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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  June 1, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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states eered into and now presiy that the u.s. will withdraw from the paris accord. >> he also said in very nearly the same breath that he would seek to renegotiate the deal in terms that are more favorable to the united states. the terms of that paris climate accord are voluntarily and self imposed but the president says he was elected to represent the people of pittsburgh and not paris. first though we begin with breaking news today. >> i am doing fine, good spirits, i feel fine physically. >> breaking right now councilman david oh is released from the hospital talking about the violent robbery where a suspect stabbed him outside of his philadelphia home. he is recovering from surgery now as the police and public ask for video that may show his assaila
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assailant. the thursday afternoon i'm brian taff. >> the big story is breaking and councilman david oh is released from the hospital and "action news" has team coverage on this story and vernon odom has the latest from the police investigation but we begin with john rawlins. >> reporter: yes, he is home in his home behind us here and going to recuperate here in his home here in kingsessing. we heard from the first time from him that there were several young men who apparently came along during the midst of an attack and got out of the car and apparently tried to capture it on their iphones or smart phones at the time. that is new we had not heard that before. it came while oh was unloading his car after work and a man came up to him and he did not think of it being a threat and thought the man was a friend of a neighbor and then the man made demands and things turned nasty
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real fast. >> i mumbled to me and i said what? and he said the keys, the keys to your car and i'm thinking to myself was there an accident and he punched me in the lower rib. i happen to know what that is and i said did you just stab me and he had and he had a schiff a sharpened knife. he tried to back away but the man continued. keys car wallet cash everything. he said i want everything and oh says a car pulled up and several men get out with smart phones and record the incident. they were recording it and jeering and shouting out and then they saw all the blood, there was a lot of blood, they got the idea we are in the middle of something else. >> oh is taken to the hospital in critical condition.
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asked today would he like to see those in the car give authorities the video? >> it may be on facebook soon. you never know these guys, could be identifying. my concern is this, he is a guy that stabs first and then takes. that is a dangerous kind of person. >> well, back to the people that were in that car who apparently stopped in the middle of this incident and started to use their cell phones to try to take videos, police are asking if those men would please make the video available in the hopes it would identify the assailant in the case. the councilman making remarkable recovering. he was in the hospital less than 18 hours and home now and doing fine and feeling good. >> live in kingsessing, channel 6 "action news.." >> okay good. lets hope the people with the come forward. we turn now tom
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live outside of presbyterian hospital where the councilman was treated and you have an update from police. >> reporter: the policeman hunt is going full tilt and it will be that way until they catch up to the person they are looking for and they will go to the councilman's home to see if they can get more information. >> and they are screening videos to look for the suspects and asking the public to give them more about they have them. he says the suspect walked up to him when he was unloading his car and he talked jgibberish an then said this is a give me your car >> a gentlemen in a suit and he
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takes the opportunity. >> police say the 57-year-old councilman a military veteran was fortunately able to fight him off while screaming and neighbors emerged from their homes and the murder suspect fled to cobb's creek. >> we believe it's 100% random. there was no mention of who he was or asking who he was an attempt to get the car and his items he may have had. today the council president summoned the media to renew his concerns about the amount of violence in the city. >> he is not okay and his family suffered a tragedy and they will never forget that they saw their father and husband bleeding from a random level of violence. >> again we emphasize that tonight police say they are searching for more surveillance footage and if anyone has any
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they have not turned over to police yet they would deeply appreciate it. that is the latest from here at the hospital in university city. i'm vernon odom, channel 6 "action news." >> all right vernon thank you. our coverage of the councilman's stabbing continues on "action news" at 4:30 today. you'll hear from one of david oh's neighbors that heard the attack and rushed to help the wounded councilman. we have full details on the app from the investigation and you can watch raw video from councilman oh after his release from the hospital. you saw the press conference live here moments ago after days of suspense, today president trump announced that the united states will withdraw from the paris climate accord, abandoning the pact was one with of his campaign promises. he said his decision was motivated by protecting the american workers.
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>> the paris climate accord is the latest example of an agreement that disadvantaged of the united states to the exclusive benefit of other countries. leaving american workers who i love and taxpayers to observe the cost in terms of lost jobs, lower wages and shuttered factories and vastly diminished economic production. >> now, under the paris accord more than 190 countries that committed to cutting greenhouse gas emissions in annest to combat climate change. the trump campaign previously called global warming a host and it stipulates a country has to wait three years so the the united states will be technically part of at cord until 2020. that is until after the election. and the united states will start to renegotiate for a more fair
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deal. >> we are also following developing news out of the philippines today where there is an attack on a tourist resort. witnesses described gunshots at a mall, casino and hotel come problem in manilla. video shows a major police response and smoke pouring out of one of the buildings. right now there is no word on injuries, and the white house says that the president is briefed by his national security team and "action news" will bring you new information on this as soon as it comes in. gunmen on bicycles opened fire overnight killing two people including a teenager in north philadelphia. also a third person was injured and police say that the shooters fired their weapons more than two dozen times at close range along west rush street. a 20-year-old died at the skin. a 17-year-old died at the hospital. and a wounded 20-year-old showed up at the hospital. this man 18-year-old sameer alfred was arrested for the
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assault of his sister. she was found if their olney home with a bag over her head. police were called to the 5900 block of american street yesterday morn big a woman that said her son stole her car. moments later the woman discovered her little girl in the basement and the girl is said to be in critical condition. a bear seen wandering through yards has people in bucks county on guard. the drone 6 is flying near east swamp road where the bear was spotted this morning. nora muchanic talked to a man who was shocked when he encountered the man in his yard. >> reporter: sharrie, this antique ez dealer has lots of animals if his yard but they are statues not the real thing so imagine his surprise when he
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came face-to-face with a live bear. >> i went to pet my dog but it was not my dog it was a bear. >> he owns the antique store in buckingham. and he was working and thought he heard his dog chewy at the door. >> i reached out to touch my dog and that is where the bear was and i jumped back and hit him. punched the bear in the nose and closed the door and banging on the door. the bear backed off and climbed up the tree.he claw the bark and can you see them plain as day and the visit is making them nervous. >> we are lookinground and he went to the top. scary. because this never happened here before. this is the first time. >> you don't want to meet him face-to-face. >> he snapped pictures of the bear as it sat in his tree and buckingham police say it's the second time the bear was cited.
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last night at 9:30 p.m. a resident saw a bear in the rear of the middle school and our officers responded and were unable to locate the bear. >> doylestown released this picture of a bear located in the old orchard development. maybe the same one and may have been attracted to the property because of all the animal statues and thought he was out in the wild. he moved on but he is still thinking about the close encount encounter. >> i think we both scared each other. and it was reflex. >> neither ed nor the bear was hurt. police say if you see a bear do not approach it, call them and get somewhere safe. live in buckingham, nora muchanic, channel 6 "action news." >> all right nora thank you. up next on "action news" at 4:00 today. hundreds of people in montgomery
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county are about to lose their jobs. we'll explain why a major company is shutting down its fas it's. plus a field of pink "action news" is there as the local school comes together to support a teacher in need. >> and lucky lady, meteorologist, melissa magee live in ocean city at the shore today. >> reporter: hey brian and sharrie, finally the weather is fantastic and we are celebrating because the sun is shining. right everybody! and we are celebrating wonder bears birthday at gillans pier and more on that and a trip to the shore would not be complete without a shore staple. we are talking about pizza. we'll have that and more on the forecast. it's wonder bear time.
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a fire in burlington county said to the backyard of a home leaving this path of destruction. the flames destroyed an old barn and torched two parked cars and did damage to the side of the house before crews got it under control. no word on what sparked the fire. time to get a check of the "action news" traffic report. matt pellman is it standing by on a beautiful thursday afternoon. >> a new month and fresh start and feeling good and then we get on the schuylkill expressway and we are not feeling as good. a couple of vehicles don't want to run and one of them is a mega bus on the equal lanes by the exist for girard avenue and the zoo sticking out in the right lanes, east of the boulevard it's extra heavy toward center city and ae westbound schuylkill at the vine and that car has been toe towed out of the way. a word of a broken down vehicle
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on the ben franklin bridge toward camden eastbound jersey bound. go ahead and use the ben or betsy ross don't head to the tacony palmyra that is set to go up for a passing ship. and a crash on main street by the funeral home and no issues along 422 and race weekend in dover, watch for traffic today along highway 1, 13 and 113. we'll check it again in the next half however. almost 300 people are set to lose their jobs in montgomery county. the kellogg company is closing its plant in horsham as part of a cost cutting plan that is hurting workers across the country in all 1,000 employees are losing their jobs. and they are transitioning to warehouses instead and the layoffs will take place in the
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beginning of august. an army of volunteers worked to help the united way. they packed 8,000 boxes of food that are provide people 120,000 meals. the action cam was at valley forge convenience center. it will help out families inphi suburbs and around south jersey. an entire school community banded together to support one of their beloved teachers, she will no doubt feel the love when she sees this -- >> we love you -- >> karen cane is a sixth grade teacher at the holland school in bucks county. and was recently diagnose we aggressive form of breast cancer. this school is one big family. they gathered today for a pinkout and a kick ball game for
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cane, students and faculty want her to know she is loved and >>. come together as a family as life happens. that is one of our most important goals at the school. >> she is the best teacher i ever had and she is so nice and we are raising money to help her. >> the school raise the more than $6500 for mr. cane's care and she is under the weather from chemotherapy treatments and couldn't attend the event. but she is watching right now. mrs. cane as you see you are loved. >> hope you are smiling you have a lot of good kids pulling for you there. time now nor a check of the accuweather forecast. >> meteorologist, adam joseph, is here with a look on this thursday that we are liking. >> lots of sunshine out there from start to finish here. this afternoon a beautiful shot live on sky 6 hd at cape may,
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new jersey, folks are sitting here on the edge of the water and good breakers not only the start a new month. the start of meteorological summer and the very first day of the 2017 hurricane season. which runs right through november 30th. the question is, are you ready? it's a good reminder even though there is nothing in the tropics at the present time. make an emergency plan if you have a home down the shore or just bought one there or are vacationing down there for an extended amount of time. have a supply kit and also a good time to think about co insurance if are you in a flood prone area, and take time to kick that in. if you ever were to get insurance. we take a look at the temperatures. they are kind of on the up and up here. monday and tuesday chilly in the 60s and clouds with on and off showers and well below the
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normal of 79 degrees, 1 degrees better than that today with all the sunshine. temperatures though are evening out here. we were 81 degrees early on this afternoon and we dropped to 80 in philadelphia and right now upper 70s to the north and west and 82 in millville and with a o breeze t temperatures in the u satellite 6 along with action radar shows a few cumulclouds a afut it's c all nightith a lot of stars and comfortable temperatures, 49 degrees in allentown and 59 philadelphia and 54 in millville and cape may 60 degrees. future tracker 6 as we go into tomorrow afternoon right around this time there is cumulous ds o temperatures mid up toer 70s. there could be a stray downpour or thunderstorm, in a couple of locations, and a ripple of energy coming in late friday night and early on saturday
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morning. this is 5:00 a.m. saturday, especially for the shore communities there could be clouds or a quick shower to start and we quickly dry it out and that sunshine is going to be dominating here for the beginning of the weekend and saturday at the shore. the morning cloud or shower give weighing to a lot of sun, 7 degrees and in the city turning cloudy quickly and your four day at 4:00 forecast. a nice close to the week, a chance of a storm late in the day and 80 degrees and brief clouds in the morning on saturday and giving way to sun and 77. and sunday is looking better now, turning cloudy but maybe a shower late in the day but nothing too heavy. 81 degrees. and then on monday morning sun gives way to gusty downpours and thunderstorms in the afternoon of 82 degrees and that is kind of the change that comes in monday afternoon for cooler temperatures and unsettled
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weather next week we'll show you the seven day coming up. >> not a bad start. not at all. a south jersey student spells her way to prime time television. the road to the final four of the scripts spelling bee. >> and the william penn statue gets a well deserved facelift. if you have medicare parts a and b and want more coverage, guess what? you could apply for a medicare supplement insurance plan whenever you want. no enrollment window. no waiting to apply.
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and a real john deere is actually real affordable. you learn something new every day. the surprisingly affordable . now you can own america's tractor for just 99 dollars a month. learn more at your john deere dealer. a major cleanup effort is happening high in the sky of philadelphia. the william penn statue is being thoroughly cleaned of pollution or corrosion, chopper 6 hd cap tufred pictures of crews on scaffolding hard at work. it weighs 50,000 pounds and is cleaned and treated every 10 years. it should be complete by the end of june. the super bowl of spelling a local girl will be on center
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stage. sharika perry will be in the top 15. she is from cherry hill. it's no easy job, to get there she connectly spelled -- i'm not sure i am pronouncing them correctly. in the final round that means she will compete live tonight for the trophy and more than 40,000 there's in cash prizes. you can see it on our sister network espn tonight. more ahead in the next 30 minutes, the search for the person that stabbed councilman david oh. and i'm nydia han, online reviews can be invaluable. before you write one we have advice in what's the deal.
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it's 4:30 and "action news" continues with the latest on breaking news we are following throughout the day. just within the last hour, city councilman david oh was released from the hospital that comes less than 24 hours after he was stabbed during an attempted robbery. councilman oh returned to his home on thomas avenue. that is where he was stabbed before 10:00 last night. the attacker walked up to him while he was unloading his car and tried to take his keys and he is a retired military and
4:30 pm
fought him off and the neighbors heard his screams for help. >> asked if he was okay so we could stop the bleeding and he already called the police officers. >> officers are reviewing four surveillance videos looking for the suspect and asking the public to can't them if they have any information. and we'll have more on the search and the interview with the legislator coming up on "action news" at 5:00. the search for another violence man loose on the streets of philadelphia. an assailant beat a woman unc. outside of the hospital last night. and gray hall is live at the scene of the attack in frankford. have you the details. >> reporter: this was a startling crime. police say after attacking the woman the man tried to stuff her body into a trash bag and detectives are processing the trash bag for prints and dna.
4:31 pm
>> i saw the lights and i was too afraid to come outside but i was very curious and i was praying that bad didn't happen but unfortunately it did. >> it's a brutally and frighteninging crime that has residents liveing along the 500 block of frankford avenue fearing for their safety. a man beat a woman unconscious but the crime did not end there, it took a bizarre twist. >> the male then tore open a full trash bag that was on the curb. and he emptied the contents of the trash bag out and tried put the female in the trash bag. >> police are not sure why he was trying to stuff the victim into the trash bag but started with an argument between the man and woman. it started just feet from the area frankford hospital. they saw the man beating the woman and yelled at him and scared him away.
4:32 pm
>> when employees actually rendered aid to her and carried her body unconscious and brought her to the hospital she never regained consciousness. residents are hoping for a quick arrest and that the victim in critical condition will recover. >> i will pray for her. i will pray for her. i'm scared now i am and quite frankly i will not be going out at night. >> so back out live that victim has not been identified. she is a 29-year-old woman and suffered trauma to her face and head and still unconscious police right now searching through surveillance video hoping for a good trips of that suspect. if you have any information you know what to do, call police. live in frankford, channel 6 "action news." >> okay gray thank you. well, there is now a higher reward for information leading to the arrest of the men that opened fire on a father and his
4:33 pm
toddler that reward now at 25,0 $25,000. the philadelphia mayors office added $25,000 to the reward fund today and they are hope that the money will lead them to the pair leading up to the home on malta street last month and then shooting. 2-year-old price johnson was hit four times. his 25-year-old father was shot in the knee. the shooting may be a case of mistaken identity since the johnsons only lived in the kensington house for a few months. if you have information on the shooting contact police. >> firefighters in the lehigh valley had an explosive situation on their hands today and a tractor trailer containing butane ignited two other trucks and the flames spread to a nearby building and it took firefighters two and a half hour to get the fire under control but nobody was hurt. water crews are on the scene
4:34 pm
of a sinkhole in south philadelphia. the hole opened up beneath a crash truck on the 1100 block of daly street. the truck got stuck for sometime before being towed out. we are waiting to see how this impacted water service in the area. historic ash industries in wilmington got a vaccination of sorts. they injected a treatment to protect them against the emerald ash borer pest. it can kill them in as little as to years and it has already destroyed hundreds of millions of trees across the united states and canada. top education officials from the city of philadelphia got a firsthand look at how some of the youngest students are learning. the chief communications officer visited heavenly creations a pre-k program in west philadelphia.
4:35 pm
they hope to highlight the academic benefits of phl pre-k supported by philadelphia's beverage tax. >> this is pet preparedness month. this is where they want to share an important message. make sure you and your pets are prepared for an money. one thing you may not know is that animals are welcome at all city evacuation shelters and on septa evacuation vehicles and pet owners should prepare a go bag with water and a leash and a first head kit. the temperature is 80 degrees that means a perfect day. to be at the shore. >> well, lets take a look. meteorologist, melissa magee, is right there along the shore live in ocean city. and it looks like she is doing some cooking -- >> reporter: i'm trying to make pizza sharrie and brian but i hear you can't stretch it out too much because then you get holes in your dough. it's all about pizza this is the
4:36 pm
owner bill at sixth street pizza, their first full summer down here at the shore and when you come to the shore pizza is the staple and we have plain cheese and buffalo mozzarella, and basil and meat lovers and the staple plain pie, what makes the perfect pie here down at the shore? check it out. up and down the ocean city boardwalk you'll find plenty of pizza shops, so what makes for the perfect pie? we asked newcomer bill of 6th street pizza and grill at wonderland pier. >> it's fresh and you keep up with it everything else is okay. >> simple is best. >> flour salt and yeast. not much more than that. >> when it comes to flipping the dough he says that stretching is a good thing. >> stretch it like this on the outside.
4:37 pm
but if you want dough to have a good crust, have you to feel it and make sure it's even all the way through. when you flip it you could get a hole in it. and it's too thin in the middle. >> and two more steps and a generous helping of cheese, and pop it in the often and 7 minutes later, ready to serve. >> all right so it's all about the pizza but really it's all about your perfect flavoring and perfect kind of pie, me i'm a plain kind of girl. but we have a surprise for you guys, bill has it coming out of the oven a special 6 abc pizza sharrie and brian check this out. 6 abc down the shore it's your 6th street pizza and grill special. have fun down the shore. gillans wonderland pier are celebrating their birthday barb and only two deck ets to get
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inside. have a slice on me we'll see you down the shore. >> that looks good. thanks bill. still ahead from bay watch to pirates of the caribbean, movie studios admits that recent releases are not the blockbuster hits they expected. they say it's not their fault. why they blame their box office bombs on a popular website. and the mets baseball fan mascot was asked for a high five and he got a one finger salute.
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♪ ♪ award winning interface. award winning design. award winning engine. the volvo xc90. the most awarded luxury suv of the century. visit your volvo dealer to take advantage of our midsommar sales event offer. a 16-year-old girl is facing murder charges for a brutal and bloody crime. investigate of says she stabbed an uber driver to death near
4:41 pm
chicago. she appeared in court today and prosecutors say she stole a knife and machete from a wal-mart and called an uber and then hacked and stabbed the driver brant wilson. he jumped out to call for help and she took the wheel. he later died. attorney general says that the company downplayed the risks with the addictive pain killers. they say that the drug maker spent millions on marketing to deceive patients and doctors. at least four children were hurt when a gust of wind sent three inflatable bounce houses flying, surveillance video from mexico shows dozens of kids playing in the structures at a birthday party and then seconds later you see an inflatable move across the grass and soon two
4:42 pm
more take flight tearing free from the safety ropes and the bounce house tumbled over a fence and into a parking lot with an 8-year-old girl trapped inside. she was seriously hurt but expected to recover. big talkers now when box office hits bomb? who is to blame? many take aim at rotten tomatoes. not the writers, producers or actors, but the reviews, the movie review site where the critic gifts it a fresh or rotten rating, it skew a perception. among the films is pirates of the caribbean and bay watch. they say withhold screenings until the film hits theaters. and to new york a mets fan says he asked the mascot for a
4:43 pm
high five and got something else instead. some call it the one finger salute. mr. met the long time mascot is out of a job after the video of him making this obscene gesture went viral on twitter. the fan that got the finger goes by tony t. on twitter. he and his friends were not egging on the mascot as some suggested but mr. met is mr. looking for work. and the mets apologized for the inappropriate action and we do not condone this type of behavior and we are dealing with this internally. it's beach season and we want to make sure you are on with the latest trends. don't be perplexed if you see these designs, the long sleeve suit. really one long sleeve. we don't know what this means for tan lines or swimming but the company that makes it far fetched says it's a big seller
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and a big white collared shirt version and it has the affect of tying said thirty around waist and this design with a collar and a fringe detail and business there. if you are a fan of beauty and the beast. be our guest try this one from me club wear with attached princess tutu. and try this number from black milk clothing it accurately displays the human torso arteries and intestines the whole nine like science class on the sand. happy sun and surf everyone. >> more like halloween i think that last one. >> a little bit. >> all right. >> i will not wear any of those. >> fashion forward. keeping you informed. >> it is time for a check of the roads. matt standing by with the update for us. >> we are swimming in tie-ups on
4:45 pm
our arteries and they are not skimpy, getting in delaware county the state of delaware a serious accident up ahead. we go beyond the state line, 95 or 495, not today everyone is forced on to 495 southbound and it's blocked because of that nasty crash. and delaware county is starting to stack from the southbound side to near 420 and this point at highland avenue on down to the state line where everyone then has to get on 495 southbound and you cannot continue to go southbound on 95 this afternoon in delaware. elsewhere on the schuylkill expressway eastbound side still a slow go from approaching montgomery into girard. the broken down mega bus there taking out the right lane or partially blocking it. a fuel spill in camden to watch out for and one lane blocked there and check in at the tacony palmyra bridge after a
4:46 pm
southbound ship went through and traffic is starting to move again and jammed on each side. meanwhile on the pennsylvania turnpike eastbound approach the norristown and schuylkill is no better with speeds like 5 miles per hour and doylestown a wreck along the 202 parkway and delays from bristol road and stay on butler avenue instead. we'll check it again in the 5:00 hour. >> thanks my friend. >> meteorologist, adam joseph standing by with the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast next. connection. superfast internet at an incredible price. with speeds up to 940 megs. that's 20x faster than most people have. and, it's just $79.99 a month online for 1 year. and only $5 more per month for the second year. get fios gigabit connection for $79.99 with tv, hbo for 1 year and multi-room dvr service for 2 years.
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all with a 2-year agreement. switch now at
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meteorologist, adam joseph joining us now picture perfect. >> i like it. >> it's one of those days when are you a kid at school it's that first nice day and you want to outside. it's like that for adults. >> it's so gloomy much of may, like i just want to go outside
4:49 pm
and don't want to work. i have the envy of people at the shore. melissa we'll see in a second. as we take a look at stormtracker 6 live double scan a lot of sunshine here this afternoon to begin the month of june. it's a beauty with a west wind a little breezy at times, comfortable with low humidity and upper 70s allentown and trenton and reading and 80 in wilmington and 80 in philadelphia. and look at brigantine with the west wind 82 degrees equally as warm at the shore. we are not catching the wind off the ocean of 60 degrees to cool the locations down. a few cumulous clouds here and north to the south they are off the coast. and the stars are going to be the star of the show tonight. and 49 in the suburbs and 59 degrees for center city. and as you go over the next two days, high pressure is just to the west. and that is where you want high pressure in the summer, if you
4:50 pm
want beautiful days. with no humidity. because you get a wind out of the northwest. 80 for your friday and 77 degrees on your saturday. a bit breezy at times and i don't think any of us are going to be complaining until late on sunday because it starts to turn unsettled again and a troth is developing on the east coast and this is the trajectory during the month of may. just meaning it will be unsettled sunday afternoon and evening going into the first of next week. before we get to that, we have to go to melissa magee's office outdoors in ocean city. her hair is blowing in the wind and feet in the sand and she is eating pizza and working the camera. >> the a good day adam. ha, ha, ha it's the great day to have an office at the beach today adam.
4:51 pm
the beautiful outside and a bit a land breeze today so no moisture coming in from the ocean. we have the forecast covers for you. friday bright and breezy and high of 75. and saturday could be an early shower in the morning and giving way to sun in the afternoon. and high temperature of 74. sunday sunshine a few more clouds and a high temperature of 69 degrees. so all in all not a bad weekend to head down the shore. you can see over my shoulder we have got the surfers on the water there at 6th street and the beach. a great day to be at the shore and have fun this weekend down the shore. i have to put my toes in the water. >> she is going to go for it. >> just go. just go. i'll talk to you in the next hour. go have fun. enjoy yourself -- way too much. >> down in dover we have nascar back into town and starting tomorrow the truck races 82
4:52 pm
degrees and sunny and nice and no problems there on the runway -- the pavement, for some of those trucks and saturday 77 degrees and sun and clouds for the races and the qualifying round and the big ration on sunday could be a passing shower and partly sunny at 79 degrees, the exclusive accuweather forecast, sunny and warm and isolated storm late tomorrow and brief clouds and a brief shower at the shore but sunshine rules and clouds increase on sunday and late shower and a gusty thunderstorm arrives monday in the afternoon and 82 degrees and the unsettled period settles in tuesday and wednesday and highs in the lower 70s and clouds dominate and on of off showers at times and improves a week from now with temperatures up to 77 degrees. it doesn't look like any sort of 90 degree weather or extreme humidity will come in through the middle of this month. >> so still comfortable.
4:53 pm
>> yes. what's the deal is coming up next.
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