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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  April 27, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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the street where burgon sealy lived is still blocked off. you can see in a distance his home splintered and riddled with bullet holes, a reminder of the horror that unfolded steps from their home. >> it's pretty upsetting. very upsetting. >> reporter: displaced residents are back home after their neighbor burgon sealy engaged authorities in a 20-hour standoff. refusing to leave his home and firing several intervals of a gunshots at officers, he was clear sealy, heavily armed, wouldn't surrender peace knee. >> we've lived here as long as we have so makes no sense to us. >> reporter: do you guys know this man personally? >> no, we wave when we walk dogs. that's about it. >> reporter: he called a family member confessed he shot a trooper. 32-year-old corporal stephen ballard. the eight-year police veteran was responding to a suspicious vehicle. when the pair got into a scuffle and sealy grabbed ballard's handgun. sealy stayed close behind firing
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a barrage of bullets at close range. >> the actions of stephen yesterday exemplified the dedication he brought to the citizens of delaware. on a daily basis. >> reporter: powerful ip images captured a caravan escorting his body to the funeral home. >> my heart is with corp. canral ballard's family today and with all the officers on his shift and the delaware state police who served beside him. >> reporter: still residents are returning home horrified by the violence that hits too close to home. >> on a nice quiet neighborhood, i would never expect anything like this to happen.
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>> reporter: again, back out here live, a lot of residents trying to make sense of this new normal in their neighborhood that's filled with cop cars and yellow tape. now, the motive for yesterday's shooting remains unclear, and corporal ballard leaves behind a young daughter and a wife. reporting live here in middletown, christie ileto, "channel 6 action news." monica? >> thank you, christie. our coverage of this story continues for you on the 6abc news app. we'll alert you of any new updates and bring you continuing coverage as this story unfolds. also in delaware, a tractor-trailer plowed into this building in the twins landing industrial park in new castle. the driver said he suffered an asthma attack while he was trying to park and simply lost control of the truck. he did refuse medical treatment. no one else was hurt. now to the ben franklin parkway and the event putting philadelphia in the national spotlight again. the nfl draft is still a few hours away but the excitement for fans has already begun.
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rick williams is in the middle of all the action. hey, rick. >> all right, monica. that's right. we are standing on a set built just for this event tonight getting you closer to the draft and anyone else. the draft begins in less than three hours from now but the fun on the parkway is already underway. in fact, it's been going on since around noon today. "action news" reporter sarah bloomquist joins us live from the draft experience tonight. hi, sarah. >> reporter: hi, rick. as you know, these crowds are going. philadelphia getting high marks for the first visitors here to the nfl experience. we've been asking them just about everything from security to the logistics, getting here. these football fans told us it was pretty easy. and so far they're liking everything they get to see and do. >> love it. i love the city. it's a really fun city. >> reporter: and they're loving the nfl experience right here on the ben franklin parkway. this afternoon, the first visitors started through the gate. with more to come in the hours
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ahead. >> excited to see the eagles get the number 14 pick. i think it's going to be very hyped around here once they get on the board. yeah. i'm definitely excited to see that. >> reporter: they found security checks to be a breeze. and the strong police presence is helping everyone to feel safe. >> pretty good. they search whatever they had to search for, and it was pretty -- pretty effortless to get in here. >> reporter: for all the concern about getting here, most told us no problem, especially for those who chose public transportation. >> never actually taken the train before. so we took -- we went to swarthmore station, then we went to -- it wasn't actually as bad as i thought. >> reporter: green was the dominant color on the parkway. after all, this is eagles country. but jerseys of different colors are starting to appear as tourists arrive in town. >> do the experience. this is so much fun. every year it's something different, something brand new. and you get to meet a lot of different people, a lot of different fans, so it's a way to get away. >> the draft. it's close enough. and i want to see the draft. i want to see what our boys do.
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>> reporter: we did hear a few complaints about traffic, but that's probably to be expected. and fans said it wasn't really all that bad. but really high marks forepublic transportation. if you're deciding to come this way, that's probably the way to go. live on the parkway, i'm sarah bloomquist, "channel 6 action news." >> thank you, sarah. while many of the events deal with this year's draft, there's also a taste of the past here on the parkway. i went down to the nfl shop near the entrance of the draft experience this afternoon, and right up front is a setup from exton, based hunt actions based in exton. many of the items honor the philadelphia eagles. and some of the birds' best players. but as the owner of the company told me today, there's something for everyone to see here. >> lots of cool things. obviously a replica helmet. tom brady stuff which is immensely popular but not
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necessarily here in philly. >> it's not all about football. there's even a ball signed by sixers star joel embiid with the inscription -- can you see it? -- it says the process. speaking of eagles gear, one montgomery county woman has a jersey that's unlike any other. that's because perhaps she's a fan unlike any other. she's been a season ticket-holder for more than five decades. and now she's getting the chance of a lifetime. >> seriously? oh, my gosh. >> reporter: that was gail way mirier's reaction when the eagles called her at work. >> it was like, oh, no, i couldn't believe it. it was just -- it was unbelievable. >> reporter: she was hand-picked by the team for a very important job. tonight, she will hand the jersey for the newest eagle to nfl commissioner roger goodell. >> oh, my god. that's all i said was, all right, i couldn't believe it. >> reporter: by day, gail works at thinder bird lanes in
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northeast philadelphia. but on sundays, you can find her at the linc. she's been a season ticket holder since 1961. >> my dad got the tickets after the '60 championship, and the first game, my mom went. and you had to walk all the way around the stadium to get up into the bleachers. and my mom went the first game, didn't like all that walking in the bleachers and i started going after that. >> reporter: and she wears the proof of her longtime loyalty, a custom jersey. >> it says season ticket-holder since 19 -- since '61. so that's -- and then now i give people -- get people on my shoulders saying, i've been going since '68, i've been going since '70. so i've met a lot of the people just having the shirt on. >> reporter: gail is why her daughter recommended her to the team. >> for 27 years, she didn't stop after my sister and i stopped bowling, she keeps going. my son now bowls and she coaches him. >> reporter: that earned her tonight's honor. along with a trip to novacare
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where she met quarterback carson wentz. and more than five decades later, the eagles are still a family affair. >> we do the eagles as family. it's a family thing that we do and hoping to continue it with my kid my sister's kids and spend the day together. >> reporter: well, like a true eagles fan, ghal says she's confident about the team's future as long as they can stay calm, cool and select collected on the field. of course, we'll have much more live coverage coming up in just a few moments including a look at how the draft actually works. for now, monica, we'll send it back to you at the station. >> sounds great. thank you, rick. well, draft is your online home for nfl draft's coverage. there you can take a special look at the nfl draft experience activities and get a list of any restricted items that you cannot take if you're planning to visit the parkway. right now let's take a check of that "action news" traffic report over there live with matt pellman. hey, matt. >> hey, monica. drivers needing a draft of another sort after they finally make it back to their
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neighborhood this evening. it is a slow ride home, because all the alternate routes around all the routes that are closed because of the nfl draft are very busy. seven miles per hour. four miles per hour on girard avenue over by the zoo. just three miles per hour as you come out lancaster avenue through university city out into west philadelphia. alternate root routes are are packed. the schuylkill's busy but at this point, i think i might stick with the highways even though it is very crowded, especially with people now leaving the phills game. westbound side of the schuylkill's extra busy through university city. also an earlier vehicle fire near penn's landing. that is mostly cleared out of the way now. as is a crash on the 30 bypass in downingtown. but it is parking lot coming away from 202. we've got accidents both ways here along route 1 in bucks county. there's still one southbound blocking the right lane. use 95 instead. but 95 southbound in delaware is a mess because of an accident there. we'll check it again, monica, coming up in the next half-hour. >> thank you, sir. sounds good. and much more still ahead on "action news at 5."
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a local marine found dead in hawaii has been returned to his hometown. and new developments in the south jersey murder trial of david creato jr. find out why the jury took a trip outside the courthouse today. cecily? it's warm and humid on this thursday. take your child to work day. i'm tracking warmer air and some storms. i'll have all the details in the accuweather forecast when "action news" returns. >> good.
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it's custom made so you know it's good quality. tell us hello. welcome back to our live coverage of the nfl draft. i'm standing on our set on eakins oval. while the picks are being announced right behind me here, the eagles will be making their decision about seven miles from here at the novacare complex. that's where "action news" reporter chad pradelli continues our team coverage tonight. chad? >> reporter: yeah, rick. i guess you could call it the war room. it's where the birds' brass will gather this evening. it's where they'll possibly take some phone calls from other teams. they'll bait their pick and ultimately make their selection. they will then relay that selection down to the parkway, down to selection square there at the franklin institute. that's when the pick becomes official. of course, this year, the
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question is, who will the birds take? last year, there wasn't a ton of suspense. a lot of outlets had been reporting that the birds were going to take carson wentz with the -- with that pick as the quarterback of the future. this year, a lot of teams reportedly want to get out of the top ten. there could be all sorts of movement in this draft. and the birds have a lot of needs. will they take a cornerback? will they get some other defensive help? or will they give carson wentz some more weapons? that remains to be seen. we'll know more, of course, later on this evening after the draft begins at 8:00 p.m. kind of quiet here at the novacare commex. haven't seen at lot of eagles brass. but they will be arriving here later and getting ready for this draft. obviously, they are hunkering down and doing some last-minute preparations getting ready for this 2017 draft. for now i'm live at the novacare complex, chad pradelli, "channel 6 action news." rick? >> all right, chad. thank you. and back here on the parkway, excitement is building as we count down to 8:00.
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of course, we'll have much more from eakins oval including a look at the history of the draft coming up at 5:30 when we see you next. monica, back to you. >> thanks, rick. local girls were inspired today to get more involved with technology. the boys & girls clubs of america hosted a tech girls rock workshop in lawrence, new jersey. technology and employees donated their time today to work as mentors for tween and teen girls. they learned about computer coding and decoding. they also went on a science technology and math or still workshop. they were visiting for take our daughters and sons to work day. children were paired with city employees who work in areas they like. the youngsters also enjoyed arts and crafts, a selfie station, even a chance to win some prizes. if you have medicare
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a fallen marine received a full military escort from philadelphia international airport to a funeral home in his native egg harbor township today. the body of private first class tylerer,ler was returned from hawaii after the 21-year-old was found dead on a hiking trail last week. the egg harbor township high school grad was station at the hawaii marine corps base. his death remains under
5:19 pm
investigation. philadelphia police are looking for the suspect in a homicide in hunting park. a man was stabbed to death in a furniture store parking lot in the 100 block of east venango strot. the victim was not carrying id so police are trying to find out his name. "healthcheck" tonight. doctors may be failing to catch the earliest signs of a major cause of blindness. "health" reporter ali gorman at big board with details. >> reporter: the issue is if it's caught very early, age-related mcdegeneration can be treated and vision preserved. if it's not, it's much harder to slow down. and a new study suggests that many doctors may be missing those early signs. a team at the university of alabama used advanced digital photography to look at the eyes of 1300 older people who had normal vision on a standard exam. they found that one in four of those people actually had degeneration in the retinas. in many cases, it was early enough that the problem could have been reversed by diet and lifestyle.
5:20 pm
pollen in the air may not be to blame for some allergy symptoms. if your mouth gets scratchy or itchy when you eat certain foods, it could be oral allergy symptoms. in the spring, the biggest culprits are raw apples, celery, carrots and cherries. but you shouldn't have to avoid them altogether. >> many patients who cannot tolerate the raw fruit and vegetable form of certain foods often are able to tolerate the cooked, processed and/or peeled forms of these foods. >> reporter: allergists say it removes the proteins that causes the reaction but if you have severe symptoms, you should talk with your health-care provider. >> yay! yay! >> reporter: hundreds of energetic kids at gray park elementary school walked to raise awareness and money for research for pediatric cancer. the event is in memory of nick callalori. he was a ridley high school
5:21 pm
lacrosse player who battled non-hodgkin's lymphoma when he was 19. he started headstrong foundation to help others battling cancer and his family continues his mission. a similar walk was held at each elementary school in the school district. the foundation also raises funds flew lacrosse games and since it's started, they've helped more than 1500 patients and their families. a wonderful tribute helping other giving back to the community. monica. >> very nice. hundreds of families are spreading awareness about autism. they joined this bubbles for autism event at the city war memorial. the bubbles campaign was started years ago by a mother who wanted to teach her son's classmates how to play with him. since then, organizations nationwide have been using bubbles to bring people together during autism awareness month. sometimes the simplest things. still to come on "action news at 5", a check of the forecast. going on outside right now, the beautiful ben franklin parkway where a lot of folks are gathered for all of the nfl
5:22 pm
draft fun. meteorologist cecily tynan with that exclusive accuweather five-day when "action news" comes right back.
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time for accuweather. meteorologist cecily tynan here with a warm forecast as promised. >> and we are definitely heating things up. remember tuesday it was gloomy? we had temperatures only in the 50s. i'll actually show you if i get
5:25 pm
my clicker working here. we had temperatures in the 50s with some rounds of rain. still loading. wednesday yesterday, we made it up -- there we go -- 57 on tuesday. wednesday, 65. today made it up to 80 degrees. so far the normal high is 68 degrees. the exception at the shore, though. sharon, one of my facebook viewers, posted from galloway saying, i live six miles from the beach. it's cold. the ocean temperature in the 50s. so cape may, it's only 62. but you move inland, millville, 76. philadelphia, 78 degrees. allentown and reading, definitely feeling like summer with the current temperature of 80 degrees. also, did you notice it's slightly on the humid side. dew points are in the 60s. low to mid-60s, which in the middle of summer, wouldn't feel that bad, but we're not used to it. so for this time of the year, it does definitely feel on the humid side. and the humidity actually will be increasing over the next two days. satellite and radar showing a cold front i'm tracking out to
5:26 pm
the west. it's very weak, but this will be pulling through in the overnight hours, and this will bring some areas a round of showers. tonight, temperatures really not dropping that low. normal high for this time of year, again, 68. our low only five degrees below that, 63. allentown, 58. wilmington, 62. atlantic city, 56 with some showers and thunderstorms. so future tracker timing them out. 11:00 tonight, we could have a little bit of activity in the far north and west counties. most of that will miss us. but what happens, that front rides through the overnight hours and another wave develops across south jersey and delaware. sorly tomorrow morning, around 6:00, could get showers there. maybe even embiided -- embedded thunderstorm. look whams as we need the afternoon. the clouds rolling out quickly. by lunchtime, full sunshine. and it is going to be warm. if your heading to the penn relays, bring a lot of water. by 1:00, 81. by 5:00, up to 83 degrees.
5:27 pm
any clouds giving way to full sunshine. so the five-day at 5, 84 degrees. on saturday, 87 degrees. the possibility of a few showers and thunderstorms. we drop down to 72 on sunday, mostly cloudy, kind of a gray day. bump it up to 84 degrees on monday, some thunderstorms behind this system. it's breezy and cooler, 73. i am tracking some rain later in the week. i'll talk about that in the-day forecast. much more ahead in our next half-hour. jurors in the brendan creato trial leave the courtroom to see a key piece of puzzle had this case. and this was all captured on cell phone video. brandon
5:28 pm
5:29 pm
hello again. here's what's happening on "action news" tonight. detectives release new details in the shooting death of a delaware state trooper outside of a bear, delaware, wawa. and investigators say they know who is responsible for this crazy stunt on the vine street
5:30 pm
expressway over the weekend. that now that person is facing charges. and i'm rick williams from the nfl draft experience on the parkway with all the fun and festivities as we count down to tonight's round one selections. all right. first, though, we have the latest into the investigation into the deadly shooting of that delaware state trooper, corporal stephen ballard. we now know the name of the suspected shooter. authorities say corporal ballard approached a suspicious vehicle in the parking lot of the wawa along pulaski highway in bear yesterday. when he asked passenger of that vehicle, burgon sealy, he pulled out a gun and started shooting at ballard. ballard tried to find cover behind a parked car. sealy continued to fire after ballard was on the ground. he later died at christiana hospital. sealy fled the scene and reportedly called family members and told them he had just shot a
5:31 pm
state trooper. his family called authorities. that touched off a nearly 20-hour standoff back at their home. then just after 9:00 this morning, after several attempts to convince sealy to surrender, he rushed beliefs outside his home in middletown and was shot and killed. a 16-year-old girl has died after she was shot in wilmington, delaware. it happened at 9:30 last night here in the 900 block of kirkwood street. officers found her with gunshot wounds to her torso and arm. she was taken to christiana hospital but later died. so far, no motive or arrest. jurors hearing the case against defendant brendan creato were taken to the park. new jersey correspondent nora muchanic has more. >> reporter: jurors lift the courthouse in camden to come to haddon township where they saw the small creek in cooper river park where authorities found the body of brendan creato in 2015.
5:32 pm
the spot where his head was found on a rock is marked by an orange cone. one of the investigators described the scene in court. >> it was partially submerged in the water on his left side. his arms were bent in the water with his palms up. >> reporter: the media was not permitted to come along on this site visit, but prosecutors wanted the jurors to see in person the creek where the little boy's body was discovered. brendan's father, david d.j. creato was on trial for his son's murder allegedly committed because the child was interfering with his relationship with his 17-year-old girlfriend. creato sat silently as detectives displayed crime scene photos and the red slipper used to help a scent dog search for the child who was reported missing on the morning of october 13th, 2015. >> approximately 20 feet after turning left, i saw the body. >> reporter: at some point after the murder, d.j. creato suggested his son may have walked the half mile to the park
5:33 pm
on his own. but when he was found, his socks were clean. investigators had a 3-year-old replicate that walk and showed what those socks looked like in court. during cross-examination, creato's attorney got investigators to concede his client cooperated with police the day his son's body was discovered and that no direct evidence has ever been established against him. in camden, i'm nora muchanic, "channel 6 action news." a crash and fuel spill caused major traffic headaches in bellmawr, new jersey, this morning. it happened about midnight in the northbound lanes of 295 near route 42. a tractor-trailer carrying orange juice hit a barrier wall causing a fuel spill. no injuries were reported in the incident, but chopper 6 was over the scene as crews worked to clear up the mess. just days after this shocking image when a few hundred cyclists weaved through traffic on the vine street expressway. pennsylvania state police made an arrest. officials say through an
5:34 pm
investigation they determined the suspect, a male juvenile, organized this event as a way to celebrate his brirthday. he was arrested at 9:00 this morning and charged with misdemeanor, disorderly conduct, among other offenses. all right. i'm rick williams, back live at the nfl draft experience tonight. we're in our studio just feet from the nfl draft theater here on the parkway for one of the league's biggest nights all year long. it's get exciting. well, you can see from our camera atop the embassy suites just how big this event is. more and more people are pouring into the nfl draft experience. minute by minute. and we've been telling you about all day long, but the night, of course, amongs to the -- belongs to the players who hope to hear their names called by the commissioner tonight. and one those players is wisconsin running back and glassboro high school graduate cory clement. he stopped by glass blo intermediate school this morning to talk to students about making the right choices.
5:35 pm
clement talked about how a violent run-in in an elevator in 2015 tested his character and he hopes student athletes can do the same. jeff skversky live on the draft red carpet this evening where tonight's special guests will be walking backstage any minute now. hey, jeff. hey, rick. rocky, of course, ran up the art museum steps. tonight, the nfl draft picks will come down the red carpet, down these steps, any minute as we speak. they will make their way down the red carpet from inside the art museum. they will then come down the red carpet into the green room where they will wait to hear their name called, a dream come true for the 21 prospects tonight. one guy walking the red carpet you may recognize. check out eagles owner jeffrey lurie walking the red carpet earlier today. he wants to get a little preview
5:36 pm
and a tour of draft headquarters. what the eagles do tonight remains to be seen. about to walk the parkway any minute, the camden native. we asked him earlier, who do you hope picks you tonight in the first round of the nfl draft? >> i don't really have no preference. i just want to be an nfl football player. whatever team needs me, they want me in their franchise, i can't wait to get there and start work fwhg what's your family reaction? are they all cheering you on? >> yeah, it's a lot of emotions. my ma, she's happy. i would say nervous. my father, you know, he's calm and collected. he's happy as well. but for the most part, it's just a bunch of happiness. >> reporter: the happiness is the most important part. hassan reddick, one of the greatest stories in this nfl draft of 2017. he was a walk-on at temple and did not get a scholarship until his senior year. i asked his mother where she
5:37 pm
wants to see him drafted, and she mentioned the eagles at number 13 because most importantly, it is home. and she could watch him play every single game. all right. we're live on the red carpet. we hope to hear from some guys coming up in just a few minutes. rick, let's go back to you on the parkway. >> all right, jeff. thank you. it used to be a backroom event this nfl draft. today it is a ratings bow nanca. more than -- bonanza. here in philadelphia, it was much smaller with much less fanfare. take a look. >> reporter: thousands of seats, massive screens and a national audience. the stage is set for this year's nfl draft, and it's quite a sight taking over the iconic art museum steps known around the world. the scene today is quite different than that of the first draft held in philadelphia back in 1936. 80 years ago. picks were handwritten on a board, a far cry from the sights and sounds of the modern draft. the draft was created by eagles
5:38 pm
cofounder better bell when the team was failing financially. he wanted to even the playing field in the league soproposed a selection process. more than eight decades later, the draft is still going strong, and it has made plenty of roots in philadelphia along the way. since 1936, philadelphia hosted the draft 11 more times, the last in 1950 with the eagles as reigning champions. in 1965, the draft moved to new york where it has evolved into the fan frengzy it is today. who could forget those eagles fans when donovan mcnabb was drafted in 1999. >> the philadelphia eagles select donovan mcnabb, quarterback, syracuse university. >> reporter: it wasn't until 2015 that the nfl took the draft on the road adding an outdoor component in chicago. this year, it's the league's biggest draft yet, and the first time the draft is being held
5:39 pm
entirely outdoors. >> reporter: well, you never know what to expect with these nfl drafts. it could be very gh siting and interesting tonight. as you've seen, there are all sorts of fun things to see and do at the draft experience. and it really doesn't matter how old or young you are or what kind of shape you're in. it's all about having a good time. the bravest of fans jumped on the 100-yard ziplinefor a fast ride. and for those who felt more comfortable with their feet on the ground, there are life-size mannequins made to look like players from all of the nfl teams. and of course, there are plenty of places to pose for a good picture as well. i've been thinking about trying that zipline, but -- >> i'll do it with you. can we race? >> uh -- >> come on. it'sle only race you'll do with me. you don't have to use -- >> you've had too much beer. meteorologist adam joseph here now with more on the draft day forecast. >> i'm telling you, it is hot out here. i mean, not only hot weather-wise but also, as you can see behind us, a not place
5:40 pm
for people to be on night one. as we take a look at the forecast, if you're coming out here for this evening, temperatures are going to be in the 70s at 7:00. 8:00, 74 still. don't drop into the 60s in 10:00. and right around 67 at 11:00 tonight. if you're thinking of coming down tomorrow or saturday, dress appropriately. short sleeves, shorts, mostly sunny tomorrow, 84 degrees, 16 degrees above average. and on saturday, 87 degrees, even more humid with a late isolated thunderstorm possible as we get into the afternoon and evening hours. and i'll have that full accuweather forecast. with the penn relay still in town and i hear boos out here, but someone is wearing a cowboys hat or something. but honestly, it's great camaraderie. >> someone came up to me and said, i love you. i watch you every day. can i take a picture with you, ducis? [ laughter ] >> there is he, by the way. >> draft.
5:41 pm
there you can take a special look at the nfl draft experience, activities and get a list of restrict the items if you're planning to visit the parkway. things you need to know if you come down. so the excitement, definitely building here on the parkway. we'll be back later with more coverage. for my, let's send it back to you, monica, in the studio. see you later. >> looks like at lo of fun. meantime, in our "action news" traffic center, matt pellman, may, matt. >> and it's exciting on the roads, too, monica but not in such a fun way. this about the last thing we need this afternoon. a crash on the schuylkill. eastbound side, close to spring garden street, all these people, of course, can't head over to the mlk drive, can't head over to the kelly drive. they're blocked off for the nfl draft. so it is just a slow crawl, barely moving, coming from from the roosevelt boulevard from this point at spring garden. 53 minutes. should be about 15 on that eastbound travel time. the parkway remain blocked for the trast going on. what's happening this afternoon is secondary routes like broad street, like ridge avenue, like
5:42 pm
lancaster avenue, girard avenue, belmont avenue are all taking a lot of extra traffic pace there as well. monica, back over to you. still much more ahead on "action news." stick around. we'll be right back.
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build around carson wentz and give him more talent. christian mccaffrey, out of stanford, is kind of that back that will real help this eagles offense. he's solid runner and single back or two-back set. he can catch the football out of the back field. oh, and how about if cory davis, the wide receiver, falls down that number 14 window and? and exchosive wide receivers, the eagles not be able to pass on. a couple of names there. going back to mccaffrey, though, the eagles have not taken a running back with their first pick, the first-round pick since 1986. all right. moving on now. temple could see as many as four players taken in this nfl draft. we've been talking lot about defensive reddick. he could go top 10, top 15. let's show love for dion dawkins, the offensive lineman.
5:47 pm
he has the size, speed and strength that nfl scouts absolutely love. he also has experience. he started 41 games in his college career. dawkins is expected to be a second-round selection, but we're hearing that his stock is rising. >> i hope that it's rising, but it seems like it is, but i can go anywhere from first day to second day, but i have no idea and no one does. so i'm just hoping for the best. >> his life will soon change. let's turn our attention to the phillies. what has gotten into them? 5 straight wins entering this game against the miami marlins. the move pays dividends in the sixth inning. stassi sends one into the right-field corner. saunders trying to score from first base. we got a close play at the plate. check out this slide. he gets his hand in there. the phillies win this one, 3-2. that's now six wins in a row. that's the longest current win
5:48 pm
streak in major league baseball. the phillies now head out on a seven-game road trip. they'll visit the dodgers tomorrow night in los angeles. coming up at 6:00, we'll talk more about the draft with former eagles quarterback donovan mcnabb. monica, back over to you. >> sounds good. thank you so much, ducis. meantime, st. francis hospital for children would not be a success without its many volunteers. today they were honored at an annual luncheon. some got pens for their service. others got certificates. on the hospitals four-legged volunteers were given a big thank-you as well. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. maybe that's why we've been ranked highest in customer satisfaction by jd power 4 years in a row. and now you can love fios too. get 150 meg internet, tv and phone. all for $79.99 per month online, for the first year with a two-year agreement. it's the only internet with equal upload and download speeds. cable only offers upload speeds that are a fraction of their download speeds.
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let's talk weather, adam, because i think mother nature might be a football fan. >> i would say. >> all the gray skies. >> they're gone. it's going to stick around for the rest of the draft, and can you bring up breeze or something? can you help me out? >> i'm not going to -- >> it's on the warm side. take a look at the numbers right now. i thought you were a number one fan. >> number one. >> 78 degrees right now in philadelphia. 80, allentown. and reading. 76, millville. and so much cooler at the shore, 57 beach haven. 60s, cape may. atlantic city as well as dover. and one thing you may notice as well is the uptick in humidity.
5:52 pm
63 is your dew point in philadelphia right now. anytime it's above 60, you start to say, man, it feels a little humid outside. 61 in allentown. 65 in wilmington. and near 70 for dover and lancaster. as we look at satellite and radar, you can see some high clouds filtering at times today, but there's a front in the western part of the state stretching through the ohio valley. scattered showers, downpours and a rumble of thunder. the love this is going to lose its luster as it pushes to the east. overnight it's partly cloudy and a late spotty showers or thunderstorm around 58 in the suburbs. 63 degrees for center city. a very warm night on tap. as we take a look at forecast for tomorrow, if you're heading to the peabody relay -- penn relays or the draft, 81 at 2:00 in the afternoon. busting into the mid-80s between 4:00 and 5:00. back to the 70s at 8:00 and 11:00, 69 degrees under partly cloudy skies. friday, lots of sunshine here.
5:53 pm
we're between systems. the that first front, maybe a scattered shower very early in the morning. 16 degrees above average. 84 for a high. that front moves away. and you can kind of see this other front slowly approaching from the north and west on saturday. more humid ahead of that front. 87 with a an isolated thunderstorm late in the day. and then behind that cooler air does come in for one day on sunday. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, warm, mostly sunny, 84 degrees for tomorrow. warm, more humid here on saturday, 87. and again, the draft experience is here until 6:00 in the evening. most of that will be dry. there could be a scattered storm very late in the day. sunday, cooler, mostly cloudy, 72 degrees. so a little refreshing day on sunday before the heat, humidity return on monday. 84 with a scattered thunderstorm in the afternoon. tuesday, breezy, cooler, 73, the same for wednesday. 72 degrees under partly sunny
5:54 pm
skies, pretty nice. and as we get into thursday, the rain moves back in. there could be a good soaking here one week from now with temperatures of 68 degrees. so kind of ironic that -- we talk about football weather being kind of cool and crisp in the fall. it was cloudy, it was cool. it was raining up until today, the three days of the draft is in town in philadelphia. when we should be in the 60s for highs, we're in the mid and upper 80s. so kind of not going together here. >> they said this event would be one hot ticket in philadelphia. and that's for sure. >> speaking of a lot ticket. i have reservations for you and i, agility test, kicking field goal -- >> i think we're just about out of time, adam joseph. thank you very much. we'll take a quick break. monica will have the rest of the news back in the studio right after this. i
5:55 pm
to protect our families and our civil rights. he's represented black lives matter, occupy wall street, and parents protesting the closing of schools. larry krasner will reform the criminal justice system, ending a war on drugs and the era of mass incarceration
5:56 pm
that targets poor and minority communities. because justice makes us safer. not just talking the talk, walking the walk. larry krasner, democrat for district attorney. a new initiative in bucks county aims to keep children in gun-holding households safe as part of ben's campaigning, lock
5:57 pm
it up, free gun locks will be made available to all county gun owners. the campaign is named after 2-year-old benjamin smith. he died last september after he found his dad's loaded handgun and shot himself while playing with it. ben's father nicholas, was emotional at today's press conference. hecouraged gun attorneys to take that extra precaution to keep their loved ones safe. right now jim gardner and the "action news" team are standing by with these stories and more next at 6:00. new details about the deadly end to that standoff with the suspect accused of killing a delaware state trooper. plus -- neighbors describe the scene that played out over 20 hours. and we're just two hours away till the start of the nfl draft. and the party is already in full swing on the parkway. those stories and more coming your way next. now for adam joseph, cecily tynan, jamie apody and rick williams, i'm monica malpass. "action news" is next.
5:58 pm
announcer: washington politicians are at it again with another disastrous health care repeal bill that raises costs and cuts coverage for millions. and their latest plan is worse than ever.. affordable coverage for maternity care, cancer treatment, substance abuse treatment, and preexisting conditions would no longer be gauranteed. the plan threatens care for seniors and the disabled... and imposes a massive age tax for people over 50. tell congressman costello - don't repeal our health care.
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thursday night -- the nfl draft starts tonight. and a medical condition causes a tractor-trailer driver to crash into a warehouse. but the big story on "action news" tonight is the end of the ordeal that cost a delaware state trooper his life. and the man who allegedly killed him was himself killed this morning as he emerged from his home with gun blazing. 26-year-old -- 26-year-old burgon sealy took reeve you've in his middletown home after he allegedly shot and killed corporal stephen ballard at close range yesterday in bear.
6:00 pm
ballard's body was transferred from the office in wilmington to the congo funeral home late this morning escorted by police. we have two reports tonight from "action news" reporters john rawlins and christie ileto, both in the area of the sealy house in middletown. john, let's start with you. >> reporter: well, jim, police are still looking for answers at this hour about what happened yesterday, what sparked that violent incident involving the suspect. he had a prior arrest in florida. that was about four years ago. that ended up being a misdemeanor case with just a year's probation. investigators going over the house where for hours overnight a suspect fired out at police while police answered with explosive charges that blew out walls and doors. miles away, at troop 2 in glasgow, ballard's vehicle draped in black. those who knew him struggled with his death. >> yesterday after


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