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tv   World News Now  ABC  May 29, 2017 3:00am-4:00am EDT

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this morning on "world news now" -- north korea on offense. launching another missile. >> with the latest launch, kim jung. unshowing off an arsenal. the secretary of defense now calls north korea a direct threat to the united states. >> could lap tops and tableted be banned from cabins on all international flights whether they're coming from the u.s. or going away from the u.s. why the trump administration is looking to expand the current ban and what all overseas travelers need to know. >> we have shocking video of a boy at a brand new water park, right off the water slide, sliding along the concrete below. hear how the accident is shedding light on the safety issues facing some popular summer destinations. >> why wait for the wedding. this couple took the plunge
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after their engagement. their hot air balloon proposal, a scare that is keeping them in each other's arms. monday, may 29th, memorial day. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." i like, i like the image of that proposal. >> the proposal. >> not sure exactly if it, we'll get to it, because an interesting story. >> when it scares the bejeezus out of you. >> i do. >> we'll start half-hour off with a serious note dmort korea firing a missile landing in the sea of japan. >> u.s. officials say the latest test appears to involve short-range scud missile. it flew nearly 300 miles before landing in japan so-called economic zone where there are active fishing boats as well as cargo ships there. there were no reports of damage. >> the ninth missile test conducted by north korea this year. it is trying to perfect a long-range ballistic nuclear missile capable of reaching the united states. u.s. officials say everyone is
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in danger. >> of this, this, regime is a threat to the region. to japan. to south korea. and in the event of war, they would bring danger to china, and to russia as well. but the bottom line is -- it would be a catastrophic war if this turns into a -- combative we are not able to resolve the situation. it is a direct threat to the united states. they have been very clear in their rhetoric. >> japan's prime minister condemned the launch as an unacceptable provocation. south korea holding a meeting to discuss how to address the issue. >> closer and closer they got to the long-range missile the more dangerous it becomes if we can't find diplomatic solution. >> the president just back from the longengthy trip briefed on . the president has been busy in the meantime. meantime slamming the press as the the fake news media. as some lawmakers call for his
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son-in-law security clearance to be revoked. >> the president fired off several tweets, after returning from the first overseas trip. but refused to comment on allegations that jared kushner tried to establish a back channel for secret communications between the russians and trump administration team. transition team that is. and reportedly they were looking to discuss syria. >> the homeland security chief and the national security adviser dismissed such back channels as, normal. but democrats are demanding answers. >> i think we need to get to the bottom of the allegations. i do think there ought to be a review of his security clearance to find out if he was truthful or candid. if not there is no way you can maintain that clearance. >> democrats say they're especially concerned that kushner proposed using russian diplomatic facilities to avoid monitoring. lawyers for kushner said he is ready to talk with federal and congressional investigators about foreign contacts and work on the campaign. >> now the terrible scene in new york harbor. an investigation under way to find out what went tragically
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wrong in a skydiving event over new york harbor that killed a navy seal. skydiver part of the navy elite parachute team. the leapfrogs. was free falling, high above the statue of liberty, when his chute failed just second before he landed in the water. he was rushed to the hospital. where he diedro his injuries. the region's naval commander says the seal community has lost a true patriot and their hearts and prayers go out to his family. >> this morning's parade and other memorial day activities could get rained out in parts of the country. severe storms are possible from the gulf coast to virginia and showers in the northeast and upper midwest are also expected. but by afternoont storms along the coast east will have moved out to sea. weather should be great for outdoor activities. meanwhile, tennessee in clean-up mode after a massive storm brought an historic power outage. 80 mile per hour wind ripped trees from the ground. more than 150,000 customers lost power in the memphis area. strong storms also caused damage in southern missouri flipping
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trailers, crushing cars and causing flooding. >> mississippi sheriff's deputy among eight people killed in a wild shooting rampage in jackson. police say it all started with a domestic dispult involving the suspected gunman, 35-year-old, cory godbolt and estranged wife and family. godbolt went door to door shooting and killing three women including his mother-in-law. as well as the several boys before -- himself. receiving a minor gunshot wound. now, godbolt allegedly told a report here kept going, until he ran out of bullets and suicide by cop was his intention. in the meantime, we are learning more about the brutal knife attack on board a train in portland, oregon. 17-year-old destiny magnum is thanking the two good samaritan who gave their lives to rush to their defense. magnum says she and a friend wearing a hajib, killing two men
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and wounding a third. in addition to murder charges, 35-year-old jeremy christian may face federal hate crime or domestic terrorism charges. >> getting our first look at an accident. brand new water park in california. it shows young boy flying off a walter slide, then sliding along the concrete below. abc's correspondent has more. >> reporter: heart stopping video from a water park in northern california. 10-year-old boy goes air born from the three story walter slide hitting the pavement. the boy, walking away, witnesses say he was badly shaken, but somehow only suffered scrapes and bruises. >> seemed to be okay. came right up. and immediately went into the first aid room. was assessed by staff. >> reporter: the bay area park saying emerald plunge ride had been tested scores of times. the accident overshadowing the grand opening of the $43 million complex. this incident less than a year after 10-year-old caleb swab was killed on the world's tallest water slide in kansas.
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this month his family receiving a $20 million settlement. there have been at least 29 deaths on amusement park rides or water slide since 2010. and every year, up to 4,200 people end up in the er with injuries from walter slides. officials at the bay area park vowing not to reopen the ride until they fix whatever caused this close call. >> we are going to do everything we can to make sure that doesn't happen again. >> they are kidding making safety changes, not until their investigation is complete and they know exactly what went wrong. british airways hoping things back to normal following the massive computer failure which threw the airline into worldwide chaos. the it issues started saturday. the airline blaming them on power supply problem. many systems were back on line yesterday. british authorities, there, say the majority of flights out of its two main london hubs should operate today. however passengers should expect
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some residual delays. laptops may soon be banned now from the main cabins of all international flights to and from the u.s. the current rule affecting incoming flights from ten mostly middle eastern cities, took effect in march. homeland security secretary john kelly says a change would combat new terrorist technologies. he told fox news, sunday, american carriers remain enticing targets. there is a real threat. numerous threats against aviation. thats, that's really the thing that they're obsessed with. the terrorists. the idea of knocking down an airplane in flight, a u.s. carrier, full of mostly u.s. folks. right now the ban calls for electronics. larger than a smart phone to be checked. that includes your simple cameras. it affects about 50 flights a day, all on foreign carriers, carriers. the ban was not based on a specific threat however.
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>> canadian man has quite the proposal story to tell this morning. just not the one he planned. >> he popped the question on a romantic hot air balloon ride in the edmonton alberta area. sound great. his girlfriend said yes. amazing. >> great. >> but, things went downhill from there. >> yeah. >> just moments later the pilot told them, and the other ten passengers to brace for an emergency landing. >> then all of a sudden. we are still, 30, 40 feet up in the air. just the whole thing shakes. and, you hear, like cracking of branches. and in a tree. >> the pilot managed to get the basket and balloon out of the tree. then they hit another tree. they finally landed in a farmer's field. no serious injuries. just apparently a broken fingernail. >> hopefully not her ring finger. you know. >> put that one on display. >> yeah, christine and steven described the experience as
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awesome. very typical canadian response to that. >> glad they didn't look at it as an omen. >> all up hill from there. >> honey, let's spend our lives together. you have a minute then. good stuff. >> oh, my god. yes. >> nobody hurt. she said he had been wanting to take a hot air balloon since she was a child. they tried to go six different times. the last three times they tried. planning to propose every time. and, they kept getting -- interrupted for whatever reason. now they finally get up there, crash into a tree. >> would have been an indication. >> she said yes. >> yes she did. see what they do for the wedding. might go swimming with sharks. >> all right, coming up. want to get to indy 500. quite a scene there. when a race car went airborne. spinning through the air and flying into a fence. we are going to hear from the driver actually. >> amazing. >> and transforming your outdated outdoor living space. we have some easy ways to give your backyard an updated look for the summer. >> remember, find us on face
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so that's, officer james. of the nypd in the bronx. >> whoa. >> well obviously beyond the arc. beyond the fence. impressive! the kids there at that playground. we need to sign him up. >> this morning's other sports headlines. first time, japanese driver has taken the checkered flag. >> born in tokyo. takuma satto. fluent in english. didn't matter. he could scream some word. emotional responses. as he punched the air after he crossed the finish line. >> then he had the traditional gulp of milk. as you do. and dump it all over his head. also part of the tra difgs course. >> pretty cool.
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the pole sert. favorite to didn't race until that happened. that horrifying crash. believe it or not. he wasn't actually injured. >> glad everybody was okay. definitely a wild ride for sure. and -- big thanks to everybody for the safety standards that we have right now. >> yeah, even able to get in a sponsor in that, in the response. the crash is often how -- is how, takuma sato, races have ended including one at indianapolis, five years ago. this time more cautious. creating the lead with three time winner, before finally winning by .2 second. >> bet he is grateful for the safety measures. another first in sports this weekend. the top seed at the french open was knocked out in the first round. in straight sets. this is the first time the number one seed has been eliminated french ownen.
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in the professional era. in 50 years. unseeded. won the match 6-2, 6-2. >> three days away from the rematch of the rematch. nba finals of the golden state warriors and cleveland cavs part three. begins thursday night. right here on abc. and in oakland. it is the first time the finals will feature the same teams meeting for a third year in a row. this year, lebron and the cavaliers come in as defending champs after stunning the warriors in seven games a year ago. >> this will be it. this will be for all right marshalls. >> big rematch. >> yeah, all the games here on abc. thursday nights, coverage. from oakland starts at 8:30 p.m. off awe one more milestone in sports history this morning. >> homer simpson enshrined in the baseball hall of fame. this weekend's induction ceremony, marked the anniversary of the classic episode of the series homer at-bat. also kicked off a simpson themed exhibit. at cooperstown. >> three of the players in the
3:17 am
episode were on hand for the ceremony this weekend. wade boggs, ozzie smith, steve sax, sax says he asked as much about appearing in the simpsons as he is about playing baseball. >> well coming uppen our next half-hour. one man's encounter with a shark caught on camera. what you should know before getting in the water this summer. >> first, we will have easy ways to transform your backyard living space. just in time for summer entertaining. you are watching "world news now". ♪ when heartburn hits fight back fast with new tums chewy bites. fast relief in every bite. crunchy outside. chewy inside. tum tum tum tum new tums chewy bites. because your carpet there's resolve carpet care. it lifts more dirt and pet hair versus vacuuming alone. resolve carpet care with five times benefits
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>> the unofficial start of summer today. ♪ unwind summertime >> yes. nice. so with the start of the summer season, not only do you got to listen to more will smith, but a lot of us will be spending more and mr. time in the backyard. >> more diane macedo singing, rapping to will smith. how do you make sure your backyard is a place you want to spend time in. paula faris opened up her own home to find out. this is my pat yoechlt there is really not much to look at. but a dirty couch. i could really use some help getting this place ready for summer.
3:20 am
deste >> create zones work with what you have. >> tip one. create zones and furniture placement. >> optimal to move the sectional around to create the zone. i would rather silt there and face the shrubs than sit and face the stairs. who wants to stare at the stairs. it is a zone. >> nice. >> we created two zones. a serving area and seating area. >> love it now. we have to clean a little bit. >> yeah, this is all dirty. number one thing to keep in mind cleaning fabrics use organic cleaner. using powder mix. mixing with water. never mix chemicals together. baking soda works well. cleaners, stain sprays also work. scrub, scrub, scrub away. >> you are a really good cinderella by the way. >> huh? >> tip three. order items online few days before you plan to redecorate. >> all these are bulky. can't fit them in your minivan.
3:21 am
order them, shows up at your door. have fun decorating. >> let's go. >> don't knock the minivan. >> great color. >> tip four. color is key. >> stick to two, three colors. one pattern. solid. >> and perhaps, my favorite part. >> a fire pit. smores on the weekend with your families. >> smores, speaking our language. >> you have been working hard. brought you hand squeezed lemonade. awe hand up squeezed. >> this doesn't look like the space. >> did it fast. frugaly and fun. >> thank you. you are a genius. >> i know. >> paula faris, abc news, new york. >> paula, ready how to come over when you want to haufs. >> now i know how to dress up that piece of sidewalk in front of my apartment building in the city. >> going to get that cube for my fire escape.
3:22 am
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monday memorial day "the mix." in case you decide to go to disney's parks, our parent company, take on the guardian of the galaxy ride. may want the cautionary note this reporter from fresno station, cory james gave us all. it is quite a drop. not for kids. here he is, cory reporting live. in the darkroom. didn't expect for the drop. can we sound up on the screen really quickly. ha-ha. >> live tv there. >> cory said he was, shocked, thought it would be a consider ride. >> hilarious. >> went viral. >> looks like he is surrounded by teenagers who are calm and come posed.
3:26 am
>> not phased whatsoever. >> paula and dan asked him about it over the weekend. what he had to say. >> did you not know what you were getting yourself into. >> it was like an out of the body experience. this is my first time at disneyland. i didn't think they had rides of that magnitude. >> now the door is closing. >> disney, a place for families. drive camrys. you don't expect rides where you drop 130 feetet. but, but, now we know, cory. >> we are glad he was not prepared for it. because the we can watch the video over and over again. speaking of disneyland by the way, place for families. drive camrys. place for proposals. and this one went off without a hitch. this comes from reddit. eugene, proposed to his boyfriend chris on splash mountain. chris' favorite ride. he did it by holding up a sign. check it out. so he knows exactly where the cameras are. holds up the sign. saying, chris will you marry me. so, that at the end of the ride,
3:27 am
when they go to look at all the photos that they take to catch, screaming reactions. he looked at the photo. got to see. eugene was holding up the sign. >> exactly. they went on the ride, next time, his partner said yes. >> don't think he waited thatth patience. chris enjoys disneyland so much. he made them buy an annual pass. >> tommy and gia ben spichlt tez. >> may have competition. >> go to the mirror. look in the mirror. this is the most beautiful thing i am seeing all day long. so the case for this chapel pan zee, the baby chimpanzee at the zoo in guinea, too young to recognize it's his reflection. he is trying to grab. >> make out with it. >> imagine the mirror. you know it's, it's really kind of cute. if not, if not,
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this morning on "world news now" -- severe storms on the move. parts of the south and northeast will be washed out from holiday festivities. and as millions head home later today, travel could be rough for certain regions. the accuweather forecast ahead. >> with the president back from his first overseas trip, he is picking a new fight with the media airing grievances on twitter. questions regarding his adviser son-in-law attempts to establish secret communication channel with russian officials. new this half-hour -- >> caught on camera, a kayaker attacked by a great white shark in california. see how he manages to escape. >> we will have survival tips on how you can protect yourself during this summer season as well. >> justin timberlake goes for a ride in the hamptons over the weekend. but he wasn't alone.
3:31 am
we will show you who is buddy is making all of us smile coming up in "the skinny" on monday, may 29th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." ♪ my buddy and me ♪ kid sista ♪ kid sista ♪ kid sista ♪ >> remember those commercials. >> you and i should ride a bike. >> get my buddy and little kid sister. >> how long before we crash? >> from start. we say good morning, everybody. on this memorial day. kind of the sort of washout for many people. severe weather here at home, on this memorial day. >> that's right. storm systems along texas and louisiana gulf coast and also moving from ohio into the northeast. some parades and ceremonies there could be at risk of being canceled. check on that this morning.
3:32 am
>> over the weekend, at least two people drowned and a third is missing. after their vehicle was swept away by a flash flood in branson, missouri. two other people in the vehicle escaped. more on the weekend's weather from abc's rob marciano. >> reporter: extreme storms, arching across the heartland this holiday weekend. torrential rain and wind gusts over 70 miles per hour punishing parts of missouri. dumping hail the size of softballs. >> i have never seen hail this big. >> downed power lines, trees torn in half, powerful winds flipping this trailer over. crushing two cars. >> you lookout side. it was just, like hurricane. >> in branson, two dead. and one missing after a flash flooding swept away their car. >> car in the water with people trapped. >> in joplin this shelf cloud a sign of powerful winds moving
3:33 am
in. a severe storm in tulsa, oklahoma, lighting up the night sky. and torrential rains in southern illinois. trees uprooted in memphis, tennessee. wind knocking out power there to nearly 200,000. and, super cells dominating the landscape in eastern colorado. >> thanks to rob marciano, the details on what we can expect, from accuweather paul williams. paul, good morning. >> good morning, kendis, diane. well the unofficial start to summer will officially start with summerlike thunderstorms rumbling through the gulf coast, throughout portions of the southeast. watching out for very gusty wind. and, we're looking for possibility of hail connected with the thunderstorms. not only that. we will see scattered, showers, along the i-5 corridor, new york, d.c., boston. including believe it or not philadelphia as well. everybody in the mix of that. down to the deep south where the heavy thunderstorm, really rack up big time problems. kendis, diane. >> paul, north korea is raising concerns after firing another missile the ninth one this year. u.s. officials say this time it was the short-range scud missile landed in the sea of japan where there are fishing boats and cargo ships.
3:34 am
but luckily no reports of any damage. defense secretary james mattis says north korea is posing a direct threat to the united states as it works on longer range missiles. the u.s. plans to test its missile defense system tomorrow for the first time in three years. >> german chancellor angela merkel urging european union countries to stick together as they cope with policy differences with the united states as well as brexit. merkel said in times, which they can fully count on others its over. her comments came after president trump criticized german trade policies and said he needed more tim to make a decision on the paris climate change agreement. all of the other g 7 leaders committed to honoring the deal. >> president trump tweeting once again after his week long trip overseas. angry at familiar target, the media. slamming the media sources saying his son-in-law and senior adviser jared kushner tried to establish that secret back channel to the communicate with high level russian officials. we get more now from abc's david wright. >> reporter: back at the white house, and back on twitter,
3:35 am
president trump scores his first overseas trip as a success. he blasted back at news reports on the russia investigation, insisting many of the leaks coming out of the white house are fabricated lies made up by the fake news media. the president arrived home to a bit of a reality check. questions swirling about his son-in-law jared kushner. >> mr. president -- >> the fbi wants to know why kushner, a top adviser to the president, met with the russian ambassador back in december. along with retired lieutenant general mike flynn. sources familiar with that meeting say kushner wanted to open a secret back channel on the u.s. response to syria, and other policy matters. >> to have the president's son-in-law, key player within the trump organization, trying to establish a back channel with the russians, through a russian diplomatic facility, you have to ask, well who are they hiding conversations from. >> the contact with the russians
3:36 am
came after u.s. intelligence agencies accused russia of interfering in the november election. sources say kushner is not a target of the investigation, but agents hope he can provide some insights. >> i think jared said that he is more than willing to answer any and all questions. he seems to me to be a very open person. and again, i would let him speak for himself when the time is right. >> you hear people closer to the president quietly saying, is it too much, and is it time for jared to take a step back? maybe even take a leave of office, absence from the white house. >> reporter: top white house staffers are now regrouping after the trip. some say, the administration could be in for a shake-up. david wright, abc news, washington. officials in new york are investigating what went wrong at a memorial weekend skydiving event that killed a navy seal. member of the elite parachute team, leapfrogs, free falling
3:37 am
above new york harbor when the chute failed seconds before landing in the water. rescue crews pulled him out of the water near statue of liberty. he later died from his injuries. >> our hearts and our prayers go out to his family. and i ask for all of your prayers for the navy seal community, we lost a true patriot today. >> the navy hasn't released the seal's identity pending notification of his family. the leapfrogs performing as part of new york's fleet week. >> what a horrifying scene in new york harbor. >> meantime, terrible situation. eight people have been killed by a man who went on a shooting rampage according to authorities there in mississippi. 35-year-old cory godbolt allegedly got into an argument with his estranged wife and police say he pulled out a gun and opened fire allegedly killing three women including his mother-in-law and a sheriff's deputy who responded to the domestic disturbance before moving to second and even a third house authorities there say. on the ground with, minor
3:38 am
injury, godbolt told a reporter that suicide by cop was his intention. >> major brushfire in southern california now blamed on a weed whacker. about 30 acres burned in los angeles yesterday. some homes were evacuated. no reported injuries. investigators say the fire started when a weed whacker being used near flammable materials overheated. and in florida, a space x rocket test caused brushfire near cape canaveral. the fire burned four acres, federal authorities say no structures were threatened. space x begins a resupply mission to the international space station on thursday. >> if you have been thinking of wowing your friends with a grand entrance at your next party, yeah, yeah? >> i like this. >> might have a tough time topping this one. >> all right, the arrival of the game ball for the portuguese soccer final. that is a guy riding a drone. he is going all green goblin and so forth. scoops down on to the field. >> with the ball. >> puts the ball down. >> floated 30 feet off the ground at one point. landed midfield no lels. handed the ball off to the ref. the ref gave him a yellow flag.
3:39 am
apparently he was supposed to put it a little bit more near the goal post. >> i see. maybe start incorporating drones into the game. >> there are some drone games that take place out there. drone competition. >> it's called quiditch. >> going to get into that. that was reality. >> coming up. kayaker's dangerous encounter with a shark off the coast of california. what you should know before getting in the water this season. >> coming of in "the skinny," the wonder woman, women's only screenings, creating buzz for all right wrong reasons. but first, a look at today's forecast. ♪ 60% of women are wearing the wrong size pad and...
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♪ back with the scary moment on the water. an unsuspecting man was knocked off his kayak by a great white in california. and the whole thing was caught on video. >> abc's linsey davis has more on this encounter.
3:43 am
>> reporter: it is the stuff of nightmares. watch this newly released video of a kayaker attacked by a great white in monterey bay, california. >> see the fin, swimming towards the guy now. >> the shark's fin breaches the water as the stalks the die yakker. a nearby couple captured every moment back when the attack occurred in march before the kayaker was able to take refuge on a sailboat passing by. might seem like a scene right out of "jaws." but experts say shark encounters are increasing from coast to coast. and as summer kicks off, this memorial day weekend, beach-goers are warned to watch out for the ocean's most feared predator. >> exit the water. >> reporter: earlier this month orange county sheriff's departments spotted a dozen great whites off the san clemente coastline. >> paddle boarding next to approximately 15 great white sharks.
3:44 am
>> on the east coast in april this girl was bitten by a shark in florida waters left with multiple wounds and more than 120 stitches. >> she has the imprint of a big shark on her thigh. >> animal plan elt animal expert dave salmoni says many things can attract the shark. >> it's fast motion the shark is going to be interested in. they will investigate. the way they investigate is with their mouth. >> reporter: the good news while sightings are common. takes are rare. >> typically sharks are going to leave you alone. sharks are swimming alongside people all the time. let them do their thing. >> the kayaker in this video was successfully rescued and later posted online, i suspect i just joined a very small club. one i never wanted to join. linsey davis, abc news, new york. >> you are good. don't need to be in that club, thank you. >> we'll pass. when we come back, backlash to the all-women wonder woman movie screenings. >> and the bromantic bike ride in the hamptons making the round. we'll show you that one next in "the skinny." bromantic bike ride in the hamptons making the round. we'll show you that one next in "the skinny." i let her play sheriff so i can wash it. i use tide to get out those week old stains and downy
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to get it fresh and soft. you are free to go. tide and downy together.
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♪ skinny >> "the skinny" on this memorial day proving stars, they're just like us. shockingly, they have holiday weekends too. but we don't. >> well, no. >> but they do. >> we do this for you. here is sophia, shaking her coconuts. >> oh, great. all right, she is ready to party. >> neil patrick harris decided to take his son gideon to yankee stadium for the first ever baseball game. how cute is that? >> cute kid. >> christy brinkley decided to stay close tire home. got some gardening down. saying my truck runneth over. >> whole lot of gardening. >> yes. check out kourtney kardashian. on a boat with the friend. mario lopez and family, sun bathing on the beach.
3:48 am
where is mario? >> there he is. hanging out on the beach. very nice. >> really another pair grak a lot of attention. >> god, just biking through the hamptons. so beautiful. bro bikers. >> bro biker. >> brobiking through the hamptons. >> jealous. looks like so much fun. >> got it with the bell. >> wasn't a great weekend weather wise in much of the northeast. the hamptons. hey, all good. >> i want to ride my bicycle. >> ride around. sing songs. so beautiful. ride over here if they want. >> the bell. >> want to just prove once and for all, that kenneth moton and i are not the same person. over the weekend had a meeting of the mind in baltimore. awesome hotel there. just to make sure. the only reason we took this photo. we are not the same person. >> i mean could be photo shopped. >> that's true. >> seen it done before. >> i could deal with the pecs that kenneth moton has. stars had a good weekend.
3:49 am
>> went to see "top gun" on the intrepid, greatest thing ever. >> they have whole bunch of movies. why were you cringing? >> my rendition? >> no, no. it sounded. >> they have movies there all summer. how cool to watch. >> too much top gun with all the planes right there. >> fleet week. >> oh, even better. >> the big ships and stuff. >> all right military men nearby, huh. >> those too. 70th annual cannes film festival came to a close. sophia copolla, best director. second woman to get the prize. >> there were tons of stars. there could only be one mvp. and a breakout star last year. and, he is back. meet him, the protector of, trains and keeper of the gowns. >> he made the rounds last year, everybody fell in love with him. he is back this year to ensure no dress will crumple or fold on
3:50 am
its own. everyone has to look their best. and he is an artist and master of his craft. >> sort of like the red carpet, making sure its all perfectly, trained properly. >> i want a red carpet -- >> don't have a train. >> start wearing a tran to work. see if anybody comes and fluffs my dress. >> sure there are many who would. a double-edged sword of athena for theaters in texas. announcing it would host a few women only screenings of wonder woman. and as you can imagine some people weren't happy about this. >> the announcement led to complaints. most comments were positive. some pointed out that, if there
3:51 am
were a male only screening, for a thor 3, there would be an uproar. >> the alamo draft house doubled down friday announcing more screenings. the movie is first big budget movie focused on a go mail comic book character in more than a decade. to which i say if it is only going to be a female only screening for wonder woman, i say thank you. [ laughter ] >> from the reviews i have seen so far. >> movie you are more excited about. the sequel for love actually came out. yeah, let's discuss. first of all, mark is there with his cards trying to move. kiera knightly. >> hugh grant, back as the prime minister. you can see online bling. >> no more pointer sisters. >> taking forever to gift wrap your purchase. >> just a moment. won't beep just a moment. collin firth, laura linney's character find love with patrick dempsey.
3:52 am
>> full blown sequel. >> i want the "if you really love christmas" guy to be back. ♪ if you've really love christmas ♪ ♪ ♪ because your carpet never stops working
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there's resolve carpet care. it lifts more dirt and pet hair versus vacuuming alone. resolve carpet care with five times benefits in new herbal essences it's bio:renew a blend of sea kelp, aloe and antioxidants that help bring your hair back to life. new herbal essences. let life in. tand, our adulte children are here. so, we save by using tide. which means we use less. three generations of clothes cleaned in one wash. those are moms. anybody seen my pants?
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nothing cleans better. put those on dad! it's got to be tide. >> i think that >> i think that was my favorite. >> video or song? >> favorite song and video. ♪ remember the time >> my favorite song is "man in the mirror" poignant. our next story. probably looks like michael jackson did when he looked in the mirror. >> yeah. the self-proclaimed number one michael jackson impersonator actually playing his hero in a bio-pic. here is nick watt. ♪ this is thriller thriller >> reporter: thriller the best selling album of all time. michael jackson eight years after his death, still, figure
3:56 am
of fascination. >> bng bring it up. >> reporter: playing the king of pop in navi, bills himself as doing it 28 years. >> when i worked for him, decoy, 2,300 people chasing me. >> reporter: he never acted before but says he has a long list of qualifications. >> i worked for him during promotions of albums, tours, performed at his birthday party in new york and los angeles. here its navi without the mj makeup. >> i get an opportunity to tell the world of the michael jackson i saw glimmers of. >> it focuses on jackson in later life based on a book written by two of his
3:57 am
bodyguards. denied a childhood by name, navi plays jackson as a man trying in the glare to live that childhood, through his own kids. earlier this week, jackson's estate issued a statement describing this lifetime film and another script recently bought my netflix as unsanctioned, adding the estate does not license or permit rights of it owns to michael's music, video and film. >> we have shown the film to some of the jackson family the response has bib positive. >> seeing how paris is, she wouldn't hold back. she would have said something by now. >> navi claims this movie comes from a place of love, respect, and fandom. >> michael jackson is a hero. my hero. >> is that your real hair? >> parts of it. don't ask about anything else. >> ha-ha-ha. >> i'm neck watt for "nightline," los angeles. >> that does answer that. >> very cool. oh, he has this amazing story. he says that jackson once told him, you're a really great dancer. he turned to michael and said you're a great dancer. michael said, really you think so? >> really because i agree with you. joseph feinnes should have been starring in that.
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
making news in america this morning, memorial day, president trump on the offensive firing back after questions mount about his son-in-law and top adviser jared kushner. is a staff shake-up in the works? plus one of europe's most influential leaders, angela merkel now saying her country can no longer rely on the u.s. we're live with details. north korea fires its third missile in just three weeks. hear why the secretary of defense warns the country is a threat to the united states. memorial day washout. millions of people in danger of having a wet holiday after severe storms caused severe damage. we're tracking it all. see why this romantic hot air balloon proposal wasn't exactly smooth sailing.


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