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tv   Action News at 600 AM  ABC  June 2, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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6:00 a.m. on this friday, june 2 here's what's happening. >> it is sentencing day for the former penn state president and other administrators convicted in the jerry sandusky abuse fallout. >> philadelphia city councilman david oh talks about how he was stabbed and others stood there taking video of him instead of helping him. >> taking live look at sky6 live hd, the commodore barry bridge, after rainy weather we have a sunny streak. >> david is off, karen rogers joins us along with matt pellman good morning. >> reporter: it's beautiful out
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hear, i can hear the birds chirping, the sun is up, it's a great to your friday. we have clouds up to the north that will drift through the area later today. we'll see sunshine mixing with clouds, a gorgeous day ahead. 46 in quakertown and pottstown, 53 in warminster. 60 in center city. 51 in browns mills. 53 in hammonton. 62 in margate. 64 in cape may. 59 degrees in dover, delaware. it will be breezy this afternoon once again, but not as gusty as yesterday. clouds and sunshine, low 60s at 7:00. lunchtime, the upper 70s. 3:00 p.m., we'll hit a high of 81. you'll see clouds and sunshine. 5:00 p.m., 76. 7:00 p.m., 72. slight chance of a shower or thunderstorm in one or two spots. i'll show you that on future
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tracker 6. all that in the seven day. >> reporter: we're getting ready for sun glare delay and word of warning for our friends who ride the cynwood regional rail line. this is the first morning without the trains running on that particular line. it's buses for the next week now because of an construction project. septa is saying allow 15 extra minutes for the commute if that's the line you use. you'll be on the buses not the trains. paoli thorndale line 501 is running a little crowded. overnight construction on the vine street expressway is cleared, crews don't return to monday knight. disabled vehicle off to the side eastbound by the vine not blocking any lanes. on the big picture, starting to slow on i-95 southbound side between allegheny and girard.
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we watch a situation in upper providence delaware county downed wires from an overnight crash blocking 252 close to rose tree park. 320 or 352 are the alternates around that. watch out for a crash at south street at cross street. haddonfield emergency riew -- utility work blocking kings highway, kurt better bull -- cuthbert boulevard is the alternate. >> a driver took off from a traffic stop at 1:00 a.m. police stopped the car after a report of a shooting nearby on the highway. the driver ran off before officers reached the vehicle. there were no reports of any gunshot victims. happening today, decisions will be made in two high profile penn state cases. in one former administrators are scheduled to be sentenced in the
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sandusky scandal. in the other, current administrators announce charges or changes in the wake of a recent fraternity haze death. katherine scott is live with details on both stories. >> reporter: matt, that's right, i'll start with sentencing day for the three former penn state administrators, prosecutors are seeking jail time for former university president gram spanier, his attorney is calling for probation. 5 1/2 years after the story broke of the jerry sandusky sex abuse scandal in penn state, it's sentencing day in dauphin county for gram spanner and tim curly and gary shultz. prosecutors say the men covered up an allegation about sandusky sexually abusing a boy in the football team shower to protect the university's reputation that led to sandusky abusing more boys. all they'll men denied they were
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told the encounter was sexual. prosecutors seeking jail time for 68-year-old spanier who was kicked at a jury trial he plans to appeal. sentences guidelines call for a year in prison. two others pleaded guilty and prosecutors agreed they would not recommend senses for them. penn state's board of trustees is meeting to discuss significant changes to greek life four months after a fraternity hazing ritual turned deadly for timothy piazza. the pledge fell down the stairs did you during a pledge ceremony. fraternity brothers did not call for help until 18 hours later. his parents wrote to the board of trustees to do what is right and not what is popular to apiece a group of alumni. >> we need penn state to step
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up, they need to make significant changes and make a difference. >> that public meeting takes place this afternoon at 1:00 p.m. if you can't be there in person, they will be streaming it live online. we're live from the satellite center katherine scott channel 6 "action news." >> philadelphia city councilman david oh spoke to "action news" about his terrifying ordeal outside his home in southwest philadelphia. he returned home from the hospital yesterday, good spirits and good shape he was stabbed during an attempted robbery outside his home on the 5800 block of thomas avenue on wednesday night. oh said a man approached him and demandedded his keys and wallet -- demanded his keys and wallet and stabbed him in the left side. a white car pulled up and recorded video of the incident. >> engineering shouting out and then i think when they saw all the blood there was a lot of blood, i think they got the idea, this is not like, we're in the middle of something else, so they took off. >> police are looking for the
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assailants, detectives are asking anyone with information to contact police. chester county authorities are investigating an assault robbery and kidnapping. caln police said the police kidnapped the workers and drove them to nearby coatsville where they gained entry to the two separate shops where the victims work. the men robbed the shops and took off. 6:07. the judge in the bill cosby sexual assault case will pate until the jury is sworn in before ruling on evidence that can be cruised. cosby's defense team and prosecutors sparred yesterday about expert testimony regarding an explanation about the use and effect of the sedative
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quaahludes. prosecutors plan to use the past statement about using the drug to seduce women. the market had downed day yesterday, but things are looking better. maribel aber has more. >> tam watch your 401k all three main stock indices closed at record highs, the dow closed 21,144. it's the first record close since march 1. a strong report on jobs growth. 179,000 new jobs were created last month. futures look to be pointing to a higher open. it's national donut day, crispy cream is offering customers one free donut. at dunkin you'll get a free one but you'll need to buy a beverage first. national donut day was started
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in 1938 as a way to honor women who served donuts to soldiers during world war i. happy national donut day, carbs don't count, matt and tam. >> we wish you were hear, balls matt pellman brought in go nuts we would like to share them with you. >> reporter: we would share if we had not eaten them all. you're dry through the area, what you're seeing near toms river ground clutter on the radar. no problems out there this morning. let's go outside and see what it looks like right now. what a gorgeous shot, i was outside a minute ago, loving the sunrise this morning. 5:25 a.m. this morning. doesn't set until 8:24 p.m. 60 degrees, dewpoint, 52. it's way down there. pressure is rising. high pressure giving us a nice day. the winds are calm. it will be breezy this afternoon, but very nice.
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not as gusty as the breeze was yesterday. ocean temperature, 61. warmer than the air. satellite and radar showing a batch of clouds sneaking down through the area. we'll see sunshine today, but maybe a few more clouds mixing in than what we saw yesterday. it's not entirely dry, future tracker 6 showing weak disturbance rolls through this afternoon. we get a chance for a thunderst. i think most areas stay dry this is a look at 7:00, one more shower trying to pop through. most areas stay dry, enjoy the afternoon sunshine and mixing with the clouds. 8:00 a.m., 63. by 10:00 a.m., the low 70s. lunchtime upper 70s. get out there and enjoy it. low humidity, a little bit of a breeze. the high today, 81 degrees. a few clouds in the afternoon as weak disturbance rolls through. a potent disturbance comes in later tonight and tomorrow it triggers clouds and shower south of the city. if you're heading to the shore,
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tomorrow morning, early shower and clouds and then sunshine and 74. in the city, turning sunny, clouds are south of the city. poconos, mostly sunny skies, good looking saturday. late sunday into monday we get an upper level low that drifts from the great lakes down to the mid atlantic. it takes a few days to do that, it's cut off from the jet stream. it makes it unsettled and cool. sunday night into monday, but the good news, the models are pushing the timing. it was early sunday now it's sunday night. the weekend is looking good. today, thunderstorm possible later in the day. tomorrow, partly sunny skies, maybe a shower in delaware or at the shore, the rest of the day clouds and sun, 77. sunday turning sunny, shower in
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the lehigh valley most of us us holds off until late in the day sunday. monday is when we'll see the showers or gusty thunderstorm and 80. tuesday, cool for june that low is spinning around 71. it's still with us on wednesday, it's cool, a little unsettled with a shower and 71. thursday the low departs it starts to turn warmer, 77 is below average for this time of the year. so not a bad seven day, but today is really a nice day. >> are there any left? >> reporter: actually there are, i wanted to keep them for me. bone -- bon appetite. a gunman burst into a casino in the philippines and leaves 35 people dead. >> find out whether you can spell the winning word?
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can you do it matt. >> reporter: it's doubtful, we're live at city avenue, along conshohocken avenue, northbound traffic is moving fine. midday construction around st. joe's, right now things looking good. we'll check the work zone on 422 when "action news" continues on this friday morning. you knew when you cast it they'd lock you up. but that didn't stop you. you traveled far and wide, and others followed. mothers, daughters, sisters, lions. and because together you roared so loud, i know my voice matters today. this summer, come celebrate new york state's equal rights history. download our guide to plan your trip.
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>>dy say do you want shore? right here in philadelphia, the commodore barry bridge. >> you can get to the shore if you go to the bridge. >> that's a good way to clean it up there, matt. >> reporter: we see busy traffic on the commodore barry bridge on friday afternoon as people head to the shore. today by the way is national leave the office early day. you can do that and head to the shore. overnight tonight, construction crews have left, eastbound lanes not backed up heading toward 23 a little building volume heading toward king of prussia. off 422 in pottstown we have an early morning crash south street at cross street by the reading foundry supply company. we have downed wires 252 close to rose tree park. crossing into delaware we have construction in the midday it
6:17 am
starts in about 45 minutes, 7:00 a.m. they block the ramp from 495 southbound to edgemore road until 7:00 p.m. with a 1 hour window of construction. i would -- 12 hour window of construction. go south to 12th street. 141 southbound to 259 northbound to the delaware memorial bridge. airport road which was flooded most of the week is back he for the morning commute. nascar weekend continues in dover. grab the ipad to the commuter report early. in south jersey, watch out for a crash grays ferry area close to snyder avenue. >> smoke claimed the lives of dozens of people during casino
6:18 am
attack in the philippines. he shot up the tv screen and torched casino tables and clouds of smoke swept through the crowds killing 36 people. others suffered minor injuries during the stampede to get away. the police found the gunman dead of an apparent suicide. police believe the motive was robbery not terrorism. >> police have released more video in the tiger woods dui arrest. it shows him disoriented and struggling to stay seated in a chair. this was after jupiter police found him passed out on the side of the road. he was unable to pass field sobriety test. he said he had not been drinking and had taken prescription medication and having a bad reaction. breath tests confirmed he had no alcohol in his blood. in tech bytes walmart new
6:19 am
delivery app test matches online deliver addresses with employee driving routes. it's been tested at three locations. dating app dump -- bumble has been opened in new york city. it's called a hive it's a space for dates or hang out for fun. >> reporter: the turns out dolphins are tech savvy maybe better. they can play games like whack a mole to using their noses to tap the fish floating across the screen. those are tech bytes. (by laughs)
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today's consumer tips. if your wi-fi at home is slow, here's several easy ways to speed things up. turn the router off for 30 seconds and turn it back on. consumer reports says move the router to a central location on a top floor and don't hide the equipment. switch out old equipment and check for updates on your current box. >> good advice, like those tips. >> reporter: are you noticed any construction on the roads these days? >> here's the rewarding part, once they pave the roadway after the milling, i hope you're enjoying the nice smooth ride along spring garden street by the art museum. they are starting to pave henry avenue, but they have milled a long stretch of it from east
6:23 am
falls into roxborough. you might be better off on ridge avenue. cynwood line you're on the buses instead of the trains. >> reporter: it's a little cool right now in allentown, 49. 51 in reading. we're at 60 in the city. 62 in brigantine. 64 in cape may. we've got a good looking day ahead. 81 is the high. a few degrees above the average high. the sun rose 5:34 a.m., we'll see sunshine and clouds until 8:24 p.m. we've a slight chance of a shower or thunderstorm popping up in one or two spots this evening. if you're heading out of town, no problems, i don't know why you would leave, but you can if you want to. >> the golden state warriors knocked down the cavaliers in the nba game one finals. the warriors never looked back,. game two is sunday night. you can watch all the action on
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keep on going, america. keep on giggling... and goofing. keep on grooving... and togethering. with scott 1000's long-lasting roll, we'll keep on going, too. scott 1000. america's longest lasting roll. of competition in the scripps national spelling bee. >> last night it came down to one word, marocain. >> m-a-r-o inform -- n.
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>> the 6th grader spelled 35 hard words to become the top speller. >> we had an 11-year-old make it to the 9th round of the spelling bee. she was the 7th speller left from a starting field of 291. >> last year had three ties and changed things up. >> not valentine's >> david oh is speaking out about the stabbing attack saying the suspect was not the only person at the scene of the crime.
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>> now on "action news," president trump gets push back across the world on plans to leave the paris climate deal, while the administration makes a late-night push to reinstate the travel ban. pep -- penn state campus moves toward closure. >> a bear scare, a bucks county man comes face-to-face with the beast and doesn't back down. >> david murphy is off, karen rogers is here, matt pellman has traffic good morning. >> reporter: friday, the sun is shining what more can i do for you, we have great weather today. we'll see clouds from the north streaming through, but overall a lot of sunshine, nice day, low humidity, gentle breeze. let's look at the numbers right now. it's cool up to the north and west, 48 in bethlehem. 46 in quakertown. 46 in pottstown, low 50s in coatsvilleville and long wood.
6:31 am
malvern, 53. 60 in center city. 63 in surf city. 53 in millville, new jersey. 59 in dover, delaware, a good looking start to the day. lots of sunshine to start you off. a few clouds mix in. low 60s by 7:00 a.m. upper 70s, feeling good. 3:00 p.m., high of 81. clouds and sun this afternoon, 5:00 p.m., 76 partly sunny i say scoo. we sunny skies. we have a chance of a shower in one or two spots, but most of area stay dry. i'll have the shore and the poconos in just a few minutes. >> reporter: you know how they say what have you down for me lately -- done for me lately? you've done some good stuff. if you ride the cynwood rail lines starting this morning you'll be on the buses for the next week because of
6:32 am
construction. septa is saying if you ride the line and ride the bus allow 15 extra minutes for the morning commute. paoli thorndale line expect overcrowding and expect it to skip a couple of stations. i-95 southbound lanes from cottman into girard, normal morning volume kicking in. delco not so bad. northbound traffic heading from the blue route to the airport, moving at a decent clip despite the bright sunshine. north upper providence township, 252 just reopened. we had downed wires near rose tree park. they have been cleared out of the way. 252 is back in business. pottstown, crash at south street at cross street. ben franklin bridge no issues on any of the asia bridges on this friday morning. >> the response has been swift
6:33 am
to president trump's call to exit the paris climate accord much have been critical from international leaders and american leaders, kenneth moten is live for us in washington with more on kenneth what happens from here. >> reporter: good question, tam, good morning to you, new reaction from germany's chancellor this morning who said the move by president trump can't anticipate won't stop us -- and won't stop us who want to protect the planet. this morning what's next after the world power withdrawal. >> the united states will withdraw from the paris climate accord. >> reporter: trump called the nearly 200 nation agreement to impact climate change a massive redistribution of wealth to
6:34 am
other countries saying it would help the american economy and worker. >> i was elected to represent the citizens of pittsburgh, not paris. >> reporter: but the mayor of pittsburgh disagreed on cn sending a message -- cnn sending a message to the president. >> not only what you did was bad for the economy of the country, but weakened america. >> reporter: new york, california and washington state will uphold the paris agreement. 60 u.s. mayors pledging to do the same. president trump's withdrawal sparked protest. one industry is praising trump, coal. the leaders of france, germany and italy say the accord cannot be renegotiated. emanuel macron said make our
6:35 am
planet great again. apple and exxon said staying in the agreement would make the world more excessive in business. president obama said those staying in the paris accord will reap the benefits when the jobs and industries are created. kenneth moten channel 6 "action news." >> thanks, kennett, developing overnight, the trump administration is asking the supreme court to reinstate the ban on travel for 6 muslim majority countries. the 4th u.s. circuit court of appeals called the security concerns after the fact justification for what amounts to religious discrimination. >> it's decision day in two high profile cases related to penn state. three administrators who helped fill at a -- fill at a facilitaa
6:36 am
coverup. >> reporter: i'll start with the changes made by the board of trustees concerning greek live. evelyn piazza spoke out on "good morning america" her son, 19-year-old sophomore died in february after falling down the stairs at a fraternity house following a pledge ceremony. fraternity brothers did not call 911 until 1 hours later. the board is meeting to discuss significant changes to greek life. his parents wrote a letter to the board urging them to do what is right. 18 penn state students are facing charges. meanwhile, sentencing day in dauphin county for three former penn state administrators. prosecutors say former penn
6:37 am
state president gram spanier and athletic very director tim curly and gary should covered up sandusky abusing a boy in the shower that led to him abusing more boys. all three denied they were told the encounter was sexual. they failed to report the 2001 allegation about sandusky. prosecutors are seeking jail time for spanier who was convicted at a jury trial. he claims to appeal. his calling for probation. as for curly and shultz they pleaded guilty in the case and prosecutors agreed to not recommend sentences for them. katherine scott channel 6 "action news." >> thanks katherine. david oh spoke about the moment he was stabbed outside his home in southwest
6:38 am
philadelphia. he returned home from the hospital yesterday in good spirits and good shape. he was attacked during an attempted robbery outside on the 5800 block of thomas avenue on wednesday night. oh said a man approached him and demanded his keys and wallet and stabbed him in the left side. >> he was wild and swinging and lungeing at one point in thyme he lunged at my face exid to put he he -- exid to -- and i had to put my hands up. >> detective's are asking for anyone with information to contact police and give it to them. >> a business owner in bucks county came face-to-face with the black bear and he is not the only one. there were several bear sightings in the area recently. it's not clear if it is one animal who really gets around or several roaming the neighborhood. he thought the dog was sniffing
6:39 am
at the door on 202 in buckingham township. he realized that's not the dog. >> i reached out to touch the dog, i realized that's where the bear was. i punched the bear in the nose and moved back and banged on the door. >> reporter: the bear ran off and climbed a tree thinking why you got to be like that. the bear was spotted outside the middle school wednesday night and doylestown a bear was spotted in the old orchard development. >> summer must be around the corner when you start to see the guys hanging angered. >> reporter: hanging around. >> reporter: looking to something knocking on the door. storm tracker 6 live showing we're dry it's a good start to this friday. let's go outside and see what it day looks like, looking, looking, hard to his any clouds out there.
6:40 am
we've bright sunshine, a few more clouds than yesterday. 60 degrees the current temperature. dewpoint, 52. the humidity is down there, you can enjoy the warm days. we have high pressure providing the nice conditions. the winds are calm, it will be breezy later on. ocean temperature higher than the air temperature right now. here's the satellite and radar you can see cloud cover up to the north and near allentown. that will drift through the city shortly. we'll see sunshine and clouds, a slight chance of a shower or thunderstorm. not everybody will see it. 4:00 p.m. in the afternoon one or two spots get a shower or thunderstorm that moves out. this is 7:30 p.m. mostly dry, great for the phils game an isolated shower in one or two spots this afternoon. enjoy the day. 81 is the high, a little touch above average. a good amount of sunshine, a few clouds here or there, 10:00, 71 degrees sunshine. noon, upper 70s, we hit a high
6:41 am
of 81 at some point a quick shower in one or two spots. 6:00, 74 degrees partly sunny skies of. later tonight into tomorrow, we have a low pressure system that rolls through. at the shore there could cloud cover or quick shower. and then you'll see sunshine and high of 74 tomorrow. in the city you'll see early morning clouds and turning sunny, 77 for the high. in the poconos, the high will hold in the upper 60s, it's a nice day, you won't see any showers and not very many clouds because it's south of the city. saturday, 68. sunday night into monday that's the next issue we've been watching. it's an area of low pressure in the upper leaves of the atmosphere that drifts from the upper great lakes to the mid atlantic. balls it's a cutoff low not connected to the jet stream. meanders around and it's unsettled sunday into monday.
6:42 am
that makes for a good weekend call. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, sunshine today, clouds and brief thunderstorm in one or two spots later this afternoon. 81 is the high. tomorrow, partly sunny, early clouds and sunshine, 77. sunday is actually starting off pretty nice, sunshine and then it turns cloudy, chance for a shower in the lehigh valley you'll be among the first to see it. for most people to hold off sunday into monday. sunday, 80. monday, showers or gusty thunderstorm. remember the low is hanging around, 80. tuesday it's cool for june, 71. the low is around, a shower around, wednesday stays cool, shower, 71. that's nearly ten degrees below average. thursday, partly sunny, the low pushes out of there. 77 which is a few degrees below average, but starting to get warmer. today is pretty much a beauty, enjoy it. >> thank you are karen. 6:42 a.m., when we come back, bounce house hysteria, inflatable toys go flying with
6:43 am
children inside. parents scramble to bring them to safety. >> store wars, a man who hates 7-eleven opens his own shop and calls it 6:12. 30 bypass, eastbound side approaching 340. we have a crash on the schuylkill expressway i'll tell you where when "action news" continues on this friday morning.
6:44 am
6:45 am
>> 6:45 a.m., look at all the activity in university city.
6:46 am
the action cam is live outside the pediatric care center at the children's hospital in philadelphia. people are gathered here this morning, because "g.m.a." will have an announcement about this, you will find out what they are talking about at 7:00 a.m. they will have live coverage "g.m.a." in philadelphia. stay tuned after "action news." >> love it. now, let's go over to matt pellman and take a look at traffic, good morning. >> reporter: thumbs up up on that sort of activity. thumbs down on this activity. extra traffic on the schuylkill expressway backing up from the benjamin franklin parkway to the schuylkill expressway. by city avenue we had an accident off to the side, now it's completely cleared out of the way, but westbound is busy from past the boulevard to gladwyn as it is most mornings with speeds like 20 miles per hour. even less we're in the teens along i-95 southbound side approaching cottman into girard. phils are back in town for the weekend. watch out for extra traffic in south philadelphia tonight.
6:47 am
dave matthews will be at the mann music center in fairmont park at belmont and montgomery drive. down wires have cleared out, 252 is reopened. pottstown we have a crash at south street and cross street. bedminster bucks county. yesterday they opened 313 the bridge over perkiomen creek had been closed for several months. in cellarsville, the mainly treat bridge is closed through september. washington or park avenues are the alternates. four children are recovering from a bounce house accident that you're about to see here. the inflatable snapped free from safety lines at a party on sunday, they blow across the field in mexico. a large castle with children inside went airborne and tumbled over a fence, the parents of course raced to rescue them. ♪
6:48 am
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6:51 am
the climate agreement. kellyanne conway will join us this morning. opening fire at a resort in the philippines, hundreds of tourists trampling over one another to escape. we'll switch gears you mentioned it is friday and 5th harm is gearing up to take the stage for the summer concert series that's coming up on a beautiful day here in new york. >> as we mentioned a couple of minutes ago they are in philadelphia at the children's hospital in philadelphia. >> reporter: they are everywhere. so are the delays. 422 in the eastbound lanes from the saint gabe's curve to 23 it's sun glare. on the mass transit front, we're good, but if you ride the
6:52 am
cynwood regional rail lines, you're on the buses instead of the trains for the next week. >> reporter: 81 is the high today. lots of sunshine mixing with clouds, slight chance of a shower or thunderstorm in the afternoon. above the average high of 79. no problems heading to the nascar race in dover, delaware, down the shore, 75. tomorrow, a morning shower early clouds and sunshine. 74. sunday, sunshine to clouds, 69. nascar forecast, similar, nice and sunny. tomorrow morning shower or clouds, sunshine. sunday the showers hold off until pretty late. a decent weekend there as well. >> former 7-eleven owner is sticking it to his former boss by opening a rival store across the street. the shop in south boston is named 612. he wants to pull hot food items from the 7-eleven he used to run.
6:53 am
the company wouldn't let him. he settled out of court for an undisclosed amount of money. he intends to use 6:12 to put the 7-eleven out of business. >> three former high-ranking
6:54 am
6:55 am
penn state officials will learn their faith for keeping quiet
6:56 am
about sex abuse allegations against sandusky. former president and the former at athletic director and vice president are scheduled to be sentenced today. david oh is home from the hospital and doing well. he was stabbed outside his home on wednesday night. >> reporter: so glad we're doing so well. we're going slowly on i-95 cottman into girard. if you're heading to the shore, here's the garden state parkway at the cape may toll plaza. sun glare out there for northbound drivers but no delays southbound. >> reporter: let's go. feeling good right now, we've got lots of sunshine, sunny skies, great looking day, 81 a little bit above average. slight chance for shower or thunderstorm in one or two spots later this afternoon or evening. see the temperatures by noontime, 77 at 3:00 p.m., sitting at the high of 81. >> we love it when good morning
6:57 am
come to town. they do it very often there's a big event going on in university city at children's hospital stay with "action news" and you'll find out what the big announcement is. for david murphy, matt pellman, karen rogers, tamala edwards, i'm matt o'donnell. thanks for watching us, have a great weekend. pro-tip: chop all your veggies for the week at once. super pro-tip: buy your veggies pre-chopped. boom. the best food at amazing prices, giant.
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donald tmeet phil murphy,by former goldman sachs bankers. another wall street banker running for governor, whose firm helped trigger the financial meltdown that put millions out of work and out of their homes. murphy's trying to buy the election, paying off new jersey bosses.
6:59 am
my name's john wisniewski, and i'm running for governor of new jersey. john wisniewski, the son of a millwright, who uncovered the bridgegate scandal and exposed chris christie's corruption. the choice -- insider wall street politics or main street, new jersey, values. keep on giggling...ica. and goofing. keep on grooving... and togethering. with scott 1000's long-lasting roll, we'll keep on going, too. scott 1000. america's longest lasting roll. pro-tip. get these great smoked ribs. twenty minutes on the grill, they're done. you think he cares if i smoke ribs for six hours? what? the best food at amazing prices, giant.
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good morning, america. president trump defiant. pulling out of that landmark climate deal. >> i was elected to represent the citizens of pittsburgh, not paris. >>overnight, protests right outside the white house. buildings around the world from new york to paris lighting up to show support for the deal. business leaders outraged. now the president trying to reassure world leaders. his counselor, kellyanne conway here live this morning. deadly casino attack. a masked gunman storming a philippines resort, gunfire ringing out. >> i can hear gunshots. >> the suspect settling gambling tables on fire sparking terrorism fears. at least 35 people killed. hundreds of tourists trampling each other to escape. heavily armed pol


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