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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  April 26, 2017 2:30pm-2:43pm EDT

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she thinks saw everything. >> i can't believe he's here. plus, time to dig in, but -- >> this delicacy is live. >> no! no, no. >> why taking a bite might make you squirm. (screaming) when you see an intruder, you act fast. boo. so do we. uh, why aren't you running away? raid kills roaches seven times faster than the next leading ant and roach spray. seven times faster? (gasps) raid! get raid and get tough on roaches fast. it's good to be tough. sc johnson, a family company. when you seeod to be tough. beautiful design... do beautiful work... you see what delta can do.
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the allergy medicine xyzal is now available over the counter pronotimotional considerati provided by -- so for 24 hour symptom relief be wise all take new xyzal. allergy symptoms and nothing gets you closer than nasacort because unlike antihistamines nasacort stops more of what makes you miserable. hailey is in post -op. she had had her third. >> i know what i saw. >> she saw him. >> and i know that george
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clooney did it. george clooney did my surgery. and he got 25 eggs. >> did she say george clooney dook her eggs? >> yes. she was hoping he was doing the deposit instead of the retrieval so she could have a george clooney baby. >> because it was george, i just feel like it might work. >> this is the third one, so maybe this time it might work. >> i feel like those '80s anti-drug campaigns would have been so much better if they would have shown this. this is your brain. this is your brain on drugs. >> i think it might have increased usage. she doesn't look like she's fried. she looks like she's really comfortable right now. >> i can't believe he's here. did you meet him? >> yeah.
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he's a nice guy. >> her husband john is recording all of this. i love that he plays along. i did say this is her third go around and they happen to be expecting. so maybe there is something to this george clooney business. for some, chit lins is a delicacy. in china it's a silk worm. did i mention this delicacy is live? >> no. no, no. you're digging into a plate but the thing is moving. >> that's a little too -- >> too fresh. >> yeah. >> you pop it in your mouth, it's grabbing at your throat. >> like please let me live. >> how do you not gag as you're
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swallowing. >> bugs are a great source of protein. and in china these silk worms, they're eaten boiled or fried. but in this case the rarest delicacy is to have them live with cucumbers and soy sauce. i see sesame seeds in there too. >> why are delicacies always gross? ooh, it's a delicacy. it's gross! >> you think it's gross. not unusual for people to eat bugs around the world. >> normally i'm picking around the onion. but this dish, i'm picking around the bug. i'm like, oh, cucumber. >> it looks like an episode of "fear factor." >> no, don't do it. >> no. >> there's no way. you're the only one that would have tried that. >> somebody puts that in front of me, i'm calling the orkin man. these guys are ready for some hidden camera challenges, but -- >> they're leaving their fate up
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to a wheel. >> why the wheel of discomfort makes for some hilarious twists.
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the guys over at yes theory are always up to some really fun stuff. today, though, they're leaving their fate up to a wheel. and for this one, they've partnered with the guys over at the bucket list boy spops they've already set up a wheel with numbers on it. they're going to spin it, whatever number their spin falls on is a challenge each one of them have to do. they're all supposed to make you really uncomfortable. >> number four. >> so amar has to get on a skateboard naked sort of. he's going to wear a speedo and skateboard down abbott kinney in california. >> all i have to say is i don't have a problem watching him do this. >> oh, my god.
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i see him. >> apparently he's really uncomfortable being naked especially on camera. but he did it and they are the yes theory, after all. you've got to commit. the next spin. >> eight. have a to do it together. >> that's the line they have to say when they walk into a random restaurant, find a random table, sit down, and proceed to order. so they pick the table they're going to go at. if you see, there's a guy and lady sit issing at a table over here. they say their line. >> we were hung up in traffic. >> the guy sitting at the table doesn't like it at all and the tables turn. >> [ bleep ]. >> sorry, man. >> that stranger is like, really glad i said yes, yes theory.
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thanks. >> what is two? what is two? >> no. >> for this challenge he has to walk up to strangers wearing his ear bud while someone on a phone tells him exactly what he has to do. >> it's like your pinocchio and your strings are being pulled through your ears. >> and you have to do it. the best part is to start dancing with a lady and then walk up to a girl and convince them it's the best day ever. >> the sun is coming up this way. it's amazing. and the greenery is so beautiful. >> but there are a bunch of others. if you want to check out the whole thing, just head over to, click on tv show, or check them out on our mobile app. that's all, folks. catch us on the next brand new episode of "right this minute. hi hey i'll take one of those new fast play games. oh, you ready for a rush? uh, sure!
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i know the mud pie here is your favorite. oh! we could split a piece.
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>> ♪ >> i'm monica malpass with the breaking news update. chopper6 a live over a delaware wawa where a state trooper was shot on duty. that happened just afternoon today. let's take a live look at the britain mills farms delaware another scene. that's where s.w.a.t. teams state police and police officers say they have phrased phrased -- chased the shooting suspect to this area. it is an active search for a suspect. it has been sectioned off from the media. as a result of that suspect search all appoquinimink schools are on lockdown, all appoquinimink schools on


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