be life-threatening but an enormous police response and an s.w.a.t. team and the heavily armed officers are scouring the area.
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not clear if this is an ongoing situation or what has happened to the robbers who fired the shots at police. but again two police officers shot there in seattle we are watching this one closely and bring you developments as we get them here today. princeton university is making changes thanks to two black laureates tony morrison and auditorium in the woodrow wilson affairs will be renamed for arthur lewis. those new names will take effect july 1st. and getting a new education is within reach for children in chester for the bridge educational foundation a nonprofit that raised more than $28 million so far to help kids
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keep learning and corporate sponsors and politicians came today. and the centennial can commons project in philadelphia. it is going to create a recreation area of the north side edge of west fairmount park. the $10.5 million park includes seating and picnic areas and something called a rain garden. and the philadelphia zoo opened two new animal exhibits. the out back post is the new australian exhibit. and the zoo opened up the wings of asia exhibit where guests walk through the asian garden and feed the birds there. coming up a check of the accuweather forecast. >> first a live look outside this evening courtesy of drone 6 operated by the faa certified
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it is time now for the accuweather forecast at the
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"action news" big board. cecily tynan is here with the forecast. >> it's warmer than yesterday but i'm tracking showers and thunderstorms on double scan live radar a cluster working across central pennsylvania west of gettysburg but that looks to push in during the equal hours and it will bring us a round of unsettled weather and temperature-wise running 10 degrees above normal. 76 in philadelphia and 66 is the normal high and allentown 74 and wilmington 75. notice though along the beaches with the easterly flow the ocean temperature in the low 50s, beach haven currently only 58 degrees. satellite 6 along with action radar showing we started the day with early showers and peeks of sunshine and now partly cloudy skies and again looking out to the west there is a cluster of showers and thunderstorms and as they roll through could have heavy downpours and lightning and potential for small hail. tonight a little bit unsettled and clouds and showers and
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thunderstorms and not everyone will get them and with the cloud cover temperatures not that cool at all. april standards, 52 degrees in the suburbs and 58 degrees for center city. and if you head out tonight you'll want to take an umbrella and you'll see a broken line of thunderstorms developing across the western suburbs, early tomorrow morning, plenty of clouds and showers and maybe a rumble of thunder, mainly areas up to the north and then we do see breaks of sunshine but we will get some instability showers popping up and the best chance of that is east of philadelphia by friday afternoon. as far as the temperatures really depends on your location. philadelphia again mild, 76 and allentown and trenton likely stuck in the 60s. farther down to the south it will be warmer dover up to 80 degrees and we have the first named tropical storm of the season. tropical storm arlene formed today 45 mile miles per hour in
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the open atlanticic. the last time we had a named storm in april was 14 years ago. fortunately no threat to land and should be dissipated by tomorrow. the five-day at 5:00 showing tomorrow is warm with scattered showers and thunderstorms, most of date rain free though and a high of 76 degrees and a cold front pulls through behind it. and 10 degrees cooler on saturday and 66 and clouds up and shower as rising late in the day on saturday night and the good news on sunday the bulk of the rain will miss us to the south and the storm trending to the south and showers in the morning and sunshine in the afternoon, 60 and look at the trend for next week monday 66 and tuesday mostly cloudy and showers and 63 and we'll let you know if things clear out by midweek, in the meantime lets head to west berlin, new jersey, where adam is showing that digger land is perfect for kids of all ages. you're having way too much fun. >> way too much and that there
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was a full size van swren to finish it now with the excavator you have to roll completely on top of it and finish the job smashing it. and don't worry i won't run over my photographer bob there. this particular ride. okay i'm done. this is the digger land xl you can get in the excavator if are you 18 years or older and smash cars, there is so much more 20 acre and 20 different rides from kids ages 3 until you are my age and beyond. we'll go on more fun rides here coming up in the next half hour as you give you guys the seven-day forecast, but brian and monica, the job is done and i move on to more fun things here in the park in the next half hour. >> brian is grabbing his keys and coming over. >> thank you. much more coming your way.
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"action news" continues with meteorologist, adam joseph, jaime apody, rick williams and monica malpass. hello again here is what is happening on "action news" tonight. the month long search for a
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teacher and 15-year-old student is over thousands of miles away. authorities say they grabbed the so-called straw hat robberies bandit. and now a gator found in the middle of a fire is now in the need of a home. we follow developing news out of paris where one police officer was killed and two others were injured in an attack on the champs-elysees. this happen aid few hours ago at 9:00 in the evening paris time. the attacker deliberately targeted the officers and then the attacker was shot and killed. the man got out a vehicle and began shooting at the offices. and terror investigators are looking into a motive but have not yet ruled it terrorism. >> they are warning tourists to avoid the area and can't family to confirm their safety.
5:31 pm
we are following a story after more than a month on the run, a tennessee teacher and the 15-year-old student that disappeared with him have been found today. the girl elizabeth thomas is safe and 50-year-old tad cummings is under arrest. authorities are piecing together how the two got from tennessee to the west coast. now live in new york -- >> reporter: good evening monica. the teen and her teachers with discovered in northern california in a cabin there and authorities are trying to piece together their several weeks on the run. an agonizing ordeal coming to a close. >> it's a good day. >> 15-year-old elizabeth thomas found alive and safe in california. >> authorities followedp on a tip called in to tb i'm headquarters found elizabeth and
5:32 pm
arrested tad cummings, she will soon be on her way back home. >> the county sheriff's office rescued the team and arrested cummings. she was the subject of a nationwide amber alert since february 13th. her teacher having an inappropriate relationship and cummings family spoke with abc news pleading with him to return. >> i hope that he realizes we are still here and makes him realize if he comes home that he is not coming home to nothing. >> authorities locating the nissan rogue that thomas and cummings were traveling and later leading them to the pair. >> tennessee authorities are now on their way to northern california to pick up the teen and reunite her with her family.
5:33 pm
channel 6 "action news." thank you. a doylestown man is charged with being the so-called straw hat bandit bank robber, richard boyle is accused of several bank robberies between 2012 and 2016. investigators say he got away with close to a half million dollars and was called the straw hat bandit for several reasons, look at the package tour. in a majority of robberies a handgun was shown. >> it's traumatic for fin that has a handgun waived in their face. that gets lost when the bank is robbed. this guy was a dangerous individual brandishing a weapon. >> and authorities say he has just been released from prison on a previous bank robbery conviction when the this spree began. boyle faces 200 years behind bar.
5:34 pm
the camden county police department has 48 new officers. they were sworn in outside of the police administration building. after that the officers when into the neighborhoods of the city to introduce themselves to residents, house by house. and philadelphia animal control is looking for a new home for an unlikely house pet. >> check it out a small alligator there that was found after firefighters put out a fire in tacony. it was in an apartment over a barber shop. philadelphia law bans wild animals in homes. the owner surrendered the reptile to animal authorities. >> we don't need him in our house. time for spring adventure, youngsters are enjoying driving construction machinery. adam joseph is in a favor the spot for little and big kids. digger land in west berlin, new jersey. eyes on the road adam -- >> yes, i am trying to drive with two hands and hold a
5:35 pm
microphone. this is called the argot another ride that again you don't have people here that work here that actually take you on a lot of these rides, do you them yourself and it's for kids of all ages and adults. i don't have anyone behind me because i don't think anybody trusts my driving. a great day in west berlin, new jersey. we have folks over there and over there. and there is rain in the seven-day forecast, i'll go have some fun and we'll see you in a bit i'll do a wheelie watch -- >> whoa. holy cow he is doing a 180. adam be careful good would you trust me? >> no, no. philadelphia mayor jim kenney announced a prehistoric task for
5:36 pm
preserving a city that is growing and adding jobs. the previous ordinance is more than 30 years old and it was made at a time when the city was losing jobs and they will identify where the historic resources were in the city and best use them going forward. as we wrap up the evening commute time to get a check of the roads tonight. matt pellman what do you know. we are watching the tracks on digger land in west berlin but we are not digging the traffic along 70 in cherry hill and a few miles of jammed traffic with speeds of 10 miles per hour. a sewer main break there earlier today and now emergency construction if the westbound lanes approaching kings highway near famous daves, you want no parts of this stay on 38 or 30 the white horse pike and 33 is picking up traffic as people avoid 70 it's a mess this afternoon. intel wear a crash at old capital road, not bad on 95
5:37 pm
through wilmington but 95 in south philadelphia new problems that just cropped up. these are the northbound lanes north of broad street in the sports complex and the crash is taking out the two right lanes and jammed solid off the girard point bridge. it's 22 miles per hour on 420 and a crash along worchester near skippack pike. and a drivener southern california had a terrifying ride when his car got hooked on to a big rig and was dragged for four miles, despite other drivers honking and waiving their arms the trunk driver did not stop and when he did he had no idea the car was attached. the driver was scared but okay. a passenger's dispute with an off duty pilot extended to
5:38 pm
the ground and into court. and the eagles talk about the prospects for the nfl draft next week here in philadelphia and adam joseph more fun at digger land and the exclusive accuweather forecast.
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as of today it's 18 years since the columbine shooting at the high school. two students before the pair took their own lives. the two planned the attack for a long time even making home videos about their intentions. a disagreement that began on a plane extended to the kansas city airport where it was caught on tape. the man in blue identified as eric foster assaulted the man in front of him a pilot traveling as a passenger. foster complained that he took up too much room and when he tried to take a picture of his badge and he re sifted, he pushed him and now foster is charged with assault.
5:42 pm
and now jaime talking about the eagles draft. coming up. >> one week away and i'm excited. the whole city of philadelphia is excited and the city is on the clock and are so the eagles busy thinking about who to take with the 14th overall pick. and eyes are on this guy joe douglas. hired after last year's draft to work in conjunction with howie roseman and he has changed their draft philosophy. >> trying to change what we are done and trying to get better and it started with when we hired him about using different grading scales and getting us acclimated into the way he talks about players. >> trying to gauge how much does this guy love football? when you get to this level everybody is talented. talent is required for every position but we are trying to find the things you can't
5:43 pm
measure mind, spirit and soul and their will to win. and we have the bill to bring you the best draft coverage around it starts with the "action news" sports special draft preview party live from the parkway we are joined by ron jaworsky this wednesday ate at 7:30 p.m. here on channel 6. just a week away. and the eagles full schedule will be announced tonight and there are already leaks and espn reporting they open on the road against the red skins. and this season will be kind of different for tight end zach ernst playing for the first time as a married man. to julie johnson, u.s. soccer star and they got him two new gifts two new wide receivers. >> and we have only been around alshon and tory for the last two weeks, alshon 6'3", and 220 pounds and tory is extremely explosive and fast as well. i think adding those two guys to
5:44 pm
the team as a whole is helpful for us. any time you add talent free agency or the draft -- last night vince valesquez had a much better out and the bruce crush the the first pitch he saw to get a three run home run and bruce did it get. and his fourth home run in five games against the phillies this season. i say intentionally walk him. they are no longer the defending champions and won't have josh hart or chris jenkins but they will have jaylin bruhnson, he will return to the main line for his junior season. he made the decision after consulting with coach wright and with his dad former nba player. rick. and finally if you watched
5:45 pm
me or followed me on social media and i am a fan of mascots. how can you not be a fan when -- bravely shields the young fan from being hit by a foul ball and after taking it on the snout look at the boy's reaction he gives albert cpr. all is well that ends well and off the greater's snout. but everyone is okay. >> the presence of mind to do that? >> the gator or kid? >> both. >> impressive on both ends. >> thanks jaime. the big dining out tonight -- if you didn't have to eat out tonight to help out. here is another option. action wellness held a pop-up event at the 1300 block of locust street and all the favorites like waffles and chicken was available and dining out helps aid service groups in
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the international space station has two new residents tonight including an american astronaut. jack fisher and a russian cosmonaut blasted off this morning from kazakhstan and it
5:49 pm
reached the station six hours later and his wife thanked him for delivering flowers before the launch. china launched their first unmanned cargo ship designed to bring shipments. they are assembling the modules for the outpost that goes into service 2022. and drone 6 is flying over the skies over chestnut hill and there once again giving us the vantage point of spring and the trees are popping with leaves and the arboretum a great place to catch the smells and sounds of the season and we are getting a little bit of rain if the forecast. >> oh boy. my children love going there to climb and all the other fun things. lets back out to south jersey
5:50 pm
adam joseph is on a spring adventure. >> in digger land on big equipment. >> this is one you are encouraged to get dirty and you know i'm having a lot of fun and you know this especially brian. i make fun of you for this but i'm on air with my hair a nasty mess after wearing hard hats. this is an an amusement parks for kids of all ables and this spin thing goes around and around and the sky shuttle going up in the air and that is more my tile style and the ropes course here pretty hard. i have been watching the folks go across and it's not easy and a rock climbing wall and a playground for the littlest of
5:51 pm
kids and temperatures in the 70s everywhere inland and cooler at the shore where you have the sea breeze going in effect. and satellite 6 along with action radar and morning clouds and they moved on and the breaks of sun and there is more stuff firing to the west. and we take a look at future tracker 6 starting with 9:00 tonight and a cluster in southern atlantic caster county and showers near the lehigh valley and up towards the poconos and at 11:00 it breaks a part a bit but a quit hit of rain and philadelphia points south and reading points north and west and we start friday morning and starting to quiet down and scattered stuff around to the north and west of the philadelphia stretching from lancaster onto read and and pops of orange there and friday afternoon scattered stuff will develop after breaks of sun especially in south jersey where the atmosphere is unstable and it starts to clear in those northwestern suburbs. as we get into your friday a triple point low that is
5:52 pm
developing and that brings temperatures 10 degrees above average with the scattered storms in the afternoon and evening and saturday the cold front is sweeping in from the north and sinking down to virginia and dropping the temperatures to around 66 degrees and a low along this front will be developing and that will bring the possible of some late showers on saturday and going into saturday night and possibly into early on sunday morning and this is a change it looks like the low would sit in this region and moving on with sun developing late sunday afternoon. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast warm with scattered storms at times and not a washout tomorrow at 76 degrees and saturday cooler and late showers developing at 66 and then as we get into sunday early showers again 60 and cooler with sun developing and a lot of clouds monday and some sun at 66 and a lot of clouds tuesday a few showers of 63 and
5:53 pm
turns brighter and warmer mid to late week thursday and the nfl draft 77 partly sunny on thursday. are we ready to go? >> you are ready to go. look who i got. you do the joy stick. push that forward you know what to do. this is adam and adam is my producer, meteorologist paul, the extraordinaire at channel 6 and they help behind the scenes and you don't see them all the time this is his son. wave hi to daddy. he is watching you now. we are going forwards and sideways and left ways, you are getting me dizzy. should you have a license? they don't need licenses here and some rides you have to sit on an adult's lap but you can do a lot of these things on your own. i think we are suppose to go
5:54 pm
forward? you think so? what do you think you are silly and look behind you -- look at these folks hanging behind the dump truck. hanging on for dear life. have a great thursday evening and we'll make it back to the beginning eventually. go forward. >> he is too cute. >> happy little adam and happy paul back here. >> adam and adam thank you. a texas woman won a new car by kissing it. for 50 hours. she beat 19 other contest ans in a kiss a kia contest. everyone had to keep their lips on the car for 50 minutes of every hour, seven made it to the end and she won a random drawing afterwards she got one more kiss a congratulations from her
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a.c. moore craft and the rose foundation helping teens fighting cancer keep up their every day life. right now jim gardner and the "action news" team is standing by with these stories at 6:00. we are monitoring developments from paris where a police officer was killed in an ambush attack what they are saying about the officer that was killed himself. and a new multimillion-dollar project rolls around in cash strapped atlantic city.
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5:59 pm
"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with ducis rogers, meteorologist, cecily tynan, and jim gardner. it is thursday night and the big story on "action news" tonight, is the deadly shooting of a police officer in paris right on the champs-elysees one of the most famous aftvenued th world and minutes ago isis claim responsibility. authorities say that a police van was stopped at a red light one' gunman jumped out of his car and opened fire with a machine gun one officer was killed and two others were wounded in the van.
6:00 pm
and the gunman tried to run away firing at the van and was then shot and killed by police. one police source says that this was likely a terrorist act but there is no official confirmation of that by parition authorities. they do also say that the assailant was previously flagged as an extremist. here again as in so many assaults the attacker was known to local authorities. of course the shooting comes three days before france's presidential election. world news tonight with david muir has the latest developments from paris next at 6:30 here on channel 6. both sides presented their opening statements in camden today in the trial of 23-year-old david creato charged with murdering his 3-year-old


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