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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  June 3, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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market were deemed acts of terror. the search for the people responsible, next on "action news." ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> "action news," delaware valley's leading news program, with meteorologist melissa magee, jeff scaversky and walter perez. ♪ ♪ >> we have breaking news. terror in london, two nearly simultaneous attacks, first on
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london bridge where a van ran over several pedestrians, second at a market where there are reports of stabbings, gunshot and explosions. i'm walter perez, the big story is london, two attacks. a van ran down pedestrians on london bridge. moments ago metropolitan police revealed that six people are dead, 20 injured and three attackers were shot and killed. we have the latest from aerial in london. >> police and medical workers swarming the scene of the a white van veered into a crowd on london bridge, pedestrians out for a saturday night. >> there was shots of the aftermath, witnesses describe a
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chaotic disaster scene. >> three men got out and were armed with knives. >> people were ordered to evacuate. >> move out of the area. >> police asking radio stations to tell those in the area, run and hide. >> keep moving! >> soon after word of a man with a knife stabbing at least people. >> stabbing people 10 types maybe 15. >> police reporting shots fired. >> this photo shows police standing over two men on the ground. one man has what appears to be canisters strapped to his body. president trump tweeting, whatever the united states can do to help the u.k., we'll be there. we are with you. god bless. >> threat level severe, second
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highest after a bomber at an ariana grande concert left 22 dead. aerial, london. >> this is the second terrorist attack in london in the past few months. in march, a 52-year-old man drove into pedestrians on west minute strer bridge. the driver, kalid ma sad was killed by police. >> following the terrorist incident we west pal reached ouo philadelphia police. we are continue to monitor the situation in london. we'll collaborate to ensure the safety of our citizens. we'll continue following the story throughout the hour. you can get updates on "6abc".com.
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in other news tonight, a toddler is dead in delaware county after shooting himself with a gun he found in his home. police are investigating why the youngster was able to access a weapon. bob brooks is there. >> the question is how the little boy got his hands on a loaded pistol. you can bet that's what detectives are trying to determine tonight. >> two or three-year-old, gone. >> adolfe found out h he just lt his grandson. the boy called junior found a gun and shot himself. >> i'm told the gun was under the bed. i can't believe a child would be able to gain access to it. >> we watched as evidence was removed from the home.
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dozens of family and friends gathered outside. the loss hurtful to so many. the little boy's next door neighbor says he woke up to see police surrounding the house. then a sight he wish he didn't see. >> it was unbelievable. > >> stephen pots says the toddler would play with his dog even yesterday. >> he doesn't understand why a gun would be left unattended with kids in the house. >> i can't imagine. >> i can't believe that a gun would be accessible to a two-year-old. >> that little boy again goes by the name junior. no doubt someone will be held responsible for this. reporting live in chestertownship, bob brook,
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"action news." walter? >> thank you, bob. an arrest has been made in the stabbing of city councilman stephen ocity councilman oh.sean today. councilman oh is confident. >> i'm glad he turned himself in. the public is safer. >> councilman oh says he's feeling good days after emergency surgery. yarbray's stepfather says his son had nothing to do with the crime. he faces charges of attempted robbery and attempted murder. >> the reward is $5,000 for information leading to information about barry baker who punched a man last month.
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when the victim came out, the suspect punched him in the face. >> four people are being questioned in connection with a drug raid in north norton earlier today. this is the scene in cant bury this morning. they discovered a drug operation in the basement of that home but have not said what type of drugs or material they found. the bomb squad with a bomb removing robot responded to the scene removing a jar filled with unknown liquid. >> time for the forecast after morning rain, it turned into a lovely spring day. melissa has the forecast. >> walter, not bad for the start of the weekend. we had showers breaking for ample sunshine this afternoon. philadelphia, 65. 60 in reading.
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chilly in the poconos, 47 there. dover 58. tonight, clear, cooler and our northwest suburb, 47-degrees. 56 in center city for the overnight low. fast forward to sunday, we have you covered, 72 at the coast. philadelphia, high of 82. poconos, 67. it's cloudy with afternoon rain developing and here is why. storm tracker 6 radar 3d showing you a disturbance across the great lakes dipping south and east as we get to the second half of the day tomorrow. this brings the threat of showers and storms. we'll talk about what to expect. warm on sunday, temperatures maxing in the 80s. afternoon clouds rolling in. unsettled late sunday and start of the workweek. we have a full and exclusive
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forecast, walter. >> thank you, melissa. >> the roots were home for the annual root picnic. they rocked the crowd at festival pier in penn's landing. this event has become a 10 year tradition. there were many performers taking the stage. it's more of a music festival than picnic and the cloud loves it. >> philadelphia college graduated the latest group of physicians at the kimmel center. >> your dreams of becoming filthy rich could be a reality if you bought a powerball ticket. $337 million with a cash payout of $209 million. it's tied for the 15th largest
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jackpot, so get the pen railroad. 54, 41, 9, 3, 21 and powerball number 25. go to our website if you didn't hear it. >> a music icon is laid to rest. we show you how friends and fans remembered gregg allman. >> and the legendary wanamaker organ in a concert. >> and phillies have one in the win column and it's all about a rooky. jeff skversky has sports when we come back. ♪
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from santander bank. >> legendary southern rocker gregg allman was laid to rest today next to his brother dewayne. there was a small service. his ex-wife cher was among the mourners along with jimmy carter. the night before he passed away he was able to listen to a track of his records to be released in the fall. >> this is surveillance video of a shooter firing his m-4 rifle in the air, set fire to gambling
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tables, killing 37 pa patrons ad employees. he left with stolen casino chips, forced his way into a nearby hotel and killed himself. >> a rock festival in germany was allowed to continue today after being evacuated yesterday due to terrorist threats. authorities say they found nothing to verify the threat, so they allowed the festival to resume today. a mother makes a plea with the hope of finding the person who killed her son. here is rick williams with tonight's crime fighting report. >> he was my only son. >> alice branch will walk an anniversary she dreads. sunday, august 21st, police were called to the philadelphia tie
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yoga section where they found gordon branch with blunt force trauma wounds to his head. he was pronounced dead at the hospital. >> someone knows what happened to my son. >> the city of philadelphia is offering 20,000 reward money for information that leads to the arrest of the person responsible. all calls will remain anonymous. >> they need to come out and be real about it. i'm a mother. why would you let me suffer when you know what happened to my son. >> to see more, go to "6abc".com/crime fighters. i'm rick williams, channel6 "action news."
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>> hundreds turn out to raise money for people battling cancer. the event was organized by the cancer society's relay for life initiative. they walked the track together at the lehigh valley high school. there was a goal of $100,000. >> time for a check of the forecast with meteorologist melissa magee. it was crummy at first but turned into a great day. >> not a bad day to be outside, walter. we have another warm one on the way. you can see it's dry. we are not fracking
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precipitation. earlier today, early this morning, we had spotty showers. that made way for spotty sunshine. outside, clear skies at penn's landing, sky 6 live at spruce street harbor park, a lot of folks enjoying themselves under clear to partly cloudy skies. philadelphia 65. 60 in reading, dover, 58. cape may, 63. beach haven, 60s. straight 6 showing mostly clear skies, but to the north and west, we are tracking the next feature, a low coming from the eastern great lakes, sliding south and east as we get to the latter half of the day tomorrow. with that comes the threat of showers and storms. mostly clear, 47-degrees. 56 in center city for if overnight low.
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faps forward tfast forward to s. a minxtur mixture of sunshine ad clouds. a warm day with a high of 82. 79 allentown, 80 reading, coast and cape may, 72. 80 in trenton. future tracker 6, we are tracking the changes tomorrow. noon, cloudy skies across the region. as we get to the evening hours, a couple of spotty showers in the northwest suburbs. i would allow for something to pop up in philadelphia for the nighttime hours. overnight sunday into monday, unsettled weather. 4:00 p.m., showers in the poconos, along the i-95 corridor. gusting showers likely monday evening. you can see the activity trenton from philadelphia to the south
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and east. for the rest of the weekend at the shore tomorrow, partly sunny, dry, high of 72-degrees. there is a big nascar race weekend taking place in dover. tomorrow, sunshine and clouds, a warm day, dry for the races. temperatures at 73. 4:00 p.m., 80-degrees. here's the exclusive seven-day forecast. tomorrow, the majority of the day is dry. we track evening showers, a high of 82. monday, mostly cloudy with on and off showers at 78. cooler tuesday, showers left over and cool for june's standards, high of 71. clouds and 71 for the high. thursday, sunny and nice at 77. seasonably warm friday, high of 80-degrees. sunny saturday with spotty showers, high of 78, walter. >> not bad at all. >> looking good. >> you have can stay connected
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with the accuweather forecast with our "6abc" app. get detailed updates and live radar anytime on your phone or tablet. the app is a free download for your mobile device. ♪ ♪ >> it was more than a celebration of music. it was a celebration of the instrument that makes the music. today at the maceys in center city, a celebration of the wanamaker organ used to entertain customers in the store's grand court 100 years. the performance included a song dedicated to the victims in the manchester bombing. >> it was a long time coming. the phillies turned one around for the win column. jeff skversky has that in sports coming up. ♪
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3, 9, 21, 49, 54, powerball 25. we hope you won. make donations to the walter perez retirement fund. time for a check of sports. >> you are doing okay. >> not as bad as the rooky for the phillies. >> they were in trouble and a 25-year-old kid never to the majors helps him out of the bind. since he was after kid ben lively has been dreaming about this day. when he was in fifth grade he wrote down that he wanted to be a professional baseball player. the phillies are happy he made it. >> the runner later scores in the second. it's the only run lively allows. seven innings, gives up four hits. no strikeouts. he says he couldn't even strike
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out his sister today. >> freddy with a single. phillies take the lead. herrera clears the bases with a triple. comes up big, ties the career high three rbis and the phil's bullpen nearly blows the lead, but denmark saves the day. phillies win 5-3. his mom is crying. he says his mom is a cry baby. come on, kid. it feels great. >> needless to say, lively is my favorite pitcher. he did a heck of a job. three double plays. he showed no fear. >> i couldn't even strike out my sister tonight. they were swinging. they keep doing that. i'll keep going with it. if you think lively looked good,
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no hits arizona for the first no hitter of his career. it is the first no-no in major league baseball this season. >> eagle fans dreaming of playing with the eagles get a chance of a lifetime playing with their favorite players. >> how do you feel? i believe it. >> so do i. safety rodney mcleod firing up the kids at headquarters. watch out, carson wentz. they are curious about what else? when will the eagles win the superbowl? >> a lot of parents were wishing us luck. they want big things from us. we want big things as well. it's all good. >> still to come in if sports, the fanatic lends a hand to a
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union player and it works. >> the team beats up on sydni crosby and the penguins in the stanley cup finals.
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