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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  April 24, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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42-year-old man charged with sexual predation. allegations say torres repeatedly raped a young girl in this house in the westville section of deptford over more than a year. live in westville tonight is new jersey correspondent nora muchanic with more details. nora. >> reporter: jim, it's a terrible case of sexual abuse. torres is a registered sex offender in north carolina but didn't have to register here when he moved to new jersey. >> that's horrible. i couldn't imagine any kid like going through that. that's terrible. >> reporter: like many in the westville section of deptford robin hardy is reacting to the news of what allegedly happened inside this house on a dead end street off route 47. police have that charged 42-year-old gabriel torres with the ongoing aggravated assault of a girl under 13. authorities won't say what his relationship to the girl is. court documents say the
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assaults went on between 2015 and 16 and included the use of whips and a necktie top sexually punish the child. torees girlfriend has been charged with sexual assault and endangering the welfare of a child. >> what are they thinking? how can they do that to a young child, you know? it's crazy. >> reporter: torres was convicted of possessing child pornography in 2010 and was area registered sex offender in north carolina released from prison in 2014 but he's not listed on new jersey's sex offender registry. a spokesman for the gloucester county prosecutor's office says not all crimes committed out of state require a sex offender to register here. >> you have people live across the street you don't know what's going on across the street. >> reporter: can we talk to you about gabriel and mary. >> go away. >> reporter: we were turned away from the house where the couple lives. mary gianne worked. she was fired in february but
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company officials say it was not related to this case. well talked with one man at a nearby strip mall who was just learning of the charges. >> they shouldn't be doing it. it's as simple, they should be in jail. too much of that stuff going on now. >> reporter: the couple faces a detention hearing on wednesday. until then they remain behind bars in the salem county jail. live in westville, i'm nora muchanic channel6 "action news." jim. >> thank you nor ranch a 17-year-old suffered a gunshot wound to the face this morning and his 16-year-old friend is now in police custody. it happened on lindbergh boulevard in southwest philadelphia. the friend tells police that he jokingly pointed a gun at the boy to wake him up. the victim was startled and the gun fired as he pushed it away. police haven't filed charges yet. they're still trying to figure out where the gun came from. it used to be something that just sort of happened.
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but now it's become one of the bigger spectacles in all of sport. it is the nfl draft and it begins thursday on the parkway in philadelphia. "action news" reporter bob brooks is live on the parkway tonight and bob, we're less than an hour from the third and final phase of traffic restrictions for the area. >> reporter: jim, that's right. we are on the parkway as we know it. it's transforming slowly but surely into the nfl draft. behind me here you can see cars bikers pedestrians, they're still using it. but again, in almost less than an hour, that's not going to be the case. you have about one more hour to drive on the parkway then it's officially nfl draft property for the weekend. at 7 o'clock tonight the ben franklin from the art museum to 20th street is shutting down. so you're going to have to find another way to get around some don't explained already figured out how i'm going get to the gym, how i'm going to get to my workout classes. working from home thursday and friday. >> reporter: others supportive.
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>> my brother is coming in for it on thursday. >> reporter: we spoke with many people who understand why neighbors around here might be upset. >> i lived in chinatown when the pope came in town so i know the inconvenience. >> reporter: you'll notice when you come to the parkway you might be stopped by some of the security in the red jackets. what they're telling people is that you can't walk across again traffic is going to be closed on the parkway up top 20'sth to cars and pedestrians. >> he told me that this part is going to be shut down so i'll have to go i think he said to walk on 20th street. >> reporter: several side streets are closing this evening as well. then at midnight even more. that includes side streets in residential neighborhoods west of 22nd. these areas will only allow access to residents. the park town place towers another one of those places to close. mike ellis lives here and loves his view of the draft but he's a little confused as to how he'll be able to get back into his home once he leaves. >> with the pope visit and all that other stuff as long as you're carrying around a piece of mail that's got your address on it you can get through all the security but i don't know we haven't heard a
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thing. >> reporter: what you're seeing here the last post work rush hour here until the draft is over down here on the parkway and could, to the city's web site, if you live in some of those areas that are being shut down to traffic you might have to show an i.d. to get back into your home. so, have that handy also you might want to carry around like you heard a piece of mail for further verification. reporting live along the parkway, bob brooks channel6 "action news". jim. >> bob. in eakins oval is "action news" reporter annie mccormick and annie, thursday will be a unique day in the world of philadelphia sports. you've got the draft but don't forget the phillies also the penn relays, all on the same day in the same city. >> reporter: and jim, also remember the penn relays have been going on for more than a hundred years and today organizers of the relays and also city officials wanted to remind people that are coming to the draft that they can see the elite athletes just over the water at franklin field,
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too. the nfl draft isn't the only show bringing world class athletes to philadelphia. just across the schuylkill, the historic penn relays now in its 123rd year will take place at the same time. >> to put in it scale, there are more athletes that compete in the penn relays in three days than meat compete in the entire olympic games in all sports over the two weeks of the summer limb points an estimated 300,000 are expected to take part in both events. relay organizers admit their first reaction to the matching dates was this. >> two sides of it. one is the challenge and one is the opportunity. >> reporter: here on the parkway outside the 3,000 seat theater, there will be 25 football fields worth of nfl fan experience open to the public with plenty of interactive exhibits like the ones seen here in chicago last year. >> we'll have a giant video screen with the player running and you run right next to him. so many great things that are going to be happening down here and it's going to be for
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three full days starting on thursday. >> reporter: the thinking is the type of fans heading to see elite football players will also want to head over to seal elite track and field stars, too. >> fans could come to both events. they're literally a 15 minute walk from the art museum to the entrance to the relay carnival village in franklin field. >> reporter: mayor kenney says the city can handle it. >> we have the capacity to do big events and multiple events at the same time. our police are awesome. our police are top notch when it comes to dealing with crowds, dealing with public safety and dealing with large events. >> reporter: and jim, relay organizers actually brought up a gun point. they said that a number of athletes that have been drafted by the nfl at some point in their career actually competed in the penn relays. for now reporting live at eakins oval annie mccormick channel6 "action news." jim back to you. >> annie thank you. "action news" will have complete live coverage from the nfl draft and all the excitement surrounding it. our sports and news teams will
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be live outside and inside the draft theater on ben franklin parkway in the middle of all the action. we'll also have a team high above the parkway in our studio at the embassy suites for a bird's eye view, the nfl draft in philadelphia. a tradition on the schuylkill river is back this year thanks to a new corporate sponsors. this morning mayor jim kenney and congressman bob brady announced that independence blue cross will be the new sponsors of the dad vail regatta. the 79th regatta takes place on may 12th and 13 on the schuylkill river. city of philadelphia collected $7 million from the beverage tax. the department of revenue says it's on track to meet its fiscal 2017 goal of '46 million dollars. it brought in $6.2 million in march, and 5.9 in february.
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revenue is being used to fund pre-k programs as well as philadelphia parks and recreation centers. major beach replenishing project is starting this week in atlantic city. the army corps of engineers has moved in heavy equipment to pump more sand onto the shore line along absecon island. later this summer crews will move south to margate and the longport. mayor don guardian says this is at the largest beach project in the last decade. the federal government is funding most of the project. volunteers were honored at the fifth annual salute the service in delaware today. the ceremony was held this afternoon at the chase center in wilmington. the awards were presented in several categories. winners had no idea they were being honored. it was all a surprise. coming up on "action news" tonight police in bucks county answer the call forearm different kind of emergency. and this incident has a very happy ending. tonight parents of the new baby boy get a chance to say thanks to the officers who
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went above the call of duty. jeff skversky is live with the story of a big honor for nfl draft prospect. jeff. >> reporter: jim, camden native hassan reddick plans to buy his mother a house. that is right. after she helped put him through college at temple and how he's honored today in his hometown, that story and more coming up in sports. cecily. >> well, jeff, we have a big warmup on the way right in time for the nfl draft but first we have to get through a soaking rain. i'll explain in the accuweather 7-day forecast. >> those stories and much more when that "action news" continues tonight. >> ♪ hi
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>> today is holocaust remembrance day honoring the millions of jews killed during world two. jaime apody shared the story of her family with students at barack academy in bryn mawr. jamie's four grandparents are all holocaust survivors. her grandmothers actually knew each other at auschwitz concentration camp. jamie said she was moved by the accounts of students who recently returned from visiting concentration camps in poland. after the assembly the students dedicated at the children's flower garden on campus in honor of the children who never had the chance to grow up. impatience isn't necessarily the best of all human qualities but nobody is blaming the newest addition to the diaz family from bedminster township. he just couldn't wait to be born. "action news" reporter sarah bloomquist has this story. >> >> reporter: little jace is
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a beautiful healthy newborn. one day he'll have quite a story to tell about the night he was born and the passenger seat of his parents nar a parking lot in bedminster township bucks county. >> it just felt crazy. i couldn't -- it was like a whirlwind like a movie. i never thought this would happen to us. >> reporter: thursday night before 11:00 jennifer started experiencing intense contractions. a neighbor came to care for five-year-old bender lee -- bentley and the diazs set out for the hospital. >> i knew he was coming fast and i kept telling him to drive farther but he called 911 and then, you know, pulled over 'cause there was no way we were making it all the way to the hospital. >> reporter: officer robert compton of bedminster township and chief brian lehman of dublin borough arrived at this parking lot in seconds. they can tell the baby was that seconds away from being born. >> i knew it was imminent immediately when the baby was crowning. this was definitely going to
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happen and the ambulance wasn't going to get here. >> ready or not, you know, here we go, so tried to keep her calm and help her through it. >> they walked us through and they delivered jays and then the ems showed up. >> caught jace. >> yes, one of the police officers caught him. >> i texted my wife right away and i said i just delivered a baby and i can't stop shaking. >> reporter: was she like what. >> that's exactly what her response was, yes. >> reporter: today the office visited the diaz family at their quakertown home. they got to hold jace and his parents got another chance to thank the officers who delivered their tiny miracle. >> very thankful. >> reporter: in bedminster township bucks county, sarah bloomquist channel6 "action news".
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>> descending on philadelphia. it's going to be quite a week. going to be a lot of fun. >> everywhere i was people
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were stopping me asking me aren't you excited about the draft. round one slated for thursday night. rounds two and three are friday, the draft will where was that on saturday with rounds four through seven. the eagles have eight picks in all this year's nfl draft with their first pick coming up a number 14 overall. temple is expected to have at least one player taking on one. jeff skversky is live on eakins oval with more. jeff. >> reporter: hey, ducis. growing up just across the ben franklin bridge in camden, new jersey, hassan reddick dreamed of the day he would hear his name called in the nfl draft and we are just days away. the temple star will hear his name called thursday night on the big stage in the first round as you can imagine he is very anxious for thursday night. hassan reddick shot in the nfl is days away. today the temple prospect is back in his hometown of camden where he's given a key to the city on battleship new jersey. [applause] >> reporter:. >> i'm happy.
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i'm anxious i believe ready to go. i'm ready to see where i'll be at. you know, where i'll be calling home for the next couple years. >> reporter: the key to reddick's rise to a projected first round pick hard work. the linebacker wall not recruited out of haddon heights high school, he was a walk on on temple and his mom spent roughly a hundred thousand dollars to put him through college until he got a scholarship as a senior. >> it was times where i wanted to give up. you know, i just wanted to get a job and take some of that stress off of her. her being shoe she was she said we going to make it work. >> i get a bit emotional because like i said, he deserves it. >> reporter: reddick plans to pay his mom back by buying her a house while trey thomas is paying it forward giving reddick some valuable tips. how much trouble do you think he would have given you in your playing days. >> none. what are you talking about man? i think he's a great athlete. he's definitely a speed rusher, you know. but i mean, man, i was a beast
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now. i mean -- but you know, especially since this is his. >> reporter: but he's going to be good. >> yeah, he's definitely going to be good. >> reporter: yeah, and that's why he's projected as a first round pick. only two players in the entire country had more tackles for a loss than reddick last season. hopefully that projects well in the nfl. we're live on the parkway, jeff skversky channel6 "action news." >> all right, jeff, thank you so much. we are jacked up for the nfl draft t our special draft preview party is set for wednesday night at 7:30 here on 6abc. we'll break down eagles options at 14 and feature more local prospects. once again that's wednesday night at 7:30. cornerback is an area the eagles could address in the draft. the top corner backs in this year's draft march san lattimore and geary connor both attended the ohio state t eagles safety malcolm jenkins is also a buckeye. >> i would love to get collins. i don't think lattimore will
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be there. we need corners and i need another buckeye on the team so selfishly i would like to take him. >> to baseball. day off for the phillies did does not mean bad news can't come. aaron nola on the and the day disabled list. he has a lower back strain. he was scheduled to start pens wednesday's game against the marlins. nola has a four points 50 era thus far this season. >> keep an eye on that injury. >> thank you ducis. cecily tynan with with the accuweather forecast. you won't believe what this forecast looks like just after a couple of days, right have to get through the -- it's unbelievable. when we and continue in just a moment.
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we do business where you do business. >> all right, let's get this accuweather forecast. cecily tynan. >> that was quite a tease earlier. >> let's have it. >> big changes, big warmup by the end of the week but first we got some rain and right now it's not that heavy. storm tracker6 live double scan showing we've got a scattering of light showers. there is one batch of some steady rain right over the mouth of the delaware bay moving up to the northwest but the heavier rain will be moving in by dawn tomorrow and tomorrow's really going to be a washout. accuweather highlights will show you it's going to be a cool and wet tuesday. today's high 60. tomorrow we probably won't get any warmer than 56 degrees. that's 11 degrees below normal. and we're looking at periods of rain through the day generally about a half inch to an inch and half of rain, so a steady soaking and in addition to the rain, it will be very windy. especially right along the
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coast. the storm system will actually be pulling down winds from higher in the atmosphere so where you don't get the friction of the land right along the coast, we'll have wind gusts more than 40 miles an hour. even inland it will be quite windy with wind gusts up to about 25 miles per hour. so, a raw windy cold day tomorrow and right now it's not that pretty out there. plenty of clouds, definitely on the cool side. philadelphia 57 degrees, allentown 59, cape may 53 and wilmington 58. so, satellite and radar showing the low pressure i'm tracking it's moving into south carolina right now and there's some heavy rain moving across north carolina. that low pressure tracks just to our southeast so that would be pulling in steady rain during the day day tomorrow. future tracker showing about 10:30 the clouds in place. again it will be somewhat damp with a few scattered showers but that steady rain is here right in the time for the morning commute especially south of philadelphia could have some heavy downpours around 8 o'clock and it's
6:26 pm
basically on and off rain through the day tomorrow. at lunchtime some heavy rain west of philadelphia, the evening commute a soaking rain philadelphia and areas to the east and then we gradually taper off tuesday night into wednesday morning but i think we'll have a tough time clearing the air of the clouds during the day on wednesday. going to have to wait until thursday for that to happen when the sunshine is back. the good news with the rain, the pollen's forecast tomorrow, we are getting a little bit of a relief. the rain will be washing the pollen out of the air for one day. back medium high on wednesday and the pollen back to high levels by thursday and friday. so, the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, tomorrow's kind of a nasty day. rainy, cool, windy, 56 degrees. wednesday it gets better. still a lot of clouds, seasonable, 68 degrees but look at this. thursday 80 degrees for the nfl draft. heading to the parkway, temperatures in the 70's early in the morning, by 4 o'clock 79, by 10 o'clock, still mild, 70. the penn relays beginning on
6:27 pm
friday -- on thursday i should say. friday we heat up to 84 degrees. saturday 88. 2 degrees shy of the record high. sunday again 2 degrees shy of the record high 89 degrees and monday the warmth continues with a chance of late day thunderstorms and a high of 84 degrees. so, if you like it summery, it will be arriving by the recommend of the end of the wee. >> we like it summery. >> i do too. >> world news tonight with david muir next on channel6. "action news" continues on phl17 with brian taff sharrie se williams. for the entire "action news" team i'm jim gardner. we hope you'll join us for "action news" at 11:00. >> ♪
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tonight, several developing stories as we come on the air. president trump, the first 100 days. and tonight, the other countdown, just days until a possible government shutdown. the high-stakes showdown, should american taxpayers pay to build the wall on the mexican border? at least at first, the president wants it in the budget. also tonight, the people speak. how do they grade president trump on the first 100 days. our trip across the country. what voters told me. from some, unwavering support. for others, the frustration mounting. the showdown with north korea takes a new and troubling turn. north korea detaining an american citizen and threatening to sink the "uss carl vinson." the massive flooding in the east tonight, the system moving up the east coast. d.c., philadelphia,


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