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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  April 24, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> hi, rick and monica. we have some light scattered showers around right now showing on double scan. however, if we widen out, the center of the storm system is down to the south. basically over the border of south carolina and georgia and ahead of it, that's where they're getting some heavy rain, some flooding rain across south carolina. this low pressure will track to the northeast past the south and what that will do is pull some of that steady rain into our region as we head into the morning tomorrow so future tracker showing the timing is not good for the morning commute. by 8 o'clock we've got a steady rain over us and actually a lot of that rain will be intensifying as we head through the day tomorrow and with that easterly flow, it's going to be cool and it is going to be very windy. so, this is what to expect tomorrow. a steady rain is arriving by dawn. don't forget the umbrellas tomorrow. it will be raining basically on and off all day. more on than off. we're looking at a good half inch to an inch and a half of rain. that east wind, 15 to 30 miles
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per hour means that temperatures will be stuck in the 50's and right along the coast, winds could be reaching up to about 45 miles per hour. but once this rain moves out, i've got an extended period of very warm weather on the way. i'll have details on that coming up in the full accuweather forecast. monica. >> thank you, cecily. a convicted sex offender from north carolina is again in trouble with the law, this time the alleged incident happened in gloucester county. tonight gabriel torres and his girlfriend mary g i. an in. oe are accused of sexually abusing a girl. the victim was forced to play spin the bottle. torres and gianne are due in court wednesday. new at 5:00 israel has indicted an 18-year-old american israeli man in connection with the waves of bomb threats against jewish community centers in the u.s. centers in cherry hill and delaware were also among those targeted. in addition to the jewish centers he also allegedly targeted airports malls,
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police stations and delaware state senator ernesto lopez. the justice department has not filed extradition papers but they've notified israeli authorities they want him sent to the u.s. top -- to stand trial. >> a building in point breeze was damaged by flames early this morning. the action cam was on the scene here on the 1500 block of wharton street. the fire broke out at around 1:40 a.m. on the second floor in a bedroom. both the apartment and the corner store below it suffered damage but fortunately no one was hurt. we are working to get more information about a reported stabbing in upper darby this morning. chopper6 hd was over the 200 block of south fairview avenue. police were called to the scene around 10:30 a.m. so far no word on who was stabbed or how badly the victim may have been hurt. >> philadelphia police are asking for your help tracking down two suspects who were caught on camera. each is that wanted for different crimes. first, officials say this man shot another person following
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a fight last week near the corner of 52nd and styles. the victim was rushed to the hospital and is expected to be okay. also police are looking for another man who allegedly confronted an 86-year-old near 61st and market last week brandishing a raise door blade. the victim ignored the suspect but that suspect followed him home and allegedly attacked him from that behind along with another woman. the suspect took $50 to $60 of lottery tickets from the victim's pockets and then ran off. >> philadelphia is on the clock as we look live at the "action news" big board tonight there are less than three days until the first nfl draft activities open to the public. well, tonight the final road closures and parking restrictions will take effect. >> "action news" reporter bob brooks live on the ben franklin parkway with all that's happening in a matter of hours. hi, bob. >> hi, bob. >> reporter: hey, rick and monica, in a matter of hours the parkway, it's about to shut down. behind me you can see traffic is still on here. you got bikers, you got cars out here but again that's all
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about to change. here is what everyone needs to know. in just about two hours, more road closures for the nfl draft. things really starting to shape up now, the enormous stage is up, tents and event stands all the way down the parkway and at 7 o'clock, the ben franklin shuts down from the art museum to 20th street. how do you feel about that? >> got to do what you go to the do. it will be all right. >> reporter: that's one man with a positive outlook. in fact most people we spoke with today are starting to get on board with the production that's shaping up here. >> as long as it's good for the city it drives in additional people revenue. >> reporter: though some can understand why neighbors around here might be a little upset. >> i lived in chinatown when the pope came in town so i know the inconvenience. >> reporter: you'll notice when you come up to the parkway you might be stopped by some of the security in the red jackets. what they're telling people is that you can't walk across again traffic is going to be closed on the parkway up to 20th to cars and pedestrians. >> he told me that this part
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is going to be shut down so i'll have to go i think he said to walk on 20th street just go around. i'm sure people are annoyed but it's just going to be for the weekend. >> reporter: several side streets are closing this evening as well and at midnight even more. that includes side streets in residential neighborhoods west of 22nd. these areas will only allow access to residents. the park town place towers is another one of those places to close. mike ellis lives here and loves his view of the draft. >> i get to see everything for free which is really cool watching it built. >> reporter: but is a little confused on how he's going to prove he's a resident. >> with the pope visit as long as you're carrying around a piece of mail with your address on it you can get through all the security but i don't know, we haven't heard a thing. >> reporter: okay, another live look out here just for a few more hours he will be able to drive here on the parkway. then it's set to close at 7 o'clock. more closures at midnight so please keep in mind and have your alternative routes ready to go. reporting live along the parkway bob brooks channel6
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"action news." rick, monica. >> thank you bob. >> thanks bob. >> "action news" of course will have complete live coverage from the nfl draft aren't all the excitement around it. our sports and news teams will be live just feet from the draft theater on eakins oval in the middle of the action and we'll also have a team high above the parkway in our studio at the embassy suites for a bird's eye view. >> this reminder join us wednesday for our "action news" sports special draft preview party. our sports team will break down the eagles prospects with their 14th overall pick. you'll get a chance to see and learn more about some local draft prospects. you can watch our draft special wednesday night 7:30 right here on 6abc. >> new at 5:00 two local police officers are being hailed as heroes tonight for helping a couple in their time of need. instead of delivering justice though the officers delivered a baby. "action news" reporter sarah bloomquist live in bedminster with that story. sarah. >> reporter: monica, it is quite a story. matt and jennifer diaz were traveling here along route 313
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en route to doylestown hospital when that it became very clear little jace wasn't going to wait any longer. they pulled into this parking lot. two police officers arrived on the scene and delivered their 8-pound 2-ounce baby boy. meet baby jace the newest addition to the diaz family. he arrived into the world in dramatic fashion thursday night in the passenger seat of his parents' car. in a parking lot with the help of two local police officers. >> it just felt crazy. i couldn't -- it was like a whirlwind like a movie like that i just never thought that this would happen to us. >> reporter: close to 11 o'clock, jennifer started experiencing intense contractions. a neighbor came to care for five-year-old bentley. jennifer and her husband matt started for doylestown hospital. five minutes into the car ride. >> she said my water broke and she started to scream. i've never heard her scream like this before. and she said he's coming, he's coming, he's coming so i called 911 and we pulled over
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in a parking lot. >> reporter: officer robert compton a bedminster township police and chief brian lehman of dublin borough arrived in seconds. they could tell this baby was coming. >> i knew it was imminent immediately when the baby was crowning. this was definitely going to happen and the ambulance wasn't going to get here. >> she had pushed at one point and the head then came out and -- and after a few minutes, then had that pushed more and the baby came out but literally had to catch it. >> officer compton after he came out and he laid jace on his chest he goes well, i guess this is a good time to introduce myself. my name is bob, congratulations. so, it was -- it was awesome. >> reporter: awesome. and the diaz's couldn't be more grateful. >> very thankful. >> reporter: now, after the diazs were in the ambulance
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and safely en route to the hospital, the officers went and had a cup of coffee, talked about what happened and went back out on patrol. live in bedminster township bucks county, i'm sarah bloomquist channel6 "action news." rick and monica. >> all right. >> terrific. >> great story. >> thank you. this story came to us as a tip on our 6abc "action news" facebook page so make sure you follow us on social media for the latest headlines accuweather and breaking news and to let us know about any other stories like this in our area. on facebook we're 6abc "action news" on twitter we're @6abc. >> all right, time now for matt pelman to deliver the traffic report on a monday night. >> all right, let's take it live over to the traffic center. hey, matt. >> and it is not such a bundle of joy let me tell you that as we're out here in the art museum area rick and monica. traffic not looking so good on the vine street expressway, right? well, it's only going to get worse as the week goes along. this afternoon it's just volume here jammed up in both directions but as we get more and more of those street closures up top, including the outer drives of the parkway at 7:00 tonight the ramp from the westbound vine to 22nd street at midnight tonight, the
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traffic on the vine and on the schuylkill nearby is only going to get worse as the week progresses. right now on the schuylkill and 95 plenty of normal afternoon volume. we're watching a crash involving a pedestrian in sharon hill by the cvs along chester pike at kal calpin hook road. also still watching the utility truck fire in delran burlington county. you want to avoid creek road at melrose avenue. hartford and bridgeboro would be some alternates. we'll check it again rick and monica, coming up in the next half hour. >> okay. >> thank you, sir. let's go live to breaking news sharon hill. chopper6 over the scene after a child had been hit by an auto. it happened about 20 minutes ago at chester pike and calpin hook road. police are on the scene obviously and the ambulance is about to take the victim away
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but we do not believe these are life-threatening injuries. the child was alert and is about to be taken to the hospital to be checked out a child struck by a car in sharon hill delaware county. >> much more still ahead on "action news" at 5:00 tonight. a controversial monument removed under the cover of darkness. why crews in louisiana waited until the middle of the night to take dune prominent landmark. >> in health check how the family of a burn victim is trying to help pay it forward and warn other parents of dangers in the kitchen when "action news" comes right back. >> ♪ hey allergy muddlers are you one sneeze away from being voted out of the carpool? try zyrtec® it's starts working hard at hour one and works twice as hard when you take it again the next day. stick with zyrtec® and muddle no more®.
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>> in the dead of night in new orleans removed a controversial symbol of its past. the city did away with a monument to a deadly white supremacist uprising in 1874. crews wore bulletproof vests as they took it down t new orleans is home to mostly african-american residents. new orleans will take out confederate statues in the coming days. they will be stored elsewhere until their future home is determinedly. >> a 600-year-old tree is coming down in somerset county new jersey. the giant oak is a landmark in the town of bernard. the locals there say the tree was the site of a picnic general george washington held with french aristocrats the marquee delafayette. the tree is being taken down
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as a precaution. another white oak cultivated from the tree's acorns may rise and continue the tree's legacy. >> health check tonight local parents are sharing their stories saying it can happen in the blink of an eye, a child can be burned. >> that's right. and they're hoping to raise awareness about prevention. health reporter and registered nurse ali gorman is at the big board with their story. >> they were taking precautions in the kitchen but just as you said in the blink of an eye their little girl was scalded with hot oil. but now years later she is healed but the family is paying it forward helping other families battling burns. >> my whole life flash before my eyes. >> 11-year-old emma cooper reads me her recent essay about an accident that happened when she was just four years old. she was helping her dad cook in the kitchen. he says when they finished. >> she turned around and was washing her hands on the stool and she slipped off the stool. >> while falling she grabbed a still hot skillet of oil.
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it went on her head her chest and mostly her left foot. this is what it looked like at the hospital. emma went through months of treatment for a severe burn. >> it is very, very difficult to not be able to make them feel better when they're hurting like that and she was in a lot of pain. >> now all that remains physically is this scar. emma tells me she used to feel self-conscious but writing helps and so does that helping other kids. the family created the nonprofit heal the burn to provide resources and prevention tips. such as keep young kids out of the kitchen when cooking. face handles of pots towards the back or center of the stove. don't hold hot liquids while holding small children. the foundation also raises money to send kids to camp susquehanna, a four day long camp for kids with burn injuries. >> they get to do things that they wouldn't -- maybe they would be shy of doing at a regular camp or they can't do
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at a regular camp. they're with a staff member or a therapist for the whole camp. they get to do things like horseback riding zip lining swimming. >> they say seeing how emma loved horseback riding and she and her brother love games and camp it seemed like a perfect fit to help other kids. >> it feels nice that i can help them and like make them not be self-conscious. >> and therapist at camp susquehanna also help kids to cope with the emotional trauma of a burn. the camp is free to kids based on sponsors and donations and the coopers are hosting a fundraiser at pagano's this thursday. we have all the details on rick and monica, back over to you. >> okay. >> brave young lady. >> thanks ali. >> still ahead, how hershey's is going to cut calories in some of its most popular treats. >> dream for a nan came true on an extra special birthday. we'll tell you about it when "action news" comes right back. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> her she's has some sweet news for people trying to count calories. are the company says by the end of 2022 half of its individually wrapped standard and king size treats will have
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just 200 calories or fewer. hershey's says it will tweak formulas and portion sizes to will issue that goal. king size bars will also be redesigned so they can be shared or saved for later. astronaut peggy whitson shattered a record today miles above the earth. today she marked her 535th day in space. that's more cumulative time in space than any other american astronaut and this is whitson's third long duration stint on the international space station. she's also the only woman top to serve as a station commander twice. whitson got a call today from president trump and his daughter ivanka to congratulate her on her out of the world mile doylestown man is celebrating his 93rd birthday and as he found out dreams can still come true. >> ♪ happy birthday. >> ♪
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>> bill grunt's family and friends threw this party at the wesley enhanced living center. they sang and had sweets but they also had a surprise up their sleeves. ever since bill was a little boy he wanted to be a fireman and today he got to. the doylestown fire company made it happen. >> you're going to be a firefighter. you have to wear a blue t-shirt. >> all right. >> that's all we wear is blue t-shirts. >> more than one to keep warm, right. >> how cool is that? after getting some gifts he hopped in the fire truck and with the sirens blaring firefighters took him on the ride he's been waiting his whole life to take. >> you are never too young that's for sure. >> how sweet. >> still to come on "action news" at 5:00 tonight a check of the forecast out there. >> let's take you outside live right now and sky6 at the philadelphia international airport. cecily tynan with the five day to tell us when the sun will come out when will "action news" comes right back.
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>> we've got breaking news now from chester county. chopper6 is over the scene here. this is the traffic we want to pass along near tredyffrin township. the railroad overpass is currently closed to traffic. this is howellville road in tredyffrin township. a fire truck crashed into the bridge about 4:30 this afternoon. no injuries reported but amtrak officials need to check to make sure the bridge did
5:26 pm
not sustain any damage so howellville road shut down between route 30 and old lancaster road in tredyffrin township chester county. >> time for a check of accuweather at the "action news" big board tonight. >> meteorologist cecily tynan has the fork -- forecast. a little bit on the soggy side but it's going to get nicer. >> by the end of the week it will feel like summer. big changes on the way but first we have to get through some rain. double scan live showing that it's a cloudy damp day but we don't have any real organized widespread heavy rain. we just have some showers around. right now basically the heaviest, i don't want to call it heavy, the steadiest shower moving right over reading moving up to the north towards i-78. we also have a few scattered light showers across south jersey, salem county also heading into new castle county, all moving up to the north and this is all from a system that's to the south and that actually has some heavy rain that will be moving in for tomorrow. today, though t-with the winds out of the east-northeast off the oh, it's definitely on the cool side.
5:27 pm
philadelphia 58 degrees. allentown 60, wilmington 59. cape may 53 and trenton 56 degrees and normal high for this time of the year is 66. temperatures running about 10 degrees below normal. so, this is the setup. satellite6 and action radar showing the low pressure it's really right over the border of south carolina and georgia and you can see some of that heavy rain ahead of it across the carolinas. this is what will be lifting up to the north as we head through the overnight hours. tomorrow is basically a washout. we're looking at periods of rain on and off through the day, heavy at times and with that that wind off the ocean, temperatures going nowhere. starting off at 51 degrees in the morning and then only reaching up into the mid-50's. in addition to the temperature and the rain, we'll also have the winds. future tracker showing tomorrow afternoon tapping into the low level jet. so what this does, it brings powerful winds to the surface especially along the coast, right along the coast we're looking at winds up to about
5:28 pm
40 miles per hour and inland it's also going to be quite windy, winds generally about 20 to 25 miles per hour. so, future tracker timing it out. by 7 o'clock in the morning the steady rain is moving in especially across south jersey and delaware. lunchtime, some heavy rain west of philadelphia and looks like the widespread starched will be moving steady rain -- steady rain will be moving in. it hangs on tuesday night and gradually will begin to dry things out on wednesday. the good news about the rain, though, if you have allergies, the pollen is dropping to low to medium tomorrow before ramping up as we head up toward the end of the week. tomorrow it's cold, rainy, windy, 56 degrees. wednesday morning drizzle, afternoon clouds, 68k thursday, friday, saturday, temperatures climbing from the low 80's to the upper 80's. could be even warmer on sunday. i'll talk about that in the seven-day forecast, guys. >> okay. >> sounds good. thank you cecily.
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more "action news" coming your way. we'll take a break and be right back. >> okay.
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>> ♪ >> "action news" continues with meteorologist adam joseph, jaime apody, rick williams and monica malpass.
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>> ♪ >> hello again and here's what's happening on "action news" tonight. with a government shutdown looming president trump is pressing lawmakers to make room for one of his signature campaign promises. newly released documents show what plans this tennessee teacher had for his teenaged student when they vanished nearly a month ago. what federal prosecutors say they now have uncovered. it is nfl draft week. we're live on the parkway with the story of a local draft prospect who is hoping his dreams come true. >> ♪ >> all right, we're approaching president donald trump's 100 days in office and white house officials say they're proud of the progress the administration has made. however, they call the time frame an artificial benchmark to get things done. one piece of business that's looming over democrats and republicans tonight the passage of the budget to keep the government up and running. president trump is pushing for the down payment for his border wall with mexico. despite campaign promises that americans would not have to foot the bill mexico would.
5:32 pm
still he tweeted about it this morning. the wall, he says, is a very important tool in stopping drugs from pouring into our country and poisoning our youth. if the wall is not built he tweeted, which it will be, the drug situation will never be fixed the way it should be #build the wall. >> the democrats in the house and the senate are ready to work and cooperate with republicans to keep our government opened but we told the president and the republicans weeks ago don't try any political stunts, don't put any poison pills into this process. let's just do our responsible important work of fund, this government. >> in addition to the budget, president trump is also touting massive tax cuts that will benefit the middle class. however, his administration has yet to provide those details but say they could be released as early as wednesday. >> heavy sanctions were imposed on syrian president assad after his alleged chemical attack on his own
5:33 pm
people. president trump issued 217 restrictions against him through the treasury department. they're an effort to cut off funds for weapons manufacturers in his escalating civil war. it is one of the largest sanctions in u.s. history. 80 civilians were killed. the u.s. already had launched missiles again a syrian air field. >> now to a major political shift in france. french voters have shut out the political mainstream from the presidency for the first time in modern history. the move may not only have widespread implications across europe but also here in the u.s. populist marine le pen and m macron.
5:34 pm
the white house says it is not officially endorsing either candidate. >> talk to the people of france -- it's up to the people of france to decide their next leader and we are their -- the decision that they make in may so let's -- our job is to work with whomever the french people choose. >> well, the french people will decide who will lead their country in the final election on may seventh. >> tad cummins that tennessee teacher accused of kidnapping a student and holding her captive for nearly a month reportedly planned to take her to mexico and further in newly submitted documents federal prosecutors say cummins admitted to taking elizabeth thomas because he knew he was under investigation for having a relationship with her. he changed license plates disabling his gps and using aliases and wearing disguises. cummins will be formally area neighborhood a -- arraignedd in a california courtroom.
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>> a judge has ordered copies of the three suicide notes left behind by exnfl star aaron hernandez be turned over to his family by the end of today. his family made the request hours before his funeral was society take place in bristol. her did he see was serving a life sentence in prison when he committed suicide last week. world news tonight with david muir will follow "action n news" at 6:00. according hearing schedule today for mumia abu jamaal. he hopes a judge will overturn the state rulings that denied his appeals abu jamaal turned 63 today. he's serving life in prison for the murder of philadelphia police officer daniel faulkner in 1981. dozens of abu jamaal
5:36 pm
supporters gathered at the courthouse and marched around city all. >> a 22-year-old man was shot and killed following an argument in philadelphia's germantown section overnight. authorities say it happened inside of a third floor apartment along the unit block of east penn street just after midnight. detectives say one of the men pulled out a gun killed the other man and then took off. officers captured him a short time later. and an out of control driver hit several parked cars in delaware county this morning. this was the scene along the 2200 block of manor avenue in upper darby. police say the suv overturned after hitting the park car at about 5:30 a.m. the driver was able to get out of the vehicle on their own and was checked out at the scene. investigators have not said if charges will be filed in the case. take a look at this surveillance video. it captured a burglar wearing a trash bag breaking into a convenience store in washington township, new jersey, right there. as you can see, the disguise may not have been the best idea as the burglar stumbles over the counter knocking down displays as he tries to drag
5:37 pm
away a heavy cash register. it happened at yogi's quick shop on greentree road on april 11. the burglar did manage to get away but if you can identify him somehow you're asked to call washington township police. >> wilmington police filed charges against a babysitter in connection with an amber alert this weekend. 50-year-old michelle rogers was arrested and charged with two counts of reckless endangerment and kidnapping. siblings five-year-old zion coverdale dixon and his sister three-year-old smyrna were found safe and sound with rogers in maryland. they had been missing since last wednesday but were not reported missing until friday night. also from our delaware news room rehoboth police searching for two women and one man they say the trio used counterfeit money for a string of fraudulent purchases saturday. all their alleged crimes happened along the rehoboth avenue corridor. and a truck caught fire while on the job in delran burlington county this afternoon. chopper6 over the scene in the area of creek road and melrose
5:38 pm
avenue. crews put on the the flames quickly but the power company sent out a team to make sure overhead wires nearby were not damaged. nobody was hurt. >> let's get another check of your "action news" traffic report. >> over to matt pelman to see what's rolling out there. >> haven't quite finished the cleanup in delran burlington county so creek road and melrose avenue do remain blocked off here in delran. i would stick with hartford and bridgeboro as some alternates if that's your way home this evening. here in cherry hill by the wegmans there was a crash in the eastbound lanes of 70 here at haddonfield road. it's cleared out of the way but still some heavy eastbound traffic as you can see. and there's a wreck right by the gateway diner in westville. you want to avoid brought way close to river drive. also one right by the deptford center mall along clements bridge road. i would stay down on deptford center road to get around that. in falls township bucks county serious crash to avoid along mill creek parkway at falls tullytown road. route one the super highway scheduled to close again tonight at oxford valley road because of overnight
5:39 pm
construction starting around 9 o'clock. tredyffrin township have that crash blocking howellville road. waterloo an alternate. in sharon hill a crash involving a pedestrian route 13 at calcon hook road. steer clear of that area. and of course this afternoon inner drives of the ben franklin parkway are blocked as we get ready for the nfl draft. it's 7:00 tonight when the outer drives close with more closures coming at midnight. rick, monica, i'll be here bright and early 4:30 a.m. to talk about all those nfl draft closures at that point. >> you might as well just stay over. we'll need you. >> exactly. >> great idea, love it. >> thank you, sir. >> monica said it, not me. [laughter] >> still to come on "action news" monday night, catholics throughout our area will get the chance to experience one of the most cherished pieces of biblical history ever discovered. we'll explain. >> a group of students from camden can now call themselves world travelers. they just got back from paris. you'll hear all about the
5:40 pm
experience in the city of lights. cecily is in for adam tonight. >> storm tracker6 live double scan showing a soaking rain moving our way. once it moves out get ready for a true taste of summer. i'll let you know how long it will last. >> jaime apody with nfl draft news in sports when "action news" comes right back. >> ♪
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>> a delaware county church is displaying a replica of the shroud of turin. the original shroud is believed to be the burial cloth of jesus christ following his crucifixion. the replica was blessed by pope benedict xvi after touching the original shroud. >> jaime apody here with sports. this is nfl draft week we have been waiting for. >> my gosh how long have we been talking about this. >> it's exciting. >> too long. >> i know. after more than a year of planning draft week has finally arrived. the eyes of the sports world will be on eakins oval as a select few see their nfl dreams come true. jeff skversky standing by with the story of one local star
5:44 pm
hoping to hear his name called that very first night. hey, jeff. >> reporter: hey, jamie. come thursday night in the first round of the nfl draft, it will feature one of the greatest stories in this year's draft and it involves a local player actual from camden and temple university just five years ago hassan reddick was not even recruited out of high school at haddon heights. now he's going to walk down that stage and hear his name called in the nfl draft. what a journey by reddick. take a look. he is back in his hometown of camden today getting the key to the city. what a moment. this is where his dream started in camden, new jersey, the linebacker went where being a walk on at temple to a first round draft pick in a very short time. his stock has been on the rise since that amazing senior bowl and combine. now he's expecting to be only the fourth temple player to ever be drafted in the first round. as you can imagine he is ready to get his name called. >> it's crazy, man.
5:45 pm
it's been a lot of hard downs but i wouldn't trade it, you know, for anything. i wouldn't go back and change anything. everything worked out for best, you know. the story is great, it's amazing it's one of dedication hard work and determination and i think that's what people need in their life to do what they want to do to do be successful. >> extremely proud. a ball of emotion with everything that's going on in these upcoming days but he deserves it. he deserves it. he worked hard for it. >> that is one proud mother. former eagle offensive lineman tra thomas giving reddick some tips today on how to beat nfl offensive line men. we'll hear from trey at 6 o'clock and trey thinks reddick can be a beast. he had 22 and a half tackles at temple. that is the third best in the entire country. he should have an impact in this draft and in the nfl for years to come. of course mom is hoping the eagles pick him at number 14.
5:46 pm
we will see. we're live on the parkway, jeff skversky, channel6 "action news". jamie. >> a lot of folks have him rated really high. thank you jeff. join us on wednesday night for our "action news" sports special. draft preview party live from the parkway and we will be joined by espn analyst ron jaworski and sal paolantonio. when it comes to the draft we're all experts. it's fun to try and guess who the eagles are going to take. even the eagles players are getting in on the action. malcolm jenkins wants them to target someone who will join him in the defensive back field. >> there's a lot of competition but we do need, you know, a solid number one corner and just to add some more depth to that room and hopefully we can address that in the draft. >> cornerback. the phils may be off today but they lost not a game but a pitcher. aaron nola on the 10 day dl with a lower back sprain. he was supposed to start
5:47 pm
wednesday against the marlins. no word on who will take his place yet guys. >> okay. >> thank you. some camden students are world travelers now after an amazing school trip to paris. it almost didn't happen though because of money woes. "action news" viewers jumped into to help so did businesses and the airline and now the high schoolers have a parisian adventure to share as katherine scott reports. >> it was like a whole new world. >> reporter: they traveled to the top of the eiffel tower shopped the champs elysees. these students are back in camden but it was a week they'll never forget. >> it was just like so exciting. like i don't live like in the tiny world i live in a big world. >> my first impression was like wow, like i'm actually in europe and, you know, it's my first time traveling. >> reporter: you may remember hearing about these students earlier this year in a story on 6abc. their french teacher paula spent months trying to raise enough money to get a group of
5:48 pm
28 students and chaperones to paris. it was no easy feat. >> for these kids to not have the money to be able to pay for it, i wanted to -- i didn't want to even out things but i wanted to give them the chance to have that fabulous experience. >> reporter: her efforts paid off raising more than $45,000 for the trip. there were big sponsors like the katz foundation holman and subaru plus reduced air fare from american airlines. donations also rolled in after that piece on 6abc. >> your original broadcast brought us $15,000 in one night in funding. >> reporter: their days were packed with sightseeing experienceing a new culture. >> my favorite part was honestly like just looking at like the landscape and the horizon. >> my favorite part honestly had nothing to to with any monument. it was seeing my students see paris. >> reporter: and sampling the food. the students even organized a cheese tasting. >> i actually want to try all the cheese, like the stinkiest
5:49 pm
one i loved. >> reporter: they're still a little bit jetlag but they don't mind. a small price to pay for a trip of a lifetime. >> now that i see people communicating talking and how life works over there, it's like i want to learn french more, like i'm more curious about it. >> reporter: in camden, katherine scott, channel6 "action news. ranked highest in customer satisfaction by jd power 4 years in a row. and now you can love fios too. get 150 meg internet, tv and phone. all for $79.99 per month online, for the first year with a two-year agreement. it's the only internet with equal upload and download speeds. cable only offers upload speeds that are a fraction of their download speeds. plus get hbo for a year and free multi-room dvr service for two years. and verizon wireless customers can stream tv on the fios mobile app, data-free. get the best. go to
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>> better find your umbrella. meteorologist cecily tynan in for adam with that story. >> yes, tomorrow is going to make today seem like a real nice day. we have heavy rain on the way. today certainly not a bright day. double scan live showing it's gloomy out there with scattered showers. most are on the light side but i have been tracking this one batch that that moved through reading a little bit more moderate heading towards fleetwood hamburg up to the north and this system is just getting started. tomorrow it's going to be basically a washout. today certainly a lot cooler than yesterday. yesterday made it up to 66 degrees. right now philadelphia only 58 degrees. the dewpoint 43 degrees. a lot of moisture in the air. winds out of the east at 14 miles an hour off the ocean. pressure right now 30.09 and the ocean temperature 52 so that's why most of our region temperatures are in the 50's with that that wind off the ocean. philadelphia 58, cape may 53. reading 57 and the mild spot is allentown currently 60. so, satellite and radar
5:53 pm
showing the clouds moved in late yesterday. they're here for awhile. we've got the light showers moving through but the steady heavy rain is across the carolinas. that low pressure is moving into southern carolina and what this will do is continue to push up to the northeast and that will bring us that soaking rain tomorrow. so, future tracker showing 10:30 tonight the clouds are here, a scattering of light showers. by 8 o'clock tomorrow morning though you're really going to need the umbrella especially across south jersey and delaware. heavy rain and through the day on and off periods of rain. 1 o'clock, it's still raining especially to the west. the evening commute looks very wet especially philadelphia and areas to the east. this is where we could have some very heavy downpours. it tapers off late tuesday night into wednesday morning but i really don't think we're going to see the sunshine on wednesday. have to wait for thursday for that. so, the latest future showing we're looking at a pretty good soaking. generally about three-quarters
5:54 pm
of an inch of rain to an inch and some areas along the coast could get more than 2-inches of rain. in addition to that it's going to be windy tomorrow a raw northeast wind. the philadelphia area is looking at sustained winds up to about 25 miles an hour but gusts up to 35 miles an hour. along the coast sustained winds 20 to 35 with gusts 40 to 45 miles per hour. so, all in all a pretty nasty day. the good news is the pollen will be washed out of the air tomorrow. that's the one good news about this. so, the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, it's rainy, it's cool, it's windy tomorrow with a high of 56. wednesday still pretty gray. morning drizzle, the low clouds with us really all day, 68 degrees. but look at what happens on thursday. it's brighter, it's warmer right in time for day one of the nfl draft. if you're heading down to the parkway for the festivities at 10 o'clock, it's going to be 70 by 4 o'clock 79 even by 10 o'clock still very mild, 70 degrees reaching our high of 80 but it gets warmer.
5:55 pm
84 on friday, 88 degrees on saturday, very close to the record high of 90. sunday the record high is 91. we'll be within 2 degrees of that. 89 degrees. could get a few pop-up showers or thunderstorms again on monday a chance of some afternoon thunderstorms. and very warm with a high of 84 degrees. so, soggy and cool tomorrow. by the end of the week i think some of us will be complaining it's too hot. >> not me. >> all right, thank you cecily. >> i like it. >> remember you can get that seven-day forecast and check the storm tracker6 radar any time at and be sure to follow our accuweather team on social media for live updates all day long. congressman macarthur promised to protect our health care.
5:56 pm
but when right-wing politicians tried to pass a disastrous health care repeal bill that raises costs and cuts coverage, macarthur wouldn't oppose them. macarthur wouldn't protect us from a bill that raises premiums and causes 24 million to lose their insurance. wouldn't oppose a massive "age tax" on people over 50. but supported a 600 billion tax break for the wealthy.
5:57 pm
tell tom macarthur - stop trying to repeal our health care. >> right now jim gardner and the "action news" team standing by with these stories and much more coming up next at 6:00. final phase of road closures related to the nfl draft are about to take effect. >> special delivery.
5:58 pm
police in bucks county assist delivering a baby who couldn't wait until his parents got to a hospital. very sweet story. we'll have that and more coming up. for adam joseph, cecily tynan jaime apody rick williams the entire "action news" team i'm monica malpass. have a great night. >> good night. >> ♪
5:59 pm
>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with ducis rodgers, meteorologist cecily tynan and jim gardner. >> ♪ >> monday night, philadelphia police have a 16-year-old in custody for the shooting of his friend. and a major beach replenishment project is now under way in atlantic city but the big story on "action news" tonight is the arrest of a
6:00 pm
42-year-old man charged with sexual predation. allegations say torres repeatedly raped a young girl in this house in the westville section of deptford over more than a year. live in westville tonight is new jersey correspondent nora muchanic with more details. nora. >> reporter: jim, it's a terrible case of sexual abuse. torres is a registered sex offender in north carolina but didn't have to register here when he moved to new jersey. >> that's horrible. i couldn't imagine any kid like going through that. that's terrible. >> reporter: like many in the westville section of deptford robin hardy is reacting to the news of what allegedly happened inside this house on a dead end street off route 47. police have that charged 42-year-old gabriel torres with the ongoing aggravated assault of a girl under 13. authorities won't say what his relationship to the girl is. cour


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