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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  April 28, 2017 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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. good friday afternoon. in the news it is day two of the nfl draft experience. the eagles have made their first draft pick. we'll tell you what carson wentz has to say about his new teammate and from football to track and field, the historic penn relays are under way. the big story is the nfl draft as it enters day 2. the gates just opened. today the nfl announced nearly 100,000 fans attended day one yesterday. that is the largest attendance ever for a draft-related event. action news anchor rick williams is live >> reporter: it was a great night for philadelphia tonight
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and an even greater night for derek barnett. derek barnett from tennessee is the first player picked up by the eagles in this year's draft. >> with the 14th pick from the 2017 nfl draft, the philadelphia eagles select derek barnett defensive end. >> reporter: a defensive end is just 20 years old skipping his senior year at tennessee to join the draft. he had 13 sacks alone, 32 for his entire career breaking the record held by reggie white. barnett says he's done his homework on philadelphia. >> i've heard the fans are very passionate and i know i'm going to an organization with lots of great players and i'm ready to get to work and everybody's been telling me enjoy this moment. but i love football and ready to get back to what i love to do. >> he stands for what we want to
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be and i think everyone in the city will see what kind of person he is, what kind of player he is. unbelievably high character, unbelievable worker and tremendously talented. >> reporter: we also caught up with carson wentz this morning. he had a vested interest in who the team chose last night. he says he's excited for barnett to join the eagles. >> i'm excited to get a guy like derek. i watched some of his film right after the pick and he can do some really good things. he'll definitely help us out. >> reporter: by the way, carson wentz will be back on the parkway at 1:00 this afternoon for a meet and greet with fans in the courtyard by marriott area near the main entrance. meanwhile it's day 2 of the fan festivities under way.
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this morning the special olympics, jeannette reyes is live on the parkway with more on that. >> reporter: hi, rick. unique indeed and also inspirational. not just about the pro players or the soon-to-be pro players, it's also about getting kids out there to play. take a look what's going on behind me flag football with kids who have intellectual disabilities and a lot of people showed up to show their support. today two teams of diverse players hit the field near ben franklin parkway for a game of flag football. it's all part of the nfl draft experience. the goal was of course to win, but also to make a statement. >> we're breaking down barriers, it's all about inclusion and acceptance and togetherness and friendship. >> fans come in all shapes and sizes and also a big part of our
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game is people love playing football and it's a big part of just showing a little bit of skill and get out and run around. >> reporter: it's an initiative that encourages children of all backgrounds and abilities to be active for at least an hour a day. nfl commissioner roger goodell also stopped by. >> we want to make sure that football is out there and ready for them to play. we can provide the resources for them do that. >> reporter: a dozen athletes half with intellectual disabilities simply played together in what's called unified teams. >> it's about having a great time, making sure everyone is on the same playing field. >> i would say believe in yourself and some confidence. >> reporter: coming back out live, special olympics p.a. tells me this is not yet an official sport in the state but their role is to make that happen. if you would like to join go ahead and visit their website at
12:06 pm jeannette reyes, channel 6 action news. >> another great day to be outside if you plan on coming down to the nfl draft experience. sky 6hd taking a live look down the parkway right now where the crowds are out and enjoying the weather. summer-like conditions continue and it could be even warmer than yesterday. let's head over for details with david. >> we are looking at another toasty day building across the region. sunshine aplenty currently with nothing but blue above the terrace. we did have some cloud cover earlier this morning and a little bit of a shower that popped through as well earlier this morning. he was talking about how the ground was still muddy from the overnight showers. that's all in the past. and later on today there could be a couple of high clouds building in but generally speaking it looks like it's going to be fairly bright.
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right now at the noon hour we have already reached the 80 degree mark in philadelphia. we're already where we wound up yesterday and this afternoon we expect to add several degrees to that. we're going go for a high of 83 later on. winds right now not all that strong, 10 miles per hour. and not expected to go too much higher than that. so a little bit of a breeze today. but not a whole lot. as we take a look at the nfl experience and draft forecast for the rest of day, 81 degrees by 1:00, 83 by 3:00. that will be your high. and 82 by 5:00. and by 8:00 when the drafting is going on, 77 degrees on the parkway. and by 11:00 down to about 69 degrees. so rick, yeah, it will be another warm would be. i would recommend sunscreen and cool drinks if you're going to be spending time on the parkway today. but man it does look like fun down there. >> it is fun, david. come on down and join us when you get off the air. i know it's been a long day for
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you. come on down. thanks david. let's talk about another hot event happening in the city. the zrast is not the only major event happening. it's also day two of the penn relays. chopper 6 is over the field as some of the athletes gave it their all at the nation's oldest and largest track and field competition. katherine? >> reporter: hi, rick. the temperature is really cranking up, you can feel it. i can contributing nothing athletically and i am hot so it's going to be important for these athletes to stay hydrated today. this town is packed to the gills with athletes right now. more than 15,000 competitors are taking part in the penn relays, some of them in multiple events. we're standing by where the runners get ready to enter the track. it's a big crowd, this is an event they look forward to competing in each year. hundreds of events, thousands of
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athletes. it's the 123rd year of the penn relays, a historic event that draws competitors from around the country and around the world. >> no fear, no shame just running. >> it's just so cool knowing the history of this and that we can be a part of it. >> reporter: middle schools, high schools, colleges, professionals, it's an opportunity to learn and an opportunity to be seen. >> a locality of college -- a lot of colleges here and a chance to show your talent. >> we get to watch great runners, we get to watch team usa versus the world. we get to learn from other runners, look at their technique and speed and what they do to warm up. >> reporter: with so many athletes and cameras and spectators, a few nerves are natural but competitors and coaches explains they try to use that adrenaline to their advantage. >> try to do my best on the track. >> i take it as another big meet and just put my music in and rock out. >> track is passion so you tell
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them it's about competition, racing and doing the absolutely best that you can. >> reporter: and back here live at the track at franklin field where you can see that it is bustling here. it looks like another group of runners are getting ready to go. the penn relays run through tomorrow. one of the highlights is that usa versus world races. if you decide to come down to the area, i definitely recommend using public transportation because it is very congested in the surrounding streets. >> all right, thank you. a lot of people have been coming using public transportation. it is a good idea with both events in town through tomorrow. one quick note as far as the eagles. 4:15 the afternoon the team is officially expected to introduce their latest player derek barnett at the nova care center it will happen and we will carry it for you on action news
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beginning at 4:00 and we'll have more on the parkway coming up at 4:30. >> it's derek barnett day. you can take a special look at the nfl draft experience activities and get a list of restricted items if you're planning to visit the parkway. still to come on action news at noon with time running out on president trump's first 100 days in office, we'll tell you what his secretary of state is urging the un to do. the pope begins his historic visit in egypt. what he hopes to accomplish for the next two days. we just moved into this house
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tillerson went before the un this morning urgings new sanctions against north korea. tillerson says the world needs to increase north korea's financial isolation. he called for new sanctions against north korean entities and individuals supporting its nuclear and missile programs and implementation of sanctions that are will in place. we'll have much more on tillerson's appearance before the un at 12:30. from our delaware news room two days after a delaware state trooper was shot and killed state police are asking for your
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help. 32-year-old corporal steven ballard was shot and killed on thursday. police say they shot and killed the gunman after a nearly day-long standoff at his home in middle town. now police are asking anyone who may have witnessed the events that led up to that shooting at that wawa to come forward. a warning now for people who live in and around princeton, new jersey. take a look at this surveillance picture. a woman says that man followed her into the women's restroom and watched her through a crack in the stall door. it happened at the triumph brewery thursday night. if you know anything about this man, you are asked to contact police. pope francis has arrived in egypt for an historic two-day visit. his goal is to present a united christian-muslim front in the face of violence commitd in
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god's name. the catholic pontiff is holding meetings with religious and political leaders. he will also participate in a peace conference. >> the parkway day 2 of the nfl draft experience is officially under way. yesterday was a great day with a huge turnout. i'll have more on the fun, the festivities and the reaction to eagles' newest player coming up in just a bit. >> the auto maker
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leak from the rear differential damaging components and causing the differential to lock up stopping the wheels from moving. toyota did not say whether or not this problem has led to accidents or injuries. owners will be notified by the recall by mail beginning in mid june. nearly a third of starbucks sales were made online or through its app last quarter in an earnings release starbucks noted that 29% of its sales came from orders that were prepaid online or through its mobile app. but starbucks sales haven't impressed investors lately. they showed weak sales growth in the u.s. and that sent its stock price down nearly 5%.
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in today's health check next week certain chains will be required to post calorie count information. new government rules are extending those requirements to restaurants that sell prepared foods and have 20 or more locations. this all comes after years of delays, certain grocery stores, convenience stores and pizza delivery chains say these rules would be in other burdensome for them than they are for restaurants. they're hoping a massive spending bill will include legislation that revises that law. the action news team is out working on stories for tonight beginning at 4:00 and that begins the final freeby of the final. plus a maryland couple is under fire for taking youtube to the extreme. hear their surprising response to allegations they abused their children in order to go viral. and this is the immersive island experience attendees were
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promised but what fans actually got was much different. from mountains of trash to a camp site overrun by feral dogs. we'll show you the disaster zone formally known as the fire festival. meteorologist david murphy will have the 7-day forecast when action news comes right back. he's hiding a card! it's time for you and your boys to get out of town. (laughing) left foot. right foot. left foot. stop. twitch your eyes so they think you're crazy. if you walk the walk you talk the talk. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance you switch to geico. hide the eyes. it's what you do. show 'em real slow.
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today for all of our visitors here in philadelphia. >> it's warm out there on the terrace too. rather warm than the way it was monday and sunday. storm tracker 76 live shows you that we've got anything but yuck out there. let's take a ride aboard chopper 6 and showing you the 6abc zoo balloon and its launching pad down there at the philadelphia
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zoo and a little bit of traffic. lots of bright sunshine building across the region and it is definitely getting warm. your temperature right now at the noon hour is 80 degrees. winds out of the west southwest at 10 miles per hour. not all that strong. satellite and radar shows you how there was some rain that came through in the pre-dawn hours and some of your roads were wet but now the clouds and rain are off the coast lots of sunshine. it's going to be bright and definitely warm. 82 is your high in allentown, 82 in trenton, we're going go 83 in philadelphia but we've jumped to 80 so quickly that i wouldn't be shocked if we got up to 84. cool drinks, sunscreen that's a good combination if you're going to be out and about today. down the shore low 70s or 70 on the nose. as we go to the penn relays another big event that of course is going on over this three-day period in the middle of which we're in, 81 degrees by 1:00, 82
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by 2:00. there's that 83, i expect we'll be right on or about that this afternoon. and down to 82 by 5:00. and if we advance forward and show you the day planner, if you are going down tonight for the draft, it's pretty good again. by 8:00, 77, still comfortable as late as 10:00 with a temperature of 71 degrees. overnight tonight notice i'm starting with future tracker at midnight. there is a chance after midnight, after all the activities are done of an overnight shower and maybe even a rumble of thunder popping through. it does look like anything we see gets out of here in time for tomorrow and tomorrow ahead of another front. 87, really warm perhaps a little bit more humid and because of that front's proximity we could wind up with an isolated shower or thunderstorm. in all likelihood olding off
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until saturday night. 83 degrees today, partly to mostly sunny, warm, pretty nice out there as long as you're prepared with the cool drinks. very warm and perhaps more humid on saturday with a high of 87 degrees and again a late day or evening shower or thunder shower can't be ruled out on saturday. then comes the big change. a frontal boundary sags to our south. look for mainly cloudy skies on sunday, a high of 68 and there could be a spotty shower around. by no means is it a washout it's just not nearly as warm as saturday. monday warm again a high of 83 and a cold front late in the day and evening might trigger another chance of a spotty shower or thunderstorm. that would be monday night. behind that front 75, partly sunny and breezy on tuesday. 69 on wednesday, and on thursday cloudy skies build back in and we get a high of 68 and thursday does appear to be our next chance of appreciable rainfall and i can see friday also being a bit damp.
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hopefully we can clear things out in time for the coming weekend. but those are pretty nice numbers. >> temple university's annual earth fest event for the eighth year in a row, melissa magee was the emcee. last year more than 6,500 people attended the event. 6abc is the proud media partner of earth fest. and we'll be right back with the next half hour of action news at noon this friday.
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>> hello again. here are some of the stories we're following for you on action news at 12:30. the beenben franklin parkway will be packed there's lots to see and do. and the best part is it's free. rick williams will join us live. plus a local fan had a special moment and a local company is on social mission to give back. their message is simple. by a bar of soap and give a bar too. and now it is day 2 of the nfl draft. the eagles made their first pick
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last night choosing defensive end derek barnett. another round of picks starts 7:00 tonight. as for the fans they are gathering on to the parkway to take part in the nfl experience. let's look at the parkway this afternoon. it is an eagles fans dream with the birds down there on full display. first we head out to rick williams on eakins oval and it's another day of fun and nice and warm and sunny out there. >> reporter: that's right. already it's warm and sunny and this huge nfl block party continues along the parkway day 2 of the draft experience. the city of philadelphia was on full display during round 1 last night and this morning a record-breaking announcement from the nfl. nearly 100,000 fans took part in the nfl experience on day 1 yesterday and that's the largest attendance ever for a draft-related event.


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