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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  June 2, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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in chester. 16-year-old zion abdullah shot and killed on his wale to school. and three more shootings. law men think those three shootings may have been connected. "action news" reporter chad pradelli is live at chester high school but first vernon odom is at chester police. vernon, police must still be trying to sort all this out. >> reporter:im, but there have been dramatic developments in the last few moments. at this hour, chester police are holding three persons of interest in connection to today's four shooting incidents. they have surveillance video to help them and police have now confiscated two guns. this is a facebook picture of this morning's murder victim in chester. police now identify him as zion abdullah. the first shooting this morning occurred before 8 o'clock when the 16-year-old chester high school student was gunned down after some sort of altercation in the area of 11th and parker. >> from our accounts, a good kid, goes to the high school.
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was a football player from what i understand. >> he was. >> it's always a tragic incident when persons lose their lives by way of violence. it's even more painful when it's a 16-year-old on his way to school. >> this is a horrendous loss of life. this is devastating that a 16-year-old child could be walking to his high school and be gunned downhis morning around 9:20, two vehicles were involved in a wild shooting incident not far from the high school. one gunshot victim was mercury marquee which lookedone. police are still looking for a second vehicle. later this morning around 11:00, a third shooting. police say it happened in the 200 block of 23rd street. plenty of shell casings on the ground but no victim to be found. early afternoon police arrested one man they say was carrying a gun down ninth street. they say he aimed it at them
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but they fired first and then chased him on foot before locking him up. at this hour police continue to search for the weapon they believe he discarded during the chase. incident two, three and four, police say, may be related. >> one is an individual incident and two, three and four could have a connection. we're looking into it. >> reporter: once again, jim, sources told me moments ago that police near chester are holding three persons of interest in connection with this morning's bullet riddled rampage but no formal charges filed as of yet. live at police headquarters in chester, i'm vernon odom channel6 "action news". >> thank you vernon. let's switch live to "action news" reporter chad pradelli at the high school. and chad, the shooting death of a student obviously sending shock waves through the school community. >> reporter: yeah, jim as you can imagine officials students and parents are saddened by the killing of zion abdullah.
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what may be even more troubling many residents around here say they're not some surprised by the murder. the school day began with bloodshed. chester high school sophomore zion abdullah gunned down and killed. more bullets would fly through the streets of chester forcing school officials to lockdown the building setting off panic in some parents. >> it was a mess. every -- everybody was rushing cars pulling up, running up there, you know, for their kids and whatnot. it was a lot of parents that was upset and everything. >> frustration. it's just a bunch of young children. it's sad. >> reporter: a heavy police presence would lead to calm at the school and a lockdown lifted. long time resident says it's part of every day life. nadine ferguson has lived across the street from chester high for more than a decade. >> about a month ago, they came up the alley and they was shooting out here. put bullet holes in my mother car and everything. >> reporter: while the sound
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of gunfire and the portrait of crime scene tape and evidence markers are seemingly normal here, the cold blooded killing of a 16-year-old on his walk to chester high has rattled some parents. >> starting next week i would have come and picked them up and dropped them off 'cause it's dangerous out here, man. >> reporter: and the school district says it will provide counselors for students to help deal with the death of abdullah. i'm live in chester, chad pradelli, channel6 "action news." jim. >> thank you, chad. we have been alerting you to updates about this story all day long through the 6abc app and right now you can find the latest details on all of the incidents in chester today along with more video from chopper6 and crews at the scene. the 6abc app is a free download for your mobile device. the former president of penn state university and two other officials will spend at least two months behind bars for failing to notify authorities about jerry
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sandusky. "action news" reporter bob brooks has that story from harrisburg. >> reporter: graham spanier and gary schultz had nothing to say as they rushed out of court. just moments before this video was taken the men found out they're going to jail and so is former athletic director tim curly its a case closed more than five years in the making. the trio of former penn state leaders all now guilty of misdemeanor child endangerment, today they were sentenced. schultz and spanier going to jail for two months. occur lee three months. o all three men expressed ream morse. at times schultz and curly em openly went while asking for leniency. spanier said i deeply regret i did not intervene more forcefully. curly said i sincerely apologize to the victims and all impacted because of my mistake. the judge stated during the sentencing disbelief in the lack of action taken by the
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former administrators. he said "all three ignored the opportunity to put an tend to sandusky's crimes when they had the chance to do so. he even placed fault on late coach joe paterno hinting towards paterno having full knowledge of the situation. he stated "paterno could have made that phone call without so much as getting his hands dirty and why he didn't is that beyond me. ." several penn state trustees were there and say jail time is unfair. >> i'm sure that they share my disappointment in the judge's sentence. >> reporter: just a little while ago the pennsylvania state attorney general's officers released a statement part of it reads "this leaves no doubt that there are consequences for failing to protect children in the state of pennsylvania." for now reporting in harrisburg, bob brooks channel6 "action news". >> also today penn state announced new safety initiatives for fraternities and sororities. a new response team will oversee greek life on campus. among the new measures, the university will take over responsibility of disciplinary
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matters. there will also be zero tolerance for hazing. organizations that do so will have their charter permanently revoked. the changes come in the wake of tim piazza's death in february. 18 fraternity brothers face charges in that case. delaware's maximum security prison is dangerously overcrowded critically unstaffed and poorly managed. those are the findings of an independent review ordered by delaware governor john carney after the deadly inmate riot at the vaughn correctional center in february. the report says correctional officers are stressed out and under trained. the inmates say they don't know how they'll be treated because of inconsistent rules and policies. governor kearny is that scheduled to discuss a plan to act on the reports recommendations on tuesday. closing arguments are set for monday after prosecutors arrested their case -- rested their case in the child sexual assault trial of lee kaplan.
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the defense did not present a case. thethe man from feasterville bucks county has been accused of sexually assaulting six girls from the same amish family. the girls were allegedly gift ed to kaplan by their parents in exchange for kaplan's financial help. kaplan fathered two children with the eldest daughter who was then 14. the 52-year-old has denied any wrongdoing. the pilot killed in a helicopter crash last week in new castle, delaware, was laid to rest today. 37-year-old michael murphy was killed when his medical helicopter crashed in an industrial park last thursday. family, friends and colleagues gathered for his funeral at the christ the redeemer assumption church in atco, new jersey. murphy was on a training flight at the time of his death. he leaves behind a wife who is pregnant and a two-year-old son. an acme supermarket in bucks county remains closed tonight after it caught fire late this afternoon. firefighters took to the roof
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to put out the flames on bristol road in bensalem. the blaze broke out at 11:30 this morning. firefighters still don't know what sparked the fire. coming up on "action news" tonight a 17-year-old showered with attention today and for good reason. the selfless act that has him being hailed a hero. and forget the track, fans had a look to the air to see racing at dover international speed way today. cecily. >> well, we're live on sky6 taking a look in cape may where some folks are enjoying a beautiful friday evening. i am tracking some showers for part of the weekend. i'll let you know when and where in the accuweather 7-day forecast. >> the phillies look to turn things around as the san francisco giants come to town for a weekend series. jeff skversky with that story when "action news" continues. >> ♪
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that's some catch! (giggles) (crowd cheers) keep on scratchin'! >> in camden they're clearing the way for progress and to turn the city around. today mayor dana redd saw the demolition of abandoned commercial buildings along kaighn avenue. the buildings were eyesores and known to attract illegal activity. it is phase three of a multi-million dollar demolition project the city hopes will attract developers. more than two dozen recent philadelphia police academy graduates are getting some additional training. on two wheels. the new officers are learning thousand how to protect and fresh a serve from a bike. police officials say bicycle cops extend the department's reach and level of engagement in philadelphia neighborhoods. they also learn how to go down steps at the museum.
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the overbrook high school community honored one of its own today. a 17-year-old for his heroic rescue of his one-year-old nephew from a burning home. "action news" reporter gray hall was there. >> you are every day hero. >> reporter: 17-year-old rudy edwards wears the title well. today he was recognized by students teachers the state and the city of philadelphia for his bravery and heroism. last weekend he did what many would never do. the teen rushed into his burning home to save his one-year-old nephew, bryce, who was trapped inside. >> i was just thinking about him. go get bryce. it was repeated inside my head the whole time, go get bryce. >> reporter: despite the smoke and flames he says he never thought of himself but he knew he had to save private the smoke was so thick he couldn't see him but when he heard the small voice and cough he was able to locate him and save him. >> i had to go back. i couldn't let him die 'cause
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he's one years old. he's too young. the fire destroyed the home but homes can be replaced. the miracle is that eight people inside three adults and five children are alive. his family's beaming with pride. they are thankful for their hero and for what they call a miracle. >> i don't even know if i thought going in i'm not going to lie but, you know, when i knew he was missing just like that, rudy just went in. >> every time i look at him i just like thank god that he showed mercy on them and they're here. i can't help it, i'm sorry. >> reporter: edwards says all this attention is a bit much. he says his selfless act was not about recognition but was done out of love. he's now thankful he'll get to see his nephew grow up and yes, he'll have quite the story to tell. >> i thank y'all for your love and support for me and my family. i really do appreciate it. thank you. [applause] >> reporter: if you would like to help this family out they have set up a go fund me page. all that information is on our web site
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reporting in overbrook, gray hall channel6 "action news".
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>> may couldn't have been worse. hopefully june will be a lot better. >> it better be. these last two months especially may has been brutal june gloom is the last thing the phillies need. phillies look to turn around tonight against san francisco but they'll have to do it without odubel herrera benched for the third time in the last four games tonight. the little bull has done very little at the plate of late. only two of his last 25. while the focus has been on his struggles as well as maikel franco's general manager matt klentak has seen the positive in these tough times in guys like aaron altherr who have been tearing it up. >> players in may doing real good. despite the winning and losing altherr and joseph are among all of the best performers in baseball. i think that's baseball.
6:18 pm
we'll have players that are playing well and others struggling. what teams need to do is pick up their teammates when they're struggling and throughout the course of the year that's what good teams do. >> jerad eickhoff is on the mound tonight. it's friday and that means payday and a big one for eagles first round pick derek barnett hoop as i understand his rookie four year contract this morning when he arrived at team headquarters. now it's time for barnett to earn that paycheck. so far so good in rookie camp and ota's barnett has been getting praise by his coaches and the veterans. barnett still believes he has a long way to go before the season starts. >> everybody's good. everybody's talented and i think i could be more sharp mentally than i was probably in college. >> he's got some things to work on like any rookie. but he was -- he was an effective player and, you know, i think that, you know -- i mean against all competition, you know, he was consistent from game to game. he's tough as can be. >> well, go figure the most
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intense part of game one of the nba finals was rihanna. heckling kevin durant at the free throw line. that was music to his ears as durant and golden state silence the cleveland and their fans much lebron james goes by a whopping 22 last night. his message to the teammates get focused for game two sunday cut down on the mistakes. hey, they've been here before. last year the cavs were down two-o to golden state and came back to win. only difference steph curry to kevin durant. game two at 6 o'clock. cavs look to even the series at a game a piece. the union look to strike back tomorrow at yankee stadium against new york city sb. among the teams in front of them in the standings. >> you have to disrupt them. you can't let them just walk the ball up the field because they have too many quality players that will punish you if you just make it about they get a chance we get a chance we're going to lose. >> you can see the union right here on 6abc tomorrow at
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1 o'clock. it's race weekend at the monster mile qualifying is tomorrow and dover leading up to sunday's race jimmy johnson has won three of the last five races. now it turns out eagles hater dale earnhardt jr. won't have to ride a car with an eagles logo on it next week at pocono after all. the nfl stepped in and barred earnhardt's sponsors from using the eagles logo even though it was to help promote a teach's program. earnhardt is a big redskins fan. he was dreading having to ride at pocono with the eagles logo. he won't have to any. >> thank you jeff. the big race in dover this weekend on the track but there's also a race in the skies. today marked the start of the american leg of the international drone racing association series. 10 professional teams from around the world are competing in these races. it is all part of the fan zone at dover. the finals for the drone races will take place in the
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>> all right, weekend accuweather forecast. >> yes, and the weekend is looking pretty nice. certainly starting out that way. storm tracker6 live double scan showing we are dry out there. we did have a few isolated showers earlier this evening. they have moved out. so, let's go live on sky6 taking a look over reading from the pagoda. mostly sunny skies, a few fair weather cumulus clouds. everything looking very green after the rainy may we had. but we had now three sunny mild days in a row. what a stretch. wednesday 80, yesterday 82, today 80 degrees. 1 degree above normal.
6:24 pm
tomorrow afternoon will be very nice but it will be a little bit cooler. 77 in philadelphia. allentown 76. cape may 71. and wilmington 76. right now a great friday night. philadelphia 78. allentown 76. cape may you have that westerly wind off the bay, a little bit cooler, 69 ooh and wilmington currently 67. satellite6 and action radar showing the low pressure cut off low that's spinning over quebec. that's what caused that weak disturbance our way this afternoon. it's moved off so tonight partly cloudy, a very comfortable night, great friday night, 57 philadelphia, low humidity, allentown 49, cape may 57 and wilmington 54 degrees. we have another disturbance moving through early tomorrow and that will bring us a band of showers. looks like it will be around 9 o'clock from philadelphia to i-95 corridor, up into the lehigh valley but then as it sinks to the south, it really loses a lot of its punch. so, by 1 o'clock, nothing more than lingering clouds, wind
6:25 pm
shift out of the west, the sunshine is back, it's beautiful, it's clear through saturday night, sunday morning and then a warm front moves in late in the day on sunday. the latest models really put this warm front north of philadelphia. so, that's the best chance of seeing some showers, perhaps a thunderstorm popping up in the afternoon around 4:30. areas south looks like you'll remain dry. so, if you are down the shore tomorrow a-few showers in the morning, then sunshine by the afternoon. 72 degrees. on sunday, little bit of a sea breeze kicking cup. that drops the temperature slightly down 70. plenty of sunshine early with increasing clouds late in the day and it's looking great at dover with a showers confined up to the north on sunday, should be a dry weekend. saturday mixture of sun and clouds with a high of 77 on sunday partly sunny for the race with a high of 81 degrees. enjoy it. pack the sunscreen. so, the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, tomorrow some morning showers, afternoon sunshine, temperatures not quite as warm as today but still pretty nice.
6:26 pm
77 degrees. on sunday, with that that warm front moving through, could produce a late shower, again mainly north of philadelphia. otherwise some sunshine increasing clouds late in the day. it will be warmer, it will be more humid with a high of 82 and then monday we get an upper level low that starts to just drift over us. so that will bring us possibility of some showers, perhaps some gusty thunderstorms. the high still pretty mild, 82 degrees but cooler air moves in on tuesday along with a chance of some more showers, a high of 74. on wednesday, the cool coolest day of next, a high of only 71 degrees. still a possibility of some showers but then that low pressure lifts out on thursday. partly sunny, still little bit on the cool side with a high of 77 and looks like another beautiful friday, seasonably warm, mostly sunny with a high of 80 so some showers this weekend but also seeing good amount of sunshine. >> all right, cecily, thank you. abc's "world news tonight" with david muir is next on channel6.
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"action news" continues at 10:00 on phl 17 with brian taff, sharrie williams adam joseph and ducis rodgers. then please join us for a special "action news" troubleshooters report at 11:00 here on channel6. the weather so far this season seems to be causing lawns to grow at a faster pace than normal. but what happens when you can't rely on your brand new lawnmower? after ray baumann's broke for a fourth time in one month he had had enough. don't miss how the troubleshooters get action only on "action news" at 11:00. for cecily tynan ducis rodgers jeff skversky, the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner. we hope you'll join us for "action news" "action news" at 11:00. >> ♪ >> ♪
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tonight, major developments. will the white house try to block the fired fbi director james comey from testifying before the american people? what the white house is now saying. and tonight, what james comey is now preparing to tell congress about what he wrote in those memos. pierre thomas is standing by. also tonight, the backlash after president trump pulls out of the paris climate accord. new images tonight, coming in of the deadly rampage. tourists trampling each other. now at least 36 dead. tonight, isis claiming responsibility. police with a different story. we also have breaking news at this hour. a major concert evacuated amid a terror threat. tens of thousands rushed out. and, your money.


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