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tv   Action News at 600 AM  ABC  April 27, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> good morning it is 6:00 a.m., thursday, april 27 and we continue to follow developing news. >> a standoff continues in middletown, delaware, hours after a state trooper in delaware was shot and killed. >> sentenced to death, a jury reaches a decision on punishment for ache irfor thefor the-- fore man convicted of killing a pennsylvania state trooper. the nfl draft is here, thousands are expected on the benjamin franklin parkway.
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>> an accident is causing big problems in south jersey right now. >> we'll go over to karen rogers with the traffic followed up by david murphy. >> reporter: we're starting with breaking news in new jersey, camden county, belmawr which would be busy anyway. look at the mess on 42 and 295. this accident happened involving a tractor-trailer at 1:11:30 p.m. shutting 295 northbound down on 42. an accident with a tracker trairkt -- tractor-trailer spilled orange juice mixing with fuel. we have an accident involving a motorcycle. a busy area involving a motorcycle. we see the police on the 295 ramp with the ambulance, on 42 blocking all but two lanes as
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they continue to clean up debris from the accident scene. two big accidents, two major highways causing problems. 295 get off at exit 26. 42 two lanes getting by, an ambulance on the scene. the accident happened a couple of minutes ago. an accident involving a motorcycle. another accidents involving an overturned tractor-trailer. a mess on the roads. i want to go to the maps. i meant -- i want to show you other things going on. spring garden is blocked at the benjamin franklin parkway. mlk drive is not open for the morning commute. that's related to the nfl draft. we'll talk about those closures in a few minutes, dave. >> reporter: we're off to a cloudy start across the region some of you seeing patchy fog. low-lying cloud cover around the
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depart area of low pressure. we expect to kick the clouds out this afternoon and transition to sunshine. visibility is on the low side as we have fog popping up by millville and lancaster. it's not everywhere, but some of you with patchy fog. temperatures not bad, 60 degrees in philadelphia. 62 in allentown at this hour. 59 in wilmington. as we roll through the day, it's possible we slide to 57 by 7:00 p.m. but we quickly turn it around. noon, 71. 3:00 p.m., 78. 78 at 5:00 p.m. with the high of 79. hitting at 4:00 p.m. this afternoon. pollen count is up the next couple of days, too, beware allergy sufferers. when i step inside we'll talk about warmer conditions as we head into the weekend. that's coming up, guys. >> thank you, david. developing right now, delaware state police say a man wants ford murdering a state trooper is barricaded inside a home and firing at police. corporal stephen ballard was
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shot and killed outside a wawa in bear yesterday. the standoff with the suspect has been going on for nearly 16 hours. this all started around noon yesterday when an investigator say ballard went to approach a suspicious van in the wawa parking lot in bear. one man got out and started shooting hitting corporal stephen ballard to deadly effect. one suspect is in custody, the other managed to take off. he is the man in the home 500 block of saint michaels drive in the brick mill development. jeanette reyes is live where the standoff has been going on for nearly 16 hours. good morning, jennette. >> reporter: good morning, to you, tam, the standoff has been going on for quite sometime. it seems to be escalating. we got an update from police they said the suspects continues to fire shots at officer.
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they have blown out some of the windows, police have, but they have not been able to enter the home just yet. not too far away from the scene, take a live look from behind me. a couple a couple brought food o those stuck in their cars. the hotels are booked, some of them are heading off to work. we're blocks away from the very active scene along the 500 block of saint michaels drive in the brick mills development. police in tactical units andarmd the neighborhood. many families were separated for several hours, i did talk to one woman over the phone, not far from the scene, she said she
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heard very loud blasts much, much louder than the ones we first heard yesterday evening. >> i'm hearing a whole lot of explosions, i just told karen i think the explosions started we're up to 20. >> reporter: wow. >> and some type of i don't know fits gunshot or they are shooting something into the house. >> reporter: again it seeps the suspect has grown more and more aggressive as time has gone by. there's no idea when this will end. the good news there have been not been any reports of any other officers injured during the on going standoff. reporting live in middletown, jeanette reyes channel 6 "action news." >> thank you for that jennette. >> delaware governor john carney has ordered flags flown at half staff in honor of
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corporal stephen ballard he was a 9 year veteran with the state police and 32 years old. we'll continue to follow the developing story and bring you any updates check for any new information. >> the man convicted of killing a pennsylvania state trooper in an ambush was sentenced to death for his crimes. the same jury that convicted eric frein decided he should be executed late last night. he showed no emotion as the decision was read. he killed brian dixon and wounded alex douglass in pike county, pennsylvania 2014. >> philadelphia almost carried the ball to the endzone with the nfl draft starting tonight. pre-celebrations begin at noon. katherine scott is live with that. >> reporter: we have great
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seats, vip tents and the massive open air stage that seats 30,000 people in the theater. nfl draft starts at 8:00 p.m. the fun and games begin on the parkway at noon. >> today after long last you'll be able to see the whole thing. starting at noon, fans can enter the nfl experience snap a selfie with the vince lombardi trophy. get a look at the 3,000 seat open air nfl theater on the steps of the art museum. >> we have many tvs set up, you can watch the draft from any different angle if you were not lucky enough to get into the theater. >> reporter: workers were putting on the finishing touches on the massive setup. selection square is ready to go open to the public during the draft which means you can be
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there when your team makes its picks. >> it's free and open to the public it will open to coincide with the draft experience on the parkway. >> reporter: so the eagles have the 14th pick tonight. if you can't be here to cheer on in person, you can watch on espn in prime time at 8:00 p.m. tonight. if you're along the parkway, keep in mind everything is free other than that what you might buy at the nfl shops and concessions. >> before you head to the draft check out draft. you can get a look at the experiences and list of road closures. >> you know what else you'll get for free, a beautiful day. >> reporter: starting out cloudy, but this afternoon looks really nice. storm tracker 6 live double scan shows you we're dry, stepping outside we have the clouds on sky6 live hd down in chester
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looking north along the delaware river and the commodore barry bridge. the clouds will start to break up this morning and this afternoon and we are expecting a transition to bright conditions. 60 in allentown. 61 in reading. 60 in philadelphia. wilmington, millville, down the shore, cape may, 53 degrees. satellite and radar shows you how there's low lying cloud cover socking us in. in the lehigh valley we'll call it partly sunny overall. there's a chance of increased sunshine later in the day. 77 degrees is the high. down the shore, partly sunny skies perhaps more sun later in the afternoon. 64 the high, cool down the shore, but not a bad day. in philadelphia, warm, 79 degrees is the high today. more sunshine as we head later into the afternoon. winds light at 7 to 14 miles per hour. that's just a little light
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gentle breeze to add to the nice, warm conditions. if you're heading to the draft, looks like great weather for day one. this is the big one, later tonight they will get to the first rounds. 68 degrees by 11:00 well ahead of the picks. there's a lot of activities planned for fans on the benjamin franklin parkway. 72 by 5:00 p.m. coming down from the high of 79. by 11:00 p.m., 68 altogether beautiful whether what a change from yesterday. also a nice change for phillies fans, marlins wrapping up a short two game series with the rain out. 75 degrees for the first pitch. 79 in the 9th inning lots of sun. cool drinks if you're doing any of this stuff today that includes the penn relays, you want to hydrate because it's going to be warm. overnight tonight, we'll get a passing shower. by tomorrow morning we'll be down to sprinkles. that will be out of the way for day two of the draft and the
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relays. 63 is the overnight low, partly cloudy and mild. warmer tomorrow. today's high, 79 degrees. tomorrow, a tad humid, 82 degrees. very warm and humid on saturday, this is not oppressive humidity, but stickier than what we're used to lately. 87 degrees. sunday, the front drops out of new england drops the high to 69 degrees and gives us a shower. the front pushes to the north on monday, we're back up to 82. cold front coming through there. tuesday, wednesday, nice. >> a passenger claims he was kicked off a flight right when nature came calling. an a for effort. new jersey educators are trying to help out the parents who kids wake up on the wrong side of the bed. >> reporter: looking live on the vine at 20th street where we see volume beginning to build
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right here. we'll take you to new jersey if you use 295 or 42 we'll talk about major problems coming up. we just moved into this house and didn't realize how difficult it was going to be to tie all that space together. with an open floor plan, you need to separate it with furniture. bassett had everything that we needed. fabric combinations marry the rooms together.
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having someone with bassett has been invaluable. we could've never dreamed up this room without bassett.
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>> here's the latest on the deadly shooting of a delaware state trooper, the suspected gunman remains barricaded inside his home in military -- middletown. he has fired multiple shots at officers from inside the house. it started yesterday afternoon when corporal stephen ballard was gunned down outside a wawa in bear.
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the 32-year-old was on the force for more than 8 years. our jeanette reyes remains at the scene. >> we'll keep our eye on that. karen rogers is keeping an eyen the highways this morning. >> reporter: we're a mess in new jersey because of the two big accidents. 42 freeway at 41 you can see the northbound traffic is jammed solid a 20 minute jammed from the ac expressway to 295 an accident involving a motorcycle. looks to be serious. ambulance on the scene 42 northbound at 295. chopper 6 hd was above 295. it is shut down. it's been shut down all night an accident involving a tractor-trailer. can you see the sands they put on the roadway. the overturned tractor-trailer was causing orange juice that mixed with diesel fuel spill. it's been a mess all night. it's still blocked. you can't get from 295
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northbound to 42. ump to exit off 26 that's why traffic is heavy. traffic is heavy because you have an accident involving a motorcycle on 42. it's a mess out there right now. here's a look at 295 you see how it's backed up right now and blocked off as you try to reach 42. 42 itself you're traveling 12 miles per hour once you get to 42 you have an accident blocking two lanes. vine street expressway, local vine, rather at 15th street. we expect major congestion. not only the delays with the nfl draft, but the pen relace start today. expect -- penn relays start today. visibility in millville 1.3 because of the fog. not causing problems in philadelphia because it's 7-mile visibilitiment. >> more problems on board a plane this time a passenger said he was removed for using a
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bathroom before he took off. the delta flight was heading to atlanta. he said the flight was delayed and he couldn't wait any longer. after talking with two delta employees he decided to get off the plane. delta said hamilton did not comply with the crews' instructions, but they did refunds part of his ticket. amtrak is planning for major repairs at new york penn station, in the past months there's been issues and delays at the busiest train station because the infrastructure is outdated. the repairs will create delays and cancellations. the most recent disruption was on tuesday when there were delays because of a disabled train and electrical problems in one of the tunnels. >> reporter: amazon wants to put a camera in your bedrooms that
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could perform full lent videos. google is giving you more help in the kitchen. google home has find new recipes. engineers at bmw and mini developed a car that changes color. they produced a video about it, and are said to be testing it. the car recognizes its driver and then it changes the color all of this depending on your mood. >> then you can't lie to people. is everything okay? yeah, no it's not, because you're car is dark blue. those are tech bytes. have a great day. whoa!
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>> 6:22 a.m., good morning, everyone, your tv sets are like a window into what's going on with the nfl draft. a picture of the benjamin franklin parkway leading down to the nfl draft stage in front of the art museum. chopper 6 hd is live over that right now. it is an enormous building they need constructing. it's ready to go tonight. not as big as the art museum. it's a beautiful sight and things get ready to go with the festivities at noontime today. >> reporter: it's amazing to look at the size of the stage. it's crazy and lots of delays because of that. that's right, we're looking live at the schuylkill expressway at spring garden. we expect extra volume on the schuylkill expressway we've been seeing that with the closures because of the nfl draft. off to the side you can see mlk drive each morning. each morning, mlk drive is open
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for the morning commute. that is not the case today. you cannot take that. more people will be taking the schuylkill expressway for that, as well. don't forget about the bus detours, as well. >> reporter: temperatures on or about 60 degrees, light jacket or sweatshirt for the kids this morning. shorts and ts for the kids this afternoon. 57 degrees by 7:00 a.m. clouds a little patchy fog in some corners of the region, most of you not dealing with that. noon, 71 degrees, looks like we'll get more sunshine into play as we go through the afternoon. overall we'll call it partliy, more sun later. 78 degrees by 3:00 p.m. the high 79 degrees that will clock in about 4:00 p.m. this afternoon. tam? >> thank you, david. in "healthcheck," new jersey's education department is recommending that schools start later in the morning. the average start time is currently 8:00 a.m. which the
6:24 am
cdc and the american academy of pediatrics says is too early. teens are not as alert at that time. it can cause obesity and alcohol use and poor grades. >> schools are saying if you push back start times that could lead to nightmares for busing and at let he -- athletic scheds and childcare going into the evening rush. >> live report from the parkway where the nfl draft is about to begin. >> jeanette reyes is gathering information at the scene of a standoff of an accused cop killer in delaware. , tam an intense standoff in middletown, delaware as the man suspected killing a straight trooper fires at officers. a live report coming up. dear fellow citizen,
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palsy will have a new wheelchair thanks to an amazing act of generosity. a the wheelchair was stolen outside the home in west oak lane. it was essential in helping him get around. hours later, a woman who saw the story on the air wanted to pay for a custom chair and wanted to remain anonymous. >> "action news" viewers are the best they always show up. police come under fire during a standoff, neighbors are
6:28 am
hearing explosion from the scene. we've a live report from delaware. >> eric frein's fate is sealed a jury decided whether the killer of a pennsylvania state trooper should be sentenced to death.
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>> developing now on "action news," neighbors reporter hearing blast blasts coming from a home in delaware. a suspect wanted for the murder of a delaware state trooper is holed up inside and shooting at police. >> a taste of summer and just in time, the sun will be shining on the penn relays and the nfl draft site. >> we're hours away from the first picks. >> we have our first rounders,
6:31 am
david and karen. >> reporter: take a look at satellite we have clearing to the north and west and south. we're dealing with the low-lying cloud cover, part of the result of the moisture spinning around the area off the coast, we're expecting to break the clouds up and expect sunshine. welch patchy fog south and west of philadelphia. we might be improving. 61 degrees in philadelphia. 59 in wilmington, 62 in allentown and those winds popping up off the owing and pushing clouds in. -- off the ocean and pushing the clouds in. patchy fog not out of the question but we're expecting quick improvement. noon, 71. 3:00 p.m., 78. more sunshine, 79 at 4378. pollen count running high allergy sufferers. keep in mind that in mind.
6:32 am
it's getting nice over the next several days. what you got there? >> reporter: we have major delays in new jersey two accidents on busy highways. this is 42 at 41 northbound traffic heading toward the walt whitman bridge, a 21 minute jam from the ac expressway to 295. we had an accident involving a motorcycle with police it cleared a minute ago. chopper 6 hd was overhead of an accident involving an overturned tractor-trailer that spilled on these juice and diesel fuel all over 295 blocking 295 northbound. that's 295 northbound trying to get on 42. they are diverting traffic off at exit 26. we have the scene of the motorcycle accident that was creating big problems. you see police gathering around there were injuries and ambulance on the scene, a terrible accident involving a
6:33 am
motorcycle on 42 northbound by 295. because of the accidents we're crawling along at 17 miles per hour on 42 and 295 is shut down before you get to 42. this is the vine street expressway, look at how backed up it is westbound. westbound vine ramp 22nd street off to the side remains blocked. that's where the nfl draft, you have that, the penn relays, a little bit of a headache with traffic, but excited about it. >> we're following developing news in delaware, a state trooper was killed and fellow officers come under fire as they try to arrest a suspected shooter who they say is barricaded inside his home. >> there's been activity on the scene, reports of explosions, a number of them. no arrests. >> police approached a suspicious van one man got out of vehicle and started shooting.
6:34 am
corporal stephen ballard was shot three times and pronounced at the hospital. one suspect is in custody, the suspected shooter has been keeping police at bay for more than 16 hours. jeanette reyes is live near the scene of the standoff in middletown which load to a neighborhood evacuation, jennette. >> reporter: that's right right, matt, this standoff increasing terms of the aggression shown by the suspect. he is showing no signs of surrender. the suspect fired multiple shots at the officers. the officers breached multiple windows, but yet to enter the home. take a live look behind me, what you're looking at is multiple vehicles here, many. residents spending the night in the benjamin franklin parkway because of the nearby hotels are completely booked. there was a couple that was kind enough to drop off food and coffee to the residents who are heading off to work. this is a strip mall not too far
6:35 am
away from an active scene along the 500 block of saint michaels drive in the brick mill development. police with tactical units and armored vehicles descend upon the normally quiet neighborhood and surrounded the home where the suspect was holed up since 2:00 p.m. yesterday. it was too dangerous to come or go and many families were separated. in fact we know a handful of them still are because they are unable to leave, some spent the night at a nearby "shelter me rescue of the week." we did talk to a woman who did not evacuate she is near where this is happening. take a look at how she described the tense moments and hours overnight. >> the knock be of the door down was not as bad as the explosions that are coming now. some of them are bad, about four or five have been like massive
6:36 am
explosions. >> reporter: as recently as just an hour ago we did see some activity here, no signs of this ending anytime soon. the only good news at this point we have not gotten any word of officers being injured during this ongoing standoff. jen cren channel 6 "action -- j. a caravan of local state law enforcements scorkt -- escorting the body of stephen ballard, drivers pulled out along the side of the road out of respect tore the fallen -- for the fallen officer. >> a jury sentenced eric frein to death. he showed no emotion receiving the news last night.
6:37 am
there was an audible yes from the state police members in the courthouse. the same jury convicted him last week of shooting and killing brian dixon and wounding alex douglass in 2014. >> we're pleased for the hard work and commitment to justice of the 12 men and women of this jury. >> the jury began deliberating the life or death sentence late yesterday. his lawyer is promise to go appeal. >> 6:37 a.m., president trump is working to fulfill one of his 100 day promises by talking about the future of nasty at that with the leaders -- nafta with the leaders of canada and mexico. he blamed nafta for american job losses. he pledges to renegotiate or withdraw from a deal. in a statement about a
6:38 am
conversation with mexico's president and canada's prime minister, president trump said it's my privilege to bring nafta up to date. the eagles first round pick will be walking down the rocky steps in a matter of hours. whole it be, what position will they go for. we'll finds out in the 3 day sports bonanza. very shortly that area will be packed full of people. you can see the 6abc booth their in the eakens oval and start waving, there she is, there's our katherine scott she is live there this morning along the benjamin franklin parkway where all the festivities are taking place. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, everybody been waving, i didn't know you could see me, obviously you have a great view from chopper 6 hd. you can see the size of the operation. we have an accident view on the ground, as well.
6:39 am
we're standing in front of the massive open air theater where the first-round draft picks will take the stage tonight. in the meantimeological be fun and games on the benjamin franklin parkway beginning at noon. the first-round draft picks take to the stage tonight when the nfl draft begins at 8:00 p.m. football fans will be here from around the country to take part even if by chance. >> it wasn't planned we came here on vacation. >> i only wore my cruz not my cowboys gear yet. >> reporter: final walk-through finishing touches. more than 200,000 people are expected to attend the 3-day event. only so many will sit in the theater, still there are plenty of spots to watch. we have many other tvs that are set up you can watch the draft from any given angle if you were not lucky to get into the theater.
6:40 am
>> reporter: the hall of fame museum have the ring of excellence along with the super bowl rings on display. the mannequin army featuring all 32 nfl teams will be a popular place for selfies. >> it's free to the public, everybody can come out. it's going to be a nice evening. >> reporter: the eagles have the 14th pick tonight if you can't be here to cheer in person, watch from home on espn starting at 8:00 p.m. live on the benjamin franklin parkway, katherine scott channel 6 "action news." >> we invite you to stay with "action news" for the draft coverage. we'll have live report from the parkway and high above the studios at the embassy streets. >> you're pulling to had reddi? >> that would be really cool.
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looking live on sky6 live hd the clouds are an issue this morning, but we expect increased sunshine this afternoon. philadelphia, 61 degrees, the suburbs in the upper 50s, winds light at 5 miles per hour, comfortable overall as you head outside. satellite and radar showing lie-lying cloud cover around the region. you see that on -- low lying cloud cover around the region. you see that on sky6 live hd. warmer this afternoon. noon, 71. 78 by 3:00 p.m. high of 79 hitting at 4:00 p.m. look for warm temperatures buildings in later today. 77 in allentown. 5 in trenton. upper 70s in millville. down the the shore, upper 60s. 68 degrees by 6:00 a.m. in the evening when the actual draft starts 74 by 8:00 p.m.
6:42 am
68 by 11:00 p.m. overnight tonight, note how this starts after 11 perform after all the activities are done we have showers overnight. 79 is the high. turning warmer, got phillies day baseball it will be gorgeous for the baseball, penn relay, the draft. tomorrow, warmer, 82. saturday, a bit warmer 87. you'll want cool drinks around the draft and the penn relays. sunday, 69, the front drops out of the new england cools us off, there could be a shower sunday south of philadelphia. monday, the front gets past us again we know we warm up -- and we warm up with a shower or thunderstorm. tuesday and wednesday are both looking great! >> like that. >> it is 6:42 a.m.
6:43 am
remembering a hollywood heavyweight who had ties to philadelphia. >> a new jersey state trooper goes mcgiver on us during a baby delivery. >> reporter: this is i-95 southbound traffic heading toward center city. jammed from torresdale to girard. we'll hop into new jersey and talk about the tractor-trailer accident coming up.
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6:45 am
>> police continue to try to negotiate with a suspect in the deadly shooting of a delaware state trooper.
6:46 am
corporal stephen ballard was shot and killed yesterday afternoon when he encountered two people he considered suspicious in a wawa parking lot in bear. investigators tracked the gunman back to his home in middletown where he remains barricaded inside right now. the man has fired multiple shots at officers from inside the house, they managed to arrest the other suspected involved in the case. >> finally a dry commute but we have slow downs, we expect major congestion on the schuylkill expressway. we have seen that with the nfl draft. we'll see that with the penn relays. 7:30 you'll see extra delays. you have the normal jam from the blue route to the vine 22 minute ride. mlk drive this is the first morning it is not open for the morning commute. normally they were allowing people to get by. they are not allowing this morning. that mate create extra issues, as well.
6:47 am
295 northbound approaching 42 is show down because of an accident involving a trargt -- tractor-trailer. this was the area that shut down 295 northbound to 42. get off at exit 26. the tractor-trailer was carrying orange juice that spilled outline over the road. there was a diesel fiewl spill, so it was -- fuel spill it was a mess. this was an accident involving a motorcycle that cleared. it's been busy in new jersey. 6-mile an hour on 295 northbound. ten miles per hour on 42. 26 minute jam from the ac expressway to 295678 looking at the travel times. i-95 southbound the usual slowing no major delays. a good time to head out on the schuylkill expressway we expect the extra volume to begin at 7:30 a.m. 42 has been heavy all morning, 26 minute ride from the ac expressway to 295.
6:48 am
a touch of fog in spots. 1.3-mile visibility in millville. it's warm today and we'll get sunshine. >> we learned that continued gun violence in delaware's largest city claimed the life of a teenage girl. it happened on the 900 block of kirkwood highway in wilmington. she was rushed to christiana hospital with critical injuries and later died. >> the oscar winning director behind the silence of "silence e lambs" has died. jonathan demme was 73. he had a prolific career. this is archive film that was done here. he served on the board for the american around son awards. he died in his new york city apartment from aesophageal cancer. we'll be back in a moment. >> reporter: we've got a couple
6:49 am
6:50 am
6:51 am
of things going on, nfl draft, penn relays, looking at the vine expressway, westbound jammed, the ramp to 22nd street is blocked. >> reporter: on the big board we have eagles gear on the kids. maybe a jacket or sweatshirt this morning. shorts and ts this morning.
6:52 am
we start out at 57. 71 by noon. the high is 79 degrees at 4:00 p.m. more sun later today. warm for the first day of the nfl draft. >> two new jersey state troopers helped deliver a newborn on the side of the road. lou was driving his wife to the hospital. and his wife said we're not going to make it. he pulled on the 0 shoulder of i-287 and flagged down troopers. minutes later mateo was born. and trooper lee used his phone charger cord to tie off the umbilical cord so it could be cut. mom, dad and baby were taken to the hospital and they are doing just fine. hey allergy muddlers
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standoff in delaware is entering its 17th hour. >> let's go over to jeanette reyes for an update. >> reporter: it's an increasingly intense standoff. take a live look behind me. while all that is going on, residents are waiting to go back home. some of them headed off to work riebility. right now. hours ago, the police said the
6:56 am
suspect fired multiple shots at officers during this barricade situation the 500 block of saint michaels drive in brick mills. they surrounded the home at 2:00 p.m. yesterday afternoon. no word if any officers were injured, so far no signs of the suspect surrendering. reporting live in middletown, jennifer joyce channel 6 "action news jeanette reyes. >> reporter: we're traveling at 2 miles per hour on 42 major problems in new jersey. lots of closures related to the nfl draft, of course, dave expect extra delays there's the start of the penn relays today. >> reporter: right now we've got low lying clouds out there. we are expecting a cloudy start, but sun to finish the day could get bright this afternoon. it's getting mild, 79 degrees.
6:57 am
not exactly the record of 893, but milder than yesterday. we'll keep our eye on what's going on in delaware. we're excited about the nfl draft. anything you want ton about that we've got you covered. we'll see you back here in 30.
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to protect our families and our civil rights. he's represented black lives matter, occupy wall street, and parents protesting the closing of schools. larry krasner will reform the criminal justice system, ending a war on drugs and the era of mass incarceration that targets poor and minority communities. because justice makes us safer. not just talking the talk, walking the walk. larry krasner, democrat for district attorney.
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good morning, america. president trump promises a tax cut. >> it's a great plan. we're going to put people back to work. slashing taxes for businesses, even himself. breaking news, tense standoff, barricaded inside this house. accused of killing a state trooper hours before. >> cpr in progress. >> police using an explosive device to try and get in. residents told to stay in their homes, the city on high alert this morning. on board outrage. a whole flight forced to deplane


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